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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, December 18, 1777, Image 1

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ey . . ; ‘ : "eyST e s ; -i ' 9 ) ‘
- T S T ;m.a
: - A-' s L P Nk i
:( .ry > 4 ‘% ; P . 3
(49 B il tg AN\ g | s
(&5 }w &Y * o e
- h‘fl? ) w Caps Hoecey. who
’)}.u the D rwas, O&ube B.h, and arijved
a: Naw York,the g hiaft. we have ths
fohowieg inicligence.
o~ UNDAY iatt ize Emprefe cclebrated
S the asnrveriz'y of the raifirg tre regi
metto Pre bafmmfk guatds. ‘[hee
vaé oo this occafi‘a ad awiny reom at ths
fom aer palscs ; aud her M joity cined af.
se;wads ta pabic with the cfhce s of the
€0 ps.
{*as fame day Lord Hope, and three o her
Lo d: o his cquoty, h:d the hosoar 10 be
preie ted to e Bap els
+ Hamburgh, S pt. 12 The Duke of
Oft-ogotii« le ¢ this tity at eight o’ciock in
th¢ my roing to return 10 st.ckholn ; ths
“piphQpts ¢ B departarc, hiv' Royal High
+ pefy hygourad with kis prcf:ncc'thc foar
anited [6dgea cf tree-ms f>ns, who eatertaia
ed him with aa elegant fupper.
or hamberlai’s office ; Sept. 16, 1777.
‘ o Su diy next, 3
‘iagtanc, for his late ferene Highne's P.ince
M urice o Baxs Githa, -uncis 0 h:s Ma-
Actr. va ; _ _
" ''he ladiss to wear black W'k, fringed or
p'aia lizen, whiie gloves, nccklaces, and
‘ear.iiags, biack er whiie fh e, fans aid
tiprets. - .
Uadrefs, white or grey luteftrings, ‘tab
bies, or damatks.
The mea to wear bleck full trimmed,
M*Fiu plaia li-es, biack (words ind
buckfss. .
- Uace o, grey frocks )
Admigaliy Office, Sept. 18. His Maj-Qty
s been gleaed to appuint, in bla manae
forces, -Robert Dougl 3, Ha-tie .Inres,
Jumes Perking, Tho.nhiil Heuthcote, Maa.-
g' Waays; Thomas Aiibery, Jobn M:Fre.
illiam Rojheram, Andrew Eiiotr, ] ba
Bowater; Thomas Averas, Thoma Daval,
i:b. Canpbell, George Prefton, William
ois, Mordecai Abbott, Myles Sirdys,
Cu?hu Middicion, Heary Fleecher,
a. Buclay John Graham, Thomas
), agd jdn Johntion, Captaias, o
o ;
+ ) s Teppér, sad the Hoa. Freacis Na
_pier, Majors, te be Licutsnant Colonels.
: 3 War Offize, Sept. 18, #lis Majelly bas
tmhd to sppcint ]-ba Mackeozie,
® Bell, aad HcllLSt_nhb. Ceclonels in
v mangne forces, to M:jo:-Generals in
p e L . .
ifli TEHALL, Sept 20
. The Kiog has beea pleafed to appo nt
X l’a“li’i'..n_cd,b Efq; Lfc:t.uém Ge
% sjefty’s forces, to aptrin
aad Co--ndu”l- chief o?.h’ia
‘ *r forcas ia the faid Prr vince of Quz
dzd wpon the froniie:s of the proviaces
um.gw- vorm of Sir
Guy Carlasen, K-ight of the Bar*,
“Sts James's, Sepiembir 22,
This day, bo'ng the gan'verflary of their
Majeity’s coronation, the Pa'k and Tower
guas were fi ed at noony ard in the evening
thers were il uminvions, ead all publ.e
demonit-aticns of joy. ; .
L O N D O'N, SeptlB.
The Em, r:fs of Raffla, defi ous &1 to
make further d:fzoveries a¢ fea, hav givea
orders that three fhps (hali foil asnually
frem Kamfchatks, for (ha motdesn New.
Archipslego § th-ee for Americs. a 9 many
for Ochrtzkoy, snd one for the K v ifl inds,
Extat of a letter frowa Fo'kftone. Se. t. 6.
« From the yard o/ M . Phineas Jac.bs
was launched, ihe Ele ncr fchooner, bur
then 220 t ns, 8 le ter &f md que, carrits
22 carriage guns 30d $o men ; [he is com
pute ! by ihofe whofe judzmen:s can be by
a 0 means d ab.ed or biaded, to/e the ¢ Mo
pleatet veM | evar launched from eur
«ch.” - R .
rxm& of aTette- from Hyrwich, Sept. 1.
Le*dgurrd ‘ort we'e tikemr down sai pat
on board & veilél, with the ordnsrce fords
ard ati.l 1y qpparstus ufed in th late ¢x
periments t:eic. and oa F iday fiiled with
the officers end private men, t 0 Woolwich.
¢ [n the ccurfe of the absve experiments,
many important difcoverie {uvo teen made
among others, it appe-r:, that on fature oc
cafions, the defiru&ive asamoysmce of the
encmy, frm any givea or randem dif'ance,
is fo perfedt y planned, a 3 10 leave no duube
o gaining tny advan age when a camnom.
aditg o: bembardment takes place § a proof
of ugicb. it is lai ), will be made by lome
of the fams eopineers, as foon as they jiia
our Army in America, Thefe ufcfal ma
rear @ h.ving beea reprefented t 3 his
Majelty, he was plesfed. to exprofs his 2p
.obat:on thereof § and 23 the fituation of
{nt‘gua'd fort is thought to be the maft
clegible ia Buglend fir fach performances,
it is expected as annuil exercife of the ar.
tiilery will bs repeated here. Laords Towan
fherd a d Amberft nete nt, who, with
tke geacral efficers rectlved :hc, eatell fa
tisfaisn, The utmoft policznels and civi-
Lty to all the fpet.tors, were obferved
th-ough the whole comp, aud the perform.
ance was ¢ niv@ed vith the greatclt regue
larity acd free frem mifchief. The sum.
ber of pe fons ‘hat vified Landguad teit,
on this occafiap, wire computed (o be
20,000. , .
Ex:1:& of g Letter from Lewes, in Svfltx,
Sspt. 1.
¢ We never remember a harveßk to heve
been pa-fued wich more (i ir xpd alicray
than the preiest : Mol of the orincal
farmers in this »eighbourhoed fizifhed in
the coutfe of laft we. k- The crops 'n g 8
feral we.e acvé: fner nor miore peatifu.,’
. Sepv-zO, Y:.B>7¢yyatoce %R L
‘Mjc‘:l'; cam+ from ?r". t: 8/, Fger's
where there was a Tevee 5 ot wßich- o
prefent the Lorde Germaipe,. ° '
sod We mo 1, Groerals Livin, 5 i
mand, tte Lords in waning, &6 . T
brcke ep Lords Ggrxgai:‘. wnd #fi‘
held a long confe.ence with the. F
His M:j:fty returces 10 Kow a 3 balf pett
¢h.ce o’cloghey . . iaiii o g 0 %
Y .feria;, Geaera! Hildimand n.ot leave
of h s Majely st St. James's, and to Mo row
will fe: out tor Porifa-uth in order, .flx
ta kon bosrd the Hell e fri :.& il’ ¢
to go on Lkis governmeat to & n‘b £
, Yefterday svon 8 meffe ger _ %
patci s, was fcat f om Lor. _*cy_pu»
offi ~ for F Imou b, Far Lord acd. Geoeral
Hows, 1 be fr -ayded with All afpha
hr‘l:ume'i:t‘,. r . 4 ha bl ik
b:s week. fix wows sad brigs have b
ot R B b
’l'hle"vi ".:lm moun: fem 14 40 28 guoe
.02:h, 234 tre.is creigernn 136 Rag T.,.
0% 0 'fi-&“f"" aprfaing winiery
e:’.- .« w‘i"m ! ,-9».,-, Rg™ : ‘ I
4'h Regim:at of D goaus, H%‘.
$ byn, %d!t. is 37p )’m'cd' o b h
Cvie@: . Mercer, o 50 e
18 Re ziment of Foot Gaurds, n-i;-d-t
Parker to be Lisctenant, vice Joxs Fine
Ditto Le d Stac! havea to be E.-figs, vi®
George Park:r.
Dito E. fi o F:angis Richaidfon to be Adjee
tast, vice John Pinch, .
31 Regiment of Foot Gesrdy, Lisutecans
Co.onel Wiliiam Cav:adith Lyflar, 9 be
(C)gouia of s Compary, vice birm
: Ny . >y v B 4 .
Ditto, Captaia Daniel D*Arvers Rich, 1o b
Cz“ll.. Liescsnanty vice WLM.M
.a 1 fter. a 3 % 8 LR
Diit>, Enfign George W.tkiag t> be Licutes
ranty vice Daniel D'Anvers Reb. .
Ditto, Crmpbeil, Geat. tu be Rofigd,
vice Geo-ge Watkive. -
Rov ls. 21 Battalion, . Litute-ast Nil_l.’
Imri: to be Captain, vic: J ho Bal'eur,
2d R seime-t of Fiot, James Posly Geuty
t. be B fign, vpi'co Char.lls 'ple&Slahy'.'*
4 h Regiment of Foor, Ealign Gezage |
4 doos 10 be Libacena ¢, vies Goddard
' Bat'er, Ty s ¥l
Ditio, George Johnfos, Geat. to be Bofige,
vice George Boders, 2y R ‘
Dit'o, James Hunt, Cea‘;‘?h Adjatan
vice Percg-in: Francis Theraer " o
D'vo, Sur eon’s. “OSQ.——-G“"E. je, of
fth l; ot, to be Sargeoca, vice ’
nowies, 4 v RN |
tb Regiment of Poot, Lisutesant Willisui
b Ch::‘locn o be Captais, vics Franclh
“1fd..0 S g b il ‘-“' .
Di: o, Builga Ps*rick Evglend to be Licntés
reot, vic: Will am Charieton. .
7.h Regimeat of Poot, Wiltias Lewls Ass.

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