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The Massachusetts spy, or, Thomas's Boston journal. [volume] (Boston [Mass.]) 1772-1775, October 06, 1774, Image 1

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Or, Thomas’s Bolton Journal.
! ri^ S> "\.G l ‘Do thou Great ÜBERTV .nfpi.c ou, Soul— gnu make our Urn in T .Tw.cn happy-Or, Deaths glorious mTHVJufI Defence. (|||
THURSD A Y ,_Oc tobe! 1774. (N o
■Jo the P U B L 1 C.
WHEN the ConJuft of Individuals in a Community
is such, as to attract public Attention! others are
very naturally led to many Inquiries about them ; lo when
civil States rile into Importance, even their eail.rfl Hifluty ,
becomes the objeft of Speculation From the principle of
Curiosity, many who have but little, or no Connrftinn with
the Britilh Colonies in America, are now prying into the
Story of their rile and progrels, while others wilh for a far
ther Acquaintance with them, from better, though perhaps
more interellcd Motive*. The Means of obtaining this
Infounation, are not acceiiible by every Ferfon, and if they
were, ate so fcatteted, that mote Time would be necellary
for c Iletting them, than would be icquifite for reading
them after they were collected.
To icmuvcrthis Obl'.i t.ftion from the Path of Science, and
atthe lame Tjme to lay the Foundation of a gooc American
Hilton, by preserving from Oblivion valuable Materials,
for that Purpose IT IS PROPOSED ;o form a com
plete Collection of what may be with Propriety (filed,
This Coil-tlion will begin with the Grant from Henry
-7th, to 'Jubn Cabot, and his Sons for making Difcovcries ;
and will include every inapo tant public Paper (such as
Royal Grams, Ciiarieis, Aft* of Parliament, Sec. Sec.) re
lating to America, of which either the orginal, or authentic
Copies can be procured, oown to the preient Time. The
H.ttory of the ST AMP-ACT, and other Afts of the
Britilh Parliament, for ra'.fing a Revenue among us by in
ternal* 1 axation Rtfoivcs of the American Allen.burs 5
Votes of 1 own Meetings j—and such political Pam| hiets
and other fugitive Pieces as are properly coniftrd with
the general Design, and are worthy o! Perforation, will
also be included *} and to the whole w 11 be added an In
troduction, containing an Account of the Conllituiion
of the dithnent Britilh American Colonic., and a very co
pious Index.
It ie supposed that the whole may be comprifcd in five
Volumes Oft.vo, and tfsat the Price ot cads Volume, well
hound and lettered, will not exceed One Dollar and an Hail. |
1 ne Comp laikm i.- alrcad. begun, «nd ihailW '»•'« ‘ Vv *
Tress as loon as it can be got ready, an, a tuifkient Number
©f Subscribers can he procured. Every Petfon must foe that
this Under taking is attended with many and great Difficul
ties ; and that the Compiler needs, what the Woik, ir we.l
executed will merit, the friendly Afliltancc of others. He
therefore (bliciis the public Patronage ; and as the Wo k
will not onlv serve to gaiily the Curiohty of the inquisitive,
but be eminently ufefol in much more important Points cf
View, he begs that Gentlemen who are poilefled of proper
Materials for the Purpose, will be kir.d en ugh to favour
Jiim with the Use of them, and they (halt be carefully re
turned. They will be rafely forwarded to him, if depolit d
In the Hands of either of the following Gentlemen, who
will also take in Subscriptions, via. Peter Timothy,
Charleftown, Stmth-Carol ua, ~*J William Davis, Printer,
Newbcrn, North-Carolina ; Jonn D.»un, Poil-rvl nler, in
■Williamlburs i Catherine Green, and Son, Annapolis }
William and T homas Biadford, and John Spaihawk, in
Philadelphia; Noel and .Hazard, a-.d John Hoi,, in New*
York ; James Lotkwood, liooklcllcr, New Have- ; E.
Watson, Printer, Hartford; Timothy Green, P. inter, Nrw-
I.ondon ; Roberilbns and Trumbull, Norwic , Connecticut;
iohn Carter, Printer, Providence; So.onvn bouthwick,
lewport, Rhode-Illand ; Jlaiah T homas, Ldes and Gill,
Bolton i Samuel Hall, Printer, Salem, Mallitchuforts-Bay ;
Daniel Fowle, Printer, Portsmouth, New-'amp i.e.
To be Sold, as cheap as ufoal, by JOHN WHITE,
Gardener and Serdfman, in Seven-Star Lane, Bust ok,
AG ENE i< A L Aflortment of
GARDEN SEEDS, ar.anted 11 be of a
fuperio; Quality, laved this bummer; alio a Q-antity of
Hay iceJs, and a large Quantity of Currant Eu/be», ready
trained, Carnation Plant* anu a Variety of other flowering
Plaftts ind Roots, n iw ready ro plant out,
* To be SOL D, exceeding ci -ap,
(if atplied for mmediately )
AN excellent eight Day C LOC K,
one Feather Bed, and one hand.ornc I-ook.ng Gut-.
N. B. As the abave Article* are the Property of a
ntfoman who ia going to remove "ul ot lown, .ney
a'4l be lold at a very great Pennyworth. Enquire of t.ie
Purer. Bojion, Heft. 28, 1774-
to inform his Friends, Curt mersand other*,
ts he has to fell, by Wholetale and ReUil, at h.s
S OR K, fronting DocK-S<tuA*e,
A iENERAL Aflortmcnt ofLnglifh
“• V 4 i n dia Goods, fuitabie for the approaching Seaton,
the We of which was i* ported before the yji of lad
jfamu Among which Gocxii is a prime Choke of uipeffiftc
I'crlcVompadore, white, green,J| e *-*"ST’
burry Jck, blue, brown and cloth-coloured B R O -\ D-
C LOH S, middling and low priced ditto.w th Shalloons
and Timings to match the Cloths } alfoof SI L K S, viz.
Paduf Ducapes, Mantuas, Luteftnngs, India andfnglwh
n A NSK., a Piece of very elrgart: white fgyrea
LUTTRINC, Angle and double Sattins; black, wh.te
ar d dr. figured Sattin, black, blue, green and wluU
half Persians, ell-wide Persians, half ell and ell-wide ,
Alamn Broiiocs,black, blue and crimson thick Cordufoys •
for MdWaiftcoata ; and a Variety of other Articles that ,
are connly in Use at this Sealon of the Year.
* *V aboveroentioned Goods will be difpoc*! of at >•
the Rates, a. said B A N T is extreme), defirou. ;
V exeking all or any of them for an Article whkJs ia
' m-.n; caiient for him !n these troubiefcme Time., v.*. j
CAS ; |
I IN -Quantity thati* extraordinary good, to be fold at '
1 E NUELBOWEN, cpfofitc to tbs (
OVkJ»- a »
! * | 4 4 E Managers of Harvard College Lottery, once
, X ra-we pr-fem the Scheme of it to the Public, as they
prelume mrny Prrfons are unacquainted with the Number
of valuable Prixes it contains. The laudable Purpose of
promoting Literature being the foie Design of it, they ear
nestly desire ihofe who hive so good a Cause at Heait, and
intend to be Adventurers, to apply for their Tickets iinrne
| diately. The Managers intend to begin the needfo-y Pre
parations for drawing the firft of November, hoping the
; present Embarralfinent of our public Affair- will nut oblige
I them to defer it any longer.
Harvard College Lo’tery confiih of 10,000 Tickets at
Six Dollars each, of which 3337 are Prize* of the follow
ing Value, viz.
Prices. Value. Dollars.
1 of 5000 is 5000
1 of 3000 is 3000.
I of 1000 is 1000
3 of 500 are I SOO
10 of zoo are 2000
1$ of too are 1500
30 of 30 are t SOO
3276 of 10 are 32760
3337 Exclusive of the above Prices, the 1
firft Ticket which Ih ill be drawn (
on the firit 6 Days will be in- f "
titled to 50 Dollars each. A
The Ticket which Ihall be |
drawn last in Cud Lottery will >VTrTC
be in titled to |
• to
6663 Blanks 4 Sift
Remain for the College, 11340 ■
10,000 Tickets at 6 Dollars, are 60,0-10 Pollan.
There arc not two Blanks to a Prize.
Public and feafmablc Notice will be given of the Time
and Place nf A ,Mm. r and when fi-ijhed a Lift of Pliaef
will be publilhed in Edes and Gill s Uuiton Gazelle, aim
the Money will be paid to the Pofl-Tlort of the Benefit
Tickets, within twenty Days after a Publication of a Lift
of Prizes. *
Gold as well as Silver will be taken fat the Tickets, and
the Price* will be paid oif in like Manner. Price* not
demanded, within twelve Months afoer they aie drawn, will
not be pai.l, but will ue deemed as generously given for the
Purpose afore.aid, an I will be applied accordingly.
Tickets may be heu at the Stores and Houses of the
Managers, and of 'he Priiuei hereof.
kA/HEREAS tiw Co partnmhtp of
V V CUR ITS and MAY, wis mutually diflol.ed the
27th of September 1774, *t •* requested that ail Pcilons
who are iiideb.ed to laid Company will made Ipecdy Pay
ment unto JOHN MAY, and ail Pcrfons, that have any
Demand- on fa d Company, are deliied to bring in their
Accou.it* and receive Pay neut from the laid MAY, who
Hill continue* to lell all Sorts cf Weil-lndia Good* at the
Store lately occupied by CURTIS and MAY, exormeiy
cheap for Cadi.
Leave to acquaint iheir Cultomcr* and others, in
tin, and tne neignbouring Parts, that they propole carry mg
! on trie Cooper*- Buliiielr in all its Brauche*, at Salem ; and
I have >p«ned a Snop fir that Purpoie, neir the Diftill
{ Houle of Mr. Jonathan Ropes, in Salenr
| N. B. As they alio Cany on the lamr bufinefoin Boftr-n
I as u.uil, one «»f them .1 iy always be found in etcii Piace.
I CTRAYEL), or ftolcn out of the
! ,f.Mr. JostTH Heath, in Roxbury,a brown
1 Mare, about eight Year* otd, 1 Hands high, her Mane
• and Tail cot, foot* ail. Whoever will bring laid Mare to
j Mr. Heath, Hull have the ab ve Rewa-d, and all rucef
• Ciry paid by jofiFH Heath*
To ue SOL D, by
At the Store a j imng Mi. Mkkkt PacHTiss, near
k akcuil-Hall,
Choice Jamaica Spirits, Weil-
India and New-tngUnd Rum, ia>af and Brown Su
gars, fame cneap of an oidina , Quality, ftne
O dir, Liibon and Maliga Wine* pci Quarter C aflc, Fran
tin-rc ditto, m Gafts ; Flafic Oil, Pepper, Spices, Green
Coffee, Chocolate, Sec. but no l ea.
Caih hr FUx-Seed, and No-feed, or tlie refuge See l re
maining alto the clranfing of Flax Seed, for the Puipr.fe
of miXi-g Linseed Oil.
This Day ptillijbed [Price 84.]
And fold at >.hc Printing-Office in Sch ot-ftreet,
TH E American ;cr some Quei
tiona proposed relarive to the present Oilputes be
tween Grear-Broain and her American Colonic*.—By a
N -rth-American.
At the Jme Place may Le bad [Price Si. j
A LiUcr from a Vi ginian co the Members
of the Ci ng.cfs, now fitting at Pniladelphia.
To be S O LD, by
At Butt’s -vhart, t'ie following Weft-lud.l Go-xh, via-
CHOICE St. Vincent and Barbados
Ru n, Jamaica Spirits and Sugais, Ra.e Q iger,
! Cotton Wool, In iigo of the Left Quality, Turk*-iflaud S It.
Satd Davis also has to Sell, Eight Thoufond Pip--
j Staves, which are at Saiera, the T*rms cf Sale of which
“ may be known by eoqainrg of Mr. Haskctt Dabbv,
| of Salem, or Jonathan Davis, of Boioa,
yy R i 1 1 H O u*-.| Arithmetic, to
be taught in Evenings. The Scftonl to be openea
the firft itouday ia October next, at the Writing School-
House, inQueen-fireet, and to be continued for the Seafoc.
Wliere dit Care will be taken for lnftruftion in it* various
Branches, as ufoal, and it is hoped will meet with alike
Acceptamr, which (hall be the Aim of the Subscriber—an
Afliftint li one of the public Schools.
Sept, y o> 1774* William Dale, jun.
This and] To-Morrow Evening*, at B IC K E R’s
Aution Room, near the Market, Boston,
Where will be Sold,
AVERY large and valuable Aflort
rr.Fit of English Goods, suitable for the approaching
Season ; 410, Fcailur Beds, D.lki, Pinchbeck Watches, tec.
M. BICKER, Auctioneer.
-ST M a—
An ANE C DOT E of the late Kino.
Severe, if not prophetic.
TH I intimacy between ihe right h.mourcble Henry
Bilim Legge and Doctor Clunoler, was grown into
real frienlfhip.
One evm n-, in St. James’sP.rk, they happened to meet,
fays Legge, “ My dear friend, 1 am glad to fee you ; 1 nave
wiftied to foe yau for fonu time, and if you are not engegeo
will fpenua fcw hours at my hiufo, have a little lerioui
on tie times, a* none lha.l be with us which mvi
lajf.A the Dȣtor mo.t icadily accepted. In the coutle of
Vooijrfatiiin, Legge laid, my good fi end, his Majesty a few
ifojl ago wily furprifod me, he lust for me lo come to
Hiii; Lrgge ilien was in administration) as ray duly,
I waitcJ im iieoiarely on his Ma;et!«, after b ing in hi*
pretence ! >ms .ittie tirnt, the King fnd, “ Mr. L c&i r > 1 * m
greatly (ift.cfted, my Lord Bute has behaved very ill, wiii.h
I did mg know till within tliis very little wh.ie, 1 find he
1 n 6 UnJ. foci principle* must by and by throw you ii to
the urmoit onfulion, 1 forelee calamitica will be great, as
the dilp< litioi ol the English 1* luch they will not lubinit
to foot arbitmry pjwer." Mr Legge then concluded by
laying, he would not forgive Lord ilute in hi* dying mi
nutes, for tie bale, arbitrary principal he had brought the
Prince of Wale* up in.
Falmouth, Htpumt.tr 2zd, 1774-
YESTERDAY morning leveial hundred men af
lemsled, under arms,at the entrance ol this rt.wn,awd
wc;c according to previous report, expedleo into town, to
oblige vV ,liain i yug,hlq;io resign his commilhon ofColonei
of the R jimrnt.a* he hold* it under the preient Governor,
on which a number of Gentlemen went out to them, to
prevent tiem by iheir aavice, ti m being ralh or difoiderly,
and foun« them peaceably oiipolcd. They had heaid that
Mr. J yiij, a* Slieiiff ol the county, intei.drd to ohftiudt
tne fittin; of the county convention, finding the icpoit was
falfc, only defireu thzi he would sign a declaiation that he
would not ait in any The* under the late obnoxious adt ol
parhamcac, relative to tin* province, which he accoiding
did ; an : diey then paired a vote, that they hold in dein a
tion all noD* and riot us allembiie* : T hey then refrcli.ed
tli.-mfelv-s, and returned peaceably to their reipedlue hornet.
Mr. Thomas, Bolton, Sept. 27th, 1774.
Tour printing the foliowing ext tad of a litter from a get
tlnT.an of a neighbouring govet runmt, to kit f i na .n u ,1,
tray oblige many, hjidu you itnjtunt reader and him: It
jet no ot t T. B.
\L‘ i T H great pleasure we hear from your metropol i,
that a church there, from a deep leni' - of the great
importance 01 n*t pi cep- ofaheir mailer, “ Give not that
wi uh 11 holy to the degt having deterroin d that not
o- e or that charadtcr ihall any more eat or the children's
breed among them, have theiolore drove from their tall
old Harryl for, the gray betrayer, and intentional murtbert
of bit country. If, S 3 we :.ope, the othei cnurchcs fhou d
follow the .eading examp e 01 this veiy iripcdtabie chriftian
focteiy, the ; would doubtle.s att in pe.ledt conlifter.cy with
t iei» reiig •> I charaft-r : For if (a, an inspired writer ha*
aitort-d) hi that prorvidtt not fir lit own, rjpenoUy tbofi of
bn own boujo, barb denied tbe faitb, and 11 werje elan an
inf el i it mult be just and right, y :a .he b .unden duty of
every cnnltiar chu h to beware of tbofe dog), who may
fooliihiy imagine they are appointed on er their people to tear
thtir.i 1 hoi kins ol Belial, who make noije like a dot,
bel l in'- out With their mout s, ta-ving fworde in tbeir lip ,
who term so deierted of Heaven, as to with and endeavou
with ,*t any great pio.pedt of advantage to themiehes, ut
terly u drftioy 'he > eareft rights of thole to whom the
we c »nde.r the most lac-ed obligations of duty and grat.tude-
Such an ecciefiaitscal pr cedure a* this, in concurrence wit.,
what the gi«c people ol youi provider may do, when in
(heir just rtlrn.meiit, agai-.ft the man, who, after so many
years carrying their bag with what wai therein, has in a
m,, b.,|e -ud loidid mar net g,ven them the bag ma
fu.ly juiiif; them, in ransic rin. the olhee from wlrb b.
both fallen by bit tranferrj/icn, to another met woithy o
that important rust, anc leave him to hi* brother Juda»\
del peat on and execution ; this may prove.* c.ft happ
way of ffeeirg the public fir.m such a fne-king. giddy,
fha.iing, grim ing doe, not worth a hanging, a’-.d ilopp n.
tlie mouths ol other Cun, so that not one aog Jball dar.
wag bit tongue again ft your Ifroel.
Te tbe G * of tbe »tx *ni»Si« Wiuiam
PrrriritLL, Babt.
You blessed Simpleton you !
WHAT ten thoufond pities ’tis you have not got
the other geod tilings that belonged to ; ur giand
father, as Well as his money ! I never had m- hopes o
you, for Mr, S —ll coo la not learn you Hebrew, a omo.e
than Mi. O— ■—* could aftriwards Irani you Law, When
r-u war in England you did wuie, and for fume time alter
you came did talk, a great deal about love to your
country ; but if a Parrot cannot write he can talk what
other folk* fay. We that live here know all that tome*
tu past among mortal men, and we know how you tiied to
get chosen a Councilor, two years to no purpose, and we
know bow you have afted ever since. You cannot deny
but that this ir tbe truth ; but I don't choose to tell the
whole truth at this time ; yrt I fay nothing but tbe truth.
I woukl mention a word or two about f me folk you
know vm well—lbmething 1 have heard about a Cufiom-
House Officer, a Privateer') Man, a Pedlar, and lo on ;
but if 1 (hould, *ll of you would bear me ill will. lam
not indeed afraid of any Iran that has proved himfelf a
Coward. lam not afraid neither of a Lil.ipmian, let him
talk ever so big, in defiance even of a whole County.—. But
1 fear an uncinumcifed Son of Anak, as all my fattier* did
of old. I well renumber ro this day, the tenibh condition
my poor neighboui B—e’s A ’ofe was once in. Yet when
I confider how unlikely 'tia that any of youi Club ftio.ild
come to live where I am. with father Alrabamt my fears
abate. But I must defer what 1 intr ded till my neat
difpatrh. JUDAH MONI.H.
P. S. Tell any young noddy of a Sandemanian Tory
you mav be acquainted with, ihat none of that fort of
people ever come here.
Province of Mafj.n hufetti Bay.
By the t- O V E R N O R.
Whereas on the firft day of September Inflant,
I thought fit to Blue Writs, for calling a great and
General Court, or aflrmblv, to be convened and held r *t
Salem in the county of Eltex, on the filth day of Oft her
neat; and whereas from the many tumults and difoiJcr*
which have since taken place, the extraordinny Refolvec
which have been palled in many of the count.es, the in
ftrufliona given by the town of Boston, and some other
towns, to their repiefentativet, and the preient diloi.ter’d,
and unhappy (late n( the province, it appears to me high
lonveneJ, I '^*tfie” Lni^*Sf3iel7f& **
fume m re distant day, will best tend to promote his Ma
jesty’s service, and the good of the province.
I H A V E therefore thought fit, to declare my inten
tion, not to meet the said General Court at Salem, on
the foul filth day of Odlober next. And Ido heir by ex
<-ule and difeharge, all such petfons aa have been, or may
lie eleGed and deputed reprefrntatives to serve at the lame,
tram giving their attendance; any thing in the aloialaid
Writs contained to t'ie contrary 110'uitMlanding j whereof
, I concerned are to take notice and govern thrnilelve* ac
Anu the Sheriffs of the several counlirt, their under
Sheriffs, or deputies, and the Conftabic* of the several
towns within the fame, are commanded to cause thi* Pro
clamati n, to be forthwith publrfbed and | oiled within
tbeir prreinils.
Cl y P N at Boston, tit Huenty-elf bih day of Sep
tember 1774, m theJmrtnntl year of ibi tugnof
cur Sovereign LORD , (• EOR C £ the third by
tie grace of COD of Crtut-Riiiain, Fr, nee and
Ireland , KJb G. Defender of the fait I (Zc
By his Excellency’s comm rd, 'lFlO'b GAGE.
Tho’s Flvckvb, Sec’ry.
COD Save the KING.
From a late LONDON PAPER.
BEFORE the last vrffels foiled Ifom Rollon, they had
1 ceived there the aft for regulating the province Char
ter, and that for the better administration of juflice j thrfo
two aft* have thunder-struck the last on, anu when the ftiipa
foiled, all their writers were in profound filencr for the
afts were printed without even a last ions commentary.—
'The very Ipring head, as well as th fource* of irdition,
are cut off by thrie aft* ; now there will be no more ri
diculous and treas nable votes at town meeting, where the
most ignorant Mechanics, having nobody to oppose them,
(the. most refpeftible inhabitants never attended these ru
multuou* afT mnlietj talked themfelve* into tuch high no
ions of thei- own importance, that they believed therr
rives the fathrts of fotu e King* : Neither w il hi- Ma»
.elty's council any longer be the tools of faftion, a* the re
ulati n aft ha* taken the appointment of them from the
-tlembly : Nor wiU the grand juries, after this, be com
piled of the very men who were to te in-idled for oftentea j
and the choice of the petty jur rt bring now lodged in the
ft eriff, wi I in future prevent tl e merciful Bostonians from
-ndraarouring to hang, by a packed jury, thoie wi-om
hey had firft attempted to murder. If the faftion fhouid,
contrary to all present appearance* and repettation, b eak
ut into new rioi*, and if the military (hould be found ne
< efiary to quell them, the officer, and foldier* will be iniired
- impartial trial, either by a removal to an adjoin! g to
ny, or to England. The aft for quartering the to.oi a
akes away another ground of quarrel, so that nothing that
anhe.p to forward the establishment of peace fas been left
-rdone. All retort, therefore, that it leU the good ; eopl*
.} Boston, if th«y will continue tuibulenr, it to blufier dc
, heir oar fire-fldes, ard to raif* the admirat'ior. of their wives,
thildren and negroes . to ralk Irdition at thei: pri.a-en.-et •
ings, over rheir punch and tids.cco j and to p.-i..t l.eir
Icandil and fcurriliry in their own newt-papers. Are -her
good will reiulc from the e'.tablidimmt of good r.rder and
~ove»r.ment in the Maflachufetts ; op, uitioi at fiome will
tiC deprived of a principal cause- of ci m ur, and by that
m'ans rrr dereJ lliil more c* ntrm. riblv weak.
[TS e fo> neirg fulliea ions. rtvt very p null, whet idea
the writer had of the cffefh wlvb would foil w tie tftru
tu. iftt ej- ath- La only ant'd it in fiffrfirg the good
people of tbit pro* wee * ccii'i jutmit to tk,m ;at ’h>y tame
not, LidA.rolend must tie them about tie neck) of tie ol t'f
frame*) anei t r'mctm of theft aft 1, and finl ti em one ard
al into pa.en.ai perdition O' m he’wife ri'yue the rum of
rt *r both taunerier, m tan plea* ero tl most at anaen.djet t/
mtaywlkb any province or Kengaom Wtr- ever tur fed wtk.]

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