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Or, Thomas’s Bolton joinnd. '
fyS thou Great LIBERTY inspire our Souls—And make our Lives in Th Y Pofleflion happy—Or, our Deaths glorious m th y just Defence.
pf , - v3rl
ric 1L y I Vol. IV.) THU RSDAY, October 15, 1774. (Numb. 195.
11 // — — - - - -———t—- "—. ~ SZ
begs Leave to inf«rm the Public, that hi* Maps
>:e now ready for Publication, the Copper Wark being all
oone, and the Paper which be wbs obliged to get manu
fafti red on Purpose. is likewise finiflud, but ( not yet re
ceived from Philadelphia, or elft at least a great Part would
have been delivered before now, the Subiciben may rest
afiured of receiving the Copies wit hi a the Time prdcribed,
which is the firft of January next.
As his Edition is imall, it is requested that Inch Gentle
men who incline to have Copies may fubferibe, as after
Publication none will be to be had for less than 16 Dollars.

tGS Leave to inform his Friends, Customers and
others, that he has removed from his Store on Dmk-
Spure, to the Store lately improved by Mr. Joseph
Tyi eb, opposite to Mt. Scott’s Irift-Linnen Store, in
Ann-Stieet, and fronting the North Side of Faaeuii Hall,
Market, Boston i Wh-ne is to be Sold,
Loaf and Brown Sugars, Raisins, Currants,
Chocolate, warranted puaie, Coffee, Rice, Flour, Poland
and common StaAh, Ginger, Pepper, Aifpice, Salt Petre,
Split Peafe, Firkin Butter, Flask Oil very good, Liston Oil
by the gallon or less, belt Dmham Mustard, Cinnamon,
Mace, N utmegs, Cloves, Brimstone, Alhim, Copperas,Red
wood, Seivet and Seive Bottoms, 18 Inch Pipes, Crown
Snap, PI tying Cards, Slates, Indigo of various forts, choice
Damn, Cheete, Oatmeal, and GROCERIES of all kinds.
Alfo,WelMndiaand New-England Rum,
Jamaica Spirit, Brandy, Dorchester Beer, Taunton Ale,
M rial les, &c.
N. B. The above articles will be fold by Wholesale or
Retail,.uncommonly cheap, aud all Favours gratcfidly ac
In Union-Street, near the Market,
Has for SAL E,
A L ARG E Aflbrtment of GOODS,
** fui table for the Season, consisting of Woollens, Lin
nens, Siiks, Stationary, and all Kinds
W /t », • which be fells at the very luwtft Mees for ready
Merry Andrew, Highland and Harry Vll'th CARDS.
~ NA T A Z I E R,
BEGS Leave to inform the Public, that in Confe-
quence of the Boston Port-Bill, and with a View of
accum nodating thole of his Customers to whom it may be
most convenient to have their Supplies conveyed by Water,
he has opened a Stoic in Salem, (the one lately improved
by Mr. John Johnson, and next door to Mr. John
Goot’«) where he has for sale, An Aflbrtment of
GOODS, fuitabie for the Season.
Said FRAZIER ft ill continues his Bufinefj at his
Store in Boston, as usual : His Cuft mers may be fopplied
at either of laid Stores, Wholesale and Retail, on the n.oft
reafoSable Terms for ready Money. He will give his per
sona) Attendance, for the present, at his Salem Store.
HAVING resigned his Bufmefs into the Hands of
Mr. Pi ata Mobton, and embarked for England,
desires ail hia Clients who want to know the State of their
Affairs, to call on said Mobton, for Information All
Perfins who ateind hted to said Qcincy.m Account, are
desired to make Payment to said Moa ton, and any who
mav have Demands on said Qu v N c y , are requeued to apply
to the fame Gentleman foe thrii Difcharg- Those Perlons
who owe the said Quincy, on Bond, or Note, are hereby
notified to make their Payment to William Ph it lib a,
Efqi Attorney to Josiah Quincy, jun.
Salem, 4th Oelcber, 1774.
WHEREAS a small Calk (said to
contain Bohea Tea) was brought from Boston,
Yesterday, in a Waggon, under my Care, in order to juftify
mv Condud in the Affair, would beg leave to inform the
Pub ic that, on Sunday the zd Inftwt, a Negto Man be-
to, or employed by, Mr;. Sh la, a, of Boston,
eame to me and enquired whether 1 had a Waggon going to
Salem the next Day ? I answered, Yes ; he said hit Mistress
wanted to fond a small Calk, I told him the Waggon was
loaded and could not carry it, he replied the Calk was small
and light, and that Mrs. Shiafi would take it kind of
me to carry it, to oblige that Lady, I consented (not know
ing the Contents) to bring it, I have likewise the greareft
Reason to believe, that the Servants who drove the Car
nages, committed to my Care, were ignorant of the Con
tents of said Calk. And furthermore, I most solemnly de
clare, I never saw the abovementioned calk, until it was
brought into School-Street, in this Town, to be committed'
to the Flames. BENJ AMI N JACK SO N.
Essxx, IL S»ltir., Oeh. 4, 1774.
THEN Mr. Benjamin Jackson made
solemn Oath to the Truth of the above written Deposition
by him fubicribed. Before me,
PETERFRYE, Judice Peace.
Just imported in the lift Ships from London,
ChoiceCheihtreand Gloucester CHEESE,
(Which will suit the nicest taste,)
And to be S O L D by
Opposite the Boston Stone, in Marlhak’s-Lane, near the
[This quantity of Cheese is equal in goodr.efs, if not supe
rior, to that imported and fold by him last fpring.]
Also, excellent FLORENCE OYL, in
Flalks, warranted good, and the bed of
English Maftard, by the bottle, single
pound, or less.
OATMEAL by the Bulhel, or finali'er quantity.
1 'pH E refpc&able Public are hereby in
! formed, shat I the Sublcriber, living in Sutton, intend
I to leave every other Bnnch of Rulinefs in my Way, and
i a PRIy mrfelf wholly to that of making HOF.S. And
I having prepared Matters, by providing a couvciiirnt Shop,
necedary Help, and a large Stock, I purpose co begin the
firft Day of October next, and continue in that Branch
only, not doubting but 1 Ihail meet Encou
ragement from those whom my Ambition pronips me to
serve ; I m an those who are well Wiih-rs to American
Freedom. But thole Jacobites that would intlame their
Country, by giving their Suffrage for the Execution of any
unconstitutional ad, ihail not through my Hands, nor by
any Pcrfon for or under me, be f ipplird with a single one,
unlels Security be hrft given, that such Tool iv to be em
plcyed in making a Grave fix Feet deep, to hide one or
more of the Heads of those obnoxious W,etches. The
Gentlemen in the neighbouring G verninents, may lie fuo
plied.with what Numbe!* they may wary, to carry on their
Buiineis, by giving kafonable Notice, whufe Favours will
be an additional Obligation on me, to acknowledge myfelf
theirs, and the Public’s moll obedient and very humbie
"FFuGS and m"eDI CINE S,
Imported from LONDON, and SOLD by
At his Shop, half a Mile Fall of the Meeting House, in
AFRESH Aflbrtment of Drugs and
Medicines. Ground Madder, and other Dye Stulls.
Spices, Rariins, Currants, Turkey Figs, Hungaiy Water,
Lavender Water, King'd Honey Waler, Court Pla tier,
small ivory Syringes, &c. /Jf» genuine Patent Medicine*,
via. Turlington’s Balfom, Godfrey'* Cordial, Hill’s Baliam
and Bateman’s D.ups, Britilh Oil, Eflence of Peppermint,
Lockyer’s Pills, James’s Fever Powders, Andulun’s Scotch
Pills, Hooper’s Female Pills, Cephalic Snuff'.
(Very neat)
Pocket Instruments, in Fifli Ikin Cases, ditto, in Velvet
Pouches, with Elver Cases, Midwifery Inftrum* nt«, much
improved, Male and Female Catheter* according to EMM
Hunter, Cases of belt lances, four in a.Calc, Filh-fk n,
ditto, two in a Case, or fingie. Teeth Instruments of all
N. B. The above are fold as cheap as can be bought in
(Prt't hint Sbillvigit cltganily Lou nJ and ktterrd)
And to be Sold by ) O UN BO Y L E, ac his Shop, in
on the following Subject, viz.—l. T'he Folly and
Danger of Duplicity in Religion—ll. The Excellency of
the Human Soul.—ln. J:fu» Christ the only Source ok
Rest and HappmA,.—lV. 1 lie Dominion of an
Deity a Reason for Joy and Piarfe.—V, VI, and
Chanty mure excellent than Faith or Hope.—.Vlll. CliLf’
preaching to liic Spirits m Prifon.—lX. Redemption by tnr
Liuod of Chriit —X and XI. The CunncZLon between the
Duties and Comforts of R. >igun.—Xll. Tire Obligations
to Family-lU.i;, on.—X.H. The Ufofulnel* and Impor
tance of religious i.Ju-4U >.I.—XIV, XV and XV I. Ihe
Table of the Lord reiuered contemptible.—XVll and
XVIIL Pratl.ca. Obiervatians on the Hiftury of Judut and
and h.s tragic*! End.—XlX. Man doomed to return to the
Dust from whence he was taa.cn.—XX. T he B>eirednefa
us Uwfe who have not seen and yet have believed.
By A N D R E W ELi OT, D. D
P.ftor of a Church in Bost n.
Ifo, jufl rt-printed (price Ooe Skilling)
And may he had at the above Snon,
L Of the unpardonable Sin against the Holy Ghost :
Or, the Sin uni* Death.—ll. The Saint** Duty and
Exercise : In two Parts. Being an Exhortation to, and
Dire&on for Prayer.—Ll. The accepted Time and Day of
Salvation—lV. The Emi of Time, and Beg nn.ng of
Eternity —V. Joihua's Refolutiun to serve the Lord.—>
VI. The Way Ure Heaven made plain.—VlL The future
State of Man t Or, a Treatise of the Reftrrre&ian.
Of Wardhur.% in Sussex.
LHnoiCe jof! gnsiijhed,
(On Purphfe t > be given at Funerals)
And to be Sold at the above Place,
[Price One illing fingie, and lea Pence by the Dexen]
for a fidk Sin-sick, despairing Soul, in the T ime of
Temptation. The fame being an Extract of die worthy
Author’s Experience of the Particulars vic.——
1. Tire mirauuious Perfervation es his baddy L>ie ttum the
many Deaths and imminent Danger* winch threacned it,
while in a Sta eot Nature.—ll. The Method Goo took
with h»n, itr awakening him to look into and to mind
Soul-C interns, when about fouitcen Years of Age.
111. How the dpiritof Bondage took him, and wiiac fearful
i Woik it m’de in hi* Sum. ■ IV. flow the Spirit of
I Aloptiun succeeded the Spirit of Bondage, lieabng and
1 binsing up deep Wound;, caused in his Soul thereby.
To be S O L D, in WoxctiTxc,
A GO O D Dwelling House and Barn,
i XA. together with a good Garden, and atwut Halt an
■ Acte of Land, with a large Biook running through the
Middle of Lud Lard, wcJ iitua’td on the Street, oppotite
the Court-House, in the most public Part of tne Town-
Any Pcrkm inclining to purchase may enquire es Edmuno
Hz asp, on said Premiies.
1 N. B. Said Place is extrao*dinary good for a Shopkeeper,
| t a Tsadcknau of any Sort, dec. Ac.
K KINGSTON, [Jammca.J 'f'« t 25.
A IraSl if a Utter fam an Englijb Gentitman in Kaftan,
dated id June 1714-
On Tuesday the 31st ult. the people were again af
femblv.bat Faneuil Haft, to conlider of the moll rtfei.tu.il
way to mitigate tire evils intended for them by the diabolical
instruments of tyranny and oppietlion, (as they call the pre
fsit vrrunu mi I’l try) when after much consultation the
following lelolvcr were unanimoufty agreed to, vi*.
Rrsot vtn, That abiidpe Ihail be built forthwith from
Barton's Point at New Boston over to Charles Town, and
another from Charles Town over to Penny-ferry, which
will nuke rhe land carriage from hence to Salem tj miles.
Rxsolvko, That 150 large Waggon* thall be built at
the public expence, with all imaginable dispatch, to convey
all the merchandize of Boston, to and from the port of
Salem ; and to make the said conveyance or land carriage
quite focure from insult and lobbery it is
RatOLVZO, That afutficient number of old veffel*
loaded with balbll, ihail, as soon as poliible be funk in the
Hasp’s channel at the entrance of Boston harbnur to prevent
any ftnps of war from ever entering this port again, and in
a violent iawlefo manner, dilturbmg the peace and quiet
and dellroying the trade and commeice of this town.
Rzsulvkd, That every person in this province, who
ihail be known to (apply the officer* of thecuftoms, or the
officers, failure,mariners or others Belonging to any veflel of
war, employed on this station for such an infamous pur-
Ipoir, either with provisions, fuel or- any other neceil try
whatever, ihail be deemed a traiterous enemy to America
and Ihail for ever be treated as such by the inhabitants of this
town and all friends to the lews and conftiiuiionai liberties
ot Great-Britain and her colonies.
1 am fully peiluaded the above refoliation* will be punc
tually übterved. For on the day following (the firft of
June) above 700 people ere font into the wood* to cut
down timber fotficient and proper for eieHing the bridge*
and waggons behdes a large quantly of carta, drays, Ac.
Th* fitalhm, caq>enteis and wheelwright* have also bern
Gritt y forbid 10 engage in any undertaking (on pain of be
ing treated as Aliens ) until) the above public bufmefs,
which is of the utmuft importance be entirely coinpieatcd.
No v if the Boftomansdu really be effeflallg block up their
harbour, they'll have yet a small channel irt? through Pud
kmg-poim gut, capable of admitting rht'argeft veffel* pecu
liar to their own trade but much too shallow for a man of
war to dream of entering —it is true their boats msy get in,
tho* perhaps not cafily thete being many boats belonging to
this town and men enough to put into them. And a* thia
is the case, how mull it gall me, an Enghlhman to fee theft
Americans carling home their goons from Salem, when
th*y pieate—without molestation and in open defiance of
my naval countrymen, who mull now peep over their new
artificial bar, without being able to hurt the Bottonians any
mure than Don Quixote, could help Sancho, when tolled
at the public hook in a blanket. My dear friend withan
aching beast 1 tell thee thele truths and am thine most fin-
1 'A* LJzV a -
pl r - Barnet you never -will Ie banged far
JVtH !j
Nr wnu r Y-Po* T, Siptembrr 28. At a legal meeting
of the freeb Idcrt and at! er mhuhitantt of the town ofNevt
bury-Pitt, bylaw qualified to vote in tvw* ajfuiri, held
Septemfer l" 3 d at Jour o'clock P. M.
Capt. Jonathan OmthTi*!, Moderator.
THERE having arisen feme doubts, grounded
on rumors from other towns, whether the court of
general sessions of the peace and inferior court of common
ideas, will nut be ohftrudled, and whether they ought to
fit in this town, the irxt week ’nd do bufmefs as usual,
VoTzn, That it is rhe opinion of this town, that the
determinations of the delegates of thia county at, their late
m’Mi.rg at Ipswich, rcfp &ing the court ought to be ad
hcicd to, and the court fopported in the exercise of their
conftitutionai autho ity; .tnd that we willacvurdingly as far
as i» in our prower, them, while they ihail continue
so to aft : But if any officers of the court, flull hereafter
prefome to aft under the new unconftitotlonai and oppres
sive reguhuons, they muff ccafe to expeft fopport from u».
Voted, That a Committee be Stolen to co ifult and
adv le with each other, md if need be to communicate to
the town any meafu.es that may appear to be conducive to
the public benefit; more efpeciaily to be watchful that no
encroachments art made on our conflitutional right* and
liberti'*, that we may enjoy the blclfi-igs we hare left in
peace, and not Le deprived of them from any quarter, but
may devise and prosecute the most vigorous and reasonable
measures as far as lie* in our Iphere, to retrive uur for
mer invaluably privilege*.
Voted, To have this committee config of thirty persons,
viz- Hnn. Benjamin Greenleaf, Lfq; Patrick Tracy, Efqi
Dr. John Sprague, William Atkins, F.fq; Capt. Jame*
Hudton, Mr. Edm«td Barrier, Mr. Ralph Cross, jun.
Tr ftram Dalton, Elq; Mr. Edward Harris, Mr. Enoch
Titcomb, jun. Capt. Jacob Bordrnan, Mt. w iftiam 1 eel,
Capt. Jonathan Greenleaf, Dr. Micajah Sayer, Mr. Divid
Moody, Mr. John Bromfield, Mr. Johp Stone, Major
William Coffin, Capt. T homas Thomas, C»pt. Joseph
Hufe, Capt. Samuel Bitcholder. Mr. Mnfes Newell, Mr.
Jonathan Jackson. Mr. Richard Titcomb, Mr. Samuel
Tufie, Mr. John Hebert, Capt. Moles Roger*, Mr. Moles
Frazier, Mr. Jonathan Marih, and Capt. Nichola* Tracy.
[The following apology for the people of tLh province,
the difgraee thrown upon them by a number of itt inbabr
taut: in their late addreffea, r Te. it a firming evidence of
the candour and generally of a Carolinian Epifeopaiian-j
From the South-Cabozina Gazettz.
LE T not your readers be surprised that Co many w*re
found in thfi most faithful of the province*, capable
of ugning so falfooe ax addrtf* to a foverner, whafit r ams
the throne itfelf cannot refeue from r< eternal mfa
my t I take the liberty, through your piper, to account
foi it, and submit my übfrrvatioii* to the public.
In every Province there are, whole Principles are poifored
by Artifice, by Ignorance, by Conneftion. by inrereft. T he
Size of this Province compared to that of Mafiathufetts-Bay
is “ L'ke Sbruhi wlen lofty (Mreffet are near."
AnJ yet 1 fear, if you rake the Kennel of political Filth,
you will find an equal Number to lend their Names to any
Man who is favoured with ministerial Smiles.
It cannot be thought ftpnge by one who knows mankind
that a governor of real talents, great family connexion*,
and good fortune, who in addition to his birth and educa
ti n in the province, had sustained various offices, and been
the mesn* of introducing many other* into office, whole
dependants of course had always been numerous : It cannot,
I fay, he thought (hange, if such a man in such a country,
should find many to cringe (0 his fhaduw : Etpecially if yox
recolleft him now going to the fountain of power to ie>eiv«
the rewards ota King, whom lie had tened blindfold—if
you think of the influence which Hs recommen.Ution may
be fuppnfed to have with the minifler of slate—is you view
the province a* about to be mutilated, all its officer* chang
ed and the almost certain advancement of thole whu could
prostitute their conkit ncesby such an ad litis. The future
promotion* of thole on that lift will convince you that them
wa* bail enough to tempt the greedy. How many do you
find in every community, who with smaller profpefts than
these, are ready to (ell their Ged I
Another dais of puny minds wen no doubt influenced by
fear. A military governor arrived— a fl-el in the harhout-—
a fold ery parading—--the town block.uled.-.-their property,
with that of others, little better than confilca ed. It it cafy
to Unigine wh»t iff ft the leprefemarion would have upon
them, that no mm had it in his power fomuch to help them
at Mr. Hutchinson. Pulyoui wonder will ceafr,
When you read the names, and confider the denomina
tion of the greater numlet of the limner*. It it no impeach*
fnent of the Church of England to fay that, they beiong to
Fer. A short (late of ftfts will be her vindication, and
(hew that it is not pro|«er to the Church of E gland
aa such, hut only the oQ of adi (appointed Mimrity.
'I he Spirit of (he Church of England, in theft Southern
pr (hew* thm he- Membett have high a Srnfo
of the Ri/h'S of Mankind *1 tny in to- World. The con«
gregati inal Discipline ha* been eft*bb(Led in those Colonie*
from their Beg nntng. Their Anceftor* fled from the Hand
ofEp'ncopal Tyranny in the intemperate Days of Laud.
Thev brought with them, they have handed d»wn a Spirit
of Independency, and a Refohitlon to think for themlelve*.
Emigrants from Britain of the Church of England, hav«
ever yielded with Reluftance to the Idea o( being Diflenter*
in New-Eugland, «nd have been unwearied in their
endeavours to get * charge of government. But the late
attempt of an aspiring conventii t, ofepilcopd Clergy there,
to procure a parliamentaiy eftsbliihment of Biihop* in each
of the provinces, ha* fixed them all In the tnirrifterisl scale.
American Epdcopatei, according 11 the Bifbop cf Landaff,
“ have been the favourite cbjtft of the Ibciety lor the pro
“ pipition of the Gospel for many yean.” To epiftopife,
roller than to gofptUfe American!. Observing, that the
principle* and mealnres of the prrfent reign bid fair— the
hint wh given to our Northern clergy, that it ws* a good
time to petition. The d-rgy we know are fond of ladd< re
to nreferment. Don't wonder that a conbination wa* foim.
ed accordingly. Petitions went home to the King, to rise
Lcddt, to the Contmvnt, to the Univerjitiei, ice. icc. copir*
of fondry of them were procured, containing levere reflefti
om on the American loyalty, and urging the meafureas ne
erflary to secure our dependance on the crown.
So g. jf» an attempt upon their reputrion for loyalty,
as well a* upon American freedom in general, could not fail
to foim a combination of non ep.fcopaiian* to defend them
selves. They united,—they oppofrd the met! ree*,—they
employed their agent*. They aiiedged that, «they had
•• no ol»«fiion to Episcopates upon the pr mitive plan, i. a.
“ entirely divelledof temporal power* 1 That they had fled
“ from parliamentary buh ips, and after innumerable hard
“ ihip* had foUJucd a n*w Wori 1, in hope* there to en-oy
“ entire libeity of conlcknce I That it was hard to follow
‘t them across the Atlantic : That the dedfa wat ,00 plainly
“ to obtain bifeu.pt with endpcwrrt,utiteiwHe the King,
“ the loids, the commons, nerd not be priitioned 1 Th«C
“ । he biihop* alone could convey all ecdrfiaftical powers n*«
“ cefaty,if they would be content with them. They de
“ nied the power of parliament to eftabi Th religion in Amt
“ rica, orto tax u* in fpiritvalt more than in
u T hey complained of «he perfidy of the convention in tacit*
“ ly disowning the power of our afcmbiief, and attempt
“ ing to draw down upon us t! c arm of pajlremeut.—
« They contended that the milfior* offredurn Amerteant
« w uld never fobtnii to the daodcflinc overthrow of ail
“ their conftitutior.s ; that the tyranny of courttofadnif
« ratty was but too much already, without a new (et
" Spiritual court!, more arbitrary than they. T hey con
“ jured their brethren not to try infidioufl/, and without
“ conlulting the knfe of the colonies, to bring dovn upon
« them the tax of an enormous bitrareky. ft rax whxb
" in England is fufficient to maintain a constant war."-—
They, with difficulty got the nieafure set aside. The as
piring zealots cannot forgive the dHappointnDent. They
Bill keep in view the fame obj-ft. T heir only chance of
fucceft in obtaining those ecclefiefticalprin tpafiriet, lies in th<
fopport of parliamentary power. They therefore treat with
diftain all our provincial aflemblies, ana are heated advo
cates for parliamentary taxation. Their pulpit** their eon
verfation is only the echo to minifrer>al measures ; and fuck
has been their influence, that (hew me an episcopalian in
the New-England colonies, and I will ffrw you an advocate
for the present tyrannical meaftire* of Loid North. These
men have invariably joined the govern, n, ?hd lo’ded the
colonies with eternal mTreptefentation* a* djioysi and re
beliiuut. They »re to be confider-d therefore a* liighiy ia
ftnimentalin bringing down the pref-nt (form.
In such a flat: of things is it ftrangt, tb*t H. tchinfon tlie
great advocate for parliamentary pow-r, tne
addr-fi of their dergj, and find ICC wretches .tor b.g
ydleat I
A C A R O L I N 1 A

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