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‘_'_....‘..,J - ¥ i o ‘ &":( tt‘fi -e ey e-" . t“.. 432
gSR A hB B
: »(\ 'mé".’:,fi" # _ ..
Commanding His Majelty’s
Forces within the Coluny of
' Rhode-liland, &c. &c. &c.
W HEKEAS many of i
Majesry's loal Sapjeets, ishadic
ing the lewe o NEwpORT, arc williaz to
sflociate for t':'Pwpmc “i plcl’onin,( the IR
eernalPerce and recw ity of ineTowe, .nd to
perform ‘uca other Dure: oy the Cotamand
ing Oftizer of Hs Muajtl,’s T o ps withan
this Colomy fhall tvank meceilary ;1
bave iherefors thought fic, in O der .0 give
tll pofible Encouragsarnt 1o a it fo
traly laud:b e and rroper, 0 permit His
Majeity’s liege Sunbj.cts, izhaduing this
Tawn, to agree ard fiocizte, for the Puce
pofe afoefsid; ard, to tha' Ead, h v: di
-le@ed am AGREEMERT to be iodyed ot the
Prmuing Cflice ;. whase the #ead> aid Aim
F.iend to s King ard ths Laws may.by
fublcribimg thereto, bave aa Opporicnity of
dilinguithing himfelf froa tne cifeff-&-d.
Given under my Hand, st H:ad Quir
~ sers in Newport, this 15ia Day of
O&eber, 1777. .
By the Genera)’s Conmand,
* Henry Bagxy Secretary. ;
1 ———————————————
" L O'N D O N.
Ju'y 16. Latters from Liib:a mestion
the approaching fere of the Maiquis of
Pomba!, who iafik:ly ta fuffzr dezth for his
various crimes, ana 1o have hiv poff iii les,
amoun:ing (o mesr fiven millicms fleiing,
cosfi cared. The czm; Jaints Jo“ged arsinft
him are me @ pumiroas and ferious tham c.a
be coacs.ved.
Ext a& of a Leter from Si. Peterfbirgh.
* The Empre(s is augmentir g her forces
mfideubl‘n ia corfi qucnce 0. aa app! ca
tion f.om the Britifh Court for treopr. Waat
fhe¢ deems her efta | thed anmy ¢ $30,000
men ;in which muub.r are includei the
mechaaics in tae feveral regiments, fuch as
ferriors, lock({mithy, &c. #s well s t ¢ lai
vaats of the officers and of tse artillery.
s« 1 have faid thag the t7O ps coakitutng
what is Riied the efiablifhed army, smcuat
to $30,000 ; 8 prodigi-us nu=ber certainly;
bet 1. do not ex:gg:rawe, The Empreirs
hcuthold troops mlose cozfift of upwar:s of
IG,no whes the aimy is ihus oa its graad
eßadlibiment,. ‘A prewcni the. hai not lefs
thas 106,0C0 treops in pay. . When | fpeak
of the eßablithed srmy (as § bave already
obferved) | include farriers, 'ochimiths, car
peateis, batmen, fervants o the officery, snd
of the arvillery, &:. &c.. Tha liregelen
are CrfT.cks, Calmucks, Walack , and Za
poraviams ; but thefc have #~ piy, ard ane
caly uied is time of war, Thiy f=bhilt en:
pisader, aad a.¢ very teii
THURSDAY, OcToOoBER 23, 1777,
tle en sccount of the de.redations they
commit. Thev tavege every gplace they
pafs ihrowgh, and excicife the moft dread ul
c.ueliies. 1 do m:t include thefe ia ihe
grand eltablithed aimy.”
Extii& of a leiter f.om a perfon of difiac
tion at Peris, (0 his friend in London.
¢ Be aflared, my dzar Sir, that your ap
prehenficas of as appreaching repture with
Fra cc, are groundiefs ; at leaff, fuch am
eventis at a cocfiderable diftance.—This
‘Court has very laiely changed its fyftem;
and in comfequsnce of that chasge, Moal.
de bar ice, t-e friend sl.d up;orter of the
Amciicanr, is removed irom the department
of ihe Mariae, and is fuccéeded by the Duc
de Guiass (formecly the Amb:ffador &t
Lord «) »hs has besa long remaiked for
kis a tacamen: to the Eaglih, and who will
p:cb.biy labzur to keep the two mations at
peace, which is usd<ubtedly for thei mu
tual interett aid adva-tage. Concerning
tre absve ching# of fyfems, many things
are {aid 10 have comtribyted towards b in -
ing it ab ut. As te afliftiog and fuppori
inz the Americaas ander hand, and cover
ing their trade, both in Europe aad the
Wed. ladia iflands, that cord has beea
ft-ained t.dl it was resdy 10 bigak, and they
have already got all the yesdy money of the
Amiricans for arms, ammunition, " &c. &c.
Tre Englith asval armament (:nd a moft
formidable one tos) was completsly manned
and eady o fail ; thejr Miniftry, tired with
evafive ufwm“‘\‘yir,choa she rint ef de
tlaiing war,; ¢ er‘tich coafts totally d»-
feateiel:, not h&\#u‘ gbove eighi fail of .he
Jind :eady for sétion, snd thofe'indf rim ly
‘mapacd ; their Well ladia grade, and ih:it
Newfoundland trede, frem hoih «f which
quarters large fleats a's expi&ed homs in
.the czur e of a few we:ka, enti-ely agtie
mercy of our cruizers; pad centain mut on
ly imp-eafe prope ty, bat the very flower of
tazic feamen, Thefe as@ fuffi- ionr caufes for
changing their (yfem, or at lealt for nog
quir eiling wiah us ht prefeat. Perhaps,
tow:rds the end of the year, when their
fleets are got fafe hom®, they way talk a
ciffereat lan uagze; wnd yep 1 do mic be
hisve they will, for they csmnot expe to be
gainers by a wa;, aod iheir finances are.in
» ve.y fickly coaditi.a. lOtWilbfliD“li all
the prefcrist'ons of "the famo~s pracitant
DBo (Mon . Necker) from Ganeva. As
15 your complainw of the gla ing imouc.
tiality aad ivjuttict of the Gov:reor ¢f Mar
tisico, he is s@uaily ordered homs, to an.
fwe? tor Lisconduld.” 3 "
July 21. They 'wrice'f'om Pounbnt‘ii
tha: accurdiag to the Ml rr ‘Lifi, the pre:
fent torce of tov lonp};'u'. “liefly.‘lcludin‘
‘Cava ry and Ma ines, smoudh 10 430,000
g Qive men, [
Sweder has ¢ leogth ‘Quitted her alliance
wi b he Bourbon fam Iy, agd has become
the fi.m olly of the Czanna, asd by, that
meani of Great B itaiy alfo. TR
Jaly 22 They write from Stockhdlm,
that the King has forbid tae building of
figs of war, foi asy foreign powes, ia
the domiaions of Sweden, uzder fevere
Accordisg to the late decres of the Admi
ral y-Court, Do&»e Commens, rthe fuilors
wh> retcok the Aurera tobaéco-thip, aed
carfiicd her imto Liverpocl, are to receive
eightcen hundred pounds fterling each, and'
the nine Ameticans who aflilted in the re
capture nize hundred pounds esch,
Th= fpirited cordull of adminiftrati‘m, in
demanding atfolute fecurity from Fraace,
may probably involvs us in 8 war with thac
Crews. We may lay it down very faiely as
8 maxim, thit an rpsn aver is better than &
treacherons, infoscure Puace ; againtt the ene,
we may prepare, but »o prudence can gward
agsiaft the other. The Fiench are siming
at prefent to a’;p:ow'mo to themfslves the "
whils profit of the American trade; to al
low them to effcd 't, weu d be more dif=
advan ageous to Britain than many wars.
Let.ers from Liverpool meation, that 1y
fhips were fiting out 8 letters of marque
frem that poit, and tkey are to be of great
furce, as ncme is to carry lafs than 26 nine
poenders. ; Vi
Vo r ) e T——
July 24. A veil¢l upon 8 partigaler con
ft:ultiun 13 now bailding is a private deck~
yard, mear Limehoule, .on Gavetamens ace
coumrf, . She is t 0 mount 24 geas,
By the Freach. myil vo Monday thers
came advice, that Cunnipgham bad been or,
dered oug ot Dunkick in 24 hours, pad gheg,.
in 8 very psrempiory manner. This is laid
to be tre fi/& effad: of fome lats ragulatigas
whisb have been, agresa sn by tae Fiench
Ceurt, and will be put is p:allice sgaingt
every Americas -veoflel and their prizes,
who we are tod, in fuiuie, be oidered cut
of theic port in 24 hours, ' a .
July 34. By letiers recaived fome time age
from Pa:is, sad which are confirmsd by
o.here mow in towa, it is faid, that (ome pre-~
vifioay we € preparing 10'be feat 10 the ia
hibian<s'oi Pondicherry, who wars ia ex
treme dreaiof a famine, ° ' '
Az it' wis {.me timeago gemerally fup
p-fed we were on the gve of ‘u ‘war with
Frince, the following i wmadon is laid be
fo ¢ the public, from gfGentleman well ac
qusintel with the § of the-prefent dif
pcfition of the Feeped Cabinet; the King
is primt-blank for psace:.at all eveats; 'he
is fecoaded by Couat d¢ §:. Germaine, mi
wifter for the wer department; and farcher
reiafo'c'd by the 5&:. of Mr. Necker,
sow fuperistonda the fineeces. Her
Mijelly ie for war; which epinios, it ie
fsid, is §ighly agreeable to that of her bre
ther the eperor. She is likewifo fupport
.d b.’ “6 af. d.'Slffil..Of m -"i.. ‘.O
partméat, snd- privately by Cheifenl and
his dependants, who ars nemeroes. ln this'
divid d intersft, it is at profent the § neral
epinion ‘ia Paris the King will prevail ; a»
whea he¢ takes @ yaing in his' head, heis
ka'wa to bs 'very pofi ive; e tha itis.
jmigined, wortithßandieg ‘every oppear~
ance of war, maiers will Ri'l b accomme
daed, sad cvery Saugiattion \pe Couit of

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