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Riozltam, 29:k September, 1777, ]
: 3.0 M accoun's receiv:d laR eveniag |
from the 11,8, Mujor G:ne.a Puipan, |
1 have ths grestel reafoa o belitve I
pren:my (walrace much mire nam:-
ot New-Y ik ald Kinzabii'ge than we
J(.d 'ham ‘0 bz) intznd very tpezdily to |
§sa dive.di nia ‘avoar of their sorthera !
, and fh:ud thty fucce.d, form a
giva wi-h chem. To pr veu their fue
s sdefi,n, which i p ofpervus woald
d s co qick of the ftate, every ne.ve
wd be Bea ucde Y aaretherefoeon re
.« hobo’, immediately t 2 order iato Forg
yigomery .he oae i'all of your r giment®
,'“.-l, armel, equipped, aad accou:red
ooliae? in ferv ce for one month frem
ime @ thir haviag aluslly ma ched
ot @220 di‘mificd) an: 1o be re.ieved
& remaning ball at ibe ead o that
w 0 a-¢ al.o (0 be put anier marciiag
s, 10 be reaiy in a mmea’s wanng.
Tae werk ftace of the army under G :ne-
Petnam. nccafivned by the la-e reinforce
atoreerad from hence fo: General Wath.
. n's srmy, rendsrs this mealars abfolute
{5O yvur moft nbedient fe-vont,
T CL MG aghiy.
2. 31. Thas foilowiag is the belt ac
.we have b-exabie t 2 obain of the
sge doae th Rebeis in the late expedi
o gp the Noth River, brsess Fot
wgien and R d Houk :O& .ber 13th.
we flaops t-ken in 2°tem .ii3g to sfcape
on Filh-K 1.3, and twe péttiauzirs deftroy.
. The hou's, mils, out houf:s, and @
wp belseging to Cpt. Fia cis S oaghten
g & Cram-El jow, buret: Tweilyops
tecaft fide, burat tBt eveniag.
0&. 16. Set fi ¢ ta two biigs sad anum<
of oo ia El:pes Cretk, burat the
sy 8: the | ading, the to va of Kiagttoa,
fiking o° between two hundred and three
o 0 houfes, not ons of whica, except
- eff:r’s, ¢'cared ¢ e flamey.
0 17. The houfe, ftore-houl" barn,
oiM . Pe; us T a Brock aR:I Ga
sea ; tha b ufe, barn, aad cu’ h ufes, of
t G ibe ¢t Liviaghton, jun. KEq; aod a
o(*a.4 mill. selongiag te R:b. Living(-
.ooa the ¢ .t id 2 of the river, barat.
08 19 Anoher heuls belaagisg to
R:b - L viagfon, Efq; one to Mr. jodn
Liviagtsn, with th e others, d.froyed ia
lke @a:ner,
02 ss, Two h-ufss, one the frropo-t,
04. S ai.h, on tha eaft fide, a flrop end
bar, liksw:fe twa houfes, wi h their ap
daisge on th: wekt ide, wore burai ; and
A lep was barnt oa the facks,
1. the town of Kiaghon, a la ge qnaatity
ol powder, and a large number of file-a ms,
bgethrr with masy valsable Roies, were
dek vyed,
Oa Satu day laft the bridge laid over the
Clors, betwesa the forts Matgomery and
Cist 0. was doftroyed ; and the troops, af-
W demouthi g the latter, smbarked om
biad ‘he 'ramfports, and arrived here laft
Seeday evening.
The Heicn armed fl2°p, commanded by
Ca t. Cor fopher Heel, bung flat.osed o:ar
Poliepeils 11aad, whi R the flset were up the
NOf.b Rives, to preven: the R:bels from
."llg s sumber ¢f cheveiux de trize, pre
/61 17 obllr.& their retwrn, oa tae
9 hiaß, obferved two la-gs baats, fell of
died m.o, ¢ ming off with aa isteat to
; Wrprz: tne vefle. In order to give thafe
[*airy & wam astaios, he mak:d the
| :-“'- ans v.a ¢ tho veffel appear i a de
of fi o tioa ill withta his reach, whin
N 8 (wddea wifzrering his guas, give the
to:tem.s wisa fach fincefls, as made it diffi
" Wi for saem 10 seach the thore.
E:rly in t e morstag ef the 24'h, Copi.
Tleel (:mt his boats crew om fho.e a little ¢
be.ow Tarry-Tow«, and delrayed two pet
tiaugers, which rowed ten oars sach, 2nd 8
b.at of fm:! er fize.
An.ther mo:e accurats sccount from E
foow: { ys, that on the linling of General ¢
Vaughan, wita the t oops un:er his ‘com- fl
mand, the R bels, wi.hsut the lsafl profpedt d
ot advantage ta them elves, ficed epoa thrm
fr'm & breaft-werk juft throwm up, ind \
whizh th.y cid not flay to defend. This,
join d to an inllemt acd provckiag b.ka- |
vi u, occ fioned thy army to march up aad 4
{s¢ fi ¢ to the town, which was prefeatly ea- I
tire,y ¢ .nfamed. Toere were deftroysd 326
houfes, wiih a birn to a'moft every oac of |
them, fi led wi b four, befides grain of all ’
kinds, much veluadls fu niture and cfiséts, f
woich the royal army difdained to take wich L
them. Twelve thoafand barrels of firer ?
were burnt, and they took ai tha town four
pieces of ca:mon, with tem mourc apon the ‘
tiver, and eleven hund:ed snd fifty flands |
of srms, with a lirge quan.ity of jowler,
blomn up. The whole fervice was effelled |
ard the treop: 1o embarkad, in three henrs
S.tarcay lai b.ieg the arnivetfa:y of kis
M jefty's Accefli.n tu the Th.ome, tre fun.c
was o.ferved he.e with the greatelt dexon
feati ni o joy. Attwelve o'cleck a royal
falute wa, fi.ed from Fort Ceorce, and it
one, f:om h.s Majeßy’s fhips and tivafporis |
is tbe barbour. i
t Nov. 1. Asno accounts preperly authen
tica.ed, of the firuation of the Northern army
have yet bsea brought to this city, the
Printer intreats the Public te excufa bis in
ferting any of the reperts that have besn
circulated, wntil he may be warranted by
intel igence derived immed.ately from Gea,
By s South-Carolina rmew:-paper, dated
the 231 of September, we are informed,
that from recemt sdvices recewved in that
plice, tdey have reafon to believe that the
prevince of G.oigia will be very much me
lefed by tome enterprizes projeéted sgaink
them from Baft-Florid».
A brigastine from Halif:x was laR Mon
day, is a hs:vy gale of wiad, forced ever
the barinto Shrewfba:y Inlet; thers were 8
asmber uf loyal per.ons oa boird, whe
armed and diftributed themfelves into feve
ral houies on the fhire, to prevent the inha
bitants giving an accouat ot their difafter,
and enable them to fe'2s oa a fchooner, ly
ing in a neighboaring creek, snd bring cff
themicives, with a cocfiderable part of their
property. They srrived fafe in ths city oa
Thar(day laft, asd inform as, ‘hat at Halifax
wke prizes taken from the Rebels are fo very
numerous, 8¢ to be fent thitber in fmall
Fusetoy and jut be'ors the above b igaa
tiae’s departuce, there were no .efs .han
three Piivateers carritdd in.——The Grey
houad frigate, wi:h her convoy from New-
Yu.k, after foppirg ome day at Rhode-
INand, arrived at Ha.ifax in ten daye,
We are informed, that the Rebe! f igate
Rindoph, overfet in Hswcaw sarboar,
South-Carelina ; and that it was expeited
fhe would be lcft.
Extrs@ of 8 letter from on board one of his
Majctty’s thips, dated off Chefter, on De
laware, O& .ber gib, 1777.
« Wea-e here in fizht of the ratel fleet,
fi ¢ fhips, rafis, &c. &c. Thele we fhall be
{>en ia pofizfi m cf, if they do mot bara
them. Tae Gineral (sir Wiliam Hoewe) is
~in chace.”
By sccounts frem the fouthward we are
teld, that the wefl:l cilled the Delaware
- frigate, of 32 guns, was taken pofl ffion of
. is tha: rive: by Lieut. Waits, of the Eagle
. men of war. This gallans efficer fripped
fiveaty volanteers oa board a fmall viffel,
" by which be fecured her, scd it is faid thag
Vics-Admiral Lard Howe has c:¢ired be
to be fi't*d out for {2, scd spoointed Liste
tenant Waiteto the ¢dmmaad cf her.
Exuraét of saoiier leiter fom the river
* The priscipal par: of bis Majelty’e
thips of war, vi€tualiers, &c. are about New
caftls, on Delawa-e ; {:veatzen fail of Rebe!
fhips are mow ia fizh¢, mear their chevesnk
de frize ; deoead om it, they will mot be (uf
fered to rids taere long. Lafk Sawmrday
Watington attacksd our poft st Gerihan
Tows, ander favour cf & thi.k fog ; but
paid ve'y dsar, indeed, for the enterpriz:.
A greut mumher of R:bils were kill’d. Que
lafs is iacoafiderable. Tae retorn you
wi:l bave by a vefle! that will follow the
Hae |:m in 8 few days. 1 cameot fi.dwe
have mo:e® than eight eficers killed, snd
five of taem szre fub.lierms,==—-We hive
been ia puilcfion o Pailsdelphia fince the
26. h of Ssptemder. The defeatat B andye
wine was a very heavy affair 1o the Re
bels,——=Yoa may expett more mews from
me, a: we a'e now p.eparing for amother
aion very fhortly. Wathington has been
jult now reinforzed by 1500 Virginia, Ma
ryland, and ether fouthe n provinces, aad
fome hundreds detached from Pa'nan.”
N E W P O R T, November 6
Qs Tuiiday latt, feverat Victadllers a:rie
ved here from N w-York.
By them we learn, that Sir WilliamH ) we,
has defoated the Rebels ia two or three fuc
.ceffive A&ions ; and that Mu! fl.ad, has
been taken by Storm : Bat that mo Particue
lars had come t> hand.
Sir Heniy Cliston, with the Army under
his Command, after deftroying the Forte
Clinton, Moetzomery, &c. has retura’d
again ts New-York, and Kace faliea dowa
to the Hoek.
Siace our lad the Lark and Flora Frigates
have arrived here from Halifax.
A S OB ER, careful Perfon,
who can be well reecommeanded, to
ferve as STEWARD to 8 Gun-reom Mefs,
en Boa'd One of H s Majefty’s Frigates.—
Good Wages will be givea. Eagquire of the
To be SOL D,
Oal' RIDAY next,
Madeiza Wine in Bote
On MUNDAY next, loth Init,
Will be Seold,
On the Wharf of Mr. CALEB GARDNER,
and COD FISH., The SALE will
" begia at X 1 o*Clock.
New, o t, gth November, 1777,
ARPEN I ERS are wanted
inthe BAR R A C,K D:partment.
Any Carpenters by apply'ng te
Licutenant COOK, Barrack Maiter, at the
Barrack Offize in Thames:drest, wiil be ime
mediately employed, and paid at the ame
Rate per Day, 81 in the Eagisce:s Departe
STEPHEN COOK. B. M. Newport.
L O 8 T,
(About a FORTNIGHT fince)
ASilvcr -mounted PIS FOL
Maker's Nime Guirrin.—Whoever
has found the fame, and will briag it te the
Printer, tholi receive s GUINEA Rewards
—lf cfiered to be pawaed or fold, 18 is des,
fi.¢d i; may be fopped.

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