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2y Rbrea!, /120 Nay.)
THE '.s‘!“e of 1 Conlils to the Con
fervative Sepate, and the diffecent Cficial papers
relacing theseto, being prefénted to the ‘l?c‘ibn
nate : Simzon, after a loag fpeech, prailing the
moderaiion of Boaaparte, aod the propricty of
the Government in patting the qaeftion confti
tutioaslie, to the peopie, Whetber Bonaparte
Joall be E:rft ana’dar Life # moved, that * a
mellage (hould be feat to the Government, r 2.
turning thanks for the conftitutioal masner in
which they had performed the with of the Tri.
bunate.” —Adopred,
Chabot moved, that the regifters fhould be
immediately opeaed for Ihe Members of that bo
dy to inferibe their votes.”’ —Adopted,
Paris, May 13.—~The Prefe@t of the De.
partuent of the Sewne gave public notice, that
on the Iz2th May the regifters thoald be open to
seceive the votes of the citizens of that depart
On the 14th May fimi'ar Refolutions are
to be opened at Paris, with the Clerks of the
Tribuagls of Appeal, of criminal martters, and
of Commere, at the ofices of 12 Mayors, 12
Joftices of Peace, and 113 Pablic Notaries of
Thefe Regifters are 1o be open for 7 days,
fram 10 in the moraing till 4 in the afiernoen
—The quellion is as before fated—Sball Bona
parte be Firft Conjul for Life 2
Loxpox, May 19.—An appeal npon the
imporrant queftion, ** Whether Narovrton
Bosaranre fhall be Conful for life,” is to be
fubritted to the people ; but their decifion is
reqoired with the utmoft fpeed—No time is left
for deliberation. In three weeks an anfwer is
to be retorned by the people of France, upon
one of the molt smportant gueftions thar can
comwe before a nation.—Why has France endur
ed the agonizing thioes awd throbs of a ten
years Revolution ¢ The increale of her military
fame and Continental pofl (lions, was the cffett,
bat not the motive of the Revolution. Nor
had the Revolution far its objet the mere re
moval of the reigning Dynafly, ‘The great ob
jott was the deflruttion of that defpotic power,
which prefled with fach weight upon the people,
and the eflablith meot of a Government founded
wpan popolar prisciples.—Where are we to look
for them 7 The Chief Magiftrate is originally
appoioted for ten years; a mao of gigantic gen
jus and talenrs is elefted to it ; he duzies
France by the fplerdor of his atchievewents,
and scqorses immenfe popolarity—he feizes the
favoranle moment, and geis himfclf eßablithed
in his office for life ! 1!
‘the tranfition trom cieating an office for
life, and makiug it heredicary is by no means
dificelr, We fhall nor at all be furprifed at a
rwi(:filion for prefeeving the Chirf Confulfpip
in the family of Bounaparte,—Of the Second and
Third Confuls we have forborae to {peak ; the
Julos et Cejare Conpulibus may be applied to
them with as much joftice as it was to Cxsar’s
collcague, Upon the whale we cohfider this
meafore as impolitic on the part of Boxa
rarte, and dangerous to the real intereits of
libeety, and of the people,
From the Huufe of Reprefemratives of the Miffi.
Soppi Tervitory, to bis Excellency Thomas Jef.
fetfon, Prefident of the United States,
IN the courfe of a long, honorable, and
alefol life, your love for mankind and their
rights, your wifdom to difcern, firmnefs to pur
fuoe, and folieitude to promote the true intereft
of the American nation, have been eminently
confpicuons, and whiie fach virtoes and talents
have attcated our adwiracion and efteem, they
could oot fail to infpire a refpect for, and con
fidence in your adminiitration.
In foperinteading the affiirs of United
America, and fonvmfiog the welfare of your
pemerous conftituents we are fully affared, that
this Territory will occupy a due proportion of
your cares, and on all proper occafions, will re
ceive the toftering fupport of the general gov.
No part of the United Srates, Sir, poffefles
gamore local advantages, than this Diftri®?, and
bet advancement tw profperity promifes to be
fpeedy and certain; we acknowledge with grat.
itude, that under your paternal aufpices, our
rofpe@s for political happinels have grearly
gvighccned, and we anticipaie with fondeft ex
pectations the arrival ol a period when this ter
ritory, mature in age, firong in population, and
rich in refources, will add Rill greater fecurity
and confequence to the American Union ; and
we flatter ourfelves, that her prefeat and future
legiflators will remain no lefs zealous and firm
in the fupport of virtuous rulers, and virtoous
mealores, than in a firi@@ adherence to conftitu
tional provifions, and thofe republican principles
which the patriets of feveaty ix had the greate
nefs to conceive, the boldnefs to avow, and the
fortitude to maintain,
We pray Almighty God, to profper your
adminiftration, and extend to a life fo valuable,
the particular parronage of Heaven,
(Signed) H. HUNTER.
Speaker of the Houfe of Reprefemtacives.
¥o the Hon, the Specker of the Honfe of Riprefen
tatives of the Myifippi Territory.
. Wafhington, March 2, 1802,
B . okt AR P DB
I RECEIVE with great refg:fl the ap
o probation whica the Legiflature of the Miffifippi
Yerritory, in their refolutions of the 3t De
cember laft, have heen pleafed to exprels on my
declining to recew the commifion of their late
governor. The talk of jadging thofe whaife con
dod in office calls for it, is always painful ; bat
the grounds of judgment in that cafe were fuch
as 1o leave no loem to doubt the line of duiy I
had to purfue, 'The teßimons of the Jegiflatare,
founded in what themfelves have feen and felt,
confirm the juftice of that judgment,
. I concur with them in entire confidence
that our expetations from his fucce{lor will not
be difappointed ; and I avail myfelf of this opgor
tonity of affuring them that on every occalion,
intesefting to the profperity, fa‘ety or happinels
of the Miflilippi Territory, thev may rely on a
faithful and zealous difchu;;t ul my deties.
I [ pray you, accept for yourfelf, and the
houfe or reprefentatives of the Miffiippi Terri
tory, the homage of my high refpet and confi.
deration, Tu : JEFFERSON,
NEW YORK, June, 30,
Captain Rogers, from St Auguftine, informs
ay, that two days before he farled a party of Gen.
cral Bowle’s lodians came within four miles of
the town, killed one man and touvk fix negrm
men, one woman, and a child, prifoners. '#he
Governor of St. Auvgoftine, on bcin% madc ac
quainted with this circumftance, ordered a de
tachment of the milicia to go in immediate par
fuit of them.
Yefterday Mr. Fabez Luiber, 34, of this
town, had hoth Ais arms blowa off, and other
wife much burat by the difcharge ot a cannon,
in the aét of rammiong home the cartridge. His
right aim was taken off jult below, and bis lefe
juit abeve his clbows, which he bore with an afl
tonifhiing degree of fortitude.—The amputations
were performed by Doéiors Nelfon, of Briftol,
and 7 bomp/en and Burr, of this town, in fuch
a manoer as did honor to the faculty ; and at
prefzat there is a probability of his care.
Saturday, Fuly 10, 1802.
ON Mbonday the sth inft, (the 4th bein
Sunday) the 27th Anciverfary of our Nuiunfi
Birth-Day was celebraied in this town, with
fuitablc demonftrations of fatistaction and joy.
The Day was ufhered in by che difcharge of
cannon. '
Naruanier Hararo, Efg. who had
been appointed by the Town to deliver an Ora
tion upon the occafion, havisg beea prevenced
by illochs from performing, and bavieg fignified
the impoflivility of his actempting it ; the Rev,
Josmua Braotey was waited vpon a day or
twa previous, and defired by a namber of ref
pectable Citizens to undertake the tatk, With
dificulty he was prevaried on, He ftated to the
Committee, that his profeffional avocations
would preclude the poflibility of his preparing
any thing like an Oratipn, even if the length ot
time were greater, With cheerfoloels, however,
he enlited his taleats in the celebration of an
event fo illafirious, and intel’efiing to mankind,
rather than it fhould pafls over in filence, and
llllflOliced. .
© At 11 o’clock, the Citizens affembled at
the Second Baptift Meeiing-Hoofe. Not ex
r&ing to hear more than the Declaration of
ndependence, and a {elelion of Plaimody, the
attendance was not fo general as it otherwife
would have been, But fnm agrorable was the
difappoinment of thofe who were prefent, when,
after an excellent performance of feleéted choir,
and a prayer calculated to fortify the heart by
principle, and to temper ir by the pure elements
of religion; the amiable Divine arofe in the
capacity of an Orator, and delivered a Difconele
that would do henor to any man in any coungry,
For correltoels, & purity of RRyle ; for energy &
clevation of featimest ; for depth, flow, znd
amplicade of thought ; for appropriate adher.
ance rto time, place, and occafion ; and above
all, for purity of metive, it was warmly, and
highly approved, by all who witnefled its deliv
ery. He expatiated in a forcible manner, on
the caufes of our glorices emancipation from
Britith bondage—the cruei and inhuman con.
doét of the mother country towards her then
infant colonies—the fcenes of blood, of war, and
of devaftation, throogh which we had paffed
and a tribute of regard for the Heroes who
foughr and fell in the revolution—together with
other fentiments, which were received with ap
probatien by the audience. The exercifes were
clofed with appropriate mufic. The whole was
condected with decency and propriety ; and
noihing tranfpired to dithonor the natal day of
oor Liberties. The Citiztns then retired to
enjoy the ‘“ fealt of reafon, & the flow of fosl,”
when the following Toalts were drank :
1. The United States of America—** Free,
fovereign and Independent.”
2. The Conflitution—May its viclaters
meet a fpeedy exit,
3. The Union—** United we fand, divi.
ded we fall.”
4+ The Peefident—His enemies thou'd con-
Lder ¢ that joltice eannot fleep forever.”
. The Vice- Prefidenc—+* An uaion of all
boue; men,”
6. The State of Rhode [fland—The fop.
r‘.on it gives the general Government, exceeds
geogranhical boualts,
7. The Governor.—Envy, hatred, and
malice, have attacked him in vain.
8. Our Raulers——-May they not be men
“* who fesl power, and forget right.”
9. ** Etcouragement 1o Agriculture, and
Commerce, its hand-maid.”
10. Party fpirit—May it ** onite with ooe
heart and one mind’* for the poblic good.
11. Expences—May they Rill be reduced
“ to what is ablolately neceflary for the fupport
of government,”
12. * Secret fervice money” —Let it never
more difgrace the Annsle of America.
13. The firkt Prefident of rthe United States
—Who was ** firflt in War, fieß in Peace, and
ficit in the hearws of his countrymen,”
14 The Sages who have fullen in the
cdufe of Liberty—Let us imitate their virdes,
tl5. ** Fugitives from diftrefs”—May our
thores lumifls them with an Alylom. 4
16, The Farn—May they adwire the vir
taons, and be admired for their virwoes,
17. Peace on earth and good will to men,
Oup Sours-—~Whofe patriotic exertions
in the Republican cavfe have been anexampled
—Thoa hatt deferved weill of thy conntry,
The American Eacr.e —May the foar alofi
and tell the world we will be tree.
We congratnlate the Citizeas of Newport,
and its vicinity, bat the readers of the Mercury
o particelar, on the fral conclupion ot the
¢« Speech of Mr, Rurteoce againit the repeal
of the late Judiciary law,” which was annoua.
ced on Tuelday lak, We Mall make no com
ments Upan it ; but may with great propriety
exclaim with the Poet—-that
! Ratlzdge, poor tellow, boil'd o'er like
“ With fultian ang froth os of feafon.”
) WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 1802,
This day deferves particular record’ in the
hiftory of America—as it tsrminaces the exif.
tedce of a feries of meafures bearing 8 painful
refemblance to thofe which canfed Amarica a wen
years war, and an huodred thoufand lives,
Ox this day the Odimi Stame TAX expires,
obnoxious to the fpirit of hberty,
The Tax on hovfes and lands cesfes, o injuri
ous 10 population and agriculture,
The Tax on coaches and horfes, {0 injusioes to
home maoufatures,
Nearly two thoufaal officers created for purs
pofes of patronage, to live in idlencfs upon
the indeflry of the people ceafe from this day;
On this day expires the funflions, influence,
and falaries of an unneceflary band of judges,
created for purpofes fubverlive of juftice and
public good. (Aurera,
Interefting to Navigators.
The provihon made dering the lare fefion
of Congrels, for tacilitating the Navigation of
Long-Liland fiund, is highly interefliog 1o the
citizens of New. York, Couneéticut, Rhode:
fland and Maffachuferts, 'The 22t provides for
the furvey of fuch parrs of the Sound, as may
be neceflary, and lor placing as wany Booys,
and erecting as many Bacons and Light-Houfes,
as the good of navi‘ganon may require, It is
calculated that 600 fail of vefl'ly pafs through
Hell-gate every weck, in this arm of (he fea,
The contemplated place for a Light- Houfe, is
Watch Point, on the bottom of Cow-Neck,
- On Saturday lalt, a very melancholly acci.
dent took place in this town :—Mr, Etxa-
THAN H. Ricuarpson, Printer, fon of Jacob
Richardfon, Efq. in paffing through a gate, with
a loaded mufker, in the purfuit of game, acgi
dently difcharged its contents in his hrealt, which
pot an immediate period to his exiftence. He
‘was 3.young man of repatation, and i seives
fally regreted. '
Fabrenbeit's Thermometer—lBol.
| 4| ,
Bpal g Winds, Weather,
- n ~
1|69 |9t ]SW |BW | Fair Fair
z|69l7;‘D).'Du.|l)o. Do.
3170|756 Do. | Do, | Do. Do,
4168|172 | N Do. | Clondy | Do,
§|66| g | S ISE | Fair ' Kain
6168 |94 N S Ciovdy | Fair
71 64 ,72’NE l NE | Do. Cloudy
866|700 E SW | Do. Fair
Difdvict of Newsport, July 3.
Extiaso, rom
Sloop Thomécfi'crfon, Salfbury, New. York
Betley, Gaoger, Ditto
e Alfred, Wood ward, Charlefton
e T'wo.Brothers, Shaw, Lighton
e—e= Lydia, Oxx, Briftol
e General Greene, Gardner, Providence
asmee Poily, Diman, Briftol
e Lydia, Oxx, Ditto
Schooner P‘inm. Wafs, Machias
e Deborah, Holmes, B.fton
Cruearep, For
Brig Polly, Lawton, Havre de Grace
Schooner Marian, Hunter, Martinique
Sloop Juliet, Wood, Wett Indies
e Polly, Bartlert, Bofton
~— Alfred, Woodward, Stonington
e Fame, Waldin, Providence
= Betfey, Cowing, New. York
« Fame, )Jultio, Ditto
Eliza, Eveleth, Ditto
Sally, Farnam, Diuto
e Two. Sifters, Earl, Ditto.
And for Sale at the Store of
A BOX of the Newelt Fathion’d JEWEL.
RY, dire@ from Em?. confilting of
the moft Fafhiovable Ladies EAR RINGS.
___July 8, 1802, 93
7*:«1:‘0:1. and for fale at this Office,
Lats Presipent of Tus UsiTen STATES,
Suppreffion 2 Colonel Burr,
Of the Ve H.M.
THS petition of Elizabeth Vaxghe, of News
port, ih the county of Newport, wife of
Nathan FVasghn, paaying that, for the canfes
therein flated, thg bonds of marriage between
her, and her faid hofbind, might be diffulved,
was, on this eighth day of July 1802, lodged in
the Clerk’s office of the Sepreme Jadicial Court,
for the county of Neeport ;- |
This is 0 give Notice, therefore, to the
faid Nathan Vawghn, and 1o all perfons concem.
ed, chat they appear at the Supreme Jodicial
Court, ta be holden in faid Newport, in aad
for faid county of Newport, on the Kuuh Mon
day of Augzuß next, then and there to fhew
caufe, (if any they have) why the prayer of faid
petition ought not 1o be granted, ;
P M. INFUMM)RD. Clerk,
Newport, Jxly 8, 1802. 93
Ten Cents Reward,
RAN away from the fubferiber, on the soth
of June lat, ad indeated negro Boy, nam
ed JOSLAS CESER, in the Ig9th year of his
age, has a fear of a burn oh one of his Rifts, a
fhott thickfet fellow, had on a farr hat; a round
olive coloured jacket and trowfers ; any perfun
who will fecure him in jail, or return him to
the fubferiber, fhail receive the above reward :
Mafteis of veffels, and others 2re hereby forbid
harboting, trafting or employing him on peoal
ty of the law; )
North. King flewn, JFuly 5, 1802, 93§
YESTERDAY. a fmall Sum of Money in
Back Biils. The owner proving property,
may have it again by ealling on the {ubferiber;
afier payiong tot this adverufement.
Newport, Taly 10,
WHBREAS Abigail Swirl-, of Newport,
in the covnty of Newport, wife of Rich«
ard Switle, ot faid Newport, did, on the eighth
day of Jualy, one thoufand cight hundred and
two, lodge her petition in the Clerk’s cffice of
the Supreme Judicial Court, for the faid coun
ty of Newport, praying for various caufes theres
in ftated; rhat the bands of marridge between
her, and her faid hufbind, might be diiloived,
and a dceree of divorce promulgated e
T his is, therefore, to give Notice to the
faid Richard Suetle, and to l?ll others concerned,
to appear at the next Sopreme Judicial Courr,
to be holden at {uid Mewport, in and for (aid
county of Newpire, an the fourth Monday in
Auvguft 1802, and fhew cavfe (if any they have)
why the prayer of faid petition oughe not to be
R P. M. MUMFORD, Clert.
Neavport, July 8, 15802, A 91
And wow fellmg at this Office, @ Sermon, entitled
And of all Holy beings, expreffed in hatisg
the wicked.
By Ecijan Nortonm,*
A preacher of the Gofpel. |
RESI’ECTF ULLY informs her friends and
the poblic in general, that (he carries on
the Tinning bufinefls, in the South Shop of the
fame Houfe where ic was carried on by her de.
ceafed hufband, She hay -I‘rte’fenl on hand, a.
larpe affortment of 'I'IN WARE, which fhe
will difpofe of very cheap for Cath,
Thofe perfons who will pleafe to favor her
with their coftom, may depsnd opon having
their work faithfally done, and the fmallcft fas
vor will be gratefully acknowledged.
*.* For fale as above, an Affortment of
Jarraned Wire, Glafs Lamps, and Two
large Franklin Stoves,
Newport, ]unc}j. 1802,
To be Sold or Let,
THAT la;;e and commodiovs Houfe in
Thames Stteet, nexe South of the Brick.
Market, late the property of Warter Ead
ron, deceafed, with IE ‘lmf and Stores, be
longing to the fame, For further particulats,
eaquire of -MERIBETH EASTON,
Newport, May 7, 1802.
lor Sale on Reafonable terms,
A Quantity 6f Window Frames and
Safthes, for 7 by g and 6 by 8 Glals
Enquire of the Printer.
Neavpert, May 21, 1803.
ALL perfons who have any demands againft
the Eftate of James Dreg, lace of%/lido
d'stown, deceafed, are herehy reqnefted to Ex
hibit them ;~~afd thofe who are indebred 10
faid eßate are requefted to make payment withe
out delay, to
Middletowon, July 1, 1802, 93
ON the feventh day of July infßaar, frw
Randelgh, of Newport, in the county of
Newport, lodged a petition in the Clerk’s ofice
of the Supreme Judicial Court, for the f2id
county, praying that, for the canfes thereia
fiated, the bond of marriage becween her, and
her hu(bind Jolin Randelph, might be diffolved,
and 2 decree of divorce promaigated ;
Notice, therefore i beredy given to the
faid Johu Randelpb, and to all perfons concerns
ed, to appear at the sext Sopreme Judicwl
Court, to be holden ac Ncwxofi. in and for faid
connty, on the fourth Monday in Auguft next,
to fhew caufe why the prager of faid petition
ought not to be lfmmd.
. M. MUMFORD, Clerks
Newpert, Jaly 8, 1802, 93

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