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>V^oh/iX&Ai 4l W<4-V4 WSsWib
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A Weekly, Political, and Commercial Paper Open to all Parties, but Influenced by A
*DOthou Great LIBER I Y inspire our Souls,—And m i-keo«r Lives hi THYPuHiiihjn happv;— ourDeathsg/oriout in thy justDcß
Vol. ll.]
For the Massachusetts SPY,
Mr.,Thom as,
pieafb to insert the fo’ltving from tbe Providence
Gazette. being an extraß frcm a lermin.mhich
wui lately delivered in a neigbbourtng town
To all the People who fear GOD and regard the
welfare of Makhno. .
« Arijt then that fttepeft.and call Open tby God"
. ..• /TT*HIS period, ryys, ia big with
I, the fate erf America—end the
whole British empire now trembler on the brink
o f min _Thofe-that fe«ll live in fetore time
will ma k this are with admiration, while they
read the h.ftory of oar day, filled with im
portant changes, and mighty evola iom.
“ Many namea will go dowa to pofteity,
from thia period, black with guilty and covered
with infamy —Not a few will aft up to thecha
rader of men, be recorded in the l.ft of fame,
and shine with immortal glory. • '
“ fThatfoowr a man fowetb that fba'l he
reap ; whailoever we fo* in time, w; (hall reap
in eternity. This life m but the preface to our ex
istence, and ns this it written, (0 wil the eternal
volume be I—My fallow immortals ’ how im
portant to our eternal felicity is the wife im
provement of human days ? Let us seize the
flying mjmenta ns they ro’l from the A’m ghty
hand, »nd write upon them honour and immorta
iity !— Let the divine honour, a-d the univeifal
h«ppin.fs of mankind, ever be in our view, and
pufued with the a dour of angels, when ex
ecuihg me cosunrstd* of Heaven 1 Ke
mcmb-/, that God looks on, time makes haste,
desch draws near and eternity will fooa fcai our
d©' m I • ’
“ A my audience, at this general eonvrnn
•n, cor fid* of cfe’g’men, leg'll itora, and the
principal inhabitants of Am-rka, 1 (hall
the Afferent ciders,
•« M- o ethren in the minilby, our woik is
always great and infinitely important; and in
thiawvi* dry, the voice of wisdom cres ku 'y
to miritters, tn wa;ch jnd labour with doub e
diligence •• d aruour. for ihv fouls of m*n —We
are bound by the command of God to w»tch
for the temporal, as well as fpiri.ua. f Ivetion of
the people. As our duty with regard to the l»t
ter is often urged from the d*dt, I (ball chiefly
urge the former. It is a truth not to be con
cealed, my brethren, that we arc ve;ily »'d no
torioufly guilty of great emiflion ot duty ; —we
hare not, in these wicked times, borr.e cordbnt
and*faithful tvftimony agUnft the growing fins
in the land ; sgainft tyranny and unfaithfulnefs
in rulers ;we have heen'afraid of offending them,
*• tbt star of man hat brought us into the frsreof
fia._ be that doth tbt w<rk of tbt Lord
deceitfully "—Doth not thia curse belong tofiune
of us ? We fee tyranny advancing (which is the
parent of all manner of abomination) and have
we cried aloud to warn the people, to gu?rd a
gsinft that dreadful evil I No; we art m-ny of
us guilty, guilty, guilty, and 1 believa the arger
of God is ki.'died ague ft us for our great
negleft of duty in this matter ? Have We
i of en and solemnly wj’ned the peuplt a
gamft the prophana.ion of the Lord's name tnd
day, and other growing fins in the land ? If
our cenfcierces cordemn os, let os now engage
earaeftly, and double rar in the cause
of freedom and godlirefa —Let us teach cor
people, not only in pni lie but from but e to boafg
■ warning every mtn, and btlutbing tvtrj man t to
I forOke every evil way, to prafhfe hoiincfi, and
J to fepport f eedom and joflice agdaft growing
1 opp'dli n and tyranny —Aad as there a»e bat
1 few men of ette s io country towns, who are
I acquainted with the hifto y •( tnar.ki'd, and the
I dettiudion that tyranny has m;de ia the world,
' we are bound,by the love < f Gad and man, to
! set a part a day to dthver a iedture to the people
of our charge upon govemmeut ard the rights of
I* the ।e' p'e This is an important duty,
which every one who is an from
him who came into the world 10 make Mfret
indttd, ought immediately to put in pr»Aice —
My dear breth.ee, this is a mutt weighty con
cern, for, as far as means are coacc&ed with the
end, the eternal (nivation of millions may de
; pend on the preservation cf freeiem I As tyran
r y always produce* wi< kedoef-, we know not
I where its dreaofol efkfti may end ! By it mil
’ ]*oas may bema ’e wkbed, and for that wicked
ness be mis table for ever But words foil to
exprofs theimpo-touceof oot duty in t is infi
nite cancera. or the measure of ou- fin if we ce
lled it —I know it is often fuggclleJ, that mi-
Or, Thomas’s Bolioii Journal;
T H U R S D A Y,'_ February. 18,773.-
nifters of the gospel have nothing to do in civil
rff.irs ; but as I know this fuggeftfvMs ceme Ori
ginally from the father »f and is big with ru
in to mankind, let os fay to at npoofers of truth
and rightcoufoefs tit Ltra nbnh tbtt ; and go
on ftedfaft in tbt name of the Lord, until Wc
have but’t up the kiognom of liberty and riglvlk
oufnefa in the world ——T '«• let us be faithful
tintiideath, and the Kino eternal, will give us
of glory in his kingdom of liberty and
"love f • • '
* I trofl none, in this “nd of light, are tept
from their duty in the esufe of freedom, by the
blasphemous dodbine of jefive tMierct, which
mikes the God of love the author of tyranny.—
Such a doflrinc an able divine once said •’ came
fr*m hell,”—and thither let it be sent, for it is
calculated only for that m’tidfan i. • ,
“ I will now address the ligiflators, and gen
tlemen in civil life.- Brethren, 1 bless God, that
tyranny has not yet (hut try mouth, nor ycur
ears ; that we may once more fpaak to each o
therof temporal ard fpirttual falvaticn —Let us
work w i ft life lasts, for time and death make
rapid speed and will soon hurry us off the
—therefore what our hand findeth to do, let us
do it with all our might, for we mull soon bid
rhe world farewell.—Theg’eat bvftnefa es life,,
for every man, is to promote the glory cf God,
and the hsppinefs of mat k nd t let thia he the
employment of our life, and death will be a paf
fsge to g ery. My brethren we live »an evil
day, tyranny and vice (Irfsparable companions)
maker a pid progress, end tbreatenuniverfal nr
in j therefore let the friends cf God and man
make afaletnn (land -gainftthof fiend;—».nd jo
the rams of he molt high go forth
>od our e em ; es 4 <• f'Pjjn
yj lc f tme oßfotl'cn
ag’ nft ministers inftrvflkg ti>e people
htic', fays that none but ministers fhculd infhuZt
t**e ig iorant or wicked in religicn ; ar.d hui by
the devices of f<ttn, ana the folly of me. , we
rre like to have Hula or no religion-or lib-rty in
the world —Fiat the command if Gad binds a l
me-, of every dan, mi .at.on, to fuppost liberty
ar.d religion, and >ele fee none from the work
—We are all tnlbudcd in the books of reason,
coi.frirc-, revelation » let us nfw obey their
commands, and press forward in the race ot
glory, (or cur wo It is infiuiuly important,, our
moments hut few, ai d death wi I toon stop ou
puifu;t ! Let not the fear of mar, the iMit
of gold, or found of honor, bribe er (Made
us; may we n'>t account e>en life itfclf 4ntg t
if we can secure to the prefer-t, and to futuet
generations, the u fuJied. glorv of virtue end
freedom II sum right principles we CO*'
do this, we (hail reap the frtu< ; of cut bbooes
in his pretence where is fulref* of joy, through
an eternity of ages to Come ! Let us all, h cur
various fplierea of iifu t unbe with fatred ardour
in promoting the honour of God, ar.d the wel
fare of our fellow men, and be invincible .to the
ungodly enemies of freedom and virtue —yTbcn
will the eternal God of lobe, who delighieth in
the happiness of hia crit ores ft ac upon us in
time, and crown us with glory ia eternity ”
Xi- — 1
FRIDAY, February 12.
By the Duke of Cumberland Packet, Caff/tin
Marjbam, from Falmouth, arrived, at
New York, we have the following European
letelligence, vix.
Hia Majesty’s aaoft gracicus SPEECH to both
Hcufe* of Par'iament.
My Lordt ana Gentlemen,
B Should most willingly
have corfulted ycur pri
vate convenience, by al
lowing you a looper re-i
cefs from bufir.rfr, if ]
had not thought, that
feme very important
partsof the public fir vice
required the 'mmeciatr
It is impoffibte that I can ever look with ia
diffsrenceupon whatever ennce: ns either the com
merce and revenue of the kingdom at large, or
the private rights and interests of eonfiderab;c
number: among my people: Neither can I be
; iof« ft j'eh'W materially every one ofth fc gre t
oFj-tts mt,ft be inter elted io the msintensre.
of the credit and profpe ity of the East Ind
company. When therefore I received informs
tion. I thedirficukiut in which that company ap
ex to re tnvwise (J de’ermined to give you an
earl* appo-tu ity of informing you-(elves fully
of th ftafe inf their r.fFJra , and cf making
(well nrpv finr s, for the common Ik nt fit and le
c'oihvwf all the va-ious iote efts concerned as you
(h’ll fiud bed adapted to the exigencies of the
c’fe- " ' 7j 1 >
■ Ih.veihe fatTjifaflion to acquaint ytu, that 1
the e is eafon to h<'pe, that the war, which
has so lo'g unhappily p<evailed in one part of
Europe, is new drawing to a conclu(w;|: and al
thcugh there wak no probability of our being in
volved therein, yet the dilcontinuance of those
troubles will afford a fairer propped of the dur
ation es peace, which 1 trull, the alterations th*<
have happened in Europe, Will not, in their cor
fequences, efled. ;•
1 I cent rue to receive, from foreign pnwe a,
I the strongest aflursnees of theb pacific diff < fin.
qcs towards this ccun। ry : And it (hall be my
contlant erdeavror to pfef«rve the general tran
quility, as fares if confident with he honour ol
my crown and the inte-efts of my people.
Gentlemen of the Houje of Comment, ‘
1 It gives me much fatiskdioo, that the conti
nuance of peace hu enabled mp to proceed in
the red uflirto of the dftibliftment of my nava)
forces ; but ynu will,l am confident agree with
me, that a considerable strength kt sea must be e
ver neccftary for preftrving the teputation, and
power of my kingdom. J 1 • ••
The proper ebimates for the ei fuingyesr (hall
be laiu behre you ; and whatever supplies you
may grant, (hill, on my part, be managed with
cne HriAeft mconomy, and applied with the us
fidelity. « •
Lorde and Gentlemen,
l.' r ltfnnot but feel the most real concern, that
p/rduce of the la>e harvefl had not giien us
-trtrelief which we had hoped for in relpcd co
the dearreft of corn. ‘ As far as human wisdom
can p'ovide for alleviating the diftrefles of the
poor, 1 tm perluaded your attention will ncr
be wanu'ng : And you canno’ gratify me rno e
than by calling upon me for my cooiuneace la
whatever may e ntri ute to the true welfare and
happinefeaf my people
London, tiov is. They write from Ve
nice, that the republic are now fitting out •
great number of (hips, galiies, dec. and putting
their laad for es o.i a refoellabie fating, ou
whaisccount ia kept a profound feeret •
of d letter from tParfaw, CRo.
f** The affairs of this u >happy kingdom are
still in a n;li dubious ftaie. The fate of the
King cannot be ovpn guefled at with any degree
of certainty y fame people-ere afraid so. his
perfisnal fefety, whtlft others imagine that he
will be degraded from h<s vat.k» dnd be allow
ed his pal vite est a tea, with an addi lonel (Upend
from the three powers who have divided h a
doniinionso Thu items to be the most reason
able as those powe>a cao.never aft so
impolititally as to aim at his life, for however
dcfficabi- his situation may appear io the eyes
of the distent courts of Europe, his miafor
i tares have endeared him to all bis fubjefts, e
> ven the confederates, who to a man would re
1 verge hi*, cause, and oppose the difmember
meat of their country. , At present nothing but
anarchy and confufion reigns here. The info
fence of the Aufttian and Rufli n foldie's is dai
ly complained of but no vedrefa can be found;
; thar treat the miserable people as captives, i and
I the city as a co quered one. The Prvffisns,
■ through the atccnt on of their officers, behave
with more humanity, and ate much better be
loved by the inhabitants than the soldiers of the
two other powers ’* t „ . «
Nov iv . They write from the Hagrp,
that his P uffiaa Majesty has lately made a very
important demand on the Stares, of an old
debt owing by that.republic fever al years ago,
and (aid to amount to I an,000,000 (lorica ; but
kis thought thia demand is only to ftifte the
clamourg of the Dutch concerning Dan
They write f.om Pete.fburgh that feve-al
per one of diftinftion have lately been seized by
order of the Emp efs, and confined, on what
account ia not krown
L is reposed that the Prince and Princefe sf
Orange are expeCid to vifi: this kingdom early
ip the fpiiog. A house is said to be fitting up
for their reception io Pail-mail.
Nev. 17. Thia day the borcurabfe Honfe
of Commons waited on hit M-jefty with their
address of thanks, for his most gracious speech,
so which they received a most gracious aefwer.
[Numb. io>
Dec, j. The bills for allowing the impoi'aw
tian of Ame ican wheat, ard buley fr m AM«
ce, it is thought, will receive the royal nk
f'n Tuesday or VVednsfdsy next at far 1 heft.
I Ext raft of a letter from Copenhagen Nov
, “ The war with t weden will epea
soon, thtugh the winter is f far advanced, a d
I ihis court is resolved to profit cute'’>t wth ihe
most un-emittl. gdg ur The 0m ft ttentfoa
is pai J to ferting the military end marine power
of th-s kirgd.m on a very resp Stable footing.
A fleet (and no defoicahfe one) is now reacy
in this h<rbour to aft when the teafion permits.
Prince Frederic, the King’s brother, is making
P'eparau'ora to march into Norway, a' th head
of 18,000 men; and it is even said, that the
King, not* ithftandi .g hia ill date of health,will
uke the fiJd in person."
They write f om Stockholm, that every thing
is ;n motion there for ca.rying on the war with
the utur ft vigour.
। Dec. e Ycfterday hh Mijffty went to the
HoKfe ts Peers, and gave the royal aflent tn the
two fol owirg bills, which psfled the house of
Lords onThurfdiy, vis.
The bill for allowing the Importa'ion of
wheat, wheat flour, Indian earn, and pulse„
from America into this Kingdom, duty free.
The bill for allowing the importation of
wheat, wheat fl ur, rye, rye meas, bsrley, bar
lev meal, oats, o.tmeal, ar.d pulse from Europe
or Africa, free of duty'
Yefterdey Serjeant Glynn fat for the fi d time
as Recorder of London. His charge co the
trand juiy : was exceedingly pathetic, elegant
and inftruftive, accompanied with copious eu
•giumron theblefi igs this country enjoys over
ail others, In having the freedom erf trial by a
jury of their peers. j • •
♦ Orders arc given for flapping fevers! tons of
.imber and building materials, and for engaging
workmen to repair the damages (uftained in hi*
Majefty't garrison in the Weft-ladies by the lata
storms. Four veflefe are taken up for that pur
pefe. •’ , ” * ' v
; Dec. to. By advices from Warsaw, we
learn, that his Poli(h Majesty is now making
every preparation for his departure from that
capital. ? ‘
i We hear that the Earl of Denmore, Go*
vernor of Virginia, U ihortly to come to
England. " • \ u
December n. They write from Beilin, thee
great prepations lie making there for the recep
tion of a great personage, who is daily expeftad g
fa;d to be the Emperor of Germany.
. It is determ necfiby adminiftratioo, not to fuf
fer the Dantxxkcrs, cob* bv his Ptuf.
flan Majesty f and rhe E.nglilh con fol has ac
cordingly acquainted the city with that dete mi.
nation. »•
j December ir. We lean'from the Hague
thathiaPolifh Maj»ftyisexpeftedthere everyday;
j It is tow very co tidendy 1 (Parted that real
ad vice has been received of a reconciliation be
tween the Kirg and Quern of Denmaik.
* Dec mber 17. By-letters from Tcrriii we fenrn
that his Sirdioisn M jefty ie row corfiped to
his C3amber r at the palace of Veneris, snd ia
thought to be past reeov«ryj’ * y ■ .1...
fFhey w. re from Peterfburgh that some peo
ple of diftmdion have lately bee.i feizwl tnere,
on n fufipicion of a design against the Fmp efs.
Difpatcbes we now prs.xrmg in crJar to be
sent off with all speed to the governors in Ame
rica t „ .... . , u . j,
. December jo.- By the returns' whkh
Within these few days, been feat home from the
Iflaad of St. Vincent it eppenrs, that no lefe
than. ore half of the !4Ch regiment, that
wereorde ed out to that inhofpitabfe region,'
have died of the cljmsre, without having
ever seen the face of tt'dr formidable'enemy.,»
They write from the Hague, that three Ihips
of war and feme trarfpona are now getting rea
dy in the Texel, end will fx>» fit! with troops,
fee. on board,for tbeEsft lodie:, feme difagreen
bic news having been lately rccei»-d from
St. Jetfui't, Dec. s. <t The King has been
pleased to grant the dignity of a, B»o,et cf
Great-Britain, uuto James Wright. Esq; Go
vernor of his Mcjcfty s province of Gcogis, ia
Dec- 3. Yeftesdey the hon. Mr. Charles
Fcx, kissed hia Majesty ’a hand at Sr. James’s,
on being appointed one of the Lord? < f the
Tm-fuiy, in the room of Mr Jenkinfcn, np
poii ted a Vice-Tre forts of Ireland in thd
1 place cf Lord Edgeombe,

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