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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, November 20, 1777, Image 3

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gaed thocamy G.ns 10 redaver from
g & of our it imzreflion ; @ - hat |
il moe unforrtua =, 't jervéd 10 keep -
1:0?3;::,“, antl h".gndcrcd th is adtig
dcert. Jual 0 oscofioned ihem to waif -
Jon‘ Anstasr fse the €n iy, whicn 1 |
'.,. more tnaa any thia‘c lfe coat'lduted
4e misfortuae waich eafu d. la the
g of t'e mßtp om:fi g § pprarsnces,
o eve y ioiig gave the m.gt fl.tenng
,of vitory, tretr-ops begin uddeuy
ot eat, and e:tiely les wae 4 id, 1a
of every effart thai czuld be wad: @2
v them. _ ‘
[pom the whole, it m*y be {aid the day
;athe; um’‘oreazats thaa irjurions, W
iped RO mazerial Infs 0. mea, and
g off all our arillery, except cnme
1, #hich was difm uaced. Tae cncmy
gothing betiss o 7 the ¢veit; anl our
», who arz mot the lea df7o led by i,
¢ cained what all yesag tveps g.is by
1g ja actin. We h.ve has h weoer
a valuable oficer: killed a d w und
particalariy th: latie ; Geo. N th i
ag th: wounded, ani his lfe is de
wd of. A+ { on as it is pollidle to (b
--. a:ot3 a ot our lofs, I will traalmi 1t
la jattice t 2 Gesa. Su: ivam, and he whoie
i wirg of tne army, whofe cond :¢t | had
oporinaiy of obferviaz, a* thzy alted
wistely u der my cve, I have the
ure 10 in orm you, .hat bath «fficers
mea beaived with a degres of gallan
thst did thom the greateit ho.ou .
| 2.v¢ the hanour to be, with great ufpea’
S I R,
You: moft obedient fervant,
P.S. As I have obferved, I have axt
sivad a reiurn of our lofs; bat from
it | heve jat now lesrnt from Gare al
o, [ fea: ic is more crnfide aoie thaa
@ fi-t apprehended. The can.on men
paed above is faid to hive buea brought
ina 'lggol.
To tke Hn. John Hancwck, Efg; Picfi
deat of the Congrefs.
Asother letter of the Bth inftant, fays,
The esemy in the aftion o' the 4 b in
h'va loft the following ofhcers, viz.
. Agnew, ki'led. Colonels Abercrom
, Bird, W.icat, sad Gen. de Hzifter’s
. Gen. Knyphsafen, sne prefeat H:f-
Genera!, weuaded ia the hand. Be
n 2 sad 300 waggony loaded wia
ded fsldicrs, went inia t' e city beiore
, left it Scveral Quak:rs,
bo wese =t yea ly -'fli;f' coafirm che 8-
e, and {ay, that 2000 Hefliaus were feat
r Schayikill, towards Chelter, fin ¢ the
im, prebibly to feca-e a retreat. Our
abrut 700, chicfls vourded ani tak.a.
we:al Nath, of the North-Carolina (irces,
ad of his wewads. Dr. Withe:({podn’s
killed, two aids - de - camps mor:aly
caded, Whits and Sherbarae, of General
ivan’s family. Coloaels Hearicks,St.ne,
Lieat. Cal. Parker, of Vi gia, ia
deded in ths above,” -
Cwp nsar Parkioming Creek, O&. 6,.1777
“ Dgar Sir, - -
“ Sharely after [ wrote yod lat from Phi
litslphis, the Congies we:e alatmed by an
t reccived l’tom Mr. Hamil on, oae
o Gea. w.fllil“o.'l aid-de-camps, thig
‘Mat ths eaemy were ot the Swede's fo d,
‘iad bad p:f:Qed chemfelves of fome boass,
by which they might pafs a :mall party ia-
U the city, aad maks them p ifvners ; they
inacdistsly packsd up, and dectm jed ia
e middle of the might. I a‘compisied
Mo Hugcock to Briftol, whete I Loft hix
en! manwother mhabestof Tvigred s th
have fi [email protected] precroded o Loncader, and fiom
ihense o Yok, wheie tiey iniend 10 fix
Vi lelid nce,
“ T'ng en-my, 2 day or two a'ter, mede
a fhew of patiing Ligher up the Schuykil',
bu: fudcealy retu:ned down again, crofl:d
8t tha ! wrr o ds with lutie or me cppycfis
tion, tovk poffcffion of Creftaut-Hid, snd
tue he.ghts in and ab ut Ge.mantown, ard
ext-nded ‘hoir right as far as Fiaekfo:id.
Oathe 16:h wk. Mr. I.we mads his Ir=
um Lal €utry ints Phi adeipiis, with 3 very
{-all pari of his ermy. where b. was m.(t
xcrrd:.‘ly reccived by his g d ficnés the
Qarers and 2 few raically ® Lories, wha
were Jef. bahind.
¢ Qur aimy refnained sbout 26 milas
fr=m Pnia el hia, near 8 vil age caied chs
Trap, waiti.g {ur a reinforc went, which
was [email protected] dom Po k' K L This reine
for.cment, ¢ nfiltisg of 1 0o me", under
the ¢ nmani o Gea. M'D.uga!, srrved
the later exd of latt m.nth, a:d Gezeral
Wafh ng'on moved hs army duwa tow.rds
the e *my Bcdj-ncem €. about eight miles
from Germastiwn, where a ft.ong bdy ef
the enemy were ercamped. On the 24
inil. the o.ders wee givea for an astack,
and ou a'my we'e in motioa about mine
o’clock. A. fi ein the morning of tde 3d
Wt we auackad the eneiny 10 diffe ent
quariers, drove in their p q ets, and fell in
uscn thei- main bady, which we alf. d-ove
th ough their et encumert. They le.tall
their taui. Randing, theis bagy ge, «nd part
of their pak of ari ery. V &tory new
fe-mea t> hove on every Aw-ricen brow:
but. al-+ ! #] 0f a fuddes, «nd witéou,: any
vifible caufe; our people go inte cdarufioa,
and brg nto €ifa ; i€ \n @ peiceived
this, anc im~ecia e’y rallhed, and baviag
received a corflisrebls re nforcemert from
Pni) deipie, they -uitu.d u: in their tars,
aod we ~e e o | .ed .0 qui: al: cu: acq ifi
tons. Toe «ction wes very obitinaze snd
bi «dy, it aftid sbove five or fix howrs ;
we h ve leßt five or fix hund ed men, moflly
wo 'nded, which »e have brought off Gen.
Nafh’; bigh is br ke. Mr. Shetburne of
P «im>uth, asd Mr. White of Philidil
phia, are mo-ta'ly wound:d; they were
bo b Aids de Cimp to Gen. Sullivan. Dr.
Wi herf, oon’s fom is kiled. Capt. Slomaa
of Providerce, badly wounded in the head ;
b fides a number of o:hers, whofe xames 1
cacnet [email protected] Si ce the altion we have
received a c> fiderable reinforcement from
V.rginis, ard ou exce] e:t G p=ral Wafh
ing on has ¢ [email protected] bis force at the pl ce
f-om wheace I date this letrer, and intcnds
£oa to try anoth:r bout ih them. Al
oar men are in good {i its, and I think
‘;ow f.nder of fighiing, the more they have
of it.
s [t was very unfortanate ‘or us that te
morning was very foggy Ii is geserally
thcu_ht tha: the contufion of part of ce. ar
~ my was octalioued by the appea:ance of
Gexeral Green. who was com ng towards
| their rear, with eis d vifion, to fupp rt
them, which thcy m & ck for a lsrge bo'y
of the enemy, not being ab'e to ciftingu'fh
properly on accou tof the fog. It is a
, very morii yisg circumfance, that = hen we
hsd weatls gsined a compleat viltory, we
. fhouid lofe it agais fo enfortunately.
) * Aboet the fame time that Congrefs 'eft
e Philad<iphia, the b ggage ard military cheft
¢ - weecodered to Bethichem, where [ rem:ia
, 'ed till ihe day before the laft acticn, whea I
, teceived im order to repai 10 head quariers,
. Ijeft got down time emough to mecet Our
® You awill ke furprized to bear tha: D.ser
Mozcan & of Ihe Number,
Fesaie tn (Leir ratzest, Thi: mbhio tuce
Was o übiy agorevating (o me, 28 1 lied jutt
be ofe b-€a niamed on the rcad hisr wa
ka! drove the encmy, and weie in puiicfliva
of G- m -R-town.”
The pre ¢ding Leiiers fofficiently corro
borate and confi-m ihe Accounts we have
e fore rec.ived fzom New Yuik, of the dif
g, ceful Defeat of the Rebel Army, wndsr
Mr. Wafliington, st German - Towe, on
the 4 h ot O&cber; and thei A-.oounts of
300 Wa gon', l:dem with w unded So'diers
bei.puiog to the Rcysl Army, besg fent
ioto Poaladel Lia, we wih cu: Reagers (0
compaie i.h the Lift of ki e 2 anc wcunc
ed, publ fh ¢ ix our It Paper, as it will at
o ce fhew thi infamouws Fu fhocds wti.h
theie M:n tzke he uimoz P.las 10 piofa
NEWPORT, Nov.zo.
We heve th: Week feen fevanal of ths
R.ve! P pers; but canuot leara tny Tling
pa ticular from the § w hward.
By Mr. Jor s HiL, whol f: Boften the
1§ b of 08. ber, » ¢ .carn, that D 7, Cherch,
M- J-he Desn Whitworth, of ibe Queen’s
Rangers, and : Nomber of others, are yet
confined in Boftos ; D:. Byles is confized
in his own Houfe; and upwar’s of 70 Pir
fonr, who caa be charged wih to cther
Crime, bu: re:aining their Allegiarce to
the King, ind Attachm:nt to thit hlppy
Ccnfli u.don u cer whi-h they were borng
and {om which they hav- ejy d he moft
foiid and ineftimab’e Bl mufi.. are .UW COR=
fred on bos d a Priion Ship in th*t Har
bour.—— He alfo sdds, h't sl f cvery
G al in New Erpgland is file< wi.h Ihefs
uniappy Projie.
Mr. H 1l bas alfo favoursd ut with the
cureat Prices, in L:w'u! Movey, ¢f the
foliowicg Articles, at the Tiwe be ‘et i :
L i+ 4
B“', —— e 1
Moutten, o 1 2
BU!'C[. 0 ‘ o
A Turkey, o 18 o
A Goo'e, —_— © 12 0
AFosl, === = o 6 o
Potatces per Buhel, © § O
Fiour per Huedred, 3 © ©
Weft India Rum per Gallon,3 o ©
New England, ditto, 2 % e
B aady, d 10, 2 10 ©
Madeira Wins per Boule, 1 4 ©
Part, di:to, —_— o 18 o
Lemp Segar, pe pourd, © 12 ©
Brows, (itt9, ==—— —— 0 6 ©
Greee Tea per ditto, ‘9 N
Boh a, ditto, 4 4 o
C. ffee, ¢di‘to, 0 18 @
Wo ¢,rerCord, —— 6 o O
Men’s shos per Pair, 2 & O
Women's, ditto, == 1 10 O
Te be Sold by Public Auction,
TO MORROW, m Xl o’C.uxck,
A Pipe of Old MADLIRA Wine
To be Sold by Public Aauttion,
On Monday 24th Inftant,
A Burre s ; Afo, 3 QUantity of drved
C.d Fith in Buk; fome Mol s,
Sogar, &c. b ing the Cargo ol the Schoo:er
Do phin ; ‘ikewifs, the Schooser D Ip ia
and ker Appurtensnces —The SA E will
begin at X 1 o’Clock, A, M, at Mr, Carzn
Carpaer's What, '

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