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. - - T H K SrmarmAD T S‘l“vwi“
a x
N "&7‘ 7*' |
Commanding His Mujelty’s
! Forces at Rhode-Ifland, &c.
&C. Q%Co
HERE AS ths dai'y Arrivil of
\N} Vefde's into this Port, with Care
\ geer of ciff:rent Kiad:, for the
b}e of bis Mzjefty’s Frrces, and for the
Ut ot the 'nhabi‘ants of fuch Parts of the
Coony of Rhode Ifland, as are under the
Potellicn of bis M jeit:’s Firces ; has
mde it acceffary that iome M: hod th uld
lnd_J_uted. aswellto e a'e lwpcr(". from
biri-g by the Detention of fach C;y‘oe;
::Oa:d S;iph " l" prevest any Part of the
‘rom bring clandeftin
A g finely conveyed to
[ have _'h"lf"fe thought fit to iffue this
clumniin, ap;cinting JOHN ROWE,
er o 3 > it
CAPT AL O i Borsy'v Tranfe
Asd a:l Mafters of Merchant Veflels ave
Jedy ordered and commanded, immediate
wos their Arrival, to deliver in praper
iifes of of their Ca:gnes, on Oath, to
Captais of the Port:——Any Matte: of
Vefle: failing to com vy with this Order,
il bs panifhed by Impr fonment, and his
obe ieiz:d and fo eized.
And i. is further crdered, That no Ship
Veflel is t> leave this Pore, wntil @ Mani
, on Oath, fpeci'ying the Qnti.y and
dity of th: Goozs, and by wh.m fhip
, together wi h the P rmiffions grent-d
loas:ng the Veflels, belodged as above
fintted .
And the better to fecure all BOATS, as
I Fithing 8. O'hers, it i: ordered snd di
, that dari g their Stey ia Ha bour,
y rema n conft auly withia the POND ;
¢ to be under th: lafpedicn of the Cap
o of the P.t, and cn no Accoent to be
ved f:um thenc:, without bis Permifli
on Pain of the Owaer’s bring imp:ifon
tad tae Boat confilcate 'y
! Given wnder my Hand at Head-Quar
te s in Newpo t, this 324 Day «f
' Sepiember, 1777.
.lyth Ge-e=al’s Commend,
i HHIENRY BARRY, Secretary.
. L ONDON, Jensas.
N sveniog pape- fay?, blue ribbon
is inten ‘ed te be given !0 that gal
lant Ncbleman, Fart Percy, 88
tfl.tk“w' dgment of bis meritorions 6B«
in America.
| Extiz&t of a letter from Cad'z, May 7.
_*“ There bas ju# failed from hence a flet
i south- America, confi'i- g of tee fo.low
g flips : St. Jago, of 56 gums ; Orellano,
P gons ; Ecamadura, Lee Cingelos, and
Mosste Sierra, 3o guns esch, with twe
flops Of 12 guos nci. and 10 fail of tranf~
Fo s '“h 3000 t 00p| OR bo.[d. '_",th.‘
with a quantity of naval and mi itary Rires,
and fome fmail veflcls of a peculisr con
f.ulion ready frimed on bo:rd. This
armament, many people think, is defigned
agrinft tre Poriugue(e in (he Brazis, but
cthers, end thefe of the mok imtelirgent,
conclude it is defigned to reftore perfe&
peace in fome of the moft fouthern Spa-ith
{eitiements in America, where grest conten
tluns have long reigned, and to fet ths trade
azd comm:rcs of thofe count.iies wpem a
better foo:ing ; likewife to reinforce the
garr f{ons, and (0 repair the forts in Mexico
and Peru, which are faid to be in a ve:y in
diff:rent concition.”
'Tis fald that fome papers of confe
quence have been found inpapcatk on boar‘d
5"" Mercer (the Amer'can veffsl brewght
;n.o Whmhaveq by the crew) they were
.:‘_"_d“_i_ {o' ltl:u.. and contain iaforma.ion
Two or the Americen veil:'s, which have
be«en brought into Eargland by thair crews,
were lawely condemn’ in the Coart of Ad
miralty as prizes 10 the Kiag ; and his Ms
jity, out ol his Royal bouaty, in orde- te
rewird thofe brave feilows loyalty and love
of Old England, has ordered twa thirds of
the va'ue of each hip ead cargo, which
amounts to a very confiderable fam, to be
divided smoag tae crew ; ead we are 2f
fared, that it the crew of any difgeifed fo
reign fhip, that is loaded with arma or am
munition, or any kind of Rores for the Ra
bels, thaud bring her into a Britifh port,
asd (3 and her cargo thould bs in like
manne: condemaad in the Coert of Admi -
r-lty to the King, that bis Majeßy woud
give ths w'ole valee to ths crew.~M-re
Enccu agement te 3he Hownest Jouns,
who have been kidnapped into the Rebels
employ, to retara to their King ard coua
try’s fervice |
It i 3 fuid, that his Excel'ency the Spanifh
Amb:fl do has dilivered in a caegorical
safwer 0 s Memorial from this Court to
that of M-d'id, which contains affurences
of the moft pacific intentions towarda Great-
The number eof recruits slone fert to
Am: rica this campaige, foreign as well as
Eng ith, amount te upwerds of 10,000, be
fides the mew corps from England, thefe
from Acfpah, and the mew-raifed Chaf
feurs, fiom Heffe and Hanau,
Gererol Patierfon, we sre told, will em.
bark {or America in a few days, where he
is to iake the comzand of the whels of the
artillery 3 which, with the additioral porty
going out with bim, will make them the
moft mume:ous body, in the: lime, ever
kaown ro have ferved in that country.
A full Board of Ordmance was lately
" he'd, and orders given for enga,ing fifteon
extra hands, for the expediting the orders
" of ordaance ftores te be compleated, ia ore
- der te be fent to America. i
The following is an albftra@® of the »
P:fl':d laft feflism, ** To autherife the c-nfi
ing of the carurco therein mentioned into
asy port of of his Maj fly’s cominions ia
North-America; and for sfcerminieg the
value cf fuch parts cf fthips and goods as be.
loag to the re-captors.” ~ After reciting the
8& 16 Geo. lil, (for probibitieg all trade
and intercour(s with the rebzllicus colonies §
and twa other 1 & for reftrainieg the Irada
and cemmerce of th: faid colonies ; and to
eoable parfons sppointed by the King ta
grant pardoms, iffee proclamations, &c )
1. That aey perfons authorifed by the
King to grast pardons, may by licesce ot
warcant antherife captors, er other perfons
ia their b half, to carry their captares into
ary pert, &c. in any of his Majeiy’s do
misjons, €r
s. That all captures which are sliready
c‘\fll'(; iste New-Yark, or which before
Augud 1, 1770 DAL 2% Wi ndutetisa
t 0 have beea lasfully caried into fuch
pert s and a‘ter condemaation mey be
brosght inte tbis kingdom, or any of his
Maj¢ity’s dominions, upon psyment of the
fame duiies, and fubje to the fame regu~
lations as they now are.
3. That when any fhip, &c. takén by
virsee of the above a &, or any goods there
in, fhall be proved in any of the Admiralty
or Vice Admiralty-Courts, in America or
the WeR-ladies, to have belorged to the
fabje@ts ¢f Great Briialg or Ireland, or any
dcminicns in allegisnce to the King, and
to bave been taken by say of thc iohabi
tants of the rebsllious celonies, and to be
in the poflffion of fuch unlawful captors,
when retaken ; foch fhips, &c. fhall be re
flored to fach owaers, they paying one
eighth of the value 10 the re-captors, or giv
i-g fufficient fesurity fo to do, fer falvage ¢
And ihs Judge of the Court wherein fuch
thip eIl be decrezd to be reltored, fhail
confe 11¢ fame to be appraifed by perfons
pamed by the claimant and re-captors, or
they not agreeing, by the Court, fech per
foos being fworm wruly to lp&n?fc the fame ;
snd no retsken thip, &c. fhall be fold for
piyment of falvage, er on any other ac~
court, unlels with the owner’s confent, ex
cept whe-e there fhall be o c'aim for fuch
retaken fhips, &c. in which cafe the faid
Judge fhsll orcer as moch of the earge to be
fold, as will pay the eme eighth, and the
exper ces of .rpuiremm. &c. snd if the
cargo be not fufficient, the hip, &c, to be
fold, azd the remainder, a‘ter payiag the
falvage, to be depofited in the regitry of
the Lourt, fer the owae:s, who may after
wards ciaim the fame; and except olfo,
sny part of the ca'go sppesr ia a perifhing
condition, whea tae fame may be fold foe
tas benefit cf the concerned.
The Commifiones who ars 10 exsmine
the (ai'ors taken in American prizes, before
they are font to goal, have a guinea a day
allowed from Government.

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