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Or, Thomas’s Bolton Journal.
. ...»
fffif THOU Great LIBERTY inspire our Souls—And make our Lives in tky Pofleflion happy—Or, our Deaths glorious in thy jutt DefVncc.
H A U Vol. IV.) THU RSDAY, October 2*7, 1774- (Numb. 195.
|o S EP H PE IRc E,
r T ER E B Y Inform* his go id Cuftimrs and others,
f I that he his rem >vcd to a new Shop, making the
Corner, nor the I of the O d-Rrkk Meeting-House, and
fronting live Wert End of tr.e S.ate-Houfc, in Boston,
Whe.e he has for Sal-,
A very large Aflbrtmvnt of ENGLISH
and other GOOD* ; he hopes for a Continuance of their
Favours, which he will endeavour to merit, by serving
them on the bell Terms.
Supposed to be left at some
Houk r Stoie in tHs Town, through Millake, by
the Providence Waggoner, the Week be»orc Uft, a H UR
TRUNK, with a pair </ Boots tied on it, dimfled
for Mr. Gideon R. Hvmast, at Borton. Any Pcr
fen giving Inf cmation to the Printer, of the fame, will be
taken very kindly. lf»»> Gentleman ihould have received
it by Uiltake among their Baggage, the csrlieft Intelligence
thcieu’is refuelled to beg’ven the Printer.
ALL Persons having any Demands on
the Estate of Mr. ROBERT BALLS, late of Bol
ton, Pilot, are desired to bring in their Accounts, and all
Persons indebted to said Estate, aic delirrd to fettle the
kmc with William Minns, Executor, or Mary
Balls Executrix, to the Deccaied’s lart Will.
In the Pref’, an I speedily wil be publiffid,
[Embeilithed with a curious Engraving]
By MILLS and HICKS, i School at:eet,
BICKERS TAFF’S Bollon Almanack,
for the Year of our Redemption, 1775. It will
contain, betides what is ulu-lly in an Almanack, the rutt
CHARI ER, granted to the Province ci MaifachufetU-
Bay, and a Variety of hiftorieal and entertaining Pieces.
Mr. Thomas, . .
TYTE hear from Watertown, that at a late training
>AZ 1«.». tHc old m-n who belong to the alarm lift,
met and chJc Mr. Stone (tn ancient mi itaiy officer,
aced £S) fortheir Captain, who exert ted his com; an with
great iki.l and ah rtnefs.—So great and divine if the (pint
sci liberty, that mrn -f ail a t es and denominations i the
country engage in military exercifea. In the equity of
a m"« came * nt ’> with his arms and
ammunition, to • training, who is an hui d.ed and three
yens old 1 .AMERICANS, lift up you> heads, and re-
in tie Lotn,for y ur faction near !
From the PU BL IC ” LEDGER, August J,
THE Minister andhis JoTRNivMtN have forfome
time part arrogated to them!tlv« a wondr-foi con:e
nmT ce from the passive acquit (ter ce of the Americans.
Phcufe Genera! Gage was fullered to land without moief
terion , because «n the capacity of Governor, they received
him with the honours due to hi* rank, w e were therefore
made to believe, “ that the reck ofopp. firion was entirely
broken} thar the spirit of the people was etleflually fob
dued,” and all by the wifnem of ur foggy headed premier,
who, m obedience to Lord Bute’s commands, carried thro'
ths 80/hm afts for the ef'abliihment of civil, the Pcpijh
Quebec bill for the eftabliftment of religious, Tyranny!
Wh.t tbe“c nc.iiat ng meafrirrs" towards America
have produced ; how d*n have contributed Co put an end to
ail d-rtuibances, and ntiier the minds of the cofonifts, will
apner from the refoiut.ons which follow this preliminary
fcrnark. It is on ail hands agreed, that Ameiics forms a
Part of the Britift Empire; tl e m-afures of the present
f-t of ministers have thrown this pan into the rtio.t dirt afl
cd state if coofufion; how then fliall thftft govern the
icicle with temper and in jeace, who have fu clearly n.e*n
themfeves utterly unqualified to govern a past with any to
irrable degree ofaedit I The Hangers cn of Coverian nt
may talk’s dwy pfeefe about “ the excellence of mea
sures!" Their excellence a;.d utility can only be judged of
from the 1 ilutary effrfls they produce ; a cause is no fanner
exceilentthan from id pecoUar fitnefs to bring ab'.ut the
end i -opM ;if it foils m that, it is partially defrfliw, or
vennaliy erroneous. Let us apply this reasoning to the
meaiuie. ofadminiftation refpe&tng Am-rxas Have they
produced the effo% intended ? Have they given pie eto our
provincial fubiefts ? Have they strengthened the
bands oi and annihilated the fpiritrfdifaflWlion?
Hive they reived our drooping trade,zni given new life to
the declining Ma-ufaPnres which depe d upon the traffic
with otar colonies for their exiilence ? H «ve they produced
any or all .fthiie truly defi ed ends ? The Borton port bill
now had a fair trial } the hill for the better regulation
rs meiivil government has aifo been tried, and what fenti-
they pioduc-d amoiigft the colonists ? Let the
sh!! aw? paragraph, taken from an American pper, (peak
ih* lenieof the people on those nicafurcs.
[Ure fe : ’.aw tberef-’tses if the Cnnty es IVer." f er. en the
r. ■ art si at t’Ups vice p»Jied at the ent-a»ee e. .den, te
t ■ - of" all cctrKi'ri.atier utth tit iotr.es in
he fiilcvting reinarh.y
I>u'.h this look i.ke fucniiffioa ? Doth it carry the fire
cfacquieNMiMxl And if the me»fures calculated to pro
duce the one, and fecuie die other, tail in their erSds, it
cannot be deemed irrational <0 efcribe that failure to the
.aeprepritt-. badness, or in'ff<Hiesli:y of the m fuies then-
Y Jvc . it is the’..eighth'of eonfenfe to talk of “ waiting
“ until the rigour ot punifiiment ftsnii for e the Bofton.ans
«• to fubmit:*' The very position favours of the greatest ig-
L runance of human nature ; Rayirets applied to the
f V men. will exasperate, inftcM of allay, toe ipwit ot refift
rf\r ; If there is a«y thing of manly courage among a ceoyle,
Y. th nett Will ,! inn aOitn: As well might we
V\ ,\wretc.i, reduced to umine by the tyranny cf anop
. Ik,;, Live the band which withholds him fuftnrtar.ee;
? 'e ftwll be dr.cevned into obedience, set en-
inofquet make a sincere convert to allegiance? r;cM J
qntr and ctn.tliare a,c two very different things: Ihe late
American afts may perhaps eftrfb the former, though even
that « problematical; the latter they never can efl'eduate.
Away, then, with all fultome panegyrics on the mimftrr !
Ai an induftrioui drudge ; as a Journeyman to the Cabinet;
as a vafTal, who weais the livery of a most contemptible
court - wbofe ihoulden are bc-ribb ned, whillt his
neck Ihould be in a ftrttrber ; as a kind of pack-hmfc
creature, heavy laden with the burden ofoth<r men's fins,
in this capacity he may be m-ritoiioui .—- 7* his matters t
But, as a minister qsalified to aJjuli the cqu poile of go
vernment • to prtferve the tone of civil authority, without
violating tne rights of civil liberty ; to patronize the trad
ing interest, promote manufZlures, extend cotnmetct, and
picfervc an union between America and England "n the on
iy filid balls of lutkority—an afcenJ ncy ovrr the offeflivns
of the people ! fir such a talk the man is is unfit as Buck*
hoife for a feepter. His foieign measures will force Ame
rica into rebellion and thus be attended with lame dreadful
carnage, until the .TQignauon of the people, both at home
and abroad, will be routed to such a pitch, that the general
clamour for the poor creituie’s Lead wilt br too great for
Majeily to refill : As he lives d.fp led, he wrtl die unpitied,
and the only matter of dispute will be, “ whether hucar
“ caf* is intitled to— Ctrifian Burial I"
this follow the proceedings of Hartford, Pref'.a,
Paruiinattn, H’eat her sfeld, Btc- in Connett nut ; una of
Virginia, Maryland, Newport an! Providence, tegetiet
With an aceiunt if their Jona .ans, and fokmn l.ague and
BOSTON, Oftober 20.
Friday the Committee from the County of Worirfer waited
on his Excellency the Governor with the following
sddtefs, vic.
To his Excellency Thomas Gage, Esq; Governor of Kis
Maefty’s Province of the Maflachufetts-Bay, arid Crrrw
mander in Chief of the King's Fuiccs in
Moy if pleafeyour Excellency, ,
TH L people of the county of Worcester being earnest.
!y folxitous for the peace and welfare of the'pnAince
In eeneiai, canna’ view the meafri’es now ovrAiiny by ydui
Exctll-ncy but with enervating jealousy, as they apprehend
there has not, nor does not at prefentexift, any just occanon
for the formidable hostile preparations making on the neck
leading to our di idled capital.
It is a ma Wr of such notoriety thatynur Excelle icy muff
be fenfhle, there was not the least opp«fition made to 00-
ftruft the introduCEon of the King’s troops at their nift
landing, nor have the people fmee rhat time difcove.ed any
intent on to disturb then., till your Excellency *«
to otder the feiznre of the powder in the AJen.il at C hirlel
town, n a private manner, ahkh oeafioned the report
that a fleitmilh had happened between a party of the King S
troops and the people at Cambiidge, in wh.ch feveial of
the latter fell. This caused the people to arm and ma.ch
from diver* parts of the country ; but no sooner was that
report proved falfe, than they returned very peaceably to
their refprfiive homes. , .
The Inhabitants of the province in general and .own of
Borton have never given cause for those Cruel an I a.bilrary
afis, for blockading their harbour and fubverung the char
ter, bv altering the civil government of the province, wh«h
however, this people ar.- determined by ti e div ue favour,
never tofobmir to, but with their lives, noiwithftanding they
are aggrieved at the kina's dfpleafute against them, through
the instigation of t.-ait *ous and defining men.
Tiiis county fi ds it difficult to compiehen I the motives
for the present hostile parade, unkfs it be in conference of
some preconceited plan to fobjefl the already town
of Borton to mean compliances or military contributions.
Thev are equal!; rt a lof» to account for your Excellency *
conduct towards the county of Suffolk, as in your anl" er 10
obs- :ve, that vou had not made it eofier to efEefl this, than
what nature has made it } iffo the county cannot conceive,
why this ex, ence and damace of the town to no purpvfc :
Your Excellency is likewise nieafed to take notice of the
general good behaviour orJ e fci.Eer«, but at rhe fame time
oafs over that pa t tempi r ing of the detention of pnvare
property, and proceed coanfoer by way ofQueie, to which
you would net permit a reply. T! is coun’y a.e conftra-ned
to obfene, they apprehend the people juftifiahle in providing
for their own defence, while they undeiftood theie was no
parting the neck without examination, the cannon at the
north-battery fplked up, and mans places fcaiched, whcie
arms and amunition weie fcfpefled to be ; and it found,
feixed ; yet as the per pie have never afled onenfivriy, nor
difcovereJ any dilpofiLon foto de, till as above related, the
county apprehends this can oevet juflify the fc.ture of pri
vate property.
It is with great anxie.y this county otfervos the wanton
exe’eife of power in the officers of the customs at Salem,
and on board the king’s <L‘P’ ng the article of Fuel,
ddlined for the ufeof the inhabitants of Borton, who ate ,
obliged to have it with the additional charge of lanoing and ,
,«U->cing at Salem, before it can proceed; when your Ex
cel’eocy must be CenfiWe the a«, which is the profefted rule
c- conduftexprefrly excepts Fuel and viffoah which may
be brought to Borton by taking on board one or more offi
cer. at Salem (without the aforttad charge) while that
destined for the troops proceeds dircfl, free from tl e sane.
These ate many o.her things bear extiemcly hard on
the inhabitants, while they are prohibited from tranfport
icg thifraalleft ankles from one part of the town to ano
ther, water-borne, without danger of a ft.cute or to get Lay, ,
cattle, &c. from any oi the Illands, notwithftand.ng there
Lnood.away of tranfp' rta iun.
Y-ur Excellency, we apprehend, mull have been greet -
k mifinfoimed vs Use charaflec of this people, to foppefe
such fevetities tend either to a fubmifli n to the aftj, or
reconciliation the troops; and the rounty are lorry to
find ihe execution oft’-ea4U attempted with ar. h> s her
hand tiuu.wa.i tended, unkfs the a£h themselves fhou.d
be th i*ut uo lenient. •
Eiingmg into the town a number of cannon horn v.ains-
Wdliam, fending far • farther reinforcement of tioops,
with other concurung efreumftarxes, ftiosgw indicaurtg
_ ~ mind* ad
the people apprehenfi ms tsi the tnoft alarnvng nature, and
the authors must be held accounubie for all the Mood anil
carnage made in consequence theieof. Therefore this coun
ty, iu duty to Cud, their country, tkemfclvcs xnd pofteii
ty, do icmonftrate to, and earnestly desire youi Excellency,
as vnu regard the feivlce of the King and peace and welfare
of the province, to desist from any farther hostile preparati
ons, and give the people aflurances f, by levelling
intrenchments and difmantlinp the foitincations, which
will have a tendency to latisfy their doubt., and reflnrethat
confidence so eflential to their quiet and his Majesty’s for
The GOVERNOR * Answer.
TH a V E repeat- ily given the strongest afforances that
J trit-nded nothing hostile agsinft the town or coun
try, and therefore defue you to east the minds of the peo
ple against any reposts that may have been induftricufty
spread amongst them tn the contrary; my wish is to pre
serve peace and tranquil'ty.
With refpcA to the execution of the Port-Pill, it is a
matter befo i. ing ro other departments; and if any thing is
done not warranted by fold alb, the law ia open for
MONDAY, Oftoker 24.
Jn Provincial Congress, Oficber 21, 1774.
IfHEBEAH fmdrg pcrfntit new ia Poilnn, having as
Mandamus Coonfcliors or in o’her lopa.iti s, accepted vr
oF!ed unde/ comr if ions or authority dcivcd front th. afl of
parliament so f'Jfcr, for ciasging tie fot.n of pn-
and violating ibe Charter of this province ; ana ly
eful such deteflable condufl lavinr countcrafhd
not [erfe of this province, but of the united American
QiluhsQi jtrcind Cone ref, expref,d ; ’1 h-ref re,
REAQEPED, Tint the persons aforcfaid,wh'> stall not
R A jjMtadlion to this injured province and continent with
in ten dayi from the publication of this resolve, by caufwg
to be publiflicd in all the Cofton news-papers acknowledg
ments of'.heir former m fcondudt, a id renounciations ot the
commiftinnl and au horny menci'nred, ought m in consi
dered as infamous betrayer* of their country. And that a
committees congress be ordered to cause their names to be
publiihed lepeatcdly, that the inhabitants of this province,
bv having th m entered on the records of each town as re
bels against the state, may fend them down to posterity with
the infamy they deterve ; and that other parts of Arne; ica
may have an opportunity of ftigma'izing them in such way*
as fh-.1l effedlually answer a similar purpofc.
Resolved, That it is hereby recommended to the good
people of this province, fu fir to forg ve such of the obnux
ious persons aforefaid, who fiwll have given the fatirfafiiun
required in the preceding resolve, as not to molest them for
their part rnifcondudl.
A true ixtraß from the minutely
Benjamin Lincoln, Sec’ry.
Jn Pron in-ial Congrcfs, VBo. 21, >774*
Jl /HRR A AS the unnecejjary and extravagant confump
* ti'.n of East India teas in time past las mu< h contributed
to the political deft ruflion if this province, and as tea has
been the mean, by which a corrupt adminftrati'm huve at
te-npt.d to tax, rnfluve and ruin us : 1 hoefore,
RESOLVED, That this Congress do eameftly sr
command to the people of this province an abhorrence and
de’eftation of all kinds of Eaft-Ir.dia teas, as tlie baneful
vehicle of a corrupt ar.d ven.l edminjftration, for the pur
pose of introducing defootilm and fiavery into this once hap
py country j and that every individual in this province ought
totally todifofe ihe fame ; and it is also recommended that
every tow and diibifl appoint a committee to port up in
some public place the name, of al) such in their trfpedive
townsand diftiidh, who shall fell or consume foextrava
gant and unnccefEiry an article of Luxury.
In Provincial Congress, at Cambridge, Cooler 22, 1774.
Tp R O M a consideration of the continuance <>f the gos.
JT pel am >ng ua, and the smiles of divine Providence
upon us with regard to the batons of tire year, and the ge.
neral health which his been enjoyed ; and in particular,
from a consideration of the union which so lemarkably
prevails not only in this province, but through the conti
nent, at this alarming crisis ;
It is Resolved, as the sense of this Congress, That it
is highly pro;er chat a day of Public Thanksgiving
fhoold be obfetved throughout thu province; and it is ac
cordingly recommended to the leverai idlg ou* aflembhes in
the province, that Thursday the fifteenth day of December
next, be observed as a day of Thanksgiving, to render
thanks to Almighty God for ail the blessings we enjoy.
At ti»e fame time, we think it incumbent on this people to
humble themleives befo.e God on account of their fins, fir
which he hath been pleased in his righteous judgment to
foffer so gieat a calamity to befal us, as the present contro
vetf. between Great-Britjin and the Colonies; as also ro
implore the divine blefling upon us, that by the artiftance
of hi* grace we may be enabled to reform whatever is amiss
among us, that so God may be pleased to continue to us
the blrflings we enjoy, *nd remove the tokens of his dif
pleaforr, bv causing Larmony and union to be restored be
tween GrtK-Rritain and tbefe colonies, thrt we may
again rejoice in the smiles of our Sovereign and the portcJi
on of-hofe privileg • which have been tranfmitied tout,
and have the hopeful prufueG that they shall be handed
down intire to posterity, under the protatant focceffioa in
the illulLiouv boufe of Hanover.
By order of the provincial Congress,
JOHN HANCOCK, Prefidatt.
We art informed chat Ain old Wells, Esq; owner
of the vetief which brought a pretent of wheat fam our
brethren of Quebec, h*s gnxrouC/ declined tak.ag any
thing »s fright foe the fame. . ;
A drove otfoeer from our brethren of Scituate in the
colony of Rhode-lfLmd fx qur forttring poor, were receded ,
iaft Stturday morning.
On the te'h of tart month his Fxcefehqy Govr— x
Les" n Tfttiaft the roll .w’f. p-m limitfon, vx.
“ Whruas there have beei meetings and allembhes ot
the people, at diflerent times in fevrral of the luwnfhii*
in thi> province ; which L*ie been called and held iur va
rious purpofc* contrary to the public good.
“ And wheicas such meeting* and aficmblic* have been
unwarranted Ly law ; and called without dui authority,
and gie.itly tend to dill nl» the peace ; and to ; u>motc ille
gal conicdeiacies, combinations, public d foidcis and the
highest oontempt of government.
“ I have therefore, thought fit, with the adv : ce and
I conlentof his Majesty’s council to puhliffi this prod nation
! hereby enjoining and requiring all hi* M.jelly’* futoeut* to
fork ar and refrain from all luch meetings and aflcmbli.s,
as th-y will answer the contrary at their pctil.
“ And all magiftrstes and officers of the pew are hereby
required to pay due attention to this proclamation, that the
feme hr carried into execution."
Lart Sunday morning the tranlports, with troops, Ate. cn
board, airived hne from Nrw-Yoik.
The fsme Day arrived l.eie from tie fame place, in tie
Countef**>f Darling Transport, Major Cenetal lialdimam),
attended Ly Major of Brigade Mn 'CirilT, Copr. Thomas
Gamble,AiTdlant Quartei*m*£rr-Gener I', Cap .Rrrhm,/i d
dr Cainp and Ca; t. Hutihelon } with Grnrial HZUimai.d
; also arrived Col. Richard Pirfcott, of his Majrfty’s Royal
Fufikris, a company of the Royal Artillery, u large quan
tity of ordna ce ftorev, for Caftlr.William. 'lhiceuom
panirs of the P.oyal Regiment of lieland, unde-the com
mand of Capt. Shee, and th<- 47th Regionm, commaMk 1
by Major Cairncruls, in the Empteh of Rullu, and other
Capt. Boyd is arrived at Salt m in a fchconrr f.am Hut
find, in Connecticut, and ha* brought abiut nine hundred
bu/Hcls of gram for the poor nf this town.
On Saturday morning lift, after thieu davs iUnefs, de
parted tbit life, Mr. WILLIAM MQLLJNEUX,
hi the ;Hth year ot his age, a noted tnetuiant in this towns
Tut what tendered this gemlnnin nine eminently confpi
cuout, was his inflexible attachment to the liberties cf
America at this crisis. When to evidence a defue to ihive
or relieve their diftrefied and oppiefied count'y, is denomi
nated folly, by thr merc«n»y and ’imetous worlding, 'tit
not to be Aoiidcrcd, that Mr. MoHut.ux, who was "lUp.
palled at danger, and inacceliible to bribe or Hittery, ihould
bteome obnoxious to the miniun and fye phant, for his
ebullient real in so noble a caufe.—FL* time and
his labours were with umemi’ted ardour, applied to
the public ferviceThat Borton fiiould bccumt the
victim of brutal oppreffi«m, was to him unfupportablc; he
could not fupprrf, his resentment on feeing the font of ri
ot and rapine thus prey on her deflated Worn , ’twas hia
pride to confiontthe power and malice of his Country's foe*}
'twas hisconrtant wilh and unremitted effirrt to defeat
them. — —lt may with truth be said of this friend of man
kind, that he died a martyr to the inter ft of America :
His watchfolnefs, labours, dift.cfiea and caerron* to pro
mote* the general interest produced an inflammation in his
bowel.; the disease wav rapid and poignant; but in the
fevered pangs he rose fupeiior to complaint; he felt no dif
tic.Tes but for the public.
O un my Country, Heaven! he said and died,
Norwich, Ofl-Acr 20. Lart Thurfaay, between the
hours of 7 and 8 o'clock, P. M. • (mart/hock o an earth
quake was felt here, and, weare fiuce infbnr.ed, at New
port, in Rhjde-lfl»iidj bat have not heard of any damage
d ,ne by it in this part of the woild.
Philadelphia, Oflobtr 12. We have authority to
aflure the public, that the roporn which have bcru circu
lated rcfpdtng a neighbouring Governor, hxving wrote to
the Miuirtry, recommending certain hostile mcaiuics against
America, a.e without any juit foundation.
Lift Sundiy morning left this city a certain D A T ) D
MICHELSON, with some other* ot the p<fr<e obe
dient and non resistant gentry. Thia perlon i, one of the
truly despicable Addieflur’ to the infan.ous traitor H U T-
C H I N S O N : His sudden departure wm oucahoned by
a visit from fume refpeflable gentlemen vs thia city, who
artured him hi* continuance in this place wa* highly difa
greeablc, and that, was he i»und here after a certain hour
07 that day, they would not be aufwerable for the cenfe
quences that might ensue.—As weare infoemad there
are leverai of the fame kidney daily rx; edted here, it is
hoped this notice will render it neecklsfor them to be wtutsd
on in the fame manner.
ExtraO of a Letter ft cm Lond-n, dated /!ui--ft 6, 1774.
o Our Newt-papers are replete with xlaun.i g refoutrona
ans a/lociations on y»ur ride the water, v.hxh dues not a
little affsit our tniniiiry. ■■■lt i* in tmlookedfir evei.t —
The talk is, that rhefe worthy men will make the late
Governor Hutchmfan site Ecape-Cuat, if no other rcJoutce
is to be found."
Kiw-Yook, October 17. A write: in one of rhe Eng-
E/h papervfiys.it itcouhdently alteited, that some fruet
prop.fal* have been made to government by the inhabitants
of Borton, of fiich a nature that it ia in.ag ncd -I! difference*
will C>on be hap; ily conciliated.
Extrafi cf a letter dated September 6, 1774, the Rachel,
Capt. biinmondt, art rued at PbtiaOelphia la ft IPedurfday,
« Since we difpatcncd you,we h»v« procured ti e Intelligence
refpefting vhr affairs at Algiers: The ThamH r rigaie,jul
arrived here from Gibraltar on her way to England, ha* on
board the Bi.riui fubjedfa which /he brought from
by order of the court of Crrat-Bnta.n, anfing from the
Algeiir ts refofing to receive Mr. Frailer a* our CWul—
There are three a>med fhip* at lea, and four fti li rema nng in
port; wiicther ihey mean to Cbanaeace hoffibtiea or n*t
we cannot fay." M"■awean
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