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The Newport gazette. [volume] (Newport [R.I.]) 1777-1779, September 30, 1779, Image 1

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“ VYel. IIL] ‘ ¥ H ¥ Ne. 138
Ry :
? Dirfgme oS |,
W 2 WO, = 2% ’,.‘\- :
§’r‘. \"’.. R tj \ 'l'
| X 57 \'z:@‘ d: ~
=l, : ):9 K
Ficm tze LUNDON GAZETIE, juy 3.
Weimisper, Juiy 3.
T HIS D y His Maj ttr came to the
H .fc of Pecrs, aad being 1a hs
Rorva! Robes feated oa the Throne
with t' e vfual 3clemnity, Sir Francis Moly- |
p-ex, K 1.0, Gensteman Uthzr of the
Blac’ Rod, was feot wieh a M [Tige fiom
H Mauaceits 0o the Houfe of Commens,
¢ mmaadirg the'r Attendance in tze [[oufe
of Pers. The Commong beicg come
thither acco-ding'y Hs Mojeity was ploaf
gd 1o g ve rne Royal Affeat 0 .
Ar A fir remsving certain Difficu'tias
auirh rersei to the more /peady and e/l Bual
o oencag His Maefy’s Navy, for a bLimited
Ylml. |
An A 2 fer aegmenting the Miliiias
And ta cne p ivate Bill, |
Afe: which s M jely =iz plaafed to
@ ke he 1o o~ing moit gricius dpeech:
My Lords and Gentlsoun,
P H E many grea. ond *fTent’a’ Sepvi
l “¢cs 'ou have rendered ome and 10
1 C agutry, da ing the Cou (2 of you !
{oo: A tenan-ein Parliament, demand my |
p ftcrai | Thanks. |
| nave (eo, wi‘h entire Approba‘ise, the
Z -3l vou have manifeited fr tae Supnert!
prd Profecution *f the jult snd nec fTary
Wir n whi.h [ am eagag'd, nor am [ |24
f- (idle cf your A teauon to the preent
$ vaof ny Kingdom of lrelaad : M. pa
te ral A 4 ctiomtor all my People makes
ref c ei; anxi 93 for the Happin:fa a d
P. i ey of every pari of my Domivons,
Hi: @ ¢ the Events of War have aff» d.
¢d «he Ccouriof France no Reafon ta rnump
oa the O nequnces of their Injiflice and
B ¢ ch of public Faith ; and I (ruf}, taat
by a 1 #eit-d acd pro’peroas Exertion o
the Force y.u have pst inta my Haeds,
thet ambitincs Power may be br apht to
w {h tha th-y had mot, without Prevocs
tion or C ufe of Complaiot, infulted the
Honoar 8:d invided the Righis of my
Cr wn.
] :ave aleady acquainted you with the
Roftile S ep shich has been late'y taken by
tbe Cort of : pairs Whatever Colour my
be st empred to be pet upos that unjell
Proceed'ng, I am conflcizus that [ have
Notki gt reprcach mylel! with, [i has
been fo ] wed by the cl.aref D monft a.
fios s of the Loyalty and Aff €t on of my
Parlamert to My Ferfon and Gore nmeat,
fer which I re_est to you my warmeft
Thask: ; and I coefi‘e it 21 3 happy Omen
©f the Suc ofs of My Arms, that s Ep
¢ cafe of Difficv] ies ferves only to avgmesnt
the {currge tad Conflancy cf the Nati-n,
92d 10 azicaie snd unite my People in the
Defence of their Country, and of every
T.ivg that is deer to them,
The ad-anced Scalrn of the Year re
' quires that [ (hould «fford yea fome Rocefs
from Public Bufinefs 3 acd [ do it with the
1 fs Re ultance, s, by the Powers vefled
in me by Law, [ <an havet ¢ Ad of you:
Advi eu d Aflitan.e withi Foeries® Davs,y
th-udany Em- g2'ncy mak: it neceflary fu
Me to conrvene y u bef re the ufu | Time.
Gentlemen of the Houje of Commons.
The varicus and exicniive Op. suions of
the War have naavoidaoly ocesfioned un
comm-a kx ence, and brough: sddiism.l
Ba thea: on my fiicaiai end bel.ved P:o
-p'fy which [ molt fincerely reg et. [ can
ot futiciently t*a k you tor the Co: fideacs
Y u cave repof d in me, and ter he Cher
fulaels and Pubic Spirit wi'h whi-h the
lar e Sep lies for the curreat Yeur have
b.ea g anted. :
' My Lords and Gentlemn,
~ Boasamp ible tc fpeak ot the Comting
ance 0: the Rcbe lios ia N> th America
wi h ut the de ;eft Loncers ; bat we have
Riven ivcy engrefticnable Proefs of ger
fiucere Difpofi 1 n to put as End 1o thofe
Trouder, that | mul fill beps, th.t the
waiignast Defiony of the Enemie. of Great
Biitain cannoc long poeviii agtiuft e enn
d ot Luersita of ho.e ush ppy P ovinces,
8 d chat tary wil oot blizd y pe fidt in pre
ferring an @nnatural sad dungeiow coanec
tion with a Foregn Power, ¢» Peace and
R: uaion wih their M :iher Coun ry.
Thea the Lord Chanc 110, by his Ma
jet,’s Comm nd, fad,
My L rds end Genileren,
1 T is His Ma/ofty’s Riyal Wiil and Plia-
T ywre Thar this Parliament be prorogued to
Thuridar the 515 Day of Auguf n'xt, te be
4ben bere bolden ; and this Pa liament is ac
cordingly provogued to Thur/day the §té Day
" of dugu ment. [Gax.
. LONDON, Jcer 29
HOUSE of LOR S, Saurdey J9uu 29.
' When the M 1 ion wis made for m‘ { cond
re:diag of the Impicfling B 11. ihe ot
Belton ref: op ; a:d addieflizg bimf:lf to
the Firft Lord .f the Admiralty be;ged to
know, by Wav of I:formation, whether the
| M*n be'ong ag to Private:rs were by this
Billli b'etobzimp-eff d, as be knew feveral
s of his Fiiends who had agreed to fit oat
. Privateers. Lord Sandwich anfwered hi
y G ace in the Affirmative, telling tte Nable
~ Duke at the fume Time, that it was difa
-2 g eeable to him to be usder the Neceflity of
n taking fuch a Siep ; bu it was fousd ex
pedicnt to put the Navy upon the moft re
t { e@able Fo.ting, snd as there was feveral
, Ships ready ‘0 pet 10 Sea, in order to
¢ Rrecgthen the Fioot snder ihe Commard of
Sir Charles Hardv, and which ot t'is Time
o ly waited for M-n ; he faid he threw
hinfelt upon the Prote&ion of their Lorde
fhips, and wifhed that th: Meafures at this
very al rming C.ifis obl ged 10 be taken by
his M jefty’s Servants, might meet with
th ir Lordthips Approb:tion ; he added be
heyed in God, the Mea w.uld foon be
go ; that wheaever that H ur came he
fh w!d immediviely enquire what Part of
oa T.ade fuff red meit v want of Pro=
t &ions, and that they fh.uld be the firf®
Obje@ of »i+ C nfidera:ion ; that othe o off
(maller Corf quence, fh uld be likew f@
carefully attended te, and prote@ed in theie
T.ade as foon as he prefent difagrecable
Ha y o' imp efliny Men for his M jelty’q
Sc.vige was over,
| Monday, Tane 28.
The Houle b ing re'amed, was agalm
sticived a 0 scihe. Qo ey THE'
Bili for removi-g Objeßions azsinft mane<
nag ris M j Ry’s Navy, Lord Cacterficld
in the Ch ir.
Tre Dake of Richmond prop~fed four
Princ pal Alterst'ossint iaßil. The fir®
wis i's being a pef fa7e Bill, the fecond
r-lative to the Clavfe which ¢ffc@ d the
C Liers, the third relative to the L fecurity
ot ibe Prote@ioms; the foarth, that the
imp effed Men (wha wera proteted beforn
this Bill) thould bs difcharged at the B d
of five Moaths, Te all thefe Points hie
G .ace argued with grea' Sirength of Rzalom
and Confti wrional Spi-it, in which he wae
fupperied by tke Duke of Bo 'or, Lordg
Raven{worth, Fercers, and ERigham, bug
3.1 to no Pa pofe.
Lo d Sandwich threw bimfelf da the
Compaffion of the' Houle § faid what be did
ras an AR of Neceffity and if their Lorde
fhip: d:d net fuspert him in it, he did sot
know whether he fhoa'd ever put his Foot
withia that Houfe sgain, g
Lord Stermoat fuppo ted the frft Lord of
the Admiralty oaths Ground of Srars Ne
ceffity, a 0 did ‘
. The Lord Chancollor on the feme Ples,
' Tae feveral Amendments which were
therefore mads by the Deke of Richmond,
was segatived without o Divifion, aftee
' which
) Lord Ferrers propefed one in Faveur of
| the Fire Men, sod urged the very great U'e
this Body ef People were to the City of
London ; bet Lo-d Ferrer’s Propofil met
with the fame Fate as jthe other Amendq
- menty.
I The Duke of Rictmond then rofe, as
- tald their Lordfhips, that their Conde@ b
forced him to de an A& which he never
| orizioally iatended, which wes to give &
) Diffent to the Whole of the Bill, a¢ foon as
f aver it wos reporied, sad which he fhosld

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