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Sv. James's June 28,
2 ¢ HE Kiag na: becu '+ eaied to app:ove
I the:ppointment of M . PeterAncker,
to ¢ hi* D lifh Maj.fty’s Confu ,in sll the
Ports of Lmglacd, aad rhe iflands thereun
-10 bel .mgirg, sxceptinz 'h fe diftri%s where
tbere a ¢ already cther Cou.uls, nominated
by hs D nfh M jeily.
Aimiralty Office, Jame 28. Vice-Admi-al
Y rung. commander in chiaf ot his Moajefty’s
fhirs asd v. fT7ls at the Leoxard Illa d 3, has,
in s )etter of the 2d of May laft, tranfmit
ted to I . Sterhens, { cretary of the Admi
raity, the fodcwag lit of prizes tak:n by
the q rdrom nnder hi command, between
th. 10th ¢f March and ihe joth of A,ril,
,'(!7- e Fanny flnop, Th~mas Ridley mafter,
fr i Cap: Frencos, b2uad to America,
t.kea by the Galaves,
The M= maid fio"{:’] he Bitho» maftsr,
frcm Cap- Fran‘oit, bound to R"ed:-ifl:2d,
laden s.it' mo affes and ganpowder, takea
by the Ga'arca.
T'ie Matyce icho=mer, Jhn Baptift maf
ger, fr m St. Baftasiz, b-uad te St Kitts,
Jaden with butter, tak n by the Hiac.
T.e Ringer fcho.er, William Davis
maiter, f om M rinico, leden with baliag,
taken by :he Camilly.
T'he Bs f+3 floop, Th-mee Baker mafter,
from No th Carolina, bo.nd to St. Euftatia,
Jodem with tar, turpentine and lumber,
taken by the Hind
The Ch mp:on fchooner, Jo'eph Hafk-ll
mafter, from America, bownd to St. Enftatia,
Jaden with lumber and fifh, taken by the
Pe teus,
Th Betey fchooner, John Holmes mafter,
from Surinam. bound 10 Ipf#ic?, laden with
molafles, tskzn by the Purt'and.
Tue Betiey floop, James Howland mafler,
from Demarars, bound to D «rtm-uth, ladea
with rum, taken bvn’e Portl.nd.
xue wenanne fchooner, from Boften,
bouad to St. Plerre, Miquelon, lalea with
c-rn and lamber, taksa by te Pelican.
The Bite floop, Ge:rge Dames mafter,
from North-Caroling, bound to St. Martins,
laden with c.zn and lumber, taken by the
The Adriara floep, George Codwife,
maiter, from Vi.ginia, bousd te St. Thomas,
la“en with tobacco aad lumber, takea by
the Antigus.
The Spry fchooner, William Yardfley
msfter, from St. Mariia’s, bouad to Marti
nico, laden with falt, taken by the Antigua.
The Polly floop, Thomas Dickanfon,
mafar, no papers on board, liden wi:h bal
laft, taken by the Beaver.
Theßofe fcheoner, Solomon Buaker mef
ter, from Nantucket, bousd to St. Masrtin’s,
laden with lun.ber and filh, taken by the
A fchoozer from Martinico, bound to A
me ica, Jaden with molaflss, rum, wiae, &¢.
gaken by the Srafcrd.
The Ranger {loop, Daaiel Biz~low mafter,
from Philacelpbhia, bosud to St. Euftatia,
laden with tobacco aad flour, taken by the
The thip La Seine, = Moraia mafer,
frem Martinico, bouad to America, ladea
with a:ms and warlike flores, taken by the
Tke Do'phin Sloop, Andrew M‘Kenzie
mafler, from Philadelphia, bound to St. Eu
ftatia, laden with flour and tar, taken by toe
July 3. Orders are pofted up at the War-
Oifice, for a'l officers bc?ongh’ to the regi
ments now on duty in theWeft-ladia iflaads,
whe are abfent spon fu:lough, to join tteir
reipective corps immediately, om pain of be
icg cathisred.
The Litle Nrncy, a letter of marque; has
tak-n in the Wet-ladies five prizes, moft
o! them bound to Martirico.
The 19'h ult. the Right Hor. the Mar
ouis of Lind’ev fet cor Fres his father’s in
Be:k'ey quire, ts Pant‘mounth, n order 19
embark wiih his reg ment for America.
A letter trem Portfmeuth, cdate July 1,
fays, ** This day went irto Si He en's, 10
emba:k ¢n boad the Britul men of wir,
bourd t» New-Yo:k, General Robertfon,
the Marqu's of Lyadfey, Count Graz:fki, a
Polifh Noblemar, going as & volunteer to
America, Mr. A. Stewa't, Mr. Knox, and
the Hen. Mr. Towsfesd,
Extraét of a Leier from the [fland of Ku
fatia to 8 Gentleman ia Dumiries, deted
March 28, 1777.
« | was uaf.rtena ¢ eneugh to fall into
tye Hards of the Vizginia Rebsls cn tre
8:h of February, 1770, and continted ia
clofe Confinem.ent vntil the 3oth of O&o
-ber following ; in which Time | fuffered
fuch Mirks of Contempt aid Ricicae as
might have becn excufeable in a lavige
Ecemy, tut mich below the D yniiyo'a
civiiz'd People ; for Example, when I
was filt takes, [ was ftripped oa Pu pcie te
be whipged, asd threaisred wito cotiing
my Eers unlefs [ weell piofuce 8 Mufk-t
which I had fecreted, and would not inicrn
them of. | was next ordecd to allit ia
throwing up en Entienchment, which [ re.
tufed, as being in confiftent with ths Oath
} had before ‘aken et being ‘ai hful to nis
Majcity’s C own and Govaizmest ; but 20
A gumentr wouid prevail wich that uadif
cirl'nd Raoble. It was tren Marter of
Difpute amosg the Caommanders v hat
Mode ¢f Pucifhment was preper to bs in
flitted on me ; iome wete fer fhoeling, others
‘or hanging ; at Jait it was agreed upr n that
I hould be tied up in the Froit Wind(whkich
was very fevere) to a Polt, with my Hands
behind my Back, and Cloaths uabuttondd,
fo that I might feel in the moit fenfit]e
Parts : This was the Calc for feveral Days,
wiith had nigh cot me one of my Hand;,
being bit by the Froft in a fevere Degree.
Soon aiter this I attempted to make my
Licape, out inis Daing usicQed it produced
a Pair"ot Handcuffs.
* The latter Ead of April I arrived at
Williamiburgh, where fome of the Prifo
ners made their Efcape out of Goal, when
Gen. Lee ordered every ome, under the
Dencmination of a Tery, into Fetters. We
remained in this Situation till called befzcre
the Council of Safety, who releafed moit of
us from Irons. As ne Evidence appeared
sgainft me, I was ordered back to;the Coua
ty of Norfolk, to be tricd. by a Court of
Qb@;niflionm, where 1 was condemaed as
inimical to the American Caufe; upon
which I applied to the Goveraer and Coun
cil, as the highek Court at thay Time: I
was then remanded te Williamfburgh wnder
a frong Guard, and once mo ¢ committed
to cloe Confinement, snd remained three
Mounths more without amy Trial, whe:e [
upderwent a fevere Sicknefs, which had near
finithed myExifteace ;at Iz I found an op
portunity of addrefling the Rebel Governor
for a Parole in the Town, if poflible to re
cover my Health. I was admized to Li
berty, on giving Bond and Secarity m 1000,
for my govd Behavieur and Appearance,
when called upon for farther Trial,
«¢ When I had this Liberty [ was fliill un
happy, having nothing to do; and People
who were j.ftiy indebted te me, would not
pay a Peany. I then petitioned for Leave
to depart the Country, which I obtained on
Condition I failed for 8 forcign Port ; that
I have done, and am now arrived here.”
BASSETERRE, (St. Kuw:) July 19 h 3777+
The :ollowing is en extralt of a leser
from a gestleman in Si. Euftaiia 1o hit
{rieno in Baflecerre, confirmed as matte’
of fadl.
« Some deys ago, a large Americaw pirate
flosp of 16 deuble fo:tifiec fix aed four
peundzrs, #nd a fufficiest number of haxds,
comw-nded by one White, and fitt=d by a
M. Godet, the governoi’s fon in law, and
jome uiher well woihizre o Ameiics, fated
{;-m St F fals, lell in with Cape, p
lipsof Avti ue 1n 8 floop calied -.'r.cl..'
o! 10 gune, ard 21'€r aa eb'inate €y,
mesi of foven glaffbs, tFe riacs Reg (oY
which the pi ete Caprain snd threg o |,
hicds w:e kilied and feveral woundy
Captain Phil'ips had tour of lnsleang u'u,
ly woundew : The life iy {0 very g;“‘"
Mr. Godet, thatitis imaziaed he wilj (ay
leave of hi. fzanfe:.”
The follawizg is the fubltancs of ™
SPEECH ol ais Excellency Wiy,
M rturw RPonr, Eq: Goversor
Lrawa -« Canrthee [{lands, to the Cop
acd (Genea' ATemoly cf the iflang
Bafle c:re, Ji'y 24, 1777,
Mr. Prefsent, Giatisman of the Coyyl
Mr S»echker, Gentiemen of the d/”.b.{".
H ISS Majel; s Is,v.ev, to which | fouy
an immediate atieniicn nec.fluyy
be given 1a theiflands of Artigua, Mouds,
rat, aad St Canitepher, bas detained g
longer from vifi ing this illand thaa | fy
imagired itwou d vavedore. Ifhould h‘,’
been happy, cou dl have (o2se: come o
part of my governwent; duiy bas hithey
kept me frcm y. u, ¥nd fhall aceain metey
as leng as it will be 1n my power to fia,
or | can re=der you « {c vie. :
It is with pleature t fad in thafe pa:ny!
wy gevernment which I have vified, 1y
the maovalent machiaatioss of srfyig’
bgring nie., (wuu bave icfl med, andjy'
a t.me aienated thy minds of h ¢ Majeiy!
deluded futiects tn North-Ame i.a,
have lighted ep tr¢ to ch of ribeiiwon, whig
there rapers, 2uo ahich [ am contident wil,
thro’ the bleling oi Gud, the vigilent wi
com cfour gracious Ssveie gn, tae pruden
of his fervacis, the unive {4l warm atach.
ment of his [u:jséts, the z2al, bravery, af
coudiét of his fliets and aimies, foon ben
tinguithe ') bave not beea ab’e to plusgen
into tha: moft diftrefsful ftate they vainy
‘Tha zeal which has snimated kis My
ty’swell aficfled fubje@s in this partoits,
exterfive empire, of which the inhabiun
of Nevis are rot the lestt diftinguifhed, bu'
made them chearfuily fubmit to thofe ingp!
veniences which naturally at.ead civil
This proof of tkeir loyalty and attachmes
to the beft of Kirgs, which 1 am cos fiden
no diftre Tas can alter, will be highly acctp’
table wnto our gracious foveraign. '
The active miliary fpirit which I b,
found in the other parts of this goverammt
commiited 10 iy care, of training the mil
tia, and putting it os tke mcfk refp:&a\h’
forting, I uuft is cqaily prevaient in
iflacd, Gieat-Britzin fi:s out cer fleets,
casnst fol.ow better examples than thofed
our mother coentry : Letus then prudest)
attend to our mu ucl firergth, and putit
the beft cordition cer fitustion will adait
To bis Exceilescy WiLLiam MaTTHI¥
Burrt, Elq; Capzin Generai, and Go
verzor in Chief, in and over a.] his M»
jefty’s Leeward Charribbes Iflands it
America, Chanceller, Vice Admiral, s
Ordinary of \he fame, &c. &¢. &¢.
May it pleafe your Exceliency, g
T HE Coencil ot Nevis, animated wil
fentimerts ¢f the wa:meft gratitads
return yosr Excellescy their sofsiged
tharks fcr your late gricicus fpeech, o
prefiing the flrongeft affurances and teaced |
Ot fervice. ‘
With ths deepeft heart-felt forrow, wede |
plo e the defeétion of of our deluded fellcw
fubjeéls from their obediesce to the bek of
Kings, and doubt mot from the pradest
choice ef kis minifters ard ccmmandert
that fuccefs which ought to aticnd the cosle
of juftice ; and peace foom, very {con 5"9'
ftored with plenty and mercy crows bt
1. it the greateft alleviation wnder our p:
fent (uifar.ngs, to be ranked on th.h‘
the m.it lcyal acd b & aff:€ed of bis Ma

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