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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, September 23, 1779, Image 4

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Imported in the Jak Flee! from Grear-Briie
And to be S!d at his Shop in Newpm(, ot the
lowcfl.Rnu for Riapy Money onir. ih
following Aniicles, v 2, o
GROCERIES. | Deuble dii'led A™
L . nilecd Water,
B F:q r “} “0“’ F ench Liqu')r,
Souchong,Grees | Wity Wive Vinsosr
and Bohea Tear, | | ocdon Porie: Tf: :
Single,doubleand ire | yon Ale. MW
ble refioed Sugars, |(. . {'t-
Mufcovido Sagar, l S ohteltionary.
Coftce and Chogolare, (;“d‘d Orasge Peal,
Jarr and Cafk Raifias, l Canded Lemon Pesl,
Currsa's and Figs, Greea Ciiron,
;:rdu Almonds, | Lemoa Peal Chip’d
{ard & Sofs Shell, do, | Orange Peal Chip’d,
Nutmegs, Mace, I Sugar’dCarawaySsed,
Cinsamos, Cloves & sf‘l"" Almonds,
Pepper, Suger'd Co:issder
Pearl & coarfe Brrley, Seed,
Split Peafe & G u z, | ComforuSugar Burley
Bowsen’s S-go Pewder, Fine Scots Caraways,
S-g in Gain, I Beft dryed Cherries,
Vermifcille Inglofs, | Froit Preferved i
Caraway, Annifeed & Brandy,
Cori néer Seed, | Syrup de Orgeat,
Hart H ro Sbavings, | 5779 p de Capilage,
Iv 'y Sh viogs, CHINA.,
Bake Sal’, Tea Cups & Saucers,
PICKLES., | Ccff:c Caps ard Sau-
French&loanihOlives cors,
Gikens & W li.au, | Breakhat Cupy aad
Muthsroons & Oxions, | S ucers,
Anch vies & Capers, | Miik Pots and Swegar
K-t hu; & ladia Soy, | Difhes,
Barbe ri s, G L ASS.
PER FL‘MERY.I Quart and 2 Quarwe
Double diftlled La. | Decanters,
vender Waie-, P nt, half Pint & Gill
King's Honey Water, | Tumblers,
Bergamo: ‘Water, Wice Glaffes, Vinegar
%efl'ani- Water, Craets,
flence o B:. gamot, \W th Hand Bafoms &
Efiencs of Lavend:r, Sal s,
gfiendcg :f Lemons, SUNDRIES.
u de Luce, Be . PR
Volauvle Efferce of s.o&-so' a:dd S.; c::l
LJ".d.'. Bln. 3 »
Spirits of Hursthorn, | Cagile
s i's' of“l..: i Lasfl.ll:p and Common
Sal Vot Beft Du,
Bet Scenied Hoir | Howeshrig o aiird,
Powder, Effeace of § m-c.u .
Beft Violet Powder, I White and Bpm'.. S~
&ard aad Soft Poma- gar Candy,
tums, Mutto
Scented Wahh Ballolc:.:.;,,fl-,‘;,'n' Virsi
and Cales, via Strafba: ;‘:d.
Orange Flour Water, I Rappee 3";
BeR Loadon diflilled | Long Pipes, Bee
Rofe Wager, I Waz, pes, 3.
Pes:l & Royal Tosth- | i Black Guard
3 P.-wder.’ . Sasff
flen=e of Pearl, . " L
']l’_ual Den:if i“'fl . l?:)'n“ »by the Bar
co'h & Nail Brufhes, :
Powder Bgs & Peff’, En“gil'lgoflntur by the
Powder B.xer & Poffs, | Raifins by the Cagk
Skaving Boxes, B:3p [ Spli: Peafe by i
C?d Béufln. o I Cok e
ske snd fhaviagSoap |
Patent Cake Blackiag, ' s‘g::‘.,’""’ o %
Court Plaifter, y )
Sme ling Bottles, vs- G‘é:',hb'“ o
rioas Sorts, sy
:'hlving Powder, wisi::.f..& Wrep ping
wagary Water, .
Pl;{c and other Me- l hkw!::“"' focking
iese, Nails of all Sizes
I.IQU O RS. | Ozaabrigs, Rufis
M:d+i 2,RedPort,Cls Drabs,
retk Teee iffeWines, | Drills, Cotton and
Hollead Geneva, Linnen Checks,
Bi L L T I~
NEWPORT : Printed by JO HN HOWE, ia Thames: Street. Coruer of the Paraded
At the SHOP oprcfite the Cuwncr Lang
| Tuames-Srecer,
' Has tor SALF,
SUPERHM. Gas & Bou'e Bon.
Zcr::’;'cklmz::. , Black Coito» Desim,
Diito, fathsasble ce- Rich firpi, i we ¢,
loars, spd b ouccdx..b
Ditto, Searlet om ene t’" acd Biied
fide snd Blue on | . uell ings,
‘.th.'. l((q, 1101, .ngg.
Ditto, Yellow, for| Hrimgs. Fricndy
Faciogs, Celours,
Gold Epaulets, Ladiesclegan:Clo ke
G.ld & Siiver Lage,| %*¢ B ruenn of
Military Shoes, blas, black, and
Soldiers Shirts, white Sattin plaia
Check, ditto, anc ] wered,
Gent'emen’s Shir's, ' Ditto, Mcde do, do.
rufiizd with Seript D?'H"' acdßounnens
Mufln, & E‘g“.‘ Diwe, Gavze Ca d
Black Velvet, for! nalv ceweit T.(e,
Soldiers Stocks, | Rica Staipy, figui’s,
Supefine white Caf. S?oucd 2ad Chain
fimire, '(ut.us.
Suje.fine white Ger- Ditto, Plain White,
man Ccrd, for <iito,
Gentlemen’s Vel D“‘_°o ditte, Black,
and Breeches, , digtr,
Supe fise Scarlet | White Miniger,
Ratiinetts for Su- | Black, di 10,
mer Ceats, le,’l Calimaeco
Browa Buckram, Shoes, F.snca
Silk & Woarited Knee | H- Is,
St ops, Geuze [Hancker.
Men’s fine plain cbi.fs, Bt ber-
Shoss and Pumjs, | d¢rs,
Ditto, ditte, fitcned | Liwa, ditto, dine,
and bound neai | L¢y’s Diels Cajs,
Fabric, Biowa and Waite
Diue, ditto, Sirgle | Sheetng,
Chaanel Paaps, Pomcraaia Linntm,
Men’s coloared and | Dispe, srd D apel
white Silk H [z, Tacle Ciouns,
Diteo, ditte, Glavas, ‘ Bedi .k,
Men’s fine whise | Lheck Linnes,
Thiead Hcfe, Lain fias & coarle,
Ditto, Werited ditto, \ Cambrick, ditto, do.
M:n’s fine aac Feli | Bancanaces and bilk
Hats, ' Handke:chie!'s,
Diito, Round, ditto, ! Nua’s Thie:d, from
Irith Linacns, a neat No. 4, w 306,
Affortmeat of 3 | Black Oftrica Fes
4ths, 7 Bths, and thers,
Yard-Wide, very | ltalian Spriggs,
Cheap, by the | Skeiitua Wire,
Piece, Sairt Buttoss,
Printed Haadker- | Women’s coloured
chicfs, sll Colaars, Leather Gloves &
Ditio, White, field Miute,
with eleganiCaiatz | Ditto, Si'k Gloves,
Borders, fer riding Habit,
Check Linaea Hand- | Ditto, Waerfted, dit.
kerchiefs, Black, Blae, (3-cen,
Hora aad Ivery Scarlet and Ye low
ComYs, Daran:s, & Tam-
Sewing Silk all Co. mies, '
lours, ‘ Ditto, ditto, ditto,
Men’s Leather Gloves Shzllosas,
Plaia filvered ye.low | Printed Durants,
Coat & Velt Bu:- | Silk Cord, & Cerded
tens, Poplin,
Ditte, Aacher, ditto, ! Silk Moarses for Vet
Siare, Death nead, & | Silk and Cottoa Mo
Mobair, ditro, aces,
Silk Stocking Maca. | Women’s W hite Silk
roni Veft patterns, sad Thresd Hofe,
Whiie jeans, - Ribboas, Stript, Fi.
White Flannel, gur'd, & Phia,
White, Green, sad | Ditto, Tafte, ditto,
Boff Miil'd Pla d- | Ditio, Safh, ditto,
oz Doflle, Sca.let and bloe
Ozncbrigs & Coloa. | Bioad Cloth Car
red Th'“d.. difl.l'.
London 15, Plag, Kept of 2%
Tariiazton’s Balfam, ! each,
Raspeg 5. uff, 1a Bot Cheefe in Hnspcn,'
‘les, Bet [ Bee! n
Hvyon Te+ of the Ba rels,
At Qiality, by | A Chojce A riment
the C el or fnal. cf I'ad Ware, ia
der Quan iy, C fxs,
Bet ~u crhoe Prdh | Jorcan Almerds, ig
Fl‘)dr, in p-reed 10 % fl;;,
the (28 hps from ' Sieg e refin'd Sugar,
New York, In d e,
Barley ia Cufki of 2 | Pisia Sco ch Servf,
Cw-, ‘ in Ciflts o' 6 cem,
Ditio B¢2 Pearl in cica,
780 88 BOOLD,
A G EAT Vuariety ot Yirde
wide [Linaers, ver Lr.e.ap,
Fiae Caniby k, anu fiveandc.ar’e Lawa a.d
Camb ick Mandxiic iiets,
Lodies Supe h ew iic 5 k St clinsa,
Mc ’s 00, wito bioad and earrow rbb'd
‘l'h ead,
L dies Supeshire Cout a, ciito,
M:n's cooir ¢ Worie , “Itto,
Backany Buffi We tted Pi- ¢ for B ezches,
Sa tin arc Cilizmaeco Petiicoa s,
Viry hanci-ae plain and §,llg°d Muflins,
Q. en’s Sro s,
S« in dutio,
R bte s fc fferent C-'cyrs,
The ads Taper, Fatle i-0, Nerd'les, R,
81 er Veiler Lacr. lich S )ve pp.cei Hat
B ods T .Ml &
Silver P at d Spurs, Leatkers, & .
Silv r Buikees, » .a mode de Aruife, very
He: di =€y
Bt Loncoa B «le,
Onae Piece rich Lla'k Pa'ufly, wih fcme
A lstpe Quaniity of Seldiers aad Sdilor: icady
made S ir's, ve'y cheap, -
Beft Supe:fi.e Bl nkats, /
With a Variery o f HARD WARE, latcly
imported from Eegland.
Juft Imported fiom New-York,
Oa board the B:'g ROSE, now la:ing at My
A SMALL Quantity of Good
American Fl ur, in fwall Bar els)
Ship B ead, i dito, a few K-gs of Crackin
thrse H gtheads Loaf Scgar, and 8 Quartity
of Cha'k, all which he will ‘el! chesp t6:C:fh
89 he intends to return (0 New Yo.k with ne
sext Convoy.
On the Jowefß Terms, for Cefh orlv.
F EW Punchcons ot O
Jamaica Spirits, Becf, Pork. ard
Floar, per Barrel, Brown Suparsy
per Hogfhead and Barrel. Ship Bread acd
Starch per Cark, Choice Mol:fler, per Hog:
head, New; Rice, in Tiorces and balt Tiercesy
Greea Tea, per Ch:ff, Madeira Wirpe, in
Quarter Catks, and per dozen, Tallow Can
dies, per B:x, and alfo sa Affortment of
Eaglth Goods, as efual.
N. B. A very nest Green Wirkey, wiik
Steel Spriros end Harnefls comnl-ae.
A FEW Britifh Court Calend
ers, for the Year 1779, 10
be had of the PRINTER.

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