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3ltms dktfimngs, &r.
The chairs of the new Hall of Represen
tatives at Washington, cost $70 each, and
the dealt* jfc'JO men.
There an* at present at the Navy Yard in
KitWrjr. 201 Ma. The highest number of
men employed wan in the month of Srptein
ber, when the rolUbook contained the nainea
of GG1 Dien.
The New York Central railroad company
manufactures it* own railroad iron, at lew
cost than ono-half of iu market value. The
average cuet to railroad companies is at prev
ent sixty to dollars | er ton, while
the cost to the manufacturer* instated to be
about thirty dollars.
Siutr i'kactick. At a certain knitting
establishment in Troy, the Proprietor some
weeks since informed his hanu* tliat lie should
!«• obliged to suKpend operations, a* he had
no demand for his good*. Thy operator*
avoided a aunpenMon. however, by a method
it* novel a* it wan creditable They ran the
mill ou half time, and purehaaed in the af
ternoon the guo<la which they had manufac
tured in tho morning, reddling them thro*
the citv and vicinity. Iu this way they have
kept themselves iu*employment ever since.
Fatal dhamk. On Thanksgiving day,
Mr. Andrew Kintnon*. of Kennebunk, aged
Ml! years, cauio to Portsmouth to *|**nd the
day in the family of hi* son-in-law, Mr P.
M. Snow. Ilo wa< alone, and in atepping
out of the enn» at tho Portsmouth depot, he
saliied on one side, broke his wrist, and in
falling, struck the latch of a door into his
temple. Ue was cartied in a senseless state
to hi* daughter, mo di«ii£urvd that >Im u»I
uiini«U-red to his wound* for a time without
knowing it su« her futher. lledied on Sut
urday evening.—Portsmouth Journal.
PrtMSTLTAXU coal tiadr. The Phlia
del pii ia paper* *av that notwithstanding tbe
depression of business, this year, the amount
of coal sent to market from* the Penn«ylva
nil region* east of tho Alleghaniea, will
rach tons, valued at the mine* at
£2 per ton. and from the bituminous region
west of the mountains, there will he dug out
a million and a half tons, worth three mil
lions dollar*. So Pennsylvania gets for her
coal at the mines, this year $ 17,000,000, and
if the cu*t paid for transportation when it
roaches market is added, it will make an ag
gregate of 34 ,000 ,1)00.
Tiik Oil Market.—TIm New lied ford
Standard sujrs, six hundred hurrvln of rperm
oil have been sold in that market at D7 cento,
with fix months inteivt vJded. This is the
lo«c»t puint jet rav cd. Whalo in dull ut
00 to ('»•> cent*.
('hurl** II. Goodwin, engineer in a
Mind factory in Greenfield, Ma<s , to
England in the next steamer to look after
an estate of $300,000, loft to hiuisulf, hm
father am! aunt, by a brother of his father
und aunt, hv a brother of hut lather lately
deceased in London.
Ilev. Dr. 11 of Philadelphia is noted for
hriof, sententious sayings in the pulpit und
out of it. An ho wan coming down Chest
nut street the other da?, a gentleman asked
him, "Sir. can you toll mo how to find the
Sheriffn office?" "Yes sir,'' wan the reply,
"rrrry tune sou turn Jirt dollar.« spend ten
Saving thin, the Doctor walked on, leaving
hi* questioner gaping ou the sidewalk. lie
wim » "trailer who had eomo to town on
businem, and asked for information; but
the more he pondered the more he wan con
vinced that hit unknown informant hnd an
swered him wisely.—S. Y. Ob.n rrrr, Ore. y.
•• Cork uow.v, 1 sat." Tho Washington
Star, the little hand organ o( President l'»u
chanin, cracks the whip in the following
•trio over those democratic paper* of the
North that have pnt*omed to s|*-uk in terms
of condemnation of the Kansas swindle :
"Many democratic proem which have
taken u stand ugainst the action ol tho con
vention, have done it, uppurently, upon in
correct and defective Information, or erron
eous views of tho effect of some of tho pro
visions of tho conntitution and the schedule,
ami it nuii/ be supposed that I hey icill recon
sider their judgment of the matter.
I*. S. Senator. Kx Governor Hammond
han been elected 1*. S. Senator from South
Carolina, in place of Hon. A. 1*. llutler.de
The officer who pulled (ion. Jackson's noso
in public, when he wan president, han been
appoint' tl hy the present administration su
IH'rintondont of the Arsenal at Washington
"he modern democracy not only insults the
memory ©1 the old hero by adopting the
principled of his enemies, hut by warming
with place the hand that struck him.
Tiik i.xuji vLrrm oi jisti.x Wm. i>.
Tucker man, who stole ji'.!.»0,(l00 from the
K islern HuilMad Corporation, while Treas
urer, ami £C,tN>0 or from the I*. S.
X I'. Hailroud Co., and who has recently
lieeu detected in extensive mail robberies, has
been ut large on luil; while Rdward Hodc
kins for stealing a canary bird ami cage, was
in our Court on Tuesday asotsooed to two
years imprisonment in theSuto Pri«on,and
l. nn »rt| Allen for Imwking and entering the
house of William lllair of Falmouth, and
stealing therefrom $l-">, was sentenced to
hard labor in the State Prison for /ire year*.
—Portland Adreri isrr.
Old Zacbariab Kobbini lived in Wood Co.,
uiul win culled on to prove the infin
ity of u young man on trial lor nn anuult
with int.-Hi t.> kill, lie »worc that he had
n«» doubt whatever hut that the prmoner wan
nn innune man. On hi* cr>*« examation he
wa» required to tfnto the reason* for thU
••Why, Ucm jour life," «ai<l he, "I've
known Jimmy tiller*. ami he'a aller* hen a
dimocrat, and when the diuiicratic party
put up their man U*t fall, Jimmy didn't
* vote for him. and I alien think that a dim
ierut thai don't stick to bio j«artv ain't in
bin right mind **
Jimmy won acquitted, for old /.ichariah'n
opinion prevail* very generally in that re
gion, as well ojt in Uim.
* Key. C. II Cbapin ha* nobly devoted the
entire proceeds of hi* public Ircturr* for
thin winter to the poor of New York ; Hey.
I>r. Vinton of the wiuociljr ha* also done
the name good thing.
Wild aiumr. We heir ao much aaid of
the winderful curative power of Dr. Wi#
tar'* ILikvm, in all *tage« of dift-oacd lungs,
that we fool perfectly aafe in re.couimcmling
It for general u*e lor coughs,cold*,bronchitis,
A Ku/urr woitu £10iW. Take one pound
of soda an J half a pound of unslacked liuie,
Eut tlicin in a gallon of water, and let thorn
oil twenty nuuutee ; let it stand till cool ;
then drain off, and put it in a stone jug or
jar. Soak your dirty clothes over night, or
until thoy are wet through; then wring
tin-in out and rub on plenty of soap, and in
one boiler ot clothes well covered with wa
tor. add one teaspoonlul of the washing fluid.
Boil half an hour briskly, then wash them
thoroughly through one suds, and rinse well
through two waters, and your clothes will
look Iwttpr than the old way of washing
twice belore boiling. This receipt ia inval
uable, and every poor tired woman shouM
try it. \Y ith a Datent tub to do the little
rubbing, the washerwoman might take the
laM novel and compose herself on the lounge,
and let the washing do itself.
Cuiar Coa*. The Lexington (Ky.) Ob
server so> s that at TVrre Haute,la. .last week
corn was selling at twenty cents, and many
buyer* were not offering over 18 cents per
bushel. In Poaty county, Indiana, jaat Nv
low EvansvUle, com in the field was offering
loot weak a twelve and a half cents pec bush
From Utah.
St. Lot'is, Dec. 8.
Au Express has puased through this city
with despatchesIrom Col. Johnston.
The Kepublicau received letters this morn
ing trout the army to Nov. 3d.
The Mormon* had run off 600 cattle in
night of Col. Alexander's camp, war Hams
Fork, i.r.vn Itiver.
At the date ol the letter, it *u supposed
that Col. Johnston bad oonevntruted hi*
I forces with Alexander, and that in a fort
night from that time, Col. Cook's command
would he with them. They expected to
winter on Henrys' Fork, Gree i ltiver.
i There was it good deal of suffering irom
I want of provision and clothing, and the
1 horwes were giving out lor want of forage.
Uov. Cummings and the other territorial
officer* were determined to get into Silt Lake
City If possible.
The Mormons were determined on
ance to either the military or civil officers.
A skirmish had taken place between Col.
Alexander's troo|M and the Moruion*. and
| three or four of the latter were captured.
OMccktUrr l(rM«ir<i>
New York, Dec. H.
Intelligence has been received at the office
of the District Attorney of the I'. S. for this
District, that the official career of that officer
will terminate with to-morrow. The reasons
uwigned are his opp*ition to Major Wood
and the regular f)emocrutic nominations,
j which, the l*residentsuvs, must be sustained
at all hazard*. Special reference is made by
the {'resident to tiie speech at the Academy
of Music, and the letter to Mr. II. Nicoll.
It is also reported that Gen. Cass might
have prevented this step, but decided not to
It is probable that Saiul J. Tilden will
be appointed Mr MeKeon's successor, though
the compliment of an offer of it will be paid
to Jud;e I'arker, who is expected to decline.
KitiliHi It Miliar Irtiu \V«*hlN|II«M In
Rrgard I* K«m«i Allnlrm.
Wmiimotox, Dcc* 7.
(Correspondence New York Courier and
Kiujuirvr.] A rumor prevails .here t!>ut in
case tin* President'* measage sustain* the Lis
ccmpton Constitution, Got. Walk r dtwign*
i**uing an addm%» to the people of the ( n
lon, recommending the Free State* to rvsist
the enforcement of the Constitution by arm*,
and that. it he ie removed by the Prvnident,
Gor. Walker will immediately retuni to
Kansa* to join the people'* movement 'l'hie
eorr*-*|iond* with previous private *tatement*
of Gov. Walker * declaration, I cannot,
however, wuch for the authenticity ot tlio
ItciiNkliriiN i'«ui(rr«*iuMMl ( mini*.
WiMIXfiTOit, DeC. 7.
The Republican number* of the Mouse
held a caucus at the Capitol this atternoon
and nominated the following officej* :
Speaker—G. A. Grow of Pennsylvania.
Clerk—B. Gratx Hrown ot Mi**ouri.
Sergeat-at-aruis—Charles P. ltabcock of
Doorkeeper—N Darling, of New York.
Printer—George M. Wceton, of District
of Columbia.
Mriwnf Hanks, ltlair, Wa*hburne of Maine
und Giddings, *overally declined being a can- i
lidate for Speaker, and Mr. Culloiu declin
ing running for Clerk.
Mr. Sherman of Ohio, offered a resolution
which was adopted, ru affirming adherence
to the principles ol the Philadelphia plat
form ; as*erting continued oppo*ition to any
administration that does not practically en
force suid doctrine ; declaring resistance by
all constitutional mean*, to the recent at
tempt* of tlio judicial und executive detri
ment* of tlio government to nationalixe the
sectional institution of slavery ; denouncing
the recent outrage* perpetrated in Kansas
l>j the administration pirty ; repudiating
the Lecouipton Constitution; proclaiming
that the people should be permitted to form
and regulate their dwii institution* in their
own way, and declaring a determination to
wist all outrage* u|>on popular right*, and
doing *o they invoke the support of the peo
ple of the I'nitcd State*, without distinction
of party.
Tltr LrHMOR Nln»e C*»r Drriurtl.
Ntw York, Dec. 7.
The celebrated I amnion slave case wa* de
cided in the Supreme Court to-day. The
former decision ot Judge Paine wa* sustained
and the slave* declared to be free, thus de
nying the right emphatically of tourist* with
slaves passing through this State. Judge
I'oscvelt dissented.
U«trrutM*l AuiiunU tlyiiaic on ilir IMnina.
St. l/jris. Dee. 8.
The Democrat learn* that news has been
received at Fort Leavenworth, from Major'*
and Uutweil's train*, that the Government
animals were dying in great number* on the
From Kansas.
Tiik Kukk Sr\T* Lkoislati'iikok Kw
hah Convkxkd. A UcH|v«tcIi received
from St. I»ui» Dec. nth. «Ji> that at a
mas* convention ot leaven worth, on the
27th ult- a resolution «;i< pasM-d, reques
ting the Territorial Legislature to lueet
at Leeoinpton, iHv. 3d. The resolution
wan adopted tinder the belief that actiti£
(Jov. Stanton wilt reeo^nuo the Logisla-J
tutv pu (onvenvd. <Jcu. Line offered a
resolution, which was unanimously adop
ted, (tledgiiii; themselves in ea>e Stanton
declined to conven*c to the I.egttlatnrv.to
put the Topeka government in motion,
and stand or fall by it.
A lVmoe ratio Convention had l»ecn
called for the 24th.
The St. Louis /teiHorml learns from
private M>urecis that Stanton has issued
a proclamation ealliug a special session of
the Le^lftntv, to Im; held on the 7th of
1 Hvcmber.
The utile palter liad received letter*
from KaiMii^ containing two proelama
tion» of l'rovisional Governor Calhoun,
s|Hvilyinu the manner of elections on the
'-'Nt. for submitting the Constitution ;
an<l on the first Monday of J miliary for
State officer*; also giving the names of
the County Commissioner* for each coun
A Wirt's VTonth. The Adrian (Mich
igan) Watchtower has the ftdlowinc :
"Id the town ot MaUiaon licnawce coun
ty, lives ii Mr*. , who in the prime of
lift* married, a few rmn, simv.quite an el
derly man in one ot those strange freaks of
woman'a heart which ao often antonwh the
usual vuUrw* of Cupid. Nat long after the
health of the old gentleman failed him, and
the entire support of the twain fell upon the
wife. And uo jou not auppose ah* now de
serted h<-r agvd companion to his friends and
relations ? Not a bit of it. With an ener
gy which nothing could daunt, the put her
hand to tlie work, and nobly has the accom
plished it. A* a sample ot one aca*on's
work, the haa this fall dug on shares, with
her own hand), over 1(H) buahelaof potatoes
averaging fort/ huahela a day. and more
than anv man in the field. She haa also
huaked 'UM» huahela of corn, and all thia
time done her own housework, besides dry
ing "JO bushels of apples, and made Ihm
ham-la of cider with a hand preai,and boiled
it down for molaaaes. She haa meanwhile
kept her own and ber husband's clothing in
rqmir'and comes to town every week lur the
An editor thus advertises his
mi wing hat: The gentleman w ho ioadvert
rally took our new beaver, and left an in
ferior article in its stead, will do as infinite
kindness by returning our own, and ho shall
receive our warmest thanks, and two apol
ogies ; aa apology for tbe trouble w« have
, gitra Aim and the "apologi_for_a_ha£2MM.
Iprrin! 3Sotitra.
The anuual meeting of lite Biddeford Prorident
A«■»*•!!lion, will be lie Id at the City Council
lltMHiM, on Tuesday Evening nr*t, 13th m»l, Hi
7 o'clock, P. M , for llie choice of onlceis, and the
transaction ol .my other busiaos lhat nay prop*
eriy c«.iuf before it. Per order.
Biddetord, December 10, IS57.
Diteases of th« Eye and Ear.
Dr 8. C. P»att, from eijht year*' experience
a* a Oculist ami Aurisl, respectfully tenders hi*
|noie»»toiMl services lo Ihe public with tlie full
assurance that in future a« in lime past, it shall
I e bis earnest endeavor tu merit the confidence of
tho-e trusting In hit skill A* to ihe inerita ol hia
practice, be m |>erumted lo giveilie fallowing ref
erences .
T. tl. Oreenough, M. D , of the hire lutimary,
New Orleau*. James Buchanan, M. D, ot the
Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati. Prof. Da
v* of ihe Jerter»ou Medical College, Phila.—
, Hon. Horace Mann, Pre*, of Antioch College,
Yellow Springs, Ohio. John <4- While, M. I).,
Man. Oenerul Hospital K. W. fkiyiilon, Geolo
gist, Phil*. iwOO
derful preparation is having an extensive aale iu
all parta of the Union. It ia oue of the few patent
medicine* which are uow *oid over the country,
, that are really what their inveulors claim for
thein. Wherever it ha* had j llir trial, the result
haa Leen precisely a* Wood predicts. It bat nev
er lulled lo turn the while hair back lo the natu
ral color, where Ihe direction* hjve been alrictly
Mlowrd, and in nuiuerou* cases it haa lestored
the li-ir upou head* that had been bald for years.
It i« not pr< le: d< d that it will make the hair grow
iu every cute, but wheie it lulls there is certaiuly
no remedy. The restoration of iIn* hair Iuik been
ellecled in so mauy instances where the case
seemed utterly hope lex*, that it is certainly worth
while for all wl.o have lo»t their hair lo try the
experiment of using a bottle or two of Wood's
Kedorvtive.— Moliue Woikman. 4w4'J
There are occasion!
When tfri the healthieat people need medicine^
the change* ol diet, weather, and hundred* oi
ullitrnittw, produce u laxity in (he ayaicm thai,
need* correcting, vr in other wotd*, the liver be
come* • lightly deranged, uud need* a aliinulator
It all who liivl theiiiM-lvrn in thi* situation will
tiy Dr. SaaUril'i lio Ignriitor, they may bo siirr
of relief, a* we ean testify to itaellicucy in curing
Headache, Induction, ur Stomach, and olher
UU so common in a family. It act*, a* u inedi
eine, eauer and better than a;iy do*e oi pill* we
ever awallowcd, and i» w mild that the smallest
inImnt can take it. (Sec advertisement ) -tw-IS)
MK\D roil IT.
The iiioM anpetblf illustrated Mnuuiiuc eve
published lit America, i* the December ntimtier
oftlie CtmuoroLITA* .1 ht Jocknal, containing
ovi r »Utj/tphnUtU Kngiuxtngt, au<t Hiving full
particular* of ihe l>eiiciil* oi the Cosmopolitan
Art Association. I wo Hollar t u gnir ; single copies
fifty ctHit S|»eciiiieii copies will Ik? sent to ull
pen*>ii« who wi«h in subscribe on receipt of live
p«>»tagc stamps, (15 cent* )
Ne advertisement headed "UrilhatU Protp^c
Ins" ill thi* paper. Addrew
C. L PERKY, Actuary C. A. A.,
Ow .Vis Uroadwuy, New Vo«k.
•loo Agcnt« Wanted.
We waut a *mart agent in every town In New Krif
land, t« thoroughly canvas* and introduce our Patent
IihIU Rubber Safety fluid Karap*. Agent* can ea«ily
luake fn m Ore to Aftjr iloltar* a day, the profit* being
large aial the »»l«* only limited by the number of faniU
lie*. Town* In which we bare already *old the Cateut*
• illonly be excepted.
All letter* of lo<|ulry must contain a ttamp to |>re>
pay the answer. Ml AW A CLAIlK Jewtller*,
4&f Vildeford, Me.
Friendly Advice lo trinities While
ftvm motive* which every female will appreciate, we ab
•Uln fran *pecifying the many dl«trc*iinf cnmplainta
they are *utye«:, wv are conttralned to lay, that, Da.
CMKKeKMa.t'a I'kMtLic I'uLtare the remedy, whenever
they are admlnittered a* a cur* fur functional derange
ment* ol female*. There I* no *och word a* ••fail."—
Thl* I* a rule that ha* known no e*„*eptIoa In a period
of twenty year*. ITor all local alTectlau* which prereiil
maternity ih«y art iufalllblc. They auti never be taken
when that evert I* In pro*pcct, a* they would inevitably
eclu.le the poaaiblUty of ita occurrence. 8e« ad err*
To Feiunlc Invalid*.
vo pbtbician.no medical adyicr is re*
quired by tSe fcmale Invalid »ulT«-riiu from tunc.
tioi:al dUturbauce* (pecul to her MX. It i* (imply mc
esury that *!ie ihould appreciate the propertls* of
to rt-ooft to them at omv. With lh«w in li»r
her *peedy cur» i* » f'fevMi# coi>uiu*ion. There U no
fvc»*«>n to inquire the nature of |n« illfttculty, If It
•rUv*Irunt the*u«pen*i<>ii, Irrefularity, <>r over activity
U any «•!the function* dUiinctive of hi, It* relief I* a*
certain under the operation <f these fills, a* *ucce**i'in
of Jay l'» nitfht. lu the crUU of lile WhloIi ;>rrcr.f»», n,
well a* In that which folio#, hiitwitv, they n really fa*
Cihute the cliauiit taking |4ac« In tlw »v»len>, and ol>
viate d inger while they pr«veut pain. Mirned Ladle*
mty take them Many time, exept .I II in/(Ik- term of
m*i< ruity i to administer theui at that time would be to
prvtent Nature fruw lululling her tier lien.
Tlie«e I'ilU aiv |hii U|> In *<|U trv tUlltoxe*. Perton*
e*Ullng where tbei* it no agency *<Ul>lithed, t>y mi.
«!•>«!« • Oik* IMIariu a a l-tter, prepaid, to Da. C. L
t'ii*t-i max, U<>\ Nm^UI^i'iMlOltirt,NVv-f<wk('Itjr,
cart Uave the in »ent to their respective Uiiwto by re*
turn mail. At«nl<—S I*. Mitchell, ffaco t A.davyer,
Uid.l. I >r Ii II. U. I!«y, l'jrilat.il t Keddlng k Co. Uo*.
on. wliol iul« ainl reliil
Tift: ukhat k.vumhii kk.wjpy:
Prepared from a Pre«cr(ptl«n of Sir. J. Clarke, U. D.,
Physician K\lra<>r>lioary to the (Jucen.
Thia Invaluable medicine I* unfailing In the cure of
all thote painful anl dangerout dlvM*c* incident to
the female coualitutloa. It moderate* til excett and re
move* all obatructUu*, and bring« on the monthly |ierl*
o>l vlth regularity, These pUU »!i <oll b« u»ed two or
three wee'.* prior to cwiAncmeot; they fortify the coo*
Mitutma, ait.1 le**en the *uffer!nj durln; labor, enabling
the mother to (*rf .rtn her duties with safety to herself
aud chikl.
These I'ilU should not be taken by female* that art
pregnant, during the/fr*f thru month*, a* they art
•ure to bring on murarriitft; but at every other time
and In every other ca»e, they are perfectly safe.
In all rates of Nervoua ami Spinal Affection, pain In
the Hack aud Limbs, llsavlness, Patigue on slight eg
ertUu, Palpitation of the Heart, l/ifwti of Spirit*,
II) •teric*, Sick Headache, White*, ud all the painful
diseases occaiiooed by a di»>rdered *y*teiu, these Pill*
will effect a cure wfirti all other mean* have failed, and
although a powerful remedy, doe* not contain Iron, cal
omel, autim»ny, or an* si her mineral.
full direwtiua* accompany each botlls. Price, In th
CnitedStates and Canada, UotUt.
S.-le A gem* for the Totted State* and Canada,
Rochester, N. Y.
| |Tl'TTLE k M0SE.4, Auburn X. Y., General Agent
.1. H —J1.V0 and A ptntage ttamp* enclosed to any
authoriied Agent, willsnture a bwtllw of the rill* by re
turn mail.
tl. II. HAY fc Co, Portland, whole»a!e usuil*
Tor Mai .it*
for *aie by 8. 9. Mitchell, Raco; Win. C. Dyer, Bid*
de»Td, an I DrnggUt* la every towu to the United
II. Poster k Co., No 1, Coruhlll, D>*ton. whole*al«
agent H>r N- E Marchl—lylO
At lu.ukrt 1130 lice I Callle, 4300 ^lieep, and
11 .'<0 8 w i to*.
Ik-vl C.i.i We quote extra $7.30 *7 75 :
first i|U-!ny $6.73 a $7.^5, second 13,V3 a >0,70;
third SA'XJa W.33.
Workma Oxrn stair* from 170 lo $133
Cow* am) C<lve« Saks liom f'JO lo $47.
Sheep. Sale# in lota liotu Sl.lttto $3,30.
Swiue. At retail, liom 7 lo V eta
FLOUR— Sale* of Western Supertiue at f.'i 00
fane v. $3 00 |.» 3 23; extra, fti 00 to 00.
UH.IIX. Coru—Sale* of hcllow at W lo 92c;
mixed al t) lo Wc. Oats — Northern at 43 to 40
cent*. H)e. S5c.
11A Y — Sale* of Eastern at 113 per tuu
la Kraoelxink, by Re*. E Worth, Mr. Ktlwin
Bra* d<*i lo Miaa MelmJa C. Storer, both of Well*
la Wakefield, Not. 34lh. by IU v T W Hill,
Mr- I oh a Horn, ®l Acioo, Me , lo Mim Kiixrltue
M. B. Meaerve al W
lo S*co, .till. all., by Rev. 9 OolT, Mr. CharlM
C. Sarell, lo Mm Abby K. Paitersoo, Itolh of
In Soiner*worth. Nh ult, Mr- Samuel l'.CIie*.
ley of S**ner»wofth, to Mia* Lydta J. Lewi* of
Bniaawick, Me. •
lc Keaaebunk,by Her. J. A. Saran, Robert W
Lor I lo Miaa Mary Meadum, all of K:
•v V wv ^ 'WV' - "v. VVVN,^/"
la thi*city,4th iaaL, Franklia McGraiK. aoa
- ■■ L——
lata James M. Brock, of Alexandria, N. H., aged
3 years, 9 month*
la this citr, 9ih ina»., Hannah Litlletield, (laugh
lerjol I be widow Lvdia Littlefield.
In Saoo, Nor. 90th. Mr*. Sarah Elizabeth, wife
of Oillifrt Berry, aged 39 years.
In Lyman, 9th Intl., Mr*. Hannah Clough.
lu Sliapleigh, l»i ull, D«a Simon Kicker, aged
! 73 vc«r»
Iu York, Dec. 6lh, Mr. William T. Freeman,
aged 22 rear*.
Slate or Maine.
Executive Dkpabtmkrt. I
Augusta, Nor. 30, \HV1 j
i An adjourned ses»ion of the Executive Council
< will I* held at Ihe Council Chamber in Augnsta
I on Tue*day, ihe twenty,aecond day of December
I next. Attest,
3w30 Secretary of Slate.
Sheriff'm Sale.
YORK, SS. December 3,1S57. For want of
personal property wherewith to aetiafy an
Exeeutioa iu lavor o< John M. Wood, of Portland,
in the county of Cuint*rland. and Slate of Maine,
Esquire, against th.» Orrat Fall* and South Ber
wick Branch Bail Road Company, a corporation
established by law, which Execution wa* iwued
from the Clerk's Office, of the Supreme Judicial
Court for the couuty of Cumberland, at a term of
said Court, tiegun ami holdeu in aaid Portland, on
the aecond Tuesday of October A. I). 1S57. I
have 1 hi* day taken and shall aell on aaid Execu
tion at pulilic Auction, nt the otRce of John N
Goodwin, Esquire, of South Berwick, in said
county of York, on Thursday the 31*1 day of De
cember, A. D 1837, a' ooeo clock in the ailernoon.
ull tlie right, title and interest the aaid Kail Koad
| Company had on the eleventh day of June. A D.
i IN15, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon,(bein7 the tune
the same wb* attached on theorigihal writ) lo the
Hanson proper!v, so called, situated ill said South
| llcrwirk, and bounded aa deacribed in a deed
I from NichoUa Hanson, to the said Kxil Road
Company, dated September 3J, IH3'I, ami record
ed iu Yoik County Bcpislry of Deeds, Book 229,
page* 303 and 5 HJ, consisting of an acre of laud.
| more or lea*, and n two »tory dwelling h»u«<* awl
I outbuildings, reserving, however, so much of the
land named in s.iid deed, a* is mortgaged :o Icha
bod Goodwin, John N. Goodwin, mid Win. li. Y.
llrtcUett, E«qra., trustee* for the benelli of the
panics name I in said mcrtimce. which mortgage
is dated September 1*1, A D. IS3I, and recorded
in *aid York County record*. Book 230, pages '<30
to 33«i,
Also, all the rislit inequity which said Gt. Falls
and £>*utli B. B R. R. Co had on *aid lllh day
' o| June, A D 1S3I, to redeem from a certain
mortsaco given bv saul Compaliv to*aid lehabod
Goodwin el als, Trustee*, recorded in York Co.
Recoid*, Vol. 230, page* *i3i) to 366, and duted
Sept. I, ISJ4, nil that portion of Ihe Railroad of
said Company, lying and being In the towns of
Hcrwk'k and South Berwick, in *aitl county, to.
I gctlirr Willi all Ihe otlier Real Estate, casimeut*
| and fixtures of said Company, in'the county of
York, together with the Ironchise of said Compa
ny, a* conveyed l.y said mortgage to *aid Trustee*
to which mortgage reference i* to lie had lor furth
er description.
3*3) X G M \RI (A Sheriff
.\ullce ul'Furccloaiire.
Tiik underpinned hereby give* piihlie notice
that Ervin Hatch of \Wl|« in the County of
York nnd Suite of Maine, yeoman, by his deed of
Mortgage, dated M iv 27th 18-VJ, recorded June
tit .1 ISVi, <>u Uook I(S, page 'I*J of York Coun
ty Xrivnln, conveyed by Mortgage deed to ilie
undersigned,* lueicnse 8 KiiiiImII, ol Stanford,
in »aid County, n certain tract of land »!tu -t* <1 in
■aid Sanloal, Itoun led n* folluwi; lifgiunini; ut
u line of aimttrd trees «t tlif western uorucr of
land which Joseph Eaton deedtd to HUuli Little.
I iield, und in the line of land owned by Thomas J.
' Allen, and luiiuiiiif «ouih westerly l>v iu<id Allen'*
laud lo land loriuerl) owned by Franeii Allen,
thence aoiilheaateriv by »iid Allen'* Innd lo land
of Charleauud William Davis, thence northeast- 1
erly by n aid Divt*'» lam! to the hue of the spotted
tree* aforesaid, thence northwesterly on aaid spot
led line to the place begun ut, containing? about
thirty acre*, und i* the same laud which Calvin
Hennet purchased ul Forest Eaton nnd Alrali
Lilti held by deed d.iled J .unitry 7th 1S-V1. The
condition iu aaid deed ha* been broken, anil by
rea«on thereof the undersigned Mortagee claim*
'to forcclo»e the rii'ht of redemption ol autd moil*
gaged tract of land.
Dated at aaid Sjuliird, tin* lir>t day of Decent
Imt A D. 1Sj7.
At a Couit of Probate held at Saco, within
and tor the County of York, mi the lint Tuesday
ill December, in the year of our Lord eighteen
hunJre I and tilty-«even, lay the Honorable Ed
ward E. Bourne Judge, of aaid Court:
JOHN* U PERNALD, Guariiiau of James Jl.
Mitchell, a tumor and child of Joseph Mitch
ell, late of Kiitcry, in raid county, deccasrd, hav
ing presented his second and linul aeoount ol
Ueaidun»hi|i of hi» said ward for allowcuce, •
Uhiii ccu, That the *uid Uuurdiau gi*c notice
lo all |H-r«ou« interested, by caiuiuj; h copy ot
thivorder to be published lluve acek« nuccesnvc*
I v, in the Union A: Ea a tern lourual, printed at Itid.
delord, in «aid county, that they may appear
at u 1'iobute Court to tie held ul Alfred, tit »aid
1 county, «>«i the lint Tuesday of Jauuury r.ext,
at leu of the clock iu the torcnoou, und shew
|cau«c, if any they have why the an mc should
! nut Ik: HlloWtd,
,V) Atu**t, PiawI!) Haco*, Register.
A true copy, Attest, PlUHCII Hacos, |le«i»ter.
< At a Court 11 I'roSutc I.Diil ut 841*1), vviihiu
Htul for llie tuuuiy <>l Yormi ilie lir»t Tue»dav
hi Ikwiitlfr, in il.c* ) cur of oui Lord eighteen
hundred .• nd lilly-wwn, by the Hoitorublc lul
w. r.l 1' Itoiime, Judge of mid Court;
SAMUhL IIAIU'KIl, named Executor m h in
tain instrument, purporting to lie the lu»l will
> and tcHiiuifiil ol licl»ey Cole, I le of Limerick, lit
' nml County, iloceuwjd, Ii.iviiiu presented the mine
lur probate:
| WrfOhKCD, Tliut the ••«•<! Executor give
I n ol ice to till per* u»* interested by causing n copy
J of till* order to I"' published three vteel>« auc«
I'Niivrly lit Iho Union and EuMcrii Journal,
primed ut BMdvfllfd, in Mid Comity, t'mt lliey
nitty .i|»;,«ur Ma Fiotmic Court to be held ut
A'lrrd, hi Miid county, on the flr»l] Tuesday
ui January next, ut ten ol the clock in th«
forenoon, and shew cnuseil uuy they have, why
lit** *aid iiirtruiiiciit abould nut Ih» proved, up
pmvtd, and allowed u* the last will und train
incut ol the ><<1(1 decet»ed.
30 Alie«t Fkanci* Bacon, Register.
A true copy, Attest, Fka.mci* Uacon, Itegistcr
At n Court ol Frolmte held ut Saco within
untl for the County ol York, on the flrM Tuesday
iu Deoeiulicr, in the yearnl our Lord eighteen
huudrt-d Mini tifly-«even, by the Honorable Ed
| ward E. liourue, Judge or Mid Court.
ON the petiiion of Richard Eastman, GiiMiiliMn
of Charles Moultou, a minor mid child of
Chubs Moulton, ntc of l'ar»on»tield, in said
count v deceased, representing thill »uid minor i*
, mi it'll and poviewd ol the lollowiug described
real < -tale, *i*: OM undivided third p ut of fer
lam lots of hind, more lully described in said pe
Tn.11 tin ndvanlugeons < fTer of twokundrcd mid
tweuij live dollar* lit* heon tnnde by Lavi*>a
.Moulton, of I'.iin taid county, which
oiler it i» f;*r the inlereM of all etneerurd inline
j diately to ni-cept j mid tbe proceed* ol sale li» l«e
put out ou interest for the lieuelit ol the said mi.
nor, and praying thai liccuse inay be gituteil to
him to »e I and convey the interest aforesaid, ac
cording to the statute in audi cases made aud
That Hie pelilioucr give nnlic« thereoflonil per*
Mini inwi«*twl iu sniueaute, t>y eAU»ing a copy of
I lilt* onler to I* plllilulied in the Union A* hast*
••rn Journal, printed in Middcltwd, in »aiJ county,
lhr«e week a »uivc»MV.'ly, that they may appear
at u Prnlute Court to be holden ut Allrctl, iu suid
county, on I lie tir»t Tuesday in | January uext, ut
leu ol the clock iu Hie Ioicuikii, and shew can <e,
if any lliey have, why tbe prayer of wild petition
•liould not bj grjuicd.
30 Attest, Fkanci* Uaoox, Register,
true cop\*. Atte»i, Francis llncou, Rcgi»tcr.
At a Court of Probate held al Saco, within
■ixl fur the County ul Yoilt, on the first Tuesday
in UAfuiiirr, in tbo yearofour Lunl ri|liU«n
liuudred huiI liliy-M\en, by the Honorable LUJ
wunl E Bourne, Judge of aaid Court.
SAMUEL llOHKHT*. Guardian of Mary K
Kliiwil^ tuil tfiinih J. Uboade*, minora and
children of A mm llhoadcs aud Itulb Blioade*.
laic of W"alerl>Hniigli, iu aaid county,
having pre*eutad his tirat account ot Guard lautliip
of In* »aid ward* lor allowance,
ORiiRr.KD.Thxt the »aid Guardian give notice
to all pe« aoo* iBtefvated, by causing n ropy ot
tin* order to be |>ul>li»'ied three week* auece*MTC
ly in Km* Union aud Eastern Journal printed at
iiiddt l.Kd. in *ald county, that they may appear
at a Protxtte Court, to lie boldcn at Alfred, in
, (aid county, on the tirat Tuemlay in January
next, at trn ol the clock in the forenoon, ami
»hew rtwt, it any lltey have, why the aame
altould not be allowed.
3D Atteat, Fkakci* Bacon, K«g later.
1A true ropy, Atte»t, Francis Baco.i Register.
At n Court of Probate held at Saco, within
| and for the County of York, on the firet Tuea
day In December, in tbeyear of our Lord eiab>
Ict u bundretl aud lifiy-aevca. by the Honorable
Edward E Bourne. Judpe ot mk! Courl:
ON the petition ot Benaiah Clark, Guardian of
Adelaide P. Emery, a minor and child of
Charlea E. Emery, deceased, representing that
the good*, chattelaand credit* of hi« aaid ward are
not vutRcient to an«w*r the just debt#, expenaca
of inaintaiuanr* and ckargea of Guardianship, by
lb« iuil of one hundred and Alt* dollar*, ami pray
ing that liceoae may l« granted to bun to tell and
coavey ao much of the real ealatc of bis said ward
aa may be necessary to atlwfv the claim* a lore
Mi kJ :
Thai the petitioner civ* notice thereof to all per
aon* interested la aaid eatate by causing a copy of
thi< order lobe published three week* successive
ly in the Uni.>n and Eastern Journal, printed al
BidJcford, in aaid county, that they may appear
at a Probate Court, to be beld at Alfml, iu
aaid county, no the Oral Tueaday in January
next, at ten uf tb« ckvk in the forauoon, aad shew
cauae, if any they hare, why the prayer of aaid
At ■ Court; of Probate held «t Saco, within and
fof the County of Torb, on the Aral Tuodiy ia
Dwinhfr. in the ynr of our Lord, fifhtMD hun
dred and tiliy-^veo, by »b« MeaorabU WwMd
K Bourne. Judge of s«id Court:
/yf thepetition ofOeorfe W. Wallingford, Ad
uiiaiatrator of the estate of Mary Andrews,
'ale of Keanebankport, in aatd county, deceased,
TNsaailng that lbs personal estate of aaid de
"■■♦ad ia nut snffirient to pay the jn*t debta which
•he owed at tlie time of her death by the aum of
one hundred and Ufiy dollar*, and praying for a
licence to sell and convey Ilia whole of the real
estate ofa*id deceased, at public auctioa or pri
*■!« aale, because by a partial aale the residue
would I* greatly injured;
Oxderkd, Tlut tbe petitionerpitre notice thereof
«° the heir* of »auJ dcceaaed, and to all persona
interested in aaid e*tnte, by causing a copy fof
this order to be published in the Union 6c East
ern Journal printed iu Biddelord, In aatd county,
three waelu suc> e**ively, that tbey u»ay appear
•I a Probata Court to l>« held it Alfred, in aaid
County, on the tint Tuesday in January next,
■Hsu of the dock in theforenom, and shew cause
if any they have, why the pruyer of aaid peti
tion should not bo granted.
30 Attest, Francis Bacon, Rcpiiter.
A true copy, Attest, Francis Bacon, Register
At a Court of Pr:>t>atr held at Saco, within and
fur the Cuun!y of York, un tba tirat Tueaday ia
l>ece.uber in the year of our I>*d eighteen time
dred and titty-seven, by the Honorable Ed ward
E lion me, Judge of aaid Court:
RUKUS P. TAPLEY, Administrator with the
will unnexed, of tbe estate of Mary Pibe, late
of'Saco, tu amd county, deceased, having present
ed his second account of auiniaistration of the
eattte of aaid deceased. for allowance:
Oruckkd, That the said Adininisti ator, give no
tice to all persons] interested, by causing a copy
of this onierto tie published three weeks su< cc»
sively in tIk? Union and Eastern Journal, printed
at Btd<leford, in said couqtf that they may appear
at ii Prolate Court to be boldcn at Alfred, in
•aid (county, on the lir»t Tuesday in January
nexl, at ten of the clock iu the forenoon, and site w
cause, ifany they have, why the sameahould not
bo allowed.
•V) Attest, Francis Macon, Register.
A true copy, Attest, Francis Bacjn, Register.
At a Court of Probate held at 9aon, within and
for tbe County of Yortr, on tbe iir»t Tueuidy tin
December, tn the year of oar Lord, one thousand
eight hundred and fit v seven, by tbe Honorable
Edward E. liourne, Judge of aaid Court *
THKOIMTE WILLARD. Administratrix of
llietrsUto of Thettlore Wiliard, late of tfan
I font, in *nid county, deceased, having presented
> her third and tiaal account of administration of
1 the estate of said deceased, lor allowance:
Oeokiko, Thai the aaid Administratrix give no
tice to ad persons interested, by causing a copy of
this order to lie published in the Union tc Eastern
Journal, printed in Biddeford, in said county,
for three weeks auooaaaively, thai tbey may ap>
Kar at a Probata Court to be holo»n at AU
d, i) aaid county, on the first Tuesday in
January next, at ten of ths clock in the fore
noon, and shew cause, if any lliey have, wby lha
same sltould not l*» allowed.
50 Attest, FnANCts Bacon, Register.
A Iruecopy, Attest, Francis Bacon, Register.
Winter Arranveme»ts.
' New York and Portland.
The splendid und fa«t Steamer CHmi^iIk,
Capl, Sidxky Cr iwnt, will run regularly be-1
t.vcen New York and Portland, ax fallow*.
Leave Brown's W'.iarl every SATURDAY, at'
4 o'clock, P. M., and returning leave New York
Pier 12 N. It, every TUESDAY* "• Ike *0'B°
Tills re»»el baa ju»t l»een fitted up with new
and powerful machinery, and very line aocom
modi! ions for passengers, making this the moat
*l»eedy, >ul>- and comlcrtahla rouie for travellers
Ih!Iwm?ii New York and Maine.
r«*»ire St 30. No tbsr**) for State Rooms.
UjckI* forwarded by this line to und from Mon
treal, Queltec, Bangor, Augusta, East port and
St. John. Also connects with Steamer* for Bal
tiinoro. Good* taken through with despatch, at
the cheapest ratea.
F\>r freight or passage, apply to
KMKRY At POX. Brown'. Wharf. Portland.
Or to II II CROMWELL, Pier 12 N. R, New
November 13*1787< n
On und after the Monday, the VIM
lust., the Strainer* Lewlston, C*rr Gko. Kmigiit
taiid Mautrrnl, Cupt. F. A. Princk, will run ns
follow* *
Leae Atlantic Wharf. Portland, every Mon-1
day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ami Friday
at 7 o'clock, P. M , ami Central Wharf Ronton,
ev«rv Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
und Friday, til 5 o'clock P. M.
Fare n Cahjn,• S1.Q3
» on L)eck, 100
N. It. bach Utht is furnished Willi a large 1
number oi's'alc rooms, for the accommodation «>l
ladic and families; and travellers are reminded
that l>y taking tills line, much saving of lime and
<*xpen*« will he made, i<nd that the inconvenience
lot nrriviuir hi RoMon ut late hours of ihe night,
will la* avoided.
I The I'o.u* arrive i*i season for p:is»cnRers to
[ take the ehrlieM train* out of the city.
Tlie Company are not ie<pon»ib|e for Itaggjgc
I to on oiuo'int excreding t.'/i in vuRie, and ihat
Ipersoual, unless notice t« given und paid for ut
[ the ntu «>f one i>»tseiigcrfur every •VKI addition*
| ul value. icr Freight taken ns iuiit>|.
Wo proposo to issue the 21st volumo of
the Thrice-Week It Ago during tlio session of
tlio coining I egisfatare.
To cnntili' us to do this without u very
(jnat ytcuniary lots it id absolutely necessary
that our friend* throughout tlio State, fur
whose gratification und benefit the publica
tion is iiiiide, should uid in giving us a good
list of subscriber*.
Tin* comparatively small number of Dem
ocratic members ot t! o Legislature renders
this service in our behalf doubly requisite
this year, and wo therefore confidently rely
upon receiving it.
I The session will bo an interesting one, as
many questions am to couio up, in regard to
which the jsoploof this Stato will look with
anxiety for the saying* and doings of our
opponents, who will have everything their
own way.
The doings of Congtvas, and tlio general
News Department will ulsobo faithfully at
tended to,and brought before our subscrincrs.
The character of the Thrico-Weekly Age
is so well known, that wc deem it needless
to add any thing more.
The terms will ho $1, in advance, for the
session. Postmasters, cr others, who wlli
forward us tlio names of ten subscribers and
the £ 10, shall reecivo a copy in addition.
It is very desirable that tho lists should
be forwarded as early as tho first of January.
Elus G. Hidck Jfc Co.
November 11, 1857. 5w4!»
Thrice-Weekly Kennebec Journal for
During tho approaching scw>iou of tho
Legislut'iro th»» undersigned will continue
the publication of the Turke-Wkrki.y
Joirnal, being the XlYth Volurno of tho
It is well known the chief purpose of this
naper is to afford tho public of Maine a faith
I t ill account of tho deliberations and actions1
I of its Legislature. With the reports of the!
i Legislative doing*. we intend al«o to publish 1
tho proceeding of Congress, as the^r are giv- J
en in tho best reports from Washington.
The administration of Mr. lluchauan is to
1 define its |>otilion and develop its purposes
in the coming session of Congress, nnd will be
watched with lively interest. The financial
afiairs of the country, nnd tho whole ijues
tionot hunk suspensions and currency, will
I ttract tho attention ofall legislative bodies.
For these and other reasons, the Thrice*
Week 1 j will be found both interesting and
important to tho people of the State.
We look with confidence to our Jlenubli*
can friends throughout the State to aid us in
obtaining subscribers. Especially do we so
licit from each Republican member of the
Legislature that prrsonal rffort in his .locali
ty without which a remunerating list cannot
be secured.
The numerous linos of railroad which
now traverse the State in all directions, will
enable a Tery large proportion of our sub*
scribcrs to receive their paners a few hoars
after publication This (act renders a sub
scription to the Thrice-Weekly more desira
ble than in former Tears.
The Thrice-Week It Journal will lw pub
lished on Mosdat, Wednesday and Fbiday
| The price will be, single cony, one dollar
for the msion, as usual, pay tble in advance.
Any penon forwarding us $3, shall be en
titled to the ninth copy extra, for his troub
le. Toany one who snail send us $10, we
will send two oopies extra for his trouble —
Whoever .shall send us $24 .shall be entitled
to three oopies extra, and tn like ratio for a
larger amount.
It is desirable that the names of sub
scribers, accompanied with the money, may
bi forwarded at or before tbeoouimeooeiasat
Dr- Phfllp's Trmml
TIm great nnbff of radloal nm of lontUvUhla
ttM laat ftw ymn.bf tk» mof Dr. J. W. Vftelp'* «Wnl
Bprlag Tniuoo, baa glWn ikm the pi«Or»x« orer alt
MkHli III* HiMUM lur |S> frriMln> —it —ft Of all
kind* of ditaimi ar* M*od at Jta Xa«*Mfco«*uj Oeo
eral Iln*pital, and art rec mriendaj by the Brit iv
goon* la Karopc and Amort* Hlgn of Ihe OoUea U
ft*, M Tmount Pt., Sooton.
Light! Light!! Light!!!
0a» Fixture*, of ihe bom detlrahle pattern*, Chande
lier*, Bracket*, I'rodanta, *c., with every deoeHptioa
of lanpa, manufactured and for »ale cheap. Al*o,Hiln>
la( Fluid and Camphene, at the lnwe*t petee*.
AM ITU k TAKBKLL, IV Washington it., Booton.
Denton In fivum Was <■ Aiua, Kurnr Braiaaa,
Carriage DolU, Band*, Pancbed Not* and . Washer*,
Malleable Iron CaMlon, B«m'* ffiLt.ow*, Ainu and
Tien, Portable Forge* and Leather Belting, Tinmen'*,
Cooper*'. Boiler and W«r» Hleeti, J ck and Pr*aa
Screw*, Fan Blower*, La lb* Chain and Cog*. Lath*
Oof*, flock., Coach f«rewt. Kmerjr, Ac.
ll« State Hi reel. I'oaton
A y
■ PATENT KD 1 • 4 S . £
— r
i, fold bjr any of the dealer* In Plp> la New knj.
o land, at wholesale. X
Bb At 7ft Kilbt Bracer, Roito*. »t ■
>*4« I'cialnUh
Importer* of
■> M 9
No*. 34, 27 an>l 39 Kilby Htreet, Roaton,
Invtte the attentlou of Merchant* rUitiaf Ike eitr, to
th»ir Urje and rerj OOCnplete :i-krun* nt, which ll lte|»«
forth and ouomUt* throughout the war, tit •
WoMen* an<l Clothier*' <1 ►-!<, a full *tuck.
Stuff., Mmm, Alparra*, Lyooeae Cloth*, ke.
Pre** Fabric*—«ilk*, Ik-lalne*, I'rint*, (llnxh*m«, Ac
Linen*, DUpera, Pamatkl, Table C.olli*, lUn.llerch'f*,
White Uowl* -Miulln*. and Catnbrioa of all kiud*.
Blanket*— VYhltoaud Colorwd, of all quallUe*. Ike.
Carpeting*—L'elret.Tapettry.Iufraiu, Una, Katra Vine
Canon Matting* I 4x4, #*4 ami 0x4, white and colored.
Hosiery and tllorea— Ladle*', UeoU' and Children'*.
▲. WIIBELElt & CO.
„ Wboieaale and Retail Dealer* la
Artists' ' nd Paint?r»' Supplies,
and Manufacturer* of Ul« only
T 3 Ualaa ll„BMl«a.
RMMOVAL. D. B. Rruvti k Co. hare removal to
lb* new Oranlte glare, !W tOand 12 Broad Street,
(oppoelte TlHen lllock.) where tber wUlooatlnue their
Jwraer bqjlneu %k Importer* m4 wbdeaale Dealer* In
Ihrtimn, China tod UUu Wan.
Importer* tad DMler* In
CIOAR CASKS, (1(1 AH 1,1 :11TS,TUBES, kc.
K«> 03 IlM«T«r M« Bmimii
(Lawrenc« Block, oppotlU the AawtoM llotue.)
Km. Ullll Oawt St. CotNUaily oa hand Um be*t 1CK
CRKAM, Plc* k Fitrr Cask*, Ac. Ac. Ta*/» Or
namtnU tftrtrf dwcrlptlon supplied at Um »horu*l
Imbroljrpe, DBgocrrrolrpe k rkitopiphit
JOHN SAWYKR k CO., IB WaaLlngton St. Bo.ton.
Importer! and Dc*l«r* la dlM(, PlalM, t'«per, Ca*«*,
Frame*, Lncltett, Por* U.eoiicxU, Cotlodloa, Va/nl.hr*
Ac. kc. Books od the art. Orders pmaptly au*rx|M
gb:hc*e b. rox&oo.,
Wholmle and Retail Dealer* In
lr«M Pipe, Sirniu, tiaafc Wnlrr Fladlaga 1
Manufacturer* of
137 r<>ugres« fclreil,
A fer door* *outh of Milk itreet, lloiton.
Wbolrtal. and Rrtail bmUr. la
C'oaurrw Sprlag* Water.
A rent* for Mile«' Cr .ton AW, (»u per lor,) P. (lanl'i Plill
atlelplila Porter h lagtr IWr, In Mile*, bblt. k hhil*.
Howard Athen^um Ilullding, Howard *t., Motion.
DEAFNK^* cured, howrrercauwd. If the tick*
log of a watcb c*n I* he.inl. Utter* ol Inquiry ad
dr«r»"1 to Dr. A wnlman, No. 1.' Suffolk PUoe, A<«ton,
aterulfd to. Remedlr* and Apparatu* tent bjr Kxpreu.
.14 nn"Mriit.D 8ra«rr, Bohto*.
1 j;■ km\r Ccaut — .v> m my Im ortaat curr* hare
br. ii rltfctnl by (be In lUn *y*tMii of m*!ical trratmrnt
ft* practitr.1 liy I'r (i'.U.I.N ii i . Indian Mrdlcal In
ttitutc, 34 OrutiiiUM urort. that (lie mod* of cur* ha*
fairly rari'«t (!■« n*m« hc*toir<-d up >a It of
Kur proof irixl f..r a frrc • imp!* copy of INDIAN A R
CAN A, Kdlted by R*v. (J«, C. Dancrtft.
Ilavliifc fur rUlil.'en ynare (Irrn particular ittcntlon
to tin* iubj«i, I»r. Iticli»id*»n will, fjftli« future, drrola
hlmti If lo the treatment of th« I»I»<-**m of female*.
Of the I'rnobtcol Tribr(
Orrira, No. S Wut Hr**»r, Boaro*.
I doctor all dl*ca*r* with tood wtmi, ai my certlfl
catei will »how, belonging to thl« country and people,
*uch at Cancer*. Pile*, Humor*, Cold*. Cough*, Trrtrt,
Female Complaint*, Ac. he. ADVIOK tIKATIfl.
N B. At my ottlcHn UwelHtATCRDAY* and Hl'N«
Manufacturer* of
Np«rlla|« Rlttr. Vn *b®«ilnn, Bluallag,
nod KblaBlni I'awwr.
A. »T. FAY, Offlor, II City Wharf.
Forcrery Deicrlptlon of
fthoa Thread, | C.Mtay'i Thread*,
lUddler'* do. J fVa l.land Cot loo,
Hilling'* do. | Krman't Diamond, do.
Martha!!'* do. | Itillllp'* (llaied, do.
>'•. 7 Llbrrtr «<"•••. Ba.ua.
ft. Sc. J. MYERS,
Xa. 10 llaaarrr lUata*.
Importer* of
(hryttal*. Tool*, and Jobber* of JtwrlrT.
8. k J. M. bar* a Urge *tock of tb« abor* Oou.li,
wblcb tliry will *#11 SO p*t cent. lower tban any other
booM in the tr A Ml artloU w» will«-n 1 at th«
wbolraalc price. AH nrdrra promptly attended It.
Flour Sc Producc Dealer,
WarrkaMM1 04 Ullcw Mrffli BmMI>
Directly opposite the 011 Colon/ A Worcniar bepnta.
Order» by nail or tipnu attend*! I* with deapalch.
Drawa'i Braarklal Tra«kfi or LauagM
*,* A aa/e and certain r*ro*»ly far Corsn, Il<uaae.
naa. Calm, and other andchtM.
I> lartnaaT CoaacMrrioa, Aetata and Wiaraa Cooua
they arc anbllinjr. Bring free from trrrj hurtful In
fmlient, they mar taken hr themut italics I* femaU
or lha joanfMt chlkl i while the fi auc Crataaa ud
PaoraaaioaiL ftioia will Ami them Invaluable In allay
ing the honreeoeee and Irritation Incident in meal ax.
crtlon, and nleo a powerful auxiliary In tha pwdoaMwi
of mrludWxit enuuciatioo.
#>am fir /Tafieaai £r«,
Wa an tar depart from our cuilotn aa in aay cf'Brtwnt
Br»ntki»i Trvtkii," that we hara aeen them IrM and
find ihem excellent far I'mihi, 0-4d«, llotnnna, Aa.
Bold by all Braff ieta in lha United Hutea at It eta.
and 40 ctt. per box. The larr* boa la the ohenpaet.
Flour» Byo and Feed,
Now ou lionnl Bcbuoncr Carollae.
Rble. IvicW* Milla Doable Extra Flour
1(10 l»bla R-Uruml Mills
|0U " Heath' Extra Ohio do.
.V) " Gmr*e F.ltra do.
100 " MaHt>oruugh Kxtra do.
M.000 Ilia F<im* Ffwd.
100 Luahrla Hye. . . .
For aalo by 49tf JOHN GILPATRIC.
look Here!
TV7E want ft try coal Ikat w duo us. tod WIT
"" nccoant Ihnl U no!
Having mad* arrangement* to remain in IhUritv
long aa nay •* necr«aary f«»r lb* heielii of hfa
paiienu, in*itea e*t»-*-ul alientian l« hU irrat
meul Cjra uiul liar, l«v a n rw and rniiaeal
ly aucreaaful mode o| pru.-u e
Term# from $1 to $3 per week*
Peracna making iminnt ni<> application will re
reive peraooal attention until cured.
if Office at the MDDKFOHD HOUSE
— or —
— AT —
X». 10, Faclarf lalaatf, . . . . Saaa.
Selling from $3 to S25 por Set
Grand aaaortment of
L«4lea\ MIhh', b*4 Chlldrta**
CuMotn made, »rlliug at reduced prior* Now
ia the lime to get good
HAxavj mmm rn
No 1C, Factory la'uud,ne*t door to York Com
pany's Counting llotm. 3w49
Public Notice.
THE firm of M. Ac II. Pierce i« ihia day dia
•olved by mutual content, All prraona liav*
ing boainc** With tlie late lirm are rrqueMol to
peltIr lite miiui* Willi Mamh.ill I'unf, wl.o
authorized to adjual the liu>me»a of the lirm.
Hy bia iHjwrr Ally in lad,
Wm I'lEKCK. )
H:ddc/brd, Deceinl*r l»t, 1837. 3wl9
Mr. C. \V AtwtU, PttUuJ,
Deaii Sib — For the ln»t aeren year* I Inve
beeu »eveiely alflioted with aore ci'ea, during
that lime 1 hare iimvI everything In (he oiarket,
and |nuo erfirct Inr the heller, uulil I ohtaiwd a
box of UK. PETrCTft KVi: SALTS, «kMl I
bave turd, und I now believe my eye* entirely
••tired. IbllldwM wiili any dlaMMsf the
Kye«, I would cheerfully •acomiuo.<d the U»c of
(Sig ned,) OLIVE STOKER.
Dr. Pclitt'N
CURES—Sore and Weak Ejrwi!
CURES— Inflamed Ere«!
CURES—Ulcerated hrodid* !
CURKS-Scrofuloun Jwres and Ulcers!
CURES—Sharing Sores and I'iimde* !
CURES—Ringworm and llarbers' Itch!
CURE*—SORE UI»S, Cut*. Bruises, Ac.!
CURES—The PILES, applied externally!
C. W. ATWIiLL, Portland, Uenrral /tn'iii.
SoKI l»y all dealer* in medicine every srlieie.
\othiog in the hinton of Medicine
Hat evtr had titrk aHonithino tufctu at th'
CANKKll BALSAM hutmnut a,*
of almotl daily ufcmrtmt of ilt air
id'' ratu of Canter that ha>l
oaJM ever* olktr rtmtdy,
CURES—Canker in the Month.
CUKES—Canker in the Throat.
CURES—Conker In the Stomach.
CURES—Canker in the Ilowels.
CURES—Inflamed and swelled (tains.
CURES— IloarwnwH ,fc irritation of throat.
CURES— Bronchial affections.
CURES—Swellctl ToniiU and Sore Throat.
CURES—Infants' S>re Months.
CURES—Sore Breast* and Soro Nipple*.
CURES—CANKER in nnjr and every form
is which ir Arrucrs hik iiuma.* back.
O. W. ATWKI.L, I'. Ului.l. ( . i.t
Solil tiy u.l in imilh'ino tv«'tywU'ie.
More than Twenty Year*' Experience
ius hiuvv* tiu up.i:.vT VAi.ru «»*
Dr Marshall's Snuff.
pur Oiddme»» in «l Di*ziu<iii t.ic !!•* id,
For Winning ic II .*'« ii'uliou* 11 tin* 11 «■. <1
tfy- lac MAIUjilALI/S SNUFF.
i For too gicul a flow i.|' llluod In the Head,
| For Snutling iii the Nose untl itching Nostril*,
> For U!eedmg hi Dm No*e, •
For Stuflinft up of the Head and No*e,
For pain in the Forehead mi l region of the Rye*
For Watery Eyes, Sore und weak Eyes,
For i Cold in the li**o<l and the Headache,
For Deafne** and Hinging Sound* in the Enr»,
j C. W. ATWELL, Portlaud, General Acent.
i Sold bjr all dealer* iu nxdielnc every wltcre.
Dusseldorf (iallery of Painting!
Purchased nl • Cm I at $140,000.
amd powers' woii.Ii iRjmw.im «r*r io» tub
H«-purrl».«*ed \\>r nx i dtU.in, with *ev»
eral hundred other works ot Art, in Painting*,
Sculpture and Bronse*, comprt«e tlie Premium*
to he iwarded to the atiWnhcra of die
Cosmopolitan Art Association.
who subscribe l«for« ihr '."iili uf January, I'iofc,
•t which tune the a war<J« wtil take jJace.
Every anbsenber oi thru dollar* i« entitled to
. A copy of the larf ami •(•lei. Jul Hw-il Kigrivin^
entitled "ManirKar D«»tiwv," alaoto
A copy ot the Cosmopolitan Air Juranat. one
year, also to
A Certificate in the Award i>f Premium*. al*o
A free adtiii**ion to the Dusseldorf and C«"tno
politan Galleries.
Tuii* i( i* aeeu that fc»r every tkr** tLdart paid,
the subscriber not only receives a
but, also, the beautifully illustrated
Each subscriber i* alao presented with a Certi
Urate in the Award* of Premiuma, by which ■
valuable work of Art, in Pain'lnr or Sculpture,
may be received in addition, thus giving to everr
aubacril er an equivalent to the value of jfie Jol
Ian, and ■ Certificate
Any one of the leadiug Si Magaiinea it fur.
nlahed. instead of Engraving and Art Journal, if )
deal red.
No person i« restricted lo a sin <fe share. Tluise
takinc Ave BMaLrrvtMp*, remitting 913, are en
titled to an exit Engraving, and six ticketa.
Full particular* of the AMOciatiou are given in
lhe Art Journal, which contains over sixty spies*
did Engr«vlnfs, Jkfif ttmt r*r mumbrr —
Specimen copies will be sent lo all persons who
desire to suWribe, on receipt of hve postage
" Ad&lrwiVlUSTIlAM OILMAN, Hon See.
4SSw Saco, Me
THE members of the First Claaa of the York
County Mutual Fire Insurance Company are
hereby notified that the Directors ot said Ctxnpe
ny have ordered an Meessraent on the members
nl mMdaw, pavahle on or bciore the Ibth day
Tw««rtlM ktil PrtpwttiwuariM Afli
They are not recom
mended as Universal
Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name pur
The Vermifuge, for
expelling Worms from
the human system, has
also been administered
with the most satisfactory
{results to various animals
subject to Worms.
The Liver Pills, for
the cure of Liver Com
plaint, all Bilious De
rangements, Sick Head
ACHE, &c.
Purchasers will please
be particular to ask for
i Dr. C. McLane's Cele
1 brated Vermifuge and
Liver Pills, prepared by
: sole proprietors, Pitts
burgh, Pa., and take no
other, as there arc various
other preparations now
before^ the public, pur
porting to be Vermifuge
and Liver Pills. All
others, in comparison
with Dr. McLane's, are
The genuine McLane's
Vermifuge and Liver
Pills can now be had at
all respectable Drug
CO Wood St., Pittsburgh; Pa.
(iollt I'rnprloloM.
II. II. IIAV, k CO.. IVrtkivl, O'tMral t*
thrSut.a Mailt*'. »*«M to Bidii«»u»p. I»» J.
•ml W. 0. Dyrr K*co, »iy 8. 1.. MlUti-ll, T. Oilman.
sr r*.*<i
INDIA \ II A L H A .71
THIS Raitiin !• eorap'w-l «f l.i* rw rt imt
houtkl. with about tvtuty u«brr .lifer
ent ll-rtx, an.t entirely a r<fetaljle c<*ii|v>uBii. It U
cmu|»ai»Iol lu a truly Klciillfle in .nt «r, *twl accord.r*
• ul'-tljr villi rule* of rtiarmary, retaining all lb« in.<11•
dual i|iialille« of <acli article lulu urltlttal (Irt-nytli,
hik! twine concentrated In tin* form »( a /U»mi that it
•irmNn t'lllir wad* all.I wmi.l.rfulU <|mck and elB :a.
emu* In Ita acllio im the Uinfi ari l Itrnxbial Tali**, It
raceoli anything In tanliral ki»:k< that hu IW turn
<.ffkrrr.|. Aim) for lite cur* <>f
(aagb*. OUi, Whaaplaff ( •■xli. I raiif. A*lh«
ma. Ullara'Hi Spilling al UIm<I, Urxnrtif. •
nl l oniflalMta. -u I all lll"»»'» rt Iku
Thrunt un4 Wfrcllaii. •( llir Laafa,
ao>l tlwae JraaJfal tiki a|>palliu* ate« Muw rac«
•ml ouotry,
Consumption & Liver Complaint,
t la uurltallnl, an! vhrn It ha« Mice Urn mU U I a*
gained a rr|>ulati>n I r Itadf, witho ut the all of lengthy
•^KitiMKiiti, aikt It n-rtr Itaa li« runflilrnc*. an-t la
rrCummeo.lftl by many high niimUl bk-u, ami f-nm of
our Drat tthytlclana | an<l »« partic ilarly aik the alien.
tl<Hi rfthl- < Lu< thr < 'Morounity vliit an afflicted villi
any conpthiatt of tl.e Throat, Cheat, or Ltuifi, to lit'.a
article, ami to /
vho are tr>ul>l«d vlih NrnnrbltU or any Bronchial af«r»
tbtii caux- i by ortr eicrtioo, we can »ay vltb all
deuce, im
Liverwort and Hoarhound.
Meaan WRKKf * POTTKR. IM W aahlitftMi fcreH.
Hoalm, arv Proprietor*, and f.<r aaV by all Drvgttria.
lu tnrv a»l aak for Mr*. M. N. Uardnrr'* Indian HaUaai
of U«»r«'-n arvl ll.*rh.«ii>d, awl lake wiiillHf.fce
there ar* nuihrn of ipailnu arttrlo la th» nartrt.—
TV ganulae has a hlu- wrapprr ami r»J labal r iiaJ
each bullk. M l>y all bni||ttU. ' tmit
The undersigned, iiavino sold out
their Stork of fnuda lo (too Oilman Sc Co.,
•■<1 »<>w arimx *• iIkira^'rata and hwvmir remor
•d lo iHr •lore of
we now iropoM lu aril tl.e remaining Stm'k low
Pl<*a«e cull ao«t rx«miuc be fort punliwin/ »!•«■
P 8. Ail in>lclH<rt| lo the firm of Cmnirtar
WrtljTBWooJ, ara rrqiHNlol !•» cull and »«ltl«
immediately A word In the wta« ia autfk-Mnt.
Notice to the Public.
rplll wanta of 111$ wya.mity b»T« frr a ta«t llwi*>
mi 111161 mi Mime
Tkla «ul la mm aapplM fcf MAM WMB,Mtfc*
»k»r« Imla pr»i*r»»i umnii with ittapaiefcallaH«n
Li mUmt brsaafc o< kUkulMa.
Ba la yaayaraJ lo totlik amj palm of F«aa Ikl
aaa Im tauHl In Bwlaa, aad ft! bv pctaw.

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