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42 . een give, relative to offitirg or on
cotts ™™ \meric?, will be obtained,
Fo- (sme authority, it is faid that,
~,nftauding the many reparts which
have been raifed relaiveto the confequance
of Dr. Frankiin st Paris, ht ieve had @
¢cenfe-euce ©8 bufinels wiib any, even the
moft inverior cfficers of the Cabinet ; that,
on the cont.ary, e is very lit:le no:i.ed, ex
¢p. by (me o the leak confiderable of his
countrymen at the Esglilh ccSee boufes,
a.d in g neral feems 10 have liite to do.
Oa Wednsidap vory large orde:s far
milimry ftores of all kinde .iccd[uy for
onsther canpaign, were delivered at the
Tower, 1o be got ready, wiia all expadition
for An erict.
T he vifi: ol the King of Sweden to the
Fm rels o f Ruflia is mot & vifi: of mere
cu iofity or curee(y, bat has for i's objet
the forming of 8 grand allisace, which may
be able i» cops wi'h the lefigns of the
Emperor asd Southers puwe:s of Buorc;
G ea* Brizsin and Pruffis, it ¥ faid, will be
¢wo of tae high coatr:&iag perties,
July 28. France had never more reafoe to
dread the poner of Englaad than at this
sims, or Eaglavd more right to chaftife
th-t infi-i-us and deceitful people,
The P.incefs of Portugsl, whole marriage
with bis Ca holic Majefty is exp.&ed 10
take p'aze daily, is fecoad dseghter o! his
late Po :aguele Mojely, sad filter to the
grefe.« Quesn, and was borm in the year
1735 6.
lsf in additios to the prefeat uchappy
quarrel with Awmerica, we fhouid hive a war
with the whole Houfe of Bourbon, that war,
ja the nature of things, will be a Naval
o:¢ ; co.fcquestly it will be fech a war ao
ti.¢ palitics of this country, bave beea rear
ing at theie bumndred years. liow often
have we been told, kesp Clear of a Contl
rental war, and Britain is a match for all
the wo.ld. T s oniy damge:r of iae nms
tiens! debt arifes from the increafe cf inter.
sR, st s time » hoa the immenfe drain of a
Germ:n or a Flanders war carries the mo
ney borrowed fo ever frem this custry,
Bu' a raval war with the whole Houfe of
Bou'b:n, is an expence which flows in g
¢r e ccnflantly going out, tnd coming
in ;—no daager (0 the fa'¢ can therefo.e
reiulc from ‘'t 3 and the poper time 10 dee
clare war i. now, befors the ar iva! of their
W f-lad a’aad Newfcundland Rcets.
b L is confiiemly reported, ihat on a la‘e
fol citatioa trom ouw” Miniftry to the Emprefs
¢f R. ffia, for hiring & cesta'n 2amber of her
troo, s to fight spaicfo.e led.lliows fubj:&ls
in Amcrica, the Emprefs made the f llowiag
gsepy to th: a'gxciaor : * Ibatif Governe
ment would m ke over the iflaad of Minor
€a to hes, fhs would fend 30,000 men to
fubdus the A mericans, and a: her {.lo ex
perce m:imtsia amd recrait them for two
y:an.” Thi: propofal if accepted of, by
addi:gMinorcs to ber poffcflions in theßlack
Sca, Bad her free navigs ios im the Archije
-I.go, would throw the whole Mediier-asean
and Lavan: trade ‘nte her bands, and maks
her the fi-ft maritims power in Europe.
N.twiicß nding ‘he reports of afiftance
efforded the Amaui:acs by the Ficach, we
are If{ired, from good smthoricy, that orders
h v: been feat to their Governo-s in the
Wett Indies of a fimiler mature to :hofe given
1o the r commaid. nes i thei: ports ia Eu
'A°pf. whi.h mat ¢ ffe@uaily put a Rop to ' he
mer cak piivaleers beis )
e b“..p g fo daring as they
Leters fiom Berlia mention, that a de‘en
five treaty cf aliiance betweea Grest Britain
ond Prutfia is in great forwardeefs, snd will
fpeedily bs ratificd by betd paities, Thefe
Jett 1o «¢d, thai levera! articlen in ‘his treaty
corclude w.tn sffißing Great B.iain with
80 000 troops, if requued.
Ju'y jo. Four agenss to the army, by ore
of (ae Seminsary of War, fos offoa Sa
snrdsy Ik, twb lor Helland, ohe for Flane
ver, ssd the other for Hi fle.Codel, to agree
with the proper FarmeriGenersl sad Forage
Mafters at thofe pleces, fot trenfports snd
forage, that. will tesr oxponini from thofe
countiies ; as alfo horfes for the ule of his
Britanzic Majefly’s forces in America,
Our encmies who tmagine we ars on the
verge of a Frerch war, and full of apprebea
fions &z it, do mot corfider the ftate of the fi.
na:cecs of that Monarchy : Itis a fall known
to all the world, that they run in debt coa
fiderably every year,by anticipationsef their
revenue im order to fapport their reduced
peace sfiablilments. Where then are they
to find {upplies for @ war, which sccord
ing 10 ail agpearances wou'd be general, and
involve them in Germany and the North !
To credit alone they could have recourfe ;
to credi:, immediately after cutring it up
reot and branch {—g¢ per cent. would not
pocure large fums tv the French Miniltry.
What therefore i the prebability of Moal, .
Necker gatting it for four P Such idle se
porus fpeak for,and refute themfeives. How
then is the Freach Miniftry t 0 fupport ajwar?
The accarfed fiiustion of the Marqis de
Pombal, the laie PrimeMinifer of Portugal,
but mow in difgrace, eght to teach humani
ty to every Prime Minifter ia Burope. It i
not by the abufs, but by the moderate exer
cife of power, that perfons in elevated Rati
ons can cxped that happinefs which arifes
from a cencillation of the affe@ions of the
people. k
Auvgult 9 Itie reported a letter from Ber
lin mentions, that bis Prufian M-jefty, fo
far from being in any manacr sidiag or en
coursging his Britaanic Majeity’s rebellious
fatjséts in Americs, has made s voleatary
offer of a mumber of his traops t 3 be funt
thither in the fervice of Great Britsia, in ca’e
they are wanted, and his Britannic Majefty
chufss to accopt of them, 0a the moft resfoa
able termo.
Yeflgrday a dru& was made from the
three regimeats of geards, in order to
be fent to America, end oa Saturday another
drasght will be made fer that perpofe,
Yefterday Colonel Daniel Joass, Licut.
Colenel of thas gd regiment of fest guards,
kiffed his M:jelk7°s hand at St. James’s, on
being apsoinwd Colonel of the fecond re
giment of foot in the room, of the late Sir
Charles Moatags, Kat. decsafed.
Extral of a Letter from Golport, Aug. 8.
Yeferday failed from St. Helea's, with
a {air wind, His Majefly’s Ship Warwick,
with the flest sader her convey beand 0
« His Majofty’s Frigate Veaue will fhortly
procesd to New-York, with the convoy at
Spithesd ; fhe is ready for failing.”
Oa Thurfday a Culonel, and a Gestls.
men lately in I{l Eaft ladis farvice, mecting
in Cheapfide, s quarrel eafued, in ecnfe
quence of the laiter charging the former
with baving libelled him in the papers ; frem
words they precesded te ‘blows, ull part of
the ¢ odl. which were roand, iatesfered,
and terminsted the afiray ; though both the
combatants vowed vengeance sgrink sach
other at @ fatare eppertanity.
It is reported, that & Great Perfonage hae
declared that jthe Body Guards, both berfe
and foot, thall be feae s 0 Americs, rather
thaa the fervice thers fhall waat mea,
The Freach have lately loft their old ally
the Sweds, and by the Spusge the Genoefe
are beeome difsffoftod to France. This, in
fome meafure, accounts for the prefeat pacie
fic fytem of that Court,
Auguft 110, The court of Cepeahagen bas
publithed a r!todo-g‘fp. forbiddiag the
Ameiizan privatesrs lrom eatering their
ports, except in cafes of diftrefs, aad thea te
depart ia 24 hours afiqr.
‘l'he Sally, & large brig from South-Care
lina to le.r& taken by the Sarad, Hal-
Jaad, and cascied inte Liverpeol ; har eage
go is eftimated 8t g3oo', ;
Fifty thoufand biai kets are oxqm.
immediately got ready for @o \roop) i
merica agsicft the enluisg winter,
No fteres in futuie are lfl.bt thipped
on beard armed thips, for which Eovenny,
has parchafed (ome Bafi-!ldlml. whiy
are fitted up to carry the faid fioies ov,,
On Thurflay mext are to be iffued oy
the Paymafter Goeneral’s Office, at Whim,ll
365 daye pay to General and Stff .f,,
ferving im America snd st Gibralusr, t:on
the sgth of December, 1775, to the t4hof
December, 1776. /
On Saturday l:ft heSCommiflicnen fy
vi@ualling bis Majedy’s MNavy, contugy
with feveral gardeners for 300 waggon Ly,
of cabbage for making four crout for the gy
of his Msjefty’s torces, to be fent to Ameriey,
Salibary, luly 28. By a ldutarfromp,
ris to a gent'eman in thi: = i:hbtmh‘?«.
dated the Iych inft. we iesrn with plea e,
that the apprehenfions of 8 warwith Filing
are blewn over, lud that the French coayj,
difpofed to radrefs our grievinces, and,
profpe& of a comtiiuat.cn «f peaze isa gy
ter ceriaia. y
By the fame chznnel we'earn, thatihe
King ef Spain hat confis «e? the perce wih
Portagal, b' mas vi ghisown:itce, dc'g\
ter to the Q_cen D.wa_er i Portogal,
Admiralty-Ofhice, Aug ft 2. Vice Al
miral Young, Commardzr i» Chief of by
M jefty's fhipa od veilel: at the Leoward
lan“s, = o ir hisle‘terof the 12°h of June
tranmit ei ¢ M Ste hens, a It of plilq
tak-n by e qradron vader h'e ¢ mmand
fin.e the -ap.u . ol thofe meati ned in the
Gazette of the 38 h ol Juie, & copy of which
L& is 20 folivws :
The Peggy ‘chacner,J co” Evans, Meflen
from Noth Cao''~a to tt. Euftetia, with
flour, corn, and ftyv:e, by the Hind.
The Naacy floop, S:muel Duawall, Maf.
ter, fiom Sc. Ki:t’s t- America, with faliand
iroamon e.y, by the Oter.
The O v'r Cicm x¢'l privateer, Hermet
Courter, M:fier, 24 guns, 150 men, by the
The Jumo brig, Ifese Cole=nen, Mafter,
from Swrisam to» Bufton, wi.h melafles by
he Otter.
The Fi'f Aveapt feho~ner, Nickolsy
Johof:a, Maiter, from Newbary Port te
Guadaloup:, with fi th ard lumber, by the
The Sophia fchoo~er, Lazarur Sillis,
Matte:, from St. R+:latia, (0 Ma tiaic®, with
iadigo and rice, by ca» Seaford.
The Jean® ri aicer, Georgs Ralle, Mal
ter by the §.afo.d.
The Beuiey fl.op, William Ricbardfon,
Mafler, from V: gizia t¢ St Bufaiic, with
tobacco, <orm, & by :h: Cyp et.
The De Waie Guife. A chiba'd Chate
lain, M @t'r, irvm St. BEaGxtia .o M cdle
burg, wit. indigo, tcbacco, rum, rice, &s.
by the S:a ¢d.
The De Hozg, A' B. Hrop Z.al, Mafter,
from Bt. Esftstiate Ficih rg, by (L Seefo:d,
The Dolly flodp, f o= Caf.o Bay to Eue
ftatia with fith llg.'-uhbcr. by the Poriland.
The Betfey flop, f:om New-Londou ta
St. Eafatia, with nth and lcaber, by the
The Re'ief fl.op, from Sceth Car I'na to
St. Eufletia, with cora 2ad tu pe: tine, by
the Portland.
The Mcflse:o privateer, J-ho Hariis, Mae
fter, 14 guns, 73 men, by thc Arizdne, -
Oo Saterday evering fowe dilpatctes
were font away frem the Admirshty Office to
the Commiflioners of the differ st DB
Yards, for expediting the men of war that
are wanted for immediate ‘ervie,
X Th: Vl..lhnP men of w;.:.u taken ::
reught laco Portimouih homew
bouad Carelina Aipe :

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