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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, March 05, 1778, Image 2

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o't aud eosttampt could be made for
3 ¢ hefunk frames, or otherwife clears
1 tas vhanseis, till the command of the
{.,e.on each file of the iiver could be
©. ind.
[o thefe purpafes the General ordered
fomz battries to be ereéted ou the weftern
fiorstodiflodgeths enemy frowm theifland ;
zud 8 body of troeps to be landed far for
ciro the redoudbt cn Red-Bank,
Ic was intznded that the Vigilant fhould
pis ihrough a fhallow ard very confized
ctaenel betwsen Hoz Iflaad, mext below
sort Iland, and the Peanfylvenia fhore ; to
atrive and B¢t wpon ths lear and lefs defen.
f:o'e part of the wark ; and the circumftan
cios cf the mavigation net admitting of a
rzcre ferious attack, for the reafoas befere
wen.ivnzd, a diverfisn was propefed to be
m:de at the {ame time by tht advanced fri
gaies, together with the Ifis asd Augufts,
12 the eattern or main chagael of the river,
¥s well for engaging the attemtion of thse
cienry at ¥ort-iflaad and the redoubt, 2s to
reltrain che motions of the gallies, and other
a'med eraft, which had retired uoder the
wo:ks at R:d Benk, whea they difcovered
the danger they weuld be expofed to in
tteir former (tations near Fort ifland from
our batie ies on the weflera fhore.
The wind contimuing from tne morthward
faveral facer flive days, the Vigilant could
n t pioceed according 10 her dellieation at
thr time intended. The Auguia, Roe
buck, Liverpool and Piarl, were never:he
lels ordired abave the firfk lize of chevaux
d> :'z* the 22d inftant, to be in readinefs
for fuch fsrvice o 9 they fh-uld be abls ta
rendor wiea the redoubt fhou'd be atiack
ed ; ard Capt. Reynolds, beizg the fenior
oficer, (ucceeded to the command of the
advanced fquadren,
The dera-"ment of the ermy, confiling
of Heflian ticops under the commaad Celo
ae' Donop, appoisted 0 attack the redoubt,
cr flad t.e Delaware oppcfi e to Philacel.
gbin the 21/t i~ ftant, in 8 divifion of fl-t
cats which Captain Claytan cordu&ted in
the sight by Fort illand, along the w.ftera
fhere, for thet purpofe.
The attack of che redoubt bain> oblerv
ed to tzke plice the evening of the 224,
jult ugon the clefs of day, Captain Revnoids
immediataly flipped, and advanced with the
Iqadron, ito which tae Merlin had bsen
j-ined) as falt as he was able with the flood,
to fecrad the attempt of the troeps which
were iecn to be very warmly engaged : Bat
th: change in the natu:al courfe of the ri
ver, cawied by the obdftruitions appearirg
1o have altered the channel, the Augufta
and Murl'a uofortunately grounded fome
dit nce below the fecond line of chevaux
de frize ; and the frath northerly wind,
which then prevailed, grealy checking the
rifi.g of the tile, hey coud not be got
2float on the {Fblequent flocd. :
The diverfion was endesvoured to be
continued by t® frigates, at which the fire
from the enemy’s gallies was chicfly pointed
for fo=e time. But as the night advanced,
the H-flian detachment haviug been repul
fed, the firing ceafed.
The rebels difcovaring the fate of the
A?nh and Merlin ia &c morsing of the
23d, renewed the fire from the gallies,
works and floatiug batteries, But their
mevesb'e fores approaching little nearer
than 8 random fhot, the injary was incon
fiderable to the thips ; and by she alertaefs
and fpisit of the officers and feamen (of the
tran(ports as well as fhips of war) attending
in the boats of the fles: on this occafion, fear
fie veflels direci:d again@l the Augefis,
were feat withost cfl'oé,
The liis was at this time warping throuph
between the lower chevaux ce fr ze. Emp
ty tranfports had beea erdered wp from tre
flcet, aad other preparations ade fo: light
ening tht Auguits ; when, by fom2 ac:i
dent, 0o otherwile connedted with the cire
cnmftances of the alion bat as it was pro
bably caufed by the wads from their gang
the fhip tock fire abaft, and it fpread with
fuch rapidi y, that all endeavours to ex in«
guith it were afed in vain. The men were
thc:e&pan taken out, except a very fmall
number not yst afcertained, The Second
Lieutemant Baldock, the Cheplaia and
Gunner appear to be of that number.
In thi; tate of the proceeding, it was
neceflary to withdraw the fragates, for fe
caring them from the eff:it of tha b'a®,
Ard as the Merlin could not bs proteted
from the fame injury, 1 judged it requifi'e
te give orders for the floop 10 be evacaated
and deftreyed. The other fhip dropped
dewa nearer to Billiagport.
Much commendation is due to the feve
ral Captains, inferior effice's, and feamen
conceraed in this fervice ; and particula‘ly
in their refolute exertions to afli#t in faviag
the crew of the Aagufta. s
Extract from Rebel papers.
In the Year of our Lord, Q:e T houfind,
fevem hundrad s:d Seventy Eighe,
An ACT for prefciviag and ¢ ftablithing an
Oath o' Fideliiy and Allegiance,
HEREAS (he Kiog of G eat.Bri.
\V iain h.h ablicied the govern.
mea of this and the o.her Uited
States of America by pattisg them out of
his protetion, ard wrjoltly levying jwar
agaieft tham, and the (31d Uxited Stas.s, by
their repreientatives in Geseral o.grefs
affemblcd,by a declaration bearing datas the
fourth Day of July, A. D. 1776, {»-
lemaly declared, tiat the Unied Co
lonies of America, ae, and of right ozght
to be, Free and lud:pandent States. that
they are abiolvzd from ail Allegiance to the
Britifa Crisn, and that all politic:l unioa
betweea them and the Siate of Great B:i.
taie, i:, and ought to be totally d floived ,
wkich declaration has bsen folemnly ratifi
ed aud adopted by thisSiate. And whe:e
as in 2!l Sates, proie@ios and sllegiance
are and cught to be reciprocal, a-d thofe
who will not b:ar the la ter,are not entitled
to thz b-neht of the forwer :
Be it theref.re enacted by the Council
ard H vl 0i Reprefcntariver, in Genersl
Court aflembled, ant by autharity of :he
fame. That aay Julice of the Peace, in
ary county im this S.ate, fh.ll hive ‘vl
power and authority, and he is heieby ra
quired uson reprefcatation made t> h'min
writing figned by sny member of the Coua.-
cil or Houfe of Reprelentatives, civil or
military officer of any town or county or of
8 Sele@man or member of sny Commi:tes
of Correfpondence, lafpetion and Sefety,
or of any two fabftential freeholders, wih
in any towa or piansation of this State, that
there is, i his or their opinion, jult aed
fufficient reafon to fufpet,that any particu
lar perfoa refidiag in any town or plantati
on in this State, 15 inimical to the United
Stater, fuch Joflice is hereby limpowered
and required to caufe any perfon fe refufing,
to be broaght before him, and to admini.
fter an eath or afirmation to fuch ps:fon,
fo reprefented, excepting to fuch perfons_as
were appointed Councillors within the
the State by mandamas frem the King of
Great Britain, sccepted fach appointmeat,
aled in confequence of it, and have fince
joined the enomy aad 10 fush other pefons
a 3 have left the flate, fince (ne rineleedtl
ef April, 1775» and have joined ths ere- ¥s
fech as have taken Oparms egainft the Ugi.
ted States, umlefs they ¢an wake it appeas
they were compeilod thereio, as bave inlift
ed men for the tocmy, er lCCfplfd aware
raat or commificn for (hat purpule, orcon
veyed jatell geace 1o them, firce (he decla
ration of indcpandence, ih tae foim fuliow.
I, A.B. do fwear (or sffirm as the cafe
may be) that I wili bear ¢ e faich anc alip
gitnee to the Stae f M:flachufercs. Bay,
and will faithfu ly fopport and maintajs
and cefend the farce, againft Geerge (he
Thirc, King of Gaeat Britain, his abe:tors
end © her enemie: ard oppof<rs wbatfoever,
and wil! difcovar gl) plots and conipir: cies
that fhall come to my kncw‘edgc, againft
faid Siae, or any othe: of the United Sta'es
of Americe, So he pme GOD,j
Ard be it further enaéted by the autho.
rity afesefiid T ce if iny ve.fom or peifons
to whim the fa d oreh fhal] be texdered, by
virtae of thi: A&, fhall reivfe to take the
fame, the faid Jullice, thall commit the per.
fen or peifons fo refufing, te the gaal of the
coruy where rhe esth was tencered ard
ceitify the fame to the Ceurcil as focn as
may be, with the cofts ‘hat have ari‘en
on tte proce s which with the geoale:’s fees
fhall be paid cot of the Ferfonal eftate of
th: parfon fo effendisp, in all cafes where
ke is of fufficient ab lits 10 derey the fame
and otherwifs atthe experce cf the Stata,
and ke peron fo refufirg, fhaii within
torty days a‘ter fuch refufal, be fent eff, by
o.der of the ¢ uncil of this State, to fome
p<rt ¢f the deminions of the King of Gr at-
Biisin, at their own expence in all cifes,
whe:e, in the judgment of the Counrcil,
they h:ve eftate fefficient te fupport it, end
in al'cther cafes, at tre public expence :and
the Ceoncil 7 hereby 'mpowered,to cau’e
pafiiges to be precured fer all fuch petfens,
1o Lire a veflsl or veffels for (hat purpofe,
and all and eve:y fuch perfon or perfons,
fo :efefing, fhail be ac literty to fell snd
Cifpife of kis perfonal efta’e, and after
{siisfying all joit and ¢ quitable claims end
den.ands, which fhall be brought sgainft
kim or them, to carry the refidue thereof,
tnd »110 (0 nomizate and sppoirt aa Attor
rey, or ActOrnies, to be approved of by
Couscil, te fell or difpoie of his or their
Feif:n.lefate, and in like manner, 21 the
fui je&ts «f this State, to demand, fue for
And reccver, in bis or their nime or names,
ali fuch debis and fums of Rorcy as are of
fhill be due, ening or payable to him or
them refpe@ively an fach way or manner as
they fhall (hisk fit provided it fliall not be
repugrart te ihe refolutions of Conmgrafs,
or the iaws of this Sta‘e,
Agd be it further enz&ed by the awtho
rity aferefaid, That if say perfon or perfons
fe feos cff from this Staie as aforefaid, fhall
voluntariy returs into the fame sgais, !‘i
lefs lesve te obtrioed frcm the Geners
Ceyrt for that purgofc, ke cribey, being
duly ctonvifted thereof, in the Soperlar
Court of Judicature, Court of Aflize, and
Gensral Gesl Deiivfea), fhall (uffer tho
sioz and pensliies of perjury.
. And be Pi:'hmhu nFa&td by the authe- '
rity aforefaid, That if sny perfens whe
were sppointed Coucallors ithin this flate,
by msncamas fiom the King of Greatßri
ttin, accepted of fuch appointment, adted in
confequence cf it, and have firce joined the
enemy, or tny fach other perfcns, as ""l'
left the State, fince the nineteenth of April,
1775, tnd have joined the wnemy, or f'z
fuch pcrfons as have teken up nmwnn.
the Uxited Sintes, unlefs they czn ke it

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