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k/xjju^ r r ?AVv/ W V nk'yz
A Weekly, Political, and Commercial Paper .-—Open to all Parties, but Influenced by None.
*D O thou Great LI B E RTY inspire our Souls, —And make our Liyes in thy Pofleflion happy,—Or, our Deaths glorious in thy just Dcfeace.*
Vol. IV.]
A Boarding School fbr young Ladies,
after the most Lngluh Method will be
pened from this Time forth by ,
In Hanover-Stlrett, new Conceit-Hall.
The Ladies, besides being tenderly and carefully looked
after, and initnkW in every Part of their Behaviour, tee
taught Engiith and French grammatically, all Sorts ot
Needle-Work, plain and h Colours, Tambour, Grotto,
Bade, Bugle, and Paper-Works.
Her Terms will he the mtel moderate and such as to
convince the Enquirers they ««tebnable indeed.
• » Those who 4h*H be pleated to intruft her with the
Care of their Children, merely that the Attammcnt ot
those delir Ale Ends, shall ever engage her affidious Attention.
Epittulary Conclpondenec, Writing and AritluneUC tn
the moil concifc Manner, taught by
Recreation and Exerciie as contributing to the Health and
Vigour both cf Mind and Body, go Hand in Hand with a
Variety of Employments. The Faults and Defeats ot
young Persons ate fought to be rettified by Perluanon,
mild and gentle Uf.ige, Encouragements and Rewards,
rather than ferere Treatment, except when the latter is
absolutely necetlary.
• • The Day School as usual.
Steel Plate MILL SA W S.
AN U M B E R of Very fine En
glish Steel Plate MILL S AW S suitable
for the Eastward, Uie fuperror toany ever in America before,
Is iuil arrived, and to be S O L D by
At his Shop at the Head ot Dock-Square,
Oppofiu Greenleaf’s Audtion-Room, Boston.
With a Large Aflbrtment of all Sorts ot
Braixiery,'lronmongery, Cutlery and Ship
Chandlery GOOD S, Confiding of every Article that
is Imported in the Hard Ware Branch, and too many to be
enumerated in an Advertifemcot. . .
Those who want to porchafe by Wholesale, will find it
worth their while to call, as he is determined to fell as low
as any person in town. ALSO,
Double refined Engiith Sugar, Copperas and Allum.
Painters Oil and Colours,
a GENERAL Aifortment of Painters
/A Colours and Oil, and to be SO L D by
At his Shop at the Head of Dock-Square, Boston.
Window Glass, Nails of all forts, &c. &c.
An Invoice of Painters Colours,
To be SOI. D, very low, confiding of \
Red and Whitt Lead, Spanish White
and Brown, and a few Calks of O IL.
[Being a Confignment.j
Has just Imported In the Boston Packet, Captain Lmr,
a very Great Variety of Hosiery, whiter for Fabrick and
Cheapness is not exceeded in Boston.
His Alkrtment is as follows, viz.
MEN’S China white rib’d and plain
Silk Hose, from 41. to 71. the pair.
Ditto random rib’d and plain ditto, from 41. 5% to 51. ros.
Ditto Outsize ditto, [the pair
Ditto blavk and white silk Gloves,
Ditto white and random Spun Silk ditto,
Ditto white, brown and random thread ditto all frites,
Ditto Cotton <Btto,
Ditto white and brown thread Socks,
Ditto plain and rib’d Worsted ditto,
Black Breeches Patterns from to jl.
Women's Cotton Hose, from 17/6. to 555. the pair,
Boy's cotton, white, brown and random thread Hose,
* all prizes,
Women's black, white and coloured Silk Mitts and Gloves
Girl’s ditto, feme Lace
A Variety of Callicocs, Chintzs,
Sattinetts, Dimothys, Fustians, Jeans, Ravens and Ruftia
Duck, Ik. dec. Ik.
Imported in Captain Gorham from LONDON,
And to be SO L D by
At her Shop near the North Battery, Boston,
EARLY Charlton, early hotfpur, golden
hotfpur, large marrowfat, dwarf marrow, Mue mairow
and Spaaith morrotto Peas, large Windsor, large Toker, early
Lisbon, early Hotfpur, early yellow Dwarf, early speckled
ditto, and early white Beans with black eyes, early York
shire, early Dutch, Sugar Loaf, Batterfea, large winter, green
and yellow Savoy, early and late Colliflowcr Seeds, best
Cabbage white Gofs, green Gofs, marble and brown
Dutch Lettice Seeds, best double Pepper Graft, round
Spinnage, short top and Salmon Raddifh, scarlet Raddifh,
double Parsley, white Spanish, silver-skin and red Onion
Seeds, long green prickley and early Cucumber Seeds, sweet
Marjoram, Thyme, Baum, Sage, early Dutch, and late
Turnip Seeds, large swelling Parsnip, red Beets, Orange,
golden coloured, early yellow and purple Carrot Seeds, red
Clover, Herds Graft, and Canary Seed', winter and fum
mqr Squafti, long Frencn Turnip, Hytop, and a variety of
Viewer Seeds, warranted to be new and grod. (4 ga.
Or, Thomas’s Bolton Journal.
A’ « • , I ,
THURSDAY, June 16, 1774.
Just IMPORTED in Capt. Hood,
And to Fe S O L D by
At the head of Black-HorsF Lane,
A Large Aflbrtmcnt of
Garden Seeds, Peafe, Beans,
Among which are,
EARLY Charlton, early golden hot-
spur, Ormand hotfpur, Spanish white roun
cival, dwarf marrowfat and bush peafe, large Windsor, true
early Lisbon, early yellow fix weeks white kidney and fine
toker beans, early Yorkshire, Dutch sugar loaf, batterfea,
savoy, red and brocoli cabbage feed, colliflowcr, cucumber,
onion, carrot, turnip, radish and lettice of all forts, round
fpinage, endive, eeiiery and asparagus, thyme, baum, sweet
marjoram, broad clover, white Dutch clover, la lucern, ripe,
canary, and an aflbrtment of flower feeds and herds graft
feed. Also, a variety of other feeds not mentioned; all
wliich were imported from the Seeds Men in London, and
are warranted to be frefh and good and of the last year's
A Manufacturer in a conlidcrablc
branch, propofc* to deal in wholefaie only fbr facility
for trade, and any merchant or trader inclining to encourage
any Manufacturer by applying to the printermay I* inform
ed who the Manufacturer is, and the article manufactured ;
the pretent scarce circulation of cash and otlier reifoas that
might be given, will induce the merchants and traders to
seek out this and every other Manufacturer established On
the fame principles, viz. that the manufadnrer v ill hale a
living by his calling, and the meichanL and trader will have
their sinecure in trade.
Wanted Three Hundred and Eighty pounds'
L. M. for which a Real Est ate Will be given as fccurity,
just seven and an half miles from B >fton, which fold for Eight
hundred pounds L. M. twenty three years ago and is now
two hundred poun L.ps M. better then everit was by addit
ional improvements made upon it inthecourle of Jail year,
viz. two hundred and eighty for a year, to •nrccl a mortgage
now upon Gid eftate,and an hundred pounds for fix months,
to answer present exigencies, unless the lender rhooles thtir
said hundred pounds should run tire year. Enquire as above.
ON E Hundred Pounds, lawful money,
for which good Security v. ill be given. Enquire us
the Printer.
Lawful Money, by a Person in good Bulincfs in tills
Town. Enquire of the Printer.
LOS T, supposed to be ftolcn, a SIL-
VER TABLE SPOON, marked I. M. alm oft
new. If it fto»ld be offered for Sale, it is desired it may be
flopped, and information given to the Printer.
Choice peas, ide of shoals dumb
FISH, BEEF, RYE, a few barrels RYE FLOUR
and PORK, to be SOLD by
TO BE SOLD on board the RrigWiLtiAM and
E 1 Iza b r rh , lying at Pvl l 1 n g’s Wharf,
SUNDRY Articles just imported from
New-Castle, viz. Cream-coloured Ware in Crates, a
CaMe no Fathom, Running Rigging, tec. English Duck,
Naik of different Ilzes, Mustard in quarter Pound Bottles,
Pipes, Harz ot all fort', Box and Flat Irons, Kitchen Jacks,
Threads, and two yritentecd Carriage Machines, with about
a ton of round Bolt- of ail Ilzes. Enquire of
On board Gid Brig.
This day was friee is. bd.
And fold by EDES St GILL, in Queen-street,
OBSERVATIONS on the Act of Par-
liament commonly called the BOSTON PORT
BILL ; with Thuuglrfi on Civil Society and Standing -Ar
mies. Dedicated to the Freeholders -and Yeomanry of the
Country. By JOS IA H QJJ IN CY, jun.
For one, two ar three Years,
And may be entered upon immediately,
LARGE convenient Dwelling-
House, in Beverly, near the Ferry, with four Rooms
on a Floor, and a good Wharf. For farther Particulars
nquixe of Capt. William Moan an,the Owner, living
in (aid Beverly.
THE following Articles are to be fold
extremely cheap, and for which any kind of Mer
chandize will be taken for pay, viz*. A genteel Riding
Chair, one double and one Angle Sley, an excellent finoke-
Jack, with chains, &c. and one conmmon ditto compteat,
two Iron Cranes, one large walnut Table, a long entertaining
ditto. With many other articles ufeful in a public house.—
Also, a compieat set of Founders Tools, such as patterns
for calling almcft every article ufaally made in brass, with
screws, iran mortar, I umace, Foot Wheel,tec. let. Like
wise a few batreh of Cyder. Enquire of the Printer.
qpC be fold or kt, only for want of Em- :
a young Negro man, who is capable of trans- l
aftirg buhneis in a tamily. Enquire of the Primer*
And Superfine BROAD CLOT HS.
A PRIME aifortment of Padufoys, Du
capcs, Lutcftrings; plain and figured Sattius, Da
maflu, Sarihets, &c.—fapcrrinc falhionable coloured Broad
Cloths, with suitable Lining and Trimmings ;
To be Sold at an exceeding low rate, by .
At their (hop near the Mill-Bridge, Bolton,
. Where may be had, all kinds of
Englifli, Scotch, India, Hard-Ware
and Cutlery GOODS,
By Wholciale or Retail,
Extremely cheap for Calh or ihott C redit.
Mr. Thomas.
A S fomc of my worthy friends have thought (not a little
to my difadvantagr) that I was a signer to the addreh
to the late governor Mr. Hvtchinfon, I beg leave thro
the chant-1 of your paper, to acquaint them, that it is a nnl
take, and eaftly to be for, when the resentment
Is allowed for which the reading of this lift raises in the breast
of every friend to the community, together with the near
found, Nathaniel Greenwood b-ai» with that of Nathaniel
Dieenmigh j but his fiiends may be afl’ureil lit never law
th* addicft, till it was in the paper of 301 b instant, and
confeuuentlv never signed it. The (aid
H.is imported in the fcveral veffcls arrival here this spring,
a large aflortment of Euglilh goods, suited to the fcafon,
among his goods me CHINAWARE, SPICES, and a
grand ..(Tortment of HOSIERY*. Mens Silk Hole, Plain
White Ribb’d and Rand; m, Men’s Worr.cn and Children's
Thread and Cotton ditto. Men's and Women’s Black and
White Silk Gldve', Women and Childrens Black White
and Colour’d Silk EFtft', *c. tec. tec. &c. The small
est favour of those who will please to favour him with their
Cu(l<-m ihali l>e est" in-'I and regarded b) him.
ALL Peruns having demands on the
Estate of Samuel Webb, Taylor, late of Woolwich
deceased, are desired to Lring in their accounts to Sarah
Webb, administratrix on said estate, and all those indebted
to said estate, arc d< fired to pay »he fame immediately.
IS'ulw’ul't Mai 19. SARAH WEBB.
• Bs/ett,/aw 1, 1774.
RA N away from the fubferiber an appren
tice boy, named Josiah Cobb, about sixteen year* age;
a /hurt, thick-sett lad, had on when he went away a short
light-coloured jacket I mething ragged. Whoever will give
information where he may be found, shall be intided to a re
ward of two dollars. NATHAN GREE N.
To the P U B L I C.
AS the times are threatning it behoves
one and all to go into the most frugal metlxxls'to en
courage our own Manufacture*, and as there is a great cufe
fumprion of Gloves in this large Country, we can man*,
future enough here, to fapply the whole Continent, which
will employ our own people, and keep a large fam of Moi
nev here, which it annually font to England for Gloves aM
which are hatter and cheaper than can be imported from
England t It it hoped therefore, that the importation of tUB
article at lead will be totally flopped.
These may certify, that Philip Freeman,
will fapply Merchants and Shop-keepers with the teW
following, viz. Budt-Skin GLOVES, Norway OoC,
ditto Purple, ditto Walh Leather, ditto Beaver Skin,
the most reasonable terms, at the blue Glove in Union-
Street, faccing the sign of the Com-Fields, near the Dock,
E great demandfor this paper, has of
ten occafsoned many good cujiomtrs being
for which the publi/her is very
sorry : He will, in future, endeavour to pre
vent any thing of the like kind happening, so
long as he may have the honour of being an
hand-servant to the public.
The gloomy profpeft of public affairs, at
present, in this devoted capital, has occasioned
fonu prefling Demands upon him, which with
great reluctance he informs his cujlomcrs, he
can by no means answer without their kind
ajft/lance : He is loath io trouble them with a
* dunninu’ advertijement, but bis affairs make
it necrjfary : His cujiomtrs in the country towns
in this province, jind those in the other colonies,
he hopes will take proper notice of it, and
confsder there is no pofsbility,' (especially for a
young beginner) in carrying on bufmefs
without regular payments.
A work of this kindjit is well known is at
tended with great expence, and he begs leave to
mention, that the MASSACHUSE lIS
SPY is a third larger than any News-Paper
pubhjbed in this province, and contains/ts much
News, as many Political Essays, as any m
America ; and is the cheapeji on the globe.
Boflon, June 9, 1774.
[Numb. 176.
Mr. Thomas,
1t r a Lovxa bKtmtt fatisfied ly fmatl compliance*,
| -.uitl tut fut tl er gurfuin, thru rxftti te Jnd row Aal u L
| AfltanbUM tentent with small conceftions.
Ute Dr an Swift’i IKorkt.
AW RIT E R under the fignatnre of M»a c a to* ,
in the kui Paper of Mdflh. Firz rs, Iwth delivered
his sentiments with that apparent modesty of addrtli and
I plausibility of realbning, that he. merit* attention and ern
, dour. I wilh that he had nut c >nce.alcd his name, tnat
: 1 might have f him my imm, without being on uutaual
1 ground with him. It h a matter devoutly to be with >l,
[ in such trying times, a. theprefent, that p»x>d citizen, would
avoid ail (crtnalment. I-et u* fpeik fnely like Mrs of
fortitude ; let us (peak numv, likr- Min t> f
gttd mlthtitiit. The world would be better able to of
tb, metner to public conduit, and w«>ul • be in lets danger of
being deceived by our error*, if all pullic writeri give th >i
names, when they pubhlhed their to tjic world.
Mercator makes a just (though trite) obtervatiun, whe t
he fays, with reference to the present day, r * men too often
fuller their palfions to predominate over their reafon.”—
Thi wist Man made an equally true one, when he td i
us that “OeraissioN maketh a wife man m an." Tu
dri-ve men to the precipice of diftrailion and delpair ; and
tell them to be te.npecate and cilm, may be the language
of the moralist and sage : But the ordersef Niilurc, tie
decreet cf G 0 D mull be chsk gad. before mqfi will obey
the voice of such wjdom. The poiky of temperance and
conlideration i» of wonderout efficacy in this wuiid : Ihe
MachiAvrtiAN confulta the code* of such policy in
his ciofet i he praitifea upon such principle* in the ftaate :
But mankindore not made, th*-y were not intended for such
politician* I Te ftel-— and to act are the tjpntiuh »f tie
nttry ccnftitutien of man. Wife legiflatur* are /killed in tht
frirnce of the human he ut ; upon tbit knowledge
tbetr lawi t They never expert an inveifion of tiic law* of
God in the heart of man ; they treat man, at man.
Mercator fpeaka of ‘ meafares, originating iw r or
frnrate inttreft, at length lupported by the most inveterate
prejudice.' As I know of no public meat.ires, in this pro
vince, which have had this origin, or this center, I caanot
apply his obfeiration, till the writer will be pleated to I c
more explicit. When he fays, “ the present divided ftatc of
this town is a proof of his observation,” he giro, his own
opinion : But till he shall afford evidence of a cm itiun gre 1 -
ter, than what aft intelligent persons sore-saw ; until he
shall thow a-natural anif dose connexion between the fall
advanced, and the conclujmn foawu, Lc W>H find fcvf con
vert* to his position and dodirint.
Was the deftrudliun of TUB TyA A measure that origi
nated in 'vanity or private intcreji F Or was it the natural
efledt of the paJfMit of mete, who conceived its landing a*
slavery and death j who tiied in vain zvzav lfniknt
method in order to avoid so intemperate a remedy ’ 11-d
Mercator come forth, and like a good citizen convinc
ed his countrymen, that their apprehensions were idle and
chimerical ; that Tea loaded with a dutj, imtoced rot
the ruarosz or raniN'i a in America,
was a harmless matter ; no doubt they would have been
lulled into silence and inactivity : But while Amiucani
think, that bondage and misery are the iuevitah/e concom
micants, the eternal appendages of such a revenue ; tl eir
nature, will be diftrafted on such oecafions ; aud dtjtnafled
nature flic* to DUTBACTINO EEMEDIEI. <
What divisions arc there in this town, but such as * 31
evex be, wlien the Csaft is in danger. Uy tbu trade,
we get ova wealth*: Great isDian a of the Ephcfian* !
The uproar at Epliefas of oldcwn infinitely greater about
the sweet guddefs, Diana, than we shall evet fee abiut
that lujifui dame, C O M M E R SE, in this enliglitened
feilion of the globe. But the force of Tsuth, though
preffcd only by such feeble instruments, as the poet J;l <> mm
cf GaliiUe, prevailed. And prevail it will, while men bare
understandings to dipern, and hearts to acl.
• When we fee a publication upon our present “ divided
state," a carelef* obfencr would be induced to believe, that
this division was extremely wide and terribly alarming. But
let us go forth into the world, in companion of tb e many,
how few, are the little heft of unthinking merchants,
unprincipled traders, eager dependants, and riotous fpmlns.
Their whole Importance is encircled in the narrow limits
of a coffee-houfe ; their whole parade the borrowed p'u
rnagc of a military cap ; their whole force the tempo, ary
fever of a pairing camp. ,
When there i*.apparently throughout this txten, rao
vince and CX> N T I N E N T, such a union of sentiment
and resolution. the only design of treating upon our divide !
state seems to be, the exciting thofc ieabufiri in dhtak t
er et it a in, which may create drvijumi, not yet in exif
tencr. • , •
However, I am not about to deny, that we in thrt Knm
may be laid to be divided. But how I As at the begmni-ig,
the few, tLe very feu) from the many. Such a division,
there has, and will exist, till virtue is fupre-nely trium
phant, and vice deeply trodden to the center. It bath been
the cbaraficriftir stain, the Haftirf curse A this town and
province to have a greater number of malignant enemies in
its hofom, than hath been the portion of ary otter colony
on this wide extended continent.
The payment for the Tea (fays the prefect writer)
“ cannot be cqnfidered a* a concrliion to authorip', but ai
a matter which rcfalts from the principles of equity.”
There is famething of plaufibllity in thia, but much mure
of something eife *
The pestle who destroyed the Tea would reason thus.
The Tea we confider as a fatal evil; we whh to preteed
not a fttp beitde the line of law and moderation. We wiR
trv every probable, yes, every pofble mcafurc before we pro
ceed to extremities. A man, who fee. an enemy advanca
with a drawn fw< rd, will never patiently receive the tit al
ftob. The cooled sage will flrft pnry the stroke of an xS
verfary, and give him notice that lie fete his aim : But if
the foe will xdvaace, and the alternative become this,
the point of my ftccl, or repel me with strength of your arm 1
MEN, all act alibe hofuch
extremittet. A moi tul ter extctiCS a deadly pmfon : Drink.
be waJLi, and ma. To endcas wr t» pat slide the cup
~ is

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