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The Massachusetts spy, or, Thomas's Boston journal. [volume] (Boston [Mass.]) 1772-1775, March 24, 1774, Image 1

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— _ , • t« * , I . . -
A” Weekly, Political, and Commercial Paper Open to all Parties, but Influented by None;
‘DOthou Great LIBERTY inspire our Souls,—And make our Lives in thy PoGelTion h ippy, Or, our Deaths glorhus in thy just Defunct.
Vol. IV.] -
Just IMPORTED in Capt. Hooe,
And to be S O L D by
At the head of Black-Horse Lane,
A Large AHbrtment of
Garden Seeds, Pcafc, Beans, &c. '
Among which are,
EARLY charlton, early golden hot
fpur, Ormand hotfpur, Spanish moratto, white roun
cival, dwarf marrowfat and bulh peak, large Windlor, tiue
early Lilbon, early yellow fix weeks wtiite kidney and fine
toker beans, early Yorklliije, Dutch sugar loaf, batterfea,
savoy, red and brocoli cabbage feed, collifiowcr, cucumber,
onion, carrot, turnip, radilh and lettice of all forts, round
fpinage, endive, cellery and asparagus, thyme, baum, sweet
marjoram, broad clover, white Dutch clover, la lucern, rape,
canary, a*l an allbrtment of Hower feeds and herds grass
feed. Alio, a variety of other feeds not mentioned; all
which were imported from the Seeds Men in London, and
are warranted to be frelh and good and of the last year’s
Imported in Captain Gorham from LONDON,
And to be SOLD by
At her Shop near the North Battery, Boston,
EARLY charlton, early hotfpur, golden
hotfpur, large marrowfat, dwarf marrow, blue marrow
and -Spaniih moi >etto Peas, large Windsor, large 'l'oker, early
Lilbon, early Hotfpur, eaily yellow Dwarf, eariy fpeckied
ditto, and early white Beans with black eyes, early York-
Ihire, early Dutch, Sugar Loaf, Batterfea, large wintti, green
and yellow Savoy, eariy and late Colliiiower Seem, bcif
Cabbage Lettice, white Got, green Gel's, mazbie and brown
Dutch Lettice Seeds, belt double Pepper Grab, round
Spinnage, Ihort top and Salmon Raddiih, fcariet Raddiih,
double Pariley, white Spanilh, silver-skin and red Onion
Seeds, long green prickley and early Cucumber Seeds, sweet
Maijoram, Thyme, Baum, Sage, early Dutch, and late
Turnip Seeds, large fweliing Parsnip, red Beets, Orange,
goi Jan coloured, early yellow and purple Carrot Seeds, red
Clover, Herds Grais, and Canary Seeds, winter and lum
mer Squafn, long French Turnip, Hyfop, and a variety of
Flower Seeds, warranted to be new and good. (4 m.
MIL L-W RIGHT, from London,
At Mr. Rufleii’s, Holyoke-Street, South-end, Boston,
UNDERTAKES to build or repair
moil kinds of M I L L S now in ufe,either in Great-
Britain or' America, viz. Water, and Wind Grist Mills,
Paper and Saw Mills, &c. and fits up Rollers for crulh
ing of Malt, all in the most new and compleateft manner ;
allo Bolting Mills of ali ki ds,and makes up French stones
and fits them up with proper Gore Work, and he has
Wire Work tor a Cillinder Flour Machine, will warrant it
to dress 30 Buiheis of Vv heat Meal in one hour, and will ft info
tile firfts, seconds, thirds and fourths, fine and coarlcßran at
one operation, which by a Cloth Bolting Mil) requires many,
it will make more or lets of the firfts, ieconds, &c. by only
turning over the partitions, and will prove itlelf the most ulc
ful thing of its kind that has ever been used in these parts.
I hole who pieale to favour the aforefaid John Houst-
MAN with their commands, may depend on being
served as above, aud their favours acknowledged by
their most obedient and most humble servant,
RUSSIA duck, best Peteriburg hemp,
Dutch mpe yarns, also a quantity of choke junk, fit
to make into cordage of any fisc, great part of which will do
for rigging small vefkls without working over, to be fold at
.Store on Dock-Square,
Where is to fell by wholesale or retail,
Dutch looking-glafles of various fixes,
Dutch brulhes. Angle or by the set, hampers of Itone ware,
viz. quart and pint Mugs and Chamber Pot* ; a few calks
choice Rice, all forts of Spices verv low, Oatmeal per bulhel,
a parcel of fine Narraganfet and Pomfret Cheese, new Rai
sins, Currants, and all forts of Groceries as ulual———
except TEA.
N. B. A quantity «f choice 3 -threaded Seine Twine, for
Salmon, M-ckrei or Herring Nets.
Also, White Beans per bulhel.
to be fold at Mrs. Mecom’s, a little to the northward
ofConcert-Hall,oppofi:eGreenleaf’sprinting-office; Sitting
of the newest foil, ion for Cloaks and Bonnets, the jikeft
Chip-Hats, and the common fort for covering. An al fort
mert of gen tee! Ribbons, Pcrfians, Alamodes, fe wing Silks,
Mullins, Gloves and Mitts, Gimp-Trimmings, Gauzes,
Bl nd Lace and Edgings, black ditto, Cap-Wme, Tooth-
Bruihes, Silk Laces for Stays, Pins, Needles, Threads,
Tapes, Bindings, Durants and Tammies. Also, ready made
Caps and Hoods, Ue. &c. Arc.
All forts of MILLEN ARY Work dune with care
and expedition as ufud.
Informs the Public, and Ins cufiomers in particular, that he
continues to keep the shop lately occupied by Seaver •
and Carnes ; where may be had, a large ariortment of
ENGLISH, India and Scotch Goods,
fuitabie for the season, upon the very lowcft taau
for cash.
N. R. Said Seaver returns his humble and hearty
thanks to Eis kind cufto.nrrs for the tavotrs already
shewn, and fitrtlier also—• them that he will do evc.y
fo'Cjm his p- wcr to Serve them.
Or, Thomas’s Bolton Journal.
THURSDAY, March 24, 1774.
To be LET,
with a good fire place, in the ccntie of the town*
Enquire of the printer.
ANY Gentleman that wants a ileady, dis
creet, person to keep either a fliop or Hore of En
gliih, Weft-lndia and Braizery Goods, may be informed of
MCfa an one by applying to the Printer of this p iper.
WA N T E D immediately a lobcr, active
Lad, asan APPRENTICE, to a genteel bul'mel*.
Enquire of the Printer.
A Gentleman in gtxxl b hnels would be glad
for fix months, by giving the ulual interest and g< od fecunty.
Enquire of the Printer.
AS C HOO L will be opened the firft
MONDAY in April next, by Mrs. COLLiNS,
at her houie opposite to Mr. Tr l e stone's Writing-Sdiool,
North-End ; where MiSSES may be taught Painting on
Glass, Drclden, Embioiuery ; Queen, 'lentil and Ir.ih
Sticking, Coat* of Arms, Marking and plain Sewing.
Whoever may please to favour her with the care of their
Children may depend on her care and afiiduity in their
inftrudtion. •
ASMaR T, active Lad, who is neither
a Macaroni, ora&evcN, is wanted as an APPKEN
-1 lei, to the Printing Bulincb. Enquire oi the Printer
— Hil.MA"*- «»•.——• ™ —I |*M—wr*
F RIDA V, March 18.
Qnfutfday the infant, arrived at Nbw-
You, the Mercu r y Packet, from Fal
mouth, votth thefollo'wing
Constantinople, ( t he Captai of 'Turkey J A™. 17.
H E i 2th of this month a
Tartar arrived from the Grand
* z ' rs arm y» w^°was onl y
w,th a ve toal account,
that a corps of our troops,com
manded by Apti Pacha and Chaous Fachi,
amounting to about 40,000 men, who were
going toatack thcßudians in their retrench
ments at Bazargick, in order to diilodge
them from thence, and force them to repais
the Danube, and by that means prevent
their taking up their winter quarters on
this fide of that river,had the misfortune not
only to fee their intentions entirely defeat
ed, but were moltly cut to pieces by the
Ruilians, who made 10,000 of them pnf
oners. f
“ This courier adds that two Turkish
commanders were among the Hain, and that
those who cfcap<d the enemy’s Iword, fled
to the. Grand Vizir,and threatened openly to
revolt against him, if he did not immediate
ly march in person against the Ruffians,
and redeem their captive comrades ; that
the Grand Vizir, fearing they would keep
their promise, had marched at the head of
his whole army to attack the enemy, who
notwithstanding the inferiority of their for
ces, after a bloody battle, entirely defeated
the Ottoman army ; that the Grand Vizir,
was said to be dangerously wounded ; and
that the enemy, after this victory, marched
against Varna, most of the inhabitants of
which place, fearingthey Should be pillaged
by the CoSl'acks, had fled with the most
valuable part of their effects.
“ These disagreeable accounts have been
confirmed by other expresses which arrived
the 13th and 14th inStant, and have thrown
the Grand Signior and the Divan into the
greatest conftcrnation.
“ The Divan assembled immediately on
the arrival of these accounts, and orders
were sent for the fame number of troops
to march to the army as have been cither
made prisoners, or killed, in the late actions,
that the utmost may be tried to prevent the
Ruffians from taking Varna.
“ At an aflembly of the chief of the
Janiffarics, it was resolved that 60,000 men !
were to be raised immediately, to whom ■
the Grand Signior has granted a pay of 13 !
Afpres per diem.”
N0v.29. Thcfirft courier who arrived from
the Grand Vizir’s army occasioned a gene
ral council to be held composed of ail the
officers of the empire and the lawyers, soon
after which it Was publicly known,that part of
theßuffian anny,hud m iched towards Kar
a. Sow ; that Dagheftan Ali Pacha, whocom
m..nded 8000 men ill that part of the coun
; try, having attacked the enemy, was routed
by them with the loss of 500 men ; that
Ifpir Aga Chiunoux Bachi was taken pris
oner, and that the Ruffians were preHing
' forward to attack Bazarzick, and after that
V arna.
“ On this news the Grand Signior de
■ termined to head his troops himfelf, and the
council aflembkd on this occasion, with
difficulty persuaded him to lay aiide his
intcniion. Ovders were immediately lent
to Bertangi Bachi, of Adrianople, to go to
the army with the 10,000 men, whom he
had aSlernbled under tiiat place, and to the
I Caprain Pacha, who is appointed SeraSkicr,
to hasten his march at the head of 2000
chosen horse ; but feverai Tartars who ar
rived since from tlie army, have biou ht
account that Kaiidgi Ol’man,Pacha,Gene
ral of the fleet, had entered the port of
Varna, with feverai vessels full of troops,
at the fame time that the Rutlian General
appeared be.ore that pl ace,headed bySoliman
Facha, the governor, they attacked and de
feated the Ruffians who came to beiiege
Varna, and took one of their generals and
30 officers prisoners, with all the baggage
and artillery ; that Botangi Pacha met the
remainder of that army, and compieated the
Vienna, Nov. 24. An Auftrianarmy,
confiitmg of between 20 and 30,000 m n,
hath juSt entered that part of Walchia,
which belongs to the Turks, and is now
possessed by the RuSHan troops.
Nov. 27. Last week a courier arrived
here from Verfaiiks,and another from Con
stantinople. it is allured that two power
ful monarchs have declared to the Porte,
that if file did not accept the conditions of
peace, proposed by Rullia, they would fend
next Spring an army of 100,000 meu uno
the Ottoman empire.
Some late advices from Constantinople
assure, that the Grand Sighior’s indifpoli
tion i turning to a dropsy ; and that Mos
-1 loun-Oglou was actually inverted with the
dignity of Grand Vizir. If this news iscon
fir.ned, affairs will turn greatly in favour of
the Ruffians.
Warsaw, Dec. 6. A courier arrived
here last Sunday from the Ruffian army to
Baron Stackelberg, the Ruffian minister,
i with confirmation of the advantages gained
! by the Generals Prince, Dolgorucki and
I Ungtrn, the 38th of October near Carafloo,
over a corps of Turks, under the ScraSkier
Dahiiangi Ali Pacha.
Hamburgh, Dec. 13. Advices are re
ceived here, that the CoiFacks of Don, and
I the Tartars of Cafan, have taken arms, and
that the commandant of On nbourg has
been killed, by the rebels ; that General
Brandt had been worsted in a smart fkirmiSh;
and that General Kaw was in full march
with feverai regiments, to put Stop to the
Paris, Dec. 3. The Duke of Glou
cester has been here some days. It is be
lieved that he will not go to court, having
walked on Monday last, without any of his
retinue, accomjianied by a French gentle
man, to requ -ft, on his part of the i rench
comedians, the representation of two parti
cular pieces, for the next day. He saw with
what cag.rn-fs his desires were complied
with, notwithstanding the measures taken
for playing two other pieces which had
been announced to the public, and fixed
up. Some of the guards conduct him to
ail the public fpeClacles, and make room
for him without naming him.
Warsaw, Dec. 15. The great al
vantages which the, diff rent Ruttan .corps
have had over th? Turks on th: right of
the Danube are confirmed, and likewise th 1 .
[Numb. 164.
the rest of the army paSK-J that river, in
order to proSecute thole military operatic; if
which have been begun with so much luc
cefs. The grand Vizir has been totally
defeated. It is not known yet, whether
that commander has been killed upon the
spot, or whether he had the good luck to
save himfelf. The Ruffians have taken all
the papers, the military chest, the baggage,
and 150 pieces of cannon.
KaminiecK, Dec. 4. The town of
Siliilria is entirely blocked up by the Rui-
Sians, who are preparing to bcli geit in form.
Col. Leonticue’s regiment, which has fuf
fered very much during the last campaign,
will take up its winter quarters inWallachia,
and that officer had obtained pcnnillian to
gotoPetcrfburg.—General Sokikow com
mands at the fi- ge of Siliftra.
Warsaw, Dec. 15. The Grand Vizir’s
defeat is confirmed on all Sides, and as he
has not yet been found among those who
efeaped, it is imagined he was killed on tty
Dec. 23. Private letters from Count
Romanzow’s army,dated the 29th laft,bring
I that the Ruffians have taken the furtrds of
■ Silii'ri. by aflhult*
Vienna, Dec. 4. Accordingto letters
received from the frontiers ofthc Ottom m
empire,there have bet n feverai c ngagen nta
since the 29th of October, between utc
Ruffians and the Turks, all to the advan
tage of the former. These letters add, that
General Kamenfkoi had taken the town of
January 1. Letters from Lilbon mention,
that a treaty is on foot for seeding the island
of St. Catherine, in the Brazils, 10 his Catholic
Majcfty, for which the Portuguese are to have
an equivalent in the Well Judies.
Should France attempt toafliii the Turks,itb
finally resolved A till ri a and Pruflia 10 declare im
mediately in favour o the Ruilians.
it is now confidently repor.ed that an addi
tion of ten fail of men of war will be made to
our navy eiiablilhmcnt.
By the carlicll advice received from Paris
we learn, that a difference hath unhappily
arifcD between Count Guigncs and the French
Minister, thcDuked Aiguilion; in consequence
of which, Count Guignes is committed close
prifoncr to the Baftile. The conjedurcs of the
Parisians are various; but further particulars re
lative to this finguiar incident have not as yet
"Jan. 6. Eighteen Jrifli lords (including nine
Bdhops) have Signed a protell against the bill
for permitting the Papills of Ireland to lend
money on mortgages.
Notwithstanding what has been said, it is
certain that the French Ministry have lately
made effe vto rcftcrc Coifica to the Geneofc.
As this is the last kHion of business, it is ex
pected the Parliament will not rife till July ;
a.id as nothing will be done next winter but
the granting lupplies and the current business
of the year, it is laid the East-India affairs will
politively befiniihed this spring.
It now generally believed that the Parliament
will not be diflulvedtill march twelvemonth.
January u. It is laid that the French King
is in a liate of mind very little removed from
idiotcy or infcnfilnlity, so much, that neither
the charms of his favourite’s conversation, nor
the pkalurcs of the chace, are capable of rout
ing him, this, it is sud, ha. cabled feverai ca
bals, and given birth to a Ipirit of intrigue ex
tremely alarming to the miltrcfs and the mini
We hear the Ruffian transports failed on
Bth inltan: f< r the MeJiierancan Without waiting
iur the men of war.
A ccrta.n Baiuaet (Sir George Colebroke )
who has Lad thee molt abiolutc dinSita of a
great trading Company for many years, and
who, by his power ar.d intcrdl, mademary
Nabobs in his time, once Lie cmbarraffmcac
of ms affairs, applied only tor a secondary place
in Bengal ;or hunielf, and was peremptorily
General Keppell is appointed to command
in Ireland 5 and Lord i.laney, m th;Kmiher 1
imvnt of Uuu kingdom.

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