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050 A ABL RN JOR 20 e
of the NAVY and Al{.\l\',
4s chufe to meet and ccle
brate the Almi\«l‘lzu'y ol
St. PATRICK, are res
qucited to leave their Names
as foon as poflible at the Bar
ot the Crown Coftec-Houfe.
N. B. Dinner to be on the
Table exactly at 3 o’Clock.
MADRID, November 2.
“ N 7’ E rear from Gibralear, that the
Empzror of Morccco has ob
teincd a complete vifory over
ti e Rebels ef he Mountains of Abit Ifahac
scar Fez ; and that havieg put the heads
of the rebellion to deaih, ke impofed a hea
vi r tribute em the inhrbitants ef that pro.
viie (han tie cne f.om which they wanted
tc free hemfelves.
Midnd, Nev. 4. We have accsunts from
O:en, thit the D-y of Algicrs, 2t the head
ef 10,000 saen, h-d at.acked the d f.rent
cut-wirks o tha: Spanifh Seitlement, but
bad been repel -d with e confide able 1. {s.
Th* ¢ mm ndaa: of the pace fays, that
thi. ha bt carthe warmel a&icn fince t'e
A'ge ises 'ard fi get: thaiplace hef re.
Our icf s 3 corizeably, but 0 tha
men-erthe Vige ne arry on a war, # is
imag "d h- wil [email protected] n ec:wthe atr a k.
Coiom.e, N v. 11, Genenal Fiue,
who v rrger By howourt o Lon%on 0
rairza ce titu numb o of Gomon rec wige
for th B 1 fhfevee arrive), on ihe 7+h
of tuis miach, a Haan vcr from whesce h:
i togot the d ff. e i Cour, to put ‘he
la. haed t 1 ¢ - conventions sireacy *greed
tc °n "h't 'l") N Th Pv{;'sr v: of Bran
ceboe.g Auip h 20 piven leaes to raje
Jooom-®, 0 his t ri rix, uzder the title
of recruits for his b trali n ! ing in A
merica, All ihe r pimen s o 1 iitantry be
loa,ing ¢ the Eiectr of Bruv'wik, have
received orders ta provide theinfeives with
tents, which frems to confirm (e report
that kis Bsinnt k M 7 Ry is “elermiaed
to ¢mp ov them in Amesica. Thoy wiise
fiom Ciflii. thac Lrcui. Coi. ds Schreyva.
gel, of Sieyn’s e, .meut, is condrmued to
t O year impiif m-e.l, torhaving quitred
the Brith a my withsat leave ; nud Colo
nel Bi~ k, o t.e tegiment o; Mirbch, who
hike.«ile relurce: without permidli'n, h:s
receivd “rdes ty g 3 and efuse his poft
wit cu de'ay. Thef* ‘w> Qtfizers return
ed with G nerald: Hieter.
Hagae, Nov. 11. Tae Statts Geseral
h ve fariher prolon ;ed the protibiiicm a
gai R ex>oring ammuniti n, &:. to the
Engi.th American Colenies, ior che term of
one vo.r.
We have accourts from Overyfl.], that
on the 4t 0f * is month a h uie ia the vil
lage of Grimib:r-en, incha: Pro sinze, took
fire 32d thy ind blowing very high down
the vilag: a:c e apper end of which this
hoafe t2od, the fl mis mads jach a rapid
progre®, that ia rour hours the whole il
lage wis ¢ afamed, asd what at once in
creafed the fi ¢, and adds o the fufferiags of
the poor v.llag:rs Is, that the houes were
filled with untarefhed corn, hay, and tusl,
for the fabfit:ac» of themfelves and cattls
qariog b winter ; and what prevanted the
prog cfs of the fire ffom b:ing eafily fop:
was, the m°n were all employed in the
fi.lds at their bafinefs as farmers and la
bauring mea. Tuis deadful event has
ndu«g the uafortunate (uffsrers to the
greateßt mitery, by the lofs of their houfes,
R s = sw- 8 DG WOTS
Cikdu ul @ wiater 13 COmlng om epace.
Antioch, Aug. 8. Twelve hundr.d mro,
partly of this place, znd parily of a neigha
boutirgvil ape, called K:raxies, have form
ed sm infurreétion spainfl the Waiwede
commandisg here, who havieg called ia
the aid of Abdurahman, Pacha ¢t Beyr. m,
he with 4co men ‘o.n difpe fed the mu i
niers ; upwaids of 100 of the latter were
kled, 11 keads were fent to Aleppo :
Two cf the principal ringleaders weie im.-
paled, one of »hom declared, that B:kir,
Pacha of the Kan Kartmort, was tke infii
gator of the revoit.
P.la:d, Nov. 10. It is well known
how the Prince of Moldavia, ended bis cay:
The Ho podar of Waliachia oaly efcaped
fsme tate by flight ; but itis reported here
for certain, thai the FPorte hais fourd the
mesazs to caule the Kan of Ciimea, whem
Ruffis, had cauled to bs eleéted, to be
fteapplod ; if this is true, there 1s no doub
buta war will enfue,
B 0. B W .8 N
Nov. 29. Y.fterday a duel w:s fouphe
at Kenfingion Gravel-piis betweca an' -
cer in the aimy, axzd a Gentleman belcng -
ing to a graat boufs 1a thiscity, On ine
fi ft difcharge o! therr piltols the latter wes
flighty wousded 1 the aeck, v hen the fe
conds interfeced, tnd prevented the diipuie
(-hich itis faid arolc the morning belore
about a Lady at tie mriqnerade) tiem poo
ce:ding 10 any furiaes exor-witics,
Oz daturduy i3l was aid oe ure che Hen,
the cormitioner: <7 the buard ~t l(.'ng;udc
o ar and (2nar iablis, by Mr, CLanic: s
fon, o! Sapsrien, ' Gooo.clierfhize ; thefe
tab¢s give vhe pace of (h:ivm akd wecn,
bobin icegitiue ard lasiiude, wi hiw 1
luo.x_;‘.s, 2. a,pcas ycom o ting demowiik
aiesclarfires or ab ve Ico® üb..vatioms
maez¢ by the late Rev. Do, L.ad ey allreno
mer royal. Ugon thelc uadeaiabie oviden
cus of tre accu:acy of the (asice, ~r, Ma
fun claims the .cwa gof §Cool. cficied by
an aét of pariiament 18 the 140 yea: of .he
reigu ¢f his prefent Majedy, icr tab.es that
fha | hew the diftancs o the mocn irom the
fum cr ftars, to 15 teconds of a dspree,
‘l'ne fullowing 15 aiitt «f the feveral thips,
and the numbar of men beiongieg (hereis,
on the different Itatitns, mergioned ooa
Wed:elday in the Lower Aflemnbiy.
On the Leeward ifland fauon, 19 fhips,
2883 me . Meditirrsaezn ftation hve (1.9,
1050 alite. On remote parts on di coveries
two uitto, 480 ditta. In Amenca 93 ditto,
17085 dig. Newicundiand stavoa 10
ditiv 1345 ditw. At Lome 105 ditio,
32395 ditiw, Lol 234 fhip:, asd 55872
Orders are iffucd from the war ofiice for
the It, 59 h, aaa 70:h regimsncs ot foor,
now in ‘his kiagd.w, 0 emburk for I:c
A litter from Gibra'ter, dated O¢. 31,
fays, “* Advices from the Coalt of Barbary
inform us, that the Emperor of Morosco
contizues the campaign aganit the rebel-
Jicus inbabitanis of the mountains of Ah ¢-
Ifanac, aad hath [email protected] his aimy wiih
14 000 biacks.”
Dc. 2. Yefterday in the svenicg tke
cersmosy of the carilteniag the young prin
cefs was pearformed ia the great couzcil
chamber, by his Grace the Archbithop «f
Canterbury. Her Royal Higagels was
named Sophia.
The fpon(ers were, his ferene Highnefs
Priace Augeltu: of S:xe.Gotha, reprefented
by the Ea:l o' H:rtiord, Lord Chambe:laia
of his M:jclty's uouiliold ; her Serene ilign
nels the Dachefs o! Bruafwick, repre ¢.-d
by the Countefls of Hertford ; and her Se.
rene Highnefs the Dutchefs of Mecklen
barga S.hwerin, repreteated by the Dowa
ger Countels of Effingham,
D.blie-Cafle, Nav, 24. I Fxcellen.
€y the lord L eutenan:t has be:n pleafed 1o
sppeint Oir ”Qn'y Hiler to be Cu.m.b:r.
lain of his Lot
NOV. 24’,. A b l ' nyw in the l:'\n
Hsuie ot common®, to emp 019 8% Kivep
L ftey, and in tae Ha.b u: of Dutlig

fuch perfon: as 1.0 be ¢ [email protected] of tronf.
potabie cfiznce.. ' enséty thae ibey fhay
Cl-:. 1ii..1, Car'y on {hre, fuch asd and
giavel as they Ne!l raife, and ba fed og
b ead and cuar{c me=at ; thejr driek tq pe
water, or ima.l beer, and to b cloathed
and no oii¢: meat, drink, or ¢ oa hy 1o b;
allomed th m ; and it ricomm rded, w
diichaiged, to heve 8 feit of ¢icyia, Kiven
tham, and a'um o/ moaey,
This morn ng ariived a Mail /1o o
Auvjufirne, whieh was trowgig over in “;
Majoity’s pack:t bratte M cury, Casy,
Diiten, wh) faicd from trince toe ath
0+ Octoder, ana arryved et Fa maeth (he
200 in&ict, bui brought wotuing irefy,
Oa irnerfday eideis weie icnt down to
Plymou h ror three of bis Mijedy’s fh ps
of wir t~at were ready, to j.il for the
Frecch coa®, 10 cruizs for tome i (21, ex
ptted frcin America, i.x..l.‘i,,cn:e h.ving
bein; receivea thot feveral ars fLiled desply
laten, wich carzoes of indigo, & for fome
of Fe Feench ors,
The 8. Louis, Caps, Reuln, from
Nan'z 0 Am=2 Ica, with hal. go d:, wag
lu-fd‘y la%, the 3o'n ot e, Om:ny out
U Nz, 806 iz | reerow perifind,
On Sata d+, I me di‘patc &3 were fent
. Porfso. hiv be fo warded fiom hence
to Lord 2:d General Howe, in 2 wvefel
Cotaioed theie tor that purpofe,
A lewer from Naniz, fays, ¢ Not a
fing'e Engl.h priz: has besn brought in
he ¢ fi.cz the or'er for (ze reftitution ; atd
a letier from 'O ient aed Puit Lewis fays
the {ame. I can eflure you fome great
foiks ia trade here, aud a other (pluces,
do mot wuch relifh the order.
This mening M-, Horne eppeared at
the Bir of the Cowrt of K'og’s Bench,
Weitmisfler, to resive fen ence, for pub-
Ifliiag an Adver.ifement from the Confti
tativnal Socizty, accefing his Majefty’s
Troops, at Lexingter, in America, of
wurder, The fowr judges of the Ceurt
were prefsnt. L d Man:field opened (hs
bufinfs with greatcandour asd ability, aed
in aclear and mall:ily manmer, snd was
foilowed by the Aitiraey Grzeral. Mn
Horne repled, ind fpcke for cbout three
Q4acters of an hour [email protected] two circum
itances by him aveired to be <mitied in the
izfirmattion ag.icit him, v z. that the Ame
ricin: vere in rebe lion, rnd tiat the Kisg
had fent t-oops to Am:rica to fepprzis it
and ta excu pate kimie!f irom the charge ;
after which the Conre paflud the following
feateacs cn him viz. That he fhould be
imprifoned for one year, pay a fire of two
hundred pour.ds, and fisd fecerity for his
go=d behavi~u- for three yeirs, himlelf in
4001. and two fecurities in 2001. each
‘U'he Coqrt was very fall, end the abevs
bulizels took up about an hour and a half.
Dic. 6. Yiftarday after breaking vp
of the Court at St. J me’s, Lard Ambheif
kad a conference with his Majelly.
On Monday the Sub(criders to the five 1
millions to bz raifed for the fervice of the
prafeat yezr, made good their fixth snd ief
payment uf 20 per ceat. of the faid capital
at the bask.
A leiter from Lisbon fays, ¢ The Coott
has jut caufed an ordinancs to be poblth
¢d, renewing the former probititing for nck
admiiting sny American veflcl int® the
ports of this kingdom, or for fuffcring lhu:
1o be fupplied with aay artcles wntflf‘ '
whea diiven in b ftrefs of wea her,asd :‘
infliing fcvire punifhiments on thif; whe
trangrels this®rd:r.”

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