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| it T H B R [No. 43:
Ped) 7 « :
? DT . PSS (
NV T e 2 1 AARKS
PYBLISHE D) &:E em i Y 9 W E E K L Y.
& n”" %5 \:{f w)&f"i(v); 7
Foreign Intelligence.
Brigraps, Juse 30.
ETTERS from Coaftaa insple men
. ti'n, that the Ca;tain Pacha being
eturned on the io:h [ ftant, fiom
B.iciik-Tachi, where his Squadron is at
Aachor, went ircog. to the Houfe of the
Eng ith Axbaflalor, tnd the very next Day
be fent o very fine Ho (e 1a » Prefent 0 his
Exce Jeccy Mr. Aivfley, wi b waom the Ad
miral had p-eviou(ly h.d feveral private Caz.
for nces. L. isfapp.fed, thag they re'ate to
the Means of terminmiing tbe Differencts
betwesa the Pote and the Courc of Pe.crf
burgh, bec ufe nothin& is spparendy m.re
contrary t 3 the intersft of Great-Briimn at
rfm, thaa a Rupture beiweea thofe two
t R 0 8.
. Paris, July 25. The Goveramen®, ¢a
l' viaced, by Expecience tha :he Comme ce
| of the ladies cannt be advaatageoufly cer
.4ld 03 bat by a Com »ary, i now emp.oy
?J; i is fuid, om a asw Pl:a, for the Re
slaclihm ‘at of an Tadia Company. L. is
well krow ~ that at the Exti.&ion of the
sk M:. Necker acq ir:d grest Applaufe,
by h's Endeavous to preveat i:.
Bx radt of a letter from the Hague, Aog. 5.
“ We.have letters from Pa:is, wh.ch af
fert, that the difgrace of a certain Aun
b:Jsdor ¢o the Court of Ve-failles, is on ac
cust of the Countefs his lady, who is an
Eaglith woman, haviag beea foun. eut car.
tyiag 0a a fecret corre/padencs with L' rd
Stormoat, the Eng ilh Amdaff do, ard by
me:as of the firit Clerk of the department,
of foreizn affaire at Turia, difcoveiag to
him tha: a privae Tréaiy had b:ea coa
claied wetween the Houfes of Boarbon axd
Actt ia, and the Kings of Poland, Sweden,
8:d Sa 4 nia. v
Adg. 33.. A letter received on Thurfday
from Paite hye the folluwiig paregraph :
The Pales F.igate haf fiiled from Bre# lor
Phind; phia, comménded by Moat, de Du
viel, «& + has notice from the French King,
which is te.be delivered to the French officers
i :ho fetvics of the Congrels, on ptin of
D:qs, imge fiately to ricura to Frazce.
By a lette: F.om Paris dated the 7th of
Asgutt, we are affared, that the Kiog hes
ordersd a placart to be publithed at s'ofi.
Rchells, Nantz, and othe: (a 2 ports, ¢.m
‘mandiag, upon pain of deaih, all the’ Sub-
[email protected] of F ance ia theiervice of the Cosgrels
ot sty other foreign fate, to retura (e ‘heir
asstive cosatry. A Preclama.ion o/ which,
% affeited, was occafisaed by th: fpurtod
remoafrance of Lord Starmont. s
A M:morial, it is faid is gone cver o
the Ciute of Marid, on the [email protected] of the
Aweriean P ivatie s c.rrpipg theit Puiges
iato the Spas.th Poits. .
Ex'ra& of a letter from Dublin, Aug. 14.
“ We hn}u& received Advi-e, (hat the
Exeter man of war, of 64 guns, has takzca
and carried into Kiofale, «sn Ame‘ican pri
vatser of 18 gun. and 110 mem, which fhs
mit with ab.ut 30 leagues fiom the weft
ward of the Old Head of Kinfale.”
The Edwa d, Capt. Lau:ence; Haanth,
Cap . Cooper; and Sally, Captiin Vatiom,
arc «afely or..ved off che {flov of W:ght from
Nzw Yo k.
Ext:a& of a Letter from Paris, Aug. 15.
* Two Zays ag> an inhabitant of Ameri.
ca wis arrefied a.d conducted to tha Battiie;
he was the prop istor of the privatesr com
manded b; Capt. Cusaingham, aad which
tosk he Englith packei-boat betwesn Hol
land ao4 England. Itis faid, that this ftep
is taken st the requeft of the Court of Lon
don; and that oa the complaints made by
the Amz:affaior of Great-B itaiv, we could
not refule this facisfalion ; efpecially ae the
faid privateer bad lately fai'ei from Dun
kirk, in coatempt of the promi'e givem that
it fhould not pat to fea.
Letters from Paris, dated Aug. 16, men
tion, that the American deputics were pre
paring ¢ reiera home, baving foudd all
their endeavours iecffc&aal wich refpe&t to
eftab'ifh:ng a unica betw ca France sad A
meries againlt Grest-Briaa,
The King of Deam.rk, out of compli
ment to our Court, has erdered all Britith
framen st pre en. ia the Dauifh feivice 10 be
difcharged, and fant hzme by che firft Mips ;
ia confequea: e whereof a g:eat number have
alseady arrived, and have besa pat on board
the mea of war at Spithead.
The great: Qut liss of the intended Opee
rations is {.id ¢o be this : —~—l France does
avt abfolu.ely reliaquith her prefent treachs
roms [email protected], which g.ves har all the advan
tages of 8 war, wthout any ef the dsagers
sud Icfles, to-dociare war agsioft her ; to
fend fi ty thoufand foreign troeps.to Ame
rica, which sre alaally agreed for ; o call
home the frigatss, and let th:m looie upon
the French commerce, and 1o form § grand
sxpedition with ‘General Howe's army a.
geiat he Rreach WeR-ludja iflands ; to
csde Gibral:ar ned a Sugaer-Hland 1o Ruffia,
co cendition of the Emprefs (:ndigz forty
shiafind mss - t 2 North -Americime Whet
f-ems t> co:firm thefe circamflancis, is 8
‘Commiffion geisg to Hollaad te enpage
tranf ports, {
The above parsgraph appeared ia ths
Lond+n papars,. & fow. dasys befo-e the Cpprt
o: F.aace had o:.dsred the Rebsl veff; s out
of :beir porw, sad proaibited the fple of
th'ir prizes, . v
His [email protected] has been plea’ed j 2 a letesr
from Lord Geerge Guma n to. Sir William
-Howe, 10 return his t*a ks to Lord Cern
wallis, and ths tpoep: unde: Lis commaad,
-for their good behaviour cn thefr march af.
ser the rebels ghrough the Jerfeys ; to Col,
Harcourt for his fpisited behoviour in taking
General Les ; to car galiaat Col. Mawhood,
for his bravery aad go»d conduét on ;hcfi
of Jamuary, and te a.lthe regim nsn
his commaad, but in a pariicular manaer @
the 17:h. '
A letter from Dublia declares, that ne
thing can exceed the fpirit of rafentment
-hic‘h the Prot:flant iskabitants of Dablin
(who are compuc-d at mear g 0 000) thew ag
the infults they have lately exprri ze.d from
the Americans. Several Budies of vilame
teers have beea luell tormec ; the gumtlee
men of the Boynsaad Aughrim iscisuies (fo
called from the two memerable battlcs fought
at ths glorious Revolution) are recruiting
their corpe with greas affiduity, being detere
mined to oppcfe the encmies of the preieag
happy eftablithment, of whet kind fuever.
Ordery were on Wednef.ay fent ‘rem the
Admiralty to his Majefty’s dock yards, for
laying immediatsly the keels o! th ee new 7¢
gua meo of war, and two new 36 gua frie
gates. ;
Asguft 30. Yeflerday two gemtlemen fet
off for Frauce, in order 10 claim the threg
thips from g:u.lkt. that a’e fuppofed to be
taken near Scilly by the Ame-icaa priviteers
and to have beea feat to fome of ihe Freach
e, . : .
".Ycflud.y arrived in the river the Pacifick,
Dunn, from New-Yark, alfo the Farmer,
Deanis, 8 priz¢ fsom dit.o,
A {choomer, laden with rice from Nrwe
boin, North Carelica, to France, is taken.
by the Valiaat man of war, and carried iate
Gibralt:r ' :
‘We are affured from undoubted Aathori
ty that ia coafequence of Lord Stormont’s
fpirited R:moaftrance to the Court of Prance,
all the Hirbours of tha Kingdom have been
cleared of the American Privatests, and eve.
ry Afluraice givea of the picific Dilpofizion
of that Government, e
Extrs& of a leiter from POtifmd.Ad].'j e
' 30 \'qfi‘lrd,l{ artiv.d ot Spithead his Ma
jefty’s thip Ramilii:s, Capt. Disby, from s
craizs. and has Dioughs in the Joop Cathje
rine, Miachefte. from }on"ulud. with bale
goods, for Bofton, |, * L
The King has been pl-afed to sppolng
Joha Daliag, Eiq; 10 be Captain-Gensral
and ?anrm in C‘fié‘ of his Majet, s
Isa¥ of ] -maica, in gho-room of $z Bl
KSith, decaafd, * ° I
“The ViQory, of 100 guiy, was this day
savigated 10 her moorisgs in Gill'ngham
Reaca. Shs bas bies lawe'y paiated, and
loc ks very elegant. M :
The Albicn, of 74 guns ;- the Exeter, of
64; smu Ceres fl:cp of 18, are arrived on
their Ricions oa the Costt of Irgland ; and
the Ar.thafa, 0 32, appointed alfo for the
fame farvice, is mow going rowad hicher
from (he No:e. - o
" Clp(l;. c.gu'm. who breught the néws
rom Gen. Burgeyas, is premoted w
rank cf Major g‘ brevet. ”

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