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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, September 11, 1777, Image 1

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| ' ' T H L TINo. 24
2 Ta
i g R FUR S d
FE\‘. PORT $h &7 &3 GAZLTTE:
v¥ ? e *f“'{; g
.l . v NI o AN L 1y
¥4y Roaieio
eI e M +
WUBLTISHED X/7 “ataty eey Y WEEK L Y/
N T el g S NLT
| Convin nding His Majolty s
: Forces at Rhode lland, &c¢.
L\('- \‘l\ .
! GdbEREAS there is preat
| Reroptobilicee, vibat the i 2. 19
st fr quimtly fup;aed w 1 b Hus
gdSALr, Dy 1t belog ien from hesc. (o
bock - lil ©d and Caranicat, and then
wiafporied 19 the Mai,
Jéstusct-rrae b, declare, that who
mer thal be Jdosct d emi fourd g:lyoy
ficd Mal-Pract.ce , thall be 1 vz ¢, pu lih-
K :ud bs 2. €lty corhicated,
And the mo.¢ ¢ ¢t .aly 1o prevent, in
htgrs, all fuch Comacrce, | do tur har
yéer, ander the ke Penclties, th t were
vir no Perion fhali fel, withogt Permi/-
fo, Rua in (Quaail s exceeding one
Q oz, or Sat cue Powad, to any Perfon,
#ideODicapaton or Dwellisg may rea ona
l.yhnun tun leipeited of (uch d‘"fl"““*
Givia uncer my Hand, ot Head- (Quar
tas in Nowport, this 4 h Day of
S:p.eamber, 1-5-,
2. Pl 6 0O 7.
Jyke Ge=eral’s Conmand,
( HILNRY BARRY, Secretary,
Jut Imported from New-Yerk
Al &
Pristing Ofivcera'l hames-ftreet
Tne lcllowin g ArTicLes f
Gl LY, | Pounce and P.unce
| 0.4, Boxes, ¥
C %, bl»‘ d.
f J.'l ij, Wueu.
Pore, Red 2z2d b'ack Wax,
Levar, Cake Ik,
Cag 23, R.d ard black Pow-
Brae, rnd der dito,
Mius Pager; Pewter luk- Chefts,
Qis, Ink-Siands,
Ac.upne 37'\!\-:. '.‘"-H-’lld‘."’
:‘: ' 5,0‘!;. l\'.nci:',
ki & I)lack o ket | Uletes and Pencils,
E ke, 'er-Knives,
2 M mo-andam | Ganter Sceles and
"‘ L oks, Dividers,
Wy diito, W.x Tapers, snd
hijing Lasds, Ha tledores,
LY E 2w EN N
SPECTACLAS, | Tosey Caaby,
i) kK ives, |ed s,
Frey . | Buskie<B ufhey,
R‘l l‘-\‘t:r\rs’ : Wekin -Sii(!‘sn
Pac.cca, Gons Wermg, &e
T"bltco-Boxc:. & ko,
Tranfleton of « M MORlALDpPre
fened by Sir J 4 nu Yorke,totreSrares
Gesprar, vn gae twenty folt dl’ ot
Fesruary, 1777,
“ I N CFE the commencement of ths
g unn to &' rebs lion, whch kas breke
A cutia i hs h.;y_hlh c lonics sgainit
the i oal co fil uon of the Motier Coun
tiv, h. urde figned Ambatidor kxtraor
diairy aac Pienipoenawy ef the King of
Geat B i'a’m, has Lad frequent cocaniors
toaddresnimieltto your H gh Migaancilzs
in the name o, his Maler, 12 enzage them
by ¢!l mo.ives of naiional intereft, of gecd
riighvocrho-d, of f iendth p, and & ally of
treatier, ty put 2 fp tathe clandedin. com
merce which s ca 11ed on beiwrenr therr
fubje&s a d the rebels, [ (he neaues
which ycur H gh Migh in fles have b u ht
pope t tak:, had b en -s ‘ficici vt as
your affuran.es have Bedi amicabie tae wn
de:fiyned wou d nai now have b=cn arc =
the difagre<ab e necellity o brirging o .
c g izance of yoar High M ga. nues,
facis ot the moft t3rlous rature.
‘“ Tae King hath hiiheito bo.ne, wih
urexampled patience, the irregelar ¢ »d &
of your fub) €ty in tkeir inte eft.d comme:ce
ot St. Esftana, a 2 al'o in Am-rica, H's
Majcity has always flatiered hi s feif, that in
g ving time to your High M ghtin (es ta
ex mine to the bottom thiz concduét, fo
irregular and fo iufuff rable, they w-u'd
have : ken meafures cecefliry to reprefs the
abuf®,*o ieftrain their fubiefts within boun s,
and to make thom ref et the rights aad
friendfhip of G eat B:i ain.
¢ I'he comp'aint* which | have ord.rs to
make to their High M'ghtincfles, are foun.
ded Ipoa su hentic dccaments anmexzd ta
this Memorial, where their High Mizhii.
reflzs wili fee with aftonifhment, and | doabt
not at the fame time wih difpleafare, that
their new Goavernor, M. Van Graaf, af.er
having permittsd an il.icit commerce at St,
Euftana, h th pafl:d his forge.fulnefs of
his duty o the poict of conniviag at the
Ameiicans ia their heftile equipments, and
the permitting the fe'zure of aa Erg''fh
vefl2!, by en Americen pirate, within caz.
non thotef thatifland. And in aggravation
to the affron: givea te the Englith nation,
and to ali the pewars of Eursge, to return
from the fortrefls of his goverameat, the (a
-lat 2 arebel flag. In retura to the emi
cable re; refenta ion: made by the prefident
cf the o ighbourizg ifl.nd of St. Chrifto-
Faer’s, on thefe falts of notoiiety, M. Van
Graaf, has anfwered 1a 3 manner the moft
vagze ani erfatisfaétoy, retafing to eater
a: all iato the fubject, or into an exylanstion
ef the matter wich a M*mbser of Lis Ma
) ' Counarl of St Chariflopher’s, dil
petch=4 by the Preficeot fur that purp ofe 10
St Luitatia,
“ A'ter exbibitirg thy docum~ents annex
ed, mncthirg remains with me bet to ad,
that ‘ne Korz who had reva them, notwi A
lefs "or g ad.m incigmation, hach ornered
me to ex~rel:ly demand cf your High M'gh.
tioefles, a form.l difavewal ef che falute by
For. Oran e, at St. Euflatia, to the rebel
fhip; th: cifm Cion avd ‘mmedinte lecall
ot Guverror Van Gre f, ine do d:¢clarg
fur her, on the partef his LI -y, t 7 2t ane
t/ll that faisialtiom is jiven, Jr. a¢ nog
1o expest that his Maj wy wi'l fLffer 1’ De
fift- beemulediym: efaflaran n, or that
he will d Jay crr nlarcts lake (0 h wezs
fures 20 h- (h « thinn due \ae iseraits
and dign ty «f his ¢
(S & : YORIIE,.
Givenat th. | :.Ps £D 215 1777."
Copry of = M CRIAL “elivered o ndee
ta.Odeso t e staTEi (lENERAL tO
b Greareßarrain, by 'h@
¥ ¢ ;LA y anou Pientpotetier
fiom 1.6 BL i Jhiaeidie @ ’
g ° 1
o{ r 3 v i tap 0 penl T'T.’! ’f;,"‘fe..
X ’ rvey.l giracre
i ¢ cf their Pishy
Wl ¢ cecveof the crders
v ' , "5 ihe oot to
geprei e © ¢ 14y tat 418 Me Qe
ra. . . Ly "o tath veeiented
t r ) ¢ch M cv.ies. ©a ths 21t of
18" ey et , ben iy ached them very fesfie
Loy ardaistt' e § d irmafeives obliged
t: mahc ¢.n lsirt of the rerroach v which
are c.tiai ed v, 0 Dthue Hogh Mig e
vel cwce b D feclet o 3wl ] aed ine
teatio- of a~lhmy cuwr Moj fiyty micae
bie siirerc s w i iey beve .00 3by
their oty 2! of (be menacing tone which
rei_ n¢ in that memn ial, and appears te
their Hiph Migh ineflcs (0o highly firaincd,
beyornd that vk ¢h i 3 the aceo d°d ird ace
cuftomed manner, aad that cezh to t'ks
place betweea two fuvere'gn and ind=p.~.l
ent pows's, and efp:ciaiy btwetn o
neighbcurieg pewe:s, whic “a ¢ becp of
fo mazy ycars conu ae'ce, vnte by he
ties of gocd karm:ony aud inu ca ‘ricnd
““ Treir Hi_h Mi_hiinufl s trofi thtcq
all scc fion:, and particular’y inr { «Cl 2
the un criurets treubles of veur Majeite’s
Colozi s i 1 America, they have oo 2 cona
do@ towards szu M jefty, whichi has o a
expect d fem a geod ne'ghbiur, and a
frieadly and aficctiona'e pawer,
“ Their Lt _h Mi htinefTee, Sie. hold
your Majcfty’: ¢ iexéil’'p 1o the highelß efii
mati.n, an' w.[li to d> every thicg 15 *heir
power (v facar iz h n wrend dynicy of
their ftaze =il prrais tiem to g ) 22 cu'tia
va'eittill moe 2 - mire; ta tlev cene
Fer the Renuirdir ¢f this, fes the icff Page
® Tris is the eelver t 2 his Rlyjelly’s
comp!a'n ¢ in2ce :3 ke Staes in the pre
tocing memcdal, Dildivng the Seirit
vod man or of the s la'mt, they palisd
b the amball dor Sir [ olerh Yoke, and
£ 7> the Sur tary of State Lned Saffolk,
and com o ded herr Mipiflrr at .'.o3'o'o.
to adlr v hinf i din&l'y tn i 3 King, tnd
10 WCiiv6h Lheis an,wer insG his cwa baade

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