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YOI.. 11.
AND Groter
Rrovuc=Xslany Statcoman,
No. 9, Murket-Syuare, Providence, R 1.
TERMS.—Four Dollais per annum, To those who pay in
adrance for a year, a deduciion of Fifty Cents wiil be made,
7\ communications must be addiessed to the publishers,
postage pail.
wy- ,A' S N I‘l‘H’
WOULD inform hw friends ard the pub
lie in general, that he has removed 1o
tthe shop formerly occuped by Mr. John L.
Johnsou, in the rear of the Jackson House (so
called) No. 23 North Main street, where lLe
will be happy 10 wait Lpon all those wlo may
De plouedplo employ him in the lite of Lis
Conches aud ( haises re-painted and re
varnished, and all hinds of repaira g done with
faithfuluess and punctuality, and us beap as
can be aflorded.
He returns his thanks ‘o his friends for tle
patronage heretofure eatended to hinr, and
hopes they will still continue to patronize Liwm
at his new stund. o.t 27
No. 38, WasrMmiNsrei-sr. Provibesck.
'p!':Ri"Oß.\lS every operation upon the
Roefer to Levi Wheatan, M. D,
John W. Richmond, M. D.
Lawis L. Miller, M. D.
J. F. Flagg, M. D.
Dct 18 Focton.
% oy
No. 20, Norru Mary Sreeer,
[{A S constantly on hand, and daily recoiv
: mg the llowing articles, viz. ladfes’
prunelin 3hoes, with straps, lace and shppers;
do maroceo and kid do do; do dowble prunelia
Bootees; gontlesten’s calf Boots, warrinted of
the tirat quality; do do second and thied qual
ity, prices from two to five dollars and a halfy
wen s thick Boois and Shoes; boy s calf and
thick Uoots, Rontess, Shosa and Puinpe; chil
dren’s satin, prunella, aorocce, kid and leatn
er Biotecs und Shaes, of al! kinds, -
A'vo, BLACKING, of Dy & Muirtin's,
Warcan’s and Dunlop's manafacture, war
ranted ganaine, either at wholesale or retail;
Shies Brushes; Shce Tiread, of a superior
quality; Boot Webbing, and Bhoe Nails; Boot
and Shoa Trees; men’s, women’s, boy’s, mis
se's and childreu’s Lasts, of every discription;
do Boot Critmps.
T. H. T. Afrer acknowledging with grat
itude the fiberal patronage which he has hith
erto received respectfully invites his friends
and the public in general, to call and examine
his assortment; and at the sune time assures
thera, that all, or any ofthe above articles will
be sold at wholesile or retail, as Low and on
as accommadating terms as cun be purchased
‘at any establishmant in this town or vicinity.
N. B. Received lately, 150 pairs ladies’
kid Shoes, with heels, at the extraordinury low
price of 62 1-2 cents. Oct 27
No. 69, Westminster-Row,
HAS just received and is now opening a
complete assortment of rich Fancy and
Staple Goods, which will be sold at a small ad
Tue following are a selection of the arti
Linen cambric Pocket Handkerchiefs; Long
Liwns; Swiss Muslins; round cornered Hand
kerchiefs; Mull Maslins; Scotch Plaids; red
, Mantles; Hosiery; brosd belt Ribons, plaid
and striped; bracelet R:bous; Love Ribon;
an assortment of Sidks; Russia tiapers; tlag
IT wndkerchiefs; habit Triminings; black luce
YVo:la; grass Linen; Ginghams; table Linens;
Brit sh Shirtinga; white s.lk Giloves; black =il
Sto :kings; fine blawck worsted Hose; Bomba
zetts, plainand figred; Boabazines; Vestings;
ehldren's Gloves;- lace Edgings; red silk
H «n lierchiefs; white Juan; Ladia Sating Pon
groa; Conean and Crape; Nanking ladius’
Po ket Boasks: fine brown Linen; flat cotion
Baid; blick slk Cord; Elusticks; steel
B iska; whitesilk Gloves; white pressed Crape;
cancked wnd siripe d Mastinsg Bindanna Hand
kerchief+ Blaek rape: Freach geass Hand-
Kas:aicfsy entton stae Laessy Farniture Cal
aoey 1 avortment of Hosiery; Wash Gloves,
aapeiior qualityy gentlenen’s biack sl Cra
vataya vaeety of 3 vie; Faney Boxes; Broad
elothey S ving Sitk; Combrics; O Clothy la
d es Polise Olathsg @l and cotton Uaibrellisg
Qeonseini vy wiik Velied: mitaiion L cen
Camvrics Flannels of every descripton, With
a variety ofother articles, suitable for the sea
on ’ 0O oher 13
BOOTS AND sum-:s_
JL:’\"l‘ recoived by BENJ AMIN M. LIND
SBY, at'No 6!, Wosimnsier-Row, 20 ea
ess Boots and Shoes, consisting of lidies’ lad,
mosocco and pransetia Boatsy do. kid, moioc
co and prinelly Shoes, of vavieus patternsg
wyases’ moraceo, leather and prunella Shoce
lads' and childeon's Shoes, Booteos and Boots,
of e ary duscription: gentlemen's alf <kin and
nate lnather Bontsy gentlemen's and ladies’
[adia uhber Oer Shoes, a very line arlicle
fur the approaching se.ison.
Ot 17 4w,
No. 20, Nontiu Main Srauer,
“’".L open this mong, a large assort
saent of ladies’ prunella, moroceo and
kid Shoes, with straps, lace and shippers; la
diws’ morocceo and double prunella Bootecs and
W diking Shoes: misse’s und children’s leather
Boots and Stwes, of all kinds,
Lixgwise - Gentlemen's Dress or Dancing
Pumps, of the first style and qaality. Ao,
1 case gum clastic Over Sioes, of a superior
quality. 8w Oci 27
FANCY SO APS, Porfumery, Dentifrce
Teeth Brushes, ITead Brushes, Combs
Rose L'p Salve, Court Pliister, Hiir Powder.
Veritable Eau de Cologne, &c. &e. &e. kopt
constantly for sale at CARTEL'S,
Drug and Chemicel Stere, 14 1.2, Wostminster
M wreeh oopef.
E@M of 3500 copies of this Pape;iretirczim
Liz dollars te New-York, from Providence
via New-London,
rRrE> The excellent Steam
.m.fi.'.‘.}.—.&f'»..u iapt. A. MATHER, will
et léave New-Loudon for
New-York every dSuiday and Wednesd iy, and
the FANNY, Captain DAVIDSON, every
Monday and Friday, on the arnival of the stu
ges from Boston and Piovidence. Returning,
the Long Branch will leave New-York ev. ry
Mouday and Friday,gand the Fanny e\or)
Wednesday and Saturday, at 30'clock, P. M
until further no ice.
For excellent accommolations, stillness of
machinery and swiftness of wailing these boats
are not surpassed by any in the sound.
Sept 29 episf
e The Wasningion will
A BN leave Providince THIS
DAY, at 12 o'clo k,
SISt 11001, for Ne v-York, af
ter which the hots will run on Th radays,
Saturday and Tuesdvs, lewving Providence
at 12 o'clock, at woons retorn ng, wil leave
New-York same duys at 3P, M,
Sept 26
14 1-2, Wesrminsren-sio. Provioesce.
Bg ELPS constantly for sale, a genersl as
. sortment of the best Drugs and Mcod
Physicians” Prescr ptions carefully put «p.
Stipa and Fanles’ Medieine Chests put vp
and replen shed, ecop'f Oct 24
ffl‘l”fl Medicine now olleredto the public,
. isone which has been fully subjected te
the intullible test of experience; and in every
instance where it has been fuirly tried, hLae
been attended with the most comploete success,
I some of the cases, the patients had beer
laboucing under the disense for years, and dur
ing that perod had recenved the best mwedica.
advice, and bad even undergone a pamiu
surgical operation, without permanent advon
tage. liis not (hke these usually advertised)
o'lered as a certam cure for a long catalogue
of dise ises, but those aticted with this com
plaint, for which alone it isre ommended, msy
rely with confidence upon obtain'ng relief,even
mn its worst forms, in a short time; and they
themselves are the best judges of the impor
tance of such a remedy. Piice E 0 cenis pes
hox, with diréctions s gned by the proprietor.
Prepared and sold at Henry Cornisu’s
Drug and Chemical store, Philadelphia. Also,
for sale by 5
No. 7, South Main.street, sign of the Gulden
Mortar, Providence, R. L.
July 21. GmSew.
PREPARED and sold (only) by
Druggist and Chemist, No, 14 1-2, Westmin
ster street.
October 24 i
THE subscriber having purchased the en-
ML tire stock in Trade belonging to the estate
of Philip Potter, deceascd, ofiers the sume at
wholesale or retail, on the most favourable
terms, & '
Just reccived by the Charles Joseph, and
other late arrivals, 82 crates and hogsheads of
Blue, Printed, Edged and C. C. Waure, of a
superior quality and patterns, selected express
ly for this market. MOSES POTTER,
Oct 20 tf No. 59, Cheaps de.
A FEW female boarders can be accommo
diated in a private family, at a houre
near the centre of Westminster street. Terms
moderate. Apply at this Ollice,
Oct 24 istl
] UST received by the subs:riber at No. 25,
#J Market street, a gencral assortment of
French Curls and Clusters, of the niost fash
ionable kinds, .E. F. MILLER.
Oct 13
]’ SVALLLYY, hasjust received at his
¥¥ » Clothing Establisiunent, a priune assort
ment of blue, black, olive, brown and mixed
Broad 1o hs and Cissimeres; Vestings, new
ane eleguat patterns; a few peces diab Duf
ils, Karseys, Ulanls, Camblets, Bockings, &ec.
0 harl Anestensive assortment el Ready
Made Clothing, of e.ery discaption, mado ia
the hast an'd most durible manner: and in the
i+ ast style, which will be sold for ca:h, at
prices that cannot fal to suit cus cmers.
O toher 3
s . . - w
Fl‘!lih‘ Lossce of this fashionable place of re
. sort, respoctfilly mforngs the public, and
eitizen strangers, that it is now open for the
Spring and sumuier seasons, It s situated on
aneminence which cotamands a beautifil view
of Narraganse!t Bay and the adjancent coun
iry: and s admitted by all who have visit d it
to be o delightful plice of resort. Attached
to the Ohoer giory, are two excellent Bowlng
Alleys, not miarior to any i Rhode-Island.—
The Bur s supplied with the hes' Lquors that
can be pro uied, and other refreshments such
ae Froita, Pasiry, Ao Every attention will be
p’l‘.'] ta thoge who vt the estoblishmentg and
alfords an agreeable walk, p:mi«-ulurly to
gentlemen strangers whe visit the town for ob
servation and amusement, The Observatory
will be kept open fiom 7 o'clock, A. M. t,ll 9,
may 12, o
lIKVE coceved an assortment of Franklin
“F re Pla es and Hox Stoves, of various
sizoa; which will be sold on favorable terms,
at No. 4, Bread-street. October 27.
A TWO bladed pen-knife, turtle ghell han-
FA dle, tipped with slver at the ends mark
ed H. Huttleston, Jun., Whoever will
leave the kuife at the ofice of the Literary Ca
det, shall be handsomely rewarded.
Novr ®
20 Bbls Cider Brandy, just received and
forsale by GEO. S. RATHLONE.
nov @ .
1 l PIPES HOLLAND GlN,Swan Brand,
for sad by G 0.5, RATHLON.
Nov. 3.
i 8 " Boses 6's and B’3 *“ Juckeon 4
P (o's” braud land w: from schr.
Be!sey aud Eliza, forsule by
nov 3 E J. MA ' ETT.
CONTINUES to give lessons in the French
Langaugé, at lus room over No. 50,
Chenpside-- E.ening Scheol as usual,
Nov 3
‘,‘] M VIALL oiirs for sule, 1000 gallons
winier and fall wirwined Sperws Ol
no. 3
i g %&b Pounds, frow the justly cel
® €b€bi” ebrated Chanaler dairy, jus
received and for sale by WM. VIALL.
nov 3 . No. 13, Soaih Mam-st
e Bores Moold (:untlicfi; 9 lmgs prinic
"’E’fl Coilee, landing th s mormmg, ane o
sule by E.J. MALLLTT.
no 3
eP A g% Bils Frederichshurg Flour, land
ng,"@ g from senr, B.,lui' and Eliza,
for sale by
nov 2
l 365 Bibls. Canal Flour, just linded
froi sluop Maiy, for sale by
nov 3 .
A Few Shares in the above Capital con-
B cernmay be had i appled tor immedi
ately, itnot previously they weil be sold at pub
hie auetion on Thursday next, For further in
formation please call at CLARK S,
Lixchange Office, No. 4, Union Buiidings.
nov 8
55) Boxeae received this morning, per wag
“ %F on, for sale by
20@ Boxes ycllow Soap, 20 pounds
each, for sale by
Nov 3 A. M. VINTON.
4 Tons firet quality clewn Hemp; 2000 lbs
best Sueet lron—landing ths morning
from Brig Packet, for sale by
(}NE hundred and tifty thous:nd bright Al
exandria C.gars - 180,000 common do,
landing from schr Washington Packer, for sale
by A. M. VINTON.
Nov 8
LANDING from sloop Ris'hg Sun - 100 bbls
Baltunore superline white wheat family
Flour, tor sale by SETH ADAMS, Jr.
Nov 3 24, South Water-street,
A CONVENILENT Tenement for a small
LR family, in a central part of the town.
Fnquire of Codmer E. Mison, at No. 139,
Broad Sireet. Nov 38
1 0 Quarters casks ¢ isbon Wine, a choice
article, just received und for sale by
nov 3 E J. M\LLETT.
g’J()ST. LAST EVENING, between No. 26
’ Wter-Nreet, and No. 14 Cunal-Street, a
Store Key. The tinder will be suitably re ~vard
ed by leaving it with J. & C. HOWEIL L,
Nov., 3. 14, Cunul.S reet.
'! UST recened fiom Albany, a good supply
€J of Otter, Fur Sual and Ha'r Seal Caps,
for sale at the Hat Siore of the subsgcr ber,No,
37, Westminster stiect,
THE subserber will sell very Ihw, 3 Double
L Speeders, in good renning ocder, on
Hines' plang 1 Stretcher: 2 Water Franes 72
spindles each: 1 Throstle, 48 spindles; 1 Cot
ton P.cker; 2 Wool Jennve; 8 hand Sarinett
Looms, with a sctt of [Hirnesses, Slaies and
Warp ng ML
Al:o 1000 Ibs. Colton Yarn, Nos. 6108
25 hales 3 4 Shirtings,
Ty Let A large and commodious Dye
Hou-e, with Ve, Wrngere, S
Ballefante, Ort 31 ot
T'lp. sub (viter husthe pleasre of nforme
ine s dnendcand the pul be that cwa g
tothe Lherel pattonnse he hagreceived be |8
tern n yoled ta nmee seve val rvrprovemen'ts o
thie tlorant resart fur centrel eomoony, \
anite of apmrtmen's have Leen fitted oy expreesly
for the acrommodation of private tonolies, wheee
thev con enjoy noditinbed the st seepery
npon Narrngons it Bav, Asyes petethe sour.
cosf nmusament - eces iy ton pluee of this e
aription they will be under sueh n rarn ntlon
o renter ot worthy of being ealled the Nae
wmnt o! Rhode lgand
HAVIN(} several years since been admitted
to praetice as an Attorney and Coun
cellor at Law, in all the Courts in this State,
and more reeently in the United States’ Courts,
I otfer my services to the public,in the Lne of
my professon. Those who may seo £it to eni
ploy me, an well as my old patrons, may red
wesured that whatever bus ness they may con
fde to my management, sliall be attended to
with promp'uess, fdelity and ecorrectness,
Newpmt, Och W
The following very liberal, and christan
like remarks ou the singe,are coped from the
writings of Dector Aikin the poet, and the
catcher of buiterilios for the lud.ux,
*““Remarks en the Theatre.—The busincss
of a play-actor wasdisgraceful at pagan Roie:
there hie woe denied the rght of ciizensivp.
On this po.nt, Roussean, who, it is well known,
was sulliciently imworal and anti-chrisiian to
be excwpt from the charge of prej dice
aguinst the theatre. He observes, that the
‘situation of an acter is a state of licentiousness
“and bad morals; that the wen are abandoned
to disorder, that the women lead a scandalous
lite; that tiie one and the other, at once ava
ricious and profuse, ever overwlelmed with
dobt, and ever prodigal are a® unrestrained in
therr dss'pation, as they are void of scruple e
recpect 10 the means of providing forit. Inall
countries, their profession 1 dwhonorabie;
those wlo exercise it are every; wlere con
temned; even at Paris, where they aie treat
sd with more consideration and where their
condust is beiter than at any other place, u
sober citizen would lear to be upon teras of
atrnacy with the same actors who miay be
~ech every day at the tables of the great. This
coutempt s sirongest whetever the, manners
re the most pure; and there are couniries of
nnocence and sunplicity, where the trade ot
n actor s held almost in horror, * Theso,”’
«ays this celebrated philosoplier, ““are incon
estible fucts, Yoa will say they result only
rom prejudices —1 agree to it but these pre
judices bemg cniversal, we mnst scek for a
miversal cavse—and I do not see where we
an find it, except in the protession itself.”
Remanxs, The splenetic writings of Rous
seau, a man who waas sceuted by the church,
re thus adJduced, 10 prove that actors, are of
I people, the most infumous and diabolical,
ind bis writings are thus made use of by men,
who professed to Lold him in abliorrence, and
‘9 look upon him, us a living curse to chris
tianity, Sach sentiments, as are here imputed
to Roussean, were never entertaned by him;
but were written in a moment of indignation,
and issued”o revenge himseli at the hands of
a famous Puarisian actor, who had treated
him discourteously and carelessly.
But whether they were his sentiments or
not they are not just, or liberul, they uroe}
founded on false provmises, and are untrue,
With actions, as with all other classes of soci
ety, there are to be found merwr of vicious hab
its and bad princizles, but they are not more
numerous in that profession, than in any oth
er. There are thousands of acters, who in all
the relations of life, deport theinselves with
great propriety, and are as exemplary in their
habits and walks in life, as other persons, and
n the discharge of all the duties due to the
world - and in the performance of the noble
charities, are not eclipsed by those who con
temnn them for their profession, and would pro
voke thein, because they lubor for their living
on the stage.
Such s weeping denunciations, as those con
tained in the extract from Doctor Aikin,
ghould not be countenanced or received by the
world, for they are disreputable to all who en
tertain them, and are destitwte of all the mor
al and christian charities. We do not mean to
deny that there are vile persons who tread the
. i
stage, and who are not only a disgrace to so
ciety, but to the profossion; but to the asser
tion that #hiey are all so, we oppose an une
quivocal denizl, and fur ourselves cansay, that
we have found among the disciples of the dra
i, as many exemplary characters, as we have
among those, who behold in a Theatre, the
very hiut bed and focus of crime.
We find the anueacd paragrapi, mtie Hents
ville Alabama Demnocrat of the 17th of Octo-
“ More Fighting. - The game of knock
down and drag out, was pliyed ol in high
style last weel in Tuseunba, Dorks and ps- |
tols were deawn and fard to be freely used,
nany wounds intheted, but the only serious in
jury was sustained by a Mr. Washington from
a pstol shotg at first the wound was supposed
1o be mortil, but we have since heard that he
ig on the recovery. The particalars of this
ud'rv_v are not given in the Tuscunmbia papers
but om a notice publshed, announcing the
cessation of hostilities between Henry 8, oote
wnd friends, and the fimily of Winsion and
fviends, we suppose that all diYerences as to
them are put to resty and 1t s lughly probable
that a detall of the particulars attending the
lite vilir, is Lept out of the public prints un
der the expectation that a geveral recone:lin
ton among the parties will be eflfected. In
deed, it istima that the tomhawlk and sealp
ing hn fe should be laid asmide. It was only
lust week that we were reprobating similar
procoedings rear Natehes, wheien two men
were killed and several wounded, Soch
acta of violence us are now tolerated,
are we!ll ealeulated 1o maxe our Siate no
torons throwghout the country. We may
expeet soon to hear the nawe of “* Alahamna,”
Cused as o boe word of reproaeh by all eividzod
eocietvy and unless the strong arm of the law |
is extended to arrest sach outrageous proceed- |
inge, our land will become the resort of despo- i
radues and blood-thivety miscreants, who al
ways flee to that country where they canstalk
abroad in open day, and assail their fullow be
ings with impunity.”’
Wo are glad to find that eae of the Alibama
papera, have had the covrage to speak inopen
and unequivecal termas of dieapprobaton and
disgust, of the shamefil practice of fighiing,
which has too long prevailed in that and the
adjacent staies, Horetofore the press, i those
sections of the country have rather inelned
favour of eneh outrages than vtherwise, and i
thos wenld but naite, in one general ery o'
condemnation, & bar of pruscription weuld st
no distant per.od. be put upon the savage and
diabol cal practice engaging in parsonal aiirays.
I'ho example set by tire Democrat is a good
one and we hope it will be fuilowed,
Carrain Syarmes,—~The subjoined appeal
to the sympathi s of the American people, has
resantly baen prefirred through the colunus of
the Nutional Intelligencer. We comumend it
to the jecusal and cossideration of a Lberal
“ 10 1% new theary of concentria spheres
and open poles is a well based discovery, nind
Lam the one wio founded and developed il,
as noie can atiempt to deny, it ay secin o
many a 3 it geeios Lo me, unlortunate that theie
shoul i be o otlier or botter protscting organ
ation exigting in our comunnity to provide
for the wants of needy discoverces, who have
to seu.lie hard with adversity, and clien want
the common Rmecesgar es of Lle, than there is
for thetn who bhave no particular plea. leay,
it will scem unfortunzte for me unless sonue
support is, in reality, rained down vpon me
witiiout further supplication. Il had means
whien it was pracuicable foi e to resort to,
still I oiuglit ot surely to exhauvst them to tie
diegs for the public good (however, this 1 con
tead 1 have done,) and who ulsu.‘l‘no the pub
lic, are Lke to be profited by my researches ?
And, is it not incombent on me, both in duty
to miy God and my fellow wen, to pursue iy
undertaking, and improve the talent I eeem o
be ent usted with?
“In pursuing my researches, &e. relative to
the theory in question, for nine years past,
am brought in debt severa] thousind dollars,—
I am now, for want of means to proceed, stay
ed in the neighborhood of Pordestown, uniil
some comhinntion of persons, or some indi
vidual shall please to provide what i needfi |
to bear e onwards, without my muking ony
further vain at'sinp'a at lecturing, which a fce
ble Lealth, if nothig elsn, scemns to foibid,—
Directions, by mail, to Crosswicks, near Boi
dentown, wiil reach me,
*“The arts, very generally. afford enpport to
their devotees; bt those who are devoted to
discoveries in science, often, for want of fos
tering, languish., 1t would seem not to be so
much the buginess of every body to atiia a
remmedy, as of u few, Would it not be well,
horeafter, that some public fund or institution
be establishied for the particular purpose of pro
viding for at least all extra cases of this nature ?
The Captain's siturtion is certainly an un
pleasant one, and we hope, that arresting the
attention of those who male magnificent dona
tions to Foreign Missionary Soceties, he will
be relieved. Asto the correctness or incor
reetness of the Captain’s Theory, we know
nothing; but from what we have heard con
cerning it, by leetvres @clivered, it certainly
wears a very plausible aspect, and its author
ought »ot to langwsh and die for wane, IPlhi
losophiers have examined his theory, and pro
nounced in favor of it; and « young man, Mr.
Reynolds, a pupil of the Captain’s is now lee
turing on the theory with success, and accu
mulating wealth, whilst its distinguished au
thor languishes from want. Such things should
not bej;—we hope the Captain will be relioved
f.om his present unhappy situation,
We copy from Russeiils tour in Germany, an
account of the eouthigration in the Quicasive:
mones of India in 1803,
“In 1803, on the night between the 15tk
and 16ih of Mareh, the workwmen ob-erved a
thicl smobie isswing Gom some ot the lower 'g.\|
leties. It ascended, and spread itselt through
the higher. No tlie was scen, no round oi
flames was heard, but it was 100 evidont thaet
the mite wagon fre below, Soweof the vork.
men, with great intrepdity, endeavored to
reach the sceire of the conllogration, " L wa:
in vain; they were forced to refreai from onc
gallery to another, thying before an encig
whom they coudd not discovery for the smose,
which continved to maky its way vpwards to
the open air, was not terely so dense and suf
focating, but go loaded with noxious fumes,
and particles let looss from the fooads, among
which the fiames were rac gz in the bawels of
the earth, that uo living e eature condid sifuly
moet if, much less peneirate i, They wore
fortunate caongh to sue themszelves above
ground, and the idea was adopied of extn
guishing the fire by excluding the air. All i
presages were closed as near 1o the supposed
scene of the econdagration as they couid be
reached. The two shafts, which led e
diately above geoimd, were stopped up autside
and plostere i over with clay. Fve weelks the
mae renqmed thus sealed up without eifect,
T wice during this period, the coverings ahove
were removed: en b time the enerny was 00l
wore furions than belore, The flames =0
heavd raging below, with a souud at which the
nuner el trembles when he relates w; the
emoke, bardened with maereurial and sulphive
cous exhalitions, rolled forth from the mouth
of the pit, hike streams troin the jaws of tehe
ron, stokong dawi e ery one thit eume withn
s rearh, It was apprehiended that the five
Chad atiacked the vpper works, anl wag thas
e dening the final destruction of the ve.
I As a lst resonree, the director resolved to
hazard the experiment of laying the wine un
| dee water, A stredin was turned into a Ycr
petidicular shafl, and allowed 1o fow two diys
| and thiee nights, During the Entday it pro.
‘ dused no elect, 1o the eonrseofthe sceond
| doy, whether it was that sieam gencrated by
ths westing of the fire and water, was strug
gling for escape, or that an mTamable air had
baen produced and kiadled by the plowing foe
«ils, of & sudden, a subterraneans oxploson
shoo's the mountain with (he noize and violence
of an earthquake. The hute of tho mines,
| eitvated noar the entrance, were rent: bousos
| farther off, but standing on the elope, or
pear the shirta of the till, started from their
foandations; and (he panic straek inhabitanis,
were (ying in d anay (rom the ruin that seem
od 10 threaten their valley. The whole thing
must have beun spland d; aceidental a 4 it wae,
1 art cordd go ne further in imitating naitre,
. ¢Ju the mine iteeif, as wasaflter -‘:-""H found,
the weplacion had rent the grilerine, thram
doun the arched roofs, and torn up the onin;
but the victory was %umu!;-the vapors begam
to d minish, end, at the end of seme weeks it
wes possble to veature into the mine. Lt cost
IWO years to piepare an apparatus, and fump
octthe water. It was carnied off'into the Idria,
and wos fHund 18 contain only s emall guantity
ol metctiy, but o large proportion of vitriolie
acid, and £o wuch iron, that the bed and banks
of the river were encrusted with iros ochre,
thronghout iis whole eourse, from Idria to
where it falls into the Lisonza. At the sewce
twe, every fish dissppeared from the stream,
oxcept the ce!, which seews to bid defiance to
every thing except acturl broiling or roasting.
| «Even when the malleries had been cleared
of the water, it was inipossible to work in them,
patily from the heat which they otill retained,
but st:dl more fiomn the fumes of sublimated
mercury, which produced in the miners a aio
fent sulivation. accompanied with convulsions,
and trembling of the Lombs, To produce an
almost inhuinan zeal, Lgh wages were oflered
to such as would venture into places reckoned
the most dangrerous, to explore the censo
quences of the disaster, and collect the quick
siver which had been deposited m large ((i‘nnn
titles in the galleries. Many purchased this
additional pittance with ther lives; and, alto
gether, the atmosphere, which continued for
won'hs to mfeet the e, was se baleful thut
it was difficudt to muster a suffyeont number of
healthy men for ordinary eperations,
Remanks. —The way in which the proprie
tors of these mines managed to induce men to
work in them, afier the conflagration, ever at
the expense of their lives, afiords a mournfil,
as weil as a degrading and disgusting consuen
tary on the avarisious desires, which geverally
rule the acts of men! For the sake of a very
meonsiderable stipend, searce sutficient to pry
for a day’s sustenance, we here find mea,
throwing thenselves, ag it ware, into the mouth
of a firey furnace, and voluntarly sacrificing
their hives, {or the sake of the acquisition of a
few solitary and insignificant Marka,
The body of Morgan haa lately been Qcoys
ered on the top of a white pine apple tree, in the
dorest of Utopia, with Coptain Symmes at tho
fwot of ity avmed with apiteh fork, watching lest
anyone should take it away. Ti.e Lody wis
dres-edin a peach blossom over cvat, Dutch in
ex e« bles, and recog ized by his wife, by the
fact that the tip end of' Lis left little toe had
rather a long mail. A vote was inmediately
veedtosend a detachinont of old women to La
P ! fo
firange to bang General Lafayette, who is im
plicated in the wlair, inasmuch as that he is a
P. 8 The Grand Canal is immediately to bhe
Hlled up, beewnse it was projected by De Wikt
Clinion, a mnmost notorious Mason! !
In giving place te the ironical production of
an Anti-Mason, we must protest against the
| freedom with which he speaks o our unfor!u
nate friend, Captain Symincs. The Captain,
we feel assured, though a distinguishad Ma
:on, has had nothing to do with the abduction
2 Morgan, and instead of watching the body
of the ili-fated Morgan, is now laboring under
Wl the distross of penury and sickness, and
ardently studying to make somes improvemont
on Lis theory—a theory which bas theoreti
cally deprived him of the means of acquiring a
livelliood, Whilst we nre ready 10 admit, that
these who have heen zealously engaged in solv
-7 the myvstery whiel invelves the history of
Maorgan's fite, had .w’.njm-!od theirselves to the
sdicule of the world, by their folly and extrav
-Igant zeal, stifl the subject is one of eober se
cionsnegsy and whilst we fangh at the extreme
iy of those who would destioy the super
structure of Masonry, our symputhies are
veakened in behalf of the widow and the or
piran, who sigh in vain for the restoration of
fie murdered father and husband,
Doxarwmowx, The following paragraph, hus
haen going the rounds of the newspapers for
iowe time, and it is now copied into the eo!-
wmng of this paper, lor the purpose of making
it a matter of roeord for curselves, and to
Keep it on our liea,
“ Arthinr Tappan, Feq. of Naw Yark, has
recent!y wmoade to the ** American Board of
Comm as'nners for Foreign Missions,”’ the
magaificent donation of (25,000, te be paid in
5 yearty insialments, and (o be appropriated 1o
tha philaniheopie uses of that very extensive
and valusblo missionary institution,”
Reusmankae, Lvery man Laz an undowbied
rizht to make Lis donations «liere and when Lo
nlaaser, and it is n» husness of ours, ii le
throws his wealth into the ser. We lLave
no rizht so fnd faalt with Mr Tappan,
for what he has dona, but it does appoar
to ue, that the donation might have Leen made
for the accomplishment of nobler ends, und
might have besn ao diepored of, as to have
rentored escential bhenelit to mankind, where.
&, situated az i!“ ie, it eannot be produce
tive of the least goud. Distributed ameng the
poor, it would support one hundred indigent
fanndes, during the approaching win‘eg, and
hundeeds of tenuntless oflspiing, wrote:ed wid
oue, and heart-broken matrone, weuld huve
livad to render their praises, and benedictiors
te their gaacrous benefictor. (iven to the
suff ring rons of genius, it would Lave afforded
an aceomp! «hed education to fifty young men,
whe, unible to educate themselves, are des.
tined (o dwell benaath the shades .fignoun..
—ennd waste' their talents on the desert air;
and the world reap a rieh harvost from #o mi. -
nificent a bequest, v
B it our own eowitrymen, elaim not the pit; |
an! commissaraton of sach wwen as Mr. Tay .
pan. To their appeals he has turned & deul
avr, and o anlered Lventy-Sie theusand dsl-
NO. 59.

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