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The Massachusetts spy, or, Thomas's Boston journal. [volume] (Boston [Mass.]) 1772-1775, November 12, 1772, Image 1

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A Weekly, Political, and Commercial Paper’-Open to all Parties, but Influenced by None.
*E)O thou Gieat LIBERTY inspire our Souls,—Ami make our Lives in thyPollcliion happy,--Or, cr/rDea-hs glorious in thy jusTDefcnce *
Vol. IL]
Mathematical Inftrumcnt Maker,
p Has to SELL
At his Shop, at the Sign
/ ZjywiiAy of Sir Uaac Newton,
At the Head of the Long-
THE largest aflbrtment of Had-
ley’s and Davis’s Quadrants ever in
New-England ; also hanging and Handing
Compafles in btafs and wood ; Gaughing
and Surveying Instru merits, Cases of Ma
thematical Instruments with ftcel joints, half
cases ditto ; Telescopes of various lengths,
in ivory, wood and fim-fkm ; Plotting Scales
and Protractors,Gunter Scales and Dividers,
four and two pole Surveying Chains, artifi
cial Magnets with cases, Sand-Glafles from
two hours to a quarter of a minute ; Inftru
jnents of a new conftrudion to measure
Boards; an afibrtment of Brass Pocket-Com
pafles ; Box Rules, Jack-Knives, brass and
pewter Ink-Stands, plated Shoe and Knee
Ruckles, Pinchbeck,Block-tin and Brale do j
cuiujaw wnrr®r»
Straitsand Mediterranean Pilot,
Southern Pilot,
Mariner’s Calendar,
Daily Afliftant.
Wiifon’s Navigation.
Young Man’s best Companion.
Patoun’s Treatise of Navagation,
Atkinson’s Epitome.
A Complete Splem of Navagation
John Barrow.
Practical Navagation. J°bn Seher.
Large Charts of me English Channel.
Large Charts for the Coast of Guinea.
Nine Leaves Charts for the Cnaunel and
Ditto for Weft-Indies.
Writing Paper.
Dutch Quils.
Sealing-Wax. Wafers. Slates.
B ack Lead and Slate Pencils. ,
Quire Books covered with Marble Paper.
Ditto ruled for Journals.
A Variety of Instruments, too tedious to
mention, ye made and fold at the above
place, he Kas bad a thoroughexperi
ence, he doubts not of giving fatisfaaion.
N. B. All inftrumenu with laid William’s
name, will be made true without cbaige.
At his store in Marshall’s-Lane,
Between the Cornfield and Thomas’s
Printing-Office. Boston,
Has for fale,upon the mult rcalomblc terms,
A GREAT variety of Broad
Cloths, of fafhionabie colours, from
ss. to a guinea the yard ; a good afibriment
of Irish Linens, Dowla», Ruffi* Linen and
Sheeting of most prices ; Shalloons, Cala
mancoes, Ruflcls, Pound and No. 4 Pins,
Cotton Velvets and Vevcreta, Linen ana
Silk Handkerchiefs, German Serges, Olna
burgs,writing and printing Papei,Fuflians,
Jeans, Culchefter Bazr, Beaver Coating.
N. B. One piece of scarlet, and one do.
nf green fuperftae B.oad Cloth, a genteel
Mahogany calc for Knives,forks and fpcons
with plated fiver luinitu e, and fundiy o
ther articles, will be fold at or near the
hire exchange. '
Said Greenleaf takes in Goods to
fell upon conunflidis, and has Large acco
modations tor Storage, and a good Cellar-
Of, Thomas’s Bolton Journal.
THURSDAY, November 12, 1772.
From theLoNDCN Evening Post.
7* the KING.
HAaI a plain man, totally
unacquainted with com
phmenrs ; and in this let
ter you will difeover the
fentimeats of an honest
hra.t, accompanied by a
Dure of candour scarce
known within the little circle of your
court. I confider you as the firft man in
the state, and address you in the language
of truth. There is indeed a difference.be
tween us I acknowledge, but it is only
Political: And the dist adion (hall no
longer be regarded on my part, than while
it is with justice lupported on
Whenever 1 have occahon to complain, I
(ha'l deliver mt opinion without releiv.
My right is founded in nature. Zia, Sir,
may dispute it, but / never will reinquifh
it. Such are my sentiments, and which I
hope will attend me to my grave. To
judue of the abilities of a Prince, it is ne
ceflary to examine his adnfiniftration of
justice ; and to be acquainted with the”
good nets of his heart, we have only tn at
tend to his choice of officers, and enquire,
whether men of real virtue and merit meat*
with favour an« encou agement. By M/h'
•<fcnt. But probably 1
»#\>ccuncd io lour Majefti, an! I zhr-j
wiling to believe so, from the irdrtFerencr |
Wsth which you have treated the voice of
your fubjeds. We never ire you in pub
lic but wnh m<n feft in you;
countenance. as fvHen abroad
as you are jw**«f« in the cabinet j and if
ej/rr eAecifu.nefs gave a ttmporary turn to
your features since the.dea*h of your grand
father, it was anco we unt'Mtunatciv lolt
your wonhy uncle Uic.Du&c ui Cumber
You express great with thr
conduft of your fudjtZL, Have yuu.
Sir, examined on which fide the fault 11<s '
If truth was authotifed to determine the
important qucftion, Whether ycu or thr
people had caufc of comp.aintr 1 am
persuaded you would immediately adopt a
(jftem of politics very d fferent to the one
you have been educated in ; and confider
ing masters as they really are, acknow
ledge that you have neither bem oftenced
nor insulted. Your whole reign hitherto
has been one continued series of uninter
rupted blunders and falfehood. Ih. exe
cution of the criminal laws has more than
once been suspended, and in cases of an a
larmirg nature totally d with. The
prerogative of the crown has frequently
been extended to .very dangerous length,
and a flab has been given to the lepoTe of
this extensive empire, wmeh ttme alone,
lam afraid, will not be abie to repair.
From hence it appears as if your M jeftv
leaving the pnde of foreign
to othsr Princes-—was only reio’ved to con
quer at home, and try the success of aeon
left with your subjects. Fuc experiment
has already been made by one tyrant, and
the event proved fatal to his family. It is
my fincareft wish that every Imitator may
sh ire his fate.
In a former letter I addreffrd yeu on the
undeserved lenity extended to Capr. Jones,
of the icyal regiment of unde,
(entence at death for Sodomx, ihe evi
dence on which he was convidcd was le
gal, or the court would cer amly have re
jedied it; and that it was equally clear and
explicit, is cv.dent from the jury being un-
in their vcrdiM. • Wirat apology
then can poflibly be made for preserving
th s nun from hia punftbn.cnt? Has your
Majesty determined to make a mockery of
ourjaws, ani reduce the cou r t» of juiiirc
—Qo< ances-
tors, I am convinced, never fulpeftrd the
prerogative of. the crown, wiien they
ORante® it, wou'd be applied to such
unw< rthy purpoka-—ft wms undoubtedly
an ad of generosity in them, and ought
from a principle of gratitude to be treated
with tcndernefs. Yet if luch is your Ma
jesty's intentions, believe me vou will be
deceived. You may attempt to render
them dependent, but whatever idea you
ma* of the people, be
aUmed, resp-st their laws. foo , well
ever to make a voluntary lacrifice of them,
cither to the capria or tbftinaq of their
Prince. The laws peflefs the. hill claim to
thejr regard, and wh.Jc you make them the
lule of jour conduit, you have nothing to
The allegiance and refpeft due to you from
us is onlv Conditional ; and when the terms
are nutcomp'ied with on your fide, wc
are cifTolved from the obligation on our s.
You imy af?e& to condemn this method
of (eafoning, and treat the people without
Ceremony; but they wi’l not, I am per
loaded, fubm t without opposition.
Your compalSonating an unnatural
icrundrtl has alarmed the whole nation,
uid 1 could -have wished you. Sir, to have
heard the noneft rep.caches of the unraged
multitude, who aflnpb ed to fee this detef.
t rarned to execution. The
pcfitypn Qi ’uem U uaugt.vw—— x..
i/r im*’.ean<“« prevailed, and your Ma-
eafily guess what they were.
vs tth r Mpeft to myfeit, I cunfefs 1 was af
t- i lhed at the pait you had taken. I con*
leered it as an insult offered to the whole
:>aoon, and became immediately into, shed
as an individual who reveres the laws of
nn country before his iovercign. 1 deli
ver d my fcotim< nts with a degree of zeal,
whuh men more prudent and lef* hintji
wt md tremble at;But I dcf iL thole mean,
nahojv maxims, which snfhte the mind.
I am a man, and will exert my preroga
tive as such whenever truth and rrafon a<c
on my fide. In th* present caf, no »zn*
gusve can be to® fsvere.
Murderers repeatedly paidoned I The
colrf of just cede iberately interrupted ’
I Lc prerogative of the crown wantonly
exh ruled ’ Ana to cotnpleat tne black ca
»alo ue,
>EN \ from tbt THRONE, m
Trch, Sir, is the p dure of your ;
and posterity, in reading the biliary of this
age, Will lament the unfortunate fate of
Vhyles the Firfl, and accuse us of pufiila
nni ty.—-Hew-ver. Si., his misfortunes
•ie >1 <SU a hffm of advice to you. The#
may<each you not to provote the
rynt of your fuhjrds.
’ll ike ’< the ch ar after of Mr.
cither as an officer, or the son L. a
taytor, it is probable we may find nothing
in dither exceptionable. He may very
p'diibly in t hole char afters be rrjefted. But
the jpcrpetraticn of this hornUe aft is so
as to render his reputation in the re-
or St. Mar tin's-lane, entirely ufe
lelsj The quell ion is, guilty or not guilty.
By the laws of the land he is guilty.
Yoy was m<efl«d with the privilege of pir*
do.|ng offenders, I confcis; but it was
unafcined this prerogative would o»ly beex
erun when tbeir innocence, or the malice
ofjpeir accusers, was easy to be proved.
Bu| in this case you have no plea of excuse:
It ig therefore evident yoa have violated the
ciipmal lajrrof the kingdom, which bird
equally with ntyfelj.
An admuor of tbt Fair Sex.
A LL Pcrfuns-that .arc indebted
T 7 *. to the Primer hereof, wfl gready o-
him by making fpcedy pa; mem.
E R, I D A Y, Novcmlier 6.
I B O S T O N.
The hon. General A film by of Rhode-
Illand, last week «dmit —
non, for the fma’l proc, in that colony.
Wedrtefday arrived here his Mjefty’t
(hip Lively. , .
We hear that Thursday the 3! of De
cember is appointed by authority, to be
oblerved as a day of public rhanklaiving
throughout the province of New-Hatnp
(hire. , . . . .
Four oxen were killed by lightning at
Coldfpring iaft Friday fe’nnight.
Yefteiday, (sth of November) being
the anniveHary of the happy deliverance of
the Biitifli nation from the Pop'fh powder
plot, at noon the guns at Cattle Winum
and at the batteries in this town were fired:
At one o Clock all the men of war in our
harbour allo fjrcd.
Charlestown, [S. Carolina] OlJa. 8.
Many anti great IrJles are fuftamed in
province, in consequence of the late fai
lures in Europe ; but happily the fuflerers
aie moftiy ab e to bear them.
Nutwithltanding the distance (feventy
nve mues) of the town of Beaufort, Port*
Royal, hom this, which has been the ef
tiblifhed feat of government from the fi ft
fettlcment thereof; whence none of the
public offices can be removed ; and where
is exposed to, who leave Charleftuwn to
go into the country at this season of the
year, of I sing their heahh; all our late
elected representatives ara gone, ei’her by
fca» inland, or over land, to attend t'«e
service of their country, sccu'dipg to hia
Excellency the Governor's will and pica
fate, at Beaufort aforefaid ; this being the
day on which the writs were made return
able at the court house there —Na measure
of any Governor was ever more freely and
generally condemned ; but we not to
doubt that his Excellency had m jft weigh
ty rea(bns ror adopting it.
WiIIiaMoBURGH, 19.
On Friday last the i bih mlt. a rived ia
Hampton Raad, the (hip General Wolfe,
Capt. Hunter, with paflertgrrs from Lon
donderry, 80 of .hem were the fame after
noon landed at Hampton, mere skeletons,
lb weak they could haidly walk or Itaod,
and most of them without any m .nry co pay
tar their support. The inhabitants charita
bly took care of them and supplied them
with neceflaiics, intending however to ob-
Lge the Capt. who was ill of the gout on
board, to give fccunty for rheir fuppuet, ac
cording to law. This (hip it leems had
oeen 17 weeks on the ptflage, near half
the time at (hurt allowance, came out with
300 paHsngers, of whom xhout 80 had
died at sea <A mens want-WH she
ar.!i.igfr«»m rt, in drinking fiift water;'&e.
part of the time the allowance wu half a
bsfcuit and ha f a pint of water a day.
II ia -J 1
SATURDAY, November 7.
B O. S T O N.
Last M Nir ay the body of a mm grenly
emaciated, was taken up in Connctiicuc
nvrr, near £p mgfi--ld : It wa. unknown
wiio it was, but mutt have been drowned
i cor.fijerable lime.
MARRED.] Phillips Caßbeck, Esq;
Attorney-Ge nr ral of the lfl«nd of St,
John’s, to Mis« Nancy C daughter
of Nathaniel Coffin, Efq>—M r . E ward
Church, m.rchant, to Mls Haonati
Skinner, < aughter of the late W ilium
Skinner, Efq;— Capt. Daniel McNeal to
Mils Nabby Harvey —Mr. Joseph Pearl* y
r*a mer of Germantown, Io Mils
Hunt, yonngeft daughter of John Hik .
E q; of Watertown. /
DIED.] AcGe<r i ia t M^^»/*" ,t, *
jua. of Providers- Jr /.. •
'Numb. 91.

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