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A Weekly, Political, ar *d Commercial Paper :—Open to all Parties, but Influenced by None;
‘DO thou Great L I R E R I' Y inspire our Souls, — And make our Lives in thy Pofleflion happy,— Or, our Deaths glorious in thy just Defence.*
Vol. IV.J
Informs the PUBLIC,
That he has imported in the 'hips just arrived from
A General Assortment of Englilh and
India GOODS, a Variety of lrilh LINENS.
Cutlery and Hard WARE, Pirtol POWDER, drc.
Which will be by Wholelalc and Retail,
At hrs SHOP near the Head of Dock-Square,
And at his STORE in Wilson's Lane.
HAS just impo ted from London, by Capt. Calif,
AFRESH Assortment of Spring
GOODS, which he is determined to fell at
the very lowest Rates for ready Morey, at his Shop in
Cornhill, just above the Poft-Otf.ce, Elston. ,
a quantity of Sperma-Carti Candles, of
**• a li.perior quality to be fold remarkably cheap by
Enquire at William Phillips, Efqui.e and Son's Store,
Just Imported and to be Sold by
At the Painters Arms in Back-street,
Leading to Cluilcftown-Ferry,
I.) A I N T E R S oil and colours, of all
forts, by wholefole and retail, as cheap as at any plate
in Boston.
N n .. Ct ach, Chaifo, House and Ship Painting, arc.
don* wit nudity and dispatch.
lEeftborougb, March 29, 1774*
TP A N away from the Subscriber on
l\ Sunduy tail, an apprentice lad named JOHN
W RIGHT, about twenty years of* age, dark complexi
on, ftiort black hair, about five feet fix inches in height,
thick and well set. Carried of!' with him two suits of
cloatlis the coat and jacket of one suit of a rediin lolot*,
the other a blue coat and ilripped cotton jacket, two pair of
yellow leather breeches, one lheep and the other buck skin,
two Ilripped tow shirts aad three cotton and linen ditto ;—
•ne new beaver hat, and other much more, three pair of
shoes, one pair of which were new, five 01 fix pair of flock
ings j with one pair of long and another pair of ft.ort trow
fo-rs—Said Wright is by trade a Biackfmith.
Whoever will take tip said apprentice and secure him, so
that 1 may have him again, or bring him to me, (hall hare
TOUR DOLLARS reward, and all nccellary charges
N. B. All mailers of vdfeis and others are hereby cau
tioned against harbouring concealing, or carrying ct!’ laid
apprentice, as they would avoid the penalty of the law.
» ■" 1 1 I —-— ——
A WOMAN, that can be well recommend
ed, with a young breallof milk, would be glad 10 go
into any gentleman’s family to suckle. Enquiie of the
Imported in Captain Goa ham from LONDON,
And to be SO L D by
At her Shop near the North Battery, Boston,
EARLY Charlton, early hotfpur, golden
hotfpur, large marrowfat, dwarf marrow, blue marrow
and Spaniih mo'iotto Peas,large Windsor, large Toker, early
Liibon, early Hotfpur, early yellow Dwarf, early speckled
dittn, and early white Beans with black eyes, early York
(hire, early Dutch, Sugar Loaf, Battcrfea, large winter, green
and yellow Savoy, early and late Colliflowcr Seeds, best
Cabbage Lettice, white Go£s, green Gofs, marble and brown
Dutch Lettic: Seeds, best double Pepper Grass, round
Spinnage, lhort top and Salmon Raddilh, fcariet Raddifh,
double Parflcy, white SpanHh, silver-skin and red Onion
Seeds, long green prickley and early Cucumber Seeds, sweet
Maijoram, Thyme, Baum, Sage, early Dutch, and late
Turnip Seeds, large swelling Parsnip, red Beets, Orange,
golden coloured, early yellow and purple Carrot Seeds, red
Clover, Herds Grass, and Canary Seeds, Winter and fum
mcr Squafti, long French Turnip, Hyfop, and a variety of
Flower Seeds, warranted to be new and good. (4 m.
Just IMPORTED in Capt. Hood,
And to be S O L D by
At the bead of BlacX-Hdxse Lane,
A Large Afloitment of
Garden Seeds, Peafe, Beans, &c.
Among which are,
I? ARLY charlton, early golden hot
fpur, Ormanu hotfpur, Spaniih moratto, white roun
civ.il, dwarf marrowfat and bush peafe, large Windsor, true
early Liibon, early yellow fix weeks white kidney and fine
toker beans, early Yorklhire, Dutch sugar loaf, batterfea,
Lvov, red and brocoli cabbage feed, colliilower, cucumber,
onion, carrot, turnip, radilh and ietdee of all forts, round
fpinage, endive, cillery and afpsragus, thyme, baum, sweet
marjoram, broad clover, White Dutch clover, la lutein, rape,
canary, and an alfortment of flower feed* and herds grass
lead. Alfa, a variety of other feeds not mentioned ; ell
which were imported from the Seeds Men in London, and
ate warranted to be ftdh and good and of the tail year's
Or, Thomas s Boston Journal
THURSDAY, May 12, 1774.
I * or LONDON^
ImlVtA The Shi P LONDON,
Roust Calif, Maftrr,
VMVfik Now lying at the Long Wharf,
Will fail with all Expedition.
For Freight or Tallage apply to Peter
at his Store in King-Street,
Where there is to be Sold,
English, Russia and Ravens DUCK,
Pickles in Hampers and Cases, Cheefliire Checfe, Loaf
Sugar, Chip Hats. Boston, Apt it 30,1774. . *
For L O N D O N~
Benjamin Durham, Mailer,
Laying at Ha nc o c r's W hai f,
j /fcgQHtxirL Has very genteel Accommodations,
'S S And will fail with all puifible Dilp.itch,
,u»y three Parts of hrr Cargo being already
J engaged.— For Freight or Tallage apply
~*to Jonathan Williams, jun, in
As said Williams proposes to embark in the
above Vetlel, he rameflly requeft* those Gentkinen who
are indebted to him, to mike immediate Payment.
B'litl.en 80 Tons,
Nigh Deck, a prime Sailer,
and well found.
I She will be Sold on reafonalde Terms.
Enquire of the Printer.
To Charter immediatd^p--—
_ From 90 to 120 Tons Burmas^i.
Boston, April 20, 1774.
LAST Night the Dwelling House of
tKe Subfcribcr was broke ojcn, and from thence
were taken the following articles, vi*. one pair of filvcr
chaffing difhcs } one pair of butter cups; one filvcr tan ;
two large Ibup lpoons; one pepper bo* ; li* large table
spooni } fix tea ditto and a (trainer, marked E. D. maker's
name D. Hencliman, all except the spoons, which have a
hand fir acred ; a silver tea pot ; one ditto fugardilh j a
boat for tea spoons } one pair of tea tongs ; five tea lpoons
and a cream cup ; two porringers and two lalt-ceiiars, all
marked E. b. one filvcr tankard without a lid, ma.ked
S. • D-
I. S. one silver can marked I. E. an old fafliioncd pep-
per box, marked A. E. fix large table spoons, marked F.
S. one filvcr filvcr, no mark upon it, the foot resembling
the mouth of a tunnel ; silver tankard maked A. B. one
’ lilver I'oriii'g.r witiiout any mark ; three table spoons
marked A. B. one old spoon marked I. S. four tea spoons
no Mark \ one pair tea tongs ; maker’s name of these not
D. Henchman ; 1 Hurd, some of them, and some B. W.
with other Imall articles.
Whoever will take up the thief or thieves, so as he or they
may be brought to juilice, and the plate recovered, (hall be
paid the above reward, and a reafonablc reward for any part
of the plate, in proportion to its value, per me.
Fairfield, Ctnnettkut, Th a ode us Burst.
Martb 15, 1774-
N. B. If any of the above plate should be difeovered in
Bolton, please to give notice to John Hancock, Lfqj and an
adequate teward shall be given v
Art herehgf informed, that
Has received from
A large and compleat Aflort
ment of
Drugs and Medicines,
Of the bed Quality.
Surgeons Instruments,
of every Kind, finilhed in the
1 ncateft Manner ; with a full
Aflortment of Groceri* and
Dye Stuffs, which, as they
were purchaled by himfelf
| with the Cash, he will fell
on very reasonable Terms*
at his Shop, the North-Cor
ner of William’s Court,
• # * Praditioners and others
may be supplied with large
g ,[j|| or linall Quantities, by Lec
ter or otherwise. as # well as
though they were present.
impL**! Medicine Boxes of va
rious Prices, for Ships or
jkm&i pri 'ate Families, are put up
* n ncateft Manner.
Mr. Thomas,
As this metropolis is threatened with an additional number
of Biitijh tioops, it behoves ex ry one, tfptc tally the fair
sex, to be upon their guard, ag..mft the crafty nodes, as
well as violent attain, of all enemies to virtue ami mo
rality—therefore your injecting the following in jour
valuable patir, will muiu oblige y our affeftionaie friend ,
01 ! H'ltn will the Lot uft tear r the land ? Chdich.
lit price of ax trtuous woman is above rubies. Solomon.
A i' political and private happiness are invariably
J, connected with religion and viitue, is a felf evident
pmpofition. A* morals decline, lo will the health, courage,
and puUi< spirit of a |*«plc decline alio ; aLuae all, the fa
vour of God, without which nothing can cxift, much lei’s
prafj'C! will only accompany such as love and obey him;
th »lc whom Cod' delights in mull be happy.; those w hom
he dctclls muff be miserable. That the morals of this
people, lime the fleets Usd armies, of Gcorp she Third,
have bren cro\> ded in upon us, arc very much corrupted, is
alas 1 but too visible ; let us trace the causes of this cor
ruption, in order that the remedies may be pointed out —
Perhaps, the mud fruitful source of depiavity in this land,
is the scandalous proflitution to lie leen in almost every
place, that has heen so unhappy, as to have foldtm contained
ia it ; an evil that caules and multiplies every fpecics of
wicked nek. Pleasures of this kind, if they deserve the
name, are commonly supported by fraud and rapine, and
every a£l of injuttice ; lois cf health, dileafc, dittrefs in
families are the usual confcqusnces. The grand iiiltruments
of this iniquity, are the firft feducer*; for the unhappy
wretches, when feJuccd, are compelled in a manner, to
continue that bad courfc of file, from an impoliibility
atmoft ofiubfiftmg in any other————A high-wayman
i. a faint, compared to that man, tha^villain, who firft
ruined an innocent creature, and then turns her loofc like
a vvld bead, on the public—He has not only endangered
to five highrft degree, the temporary and eternal welfare
of the* unhappy creature, but has likevvife extended and
profiled the inteirft of fin, by laying a snare for the He
-1 ftrujjßon of many others—The firft (educer, is juftlv charge
-offr, with ail rh*cm»plication of wiikeduell. that rhe»han.
don«<t fcrrmle commits nerielf; and likcwile with all the
fin which Ihe may be the alluring oecafion, and inllrument
of in Oh! that it may never (with rise frail colour
of truth) be told in Gath, or published in the ftrtetsof A -
kelon that any ot the amiallc daughters in America luve
ever fullered themlelves to be fcduccd by the turfed intrigues
and artful insinuations of the font of Belial—And now Sir,
to prevent as tar as polliblc this great source of perdition, I
would preface that human laws fliould be mailed agreable
to the law enacted by Divine authority among the Jews,
namely, If a man entice a maid that is not betrothed and
be with Iter, he dull surely endow her to be his wile , If
her lather utterly refufed to give her unto him, he lhail
pay money according to the dowry of virgins, Exod. xxii.
16, 17. A man who feduc.es a virgin ought either to mar
ry or poriion her; this law is actually put in execution in
(bme countries—ls the man be already married and Dkcwife
too poor to portion her, he ihould be punilhed in the fevered
manner——This tail case would not very often happen, for
it is well known that gentlemen molt commonly are the firft
feduem—What can be more just, than that t’lole who
deprive other, of the means of fubfifling fliould be compelled
to support them——*W» really Mr. I’rintcr want fro table
laws to preserve to women thole means of fubliftcnce which
become their fox. If a young woman lias a genteel educa
tion and a small fortune, flic Hands upon the brink of def
trillion ; and even if Ihe is defuous, flic foarcclv know s
what business to put hetfelf to in order to be out of the way
afWfWtlm ; for excepting two or three AMtS wlncn
(women Hill retain ; w* have after the French fafliion, men
mantua-makers, men men ftay4hakcis* men
Ihocmakcri for womens (hoc, men haircattm tor womens
Lair, dec. and very likely in time, we shall have lempflreftes,
laundrefles and dear ftarchers of the fame lex. Till our
land is free from foluiers and prostitutes we fliall never have
morals ; and without morals, we never can have happiness.
Laugh and be Fat.
Mv Loan,
YO U have every qualification for an able fecrctary
offtatebut common sense, the want of which
appears very conspicuous in a recent part of your conduit :
I mean, my Lord, your laying the American popen before
the House of Lords. Pray ; Mr. Secretary of State,
what have your peers to do with those paper, before the
Com mon s have seen them, and come to a refoluion about
them ? All the papers about America should have been
delivered by you to Lord North, and by his Lord/hip to the
Commons; and when the people's (hare in the legillature
had done with them, the matter would have came, in the
due course of business and of Jegifiatiun, before the Lords.
—r———y—— —■ ll—w
FRIDAY, March 6.
Since the arrival of the last (hips from Lon
don , it has been confidently reported that part
of the contents of one of the letters written by
our great man to his superiors in England, the
last winter, is nearly if not precifcly in the
following words, “ There is an abfolutc ne
ceflity of sor 6 regiments here ; for, let the
faction now fay what they will, this Province
is in a state of rebellion ; my daughter was
obliged to fly with her infant in her arms.”
This corresponds with what the ministerial
wr.ters in the Whitehall evening p >ft expressly
fays *• is Governor II ut< hinfbn’stcttlccl opini
on,” as appears by his Liters read before the
house of commons, vu. 14 Tm* no effort in
[Numb. 171.
the colonics by any body of men, civil or mi
litary, can remove the evils that now reign
among them.” Mr. Hutchinfun, in his print
ed letters, private and confidem.al, items to
have principally aimed at an aittiaiion of our
charter; if then an alteration Ihould be at
tempted, we know already to whole a. ciu.it
10 place it. “ rhere mull be an a’ n ’
ment of what arc tailed KngliHt ■
“ I wilh tiic gnml ol the colony, when i
wilh to fee a further rellraint <i liber; y ,f
d'his was his And in liis !c 1
which was laid before pailunieut, wc ait ; id
that he added, “ Parliament and ,urlla
ment only can rellore that country (Amcri 1
to peace,” &c. And we are further u,!J “ t , c
his letters for these fix years pall iiavc v.sia"-. •
ly calculated and held forth the fame dixh ine ’
But though the deftrudlion of the free run of
our conlhtutirn might be the principal mun
cion, yet a military force might be Ifrcnuoufly
follicited, as a ncctflary means of effectin'; it.
At a general council lall Wedntfday the
Governor was plealed to nominate William
Brown, Esq; to Ire a jullice of the superior
court in the room of Nathaniel Ropes, Efu;
deccafcd; but there being but feveil counltl
lors present, they declined to aft on a matter
in which the lives, liberties and properties of
the people were lb deeply interfiled, and it
was put off'till after the next election of coun
There is no appointment in this govern
ment, especially under the present situation of
our public affairs, of greater importance than
thtst of a judge. It is the reafonablc expecta
tions of this people, that men who arc tho
rough judges, and have had 1 0 much honour
to be made the inllrument in arrying on the
meafurw of a corrupt court, fliould he pro
moted to the bench ofjuflicc; and it is uni
verlally known that there are such men to l>e
found, i his depends upon the circunilpcfti
on of the reprefimtatives that are now to be
chosen by the people; for let it be remember
ed that if only eight out of the twenty-eight
councilors to be elected are such as the Go
vernor can manage, it will be in hi# power by
-exerciftng his prerogative of negativing (anil
poflibly this may be his intention* of making
those eight a majority of a legal council,) and
coofequenxly of appointing luch judges as he
(hall be pleased to nominate.
Vellcrday arrived here his Majelly’s Slkip
Mercury from London.
SATURDAY, March 7.
We hear that Admiral Montagu has l>een
plcafed to grant a pardon to a boatlwain of his
Majesty’s (hip I amar, who was under fcntcnce
of death for mutiny.
On Friday last the ancient and honourable
artillery company made choice of the Rev. Mr.
John Lathrop, of this town, to preach a sermon
to them at their anniversary eledion of officers
the firft Monday in June next, in the room of
the Rev. Mr. Hunt who had excused himfelf.
We hear from Norwich, that about a fort
night ago the bone of an alewife was extracted
by dodor Turner from the throat of Mr. Eben
ezer Lord, of that town. The bone is about
thefize of a brown thread needle, barb’d from
end to end, and has been lodged in Mr. Lord’s
throat 25 years, and at various times had given
him great pain : Considering the variety of
movements to which that part of the human
body is fubjed, it is surprising that it could be
retained there so long.
Last Friday fe’nnight Daniel Willfon was
executed at Providence for a rape, pursuant to
his fentcnce.
A whaling sloop arrived at New-York,.who
had made a good voyage, on the jth of Febru
ary, in latitude 4, longitude 7 spoke with the
Captains Rich and Sweet belonging to Bolton,
who had got 120 barrels each on board ; and
were all well.
Ycflerday afternoon arrived here die Mercury
frigate, in 8 weeks from England
Extract of a Utter from Colport, March 14.
** Yeftcrday an express arrived at ihe «om
miftoners for the Royal Oak, Worcester and
Egmont, to rcp.ur with al! expedition lor Bos
ton ; and the Prcfton, Adam a! Greaves, to re
pair with the above.—This morning the Roya?
Oak and Worcester bent their fsuis, and viiil
£ui the firft fair wind.

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