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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, January 01, 1778, Image 1

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B o IRERE R &« rnlebadebe. w
. ‘ . "‘t " L : 2 : 5 Q'*‘.,:'g’.:"' ’ : i :
~. = . 'Y‘ | j:f ‘. ’ ~ ] : zro-‘.' g .*‘l4'*: ~ ¥‘l 5
" 4 4 f] " / ‘/‘k} ‘f:tz g g :Y £ .¥ . :
{ h‘ J’ Lg‘.‘", ‘..r,' “ SPS l ' §b, . ;
. ot g RN e gde . WP Nl :
RY < T
fi‘,’.&" ,‘ s (e | PRLIS A x¢ \ 3% 'r‘,‘) 5 e » ; 108
: wa 3 = Jy._'_fi &o v & ?, "( ' ot ‘
- el e .RN e
A : ' BSB LN r{\ ‘“’?/5;" "oy r“‘;")fg', T NRE Qi Wy < 3 ;
] . TN q&) Vg i -4 [)% ' g w )i’
ra " »"'> P A . \"-z-:t/t,i:”‘{&., 4o"~v‘ 1. Waed . \‘-'_ A - “t
. Commandiny His’ Majclty’s
Forces withia the plony of
&hOdC*lflJnd , Xc. &_.t; . &c.
/ ’ HEREAb \.'nn‘_l”n h--h been
mace o me, that isms of taz la a
y bitsn's of the ['owa of Nev ort
h"’ made it 8 Plfli“;o pu.gh.k from the
w"‘l and Sailers, Timbe-, Boarey, &
which has Ben found ts pe pradvétive of
many 2d Louf:qieaces : ot ra .dy
ing whireot, I bavethouga fiv 1o ‘flus this
P‘IOE,MM itiithly furbiddiag ony lnba
bisst of ihe Town, ot cthe: Yeriva from
%?.rcnfiog from ‘say Soldier et Sailor asy
imbe:, Bosrds of otber Faal :» -Acd 2py
“Pa(on who fhail be feand Gail y o! ‘0 do
‘\;:: may depend uon bring panihied witd
PR g
A s s skbGiad Qs »
tors in Newpore, this 35th Doy of
Desember, 1777, . f
Bythe Genérai’s Command,
- ""HENRY BARKY, Scc.etary.
Hee! Qua-ter, Newpore, Decem- 21, 1777
U R the Prefervation c¢f
O.d*r and Regain ity in the Ma act,
ths GSNER:L ros Jrretted 3 Guard
to sc'end there irm t.¢ Hiirg 0 Viii 0
X 1 in the Mo-min; : A d ali Kiads o Proe
wifi .09 a:0 10 b: brought, cut up, 883 fuid
there, ard scne 0 0 difpulid of, cut withe
hgo'.'o Hou:s.
~‘tia Ga:rd ‘i: ?nfl 4 imme: iately to
8¢ ary ons foaad guity of commiui
'“ldo'n.’ e »
" By Od=r of the Gearral,
HENRY BAR LY, Sccretscy.
» intgreepted or‘b{ind LEPFTCER fiom
Genzea! WASHINGTON 19 his Lady,
in the Year t ‘V6. ‘
" To M's. WASHINGTON, &=
My desrsft 'ty and ove,
& j U N ‘ 24, ‘776.
S OU have hort me, | xeow nat how
. gmech, by the infiruativa in your lad,
thet my letwers t 0 you have la:ely
- Ik iy quent, becaule [ have falt Jefs
gera ‘or you. Toe lalpicion is moft
f.'; ~ney | oot edd, it i+ moßk wa-
P Hive we lived, aow aladk a (core
[ reets, jo the clafe® snd desred cosjagal
fotiemacy to fo lictle *parpofe, that, oa aa
3. saly of idqitsn iod ‘G you, ani
wight Nazs aczoanted in & thoe-,
: ¢ moes aataral ald Mwe prabasls,
A (oald itk #pay tan e mio.ive
4Xich al 2 Je injur'oss t 6 e ? € have mof, *
Ljowa, Wrote (0 cliem to you @' | wifled,
sad 2. 1 wl{'ht. ‘But th ok 0! my fitnasion,
sod then ol your hear, it 1 bz wiiboat
tx ofe. Wo ate not, my diaet, m cir
qu flances the moit av.zabe o 0 carapphd
aafs ;. bu, et ws -mct, ! beeech you, scly
m:k: them worfe, by iadegiag lul‘piclo'}‘;
snd appresenii.m which auaos in difti
a® but toompt t: give way to. [ nevar was,
as yon have o ten ¢».d me, veu in @y bet
ter and mo q u.fen_a;edday, o aticaiive
10 th: lit. o pamctiius of Yigndibip, as ic
may be becane me ; bat g veart wlls me,
there meve. wat a mudent je my life, haco
I et knew yen, in woict 1 did not Cicave
Apd € 1o to you with ths warmelt Hilti.o;
and 1t cauit ceale to b2at 6.8 1. ceale to with
fo:yc'ur happinets,sbive anj tiing o @ar.h.
L coagranaic you munt cor‘.yll’ on e
£4 proige@ o recov 1y ¢f jour amiibe
dyug..of 10 a 4 ; nur cam I woader, Iha.
this I.cond Ife of o | tile ous thogld aff ct
you : L tea: the (niigacas &' ¢ jurady, Sad
T g &nmzsm‘?fi«%‘w“
wacn tu: her. They sre, howewer, boh
yossg and heslthy, jo that (is.¢ c3a L 6
liale Goudt of thewr Fo@n tepuirirg the ich,
Auc now wiil mI desrett love p rm & e,
a .itzle more cornc iy thon I have ever et
doae, t 0 prefe you 10 casl:gt inst 10 & ¢ le
-Iy, 10 fute and 10 h&lh&.‘b o Cresd ul
a thiog, the »ing indewiates 7 It woe &
waps wcviieavie ; bos ¢ shis junilure it
fesm:s to 08 almot ab.olutely neefliry, |1
asisrlrom bring ‘f;\'uu hat reslefs
Medmea cur qu.ndall Geversor, rom (be
mere it ol cutag mifchiel, will Bot foon
betobg b.mic.f o ho sarrylag 0a 8 prdi-
Wiy warim curitvers. Ang o Polowmack
wil (o taicly be though. moa fevoera ls
tor L 1 jury ofes, 89 fior ing Bim icope 10
ke p wi wout the -caca OF Aaßu)eace, | Lave
i e seaion to AL ter myfels IBat iz woald
pot De peruicalariy plcafi g to hm 10 vent
his 1,110 ot my hosis. L.i bim ; 1t would
af.t me av iy migas offcl you ; and lor
this reaica, amorg iher - | with you cwe
o ssrenn. Yeul ml“ waou 4 vof have
you Qi t your howte, pre “?‘h frum A
A pis-cnion ot a v fic irem bim. An 3p
fearan.e of fearfuloels fad timidity, evea
io a woman of my f“.l’. .i‘ho bave & bad
eff.ct ; but L moit be fom:ning wmore or
lels thas man, oot (0 wilk you out of the
way of 8 dang®, which, 0 fey the losh,
muit be difegresable to you, tad could do
good 10 0 oat. A.ll fiu' mak:d for 6{o"
gUi'g Philadeipais, & p'ace i perfet LO
- iy} and it wonid “.0‘“ worts whule
v be isacalased, if it Wik aaly tor the tai
provens it tarmlizy 798 xlh o g.iuisy
Virzinia 8t 8 time wata 4 Ra, bat be
exesedingly “?‘1 o Joe vidg io it.
JBar | At mp(ef snp fashar b aba
wi'l be soascetary, ' ! afd, "o 1
agw do fos 0l poo e fdlu'-
?am-sn Foasl v “
sever can thi. kof ‘com .l“‘. 'b e
paflig l? wititer hore in qanien wicl hug,
A would bame Land W hogion intees. i
attiyremove sl the oa®a ried and inf, )
of the flagts, ® the quarsers ia lu‘n;::
Thes harvcßings melt te got in by bereiis ga,
¢ him rot keep fiy lnge Rock o gr.in
tred out, efpeciatly at the mil, or fi\& he
réaca of water-carrioge ; and i pastice a's
let as little »e uv.L. be Iy .: C'v‘.‘
Qga ters., It will aot be 8> g, even ia
the fi'# week of Joly, o fow the eddiliiope
al fapply of hemp and fax fesd, which Mr.
MM 2 has procured ior ne in Ph Jo slphiay
ond which 1 hops wil bs wi'h you bafee
this locier. Bor ebyioes Igafocs, you
not fow it on the 14ad, by ihe' '
fie. Bul hops you oil‘§vy‘ §obd ape
count «f'youp crop on the Ovjua I
f'l continves N‘:'la'b" avd ":. i
aOw yos ¢ | fplre bim,
|ers be fu?o!’. b )rhcb’lth‘.
y attention is this wement balled G:' -
the dilcavery, or'prete 4.4 dilcovery, |
moft wiid aad J plot. lis l._ec.'l:
0 yet, 10 dflcopui- oyflery in wheh it
ol her is or is not fapp:fed 19 by jevelved,
Thos mock coly lean find oot wah cose
winty, thet s wili be o foe Reld ior & war
of iieo on both fces, No deubs it will
make 8 good deal aoife in Phe coastry ;
oxd there ard. fome oo (hirk it uicfal 10
bave Ihe mirds of the people keps aneltensly
on the frot b remounrs of Jhis firy. 'n:!
part, | who am fald 1o be ths oHef princie
pa'ly simed &t in ig, fed -E:lfmfi&y ®
my esfe, aad | have it o.y
- caly from e ap;rehenSon thet, hegting i
- frem o hers, sad gt frem @, Js syt
- magine | was ta Lhy mid® of denge s [
kac~ sot of. 3
The pereal folicirads of yrur pose
bnvuho’:: me i) ceainly m'ym
| un;nlmoflkm’nhr:
- qeiet fears. Wiy do ;:m'u
- rcm’wlficfidy pagne thet
1 dift wlled ciher pour ro_mp m
- Adetity ? [ Fape (he lj’hflq . .‘
' bok. Bet by thoaid ] waze pru with aee
| diews 'decails of lchemes gad viemewhchue
' prrpetmally pwying, and which hfl-‘
) might not 18predebly ® flead ' :
© aform you ! Suflice t\ar(_. _
' what [ Nave ofien befere toMd 0.
t far 30 1 have the contrenl of
- ‘epasations of “. ‘.
e 'l:hit\cv drl, as m mensst, 4
¢ likdc:ihud o theie o
military o ‘.‘"-“". _ q
’:a :li‘l‘hg; ‘ 2 b
[« IM eto (e 3 .
¢ quiet of ‘w't ‘ » | ‘
- Common feN(y okl T g

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