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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, October 30, 1777, Image 4

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E » IR R A s i~
&4 COND O N.. |
Ths 20t 0 fhm®nt end indigast'on of &
GcatP:i(on ge at tne coadueét of a neigh
bouring Po enca ¢, refpecting oar Colonifts,
is fad to b exweme; as he had not the
lealt - v eprcs that a Prace woofe pofi (-
fios 1m America are capi al, would have
da «d to hasa d fo Gangerous &n even:, as
t#a his s hs fubj s aa ev.] lefloa againtt
hi’f‘. ~
Y ' never knew 8 coward in your lie,
feys & c. eo-ated anthvr, but cebght'd ia
feolap tis denis sed peighdoers together
by the eirs; aud puvidea he couid tec:re
hi: « wa carcai*, puthiag on others to blood
_fhed an i deflruttion.
L:ttes trom B uffels give an account of
the ollowisg tragiwcal flory, which was at
gended wiih fose vy finzu ar (i cumftan
¢ +.— I'he Ma quis d¢ P—, a French gen
tiemas of iortune. ~it fi ure, and galaatry,
was under t: neceflity of qu t inv his coun
gry for a ffir ot h .nou ; the Marquis, it
fe ms, eli aclpersiey in love with » young
damel ot :nk mu h infeior to his; his
mifk efs eateria sed a raflia equally violeat
fir bim. Such an aff ¢tion w.s difficuit to
€o.C.al, and thereto e it foon cxmz to the
knowledge of the young laly’s brother, who
im g nirg that th: Marquis’s triends would
n t.osfe.tt an he:oursble uaion, told him
veiy ira kly tha: he mult defift from vifiong
h's fier. A dul was the con <queace of
this laste*fe acce, ano the you: g iady, upon
hearingtiat ber b other and lover were gone
out i fi:ht, feil inte a fic; the latter of
whem h v.og flain bis antegon.ft, raa to his
miftre(s, wh. expwed in nis arm:. The
M rqus, «Lligea to fly iaftantly, reached
Brufl s, wh re he pined awajy his hours in
griel ad difpa’ . Hi: only co:folatien was
in lovking up:n a.d kifliag the handker
chief which he took f.om t.e neck of his
dec vie. mtrefr, wh*n he was fo.ced froa
the b.dy ; sad. o heizhten hi: misfrrtumes
the cn'y triend ue me« with heie drained him
of s!| his money,’ and thea ungratzfully de
{.r'ed him. -“He (:on a'ierrece'ved his par
dcn a<d might uave reiuraed 1o France, but
tha por. fthe world he difcl.imed on ac
€22ot f t.e fatal a.cident : his family, defi
sous f o apelng hia toretu-n, refafed
him every kinc 0. fuppo:t ;—this very ha fh
tie. ce-100'y fix 4 him the f:onger in his
s:{ o on. H. debtor foon re.urmed to
B“Uf’ ls, wh m .he Ma quis caufed to be put
i p uon ior fhe fum he owed him ; and
fincing himi: f on tie eve of ex reme indis
g nce, ond having cunflan:ly before hiseyes
she im ‘g= of his ad rred wift efs, whofe desth
he hud raihly occalioned, ae reolved go put
an exd v hisowa exiftsuce. T.e day which
be ‘et scarc for his mortal deliverance, he
wa, emaikably gy After havirg dined,
he wrote 'ny ie td's, <cat and put them
i+ the p ft heate himfe f, end sfterwards re
ti--d ab"ut hah & league f.om thé city, d>wn
th: ivér t» 4 feccec kind of iec fs—whsre
be iincx his camein‘the groucd, and, placiag
hi: g e:t €ra mpon‘it, plunged into .he
ft--am m thus cl fed the fcend of all Lis
mil ies ard mitfortue*s, The body was
tak " up » tew h-urs a‘terwards, round the
ne ko which, it feems, w:s tied the haad
ke ch ef of b bcloved mift efs.
oo T T——
i M I’OR'I'LD, b’
A large & compleat Affortment
Brezi-”’s & Cfl-l Can 'les,
: ey Wa'et; | T Reifins,
E-+lith aad Indih | S ies, '
-G ods, : ‘ PGPPC" &‘o &¢~ &c¢.
B ar.h,
NEWPORT ; Printed by JOHN HOWE, ip Thames-Strcet, near the Parade,
At t"e SHOP dire@ly facing the QUAR
Main-Streer, Newport,
RE D PORT, | White S=ap,
Old Hock, l Beft Mufiard,
She"’. Sceoted Hair-Pow
l.szon. I CCI’,
Mufcat, and Dir'o Frezch ditto,
Florence Wiaes ; | Lav:rder,
B andy, Hasgsy,
Capi laire, | Eiu de Lavande an
French Liquors, Citron,
Double diifil.’"d An- | Ditto do. au Burga
nifeed, motic,
whi"-WilCVin!'at \ EfTencs of Blf‘.'
Reft Common ditto, motle,
DiitoLondon bottled l Ditto Lemon,
Florence Qil, wath Bals,
Powder'd Sugar, Hard Pomatem,
Lemp ditto, Bufhies and S'snds,
Double-refin'd ditto, | Tobacco, in pounda
Ja- Raifins, and half-posnds,
C ok dil(o, Tallow Ca dles,
Curraats, Window-Glals, 8 by
Ciiren, 10,
Preferv'd Orange Velver Corks, ;
P:al, An Affortment of
Diit Fruit,izßrandy Glaf:-Ware,
Walnuts, Plack Lead Percils,
Capers, S.a!l Looking glsf
Anchovies, fes, "
Olives, , M n’s Thread Stock-
Red Cobbage, ings,
Fine Weft . Indis Lidy’s fineCotton'de
Pickies, Fine Liwns, .
Rice, Ofrahurgs,
Bafket Salt, Liae, by the barrel
Scotch Herrings, or fialler quantity
India Soy, Coa fs Sal,
Dne Carnack, I Fine plaiz Rappee,
B ack Pepper, Playing Ca:ds,
Nutm-gs, ' Hai Pins,
P land Starch, Sma! Paper Tcbacce
Fig B.ue, | Weit India Rum,
In the Road between Fogland
‘Ferry and Newport,
’ I ‘WO GLASSES, of a Col
"Jand’s SPY GLASS.—Whoeve: has
found the {fame, on briegiag it te tie Printer,
fhall be bandfemely rewarded.
To be Sold to the higheftßidder
to the Amdrunt of FIVE or SIX
HUNDRED POUNDS Sterling, to defray
the Expence of His M:j fty’s Naval Hofpi
ta', ~—— Waocver is defirous to'purchafe tle
Whele, or any Part thereof, muft {“nd in
their Propofals to the Subfiriber, who will
give the Priference to ‘thz Perfoa that offers
the mcf advaztrgesus Terms, €
Agent to the Sick a:zd Haurt,
to the Eflate of MARY TURNER,
decesfed, are defired to bring ia their Claime
to the Subfcriber ; and ali thofe jndebted to
frid Eftate, are requecfled 10 make fzeedy
Payment, a 5 Aticndance will be given by
me st t' ¢ Houfe w hure the fa'd Meyy Torner
formerly lived, sntil the £ i Day of No
vembe: mext. .
the faid Eftate, will be for SALE, oa the
aforefaid firk Day ot November,
2 08 YN
(About a FORTNIGHT (inee)
A:;ilvcr -mounted PIS rog:
Maker’'s Name Grirrin —Whoe, :
Las found ths fame, and will trisg j ..(-;
Printer, fh.ll r.ceive a GUINEA Rewyyg,
——lf «ffered to be pawaed or foold, it Ig,
fired it muy be flopped.
(To SAIL tle First CONVOY)
’l‘\ HE bluup LADY H()\V[‘
Jamrs Nixow, Mafier, lying 11 g,
peyman’s Waart, a Frime Sailer, ag by
fina Aecommnda'ims fo- Paffengers o
For Freighvor P. flage, app'y to fuid Maiy
cn board.
At his ' HOP on the North Side of thy
GRAND PARADE, and a; his Dyy,,
LINGH vsk on the Poin r,
(42 Cuear as at asy Shep iy Newpor) |
The {ollowing GOODS, jutt lmpo:tc:l."'.
ARD . W.DE | Brhea Tea,
Y aid 7 - Bths | Loaf Sugar,
Cuiten U ecks, Mcf-cvado ditte,
Ya d-wide l:ith Lia Cofite,
nem, Mace,
Fans, Clovas,
7-4 Thresd Laces, Cinnimon,
Caubrick, Nutmegs,
LinenHanckerchicf; | Pe; per,
Bardaino ditio, Alfyice,
Th cads, l S'a ch,
Pins, Hai Powder,
Siik Mites, Ivo.y Combs,
Swee: Oi, An Afloriment of
Bk Maccira Wins, Hta dito,
Claret, ' Tal.ow Cardle,
Rum, Soap,
Lindon Porter, Cuo' and Pigtall Te
§ouchong Tea, ba.co,
And an Affortment cf Glafs and Elrth‘
Ware, &c. &:. &,
rFS%'EE 2% ED,
Confant Attendance will be giten at bi
Bou(+ ¢n the Point, or at M. Joha
Nic.ol’s, or tte North Side the Parad
Myer Polock has for SALt,
(COARSE SALT, |Dy Ced-1 ',
W.R-Indiz Rum ' teef ard Pork,
erry axd plein | Butter,
Cth{dy, . l Tall»w Candles, by
Molafl s, the tox,
New R ce, Nails,
Coffee, l Wtite Bears,
Loal Sugar, F our, by tae barl
At his STtoreg,
OL D Jamaica and Wind
ward-Iflind RUM, by the hog fherd;
Brown Sigar Fitur, Rice, bpe:mace.i Can
cles, Molafles, by the koyfhead or ieret
Alfo, a few Fukizs ¢f Ir fh Rofe Butter:
E Fyal Wine by the Pipe
and Mufcavado Sugar by the

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