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S MY R N A, July 2.
'1" HE folow ng evet hlpucnn‘ lere.
On the 27th o Jaft month, s French
birk, comm need bs the Chevalivr de Villa.
gir, 2 chored in hi. vort, tvd the f.ilors
f cipte o quaree’ with feme Viretian fzi.
¢s,and aion v ooty fe lows «f the fame
P 2 ion weo i feft kis ylace ; from words
th v came to b ows, but the prefince cf the
Cheva i r de V.ilagie, ard the folciers femt
b: te M ‘eim. put #e end to the difpute
for htim'. Ths Chevaie: ce Vilh‘gl.
hivicg co plincd to the Vesetisn coaful,
Brd .cf obtamirg (at'sfallion, it is {faid he
erd ¢ his men to fice upon the Veretians,
¥th y r urwed the quarrel. Wherher this
order it wom op got, ke dif-ute orifirg egein
be ween the fique sarties, the Fronch fired,
whch teing reured, a deipe ate batt'e
stiueo, 8s they “sé got fome pieces ef can.
men ; five o fix were killed, aed many
wourded ; tm ng t'e lrtier were fome
Greeks, who wers enly fpeéttors. This
affair his a a'med the owe vary woch, sed
partcu'a y the Tuarks; lackily the laiecr
h:d all grne 1o ibeir quarteis, & it way
e.ening ; forif by 2ccid nt any ere of them
Lad bees wound-d, things would have becn
carried much far ha*. The Frenchard Ve.
setian Confels, atlaft pot an exd 10 the dif
jute, but ke C di ard Mufelim require fa
tisf. &ism, on acccust of fowme Rayss beirg
weoucded, ard h ve d'mandes the Venstian
Va «bordsto bted | vere up, which the
Ciuful g anin , iomz men wee fext to
- feizge theap ‘utth y made theic eflcspe on
b ardib: Ven “nfhgs. lathe mesntime
the Cici~cd M im ere far ficm being
fau £4, ard hiciter 10 fnd 2 accoumt
cf this event oth Porte, ard it is i agived
“ wo'hing bst a fum of merey will be stle to
ok, the fir wp. It is ficce roperted,
*shat the Chrva'ier de Vil v dia ror oiaer
kis men to fi ¢, bac that th:y only fa.d ot
exc:fe iheir procee’ings.
B N“<D. O 'N
__Sep', 26. The appointment of I:f:cétor.
" gereral of tte Weft lodia !fla:d+, becomes
s‘lm by Gereral He dimax’s fuccredicg
go the gover mnt ' Quctec, in the Iccm
of §:r Guy Ca le:rn,
A leier trom lLisbon, dated Avautt 10,
fiye, *On the 6 h ioft nt the mob of this
city off mb'ed 1o s greitnus ber, and in
weltcd the Pa ce; hei groea’ ciy wasfor
th° pusithr n* of the Ma qui- ‘¢ F‘omb ],
The Ki g and Qu-tn app ared at the Pa
lace wincow?, an- bowed ‘eve al iimes to
th peorle, sad feat them am £s ¢, fluring
shews fti& jutice fho M be dene, 2nd de.
firg them to df erfe #s good fu!jecls
which .hey di?, crying, %My th: Kirg
@ live many years te rei, n ove®
‘PoWigal.” Sincs wlich the M rquis has
Been confinrd in tre Callle ef 51, Ju i,
*ill an opportun'ty offers of fending him to
W of Teneriffs; whers B is to fpead
3 somber of yesra ”’ ,
Yeferday, atier the ceuncil at St James’s,
hulmk;m had a cenfe.suce with tte
Extra@ of a letter from s merchant in Boor
desux, to his coriefpondent here, daied
Augutt jo.
e Ac E.gih cut'er privatee- has taken,
a few day' ago, no lefi thas five American
vefl [+ coming Sere, sfter th y had got pi
loss on b;:. I do not ksow how the
cou-t of I auce fll!.rl ‘his. The pilots
were put co fho e, 8 ro up bere to make
sheir decla:ation ; i conf quence of which
ugm& was fent to con‘t. t
¢ Atthe fame time, it weuld sppesr,
that cze F-ench -h«am difpefed 0
Gifconrage th: Ame: 380 there came
-——————-'—————__——_.——'v ’
NEWPOR T: Printed by J O HN HOWLE, ia Thames-Street, near the Parade.
lately an order to vifit a'l the Americ'n
vellz!s in this harbrar, and t 0 <blige thom
to re-land &ll waslik® am avaition they had
taken on brrrd ; as likewile to jrevent their
taking any Feench failors ; abost this they
fscmtob.i e ra'f forthiy weaton board
a* twelvs o'clock #t nght o ex-cate the
Exirat of a letter ferm Porfm w'h,
Sep ember 24.
« This morniag “r v d at Spi he d,
His Majet:’s thire, Viia ¢, Taiib.e, and
the Royal O:k, from s cu ze,
A rivid silo the Silver Hel tranfpnet,
Captiia Alams, fem Qu bc. An cface:
lan ied from ber, a'd am dively o off
with »n.exore’s fr Lond u. No. ing of
any confeqrencehasir e’pi d. Ticap.ve
traafro.t ‘pecke wi h the Ale t cater of 10
gu's, unde’ the command of Liear nant
Be:z'ey, which cat er had with “erthe Lex
ington p ivaiesr of 15 gaer, which fhe t ok
in the chops o' th: Chaanmsl, atter, aa en
g gement of ab ve fi e h ur
Eztract of aletie’ fr m Gfport. Sent, 24.
“ Laf aight arrived at Spha, His
Maj 4% fhis Valiant, Copisin Gowsr,
who has tekcn feve a. prizes.
Ai th» Shop lately rc upied by M-, Phailip
Wantem, as 2z Apotheca y’s Shop.
GREEN and Boh:a TEA, by tte Chef,
L2f Surer, Nutmeg: ——Sup rfive
Scar'et, Bluz, and Whaiie Broad Cicths,
Th 22!, 434 and 54 Regimintal Ba tors,
Ba h ana retver Coauang, Fed, Re
Crimfos a+d whit> Boy., Flanne, German-
S'rge, D.Me, M:ns worft:za snd Teread
H fe, Women! colcued and black worfted
H ‘e.———With a V- ieiy of ether A.ti
cles, fuitzble to tre Seaf.n.
By pivas CONTRACT,
THE good fch-onrr Laly Pa ker,
Wiiam Erg®, jun. mafier, but'ea
100 tons : Aifo, the flovp Gerer:l Pio,
Ceorge Mowe:t. mafte’, burth n abut 80
tcns ; and the floop Chunce of 3b wt 30
1029 ; lying at 2nd neir Collin’s v bacf
—lnientory to be feen O the whel: on
bo:rd tbe fliop Gemeral Pigot, aad &t
the orintizg-coffica.
A LL perfors having any demands up
, on ihe Enzincer department for
ca trge, we» deficed o f{cnd their accouacs
to the Eng neer chice. (
Has jult opseed a Large Affortment of
NCISTING of Blankets, Dufils,
‘ Coa ings, Kerfeys, Flaanels, Baize:,
lpld-éluhs, Plains, Il )f-thicks,
Forreft Cioths, Cambdle's, Everlatting:,Pop
lins, Waified Stoctings, Beaver Hats, Sew
jng Silk:, Threads, Reifics Spices &e. &7,
H E Prize Ship General
MONTGOMERY, a very hand -
{ me wel buit Vefle], ud’ln ex
celleat Sea Beai : the s 300 Tans Busth.n,
we'l foend, and enly three Yerrs old,
The Sicop THRBE FKRIENDS, sbout
5o To-s Burthen, De.xucian buiit, and al
of Ped Cedar. ALSO,
A Quortity o Fice ard Coarfe Flonr,
Ard aler Hepthead: of the very bet Vir.
g ria Tebeceo Poz. Guods whis Mijely’s
Ship Reiforrable,
Both Viefleisa ¢ ¢ ndemred in 'i: Ma.
jty'sCeurtef Vieee A wiaty 2t Hal . x,
Any ve fon inclining to peich fe the
a'ove Vifles, &c, may know the T'arm; by
ay, I)l b {C
Nowpirt. 4} Deember, 1977
~ H Fr Farmers arc ])('rclxy
1 que’ed tc thr fh out wh ¢t Corp,
B: e; 2:d Qays, they can ‘pare
Fis M jrity’s Troeps, i'..:udiu...?)-, aud
femd iclato th Foag Magszize,
Coemu )fluy i f'ua[ e.
WILLIAM Cl.()\\'l‘T,
v 9 dtothe 'ae Crptain Fronci Banks,
AKES Ihis Meciliod to
tcqusizt the Certlinen «f the
Navy ard Aimy, th t he bas cren
ed a Houfe at tue Sign of the Kirg’s Arms.
Tavern, ia the: Maw cieet, whe ¢ Gentle
men will meet wich geite ] Accomedatiors,
AS all the STRAW on ikLe
ind wili be v nted fo e Trocpe,
be Fa mcrs are heieby roquelicd o 1)y fh
bei Grairy, #nc fire i abe Sir w 6 yto
be Eareack-Masin 20 he B I:ack.
Offic’ is N wp r, wh e they will be ja'd
the { me Price der it s is given t’(h.
Cumn.iflary, '
Ba sk M tir ¢f Newrort,
TO¥B & O L P
SMALL FAKM of gced
'a d ! alipt > fitwated in Puiif
nco h, nire Mlskom Ne rort,
crn'a’n’'n, bou 24AC e, arwe b Heule,
Barn anc Cis ke er 2 Alio, thiee M ich.
Cows, a lorfear” Cat. Fe Con iiicne
ef Sale, a» ly « Mr. Ewine livirg n-ap
Detir tllLes”. M crioe Hoefz inNeowjorg
Newpo.t, November 27, 1777. ‘
F L A'Xs £ Dy |
Corft:ut Atterdance will te piven "
Heule cn the Pire, or at M. ]
Nich Is", ou tte Nort" Side the Pare
Myer Polock Las for S AL
C OARSE SALT, { Diy Coé.Fifh,
W:ft Inci- Rum | B ¢f, ind Pork,
Crerry and plaa Buterr, .
Brandy, Tal'ow Candles,
Moiafls, ' the box,
New R ce, Nails, -

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