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Or Thomas’sßofton Journal.
—^— —————. ■ ■ ■. ■। l
T HOU Great LIBERTY infpix* our Soul*—And make our Live. i» tJ* / Possession happy—Or, our Death, glorious in rh y jull Defence MUmLx
Vol. IV.) TH U RSD AY, December 8, >774* (Numb. 201.
Frtm tbe Penh»ania Jwubna*,.
To Q 1 N E 1 A L GAGE.
THE whole* of your proceeding! ere so with fcHy*
that I hare mere than once thought that I have proA«-
tuted time in exposing you to caefurc. You have rescued
m from the repetition of the talk, sod have by your late an
frw to the addref* of the provincial congrch of Maffachuflitu-
Bay, taught me that you are a more proper objed for ridicule.
In the firft Sentence of your answer, you have apologised for
corurtruding what has been uejuMy called a Sort rets, on the
Boston Neck. The fame fafhoui fpint wki ch leads the Rof
toniaiw to call fobmiffion to government Slavery—Kingo, ty
rant*— miaiffen, Rafcate-and governor, a compound of the
whole, has led them to traduce, by a Military name, a work
which wM executed only to amufo your officers, and to exer
cise your foldim. Yuu have commenced no hefole Step*
aroinft the arovince of M»flachufl*tt*-Bay, you have only rais
ed a creature like yoorfcl^which “ unkft annoyed will annoy
* Can it be deemed ungenerous to hint that the Uwe, liberties
or propertiea of any person except avowed memiro, ue in dan
ger from Britons, afier the maflacre of the (th of March, and
Jixxsscutiea of the Boston port and Quebec bilk ’
You fay that Britain never formed the black design of
wantonly ddlrtying at anftaviog any people oo earth. It will
be foffiriant to contradifi thia aflcttion, by only hinting at the
depredations which have lately been committed upon human
nature ia the East-Indies under the fanflion of the Buu/b
name. Her attempt to enslave the colonies, hardly deserves
the name “ of a design." •< ha» been executed with a
folly equal to ita iniquity. It would be the bbekeff mgta
titude to foppok that our mother country ever intended to
tnfotae the a<ft» for rapine and murder ia Maflachuflctu-Biy,
when foe appointed Gen. Cage to carry them into execution.
Your illegal proclamations will not fofler u» to believe that
you even wifo •* to preserve unioa «d harmony between
Grom-Britain and tar wkm'iea."
There waa a time, whew Britein deferred the name of a
« Spirited” nation i But She ha* forfeited that charader by
her lataAameful oompofreiea with the cobrtof Spain. The
armlet and fleet, of Britain were referred for more important
r imfa than to humble the grid* of a rival nation. A hand
fol of Catibba on the .fond of It. Vincent’, were crroWiu
dcftrudion, the power and vengeance of Britain were dirotted
.rainft them—Her troop, were viftonpuj—and lord North
added to hi. other triumph, the foie gtory oftta.
expedition. Ala. ! Britain how art thou fallen ! Thy vic
terier are now only over humanity, and thy trophic, are now
nothing but the ensigns of liberty. .
You charge the inhabitant, of Maflechufettt-Bay with fob
verting their charter, by aflemblfog in an illegal and «»»««•
tutfonal manner. In thir fir they have been obliged to
appeal from the tyranny of law. to the l»be7® f . Mtu £—
Their viclatiowof the BritiSh eonftitution, in fuff Ming attending
army to come among them, ia the only political enme a rtoe
born Britain can lay to their charge. IfHhit aft of submission
to the crown, they have committed high treason against the
liberties of America. The colenit. have: acquittedthem.of
this crime, m they wifo only for an accomodation with Grtat-
Britain. Should their pacific refofouom fad of thi» end, the
sword of justice will not long Sleep i» its scabbard. BritUL
laws ( vhich confides you a. vagrants m America) will b» ex
ecuted upon you. You will the* cease tocomplajr>of such uAw
aa “ eur witholding every neoa&ry for your prefervaUon. —
Ye u will be thankful for breathing th. air of America.
Having appealed to your juftito—humanity and rufin in
Min, I Shall cease to address you in thb pabhc manner. 1
began these letter! by calling upon you, by y<ror regard for the
peace and hapoinef. of Britain and the colonies, to renounce
your commiflion- 1 foall conclude them by conjunpg you, by
the fame motive!, to contlnue to execute il. Ihe hbertiei of
America will be lase, while you are held up a» » epitome ot
the military spirit and generofrty of the Britifo nation._ Re
sentment begins to fubi<de in our bosoms— for the whole of
From a London Paper <f September I c.
I have hitherto,though fttongly tempted, abstained from
writing in th* public p.pen upon the fubjed of ‘‘ber
tiM. because I plainly too that the inhabitants of thia country
we ripa forgery, and that even the pen of aJvn to s .s
incapable of inciting them to a proper exertion of their Legal
powenh support of their invaluable rights- My present e>-
fortto rouse them h the effort of despair. A future agew.U
certainly be aftomflsed at the tirpenefs with which the inMtu
atd people of England have Coffered tbemfelves to be depnv- <
•d ofthofe conftituticnri bulwarks, which were erefled by I
their patriotic ancestors, as guana agrinft the encroachments
of arbitrary powee. . •
The Ws of thefehm already h»n deplored, and (lender is
•ur bop€ of their recovery*
It is my prefect purpose to hold forth an image of that fur
ther defootifcn which we are doomed to fu’cmit to, *s it is |
delineated in that horrible ad of the late feflion of parliament,
intitied, «« forth* better reptoti*l <be of ibe
Ortvnt* of Mdfachufttti-Bty.
According tothi» aft, the governor may appoint the Judges
of the inferior Courts of common pleas and of Oyer and
Terminer, and remove them at his pltafere. ■
In England the King appoint! the Judges of the court of,
common pleas, and ttfnfnt they may be removed, an- (
Ida by addeefcof both boufesof parliament- t ,
According to this aft, the King, contrary to the late prac
tice in the province, nominates aU the members of the coun- j
The governor is aifo authorisedtn appoint the Sgta igr,
without the coawnt of council j and, with the consent of
the said council, has a power of removing turn when M,
Ugland the Sana >rr is r/iminated by the King, but
M frtfeutnt» removable st phamre-
Acco< Meet* thia aft, the Governor may, without Coo-
appoint the chief
forcriermwtoftSjwtMcJ and the Kang, eWe. hu figs
Manual, may remove him at He ptafare. _
In England, the King appoints the chief Jufoce and Judg
mrfiwidrtrf Kings Bernkf but o; they may
not be removed, unless by addrefo of both Huufe. oif Parlia
The aA also prv*Uea that in all caufoa Juror., contrary to
the fotmer ufoge, Khali be nominated and returned only by
tbe Shqrifi-
Let ui now ft.te tbe case of an Englishman living under
such a constitution as the proceeding, and by hie geacraldt
portment become obnoxious' to the ruling ppwtrs.
After what we have foen attempted U the case as Mr.,
■Wilkes, it is not incredible t» fupppw th* « kheme fopuld
be laid for hi. deftrudion.
The persons who compose the adminiftrstion of the dsy
command the Sheriff to aominate aad return such Jurats at
may be depended upon ia their work of blood. ।
The Sheriff refufes; but after a few change, a Sheriff is
found who engages to be obfequiou. to their will.
An honest Judge, who, by some mistake, has been admit
ted into office, givetaproper caution to the Jury, and the
Culprit ia acquitted. . . ,
A more obfequiout Judge it fubfriruted in his P***’ ‘he
next attempt fueceeds. A Jury, packed by a Sheriff, remov
able at pleai'ure, and dire&ed by a Judge under the fun ear
cumftances, finds any given Culprit guilty of any given aume.
If this be a just representation of the case, and I defy any
the most profligate of tho ■ ’t /’rimJi to coatradiA roe, how
precarious is the tenure by which every Englishman, icfidmg
in thf province halda Lia liberty and
life! ‘
The inhabitant* of this Illand behold th. unworthy feene
without emotion I
• nit ficfriiy fir liftrtHi ot At rtvjuli-
to i btfirt tbot otjfuittt »ro t oil tbt Jtdgu of
wtrt rtmtvoHt ot tbt flrtjtrt ts tbt Crtwtt. Maty boyt
bm tooght tt fifftfi toot wt art ioJAttd to tbt trafiot Kiog
far tbit alttratieo ia fi-vtur tfltbtrty, bat tboy bom but dt
tnvtd -, tbt ail pofftd ot bit infioact ot tbt ttmmtattaatat
bit rtiga, war taiy aa a 9 tt tnablt tbt Jadgtt tt
p/attt ia cafi ff a dttaift ts tbt Crtvtn, i. r. oa aft
brtbibili tbtir rtauvai at that a.amwrr oobtn tbt
tauft atwfy fiattd io tbt Tbttaa, U toofl difftfed to
tbt vtite of bit fttfk.
Ktta tbo P.wwtVLVAMI. PaeXET.
Poijtical Ob.brvatiomi, wirlMr trdtn
fid tt tbt fttfla of Attrite.
I. A LL power or government i. derived from God through
the inftrumentaiity of King, os the Paortß. Has
the impartial Governor of the universe communicated hi! at
tribute. of power, wififom, juforo, and mercy to Kings only,
and denied the least portion of than to cwy other dal. of
mankind ? Ut history decide this question. The history of
King* it nothing but the history of the folly and depravity of
human nature. , ... .
x. To live (sap Biffiop Hoadly) by one mao» wwl, be
came the coufc of all men's miftry j if the bible was silent,
analogy would teach us, that dye depravity and misery of one
man, could coataminete and render miserable a whole raw ot
men. Look up then, mortals, to King! with humility.
They are living histories of y<xir firft calamity. On x Man
frill continue! to be thefcoutce of misery and depravity in all
the Kingdom! of the world—God deife with all mankiud at
he did with the Jewt. He gkei them King, tnly in hit an
ger. We read now and then It ii true, of a good King, fa
wc readlikewife of a prophet escaping unhurt from a lyon'i
den, and of three men walking in a fiery furnace without ha
ving even their garments The order of nature U a.
much inverted in the firft a« it wai ia the two hft <««• A
good King »• , ...
’ 1. The American Congrefa derive* »H 1U power, wiMom
and iuftice, not from krvUr •£ pitchment signed by King*, but
■from the PaoTL«. A more august, and i mon equitable
login«tive body na»e- exited in any quarter of the globe. It
ij founded upon the principles of the most perfeA liberty. A
freeman in honouring and obeying the Congref*, honour* and
The man who refofe* to do bothrt a flare.
He know* nothing of the dignity of hi* nature. He cannot
govern himfelt Expofc him for toe at a public veodw.
Send him to plant fapr with hi* fellow flave* m Jamaica.
Let net the air of America be contaminated with hi* breath.
•4. The Congref* like other legifl*uve bodies have an
nexed ptnaltiei to thieir law*. They do not consist ofthe
galtew*, the rack, and the fiake. Thefepun.foment* belong
tp widiftivt Gate*, and are proper only for a corrupted peo
ple. Tliev have held out no pumihment but intamt, a
foeciet of infamy which found* mure dreadful to a treeman
than the gallowa, the rack, or the flake. It b th.*, he
(hail be declared in the public paper* to be an tnny to bu
wifoom and rcrengp of man have been exhausted]
tofindouta suitable pun’flunant for treason, or for thole I
crime* which the liberty and happinef* of a people.
The least deviation from the refolve* of the Congref* will be
treason.—Such treason a* few villain* ever had M opportunity
of committing. It will be treason ag*inft the pre lent inhabi
tant* of thf colonic*« Again* the million. ot unborn gene
ntiona who are to e<ia hereafter in America : Agamrt the
only liberty and happiwefe which remain to mankind i Agi.nfl
the fell hope* of the wretched in every corner of the world. In
a word it will be treason again* God. It wiU be to take
from him (with reverence be it fpokrn) the power of ma
king hi* creature* happy—l do not attempt to font ata pun
iiunent for such exteaf.ve and complicated gudt. Infamy re
: * PuoVhmefit of the fool. It can only affeA a fleaman. The
the wretch who it capable of violating the refolve* of
‘ the Congrefa, ia the only part pf him which can be punifl*-
*td. But here all ingenuity tola «*• The torture* of Dami
en Md Ravaifoc would be rendered abortive for thu puxpofe,
by the longe* poflihle duration of human life. ,
6. There h a flrange veneration for annuity, and ddin
dinatiM for innovation, in ciyil M Weil a* peligiooi bod.e*.
We are sow laying the foundation of an American cueftituti.
o- Ul v* therefore hold up every thing we do, to the oye
lofpoftenty. They will - pre>b»bly measure their liberties and
| kremkaefe by the mod carekfi or our footOepe. Lot no uo
' Htowed band touch the preciou* feed of liberty. Let u*
4 form the gforfouttree ip fo*h a mwirer. and impregnate It
J widb foah principle* of lifo, thAit ApU tafl foe ever. Greece,
, Jlu*e vnd Retrain would fl'Jl have been free, had not the prin
dptaa as corruption bsut ccr..aaled in th* plateau of their
oonfitutioM. Let ui not only avail ourfelvec of the Jqjf spi
rit of the times, but bind up posterity 10 be freemen. Our
Congneta were aAuatrd with this prophetic benevolence, when
they diflulved themfelvro, ano ricomraended a new choke of
delegates in the tyring.
y. There ia some rtafon to fear that the fiep* we are ob
liged to take to dtftad our liberties, will .reader u* too care
-1.6 in tfloblifimg them. Wife qnd goad n»< n >n Britain,
have lined up the curtain of futurity in America. Let u.
ntt be afraid to loow(hreugh it. Ye intuitive tyiriti who fee
through the coaaeAieji ofcaufe Mid effbfl. Ye holy tyiriu
who have been accuftofned to trace the operation* of divine
providence. Ye deceive fpirit* who refol** and eaecute at
Once— Ye know what J nwan. “In ctemitatem pingo” fold
a poet. Let u* neither think, write, speak, nor aA, with
out keeping our eyei fixed upon the period which fo.ll diflblve
our (onnegion with Great- Britain 1 The delirium of die
present innhftry, may precipitate it; but the ordinary course
of humane thing*, mull accomphfo it. Britain mutt relax
from her present ar bi teary mealurei, but political neerfoty,
not jnfitt, must hereafter be the meafiire of her aAiont.
Freemen cannot bear a middle state between liberty and slave
ry. It I* eflcntjiLto the happiness of liberty, that it Should
be Secure and perpetual.
I. A rotation of oflke. it one of the life-guards of liber
ty. The right a* well M the obligations to leg'illatiun, are
aliire binding upon all mm. To prevent pride and exceflivt
popularity, and to diffufe knowledge and virtue, are the su
rest method* of fecuting and perpetuttiag public liberty.
These mb to be obtained only by a court mt ratatio? of oth
9. I almost wifo to live to hear the triumphs of th* Ju
bilee in the year 1874. To (tt the medals, piAures, frig
menta of writing*, *c. that Shall be dilpbyed to revive (he
memory of the proceeding* of the Congrefi io the year 1774.
Jf aa? advendtiaui drcumfitncc Shall give precedency on thai
be to inherit the blood, or even profefs the name
of a mmw of that glorious aflembly. 1 canao. after this,
bareutarfoMpto mean the least refleAioa upon any one of that
body wbteA urs<, that only one half, nr at mast two thiid*
J dßthtSkT nambtra Shauld be returned from each colony to
attead’the Mxt£M£vrfi. The food human,
nature Sometime, lead u* astray in publb- On not.
Iliuftt’iM feoatum avail yourfeh*. of the grat-tude and vene
ration of your caimtrymen. You have, w* trust, made them
fitt t But a nobler talk await* you. InftruA them, iuftruA
pofority in the great fciencc of securing and perpetuating
[To bt ttnthutd.]
Procdedinft of the town of Worcester.
HAVING taken under our confidM«tion, the protertati«n
of Meffri.William Llder,John Curti* and others, inhabi
tant* of W©rt»fter, publifoed in th* MifUchufltits G ace tie, of
June 30th, 1774, beg leave to offer the following t
That where** the publication aforefaid, wa* made asapro
teft of the Sigaci* of it agunft the proceedings of the town of
Worcester, end contains in ita number nf ground left rartec
tioni and afpyifiun* against the inhabitant* of the town, yia.
It feem* to be implied in th* diteAion td the Printer, pub
lished pt the front of the t roteft, that ths Signer! were the on
ly petfim: in the town that were friend! to truth, peace and
order { ana that they only were the ptrfoni that had any juit
•pprehMfioni of the i|l confrquences aiifmg by rnobi and riot*,
Ac. and that all th* rest of the inhabitant! aAed irregularly
and trbitrarily, (notwithstanding the matter! in said meeting
***** fairiy d*bat*d) and that they were so destitute of under
ftandng a* tn be fed astray by'evil minded persons, who were
to reduce all things to a state of disorder and
eudfofioa j hereby making themfeltu the foie judge, of what
it Al* and order, and what il not, proceed to ftigfhatjM the
inhaoitanu m holding to such bad opinion! m to prevent the
tofem aAlng prudently and for the general good.
/,nd it ii also implied in the publication aforefaid, that thia
tuwo alLwt a number of perform in it t* afluun the charader
of aooinmittee of correfponiencc for the town,and to ad darkly
and perijicioufly with impunity, contrary to rule and good or
der t And in violation of the truth (after with unparalleled u
rpgance representing them Selves at the only friends to it:
Aflert that the town has refilled to difmifi the persons Aifmg
(hemfelvßs* committee of coeretyrndence for tbe town, when
Setting aside the inconfifleney of the towns difmiSling per Soni
wha had atrogtted thecharaAer of a committee and confequent
dy net chofc bv the town) they well know that the town has
b .ait been requested richer to difmili persons soling themSflre*
I a coOUnitrea or thole gentlemen so denominated by the town,
nelfoer waa there an article In the warrant for calling fn4
meeting M>ifmifo any perfoni whatever, from office, nor so
muqh as proposed in the meeting.
There ia also a malignity cast upon committees ot totted
peadence in general, through the qontiqt nta and in particular
*g*laA the committee choSen by thi» town,without any reifon
bt«g aligned for the fam*, but tbt .opinion of th* protefteti,
too fonder foundation to atyfrfe the characters of the town
effkers have endeavoured to infinuateinto the minds
of tbe public, ibat the men of which committees «f correfpen
dence arecompofod, through foe province, ar* 9 pared of un
priMipkd knave*, who are endeavouring to destroy the live*,
and properties, of tbe peaceable and well dityoted.
And also alledging tha: it ia by (befe committers, that pa
per* have been lately published, and wickedly tempting ad pcr
fons,to Sign them, which tbyy an unlawfol combination,
tending direAly to civil war and rebellion. Thi. town knew*
of no such paper : Ifit be the oen-confumption agreement en-j
terod and entering into through thi. and the neighbouring I
pre*inces, that ia hereby printed at, we taka it upon ur cd 1
fey,that we much approve of th? fame, that If SlrkHy sober- I
•4 to, will five our money, promote industry, frugality and our I
own mamifaAo»e;, and tend oireAly to prevent civil wm and ]
‘ And after offering their opinion of mobs, ricti, tumults, »
disorder, and the pruOeerings cf tbis town, do cruelly, and with |
Such tearority, *1 Shows them to be depute of that humanity
and ebriflian charity which w* ail in duty owe ont 10 the other.
Biand all that de not join with them with the character of;
enemies, of ou< King and country, violators of all tew and ’
civi. liberty, the ipekvrient diftrobers «f ch* soc tey, fob»v- (
*ot* of the dtebldltod WAftiutfea ana rr.rruim to maakaod.
And a. ic appears by the laid publication, that It Is 'roenvd M
upon tire (own book, nocwrthitardiug th* many afffctk u, '
fallhood, fire.«in contained, agaimt the petpie ui this tt f*
without the liberty, or knowledge of the town— Thtref.i.
Fttid, That die TouM,-Ckrk, do in prefer.ee of tiie
obliterate, wafc, or ucherwife derate the (aiu recorded proerft
and all the namet thereto lubuiibto, so that it may becun.
utterly illagible and uninroliigibte.
Ftitd, That the method taken by tha leaden in
or of procuring, a very conCJcrabte number tofigu to the pi">
left. that was not voters in the town, wc think wa* a pi-«
of low cunning, to deceive the public, and mad* thrii paiity
appear mate numerous and fermidabl* than ic wa* in lority.
f'tttd. That the Signed of laid prolcSl, on fume of uK- n
the town has conhnred msny favour*, and coniequmdy orig *
expeA their kindert and b«it I'uvkea, be deemed unworthy .
holding any toun otfice of profit, or honour, until they hire
mad. fatisfaAion for their offence, to ihr accepiauce of It
town, which ought to be mad* a* pubbe u chair prateft vn..
Ftftd, That it i* highly aeediui that chofoef the figne s,
who have nut made f*ti*f*Aion a* Should be k,u v n
in future, itii therefue needier; Uiat thrir names footed a*
here infeite. a* follows, via. Jam** Pvtmam.
'William Fain*,
£ ■ It AAC MS9U,
John Want!,
o»mva‘ Jumnion.
Pcttd, The following admonition be given tothe ToaT*
Clerk, vie. Mr. Clark Chandler, wheiea* thi* town at th»»
annual tewn-nieeting, in M.tah left, u well u foi fever 11
years before,huneured you, with choofoig you for the.r Clcilc.
relying upon your fidelity, that you would aA for the her f
of the town, find thamfelvea much disappointed by your * n;
duA, in recording on the town book, the Scandalous proreit of
William liber, John Curti* and other!, filled with talih
and refioAiom agaiiiA this town 1 Wc h*v« just rcafon to frat
you waa afrualtoiu th* matter by unjustifiable motive*, and at
thia time, cihoit you to be more ciicumfpeA in ttnexecuti- n
of yoer office, and never give this town the lilt* trouble ui
calling a town-meeting again, on Such occasion.
The town wilhes to for your behevour such a* may ratios#
you to their fomtt good opinion of you.
Whereas the committee of correfponJencc for this tO'An.
willingly laid all their proceedings before the town, when is
queftM, a*d it thereby appetfs, nocwtcnnaruiMig in* Mgcnciei.*
■biile heaped on them ay the protefton, that they have ati-d
with diligence, care and caution. Therefore.
Ftud, That the thank* of thi. town be, end are here Ire
given to the committee of coerefpondcnc*, for their clrcum
fpettion, and that they are diroAed to go on with their vigi
lance in cortafponding with the otlrer coaiautice* in the fov*-
ral town* in this provma*. Also,
Fottd, Tint the xanSaAion* and prncatdingv. >
recorded in the town-book «f ittatdi, and that a* attested copv
be given to thecommittec ofcurietynr.dcnce, fur them to titr.i
mit to the committee of correspondence fn th* tpwn at
Boston, to be published in the MaflacLufctu-Epy, and alio in
Mallacbi.teHi-Ga.ctte. All winch Is humbly lubmictcd by
trenvA lint Low,
AVI* Banckaet,
loatAN Paiaca,
Samuii CvaTU,
fit a town meeting held in Wosccftu, on the aad d-y of
Augoft, 1774, and continued by adjournment to the 17th cf
OAubcr, the aforegoing being read, paragtaph by paragraph,
wa* accepted by the town.
Accelt, CLARK CHANDLER, -fown-Ctetk.
To tit Ccmmittetof Cvrr'jfo*dmtfor tit Courtly of
Worcdtcr, in tht PrtviMtf of
IMPREST with • sense of (he doty and obligation wp
owe to the world a* well a* our conkituentt, we take tb **
opportunity to acquaint you with the moll dangeruv* an* afar
ming infilngemcnt on the right* and privilege* of Englifom«r,
which ha* been tranfafled fine* thrle inlhnt plantation* bare
been inhabited,the particular ctreumftance* are *» follow, *>4.
On October tlx a 9 th lad part, one us th* aflillaiH judge*
of the county, and two of the other jufticet, with the high
Ihariff and King'* attorney, and four deputy fl.crifH, and tr.e
aflirtant, took one Leonard Spaulding of thi* town, andcam
mitted him to Goal, under pretence that he bad been guilty us
high treason, whu* he it by their determination to lay nil
the neat fopexior court to be tried for hi* life, ne ether ew
dencc appeared again* fom,tb*n that one of the deputy
swore that he heard Mr. Spaulding, My, rhar if the King lud
given hi* assent to the Quebec Hill, he had Urox* >n* •
twn oath i which ye rtum, together with a numrer of t;.'
county o(Hcen,have ever ante tbe paiTingof thefud toll,and the
bill for regulating the province of the Ki attach ulu it, be-n
very fticnuou* in vouikat.ng both laid bill*, tender* it
fofpiciou* to u* that the mtroduAxMi of the latter Mireig us
it not far off; the confaquerwc of thu affair it not a,
known, though we imagine it will be attended w,th great t»-
muU and di wider,— w* d'lire you would with ffr«4..o si»r
your opinion on the matter. We are gcntle*neo,ycur a.«4r if
feAkmate friends the commitue of corrofpontence sos ti e
town of Fuilam or Dutnerfton, in the county of Cumbc.latiL
ud proviou of New-York.
Areaefar 1, *774, Solomon
So mat man Knight,
'ohm Bvtlco,
piiah fovnex,
*aniil Gate*.
ADAM KFRR, hereby inform* hia Friaade aodda
Pubik, t>at be baa
Opened a Vendue Room, ,
NortKCde of the Town-Dock, (th* fam* Mr. Awb -
bald Bowman formerly occupied in that bufinds) anel* »k v
ready for the Reception of HoufltoM Futnitore erd Mw'Ta-*-
diee. AU those who are plcafod t*** him *n» «»’•*' r -
cioymen', either at public ot pm*tc Sale, fkd lx

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