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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, November 06, 1777, Image 4

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Extralts from Rgbel Papers:
NEBW-HAVEN, ORlober 13.
Extradt of a letter from an Officer in Gene.
ral Wahiaziee's Army, da-ed camp,
nea: Ship auck OQober 6,1772 g
o I ftea:, ami:ft the batle 3f war/'8 mi
pu e 23 8 mom:at’s warning 1o rela's to you
3.d o her I:i.nds 8 late ma ceovrd, i’ fhor,
to prevent y .or Leing perci-xed with ex
sgueracd cvvarts .iiaed i« tfe cuiturs.
¢@u the 3d fant soowi 8 % ok,
P. M als ge «s.achme.t from t.ea'my re
ceived viders 10 ma ch, ®ita 8 mumb:r of
§ 14 piec:s frum t.e park o artill::i, ex
c cfive of t 6 train belo-{i:g to ¢ach b:i
gade. Afer ma.ch og the who € nighs, st
th: Jay dawn we ar ived at Gormanton,
abou 8 mile from Pnilateiphia, wher- the
tn in bod: of the Brigllh a:my lay ; the
diip. uon ©f Oy trowps ‘was “immetiutely
m-dc; he ata€® b gan raher bziere the
fun ore, from all quarier:, an nu:ffant fice
¢ nti med fo fi ¢ hour a dten mizares
The ¢ akling o' th »s unds: 3 poi, atd
ihcafla.. p 2s fi.unde, onl' ¢ n csavey
th ideaof hei: canson nd mutke -*. The
enimy, wh were encam cd ou each fide
the t:wn, aoo.t & wile in engih, with (k-
Inianicy. picket gu 'd, hirfe &c. f.m ave
e ¢ grord fom av pers; repeated
boizs e« head trom cu peple wae
took pcfl flion O their encampments, teats,
&c. we to ught :he asy vur owa, but every
h>ufe .. the owa fova beca 2¢ 3 garifen
fo: Bitith troop+, whee gut their ligh, field
Pi ¢+ iu.o th: chaiubzrs: (the hownies built
with ltone were po-t avainit {wall arms)
the iown ly ngio¥,i: being « f g«y merniag
the fwoke v: .hefi.e of ¢ neo: and m fkeiry,
the niok: of f» ¢ a' fic.ds of Rubble, by,
a*d b:r ¢ mbu ‘ble: whkich t.¢ en my
fi»d, co bined, ma ¢ fuca & mdaight
daskasts ba gi..at puc of gre time theis
wit o difc v:i. g iriend fron fos but by
th. die&in ot the fhoi, and mo other
objzEt bui he flath ibe gus ; this S wea
to .- the erem)’s advas.age, whoknsw
per ¢&ly well the ground, 0 whica our
acse alé and triops wers total fiangers,
wiis -taee mi+f sunes, fia:lly broke, re
p'aediy bruse owr troo,:, the event of
which was » r.t eat, which word'l-h~>+Gd
A mzhty «:] fon ¢n bee us o' xchange
for \hat of vi®o y ; du. | fea «hie ,J,mfv
e tis it -et (udli.izot to anfwes the great
3!; of Heive: ; ba: I § mly elizve our
ofe i* ju', and wis bu ity prevail. Tre
gt st ing’ne » we fa. aund good, ‘hough
at'cadrd wi h fome conlufi v, av y'& may
juige f om he fi.uation. T e urmy is sow
spmraed ‘o th: Olc epcamp rens, eB¢ bri.
Llfie bein. om;a-¢ rf the flanks ; the road
sing intescepted ' w came off wi hin sbout
iz miles how PJi Fvelpbia ; -8 wihich toar
we guiyrde. 283 fies fat caule, brought
fl'q-.m aear uc sanßy’s lices; prrved laft
evesing mu-h .0 gued, bui have gaod beef
fv'rec witon, " ¢
4 As ¢ tie killed and woecd.d. retu'ns
senow m king as 3 1 will not vesture w 0
fsyin the who'e, bet by the beff sccounts
tarough the camp in way of .couverfation
wih gl ma, | caim'y think it wil| not
exceed 50 gud it 13 the judgment of meny
i 3 +1) &l mach thore ; mf will foon be
koswa ; from my Rczl-cn;} retarn, this
Bi:ute made,is g 2 Klied, Weouaded, and
Miili g ; Darkey’ eond Swif’s are much
fhrt of (hit,. Brrdiey's famethag more—
bat mea are coming ia »h faued toicugh
fatigue—hop¥i ‘meuy mifi g eill return.
Our pgcplz biogght :a a te: p:fuqq aad
fome bcggafi:z’.w masy sad Hoew much
Leari’c Aghtly fay. Betwsen 3 aad 4000
menare hoarly expeéted from \’lnfi,‘h, and
1100 from Peek’s Kill. Ouar mea ate not
NEWPORT: Printed by JOHN HOWE, in Thames-Street, near the Paradg,
dejelted nor ditheartened, vugucc buaras ia
eve:y breatt, and we fhall andoubiedly very
fosn be ai them agan, [ can’t but fiacers
ly,wifh the coaniry woald lay alide, lor &
while, extartioa and lying, tad pug in prace
- tice ia tue ficld whatth y de by the fire
fide, gotting [email protected], aad rifing aimiss,
.and put :n ¢ad 10 that which by de.ys,
deceit, &c. &¢. in walting the counrry, and
wetting ths ficld with humsa Blood. As
to other matters I hsve aot time u; write,
the peft now waitiug. Our people kesp the
fuu’:ad cniveaux 2! frize 10 tio tivcg. fo
that the fhipsing hath mot yet got up to
*¢ T'oee and Thou, in Phi'adelphis, now
fiad a religion will eot fe-ve, tha. doth mot
Lara, wutherch like ; they bsgia to fay
to eaca o'her; wijl Thee taks 8 gun ?—hope
Thes will ng ia the field.”
In the Roa* between Fogland
Ferry and Newport,
'I *WO GLASSES, of a Lol-
Jind’s SPY. GLA3S.—=Whcever has
fund :be lame, o 8 brivgiag 1t 10 tae Priaser,
fhall s¢ andiomely rewarded.
To be Sold to the higheftßidder
1o the Amount of FIVE or SIX
HUNDRUED POUNDS Sterling, to defray
the Expence ot Hi+ M»jefty’s Nava' Hofpi.
ta .—— W-orver 18 defarous 10 purchife tae
Whole, or any Part tacreo!, muft find in
their Propofais 10 the Subfiriber, wio wil
giva the P.sference 10 Ihe Po:ifon that offer
the maft adva t geous Te ms.
! Agert to the Sic* a d Hare,
h Fyal Wine by the Pipe,
and Mufcavado Sugar by thc
Conftsnt. Attendance will be gi en at bis
Houfe on the Point, or at Mr. john
Niciols’s, on the Nor:h Side the Parade
Myer. Polock has for SaLre,
.COARSE B:4LT, l D.y: Cod-Fifh, - -
>4 Wett-lndis Rum | seef and Pork,
Cherry a«d plain | Butter,
Brandy, I Tallow Caadles, by
Mol fl's, the box,
C wßoe, Nails, :
o ee, |W'niu Besns, ‘
Lo.' "‘.’. F:’Oll‘. b’ '.. .."do
At his STozrE, :
The Coner of ALMY’s Wharf,
00D bronll per cakk or lifs
GS.. tpeh gf- | qgeaniyy,
head or b:rrel, | Wise, per pipe,
Wet ladis Rem, per ‘ Eaglih Ha:id Soap,
_ haghheud, per bex,
Freach Braody and l Swarch, &c. &e. &c.
Holland Geaeva.
El;?lifll PIECE GOODS as ufual
) of which will be 10ld on the lowest
Terms, for R:ady Muney on'y,
Samuel G'oldsburfl
Has for S A L E,
At his S HOP, adjoinicg Mr. Wiiiy,
AxTHONY":, North S:de of the h,“,"
terme:ly cccupied by Capt. W, Regey
At the very LowEsT Ratpy
. (For CA S H On'y) |
FINEST Fisveu.’d | by th< pipe, qu,‘
HYSON TEA,| te.cfk,oia;,
Bohea Tea, by the | Raifias, by the ¢
cheit eor fmaller or pouad,
uantity, Ca ran o,
Co}'cc. by the barrel | Batier, by the firkiy
or fm.iler quanuy | Candles, by tes g
Loaf Sugar, or pouad,
Browa ditto, by th- | Souff,
barrel or fmaller ; Msn’s B ave. Hy
quantity, M n’s Saes,
OLD MADEIRA | Mea’s Woilled Sk
Wine, by the pipe, iegss
quarter - c-lk,Pg: IG-ccu end Whig
d.zem, B:oac.Cloth,
PORT ditte, by the S:v‘ised Coutog,
pipe, quarter cakk, I omen’s Gogy,
ordcz m, Belt Black Barcelogg
TENERIFFE ditte, \ Handkerciien,
Wi h s Namber ef oth:r Articles.
®e® Cafh given for capy Quari Baly
sad Sauff ditto.
At his CHOP o the North §d . of
tincHouss on the Poin r,
(4s Curar as ot any Sbop in Newsper) |
The followisg GOODS, jult imported, vis
ARD - W.DE ; Scactorg Tes,
Y ard 7- Bcths | Bibea Tes
Cotten Cuecks, | Loaf Sugar,
Yard-wide Isith Lia | Supa. by the bay
aen, Coff.e,
Faus, Mace,
7 4 Threzd Laces, Clovss,
Cambrick, Cianamos,
LinenHandkerchicfs | Nutmege,
Bandsano ditto, Pe prr,
‘Th:eads, Alfice,
Pins, Sah.
Silk M':ts, Hair Povder,
Swee: Oil, Ivo'y Cembs,
l;l Madeira Wine, | Hora digto,
Claret, ¢ Tal'ow Candles,
Wefl-Ind'a Rom, by Soap,
the Logthead, Cu: and Pigtall To
Leoadoa rorter, ba co,
And aa Affortment of Glafs sod ) A
e Ware, &e. &.. &c.
Jult Imported from New-Yorl
AFEW Pipes of | Brows Sagar, byl
Port. Wike of | Hogtheod ol
the Viatage 1794, { _rel,
Madeira Wines 1, |c fieo,
Pipes and Hult- | Fiour,
Pm. Lith Rofe Patir,
Jam snd Winds | &e. &.. &
ward-Iflgad tnm! #
A large & compleat Aflortm
¢ O ¢
Brazier's & Cut- ’ Canales,
lery Wares, Raifics, :
Englith aad lodia | 8 ices, J
Grods, I Pepper, &c. &ic. &t
Sarck, - :

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