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LONDON, June-~
ESTEPDAY, at ihree v'Clock, His
i Majeiy wart to he Houfe of Peers,
ard pave Tl Royal Afleat to tue
Ei is that were ready for toat Pu pofe.
After vhich H 1 M jety made ihe fol.
]pw|g meit P aAcCiony wPhl.‘.‘-l'l, to b\’.h
I ufer of Pacliam nt,
My Lords and (yentlemen,
FI" HE Conclo it noit elablic Bufinels,
sld th: Cinkh e aucn of thes lucoi -
ve ie ce which | lzar y u wult have fufs
feeca by 100 lony sn At nd nee, call wpon
me ¢+ put an Erod to this Seffion o Pa l'a
ra-rt ;s tut | caract let yru go ilato yeur
fevers Loartics wi h ut ¢xp elling my €l~
tire A, proba ioa of your Loacect, and with
out thirk ng you, isr the v qu liorabls
Pro t you have gives to me, and to all the
W.rld, ef he* Copti uince of yeur Aitach
ment to vy Perl n ard Goverrment, of
your clexr Dicernnent ol tre true | terefts
of your Cosutry, and of your iteidy Pe fe
veianer in malataiarg e Righs of tue
L\h::]! ure,
Gentlemen of the Hou'e of Commons,
I caonot foflice .ty thank you, for tre
Zeal ard übiic Spirt with woich yow have
g anied the iage ard €Xirao d mary Sep
plies, viich | have ‘oure enylolt under the
N occerliy of afkr g ol my fairhful Commons
for the Service o t'@ curent Yadr; and
I wolt 2t he fame Time sckuowle?ge ihe
prroiouias Maks of vear Al (ton to me,
as vel ta ecabi g me 10 dicharge the
D bis coniaft d on Asccunt of myv Civil
Governmen , v in maki*g fo conhde able
a 0 Au.mowat oo the Civil Lift Revenue
dei n mv L e,
M. Lo Js and Genleinea,
ft ult in the D vine P o idence, that by
a w il goncerizd ard igo ous Exertion of
the goeat Lorce yow hove put anty my
liswgr, 1.0 Operavons of thy Campaigs,
Ly Sev and Land, wil be bl I d wia fuch
Succels a 3 way melt (H:&u. ly tiud te the
Suppredl moor the Wobellion in Amer ca,
ard to the e lftab ifhment of tast conttr
tutional Ulied ence » bich all the Subjocts of
a free S atvose to the Authonity of Law,
Trea the Lord Choncellor, by Hie Ma
-36“).: Conmand, {BlO,
My L dyand Grntiemen,
L 1 ds Hio Mojzity’s Roysl Will and
¢ Pleifure, that this Parliam*at be pro
¢ rogucd to Mon“ay, the 21l Day of July
“ mext, 10 be then tere hil.en; and this
“ Purlianent is accord ngly proiogu d o
* Mondasy be zlit Dav of July vex:.”
‘I he Reafon why His Majefty came fo
late 1o the Houf. of Peers w 5 this jm——
A Council cod a levee wee held in the
Afte rcon, ‘he hril ot which took up 8 con
toerabl2Tive; ard at the lwer ihefollow
isg i« icn d Honcur ble Gent'emen kil.'d
H nde ypoo th ir Offzien Promotions :
Yiite ¢a: the ollow ng Wiits we ¢ maved
forinthe H uie 0 Commony, viz.
A vew Wit for the Briough of Wey.
m «th, iv the Koom of the Ri, ht Hon,
W.. ore E lic, ma e Tr a uier cf the Navy,
A tew VWi for ths Town of Yarmouth,
in th: Ro m of Churler Townf-nd, hig;
wrde cne of the Joiat Vice-Treafurers of
A rew Writ for the Borocugh of Bewd
lev, 1a the 12 oem-of the Right Hon, Willi
am Heney Lord Weftcote, made ons of ths
Lerds Commiffiozers of tre 1 reafury.
A vew Wit tor tha Bsrcugh of Tim.
vo h, ia the Room of Thomas De Grey,
E q; ma‘e creof the fi f Lords of Trade.
A new Writ for the Boroagh of Wil.oa,
in th: Room of Henry Herbert, Eq; made
G oom ot t' e Bedchamber, ‘
A niw Wt for the Borovgh of Camels
feed, 32 ihe Room eof Sic Ral;h Payne,
mad: ¢pe c! tie Clerks of the G.een |
Club, |
And 8 ncw Writ for the Borowgh cof |
Moetg.mery, in the Reom of Whithead |
Keens, 795 wh» hay eceepted of the thres
' Chiite n Hund éd.. .
¥.itz duy the Caompiroller of the Hlou'e
" hod acquainted the Houfe of Commons
that his Maj:fty had bzen waited on wita
the addiefi s ot that Houfe on Taurlday latt,
~ aud that ne was grac.onlly ple.fzd 1o (ay he
- woull give di e*tions aczordingly.
Ii i 3 conit wnt'y repoted taai Lord Bar
ringion nes fiyn fizd his intention of retir
. ing, and which will be compled wth s
~ faun s a proper pe Hais fix:don, ths
Lordihip’s resioa for qutting ol & 11, w:
~ h.ar, me.ely on account of lis being tco fa
tigniag tir amao of nxty.
' L haidcay Lord Nuith, purfusat o 2 nolice
on Monday lalt, moved for an humb » ad
dict. 10 nis M jefty, that he woul i be gra-
C Caedly plsaisd (o ordar the fum of 13 ocol.
10 be granied (0w rds kee ing 1a ripair Jhe
focts and oihor plices on wae coxlt b Al
ca, &< Fais vrouga on a fhart converla
ti nocahe old et fllaves ant Mivery ;
and wpon tae q oibion be.g put, 1t p Jdad
in the athh miive, aad was orde ed to be
p ¢l.nted 0 his Majety by th: members of
tna: b ule, who we e Privy Councilloss,
A aongtthe maiy ¢ mplhiments paid to
his Maj &,’s sirch cay o Weldnelday lad,
thzrllemiaacians e and ahut this netro
p i werz no. the leslt ¢ nlideradl:; notto
menion the z:al exprefles vy nis M jeity’s
Qldiceraet 3 i eantirad {m a 2n thiy oc-
Calira, thof. of h: Franch aad Spanith Am.
b flidor d:lerve pasticu acly 9 be meatioa
€4, vn account of the very great tails, and
indsed w 2 may add, th?expence th y weat
tn. Tae f ontot the oraet’s houfe was ali
ihumiaed 1n large dianonds of {inall lam i 3,
which b Ing ligut up with fine 01!, and a fu ]
wick, look d Litle ia’erior to real dram nds,
O ver thile werz i M j=ity’s crown, the tup
or whica b:iog illuminared wi'h blue and
red lamps, th=t the lult eof {a, phires ard
rubies. I'h: crown was fupported by the
tnitaly of his M.jeity’s nime, a-d at cach
i were coropets very jadic uily illumi.
nited, ——The spanith Ambaflsioc’s houle
did mot cutaltoge herfogo-d afigue as the
['raach Ambailvdor’s, on accouni of itz oot
berag fo full ot lamps, or fo vaieatel w th
d fizreat co'ours, It how.ver hai a very
pleafing effoct ; and, i’ we may judge of the
d fpohition of their maiters frem the app:ar
ances of thei- fe vaats, w 2 canno: be loager
11 the darkk re ative to the g 'od intentions of
th: Houfss of Bourbona and Brunfwick.
The cargsof the Aursra, which was late.
ly takea fiom the Amerizans and carrigd in
to L.vc.pgul. wis W hil thefe few days fpld
far tae {am of 23 6001, twn thids of which,
it is fad, his Mijetty has mofk graciogfly
directed tabe given to the captors, who bee
Ing @0 mora than eight in number,will fhre,
a tzrihe expenc:s ot the vell J, and all o hsr
accounts reat ng to her are paid, upwvards
of 20551 psr maa.
. F.u teen faii of the line ae nowcruiziag
in the Bay and to the weflwa d, in lcarca of
th: Ame icaa privateers.
Lstters recer ed on Thurfday from Ire
land fay, that tae Boyae maa of war, which
is ftitioned off Cips Clear, hed t ken an
Amerizan p ivatrerf 14 z3uasand go men,
and fent her (0 Corks.
An Kyening naper fays, that upwards of
32 (sl of wveifels, irem 100 t 0 200 teny,
have baen laden st Sauth.Carolina, with
rice, ind go aad tobicco, for differen: pore
ia France, X
We Inefiay the Unaiverfity of Ox‘ard, ia
full Convoca won, couf:ried \he hono-ary
degres of Mtter of Arts, on the H n, Gra,
Augatas Nor h, cldeit fon of Lord Norih,
of I.in ty coliege; to which h: was pre.
fented by the Rev. Mr, Warton, filiow of
that colieg-,
Jane 23 N> les than fiftecn hurdred
Mt oilas, a!l asproved men, and remak:-
bly ex:3 ient 1a the diCipl.xe of the arti'-
lzry, nav: been fhipped for America wiihia
tais maath pait,
PISIT.KILL, Asg. 28, 1
On Tu fiey we recoived a o,y of ty
followiag i.tier :
¢ i, L ewbizce the earlizlt momey of
Riving y'u ths mot autueatic ACCoun of
the eneimy’s flzer, ani th2i* motony finc
taeir arrival 1a Chel puk Bay, T"ei"lm
ar.ived ths moratng between fiveq 'l‘
e ghio’clocg ol dvan ilial, 209 “ifes.’
the Bay, betecc: Roc'e Hall a d the "'!l‘
Petchico, end d optanchor, From the bheg
informa t.n we have beza able 10 poog,
th ir namber i, asout an hundred (4], ];
is uaccitan, as the tiieis it ony ebb, ),
they latend to B Limore or farther yp gy
Bay. Tieir sumb r is ¢ atinzally g,
ceaiing. ‘l' er2 are a groat namby ¢
cait'e, which | am ataid wul fal. 1 19 ghy,
hands, ‘
“ Fiiy minutrs palt 4 P. M. Th'y "
mont rec.ved alei#r t.oin a _cn le.m.”
veric ty @.d atiachmzat ty the Couaty |
from s>wan Puin, 2 o'cock P M. wh by
jad thea e uned Fom viewing the fy
whih h: iscercin s necr 2co fail, 4
imagir s wil andon this thye 0 uigh, g
temuiio .-m riaig, as thiy were rear iy
lan!. 1" ewrls acumber of fmalcnf,
round them, and taey feem 0 d diy
men. Ca.uon csnauushy i g iihu-‘
o Auguil 22,1777, 4 <"Jdock P. M,
“ Lhe Hon. Joua darcock ™ (Coxyl
\We hear that Gen. Sul ivaa, withd
of his civilin, went lak week ‘0 ya,
llaad, snd b.ou htcif 300 and oddg pr
funzr: ; bat ome of hism nb nr 100 ¢i
bic.ry 1w coming off hs iflind, wereds
taiacd prifoners,
HARTFOR I), Au."ufl 12,
\ oy 5
Lat Tau{lay eight G.oe al Pglom,
wih 70 BCSO men, weit on to long I.ad
to il g 1t 4 party of (he enemy poltagy
bai.cui, watcn he intended to have iy
by furprizz; but 1t feems thar, by w
meaas of fome InrernaL TORY, tiy
hid bzen ap nz:d of A coming for may
days, sod wee o itrirg y forafitt asy
rend:r the attempt inest ctual. Howew,
he tovk & nu.wder of blankeis and 120 y
hoi{.s, beloaging ta ¢tas B i ith treops, w
returned ihe next day in faey. Thi them
how much we (uff r frem inforcal fon
wh gei kaowiedge of our moft fc et mow
mtn.s, and find means 10 convey i i
cnemy. "
NEW-Y ORK, Aguft 28,
Lalt Fiday morniog, bef.ie day-uek
a body of Rebeli, wader the commandd
Meii.s. Sullivan, Smailwoud, and D: By
landed in swo divifions upom the wek e
of Statea liland. By the Ack.uw e“e.l
meat of fome of their chizsrs, mow prifone’
h re, thelr number wag at lvalt 200
One divihoa ef toem f{osa fell in wn‘u’
part of ine Niw.jerfey volyn-eers, whe
b.igade was p:fted, ia fmall drerchaery
along tue fide of the ifl nd, fr m D ched
ferry to th: Point opp fie Pe h Ambops
a diftance of f teea miles, T'he Rabely
g ¢aly (ups iorin numbe s, hat he for'ues
with fuccifs to engage thy d tac me
that we.e commandid by Lieu . Co', Lw
rerce snd L eut, Col. Burtcn, wio we?
b.th mads priforers, wiih feve al otber off
c:rs, and a confide able numher «f m
Th y th:n marcred down to Deckess
ry, where they burnsd abou' 35 toes o
hay, and fet fireto ab.ra, As . nas ™
alarm h.d r-ach'd head quarters, B igat
G:neral C mpbr !l mercked with the s"r
Brifh, and 3d ba'talicn of Waldeck, "
ing a regiment of Acfprch to (nl'!w
camp aid recocbs. Ujen the op ;
of the regu’ar trope, the R.bels iniadlf
mach:d « f with a'l fyeed. Ja t'e mest
t me Brigidier Gererai blinrer had ¢°"'9£
¢d hofe of his ccrps which hed been @
lidged fsem their flacons, and Cfl.“"_‘
hi-)or T’mpln'. with 2§ me», 10 gue "
t+ligence of the Icu'e which the wfl
had yuken. The M.jor came wp

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