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NEW.YORK, 02 13.
A Leitsr from an Oficer in the Rebel
Ay, 10 bis Mother at Elizabeth T:zwn,
meatioas, ** That the Bloodieit AQion ever
khowo in America wes fought en 1l ¥ 3d
of Oftober, and that goco of Mr. Wathisg
ton's Army were killed."
In the Le Delpencer Packet, which {:i'ed
the Igth of Auguß, came Paflengers, Mr.
Atk:afos snd his Lady, Mr. Blowers and
his Lady, Lisuteanat Ord of the 7:n Regi
mast- Mr. Yocos, Mr. Sharp, and Mr.
By s lace Law of the Celony f Coznedli
¢y, the ;oout Porfen amosg them is yated
(tor his Perfon a'one) sightec: P.unds low.
fol, for which he mart pay tbi iy fix Shil
lisgs, snd foin Proporiiva for ever; Pa.¢ of
his seal Efkate.
®s Wedaefday laft arrived bere, the Fa
yourite, Betfey, Letter of M .rque, Captain
Squires, who bad bzen out from this Port 7
Wacks. On the 17th alt. Captain Squires
sos into Ocracock Hasbaur, waere were ly
isg ot Anchor, the Stwardy Begger Priva.esr,
of 16 Guns and 93 Men ; a t6u G Slocp,
sad foven Sail of V. flele bouerd to [Hifpssio a
—On the Betfey’s thewing he Cslours, Bad
fiiag & Gua, \hey immediateiy h ittea Sail,
I¢s over the Bur up the River, and got
sleat, cxcept ths Sloap Lovely Lais, belong
ing to Bermada, beuad t 0 Ededion, Nurta-
Carclins, with cae Thoufand Bethsls cf
salt, which he defiroyed ; and a Freauh
Brig, pisrcel for 16 Guns, bu coriyiiy on
lyy Four-pounders, Capta'n Squites alo
wok dering his Cruize the dchoone Il.n
ssh, Euios, Maiter, trom Bofton, Lownd to
North-Ca:ol:na, for Provifioes, with a des
picable Ca:ge of betacea two avd ihrec
Thosfand Cengrefs Dollars ; and a “choon
o called the Little Poily, laden with Maho
gy snd Logwood. The Prizes a'e ali ar
Lst Thurfdsy arrived the Brigantine
Déuvegan, Joha Smith, from B¢. Auguftine,
- sier o Patfage of 17 Days. When Captsin
smich left that Place, the Rarn cis com
asaded by Col. Thomas B:owa, confifting
o 138, together with goo Creck ludians,
Md removed frum ths River bt Joan’s to
/4 Mary’s, where taey cre 10 b® rein.
fwced in o few Days with 500 Regelars,
fom the Garrifon of Bt. Augultine, under
te Command of M:jor Giszicr, of the 6oth
Regimeat, is Order to join the Peopls of St.
Asdrews, who were determined 1o tske wp
Arms ageingt the Rabei Goveramest ia tiat
Pacs. A fow Days befcre fome ladisns
M wrived at St. Augalline, wi.h leveral
lalps from Georgia. .
By tie sccounts recsived at Augufins
hom Geo:gia, the rebels in that prevince
Ve greatly Lrnfl‘d upon the fromtisrs and
Mk fottlements, by the Cresk Indisns..--
The rebels under arme in that provisce, we
sired do not exceed §OO [meon. By
t informations, the peeple there are
n weary of the tyreuny of the Congrefr,
hfi Taurfday Week, ose Fourth of the
_were ordered to be drafted at Nor
ia Conasficut, in Ordsr to bs fest
lamediaie Service ; but thry, to Man,
ogo out of the Province, oa axy
8t wha.(oever.—=—The Meeting was
put off to o futers Day, in Flop:e of
the People Fass mons BoLo.
Lt Priday Ennilg was fcat . oere by
eador belonging to his Majedy’s armed
Halifsx, tbe Sloop ‘Mary-Anre, Joha
b, Matter, wi.n 8 Cargo of Fiour,
g*d from Norwilk, in Coan:&icus,
th, in Maffachufei’: Bay. '
ardey lakt the Lester of Marque Biig
Y. Thomas Jones, Mafter, arrived bere
Liverpool i eight Weeks.
% Aocowats reccised at St. Aazeftine
Geergia, the Rebels in thet Proviace
iy Barrafled upes the Freatiors aad
Back Seulements, by the Croek Indlans.
Tht R :bsls under Arais in that Provizce, we
ore affured, does not excesd three Hund ed
Men.——By different Informations, the Peo
ple there are growa wsary of the Tyranny
of the Co.x'.fi.. ’
Ysfterday s (mart Pirieg was heard hers,
fuppo‘ed to be a 1 E izabetli-Towa Puint, in
N'._W J.lf", ata Soopinhi Mr)cfi,’._&u.
vice Rationed sear that Pisce. \
By Capt. Maidox, who arrived thisMo n
iny ia fix Weeks feom Liecpocl, we learn,
T the Account of the Evacuation ot Ti
condiroga was received i Frglund ; acd
th:t the Ship Lady Gage, izem this Pors,
was a rived at Liverpovl.
L:t Senday Weck, Co'. James De Laz.
cey, wiih fizty of his Weßt Caeuer Ligh.-
Hs, weat ir:m Kong’s B idgs to (he
White Plains, wheo (hey ok fr-m the
Rebels foriy-frur Basrals of Flour and two
Ox Teims, - near ove Husdred fle: of
Bla:k Catile, and three Hundred Fa. Shesp
sad Hogs. Oa this dervice, Mr. Purdy, a
ve'y refpe&table Tuhabitant of Wet Che:ter
County, wis klsd; there wae alo five
Ho:les fhot by .he Rebels.
Ex:n:& of a iciter f.om a 2entleman n Loa.
don, dated Augußß 6, 1777,
o A few wesks Igo out ¢ alts were infult.
od by a aumber of rcbzl privace s it g cut
from the ports of Frascs. The Kz’
C.uncil was called, whirs tie m.tor was
confidmed. Lord Baadwich and Lord
G. Gaim.in were for aa imaediate ceclara
ti nof war, The off ir eaded im a fpr.ited
emonfrance to the Qoert of Fraace, whi.h
ha: had its eff Q. ‘The cenfequence of i
L.s bzsa, thas fome of thy p 1 ateers havs
cen cuufired in their Prurt:, und the pizes
have nut been foffecd to enter them, os all
our accouats agree. The *2ncd Amoafl
dor, whais a firm :ic d te this Cvnniry, ‘R
the late ecc.aircifl'ment, fent ova: fur his
Lady, whois arrive. inEngi'nd; whivh im.
plied an opia.on in him, that peace end har
mosy beix-en the two Courts A€ lethied & d
eftrb ili-d.”
Ex ratt of s letter from.pasther gen:leman
ia London, of ‘he (ame cats,
¢t France, y<u kuow hts buen long sidisg
aad ebetting your precions, mbeilion. Lord
G. G rmaia, tased .he French Ambafludo:
with perfidioufarfs in the R’onfefl, terins.
High wo ds a-ofe ; the Ambafl dor threat.
soed (0 leavs Eng'sad i»ftanty ;—Loid G.
Garmsin, told bim to go wheacver he pleas
{sd. This opersted on Masficuzs Conrags,
sud he entered into ths mof explicit cvm
pstt that his Court th -uld give the Ameri
cans ae farthir connteasncs, . Hi.d this not
been dose, war would bave been immediste
ly declared, 2ad all chi-g‘ were rasdy for it.’
The 30th ult. in the Night, a Teader be
losgiag te'the Halifes armed Brig, chafed :
8 imail Privatesr from lato Ner
walk, in Consellicut ; vhth fo slarmed
the lahabitants of that Plscs, that many
lan eutof theic Honfes naked, one in parti
cular, jumped owt of & Window into &
Hog Pes, ot thoroughly uwske, and cried.
out, * BROTHER;. let me flecp with
“ gou,”
{chn a Place 1s fammontd, snd fends 2
Stor=, th: Rule, perhaps the Pelicy of Was,
adm ts ne Quarter. But the magesnimous
Coanqueror vt ibe Forts Montgomery aad
Clia'en, htd his M'nd n:lcto with more
acble Stnuments, lately drawn foom his
R~yal Mafier, who wifhes to fave and Con
vert, ard lliil cozfide:s, even o Rebel, & Sol.
dier lof. This Idea was fooi§adepied by
the Saldiers ; for ao fooner did a Rebel Of
ficer, who cou'd plesd u«hi-&'h his swa
Neme, beg Mercy, for the Salie #f o Sir
ers Fri nl, but tho wp-lified Bayosst wae
flayed agrint the m & infelent Offender,
The Provincial Troops, vha ar¢ row
§i_hiibg te refore tais Couatry brom Antse
¢hysnd Tyranny, to the Hapninels it onge
enjoyed, although they had in View theDs
vaftatios brought oa tisir Hemes, and is
their Power the Perpetrators of it, preferred
M=rey t> Revange,
Compare rhis Spivit with a'l thar iz re
latad ia the Hittory of che M.Michafl t's
Bar. New-Y .kers, thia<waoy uonsore,
and who you nave to refit. Wh n Peoyie
fo ei'cam®anced ohtiiz Prrden, thefs who
voluna-ily comesin, ma’ ¢x& to be re
ceived weh 2p o Arm:, nd fosu be re.
fored to fthare the B edingy they form rly
eni yed, snd commence he happisit Peo
ple under the Sun,
N B WP OR T, Ober 3.
T.ot Monday arrivad foom New.Y. &
His M jety’s Ship Uricora, w. h fever’,
Vefl: s under her Covw vy, . .
By he' we lean, ‘hat th ! r-anxde
Frize in Deloccar: Rivip, have fecu cgp "4
by hix M j:@v’s Snips, rod nat favera) [O,
gates have p.fled up to th” Liiy.
‘We nealfo ictr med %« 14 Conndles of
P:anylvaninand 7 ftv n Sho e of O ovals e
peak, kevx loidd wi hir s, et oty
Sir William How., hd pe 020 $OOO te
tefame them in benal of he Aet
It was 18 pouerii vlley @ a 0 Nav York,
skat chs Al o fthe'g ! [ 1, 100 Saoa
aaa' W noi s firai S v o he Revols,
T eir Power n eve ) gquarte tpp=s.: falt
upo tedeciac,
Tne Lieatenant of his M j+* "¢« Shi; Rose
buck, hs b a ded in lica & % be! Frigate
of g 6 Gms in 0"a wrzem 23X Dre As
a Reward (sr ni saliigt A2t oe, Lord
Hewe b sppoiiied lum to the Command
0. her,
A Rzba' Pelv v wr has Tu2a 4 ez afliore
this Week "o Naruzz=g, Hy nus of the
arm . Schwonets fi, ed 200 horw
Thz !l yat T hebiteats of New-YVork arg
armisg th-m lvee, for the Deleacs oF thae
G rifr, in O:dor tst aimaoy "I '0%54 28
pflivic may be Jpares 80 @ opeate witk Sir
Hen'y Cliuton,
Macy <f the laysl InSahitoars of this
Tows, bave fubfcribed th. " -.itive, re
coumended by the Provlama..oi of his Fx.
celioncy General PIGOT . 7nd a 2 gerting
their A-ms ia Order;, wi*h - ncfliule Bxpe
dition. [t is much to be .in 2, that fuch
:ri;ind Coaduét ~igee isf i =ce Ochers to
iveft themfelves of that D cicy and Feor.
fulsefs, which hat, ii 2 g "2t Mez'u g, en
couraged the hadencd thu'r: who base .
ken the Lead in tky ' nnutaral Rsvols, ¢
would st once cozviace them that their jap
r.um are not fo numerovs a 8 they have
migised, and that his Majelly bus tmany
evea in 41is Courtiy, whowill chearfally
oxert themfelves for the (upprefliog of the
At the Printing-Office,
in Thames-Street,
The Life of Dr. DOD D.
An Addrefs to the Inhabitants
of Pcnrfylvuig,
By thofe Freemen of Pennfyl
vania, were banilhed by
Congrefs to Virginia,

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