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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, September 04, 1777, Image 3

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s 878 iq that q23™27) bei‘og on a’_dv: ’s
(he ineabitaats vi Tryon-Louaty, figued
sniel Clans gad Joun Da.ler, exaurting
P.ong 10 i3y ccwa (heir arms, and a
' f.om (#0 p.rivus [uppofed (0 be wkea
L ongrs B:AVNg ibem, g viag am account of
cumelily taat war llitwa te thea, and
o €xaOr inZ the lucabitakie lamviy to
i Inelaier ‘s a torgery, end the
.mer clea 1y indicaies (hat taey are unable
{abdue ws by arms, ant that taeir orly
y i obtain toeir wilhts is to deceive
jd wiflied the creduicus, Mr. Bailer
'.,J ,0f Bis paivs, for hmlelf end pasty
ware immedy tely made pril- ners.
) makeno deudt but in my amext [
sil. have i 1a my power 1o inform you
wat M . S.. Ledge ivfied or takea prifoner.
@ at.sl Aaold, win Lol Van bchaick’s,
gol. Baiiey’s, «nd part of Col. Jackicn's
g m air, s marched te that quarter.
lythaocter in:d refointion to beat up Mr
It Le ger’s qua tern”
t A H tiian Uicar and foer privates, de
fetrd 13 i Foit Edwand, inform that abiut
fooo 0 ike eramy’: troops were at fo ¢ Ed
zg.d. eperal A nold 11 gore te ths weil.
vd. (5 neral G .tes 1a arrived at Albany;
psc:micg is vory animating 1o our aimy.
G ea. nuioers of the back labab.tanes a‘e
f:ck oy dowa wich their famiies, ba ing
Jef:m f par. of thei- fuoßamce behind them.
=Thei: cafs i. truly ceploradls,
: BOSTON, Augett 25.
Sxtraét of 3 La.ter fiom Stil:water, Aug. 11.
¢ T momect twe {.ldiers taken fome
fime ice wi h Capi. Lane, Col. Alden’s
j.g men’, General Nix.n’s brigade cear
F. 1 Auc, a.:ived in camp, and fay, that
¥egweicr.eo from Lake George two days
§o.e, arier bring obliged 1o {wear they
woild a 5 taie up a ms ageinft the Briv.th
Kisg—— hey fuitaer intorm, they were with
ob.c ynl wers b ig d 10 work at hard la-
Jou, a:d had for overieers Hetlians and
Sadr or* ga: 8, who were cruel to them in
Jogre . R degree——that thei; whole force
wh v Fort E.wa d, baving more troops at
Fort G:orge, Ticondercga, &c. tham were
fufici ug for guards, &:. &c. Scalping 13
D¢ ms 8 tr.de, ‘cac ly aday pall.s but
poe or 'efs (c.lyed by the avages; lak
pigot one fh re: \ha' fute withim ten rods of
gorhofp ial. M it of oar cfhcors who are
prieners witn cie siemy ave et cff 1o Ca
pada, C pt. La cexcepisa, wheis to return
b:me cn paivte. G:ueral Lincola is ex
@:d here vhis d y.” Wil o
Ja the_Siat: of *h. M. fachofein-Bay.
jowaiey, juylg. 1777,
' HE C mnitt e o Loreigorcence
T and “ale.y for faid wwa, tih ok 1t
thetir da y to 1 form tis Lublic, that upon
their late e quiry intd the conde& of Jerath
®a:l Boaery, ot 'a:d Sw nfe-, Eig; it appear.
od by tae eridcnces 0 8 number of credible
rflou. tb.t he had endesro.¢d te underva.
wwide paver cursency of th Americea flates,
by aying it was of nc more value than chips;
that hie eft:e ned th fe ¢ foms mo betcer thag
3be.s and ;ick pockets, who pzid to him
nd cbized him ‘o receive paper money,
itflead of gold or filver ; that for ome hun.
died pounds «f fiiver cr yold, he would give
one-hund-od and eighty in paper ; that he
had 26.0 m me: ded Lord Howe's proclamati
en, tad feid that by it, we cou'd Eave every
thing we . & d for ; thst he wosld venture
*ome halt f bis eßate upa ibe honor of Lord’
Howe ;. that Ameica"s power was
bathicg to wihßind Great-Briwain; that
Giea: B.itsia w-uld maske us & mife
nble pecple ; that he would met be
gredge 1o g ve a thoefand dollam, if the
®wn of Swa fey cuu'd be fat off by itfelf ;
Sud tha. if they did a-t take up arms, the
_Wizifiris' 10 pe wouid +ot meleft them ;
hat he had rathe give o thosfand dollars
am ghat .y { Lliters fh w d be raifed in
Mt icwa o’S aafey; that he had always
boray i wikimosy aga.afl taking wp A.mi
araint Great Bitain; that he hisl s'ways
bes: againit independercy, arnd thai be con
temued the auhonty of the Cemticensal
Cosgrels, aal the Committtes apponted by
ll‘i:x;’rc- ommendation ; that at a Coaventi
en of the Committees for the County of
Eriftol, the giester part of the evidences to
tne above facts were inid befure the ConVen
tion, axd the {iid Bowers wes decmed an
eremv to his country ; that ibe Commirtce
fo: (mid Swanfey wers jufliffied by the Con
vention tor what they had dome reflpe@ ng
the copdul@t of the faid Bowers ; thatata
towa - meating of fald town of Swanfey,
which was called purfuoant to a late 2&,
mide for fecuring faid Stste and the other
Uaited American States, againit the danger
to which they are cxpofed by the ivterral
enemic: thereof, the faid Bowers [cemingly
appeared to be forry for his paft conduct,
and carneftly requefled favour, and premifed
tu rctraél his forwer errors, and 1o wbmic to
whatever the Selcétmen and Commiee of
Swaafey, hhould requize of him, if the affiir
cou'd bs feiperded ; and accodingly, by
the impertuaity and requeft of him sad his
friends, the affair was fufpended, snd the
mseting was sdjourned frem time to time,
in exp:&stion that accerding to his Jromife
be would fign a written recantation of what
he had faid aad dons as aforefaid : Bat at
latt he arcfully evaded us, and to our furprize
relufsd te do it ; and havimg, by lodging
mcr3ay for trzats at the tavern near the meet
ing, and by treats at the meeiing, prevailed
upon 3 nember who deay the ui‘o of arms to
j2in him, ihey orerpowe;ed w 3, and voted
him at. liberty. From all which fats, let
the ymparcial public judge, whether itis pot
{cHliciently apparent, that the f2id Bawers is
a real enemy 10 the United States of Amerie
cu. Signed, [JPhilip S'ead, Jerrmiak
Brown, Ifracl Barney, Joha Mafen, Daniel
Maria, jun. Daniel Ba:ney Edward Antho
ny, Obadiah blead, Committee.
N E WP O R T, Aogsft 28.
Lt Suadsy the armed Scheemer Ledy
Parker, broeeght in here a Sioop frem P:o
-vidence, Jadea with Rifh, O:l, sad Pot-Afh.
Sams Day arrived a Flag ef Truce from
P.ovidence, with a Numbdsr of Wemea,
They brooght a Hamabi!l, contaiaing an
Account of am A&ien at Looms Chok,
wichic a few Miles of Benington, which, tho’
it wmay a.fwzr the Purpefe of cheering the
defpoadiag Spirits of a dying Faltionm, is
teo much% i’d with Contradi&ios and Ab
furdity, to be regarded by any Mla capable
of r fl-&iag.——By feveral intelligible Per
fors who came in the Flag, we learz, that
Gen. Bu'goyne, altcr arriving at Fort Ed
wird, immedistely fot himGlf te colle&-
i g Magaznes of Forage and Provifions,
aud all the Heorfos snd Waggons that could
bé obtained in tha: Quarter, likewife, 10 get
down &is heavy Arillery and Bageage,
which, in his haty Parfait of the rebellioas
Pugitives, were neceflarily teft behind. His
Teoops haviag been eaplioyed ia foraging
Parties, and for the other Purpofes we have
mentioned, fome c@e of ihefe Parties, it
was apprencnded, hat fallen in with a large
Bady ¢f the Rebels, and a Skir@ith eofued,
which, by Mea fo well verfed in Mul.ipli
cation, had betn preduive of this curiows
This Moraing five Men arrived bere from
the Maia ; one of which informs, ‘that he
‘faw & Letter from 8 Geatleman at Obleng,
informing that Genersl Burgoyne was at
Half Mcon, which is 12 Miles from Al}n
ny, snd that the Bridth Troops were like
wife at White Plains,——They fay that the
Indians, fo far frem committing Creeliies
with their ufual Wantonnefs, have 'i.lh 1.. C
greatsft Coulnefs in many Inftances diferi
minstsd between the ianoceat and the guil
ty. One lafance is 8s follows, A Sociery of
People call’d Q:akers had sff:mbled for
Wordhip ; sbour so’lediins eatered the
Mecsting Hoafo, onguir'd for & cosmaia Por-
fon, whe was there, took him #Bd wezt ¢f
without offering the lasft Moleftation te anp
othe:,——They likewifs inform, that lafk
Wecek, a new Ship which the Rebels have
lately built st Nzwbury- Port, mountisg 2@
Guns, aad paving en beard cp~ards of 7e
Men, sttompting to ge out of tha:Harbour,
jult as the hed pafled the Bar iho gave afud.
den pitch forward, and inßantly funk ia 135
Fathom Water.
Commanding His Majelty’s
Forces at Rhede-Ifland, &c.
&e. &c.
HEREAS there is great
Reafon to belisve, that the Renere
ars frequeatly fupplied with Ruse
sad Sart, by its belng fent frem. hence 10
Block - Ifland and Conanicst, and thea
tranfported to the Maia.
I fo therefers he-eby declare, that who
ever fha!ll be deteét'd amd foand guiliy of
fach Ma!-PraQicer, fhall be feverely puaith<
e, snd his Property copfilcated.
Aad the more ¢ff:&eally to hioder, in
fature, sll fuch Commerce, I do further
order, under the like Penslties, that here
after no Perfon fhall fell, withost Permif
fien, Rum in Qusati.ies exceeding ona
Quort, or Sait one Pound, to any Derfon,
whofe Qccupation or Dwelling may reafona~
bly render bim fulpeled of fuch dangerous
Given undcr my Haand, ot Hpad-Quar
ters in Nawport, this 4ib Day of
September, 1777. :
By the General’s Command,
HENRY BARRY, Secretery.
N MONDAY the Bthinft*
betwees XI. and XII. ’Clock i*
the’ Forewoon, will be difpofcd ofs
st PUBLIC SALE———A Q-satity of con™
demn’d Beef, dimag’d Bread, Butter, Flours
Peafe, and Oaimeal; a!fs, a Qaeantity of
dry Puncheen-Staves, decay’d Iren Hoops,
and Bilcuit-Bags, belonging 1o Hie Mejelty’s
Vi&tualling Stores at Newport.
®.®* The Whole to be viewed any l::y.‘
Sunday excepted, by applying to Mr.
GeorGe BranxsTon, 8 “'l.qUfl“l.'l
Lowsr Whaif.
Afliltant Ageat Viluasller.
Near the Provoft,
HAIR POWDER | Soft and had Poe
Violet & com- matam,
moa, Bergamot, and the
Hair Pins, Effzace of Lemgea.
A Good Price will be givea for Human
Hair—Ladies Cuthions, Pade and Curle,
made ia the ncwelt Falhjon.
LOST, at the Work at the 3
Windmills, near Newport,
With a whiw Face, about four Years o'd,
and a sew Saddle, with T‘.;:1.l Scirreps,
that was oa her, ——Wheever will bring the
:m “d thePrintor, thall seceive o GU?&IA
eward. ey
AFew Barrels of COF FLE,
of the firk Quality, likewife & &
Barrels of TE A, tobe SOLD, > . .Ȣ
ROBERTSON, st Me. Cogp- aL‘llo
Main-3ureet, ‘ 40°8 lahe

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