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The Massachusetts spy, or, Thomas's Boston journal. [volume] (Boston [Mass.]) 1772-1775, October 27, 1774, Image 4

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Parnaflian Packet.
On the British Ministry, and Ntw
un .ne d h American
LngIAWD, I |lC xic **“
t>b AK£.
A S EPIGRAM, 1774-
That’s dMM by inlets, by creeks, .nd by
Fain uirifnake would have caught to supply *'«/■*'
For their worn constitutions—and to it they go, 1
Hurry Tom, without hearing bis y« ur his no, F
On the btldeft adventure, their annals can thow .
Pv their wifJom advised, be their courage
For they le'z’d on the tongue ’mong » h '»
Nor .nee thought of the teeth when our Snake they
Though the prudent catch Snakes by t e
T>d nd to the bead / our good
They forgot that the bend would mofKerUtnly
4»« "“"reF tt. Wr «* * -
Ilptoi (, w 4>i.«C»a-Bni»»<»S»S«*> «'»
mote proper emblem.
FosTa H Q_U I N C Y, jun.
H\ V 1 M G rotigned his Business into the Hands o
Mr P/xr z Morton, and embarked tor England,
n- “ * s ■»" -
desired to make lay men. reoU efted to apdy
who „w« the KJ OsIKC, on ~^ l •
notified to make their Payment to William I
Esq; Attorney to Josiah Quikcy, jun.
i. th. I.A Ship fr. m h»»?N.
Choice Chelhire Mid GIoucdterCHLESL,
/Which will fust the nicest taltc,j
( AndtobeSOLDby
OppofiutJc Boftun Stone in Myall’s Lane, near the
11 Mill-Bridge.
fThis quantity of Cheese is equal in gnodnefs, if not upe-
Alfa, excellent H.ORtNCE OYL, tn
Ffeiks, warranted good, and the be 1 •
, Englifli Maftard, by the bottle, Angle
® pound, or less.
OATMEAL by the Buibc),or smaller quantity.
To be SOL D, by
At the Store adjoining Mr. Hinsy Prentiss, near
Fansvii-Hali, .
CHOICE Jamaica Spirits, Wett-
India and New-England Rum. Loaf and Blown Su
tan i 'ne cheap of an ordinary Quality, R* l "* •" hne
Order. Lifts »n and Malaga Wine, per Quart*
t neac ditto, in Cafa i rlalk 0.1, Pepper, Sprees, Green
CUE-e, Chocolate, dec. but no Tea.
Cash for Flax-Seed, and No-feed, nr the refuge Seed re
maining alter the deanfiog of Flax Seed, for the I urpoie
of making Linseed Oil.
Beas Leave to inform his Friends, Corners and others,
r that he has to fell, by Wholelale and Retail, at his
STORE, frontirg Doc X-Sq.”amb,
A GENERAL Aflortment of Enghih
A and India Goods, suitable for the approadimg Season,
~ whale of which was imported before the VP “J V
7 ru/L Among Which Goodsis# prime Choice of lui'ernne
is »U«. ‘‘~ C Ti> KO S A D
LL I ESI Ki » b biack, blue, green a.id white
r>f YMd PeSs. ell-wide Peifians, half ell and ell-wide
. •„ : n iT<» jt this Season of the »<ar.
,f VT7 Goods will be disposed of at
th- Arv- IXI R Ites, as laid BANT is extremely desirous
5 ci™ ail or any of them fur an Article which is
ot excnanging / trouble.-me lime., viz.
more convenient for b.m in cuew u«
■ ~ rr l k
And Superfine BROAD CLOTHS.
A PRIME aflortment of Paduloys,Du-
plain and figured battins. Da
c f?’ &c —foperfine falhonable coloured Broac
r-’ th Usings and Tummings
> be Sold at an low
JOHN BAKKE 1 1 a mi bONS,
At their -Lrp near the Mill-Bridge, Boston,
Where may be had, all kmas of
Englilh, Scotch, i ndia, Hard-Ware
and Cutlery GOODS,
By XMiuiclale or Retail,
Extremely cheap for Cash « Credit.
T JU. and Seedfman,in Seven-Sur Lane, Boston,
a GENERAL Aiiortment ot
21 GARDE* SEEDS, vmanted 10 be of .
ftL or Quality, Gved this Summer i also a Quantity of
liav SeedCand a Quality of Currant Buihes, ready
trXd, Carna ion Plants, and a Vanety el other flowing
Plants and Roots, now ready ta plant fcc.
■ XX THERE AS the Co-partnerlhip of
\/y .j is MAY, was mutually ddidred the
,7th of Scomber 1774, it - reqoefted that Person.
I . indrb r ed to fW Company will made speedy Pay
wh« ate .nd- MAY, and ail I’erfons, that have any
meat unto J ‘ ar „ Me desired to biing in their
r>.rn^.- f. OTf .: 4 m'ay, who
Aceow ts and ««• cf Wcft-lndia Goods at the
5™ k > CUR f “ M MAy ' au ““"
heap for Cath.
At the Smith Comer of Marshals Lame, leading from the Mill-BriiTCe into Union-Street, where all Perform may be fupphed with this Paper at Sbititngi
Annum, unfeJU, and g , sealed and dueded . and where Articles oMmdhgence, are recced
AoZt.TtWMWr. taken in -PRINTING in itaweiou. Brtncirea, performed in a neat Manner, with the greate# Care and Difpetcb, on the moil 1
MAND-BILLSat an Heurf Nitict. Subscriptions for the Sp y are allo taken in by J. Larkin; Chairma<er, and Mr. W. Calder, F am.er, in M.J. .. n
’ maker,in Sa’tm ; B. EmctU BookfoUer, tn i Mr. M. Beichcr, in Bri^ewattr ; and by Dr. Elijah Hcwim, m Sttug-btonham,
« *
T SAIAH THOMAS the printer
A and fubiiiber oi this Paper, has Kr-MOV-
Ei) his PRINTING-OFFICE, from Lie
Bottom of Royal Exchange-Lane, to the
South corner ofMarflull’a Lai.e, near the Mi“-
Bndge, where his Office was immeny Kept.
r r II E reipedUble Public arc hereby in
* formed, tlut 1 the Subfcr.ber, hvm c in button, intend
to leave every other Branch of Buanei. w> my a,, .
apply illicit wholly to that ct making . - •
haun. prepared Matters, by piovidmg a
neceliary Help, and a large Stock, 1 purpole to be o m t
firft Day ot OtLber next, and amtmue m, tha. Bra .
oniv, not doubting but 1 fiuli meet with luf&ae.iVhneou
ragement fain thole whom my Amwtivn " ‘
serve ; 1 mean thole who ate we.l ift«s l<> Am
Freedom. But those Jacobi tea that would inflame th
Country, by giving their Sut+rage for the Execution y
unconstitutional att, ihall not through my au s, ।
any Perf-a for or under me, be fopplied with a fugk one.
unicts Security be firft given, that luch 100 is o
ployed in making a Grave fix i eet deep, to 1 e on T ,
more of the Heads of those obnoxious Wtetches. Tb
Gentlemen in the neighbouring Governments, may .
plied with what Numbers they may want, to on
Butineb, by giving lealouable Notice, whole '
be an addmonai Obligation on me, to acknow eng
theirs, and the Public’s moil obedient an ‘ “
WRITING and Arithmetic, to
be taught in Evenings. Ihe School to be opened
the firft Monday in October next, at
Houle, in Queen-street, and to be continued tor the
Where due Care will be taken for InftruCboo m its
Branches, as usual, and it L hoped wll meet wrth ankx
Acceptance, which Iha.l be the Aim of the Sublcnber
Alliftant in one of the public Schuofi. n • _
Sept. i 9, 1774. WILIAM PAtL,jun.
I old N M AUD, lailor,
BEGS Leave toacquaints his Cultomers
and others, that be carnes on the Bulmefs as usual,
North Side of the Town-Houie, K.mg-ftreet } where all
Krio« Branches of the Tailoi’s Bafineft a.c executed m
the molt elegant Manner, with Fidelity and Diipatc#.--
He does not aim at being pompous in his Adveriiiement,
nor to det.ad from any Man’s Merit in his 1 mieflicin ,
vet he flatters himfeif that no one can finnh or cut C10t..,
with g.eater Elegance and Taste. Regimental Cmathmg,
and Navy Uniforms, he is well used to, having been e IU
oV ed theie many Years by the Gentlemen ot the Aimy
J Navy. Any Clomhi which may happen not to fit, he
Helinccrely thanks his Fnends and Cuftumeu for the
Encouragement they have shewn him hitherto, and fhai.
make it his Study to deserve their turuie favour.
(Prire hme Sbillmgt, elegantly bound
And .0 be Sold by J O H N B O Y L h, « hr. bhop, m
Twenty sermons,
on the following Subject, viz.-L The Folly and
Junger of Duplicity in Religion.—lL ihe Excellency oi
the Humm Soul—HL Jstus Christ the only Source of
Rest and Happin^.-iV. Ihe Domin.onol an Omnmc-ten:
Deity a Reason for Joy and I’«ife.-V, V L ™d \
Chatity more excellent than fanh or Hope—VlJL Mfolt
preaching to the Spirits in Pnfon—-> X '
Blood of Chriit—X and XL The Co.mea.on
Duties and Comforts of Religion—XlL ihe ObiigX&y.,
to Family-Religion—Xlll. The J Ikfoln efs an d j lm>-
tai.ee of religious Education—XlV, XV and XVI. Ihe
Table of the Lord rendered contemptible—XVli and
XVIiL Practical Oblervations on the Hißory of Judas and
.nd his tragical End—XlX. Mm doomedto ret urn to me
Dud horn whence he was taken—XX. Ihe BletT.di .h
of thole who have not seen and yet have beheved.
By ANDREW EL 1 O 1, D. D
Pallor of a Church in Boston.
allfo, just re primed (price One Shilling J
And may be had ai the above Shop,
1. Of the unpardonable Sin against the HUv Ghoit:
Or, the Sin unto Death—ll. The Saint’s Duty and
Excicitc iln two Parts. Being an Exhortation and
Direftion for Prayer—Hl. The accepted Hmiraud Day of
Salvation—lV. The End of Time, and Begnuuog ot
Eternity—V. Jeihua'a Resolution to serve the Lore—
VI. The Way the Heaven made plain—Vil. the future
State of Man : Oi, a Ticatifc of the Reforrcdian.
Of Wardhurft, in Sulfa.
Likewise just puliijhcd,
(On Purpole to be given at Funerals)
And to be Sold at the above Place,
\ Ptice One Shilling fingiet and Ten Pence by the
XX tor a lick Sin-sick, despairing Sou), in the lime of
Temptation. The tame being an Extraft of the worthy
Author’s Experience ot the Particulars following,
1. The miraculous Perfervation of his bodily Life fam the
many Deaths and imminent Dangers which threatned it,
while in a State ot Nature.—ll. Ihe Method God took
with him, in awakening him to look into and to mind
tioul-Concerns, when about fourteen V ears ot Age. -
111. How the Spirijof Bondage took him, and what fearful
Work it made in his Soul. 'IV. How the Spirit ot
Adoption focceedcd the Spirit of Bondage, healing and
binding up deep Wounds, saufed in his Soul thereby.
C U N D R Y elegant Pieces of PLA
timihed in the molt modern '1 afle, to be loid as
Cheap as at Vendue, viz. a Tankard, a Cann, Table
spoons, &c. Allo, a good Clock. Enquire of the Printer.
Naraganset cheese.
a Quantity that is extraordinary good, to be laid at
tile Store ot”P ENU E L BOWEN, opposite to the
J? Lawful Money, to be Let. Enquire at the
Strayed, or itolen out of the
PaftureofMr. Joscrn HtATH.io Roxbury,a brown
Mare, about eight Years old, I; Hands high, her Mane
and Tail cut, Tiots all. • Whoever will biing laid Mare to
Mr He vth, Ihall have the above Reward, and all necef
fay’ Charge., paid by JonrH Heath.
ST C ? THIEF! ,■
WHEREAS the Shop of the Subfcr.i - j'
er, was hit Night broke opin, -'i ll mbbed ct taclve
Beaver, ano fix bcaveiet H A'i S. IL.r. to pi»md a
Reward of 'IEN DOLLARS, to any Peifon »no «• >**
diicmer the Thief or thieves, lb that be Or rf.ey may be
thereof, aud the Hat* recovered, or m Pioporuou (
ter any P®t of diem. JAMES GUDNIK. j
_- r - - . - — *
To be SOLD, exceeding cheap,
( if applied fv vntnruiaiiiy)
AN excellent eight Day CLOCK,
one Feather Bed, and one Lamfame Looking GUIs.
B. As the above Articles are the Property ot a
Gentleman whois going to remove out of 'lown, they
will be fold a: a very great l ennyvvorth. Enquire oi U.e
Printer. Sept, ad, 1774* (
xfEWHALL and HICHBORN, beg |'
LN Leave mac-iaint their Cultomcis and others, in j,
this and the neighboring Parts, that they propufe carry ;
on the Cooper's Bufinefr in ail its Branches at hAlcm j am>
have opened a Shop for that Purpose, near tlx LuLi.- [
Houle ai Mr. Jonathan Ropes, in Salem. i
N. E. A* they allo cany on the lame buhneu n rent n 1
as usual, one of them may always be foimd in each I’.ace. j
AC QU A 1 N T S his Cuftomcrs and the Public, that
he na> for Sale b, Wnoieiaie and Retail, at bis Shop
in CornhiU, Boston, two Dorns South of the I’olLOtnce,
A general Aflortment of Englilh Goods, i
suitable tor the approaching Scafon, among which are the
following Articles, viz. Superfine bairy, claier, drab, and
tight coloured Broad-Cloths, middling and low-priced ditto,
icailet and ciimlon ditto, German Se ges, plain and napt
Bath Beaver Coatings, Lambikin, Icarlet Whitney, b.uc
and cloth coloured Devonihire Kedrys, ’r orkfor.a Ha,ns,
mixt Frizes, Men’s fuperhne Olive coloured Vclve:, Veive
rets, Royal Rib, Coteheftcr and Drapery Daze, fope. fine
Icarlet Coicheiler Bwze, red and blue Duthls, Shalloons,
Tammies, Durants, black and other coloured Calamancoes,
Cambleteens, m ddling and fupeifine double Camblets, yard
wide Crapes, Poplins, Dorfetecns, Denmark LuiLcs, 3 4>
7-8 and yard wide Iriih Linnens, Irifla Sheetings, 3 - + “ n d
7 8 Dowlas, 7-8, yaid wide and Apron width ManJießcr
Check, striped Hollands, a great Variety of Men’s ribbed
and plain woifted Hole, black and white flik ditto, Wu
men’s worfled Hofc, four-thread black and drab coloured
Breeches Patterns, Men’s worried Caps, Women s and
Children’s lilk and worited Gloves and Mitts of v " ,cu,
Colours, Women’s blue and pompadore Gloves and Mitis,
white Lamb ditto, plain plack Pel mg and thick Sattin*,
black and white fpriged ditto, black and coloured 'laffatses,
black ell-wide Perfun, black, white, blue and pink, half-ell
Perfuns and Sarfnet, blavk fpriged Mode, black and fcailet
Snail,Chevaux-de-ftizc, black and white Blond Lace, bluk
Bone ditto, white thread Lace and Footings, bl ack and Lite
Catgut, black and white Gauzes, Parifnet, Ribbons, fiik
Feirxs, Cambricks, plain and flowered Lawns, Lawn
Aprons, lilk Handkerchiefs, black Barcelona ditto, check
and spotted linnen Handkcrchxfs, black guaz.e ditto, white,
grey and fpottea Furr Trimmings, black and white Muffs
and Tippets, bell grey ditto, brown, white and hail llittened
Buckrams, farff Twill, woilled and lilk Knee Gaiters,
Death-Head and Basket Button*, newest Fashion Gold and
Silver Thread Buttons, fewiug Silk, coloured Threads,
Scotch ditto, a large Aflortment of Crewels asd Worited,
pins, Ndedies, Taper. Shue, Coat and Quality Bindings, a
of Cutlery Ware, Writing and linnet
k Powder ; Ruflia and R#ens Duck, Oznabngs,
I idJ Gll and zod. Nails by the Calk, &c. dec.
AA/hich Goods will be fold at so low a Rate, that the
shall have no Reaion to complain.
Salem, 4th Oelober, if74‘
WHEREAS a small Calk (laid to
contain Bohea Tea) was brought from Boston,
Yelterday, in a Waggon, under my Care, in order to julhry
my Conduft in the Affair, would beg leave to inform the
Pub ic that, on Sunday the 2d Instant, a Negro Man be
longing to, or employed by, Mrs. of Horton,
came to me and enquired whether 1 had a Waggon going to
Salem the next Day ’ 1 answered, Yes; he said his Milfiels
wanted to lend a finall Calk, 1 told him the Waggon was
loaded and could nut carry ir, he replied the Calk was Imari
and light, and that Mrs. Sheafe would take it kind of
me to ccny it, to oblige that Lady, I consented (not know
ing the Contents) Io bring it, 1 have iikewiie the greateit
Reason to lielieve, that the Servants who drove die Car
riages, committed to my Care, were ignorant of die Con
tent! i/ laid Calk. And fuitliermore, I moil lulcinnly de
clare, I never law the abovementioned ca/k, until it was
brought into School-Street, in this Town, to be committed
to the Flames. BENJA MI N JACK S« N.
E„ex, If. Saleta, OHo. 4, 1774.
THEN Mr. Benjamin Jackson made
solemn Oath to the Truth of the above written Depof.tiun
by him lubfcribed. Before me,
PETER FRYE, Justice Peace.
BEGS Leave to inform the Public, that in Conse
quence of the Boston Port-Bill, and with a View of
accommodating those of his Customers to whom it may he I
most convenient to have their Supplies conveyed by Water, 1
he has opened a Store in Salem, (the one lately improved
by Mr. John Juhnsjjn, and next door to Mi. John
Gool’s) where he has for sale, An Assortment ct
GOO D S, suitable for the Season.
Said FRAZIER still continues hk Bufmefs at hit
Store in Boftsjn, as usual : His Customers may be fopplied
at either of fail Stores, Wholesale and Retail, on the molt
reasonable Terms for ready Money. He will give his per
fonai Attendance, for the present, at his Salem Store.
In Unwn-Srreet, wear the Marker,
Has for S A La,
A LARGE Aflortment of GOO DS,
x “■ suitable for the Season, confilhng nf Woollens, Lin
nens, Silks, Stationary, and all Kinds of Habedathery
Wares ; which he fells at the very luwtft Price* for ready
Merry Andrew, Highland and Harry VUlth CARDS.
AW ET Nurse to go into a Family.
Enquire of the Printer.
To be SOLD,
Apply to T. CARTWRIGHT, at Mre.
Fosdick’s, near the State-House. If a«y Perlon would
buy a Quantity to be delivered at the Out-Ports, it may
be done.
MR. ELai N . L It O.MA N S
begs Leave to i- form tlx I'.buc, tint his Map,
are now ready tor ITiUji -.»un, u.t Cupper wk ri
dunt, and die Paper which he was ob.igcd to set man
Udlured on Purpotc, i, Lk.v.uc nniilu.4, but not yet re
ceived fiom Philadelphia, or ehe at lean a great Part woui 1
have been delivered ueiore now, the Sublcribcrs miy re:
.Iturcd ut receiving the .Copies within lire I ime preicnfee
which is the full of January next.
a'.» hi* Edition is small, it i» requelkd that such
men who incline to ha-e Copies may fobf.'ribe, as «H«r
Publication none will be to tc h.d for lei* th.in lu .
Bi. G b Leave to inlorru hi* i riends, C<UUmc'* ar ’.
otbeu, that he has. removed from Im Stere on DoJ* ;
Sj.aie, to the Store lately unptoved by Mr. )• sim
1 v Lx*, opposite to Mi. Scott’s It (h-Linnen Store, i,i
Ai n-Stre.t, and fronting the North Side at Faxeuil H.i - .
Market, BoCTOH : Where i* tu be Sold,
Loaf and Brown -Sugard, Rzifins, Curraxt*,
Chocolate, wairanted puare, Cuiice, Rice, Hour, Pul*. 4
and.to.iin.un Stdich, Ginger. Pepper, Altpice, Salt Petre,
Split Peale, Fitkin Dut.cr, 1 ia/li 0.1 ve y good, Lilbon Oil
by the gallon or kf>, bcit Muilar.t, Cinnaninr
Mact., Nutmeg*, CLvta,Br.naftone, .’Jiun., Coppers .Ri.i
wooo. Selves and Seive Bottom*, 18 Indi Pipes, Crown
Soap, Playing Caids, Slates, Indigo of various forts, chon-
Bacon, Chcele, Oatmeal, and GROCERIES of ail kind .
A 1 so, W ell -Ind i a<nd Nc w- England Rum,
Jamaica Spirit, Brandy, Dorchcfter Beer, Taunton Alt,
N. B. The above articles will be fold by Wholefalc r
Retail, uncommonly cheap, and all Favoui* giarcfully
THE Managers, of Harvard College Lottery, .uv
mbre present th’e Scheme of it to tnc Public, *s th.-,
p-elume many Perlons are unacquainted with the Number
of valuable Prizes it contains. The laudable Purpose cf
promoting Litriature b.-ing the foie Design «f it. they ear
nestly djire those who have so good a Caufc at Heart, and
intend to be Adventurers, to for their Tickets imme
diately. The Managers intend to begin die ncceflary Pre
parations for drawing die firft of November, hoping ths
present Emban ailment of our public Affairs will nut oblige
tham to defer it any longer.
Harvard Cclie b e Lottery cortffls of tc,cco Tickets at
Six Dollars each, of which 3337 are Prizes of the follow
ing Value, viz.
Prizes. Value. Dollars.
I of 5000 is jcoo
I of 3000 is 3CCO
I of leco is icon
3 of 500 are 1 jeo
io* of 200 are 2000
15 of 100 ate TSOO
30 of 50 ate 1500
3276 of 10 are 32760
3337 E xclufive of the above Prizes, the T
firft T'kket which foall be drawn (
on the fit ft 6 Days will be mi- f 100I 00
titled to 50 Dollars each. '
The Ticket which Ihall be I
drawn hit in laid Lottery will I 100
be intitled to
6663 Blanks 48660
Remain for the College, 11340
10,000 Tickets at 6 Dollars, are 60,c00 Delian.
There are not two Bianki to a Prize.
Public znd feafcnabie Notice will be given of the Time
and Place of diawing ; and when fimihed a Lill of Prizes
will be publilb.ed in Edes and Gill’s Boston Gazette, and
the Money will be paid to the Polleiior* of the isenefib -
Tickets, witlun twenty Days after a Publication ts 4 Lilt
of Puzk.
Cold as well as Silver will be taken for the Tickets, ai d
the Prizes will be paid off in like Mariner. Prices not
demanded, within twelve Months after they are drawn, will
not be paid, but will be deemed as gene rot fly given for the
Purpole aforefaid, and will be applied accordingly.
T ickets may be had at the Stores and Houica of the
Managers, and of the Printer hcieof.
(Just arrived in Town)
BEGS Leave to acquaint the Public, likewise the
Ladies and G'ntlemen in general of this Town, of
his excellent (following) Compufirions, viz.
No. 1. His furprihng excellent TOOTH-DROPS,
which will immediately cure the Tooth-Ach the fitft Time
efafing it j likewise cures the Scurvy in the Gums, and
brings all Foulnels fiom the Teeth, and preierves them
from rotting. Price Half a Dollar a Bottle.
DER, which in a few Times using, it makes them white
and beautiful, (although very foul and black before) per
fervea thufe that are rotten an<i decayed, fam growing
No. 3. The IMPERIAL LIP-SALVE (never
made by any one before) which eftcdually takes away al!
Spots in the Face, makes the Skin beautiful, and cures ths
Lips when line. Price Half a D liar a Box.
No. 4. A rr.oftcunou* EYE WATER, tor cnH
Humours or Inflamations ; w.ll be an effectual Cure in a
few Days. Price Two Shillings a Bottle.
No. 5. His famous IRON-MOULD DROPS,
for taking Iron-Moulds and Ink-Spots out of Linr.eu,
Lawn, Muffin or Lace. Price One Sliibing ar.d Six
Pence a Bottle.
No. 6. A curious Composition for taking all Sort* oi
Stains, Pitch or Tar, See. cut of Cloth, Silk, Scuff <x
Worsted, &c. Price One Shilling and Six Pence.
No 7. A Tinfture for taking any Stains out of Maho
gany, or any other Vs ood. Price One Sm...i.g ana
Pence a Bottle.
No. 8. A most excellent WOP M-POWD ER,
which will be an eftettual Cure in x Fortnight, by Caking
three Doles.
N. B. Any Ladies or Gentlemv may, if they please, fee
Experiments of the ibove.—No Cure, no Pay.— Good Al- ■
lowance will be made to Shopkeepers who buy to fell again.
Said RUSSEL may be treated with at h»
Lodgings, at Mr. Diamond Morton’s, at the Sign of
the Black and White Hoxsr, South-End, Boston,
where the above-mentioned Compofition* may be had,
with full DireAiuns for using them.
GR E E N L E A FT Printing Office is Removed
from Hanover-Street, tu Union Street, near the •
Conduit, to the House lately improved by Mr. William
Wingfield, now ceceafed, where the printing buffnefs is
carried on in all its branches. N. B. The Magazine for
September, will be cut next week.

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