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VOL. VI., NO. 22
National Associated Press Dispatches.
A Discouraging View of the Situation.
London, April 20.—The London news
papers this luoruiug take a discouraging
view of the course of political negotiations.
It is plain to see in Austria’s changing at
titude a desire to wait in hopeful silence to
see what it may profit in the calamities and
weaknesses of combinations. The Dally
News says It is time to give up the allusion
respecting Austria’s effective interference in
the present strife. Her government lias
long ago made military preparations on the
bordeis of Bosnia and Heiz goviua in antici
pation of war between Eug'aud and Russia,
and will watch its development, get what it
can, and congratulate itself upon doing so
without fighting. It will be glad if we help
its designs, but will owe us no thanks. Tbe
Vienna correspondent of the Daily News
says, in confirmation of the foregoing utter
ances, that, notwirbstandiug tbe various de
nials,it is maintained that Austrian-Russian
negotiations at St. Petersbnrg are proceeding
favorably, gud that the chief objections of
Austria against the peace of San Stefano
have met with due consideration.
England’s Position.
New York. April 26.—A special London
dispatch says there is high authority for
staling that the reasons for Biitish rejection
of the scheme for the simultaneous with
drawal of tbe troops and fleet from before
Constantinople are that such an arrange
ment would necessitate a military conven
tion or separate diplomatic instrument. Tbe
English acceptance of the scheme would be
a practical admission of the correctness of
the limits assigned by Russia to New Bulga
ria, or a British sanction of tbe uli possidetis
Russia's Credit Shaken.
Berlin, April 26.—A number of German
bankers who were induced to meet here to
consider tbe practicability of floating anoth
er Russian loan have unanimously refused
to engage in the work.
The Privateer Scheme.
New York, April 26.—The Russian Con
sul here knows nothing of tbe purchase by
tbe Russian government of American vessels
sor privateering in case of war with England.
Consul Bodiesco states that be had received
trustworthy information that merchants in
several cities in Russia were holding public
meetings, under the auspices of the central
committee, and were subscribing liberally to
a fund to be used for tbe fitting out of cruis
ers in case of a declaration of war. It is
stated by a gentleman well acquainted in
shipping circles that Russian agents have
been in this city lately, and wailed upon
Messrs. Alexandre, owners of Ibe Havana
line, in regaid to a purchase of their vessels,
Alexandre stated, in reply to these rumors,
that a person bad called upon him lately,
and bad obtained prices for which tbe
steamers of the line might be purchased. He
could not say upon what authority tbe per
son called, nor were any negotiations look
ing toward a purchase now pending. It is
also stated that negotiations are now pend
ing for tbe purchase of Garrison’s Savannah
line of iron steamships. Two of these ves
sels are already completed and the two others
nearly finished.
The Compromise—Won't Go to Church-
London, April 27.—[Morning].- A dis
patch from Vienna says that negotiations
for a compromise have beeu temporarily sus
pended, owing to Russia having rejected
certain proposals as being too favorable for
A di.-patch from Constantinople says the
Russians have abandoned their proposed
visit to the city on Sunday.
Q teen Victoria, in au address, thanks the
reserves for promptly obeying the call for
enrollment for active service.
The India Expeditionary Force.
London, April 27— [MornineJ —The India
expeditionary force will embaik for Bombay
on M inday or Wednesday next. A dispatch
leceived from India states that there is great
enthusiasm displayed among tbe natives,
who are volunteering in great numbers.
A Mo l Brutal Murder.
New York, April 26.—A parly of men
whib dredging just inside the breakwater of
Erie basin, Brooklyn, brought to the surface
this morning the body of a man who bad
evidently been the victim of foul play. That
he bad beeu murdered iu a most brutal man
ner was evident to tho,e who saw the re
mains as they were raised on rhe dock. The
man who brought the body to the surface
were not aware of what they had at first
grappled, as it was so heavy. The great
weight was explained as soon as tbe body
bad beeu exposed to view, for there were
150 pounds of chain and iron balls attached
to it. Ou further examination it was
discovered that there was a gag in tbe mouth
of tbe victim, formed of a thick rope, which
was sufficient to have prevented him when
alive from making any outcry. It was also
found tbalbis skull was mashed in, as if by
a blow from a club or some other heavy
weapon. It is thought tbe body is that of
Bernard Feron, who was quite well known
in that section of tbe ciiv, and wbo bas
been missing from bis home since tbe 18tb
of March. Feron was 55 years of age, was
a married man, and was known as a river
speculator, a business which naturally
brought him in contact wilh tbe worst
characters of tbe city. He was in tbe habit
of carrying considerable money about him,
and this fact was known to those whom be
was in the habit of meeting in South Brook
lyn barrooms. Tbe police are working up
the case.
Reform is Necessary.
Washington, April 26.—Information has
been received by the House committee on
naval affairs that a pleasure yacht is being
built in the Boston navy yard, under tbe
supervision of Constructor Fernald, for the
civil engineer, Mr. White. It is stated that
she la being built without tbe knowledge of
the commander or any of tbe officers of tbe
yard, in a wooden building in tbe anchor
paik. It is also stated that tbe watchmen
of tbe yard are suspended ten days each
month, in order to meet the expenses of ibis
work. Twelve or fifteen thousand dollars
of government mo iey is being pul into this
yacht, according to the information furnished
to the committee.
For Ils Own Prolecilou.
Trenton, N. J., April 26.—Late yesterday
afieruooti tbe Rahway Ravings Bank made
an application to tbe Chancellor for an
order to carry on their business under his
supervision and control, as provided for
under the rrceut law upon the subject. Five
of the depositors have brought suits upon
their deposit books, and as ibe managers
thought that paying the depositors In cash
would be an luvitaUon forolhersio sue they
have applied to the Chancellor for bls pro
tection lu order to enjuiu these suits. An
injunction was issued last evening as prayed
for, and a special master was appointed lo
examine iuto the condition of the institu
tion and report tbe result to the court as
early as possible.
A First-Class Fraud.
New York, April 26 —B. W. Hitchcock,
wbo got up the scandalous “Congress of
Beauty’’ here some mouths ago, and fled to
Montreal when tbe poor girls who went Into
too show triad to get tbelr pay, has been
sellii.giols ou Long Island for the past two
years ai-qulte cheap rates, and a largo num
ber of mechanics have bought them and
built bouses ibereoo. All of tbe lots are
v>w found to be heavily mortgaged. Hitch
cock no not be found by tbe officers of the
Hughes Still Walking — A Hopeless but
Plucky Effort.
New York, April 26. —The attempt of
John Hughes, the Irish athlete, to beat
O'Leary’s unprecedented feat of walking
520 miles 440 yards at Central Park Gardens,
is creating considerable interest, and over
1000 persons were present this evening. Al
tbought it was a foregone conclusion that he
could not beat O'Leary’s time, many praised
him for tbe indomitable pluck be displayed
In fighting the scythe bearer under tbe dif
ficulties with which he bad to contend. Tbe
conditions of tbe match were the same that
governed tbe recent great tournament iu
Loudon, and tbe articles stipulated that no
attendants should accompany him. Hughes
bad attendants all through tbe week, which
broke the conditions of tbe match. It is the
opinion of rood judges that if tbe conditions
of tbe match bad been strictly carried out
that Hughes would have broken down at 200
miles. The attendants and constant coach
ing, together with numerous vapor baths,
combined with pedestrian pluck and endu
rance, helped him to hopelessly struggle
to complete a task that uo*man in the
world can accomplish. Hughes, who
started at 8:22 last Sunday night,
this afternoon bad been walking 115 hours
and had only covered 349 miles. During
tbe afternoon he suffered terribly from
pains in racked joints and from his toe
uails. At 5 o’clock be bad covered 354
miles. He was then limping from the pain
of bis little toe on bis right foot. He con
tinued to walk on, resting at intervals, up
to 5:45, when be rested for supper. He
rested 2 hours, 54 minutes, 20 seconds. He
came on tbe track at 8:39. At this time
120 hours of the walk bad ex
pired. During the 120 hours Hughes
bad covered 856 miles 341 feet. O’Leary in
120 hours at the international tournament
at London last April covered 457 miles 300
feet. Hughes during the past 24 hours up
to 8:23 covered 56J miles. At the conclu
sion of 120 hours was 101 miles 129 feet be
hind. Hughes’s time expires al 3:32 tomor
row afternoon, so as lo complete Ihe task,
from 8:22 tonight, he has to walk
164 miles iu a little over 19 hours,
which is nearly eight . miles an hour.
Hughes finished bis 360 miles at 9:21. He
bad then been walking 120 hours 50 minutes
and 28 seconds. Tbe time for bis 360tb
mile was 11 minutes and 59 seconds.
Hughes went along at a good pace. Tbe
doctor bad cut off bis toe nail and be went
over tbe dusty uneven track at a better
pace. At 10 o’clock he completed 362 miles
and was 104 miles behind time. He con
templates walking up to 2 o’clock.
Ou a Tramp.
Indianapolis, April 2.—Tbe pedestrians
Keely and Sidnam continue to hold out in
their determination to walk 200 miles in 72
hours. The at'eudance is very light, but
will probably be better when the allotted
time draws to a close. So far Sidnam is two
miles ahead, Keely having allowed him to
gain nine miles while be was resting. The
chances are about even, no odds being given
ou bets. They will finish up tomorrow
evening at 8 o’clock.
Fraud* Fraud, and Fraud.
New York. April 26.—A Jacksonville cor
respondent says be bas read an affidavit
from au ex-sberiff, in regard to the frauds iu
Levi county, which is tilled wilh tbe most
infamous statements. Tbe writer testifies
to frauds, and fiually says that a proposition
was made to burn tbe state bouse at Talla
hassee, and that after a consultation, in
which Governor Stearns was present, it was
decided not lo do so, the reason being that
ibe Democrats probably had certified copies
of all the returns. He says he was pa’d $lO
to assault aud whip Babcock, a Democratic
editor in Jacksonville and that be
did knock Babcock down, and then
he was put before the congressional com
mitlee aud made to tell a lively story of hav
ing been maltreated by Ku Klux, wkich be
now says was wilfully false. His affidavit
discloses the method iu which the Republic
ans* handled their roughs, bummers and
strikers in the electiou aud count, he being
one of the most conspicuous of that class,
aud having been sun outou various errands.
He confesses, what tbe Democrats then
charged, that he, iu compauy with Hodge,
the deputy marshal, was ordered to seize
and destroy tbe ballot boxes at Cedar Keys,
aud that they were prevented only by the
armed resistance of Sebring aud tbe other
Democratic custodians. Tho same special
says ibat all tbe documents of McLlu and
Dennis are now iu Washington, that Dennis
bas gone ibere, and that the case is now
transferred to that city. Affidavits are
piloted from Dennis, Cowgill, aud several
clerks, going to show that frauds were per
petrated in tbe election disiricts in Baker
county, and in Alachua, by which the state
of Florida was made to give its vote to
Hayes, but tbe statements t re a mere reitera
tion iu verbose detailsof what bas heretofore
appeared. Cowgill says be bad nothing to
do with the fraud business. Dennis says
Vance and another clerk added enough
names to make a majority of 219 for Hayes
in the Archer district, and that after adding
that number they enclosed them in the bal
lot box aud returned the box sealed.
Probable Xe-opeuiUK of the Mes..
New Yoik, April 20.—1 tis rumored that
there will be startling revelations in ihe
Beecher-Tilton case during tbe present week.
Persons wbo are in a good position to know
of what they affirm, assert that Beecher bas
determined to take tbe offensive against
Tilton, and the result will be the speedy
bringing of a suit against Tilton and Moul
ton, on a charge of conspiracy to blackmail.
A party who claims to have knowledge of
certain alleged transactions between Moul
ton and tbe Tiltons, which led to the alleged
conspiracy, is to be produced during ihe
trial of tbe suit. Tbe facts which be claims
to be in possession of have been submilled
to one of Beecher’s lawyers, aud it is at his
suggestion that Beecher has consented, if
not to begin suit at once, at least to hold a
conference with the expected witness, bis
own lawyers and a few personal friends.
Serious Railroad Accident.
Richmond, Va., April 26.—An accident
occurred between 4 aud 5 o’clock this morn
ing to last night’s mail train on the Rich
mond and Danville railroad, near Claver,
ninety-six miles from Richmond, which re
sulted In tbe wounding of five persons. Tbe
accident is attributed entirely to neglect.
Tbe train had been stopped on tbe mail
track to cool the box of tbe tender aud tbe
train officers bad failed to signal a freight
train coming from the same direction. The
result was that tbe rear end of tbe sleeper
attached to tbe main train was telescoped by
tbe engine of the freight train, badly smash
ing tbe sleeper and freight engine. and in
juring the persons named. Other cars of
both trains were also damaged. Tbe rail
road company immediately summoned
medic si aid from tbe neighborhood aud
from this city to attend tbe injured.
Collision at Mellitate.
New York, April 20.—Schooner George
W. Wblsiler, from Elizabeibport for Boston,
while passing through Hellgato yesterday,
ran into one of tbe Harlem boats, carrying
away all her bead gear, aud weut ashore ou
Blackwell’s Island, but subsequently was
hauled off by a tug. Tbe steamboat re
ceived trifling damage.
B >uk Nolts B^eoted.
Washington, April 20.—The notes of Ibe
Union National Back of Lewisburg, Pa.,
ate being rejected for lack of funds when
presented at the Treasury for redemption,
the bank having failed to keep good Its re
demption fund, as required by law.
The Montreal Shooting.
I Montreal, April 26.—Russell, wbo shot
James Horney last night during a party ilot,
was arrested lifts morning and taken up to
tbe General Hospital aud identified by Hor
ney as the one wbo shot him last evening.
When Russell was being returned to the
central station, au excited mob tried to get
hold of him, and they advanced amid cries
of “Lynch him!’’ while they surrounded tbe
cab. The police, however, succeeded in
beating back the rioters. Threats to shoot
Orangemen on sight are freely made. Au
extra term of court to try Russell is talked of.
The Case of Noyes.
Newark, N. J., April 26.—This morning
Benjamin Noyes was brought down to tbe
courthouse from the county jail, where be
has been confined since he was brought to
New Jersey, to plead to an iudictmi n fir
conspiring to defraud tbe stockholders of
the New Jersey Mutual Life Insurance
Company. He was placed at tbe bar of the
Court of Oyer and Terminer, and formally
charged with tbe offense, when be pleaded
not guilty, aud his trial was set down for
May 8, alter which be was remanded to jail.
Found Murdered.
Boston, April 26.—Tbe body of a middle
aged lady, richly dressed, was found iu
Charles liver ou the west side of West Bos
ton bridge,today, bearing evidences of having
been foully murdered. Her skull was badly
fractured and there was a severe gash on her
face. Tbe body is at the dead bouse, un
recognized. Tbe police are working up the
case. The only marks of ideulifieatiou on
the body were silk stockings marked "A. H.
P.,” and a finger ring marked “Cal.’’
A Fearful Leap.
Niagara Falls, April 26.—An unknown
man, wilh gray hair, 50 years old, walked to
the center of the new suspension bridge, at
10 o’clock, threw off his coat aud hat
and jumped iuto the river. An evelope
was found addressed to Edward M. Groat,
Waterford, Ricine county, Wis. The body
was not recovered.
Where Wilt This ThiuK Stop?
Connerville, Ind., April 26. —Mrs. Peter
Koeler, living a few miles from this town,
has given birth to five boys. The quintette
is doing well.
Base Ball.
Ulica, April 26.—Tbe Uticas and Crickets
of Binghamptou played one of the interna
tional games today. Tbe weather was bad,
half of tbe game being played iu showers of
rain. Ulicas 4, Crickets 0.
Toronto, April 26.—Tecumseh 7, Buf
falo 3.
Chicago Ciluilna Illes.
Chicago, April 26.—The murderers Sherry
and Connolly, condemned to be hanged June
21, were today granted an extension iu order
to make an application for a new trial.
C. 11. Tull, wbo is charged of kidnapping
H. A. Mclntire, the ex banker of Lake City,
Colorado, from New York, was discharged,
but immediately rearrested.
The Erle in New Hands.
New York, April 26.—Tbe Sun says: As
soon as tbe sale of the Erie railroad is con
firmed by tbe Supreme Court, ibe scheme of
reorganization will be published as rapidly
as possible. It is rumored that the title to
be taken by tbe new organization is “Tbe
New York aud Great Western Company.”
New York Money Market—April 36.
Money closed today at 3 per cent. Exchange
closed firm at 8 [email protected]%. Gold opeue I
at 100% aud cEs-d at l"0%, at which prices all
sales or ihe day were made.
Government bonds closed firm, as follows:
United States currency 6s, 118%®>19; U. 8. 6-,
1881, reg., dns/faWtH, U. 8. 6.-, 1881, coup., 107%
3107%; U. 8. 5-20 s, 1865, new reg., 101'43104%;
U. 8. 5 203,1865, c»u]> . IO4®1OI%; U. 8. 5 2vs,
1867, reg., 107a107‘ 4 ; U. 8. 5 20s, 1867, coup.
107®1<7%: U. b. i-20s, 1868, reg., 109%@1t0%; U.
8. b-Ms, 1868, coup., 109%@110%; V 8. 10405,' reg.,
105%g105%. U 8. 10-408, coup, 105%@105%; U.S. ss,
1881, teg.. 1043104%; U. 8. ss, ism, coup., 105%
@ 05%: U. 8. 4%», 1891, reg., 10:13103%; U. S.
4%5, |B9l, coup., 1033103%; U. 8 4 per cents.,
1907, icg, 100%^100»i; U. 8. 4 per cents, 1907,
coup, 100%3l00%; U. 8. 4 per cents., 1907, SSOO
and SIOOO coup , ——3 .
Pacific railroad bonds closed as follows: Union
Pacific first-, 105% to 106; Uniou Pacific laud
grams, 102% to 102%; Union Pacific sinking
I umb, 95'4 to 96; Central Pacific firsts, 105%
to 106.
New York Quotations In Stocks—April 26.
The stock market today was moderately active
but week, and piices declined >4 to 3 per cent.,
tbe 1 uter lu Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
Delaware & Hudson Canal Comp ny ueclb ed 1%
per cent., Mich gau Central 1%, Western Uu'on,
Lake Shore, and St. Paul common I'4, Norcli
westetn 1, aud the rest of ihe list '4 to %. Tbe
following were the closing prices: Atlantic
<S Pacific Telegraph, 21 %®22‘4; Chicago & Nortl.
western, 61%35'2; Chicago & Northwestern
preferred. .1%u,71'4; Chicago, K ick Island & Par
cifie, 105%3105%; cnicago, Burlington & Quiucy,
HM%3105; Cleveland, Co umlius & Indiana
Central, 3%®4; Cleveland,Columous. Cincinnati
it Indianapolis, 2i>%@26%; Cleveland & Pittsburg,
74’4875'4; Coicagoat A1t0n,72'4874; Chicago &
Altai preferred, 99%3100; Delaware, Licka
wanna & Western, 52af>2%: Delaware <V Hud
son Canal Company, 52%352%; Adams Express,
1023102%; American Ex.„erH,48%349%; United
States Express, 49%350 I 4; Wells, Fargo A Co.’s
Express, 89%39°; Erle, 1 1%3i 1%; Eno pre
ferred, —®—; Harletn, 1473148; Hannibal it
St. Joseph ll%@ll%; Hai.mbal & St Jn-eph
ureferrei, 26%528; Illluois Central. 75375%;
Lake Shore St Michigan Southern, 62%<362%;
Michigan Central. 68%369; Moms & Essex,
76%376%: Milwaukee A St Paul, 48%34-%: Mi),
weaken X St. Paul pieterred, 73%8?3%; Mail
posa, 133; Mariposa preferred, 1%33; New
Yore Ceutra', 1063106%; New Jersey Central,
15%316%; New .rersey Southern, %@l; ObioA
Mississippi,B%gß'4; Pacific Mal', 20'4^0%; Pan
ama, @128; Plti.burg Jt Fort Wayuu, 'JO%@9I;
Toledo, Wwbssh Sc Westein, 15%@15%; St. Louis
fit Iron Mountain, 7%@7%; St Louis A Kansas
City Northern, 484'4; st, Louis A Kansas City
Northern pieferr <l, 19%<g2% Uuion P.cinc,69%3
69%; Western Union Teiegr >ph, 80%@80%.
In state bonds Louisiana consols sola at 76'4;
Missouri 6s ot 1887 at 104, and Tennessees, old se
ries, at 39%.
Boston Quotations in Stocks—April 26.
Tbe following were tbe closing prices offered:
Ameiieau Gold, 100%; Boston Land Compan-,
2; Boston Water Power Company, 1 9-16; Uui.'.u
Pacific Railroad 6s, 103%; Union Pacific land
grant 7s, 102%; Union Pacific sinking fund Bs,
93%; Eastern Railroad 3%5, new, 63%; Boston.
Hartford A Erie 7s, 13%; Boston A Albany
Railroad, 121%; Boston A Mame Railroad, 1111'4;
Eastern Railroad, 8%; Metropolitan Horse Rail
road, ; Michigan Central Railroad, 70; New
York A New England Railroad, —; old
Colony Railroad, 110%; Pullman Palace Car Com
pany, 76'4; Rutland Rriboad preferred, — ; Ver
mont A Canada Railroad, — ; Vermont A Massa
chusetts Railroad, 111%.
Boston Wholesale Produce—April 26.
Floor market is dull; sales of western super
fine at $3 50@4 00; common extras at $4 [email protected];
Wisconsin extras at *5.00a5.75; Miunnesna (in
cluding choice bake:s' Mauds) at $5.2586 25;
Winter wheat Ohio, Indiana and Michlgau at
$5 758625. Illinois at $60087 25: H'. Louis at
*6.25i57.25: patent Minnesota aud Wisconsin at
$7.0088 25. Boutuc’n flour Is stea ly aud selling at
$5.75g,7.t0 <)> b irrel for medium and choice
family brands. Corn I- steady; we quote new
mixed aud y -How western at 56357 c, aud No.
2 mixed at OOfiOOVsC. Oats are firm, but prices
steady; wo quote No. 1 extra white at 39u42<:
busbrl; No. 2 while and No. 2 mixed, 37®38e;
aud No. 3 white and No. 2 mixed at 3d<s37c
bushel. Ryeis quiet; sales of small lots-t73375c
D bushel. Shone aie soiling at $lB 50819.001» pm.
Flue feed aud muld mgs a<o soiling st sl9 008
*21.00 l< ton. I’ork is uull and in limited dtinaud,
wlih small sales at *8 50(89.50 for prime,
*lO 00310.50 for mess, an i *l2 00^13.00 for clear
and extra clear. Beef Is in fair request at $lO 00
812 00 ip barrel for mess aud extra mess, and
*12^0313^0 for plate. Lirdisheldat 7%580
tb tor Boston aud we-tern. Smoked bams are
steady at B®9o ip lb for city and westei u, aud
UglOc tor fancy western. Butter—Choice new
is io good demand, but other grades are dull; we
auots common to choice at 188 0c tb. Cheese
1i« ateady demand at 10813%c <> tb. Eggs
are a< Hing at 19g,1-c tor western, northern aud
New York Cotton Market—April 26.
Spot cotton quiet; middling uplands 10%0.
Futures sieady.
DI ABlfl B Retail P'loe IW I only *2OO. Parlor
rl ARUo Organs, price *34oonly *Bo.' Fauar
Free, Daniel F. Beatty, Washington, N.J.
O er Fancy Cards, Suowffake, Marble, etc., no
O two alike, with name, 10 cents. Nassau
Card Co., Nassau, N.Y. d&wiw mb2o
Waists I
in Plain White, Striped,
and Polka Spots. Full as
sortment of Sizes,neat, styl
ish and well made,
For 75c to $1.75.
408-412 Main Street,
First Nations! Bank Bnilding.
111 the Novelties of the Season
Best Styles Out.
In Full Assortment, at Low Prices.
Tills Special Department of our stock Involves
but little extra expense and onr prices will
be found satisfactory.
Ware, Pratt & Co.,
408 and 412 Main St.
More than 1,000,000 bottles of the now celebrat
ed CENTAUR LINIMENTS were sold last
year. We assert without fear of contradiction
that no man, woman or child will say that they
did not perform according to the advertisement.
We do not pretend that the CENTAUR LINI
MENTS will mend a broken leg or perform Im
possibilities, but we do say and mean that these
Liniments will come nearer working miracles
than any thing ever before discovered. We have
thousands of certificates showing bow remarka
ble cures of obstinate cases of Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Bcl.tica, Caked Breasts, Poisonous Bites,
B:alds and Borns, Swelled Legs and Stiff Joints,
Etc., have been effected by it. The certificates
all read one way, and the sale is constantly in
creasing. We will send these certificates gratis.
Some of them may bo found around each bottle
of Liniment. The Liniments are quick, they are
reliable,they are safe and they are cheap. Among
the ingredients used are Witcb Hazel. Carbolic,
Naptba, Rock Oil, Mentha aud Arnica. There Is
no flesh, bone or muscle ailment which they will
not relieve and benefit. The WHITE CEN
TAUR LINIMENT is for the human frame,
while the YELLOW LINIMENT is adapted to
the tough muscles aud fibres of horses and ani
mals. For Stiff Joints, Lameness, Spavin, Ring
bm“, Sweeney, Galls, Poll evil, etc., the YEL
weight In gold to every farmer, livery man, team
ster and owner of animals. A single bottle hu
put a disabled horse in the harness, and a few
bottles have rendered a useless spavined horse
worth two hundred dollars. There is no mistake
a''out these Liniments. They are simply wonder
ful, aud they are naturally finding their way into
the uttermo-t par s of the earth. No family
should be without them. They arc are bandy a.
well as certain.
J. B. KOSE A Co.. Ki Dey Street, New York.
may be m.de healthy and strong by the use of
DR. PITCHER'S CABTORIA, a perfect substitute
for Castor Oil. It contains no morphine and is
superior to any syrup or remedy in use. The CAS
TO hIA is particularly recommended for chil
dren. It destroys worms, assimilates the food,
and allows natural sleep. Very efficacious in
Croup and for children teething. For Colds, Fe
verishness, Disorders of the Bowels and Stomach
Complaints, nothing is so effective. It Is as
pleasant to take as honey, cotta but 35 cents, and
can be bad of any Druggist.
This Is one of many lestlmouials:
“Cornwall, L°banon Co., Pa., March IT, 1371.
Dear Sir—l have used your Castorta lu my
practice for some time. I take pleasure in rec
ommending It to tbe prof melon as a safe, reliable
and agreeable medicine. It Is particularly adapt
ed to children wbeie tbe repugnant taste of Cae
tor OU render* it so difficult to admioleter.
E. A. ENDERS, M. D."
Mothers who try Cnstorle will And ibat they
can sleep nights and that their babies wUI be
. ap2l^m J. B. Rosk A Co,. New Tosk.
For Hot or Cold Starch.
Bv the means of which every family may give
their linen that brilliant polish peculiar to fine
Laundry work, saving time and labor in ironing
more than its entire cost. Warranted. Ask for
Btarchlene Perfumed Starch Gloss. Wbo would
be without it, after .reading the
Worcester, Feb. 1,1878.
To whom it may concern:—Thin is to certify
that 1 have used Btarchlene and consider it inval
uable and wnuld not be without it. 1 cheerfully
recommend it to all housekeepers.
MRS. CHARLES B. PRATT, 802 Main st,
Worcester, Feb. 2,1878.
Gents:—We, the undersigned,having used your
Starchlene, do most cheerfully recommend it to
the public as the best article of the kind that we
have ever used.
Mrs. C. W. Ruerg, 153 Gra f ton st.
Mrs. H. C. Dodge, 11 Mendon st.
Mrs. A. C. Cadoret, 67 Lamartine st.
Mrs. F. Morway, 29 Penn avenue.
Mrs. G, M. Pierce, 72 Providencest.|
Mrs. J, Dawbon. Arlington st.
Mrs. William Pathie, 30 Jefferson st.
Miss Margaret.Liney, 18 Columbia st.
Mrs. E. Brooks, Laundress. 73 Central st.
Mrs.L. Goddard, 69 Laurel st. (
Mrs. Doyle, 112 Washington st-
Mrs. J. W. Hurd, 129 Grafton st.
Mrs. W. Knight, 5 Fulton st.
Mr*. P. H^ron, 26 Winter st.
Mrs. Beauregard, 56 Central st.
Mrs. C. A. Chant, 20 Mulbery st.
Mrs. N. B. Wh.ttemore, Greendale.
Our name and cut will be on every Bottle. Be
sure that it is marked STakCHIENE. Take
no other article. Samples sent to any address on
receipt of price, ku Lents per Bottle.
Sold by all Grocers and Apothecaries.
83^ We want a few smart m°n to represent
our goons in every Scale and County. Apply by
letter or in person to
J. H. Bosworth & Co.,
or to our authorized agent,
J. W. WILDER, 551 Main st., Room 7, Worces
ter. Agent for Worcester (k>. o2^,d,wkKm.
Newspaper Advertising Bureau
From N. Y. Times Building to No. 10 Spruce St.
Opposite the Tribune Buildino.
Johnson’s Anodyne Liniment will positively
prevent this terrible disease, and will positively
cure nine c-ases iu ten. Information that will
save many lives sent free » y mail. Don’t delay
a moment. Preveniion is better than cure. I. b.
JOHNSON AZ CO., Bangor, Me.
General Agents for the
United States Cartridge Co.,
Manufacturers rs the
Solid Head, Reloading, Military aud Sport
ing. Cen end Fire
Also Rim Fire Ammunition for Pistols and Rifles.
Certridge C j ses, Swaged and Patched Bullets,
Primers, Re-loading tools, Etc., Etc.
3<»o Boadwas New York City.
LADIES Leanion’s Dyes
I P Villi Warranted the best and cheapest Dyes
11 IUU for all family and fancy dyeing. Dres*
OflT HD Bes * Cloaks, Coats,Ribbons, lies, Featb
uULUh ers, anything can be colored any bhade.
TTQP Anyone can use them. The expense is tri-
Uuli fling. We especially recommend the Black
as much • e*ter than logwood. Sol i everywhere.
Large size 25c, small size 15c. Get a Leamon’s
Dye Bonk at the Druggists, free. WELLS,
KiCHARDSON & CO., Proprietors, Burling
ton, Vt.
\ warded at Centennial Exposition for
ehemln^ quMtiM and excdlence and char-
urt-r <f and jltworing. Tbe best tobacco
< ver iniule. As our blue strip trade-mark Is closely
imitated on inferior goods, see that Jarkton’a Bent u
on every plug. Boid by nil dealers. Send for sample,
free, to C. A. Jac&sox k Co., Mfrs., Petenburg, Va.
Zk Mixed Card*, with name, lOcts Agent^
Outfit 10c. L.JONES CO.,Nassau,N.Y.
Vienna Confectionery Store
Pare and Fresh Confectionery a Specialty.
All kinds nf Caramels. Fruit Glaces, Wine Jel
lies, Blanc Mange, Charlotte de Ruesejoe Cream,
Dessert, Fancy Cakes, Nougats, Pyramids.
All orders for Wedding Parties promptly at
tended to.
L. J.ZAHONYI, Proprietor.
'Uy Cemetery^Hoiise Work
For 1878,
\I (SSI consisting of Monuments,Cross
wjfca < Qu eß > Tablets, Grave stones, Chlm-
ney Piec es or Bracket Shelves,
tielert or bave th» m made of
BWRlßF^beßt material and workmanship,
prices twenty per cent less
than 1877 prices, at the Worcester Steam Marble
and Stone Works, 131 Central street Come and
see. 13,tf T. E. TA • E(TM.
We shall keep open sh p, from 7 a. m. to 8 p.
m—l<» accommodate all classes.
’’ ING LGT. Call at 410 Nam Hreet, Room
6. a13.2w A. J. EATON.
Is the Best and
Cheapest Range
In tho Market. Call aud see It. Alse,
Very Cheap, for the
F. P. Oliver’s
Stove Store, 512 Main St.
“Low Prices Tell, and Every
body Tells Low Prices.”
All our Trefousse Kid Gloves (one button), cost
Mr. Eaton JlAO— down to 45 eta. ■ pair.
All our 2-button 75 ct. Gloves... Down to SO eta.
All our 2-button *1 Kid Gloves At 75 cts.
The best 3-button Kid Gloves (never 'offered loss
than *1.50) at *l.
We have on band ,200 worth ot Spring and Sum
mer Hosiery, which we shall closeoutat the nine
price we gave Mr. Eaton, SO < ts. on the Dollar,
lease yard-wide Prints, 7%. former price 12%.
« •< Cambrics, 7%, former prlc. I*%.
4-4 Fruit ot tbe Loom Colton Be. a Yard.
4-4 Cabot Cotton, (soft finish), Sc. a Yard.
4-4 Continental C0tt0n5.....? 1-4 ct«. a Yard.
Mass. B. B. Cottons 8 1-4 eta. a Yard.
Fine Black Brllllantine. 25 ota.
40-iacb Black Caahmere., all w 001... SO eta.
48 inch Black Cashmere, at 65 3 75 cte.
which we ask th, ladies to compare with any sam
ples found elsewhere.
Head of Foster St.
75c. to SI.OO.
INGRAINS, Lovell Pattern.
35, 40 and 60 Cts.
At Manufacturer’s Prices.
J. 8. Pinkham & Co.
Corner Main and Foster Sts.
Wfirl dOBLIN, Proprietor.
66 Front St. • - Worcester.
Terma 31.50 per Day. Boaid par Week
f7tr *7 to 310.
Corner Main and Chandler Sts.
Thia House has been thoroughly renovated and
newly re-furnished throughout, and will be kept
strictly first-class.
J3l EDWARD A. WARD. Proprietor. 3m
Bay State House
Pool & Siepart, Proprietors.
This House bas been thoroughly repaired and
renovated, aud will be kept strictly FIKBT
CLASS in every respect. Firat das, table board
with room on third flight, *2.50 per day.
Late of Delevau House, Late of MaasMoit House,
Albany. Springfield.
o2Q ly
MOIVFV negotiated on
VP IV .El A good, first Mortgages, at 41#
Maio street, Room 6. ap»,2w A. J. BATON.
KaTABLISHsd) 1830.
.. -L-U.M.B E R,
179 Union Strict.
K. W. C. B. OAI*I
Is obtained in the
The Prize Engine of the Massa
chusetts Charitable Fair.
The Maximum of Power at the
Minimum of Expense.
by the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and In
surance Co., before leaving our factory, without
cost to purchasers.
While our engines are rated so low as to horse
power, they can be run economically at
given in the tables, owing to their having been
balanced and tested with this object in view.
The Haskins Machino Company’s patent Verti
,cal Steam Engine is presented to the public in
confidence that it will meet a want which has
long been unfilled,—that of a COUNTERBAL
ANCED engine which shall give tha best of en
gineering results with the
consistent with good work and the greatest eoon
omy of Fuel.
We have, so tar as possible, so constructed our
engines that the strains are met by straight lines,
—Curves being regarded by na as, when in
the direction of strains, elements of weak
ness,—and in this way we are enabled to get a
strong, compact engine iu a very small space and
make the who self-contained.
The Materials are of the Very
—Steel being freely used iu the smaller parts
The Best Box Metal only is used in tbe bearings
which are much larger and longer than is usual
among engine builders, and all proportions are
established upon a basis which will insure results
tar exceeding those promised.
Desiring to have the best valve aud valve mo
tion, and one always working lu equilibrium—
entirely WITHOUT FRICTION— we bave, af
ter much experimenting and research, decided to
use the
Patent Balance Piston Valves
of Thomas 8. Davis. The extra expense of so
doing is warranted by the good results shown by
this valve during the severe tests to which it baa
been submitted during the past ten years, and we
put it on our engines despite its cost,
feeling assured that a discerning public will ap
preciate our efforts to sell ONLY THE BEST, ad
reward m accordingly.
We would respectfully ask the reader to com
pare our sites ot eugiuea wish those of other
builders, aud it will be seen at once that we are
n most cases, giving a
Much Larger Engine for the
than is usual, our mode o construction and rap
id duplication by meaus of special machinery, en
abling us to do so.
Ereryenglae Is tested under steam at he fac
tory, aud warranted as sold.
We manufacture engines and boilers ot every
capacity from one to one hundred horse-power
and are ready to supply at short notice any de
mand that may be made upon us. We have fur
nished several to parties In Worcester and re
spectfully refer manufacturers aud others who
may bo Interested to the proprietors of these es
tablishments to verify all we claim for them. Oue
ot our small sties Is now In use tn the press room
of this paper, where it may be seen and examined
nd Ite points of merit explained.
Where exceedingly fine results ere desired, we
attach an automatic cut-off. In moot cases, how
ever, on small engines it will be found that such
nice adjustments, although automatically made'
are not desirable.
Circulars will be cheerfully sent from tbe of
flee ot the company on application,or will be fur
nished by the Proprietor ot the THE DAILY
PRESS,to whom alto ordere tor engines or boilers
may be entn stod.
Our Now York Warehouses are at
46 Courtland Street and 93 Lib*
erty Street.
»• Urai* office mm! nniQtactoty at Fltchbur*

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