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Or, Thomas’s Bolton Journal.,
- • • - 1
‘ Do rHOU Greac LIBERTY inlpirc our Soub—And make our Lives in thy Pofleffion happy—Or, our Deaths glorious in thy just Defence?
W A, J Vol. IV.) FRIDAY, July 15, 1774* (Numb. 180.
To the PiiMTiir. ।
TAM. naub abbttd to ysu, mW the mber Gentlemen, who I
bavedefiradtbePabikation f tba Sermon I preeubad on tbc
fatalfirft aj June, fir tbeirftanarmg Sentiment aftbat
performance. fat« difceorfu 9fa reHgpmu Nature ore
usually fovenrAwitb bat partial and traafiat A tent ten,
perbapt year Insertion of tbt Uttar part of it U a Column
of year Joumel taaj at fiUj anfitar tbatr boneaeient par
•aft. Yeur't,
n S. Blaix.
rnH E fokmnpwfe, which hath been thisty faty
nerallv and voluntarily made in the business of the I
Weik, I must lay, m» fori approves <*» fcwtyty not
cafy to be exprefled. Ris a generous teflimony of the p
gty, humanity and public virtue of this city j although but
a float emblem of the ruinous fafpenfion and indiscriminate
diihtfl, which the infatuated councils and misguided power
oLour parent-county have from this day inflitted (heaven
knows how long) on the much injured and patriotic town
of Boston. It would require a much abler pencil than mine
to paint the many scenes of mifory in which our brethren
there and fellow-advocates in the cause- of American liberty
rauft be involved in con Sequence of the lite tyrannical, cruel
and vindictive Astute of the British Parliament.—An enure
ceflatiun of trade and commerce, the neceflary support of
all ranks and orders of individuals in the community, and
the life, strength, and glory of ths whole; an enormous depre
cation of the value of eftatw, lb that what was before
worth thousands is now scarcely worth bolding ; widows
and orphans, who drew their applies from mtereft lodged in
the hands of the now unoccupied and insolvent merchant,
or from the rent of tenements, now the habitations of idle
ness, poverty and hunger, reduced, perhaps from affluence,
elegance and ease, to the penury and extreme frugality ot de
pendents ; thousands of induftnous labourers, who depended
for their daily bread on the daily sweat of their brow, at
once cut off from employment, and thrown, as of
chanty, on the public bounty; such a mortifying lubjeaion
to the insolence and contempt of worthless tirumphant ene
mies, supported by an insolent military, that without the
utmost efforts of virtue ; —But I forbear --Hu-
manity recoils at the proineft—grief, horror, and indigna
tion foredofc the utterance, —I with to God we may not
e>e long be obliged to bear tales woe that /hall beggar
our prefect most painful forebodings, and make Sty Hurt- |
We may however obierye, that wha: i
deepens the blackeft.fluuie in the colouring of thr opptyion I
is, \he extensive, the humiliating, and muignty tygn at
-i.b<i»., -m.
provinces of North-Amenca to an abty
principles and measures, which our reason, our religion,.our
htt conflitution, and every honeA fenumeat of every tree
born foul muff abhor.
Surely, my friends, it is the nwft rueful day that ever our
Eyes, ot out father’s Eyea have beheld ! It » a day of the
flLal frown, of Heaven! And therefore, (m whuzh, I know,
vou will anticipate me) a day wherein we are hgaady wW
by Heavenl to repentance, —It behoveth us then imme - I
ateiv and in good earnest to commence the wosk us general 1
reformation ; a work, hitherto, alas I too, too long neg
fcded. Should not rhis laluCwy effed take place, I
—forgive the unprcW prognod.cation— 1 few,,* e
not loon be rtliered from our present
more, I fem, the measure of oyr iniquities will
ed up, and issue in the utter ruin od all we now hold n»ft
dear valuable. We would do well th«efore
iy to look back, and
■n, vice,, which have thus hr provoked the nghteous Md
ruler ofthe Urpverfe. And happy wifl it be tor
us, If it prove the of all licenttoufoefe,
prodigality, riot and debrechery, us traud,
Ch Jan Worftrip, and all impwty ;
ofthe generelfobrtety, “ d s°dlmefe,
Ucometh a people puiefling fe«h in the div.ne
and the dudfrine of the grace of God which bringeth lalvati-
° n ßut to this purpofcit may also be of use to
to us, this difpenfatwn o
ed. The Cloud indeed hath deeply darkened our Sky,, »nd
the Item, if fuccekfol, must eventurily whelm us re the
general-ruin ; yet, through the °L^^’ bath
weight of that Cloud hath not reached us; thetyrn hath
broken at a diAance. As yet, secure in ow habitation, and
the privilege of commerce, we only
fionfaodJie groans of freedom tn difoefr. For this erey
let our penitence be accompanied with the must ntyre and
principles cm hardly foil of terming our charariersaM
dud to the standard of our duty, and of
to the divine favour and pretetbon ; not to acd, that . <
case we shall be able to depend with the greater connwenre
on the divine power and direction, and be better “tyty •*
and concur in such measures as (hall be most pruden
and at the fame time most effedlual to the removal of our
Wends, heed 1 put you in mind, that
there is one testimony of the finoenty of those fcatiments,
which it is our bren*n duty at present very eminently to
phihit t I mean, the expression offympathy and char.ty to
wards eur fuftfering teetiiren. In this, lam per loaded, w«
fl,,|| not rive way to the most humane and generous ot our
foUow-fubie&s in America ; in as much as the fame prin
ciples of nature, of religion, ofthe fove of liberty, and the
love cf our country must have equal force with us. I hat
great law of charity and rhe ciriftian religion which bmdeth us
to love osar oeighbo jr as our selves, and to do unto others as
we would they ftoolddo unto us, doth in a measure extend
, « our very enemies ; to this purpose you may read the pa -
' rbfe the compafficKsare Samaritan, the most beeutitul,
* and inftruSive piece of moral painting perhaps any
J where to be found. 8«r rt is not the dMfrefe of • enreny
that now invokei our ty
our friends, of our countrymen, of our brethen, ot tnoie wno
for vears past Save (food, as it were, the sore-most ranks m
the gtottous conteatioe of liberty ; ami who arepew bty
ing beneath the ruthtefs arm < • victims us vir
tue for the c unmon cause. ,
Wrwl you are a’l fenfibls, th* th» is anta time for the
indulgence of felfiih views, national partiality, provincial
prejudice, or any kind of party jealoufy>nd attadsment to
the obftruftion of those more generous emotions which be
come us as men,—•» friiow-fubjeda,—as Americans. Ail
these fliould now yield to the nobler flowings of humanity,
and the purest ardors of public spirit. Such sentiments have
never been more requisite. We knew not yet what facrifices
we may be called to make for the general prefervatiM ; nor
what speedy fuppliei may be wanting for the diftrefled fuffer
era ie Boston. Of this, however, lam aflured that the
man,who cannot find in his heart to devote his proportion of
interest to the fafety and liberty of his country, tboagb 'n
JhnU ba ta tba half »f all ba pafftfitb ; and the man, who
cannot contribute his mite to the comfort and relief of those
who are fuffet ing in the cause, ia not worthy of the name of
an American,—is not worthy of the name of a freeman,—is
not worthy of the name of achriftian,.-or even to taste the
finalleft sweets of humanity in his greatest diArefs. Befidee
this instance, it cannot be loft to us, while it meets, as it
jballmttt, with ths approbation of hcpven, of our own
breasts, ofpofterity; and when it flwli be rewarded by the
greatfol acknowlegments of thoufanda. My friends, 1 know
their noble nature- -1 know, there are there men naw
fullering for os, of whom, for their merits, it may, of a
truth, be fad, that the vrU it »at warily as than.
To such men to be a leaefa&r is an honour, which Kings
might envy us, and be proud of—and, as such men are
themselves no strangers to the noblest offices of humanity
and beneficence, it is impossible they fliould be infenfibie to
sentiments of the noblest gratitude.—lndeed, 1 cannot
help, even now, anticipating the auspicious day, when with
hearts exulting with joy, and eyes redundant with the tears
us virtue, they Ihall meet your triumphant congratulations,
and hail you their divine deliverers Although, be it re
membered, that wa fltail be obliged ever to acknowiege that
we ourselves have been the greatest beneficiaries.
In the mean time, let us, with united hearts, offer
up our daily supplications to Almighty GOD, that for the
worthinefe of his fan he would freely remit our mamfoUty.
fences; that he would endue us with the graceydTitynl <
tance, and of gratitude fiat the benefits we yet i. and
and that he would speedily interpole in the Leh JtcffoW WfiL
faring brethren, and our country in general. AMshatjOw .
prayers may be the more effedual, let us
the supreme power, wisdom and goodneli of him, who
rui«h in WiejrtmJes of Heaven, and among the inhabitant'
of this world t Who is able to bringlight out of the deepest
darkntfs, an/ to when there u noneelfe to deliver.
I coududein the words of the royal Flalrnift t 0 Ijratl
trust lit lia the Lard; fir ba it tby btlp and tbyfiidd. 0
Hauft A Aaran, trull tbau in tbt Lard ; far ba it tby btlp
and tby jhidd. And all that star tba Lard-, traft in tbt
Lard, br ba bytar btlp and yaar fiield. ,
All u\P rattan as Nawt Popart in tba Brttifi Calattiat,
art ruutfid ta pubhjb tba fillrmrt AH as Parliament;
vtbicb it \fiid, will be pajjed tbt End as tie present Stfi
tn, ar tbeyepnniag as toe next.
•t An Aftfor tbt ftnre effcfiual as bit Majefh't
Americai Caianut dependent m tbt Crown of Great-Bri
tain, andt, enfarct tbetr Obadifme ta all ficb AHt as
I Pariianin at may be ne.ejnry fat that Parpafe."
WHHEAS ft it found by experience that colonies
wllch are planted by governments, or otherwilfe
I dependent on them, do at feme ume ur other, form them-
I selves into unLrrantable and rebellious affbeiations, and by
their perfeveraLe therein, entirely throw off their depend-
I ence and fcbjcty o to fu€h parent ftaco; And whereas the
Britilh planutika, in America, have of late, di lowered a
I difpofitioa to faow the fame flaps, and, in all likelihood,
I will, if not ipecljly prevented, form themselves into a fe-
I paratc and indcpOdent government, to the great detriment
I of the other partfof the Briufli Empire, to the dilhonour ■
I of hia Majeity, an to the prejudice of the trade of this
| kingdom in particiir: Andwbtrut tbejgreatEKcnnxtK
I P^ e r U saidf aid atria, bat an immediate teedtn-y to prt-
I dace tbit efeet —-Tyhe end therefore that such evftdetigns
I may not be carried A 0 execution, and that the laid colonies
I and piaoutions mane, at ail times hereafter, kept in fu
| bordmation to the autonty of the Britilh Parliament, Be
I it enaded by the Kin’s most excellent Ityefty, by, and
I with the advice and ciifent of the Lords spiritual and tem
| poral, and common* il this prelent parliament aflembfcd,
I and by authority of tbri une.
1. That no peril® styever who fluff, from and after
I the palling of this aft, him or her felfi from the
I kingdoms of Great-Britaa and Ireland, or the islands there-
I unto belonging, to any of L * pbntaifoas in Ame
| rica, with intent to fettle Lid, dwell therein foe any Unite
I time than life of years, fluff prefame to depart
I from the said kingdoms, uki hs or foe, so transporting
I him or herfeli; fltypay, custom boufe of the post,
I from which fact veflel fluff out he clearance, the fam
lof fifty pounds, sterling motyof Great-Briuia: And be
I it further enaded that for evd child, at faneat, which
I fluff be so tranlpoeted by the \reut, or master, the like
{ fam of fifty pounds fluff be pty manner aforefaid.—
I And be it farther enafted by tyuthority aforefaid, that
I if any potfon Audi tranlport hj’xA „ her sets, or procure
I themlsives to be transported, conbry to this aft, every
1 person, so oftrnding, fluff be adjudh guiity of felony with-
I out benefit of clergy—and that the of the veflel,
I in which such person fluff be so asported, contrary to
) I this aft, fluff forfeit and pay, for antyh person, the firm
lof cool, fterbng money aforefaid. \
I 2. Aad be it farther enafted by thAuthority aforefaid,
I that if any person, who fluff uafopo\him, or her feif,
I from ci® kingdoms aforeCrid, to any of Mafafty’s plaa-
I tauons in America, with hunt to flay U dwell therein,
I for any space of time left than seven yc«rs,ty ncvertbelefe
I ftav, dwell, and abide Userein, be z ood the U of seven
years, such perlon so lUymg, dwelling, aAfoding, in any
I of his Mayfly’s plantations ia America, R ba adjudged
1 guilly of felony without benefit of clergy. \
I ~ Provided always, and be it farthar easy, that no-
I thing in this aft fluff extend, or be conftntyk extend to
I his Governors of the said f Uataty or to any
other person, or perfoni, in the aftual service and employ
ofhisMajefty, as aforefaid.
4. And be it farther enafted by the authority aforefaid,
that all Marriages in his Majesty's said plantations fluff be
performed in consequence of a licence from the Governor
where such Marriage ihall be celebrated, for which licence
the sum of twenty pounds Ihall be paid, and no more, and
that all Marriages had without such licence, fluff be void in
law to every intent and purpose whatever.
c. And be it further enafted, that on the birth of every
male child, the sum of fifteen pounds, and on the birth of
every female child, the fam of. ten pounds fttrling money
fluff be paid to the Governor of the colony dr plantations ia
which such children (hall be bom.
6. And be it farther enafted by the authority aforefaid,
that on the birth of every bastard child in any of his Ma
jeAy’s said plantations, the him of fifty pounds sterling mo
ney shall be paid by the tnatbtr of (bch bastard child, to the
Governor where such bastard child fluff happen to be bom,
and that in case any person, fluff hereafter, cither with ma
lice, pretence, or otherwjfe kill or destroy any child or chil
dren ; such killing or destroying shall not henceforth be
deemed or adjudged to be murder in any court or courts, nor
fluff such killing be punched io any way or. manner what
7. Provided always, and it is hereby farther enafted,
that nothing in this aft shall extend to make any such kil
ling legal, or juftifiable, if the child so killed ur deftrOyed,
be above the age of twelve muadu, but that every such
killing and destroying fluff be punched as heretofore, any
thing in this aft to the contrary in any wife notwithstanding.
8. And be it further cnsfted by the authwny aforefaid,
that from and after the day of
in the year upon the exportation of each and every
barrel of Flour from any of his Majcfty’s said plantations to
any pot t or place beyond sea, a duty of five fiillinge sterling
fluff be paid to the custom-house of the refpeftive colony,
from which such jhnr shall be so ihipped at exported.
9. And be it further enafted, that on the exportation of
any wheat from his Majesty *s said plantations to any port
Su place beyond the sea, a duty of fwo JhUlixit sterling per
'vtyel fluff be paifa/s aforefaid, for every quantity which*
(ffiAl be so ihipped or exported* And that if any tyfon, shall
>frafort any wheat pat n°«t contrary to the directions of this
Am, all fuel; wheat or flour, together with the (hip in which
it is exported «l aforefaid, flu Ibe feieed and forfeited to the
use *1 his Majafty, conuemnee nr any or n» Majesty’s
worts of admiralty where fach veflel ihall happen to be fus
ed as afoieiaid.
to. Provided always, and be it farther enafted, that If
any such flour or wheat, which fluff be exported from any
of his Majesty's said plantations, and carried to any port of
Great-Britain, with design to re-ship the fame to any other
port er place beyond the sea, there shall be allowed upon every
barrel of flour so re-ftippod, a bouncy of two fluffing and fix
pence sterling, and for every bufbcl of wheat, a bounty of
one ihilling sterling.
11. And be it fufthtr enafted by the authority afors
faid, that the duties imposed by this aft, fluff be applied ty
ward* raifni revenne the better to enable his Majesty co bxiU
firtt and to Forrifen the fame, and to foptytand maintain
such a regular and standing at my tn the said plentetiont, at
iha’l be itifident to enforce the exeentien of all such afts us
the Br'ttijb parliament, as are already passed, or may here
after be paired, relative to the laid Ameriean cnUnitt.
ANNOPOLIS, (Maryland) June 27.
At a Meeting as the Committees appointed by the feyeral
Countiet as tbt Premie ts Maryland, at tbe City of
Annopolis, the lid day of fune, 1774, and continued
iy Adjournment from day to day, till tbt iyb day ts tbt
Jame Montb.
MATTHEW TILGHAM E% ia the Chair.
TT being moved from the chair to afaertain the manner
1 of dividing upon questions, it was agreed, that on any
division each county have one vote, and that all quefltom
be determined by a majority of counties.
The fetter and vote of the town ufßofton, several let
ters and papers from Philadelphia and Virginia, the aft of
parliament fin blocking up cite port and harbour of Button,
the biff depending ia parliament fabverfive as the Charter
of the Maffachufotts-Bay, and that enabling the Governor
to fend supposed aSenaen from thence to nxetber Colony,
at England, for trial, were read, and after mature delibe
ration thereon,
I. Refoived, that the said aft of parliament, and bills,
if sailed into afts. are cruel and oppressive invasions of the
natural righto of the people of the Maflachufects Bay a* men,
and of their conftitutiooal rights as Enghfo fubjefts ; and
that the said aft, if not repealed, and the fold bills, if
palled into ofts, will lay a foundation fix the utter deftrac
tioo of Bntifa America, and therefore that the town of
Boston and province of Maflacbufetts, are now fuffering in
the common cause of Amresca.
. IL Refoived, that it is the duty of ev«y Colony in A
merica to unite m the most speedy and efleftual means to
obtain a repeal of the said aft, and aifo of the said biffs, if
palled into afts. ,
111. Refoived, that it is the ty iman of this Committee,
that if the C ionics come into a joint refutation to flop all
imßortatioiu ftxim. and exnartacion* to. Great-Britain, un
til the said afts, or bißs llpt&dfoto afts, be repealed, the
fame will be du most faety and afleftual meins tn obtain
arepeal of tut said aft or afts, sod preserve North-America
and her liberties.
IV. Refoived, nqtwkhttanfng the people of this pTO
vince will have many inconveniences and difficulties to en
couricer, by breaking of their commercial intercourse wiji
die mother country, and tn Utfly aSeOed at the difttefe,
which will be thereby aeceflarily brought on many of these
fellow fobjefts in Great Bqtyn, yet tiMfr afleftiao and re
gard to an injured and opprelfed fitter cokrey, their daXf to
tbemfdvh, their poflertty, and their countiy, demand the
faerity, and therefore that this provuxa will ty ia an
afa>cia/»tf with the other principal and nciglfoonriag cofo
nias, to fate all exportations to, and Importations from
Great Britain, until the laid aft end bills (if palled into
afts) be repealed i The nen-‘xpjrt-.tiofl, and itoX-erporta- I
tian to take place on fach fu:-rt day, as may he agreed m 1
by a general congrefe of deputies from the colonies; the
nun-export of tobacco to dtynd and take place only on *
similar agreement by Virginia and North-Carolina, and to
commence at such time a* may be agreed on by the depu
ties for this province and the laid colonies of Virginia and
V. Refoived, that the deputies from this province are
authorised to agree to any reftriftiooi upon exports to the
Weft-Indies, which may be deemed nectflary, by a majori
ty of the colonics at the general congrtfi.
VI. Refoived, that the deputies from this province are
authorised, in case the mqjonty ofthe colonies flwuld think
the importatien of particular articles ofGreat-Britain to be
indispensably necessary for their refpeftive colonies, t<> admit
and provide for this province, such articles as eur circum-
Aances fluff neceflanly require.
VIL Refoived, that it is the opinion of this committee,
that the merdiants and others, venders of goods and mer
chandises within this province, ought not to take advan
tage ofthe above rtfolve fur non-importation, but that they
ought to fell their goods and merchandises that they now
have, or may hereafter import, at the fame rates they hive
been accustomed to do within one year left part ; and that
if any person ihall fell any goods which he now lias or hsie
after may have, or may import op any other teim» than
above exprefled, no inhabitant or this province, ought, at
any time thereafter, to deal with an/ fudi person, life agent,
• manager, fatter, or ftoMkceptr, for any commodity what
ever. a
VIII. Refoived that a fubfeription be open
ed in the fevual counties of this province, for an Mj/ncdi
ace collection for the relief of ths diftrefled inhabi v jft of'
Boston, now cruelly deprived of th* means of procuring fob
fulancc for ihemfrlvcs and families, by the operation of the
said aft for blocking up their harbty, and that the fame
be collefted by the committees of the refpeftive counties,
and (hipped by them in such provisions M may be tbvuglit
most ufcfal.
> IX. UNANIMOUSLY Heffived, That this commit
tee embrace this public opportunity, to teftify their grati
tude and most cordial thanks to the patrion* and fr.ends of
liberty in Great-Britain, fur their patriotic cfliais to pre
vent the present calamity of America.
X. RrioLvxo, that Matthew Tilgman, Thomae
Johnson, jun. Rpbcrt GUdfoorough, William Paca, and
Samuel Chafe, Efauiret, at any two or mme us them, be
barman 4m this provtuct, ‘to snend a general congrefe of
deputies from the colonies, at such timt sad place as may ’
be agreed on, to efieft one general plan of cuoduft, operat
ing on the commercial connexion of the colonics with tire
mother country, for the relief of Boston, end preservation
of American liberty ; and that the deputies fox this pro
vince immsdiately torrefaood with Virginia and Pennsylva
nia, and through them with the other colonies, to obtain
a meeting of the general congrefa, and to eossununkare, as
the opinion of this conunitte, that the twuntitth day of
September next will be the melt convenient tty, and the
city of PhiladdpUia the moft.conveoient place, fat a meet
ing, which time and place, to prevent delay, they are di
refted to propose. f
XL RaeoLvib unanimaufty, that this province will
break cf all trade and dealings with that colony, province,
or town, which fluff decline or refufe to Came into the ge- *
nerj»l plan, v.:.ich msy be adopted by the coionitt.
XII. Rxsolvxo, that the deputies for this previncn
upon their Return, caff together the committees of the se
veral counties, tad lay, before them the meafarea adopted by
the general congrefa.
O*oxa xD, that copies of these refolution* be trastfmit
ted to the committees of correfpondencc fat the fouerai co
looses, and be also publiflied in th* Maryland Gasetter
By Order, JOHN DUCKETT, Clk. Com.
■ . — — . »
By tbt last yeffilt from London, we bdve the foUmvUt
I. O N D O N, May 4.
are informed that thf fubferiptiM for
the tickets in th* ensuing lottery are ta
Wk»« B’’** w American Merchants, in
order to nuke them recompense for ti a
damage they/Vrlli sustain by the ths««
Boston Biilt. f
May far An ।order so iffoed for the muller and return of/
all the forces in she ganifons of England, Scotland, an/
Wales. ’ I
Th* French fleets stow In tjie Mrditetan?
are known to amouffl to 16 capital flsips ot the line, beF*
frigates, annd other small vefleb, and even their nxr^ c
Ihips are provided for fighting at in -time of war.
Engiifli fouadron consists of only throe 64 gun shH W 9
74, and two trigates. Lt.-a
The 13th ult. the Duke and Dutchefi of
were rinded about 12 milei from Toulon, fro/ "ty
one us the Pope’s Galltys, fitt-0 out for r Iff*
next day visited the ArfenaJ, Dock, fee.
(hewn all the honours do* to their rank.
terwardi to visit Lyons, and are expefted hMUL "Vr
As Sir J—-7 A——t has, it is fat t
C Cabinet Cetsnfellor, that he
on* end of th* continent of
other, at the head of 5000 men, l. X,.-
sot him, is desired to inform the puby
as a friend or an enemy. [ does it aramr
Never in aU the
that the French were permitted £</#«. much M
the present ease nt aft ptyfo if
yds* American boMre, as efideJ
' a covering far other more /
itTariOn. into
wul iki, wo near, pay M retcsfr<ontcn<led f *
it faould be permktod f cr
ThebißfiwmakjoriMscia North /
veroment of the praty the Uty
is to be real a arc/
day next. /

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