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NEW.YORK, Mch 14
B a geatlem2d lately arrived from Al
biny, 7€ 7% iatsrmaed, that the garrifon of
§. Joha, upom [.xke Chimp'sin, has betn
qugmenied o ix hsoded m:n, and all
i v (:1s fusk, in conl quence of advice
received by Str G 1y Carleton of the eater
pizs inteaded sgaiaft the province of Que
tec, and:r L Fayette asd Conw:y, waich
fir the want of an efic’est number of re.
bel croops is mow hil afds. The dif
of:ft:d at Albany were all ia the dumps,
0« learning fiom Montrea!, that the re 0t
of the revait of the Canadiaas, and thiir
sczeffion to the rebsl cinfedsration, was
p""PW‘i‘Y, contradied, and witerly
withoat foundsgion. At A'biny 22 con.
sinenal do'lar bills are given for s Guinea,
this trafhz is img-ofl:d by the committze
med, who feverely punilh thale poor Devils
wiows found to interfere with them in
iy fort of commercs, as it fpoi s (he
Pairiot’s trade. :
Capwtin M Gi'l, in Lav. 38, Lonz. 62,
fpake wite his Majeity’s fhip tze Maidltoae,
c.:u a Gardoer, wio had takea five pr.zes
asd burnt them. :
Tae Rebel privateer brig, Comet, Cap
tain Pyuc, of 18 guay, and 85 mea, wis
pken the 224 of D c:mber lafl, by the
Daphue frigate, St. John Chnnery, Eig
Command :r, off the iflc of Pyne, and ar
vived here lait Sarurday under the comma:d
of Licatzmant D:ury, who iaferms us, that
fiace the 224 of July, the day tae Daphae
leit this port, Captain Cainaery ek 11
prizss, smoag them the floop Lydia, of 14
goas, from Guadalqape, for Nertix Cro
lina loaded, three from. Sow:h.Carolias,
&:. and when he par:ed with the Daphne
they were a'l w:ll ea board,
The 27th of February, Lisutensat Dru.
17, fpoke with the Nouiagham lediamao,
' from Eagland for Pail:delphia all well.
Marcu 16
. Captaia Sparge bas hronfht in with bim
the Brig Ses-Nymph of Philadelphia, Capt.
Woodhoafe, from Maftrandt, ia Swedea,
Josded with Gan-powdsr, Salphar,. Salt,
ks beloagiag to Williag and Morris, but
the Cut::u fisxlcd on board from Jmt-
Jaad, where twq Schooners from Biddeford
wire taking on board fimiler (‘gl."o“ when
Capt. Woodhoufs failed from theace, which
was the 1 3:h of Jawwary, and he was taken
thefirk of Marolis priy ’
. The 371 h of Februsry, in Lat, 34» 30,
m”. Capt. srngo faw Part of t:e
of,a Jarge Ship'that had been burat
slwok to the Edge of the Water.
,_Sutarday the Bark Lydia, of Liverpool,
Captaia Evany, of 46 Mon, and 14 Guns,
. ammifed here from . sarbados, by whom Wwe
Jaare; Tast the followiag Rebel V:ffels
. have boan lateiy takea aad carried icto that
lised, vig, ’lzhc St. Peter, of 20 Guss,
107 M, Capt. Chace, fomerly Capt.
Liab, and moftly owaed at;Martinits ;
Aurora : The Brig General Wahh
| Captaia Rogers, of 18 Guas, sad
-Men, by the Oeaford, Capt. Colpoys ;
@ad, aBhip, (uppored to be & Rebel Frigae,
- %36 Guas, takea by the Arisdne, and
@rried jmto Se. Kicts or Astiges. \
Suturday arrived here a Bark of 300
Teap Barthen, tsken by the mdl‘hn
Isdlamag, oa her Paffage from ?ud te
,’W_‘:lgm.h g: Bark "r&w rom @
ort, | pany with & wery large
:"’- beth lgden with Military 5....."f0
“'”'l M. Wofiir-'a Army, sad bound
fome Port ia cw-hgl::l.
h'.““ the above prises, there are mow
“‘h Hubour sad st the Hoek, takec by
M:jefty’s hips the st. Albams, Rich
s, Baerald, Ojeer, and Solebay, 4 vof
o from France for Chefapaak, one of then
34 guas, & fhip with tobacio eatwasc
b-uad, and twe fthoomers, one belonging
to the Letter of Marqae Leysl Subj:Q ;
the French fhips are loaded with mil tary
flores, c'eathieg, &c. and the St. Albaas
was Laft in chace of & fhip of 44 guvs.
The Hftory of Cemmodore Weeks's
Squadron, that lately iafefled the Brit th
Casnnel, is,—The Lexiogton taken ; the
Dolphia rua afhors on the Ceaft of France ;
and, the Reprifal loft on the Banks of New
foundland, as may bs fcen by the fellowing
Lettzr taken from s Fith Kill Paper.
Exiralt <f a Letter, dated Bourdeaux,
Navember 29, 1777,
% Tt is with the utm:ft Concern thet I
iaform you of the Fate of du"allut,c:pt.
Weeks.— A Freach Veflsl arrived here the
other Day, brought in the orly Maa whe
was faved out of the whole Crew of the
Reprifal. In a ga'e of wind which h:p
pened the 1t of O&aber, (at which* Tims
they were three Days pati the Banks of
Newloundland) the Ship was :oopcd with
three heavy Seas, which carried ber dows.
This man and ens more floaied on the
geagw.y Leédder uniil the 3d, whea Nis
Comrade tarough Weaknefs dropped from
it.—He was that Day picked up by the
Fenchm®n wha brought him in here ; and
be now goes to Ame ics with Capt. Moore.”.
Two large Panies of tbe Royal Army
have beea iately oa: from Philsdelphia, on
both Sides of the Delawate, and re.areed
fafe with large Qaantities of Previfions and
Porrage, withoo: meetiag with.any Oppo
fitisn from the Rebel Army ; who we hear
are ve'y fickly grown of late, and that in
the Courfe of the Winter, and fiace their
Encampment at Valley-Forge near 5000
o! them have besn feat to thiir diffcrent
Hofpiull. ; i
Wedae(day la departed this Life, Mr.
Wynast Kritlotas, aldeft Son of Me. Peter
Keitlctas, of this Place : His Remaias were
decently iaterred i the l’mil‘ Vaslk ia
the New-Dutch Church Yord the Evening
fol.owing, atterded by a Namber of re/pec
table fnhabitantss - vi .
We hear there are T two Parties in the
Rebel Army ; one in Favoar of Mr. Wath
ingtom, asd the ocher for M. M fllin.
" HARTPFORD, Marhio..
Oa the night alter the 24th of Fobuu_{o
the houfe of Mr. S:erwopd, of New-Mil
ford, tock fire, and was confamed : Elevea
"(o:} were in the houfe 3 thres only made
their ofcape out of it ; sight perithed 1o
the flames.
- Thes latskt acconnts from the fouthwerd
inform, what 130 hepd of faccattle, ov their
way from this Stace to the fouthera army,
were tiked by 8 party of Bridith light- hori®,
within 12 miles of our escampment, Bad
condutted 16 General Howe.
FISH-KILL, Mashsg.
We leara that 8 geseral exchange of pri.
foners is agreed oa, asd is foen to take
plics,~oficer .for efficer of ng
{aldier tor foldier, apd citizwm fer :
BOST ON, Mahoy.
Satarday laft ene Abrabam Solomon,
Jow, and one Cume, wete comamifted to
gosl, for dor«h!i‘-g the Contigsatal Car-’
rency, by giving very large fams of paper
dollars for guiness,—Selomen fays, he wie
employed by fundry perfomt in thls towa,
to tranfalt the befinefs, sadl that he will
bring them ost. We IT he will, aad
t;:t‘ ‘thb.o v:::i‘n will meettheir juft demeric :
are ow called »
to hold thonfc’m in readiasfs to exoc’;
jekt jnd;:hl. wheaever the slarm isfournd
ed for purpofe, elfc what aré w 8 coa
tending for ? _ '
NEWPOR T, March 26.
Lat Monday failed from this Port in
His Majelty’s Ship Eagle, Vice-Admiral
Lord Vilcount HOWR
The Remainder of the New-York Fleet
mentioned in our laft, arrived here oo Tuef«
day Evening with his Majefty’s Ship Rofe.
Rumours were circulated at New-York
before the Ifis failed from thence, of an
A&lion in the Jerfies, in which the Rebels
loit a General Maxwell and feveral Pieces
of Cannon.
By Lecters and Papers brought by the
Packet from England, we are fufficiently
affured that *‘ the Britith Lion i» at length
‘roufed”---that our moit amiable Sovereign,
ever fecare in the Affe@ions of his People,
is daily receiving Offers of Troops from
every Part of the Empire. The moft fpi
rited Emulation prevaijs among all Ranks
‘of People, a few difappointed, difinterefied
Patriots excepted. | (e::nenl Burgoyne’s
Misfortune has operated moft h:&pily upon
naticnal Pride, fo that it needed pot the
late Inftance of canting Treachery to pro
cure an ungrateful Pecple, that Panifhment
which the Generofity of Britons would
gladly havé withheld.
On MONDAY 3oth Inftant,
Between the Hoars of X[ and XII o'Clock
in the Forenoon, will be difpofed of at
. Puaslic Sa'e,
A Quantity of drmaged Bread, Rice,
Rom, Beef, Pork, Prafe, Oatruesl,
Flour, Raifins, Butter and Candles, be
longing to his Majefty’s Vißualling Stores
at Rhode-!flaed. The whole to be viesed
sny Day (Sanday exceptec) by aprlyiag to
M-, Richard Carezu, ac the Vitaeling-
Odfice, who will ‘fhew them at Ms. Juba
Malboae’s lower Wharf, the Plac® of Fale.
o c_AfisaarAgent Vidtoaller,
On FRIDAY next 27th Inftant,
Willbe fold by AUCTION at Mr.
- Georcs Giess's Whaif, -
WO Calks of Red Wine
in Bottles, a Quaatity of M*a’s
w Woslea Stockings, Siztesn Fit
kilmf B:‘unlr. s %at of g_\nl;n. W;n.
confifting of Plates, Di amber Pots.
Sec.'and 8 fow Crlbs of Makovedo Sugar.
The SALE will begia 8t X{ o°Clnck.
At his Shop the Corngr of ALMY’s Whatfy,
A P sad Turpeatine per Barrel,
& Browa Sagar per Banel,
Weft:lndia Rem psr Hoglhead,
Chocolste per Bsx,
Bohea sad Green Tea par Cheff,
Leag Pipes por Box,
Madeire and Red Port Wises pet Pipe or
. Quarter Catk,~— Men's Shoes, &c¢. &c.
TRAYED thre¢ Days ago,
; BAY“IIAR,& ".ith‘a Sm ‘hphr
5 » ; two et
mfi' .otm. ‘appears lame pf the
right hind Foot.——Whosver will Mz
Aer ot give Intelligence to Captsin §B!
22d Regimeat, fhall be ‘rewarded for his
Tiouble. " = \ :
AN excellent Saddle Horfe. .
¢ . Eaquire of the Priater.
A few Firkins of BUTTfi;
: of the firft Qoality, '
T'o be fold at a moderate Price, if immedi
stely n%lhd for. Require of the Piiaver.
A Quantity of excellent Che
fhire CHEESE. e
Bcqeiré of the Prister,

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