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The Mountaineer. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah) 1859-1861, September 24, 1859, Image 1

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' Wt Kcr'r we ,re fnuj;lit we niu'ti't.kril-?-
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Hj lFr " -liuntliier.y
H ijy "r. c, mu.s.
S fAVf ay, sir," shputqd sovferal
H voices from tlio satlora. who vforo tu-
w ning "towai'da tlia f igghig of tho feliip
Ig 'Chinjboyazd, iij responses to the t'ont-j
W iqamt o'' Gapt. Peter Yfispei'j, yclmio
B voIce;vas' li'eard. above tbo roaring Df-
R the j&tottn - lio Vnen wci'e prompt iji
am cbcdiencof'and. tho orders ymro given
B in supH 'a to'noj-tha't riono fi.oomedto
ht'sitnWrfor amomentto hauliu, and
IB furl ilio sailsi, though . tlm elup ,:tai
H plangmg. fearfully over i)o angry
in "waves. ,
w Sho was on a yoyago from Bivcr-
flB pool to Philadclplda, Jadoft with a
. B precioiig. cargo, of souls, It was nights
B theTmdh.ad bceit-fnir, a steady ibreezc,
B a pleasant sea, and tho Stout uhip well
! crowded Wttli s(iilj when a dreadful
B squall was felt, tho aesi-heaving' angrily,'
S niid "w tti a suditon KU9.t'tho ship l-eached
her beam-endsi Tlie captain, who had'
B not long seated hltnsclf on tho Sofa m
' mt tll- 8a0n nm juniped on. deckhand
!9j eyeing the weather' with tho quickness
B o thought, gavo tho word? oE com-
B mand. Tho clouds wore flying rapidly
B JR tho" air. darkening tho scene: th'a
B rain was falling in torrentsj and the
B heavy Swell and scowling winds, over
M the broad Atlantic, toldiat tho storm
S kiBS was superintending tho battld
B o tho elements, or as Burnsr would
m a3r,
The. Jul lid bujlueij ou Jil hah'.
B Allordors hai been obeyed, and the
JK men were standing at their posts. The
fl captinwho,tVwitlr his' usuftl'' keen
glance, .badwatched' every ;movcmv!nt
and appoarance p tlio.weattiei't cvey,
and an'pjt-seemed' conceruod. about what
I appeared a bundle, which, he, hold tit
I hi$ ttrma. gc;cureiy'UHder 1U drea,3ougltt
oycVcoa't; ' rnQVing it to and fj-o Us a
I fond mother! when "embracing and coni-
f p;o$hig, her darlihg! babe t6 glbpf'EvoA
fwhert tho winds worp. cracking' tjtolr
j cheeks fearfully, Xio spray- drenching
itho" A;csse,t and hands', and, jhet1 tain
washing u,way iljc deposits of 8alt,;bo-
f tivcen eacli w'ordotcommaud, in d hawh
stentorian voice, h& would 'stoopMind.
occfislonally va.ddre$ s; "sooth iiig" -. words;
aaif speaking to a child.. .- " '-'
, ;. -!All ifght.'.'.said he, a3.he feltjat;
ifiwiOtthoVstaf e.0f ' thqi sUiand the
course. she. had bcjjK put to; 'it Kras' a
dangc.'pus. Xquallj-hut it wjll 'Jsobn'jbe,;
fiver j"i-anu jm- stepped; .slom' ,to7 this
cafiiir t do'of , ' ivThp c'lotuM ts ..secmod
fdiigoed; id'" the vtajc alrciidy thavram;
art, opijninjj inthfl;.clou(l3i ,as slip. trif.
icbu)d;; hot.buE adm?rolthefcUrag6i
ahd'f6r';j"tUd(j! hlctvUittcanfamdi;
during: tho .unequal contest, Vas, lie
.counted otf4k;sU'cngtlt 6, his wm-jhy
. 'Aliii"iy;ikilVpoMU'K
aiidtuo,v6lhciency ,, JtisAJiamy. men.;
Utile.' UurdcWi 'abftufvhibli hti secincd-VoanXipuW-'5--'-.'
"'' "- ' '';.
.Go,d. blcss.'niy,.lirtle. Ellaj1 she sliatlj
betaken caro of," sahl.Tieaa hevagaTn'
sat dWit '.on ih& Vabijr hotn fvliilc. Kfr
.unfaldqd Jrom .hiasroub: .covferiug-, BuE
wavni. breast "s"w.ecV lUilc $x about.
six 'riibrithstdld? Bh?'smilicdiiteotly iuv
hi3'5faco; as';,he- kicd,, o,nd 3.spoko,;to;
herj atid'shcrjerowed'.' witbTdeJight aiyho,
dandled her -mtlio" bcaini of ,;thovsfiip
ttip., I fr gC ' M;' : "" 'S ",'.L?"" ":
j?cAptajaihji; fuo;1.c"oI.6red'ftu:tbtj:
.iijrjfticft b; jnanVBea3j and tannodxaud.
buriicitwith.tha-.suit" ,o f mahy-cl jufes.
i7'ewnnTiled,yctlfidi anil marily cheek;
bl'itji u lo.oking; 'FrSin' a, fortification
objJH,)rowSj -Mltl'ljis rderWiMcdaiid'
.6Kaiico 'abdyod,Iiff wasa.4en. ojlejyi'r
his heart 'c;pud uotho'scen threughf1iis.
"iloiTbto-ibrcastecr d verclbth'cs, :jt- beamed
in Ids expressive- face,' 'Atdrked' in
deed werci hidifca'tut'es, and coursa his
voice, which 'seldom needed UspoakiUj;:
trumpet to salute his follow ciaftsmen
passtng, ' He could frown ju earnest
when atigry, could smilo whoh pleased,
itnd wijoy elm cnvdisionst' of i hearty
laugh,, "which seemed to come from an
honest heart. He .wa? tiofc old, yet bis
head skewed that it had been sprinkled
with the salt of time. He. was; about
as hardy a specimen of a sailor as we
could1 wish to become -acqiiajhted with;
Vet with tho tendercst affection b the
kindest m&ther, ho; nursed the dear
littlo girl, t6wlrtcli he paid such un
usual attention .daring the storm, and
now, l?aspedto. bis, warm, bosoin,. It
was aiicctliig' tp seo 'die sform-batfdred
face, with Such4 warmth of fc6ul tri'that
stern specimen b hardyimon,' bending
oifcr. and embracing.. tno -baUc while
there wore many females on board who.
would hayo paid it every attention,
Tho lit'tie creature felt by instinct' or
sympathy, his caresses;' and no longer
missed the maternal attentions at her
parent. Itwouldsmile when ho spoke,
though crying or whining in. .the arms
of its nurse,.whp washirod toattepd-it,
j tind always relished its food when given
by his hand.
'Her mother was the. Avifo b. thp
chief matb of tbeBhip, wbo, pn account
of her dclicato state Of health, and by
the advico of friends, brought her tho
last trip on board tho ship, with the
sanction of thp captain, to .visty Eng
land, in fond hopes she would recover".
Tho voyage, however, wa too much
for her; she sank beneath her malady.
On her deathbed hc requested the
captain to. take charge of her dear
infant. Her husband -was offectionato,
but ho had too much of the rough
sailor, and too little of the man, to
i ItakV'BuffioTent care of tho dear one
! Sho knew the child was safp with the
1 captain; and sho desircA-hiro to deliver
ft tdthor parents to vtionicaf husband
FWOuldintroducohhu.. ' "', .".' '.
A few day hftor'wovifeV.Mfii'ffiji'incV
rthc. gentlest atiditlost amiable o.flleift'gf
I was consigned , ttf t'hov'a.tcry iotixb,
aniid.,tho fton'Oflft. ot. .tjfop'tainilil
fcr?Wj hbri.Bpirjt'tdTOjiuglehf jilt iliosi o$
.& iinjiar iiattirev -'-'-s.f " - '' ,. -
i l4TyejttVrfiv;t3 ycare'havo noTy clap-.
SCd,", said ,thV captaiii -,ik a pivbrip,
apparently adttresaiug thc'clithV rtsinco
I iirst entered Phfladcjphiaf, as-'podr,'
;igl,'eilt ricndl.c?s biiyjapI havpnly
jbeen theVp. (rnco jBinoc-pcrsoris nhd
; secues "jnust bo cm.ngcd.,f;,F6ntir.
.liberty, Uhd early Mtingthp 6ppf6s'sfptt
dfuy'ffatiye laiulr"I iei't .fawedeii ti
f ricu'dlCv'S, . child, and:WorkcdAiiiy liVay
;to t.he,'land;of- frcedoini the.cuhtrytdf
inv's adoDtionvAiutu-icaV' I;c"an' how"
afforil to 'iW.kiird J-Ahplpiess, babe)
.ami wheht reflection ;iuy situation
Jwlicyi .'firs "bfitl'rt Philadclphiay,' ;tho"j
:ielirtg.::qr iny'-hear "! pvtteomo'1rap"ri
.ivhilb' they'emako: 'ihe" raise Vriy-' prayers "'
.ifi?,behalf". oE .ilidsc-Svho. firit 'adminis-1
tPrpdftO; nip, ijAlnjos'thakedri wanttpr-.
cdup .the.' strict,, and ,fc'ntcpd a'clo.thiugl
Itorcj ftotd lb storckpeperf -X Vas '..;
trieriUtcsr boy, .aml'bcgged- theWlio.j
-give mtt'a suit of plotltqi, promising V
thpjytnost' 4avj)cs .ujauncY tovpijy- them j
.tlii ltrippruuty.-"j'-'ir? '"L ki ' j
''A 'iwetiittletrlj abouHpuryaf
of gc,ila- only uatjghter ostites dtnxj
ra.v.0 the Store, .ran. up .' to.,-ino -. amtv
clasped uia with. the' griatpst VlTcPtUm,
jcailcd'inii hor iftfthar) a'ml hsfears.
"fell from my pycS-as I thought dfmy
rlittleiistprin Sw'edon, the little crdatttrc
tuld me not to cry, and she would liissi
.tho- ,teaf away " Thi' parpnts. weia!
Bached with tho aeciipj and l)Eie"yn
jhy earnest, app'dal, and' tQucIicU: Tfih
;ihp;.sympathy :. the- bKHcjited ?
'Frdm-lieu'd -to .toij;; Wd:ande?8taUding
to aricdmufEnded; ni? as ;.i,- cabjiV
boy tri ii , capTath wfemthey kncw:In
tcredtth'ar);icBi. -first inonoy '
waV-ofiered fCU'wy 'lirltwutiit;'-bu't" bri!
.ac6ui)t:p jthcTfoudncfes oE'Iittlo Jf ari-.
antip foV ;hei- Polo, they-jnado : mp .u
p)V3ent;oKrV.ahd wished tu'o oVo'ryauc
ouss inUfe.,-"My.jiextypyagp:yas at
tended !tk- HhrctulfulcdnspqttPnees" -th'p
fchip'w'as 'MTOckcdand my kind
'captain -;afidttU! h'andslpst'savd'-roy;
SOlf;-.. i, ' h-t :, c . is. : z - i". - --' -
. t -'aihee, then lihaychatltp, battlgjife.
:Jikp a. hcrd;"am 'riot 6'ttly jri astefaad :
iawijcif of lljis'ship $ut 'owk evral
others, and ijaVc? acdumulat'ed property
so "as: to bor -what s .called ri4opendPnt.:
TiusvillSbo.my.Iast.iripiWhPn I bring
the. good sbtp to "T-homaston," where.
t hope to enjoy the undivided society
of my dearwii'e and fittlo ones.
Oh, Gila! howyourcmind iftcfiof tny
little daughter at home) '"and5 who
knows, but $ho may yet ttcSdaoino kind
spul to soothe her cara thrpugh liffe?
I will give- youjUp-gafply jnto.rtljo atras
oFyour grandpa !uid.grahdma,.and ripnp
other shall have the honor of the d't
fice. ' x "' ' ' : '
- Nowin a-few daysXwillonter.tho.
city, a .riphj tasipoctod wan, where
twenty-five years agonp,Iwaa poor ;a,nd
fricnuje say by those, "that God
"raised up for Wd the parents 6f little
"Marianas'. Perhaps 1 may seo her
a gentle motheY of a happy faiuilj'-" :
JSoipo. days afterwards; ..the qaptafn
atid matp. drdyp. ju 4v cari'iagOrUp ,ihe,
streets of PlulWelphta the ' former
hearing thosmiliilg Ella in lu$ arms
They alighted at theiiouso they squght
for;- Tirlicn tho captain faithfully deliv
ered the babo,.to Usr grandma,, and iu
fprmed them o tho jnotlier's request;
and of. his scrupulous attention to their
daughter and her babe, which was:
gratefully corrpbdratcd by their son-in-law,
tho mate.
Manythanks were tendered to him,
aeoompanied with fighsaud tears for
The kmd-heartod captain, in PrUcr
to turn tin conversation from ono sq
aflecting, related his first visit to Phila-j
deiphia, in an interesting manner, when,
the old gentioroan and lady, sprang to,
him, exclaiming: "And is this littlo-j
Pete?" In our store, from our hands
ypu received tho suit of; c-loth.es; and it
is the samp little Marianne's child which
you have just 6w given us." -
The captain wept 9. second time in j
their presence, j
"oifnu ijitti roit xj1- in(?TECTios!.op
t" ' , . . . , itEN'-ftddSTS.'-v : - ' y
''-' - -;.. - . . -' . -,
, .- j';It3TWX.Sf ! RAKKl'tI'Ppt hprp,' Xi
: tliif great nahnhai tnoastire eipeqprafe
fagfu ft tijj'-in-puyighlh;urstp4 wfth
, jmlitiatit cojmuptWDS.pfiriiy lacerated'
'sensibilUles., "Mishtr peakefj' arc It
possible' that menpan be;sdinfafuated,
Wi. vote agin .this" bill? VZMJstUr
; Speiikcrj' allow .mptd..piptttrc. tour
I excited. and: dpnuhid itoWguwtioy, sonyi,
, pfitho jicart-rndin'gyilsivh'iebl" ari?e?
' from, th'eWaut , oE proper purtection! to'1
hen. roosts, in "mjy.ichlityir n.mngsi:my,
1 cdn'stituchts., (stup'Spea1-:cr,vwjtt;vili:
nppospit fdie?theaiyf tiland nielau
cliolly hou.pt)i!idrigh'tallnaturla
;.iiuihed,iij rebosd-theidliVn' wind sbf &
.iyiupati'iiirdugifttitiJ .wa-'ving bj-arichc
o- the 'tiee'aiid.n'ongkt' iaheprd to
jbreak'fthe solemnchdlly.sVUtncissj sayp
:artocctoi$ia;l illiwHf.ndw 'dariy ypu ,in imagi.uatipn t-oc
tliat eyled'honihouapjf .Jjehold-jitS.!
'pe'a.dej'ui. artd-happy' ininates;!g.cHtlylej
clining Th. balmy ;sluijbc'-oiitiieh:;elci'
yated and majestic' rpdstslIjpok at thp
.ogcdr"afu venerable andlHghly'TeSpect-
ablarrdoster, as lie. kcepi;'lns siiei ngi
:fuiifps?; dver tljoso jhitQcenl:-, Itejplets"
fatid virtuous, hptis Jij&if "pullotsf' 'Juifrj
let' ydufeye3 gliifrcc ;aro"itd"! ' aiiid'be-j
hold ih'ut dignifieaaniVthidrpury'iien
who w'atchcs'-.withs tender; SpiieituUean'd'
patetiial. pugratulation over JthPse ju-j
-yenilo chickp'u who cdwXarpun(i their'
tespedtfui projenitbr, . arid h,eMifr,uiider
"her cfrduinariibicnt' wings-. $ayt X hsl,
" MisturSapiSakcr, ain tlifcrpHo bo found;
:.-cmte' .tha'ti peaceful, ad' happy abudpi
and j.eay tlidjeinlcreatiiig' ljttlo;,biddies
from JthcV agon)zed aridheart-brdken
rparehts? Mjs'.ur-" Speaker,- Xanswerfin
..thupder. .tones,. thdrd".ajn! , Arp' ihere
.aJ;iy)Idngvsd:iiieautnd. snlMikingassueli
a,rdbhcry? ffoy there 'ro--4t,bil-''"You
praysparehthewide urtjyerscVfrojn-'tlie
"na.tlves whorcposp in -solitary' Jjnuitteur-
'atidsupefiativi'e.niaje3tyihdef..the. shade
o. tlitf -1 all "cpdarff th,t,.gro' " upon the,
topiof Uic.IUmioalei1i..mpui'itajn"3 jn-thd
yaliey. pTr-JpSpphat, adiy.nvtd.the ilegrad-i
dblcUrtV fn their inisPrah e wigwam"
od-?th rdcVof Gibifaltar In the Gulphl
o'-.-Moxico, and. then ypu -will be-so
much, puzzled .0 find anything so mean,
'a'ypu. would to seethe arth revolve
around "the sun once in the twenty-four,
ho'itrs vithbut the bid pf a telescope. -' 1
Mtstur Speaker- "I feel that I have
Xaidonougli.ort thiy subject to convince:
thejiiipst obstinate member of the unap-J
prpachable necessity of a law whichi
shall -fprevcv and everlasting pu't-a stop
idcso fowl proceedings, and Fpro
pPsd that every .convicted offender shall
BuffcKi'thc penalty o the law as faV
iqwsjj 1. ..
Por the first ofiencc ho shall be ob
liged to suck twelve rotten eggs, : with
na'eaft dn''cin - - "
h'FPi-thd 'secphd'Offencoi -W shall -be
obliged -to---set ojr twenty rotten cggSji
iintiLhohtcltes.'em-. -1
V Mistut Speaker, all, I.want ifpr
every 'rncmbcr.tpact on this subject ae--Vprding
to Jits' .corfscientiousnessT Xet
hiinf-do'this, aiid hd will be'fcuicmboccd
pyerlastingly by a grateful, posterity.
Mistur Speaker, X'yc. done. Where's
jny.;hat,?--Dr. Yalpntinc...
T, , .. x. .
: jflKDEyBNOBJlT of. tho injury , which
tUeeys. sustain, from studying pr. la-.
bdj:ing.;by candle light those wljo
spend tlipTiight in occupation b any
kind," -sand waste. the morning insieep,
IpSd .tho-most beautiful period of the
dayand the one best adapted for eith
er mental or bodily labor. Vb may
consider each day as a sketch, in mini
aturpi b human life, in which the
morning represents youth, noon, man
hoodr'; un.d cveuingi old age. Who
would, .apt then employ the youthful
part of. each day in iabor rather jthan
begin his work in tho ovening, tuo
period oE old ago and debility? In the
morning wP are renovated m tho pro
pcrcst eenso of the word: the mind al-sdjj-.isatf.that
period the cieMCst,',and
1... iiiiiitii)wfiw-eiiui wwi,j)c??-'' .w -"
jposiiecdb, 'jthp; irjpaii ' slrohgth" aud' '
i energy-;' Itisnot,,a3 at night, worn-out
and rciidprdd unequal by-Hie- multifa-j
xiou .impreaiVn3 of lhcday, bv liusi-,(
; ncssatid fatigue;. jt..is then..morpri-T:
ftinaVaiid, pDses'd !i-ttatural pbwei'i1
rXliif; iSlitf, pcrfod of new mcntaicrcai'!
lionpf clp.aiT eonccpttons, ah'dexaltod
ideas,. Kover.ddbrmatt,eioy'Hhesenvl
Nation pi; Jiispwii existence isopu'wry "
;antl ins greatpei'fectiPn ftS.in.a beau-1
! itful .mornin-i f lip who.negrects'this.
"pei-tud, .neglects: theyoulh ofhis lifpW
'.f jpumal ofXIeaith.. -'V?' '""i&P "V.,7 !
I .?Xp; hWG.ePrgo,'tcilHiie.t'bruert1
!toryf wbrtharfuartdranyf
ptory is- capital;;, but it 'tiikcs'ihontanto ';
tteil;it;; Tljiilia: dbbsm su'ch'wbrda '.bs-J'
, X Jsposc- 6ol.sell iimgX . -s'ValH-heyV
i ypugo't altfjlhlslTteTrf 06 Btuftl
,affthegals;putdn their ha ndker;cn'ers?,
I gin 'mciaine, fp'ciiee aVid'-'tohime.rw' iii" '
-vest the whole amount; in -spcntUV stulT,'-.
sd$; to? roake.her sweet,., i X coqld jfiud
,somc; to.BuIt;sp .if?yotfy.e.a mind, I?U
3u3t smeU, round'.. 'The Ya'tikccsmcil
led roUhd,with'ouV be)ngjtfiteduiitil.tlio'i
i ."liruggcrj' ? 'gpttiredof ' jiiiufj', tind.tiikthgr
Uown,i.tt. bottle"; ohartShdriVsaid ; ''I'Vel
tgbt?,, sc'entm!" '4gtnfJr"thHt iAviif t"ybK?
r'A" single; drop op a'' lmn'dkcrbliiop4ll
I stay1 dor weeks'and -yyou .can't?wash,'it ,
f outjJbut-to 'gewh-aV strength ofit, ypui:
i tMst tako opd;bigiijel,l'.?f 'slas' tha'ti
, so inistcrH' Wali jret hpUTort a, tninct,;
till'l gc breathaud liep'2'ay. neow-.
J-Vjoiiijl't if Tindyx my Wictic?';. .. Tlib
liartahprii oE cbuVse . knockeUliyanv
'xfaits down-J vagi -liquor' ha :mapyimap;
'; Do ypu;supppsp; lie -gptuup'pdyiraelt
, agaityaij the-.;drunkamilp);s? nbt-Cj
;-: but polling ?up his'islobye'and .doubling
uit.his; MP, lid5.ajd ?;.'To:u';inbdp .' m
.t;KdyX.il.makV yoiijmellfiro'and brjin-
; ,y -..'V.-i,- fr?7TT:K: : S' --.. '-
!,- bAcitKiplfcesr-for pure thoughts ant
-holy ineditatloiiiap .lwbditUeavcs'ii;
:tlidchiirchyard-.; '" Theynreihd 'depdf-
sitPrics. p ;thqf,mothPJs swdetestijoyi
ihal&unfolde'd'b'u-isdfjirpoc'ojijca and hu
.manity, iiipp.ed by tho frpst.6F;imb?ere
yet a.single canker yrofm I "of; corfuptipii
had nested among its embryo petals.
Gajlous, Indeed, must be theheartjof lilm
who can stand by a littlo graveside and
npt have the holiest emotions of: his
soui.awakencd totbe thought of purity
and joy which belongs, alope bGbd and
heaven; for the mute preacher at his
feet tolls him of lifo began and life
elided, without a stain;- arid surely that
must bo the spirit-land, enlightened by
thp, sun of iiifinitegopdncss,ivhenco,em-
ahated.tliesoul of- that brief sojoumpr
J among uf.' How swells the heart o
the parents, with mourn ful'joy, while.
etanuing by tho cold -earth-bed - of lost
jittlp ne3!---inouTnfui because a sweet
I treasure. fs Jakcn away joyful becauso:
that precious jewel glitters ip the diadem
of the Redeemer-,
Gentlemen or tab Junv: Can you
for an instant suppose that my client
here,.a man that has alcrs sustained a
high, dopredation in sopictyi a man
you all on you suspect and. esteem for .his
many good quantities; yes gentiempn,
a map what novcr drinks more nor o
quart of liquor a day; can you, I say,
for an instant suppose that- this; cro
man -would bo guilty of hooking a box
of percuskauiB? Rattlesnakes an4
cponskiris, forbid!
Picture to yourselves; gentlemen a
follor fast asleep in his log cabin, with
his innocent wife and orphan children
by his sidq. Ail nature hushed in" deep
repose, and nought to be.heard but the
muttering of the silent thunder andkb
hollerln of bull frogs. Then imagine
to yourself; a Feller Bnoakin' up";totho
door like a despicable hyena, softly en
tering tho dwelling pf the pcacpf ui and
liappy family,, apdjn thc.mbst monda-
.-'-' " :' ' i- : -anaw-iKpflty , - '-JBR
coua. manner hooking a whple vboxipf''.. A ' --;BI
pcrPusliams. - TfirHr " -jr mW
'npbir.tha.mon8trositydfsuch a;-seen'cti &. '?: , H
My f eeiinga turn jhm 15'uch.a plptprb ; i . . ,, ' jflM
of: moral inrpontipej jjst Xiko.. ft. ' hfg'Xs r "'-Mtp
wppdehttek would' tuwi from ray dogC-UV" l
Rose !l cannot, for tin histant, harlo, J ifUM
bprtheidoa thatanym.anfrftjidbdig7- V '"' ;Sa
1ginsj..much less thitf 'ere manj cpuldbb . ifR
guilty of committing an.act;o. "aich 3-Z':. l(BJ
rantapkerpus and nncnitrmp)od.-,.disV" Vr' '"' IrlW"
crotipn. And npw, gentlemotf, : after. ,:C-.- ifiJPP
3this.-'erbhrlpE view. Pf thbeaseiotiai, ", '- 'IfBlK
retreat ot ,ypu ,'tol' mak.Q;-up . yobrnd'Z " ' " 'r - MlM
candidly and impractically, andgivd u ' :t- WKk
sich a .verdict as, we might- reasonably """ ' " .'' ' -aliry
;su9pect.frdm'sieharicniightcn.ed-. ' , -vWfci
iutplerant; bp pf opr feToyv citizens. . VlBt'J
i'eniPmber tliat, iti.the language of-'tho." . IBUi
iirtmortal Kimrod, who fell Inthe'aftib5 "- V , Wm
9fBuhefhilt, It is .better tbafte -. . ." ;B9s
inon 'Hlib.iild escape-,; 'than: pnp-; guilty "'. 9Uk
il.ayulfcrWrDr; Vaientifno.- ... ! ';( '-Wmm
:tC gtuiUTIFUfi ALXiEGQU " . . .,. ig
v'w1:' -J - "ieW: :- k'"i - -"'At'' IbBs
' Mtt. CnrrTKSOKK, of Ientuekyj-was,,,, ., ,.v, ; . -Bfj'
at pnp.time engaged in defending a.maa.. r. ' JmwS4
who Wdbaeii indicted Cor a. capit'aFbf ' -;,: Hi
fense. :-At'tor an elaborate pud power ,. 'qB
fuVdefebscV.clpabd his effort py.ihe . ". -,.. "iMS
'fdfldwing"triking and,.beautiful,all,d - '-;,, ImWjmr
tiVVKcn'Gpd ip.his" eternal;, edunsel ;'-fH.il'
fd'onccivcdrih'b tholfght pf ? man's :crca iBR
. tion, .hb:xallcd't.-i luiii tub -three niiuw- -v , B W
'terawho -.wait? cpnstabtly'i apppdho ' ? :mr
rthrone-Justj'ce,-.TutH:andMercyj:anil , 'B-W
; thus.addrpssod theVf'Shalhwo;Jnako :m B1
iiianV'' ThW's'aTd JustTcp', 3 j --jpo,, ., W
"iiiaice'liim'iidtl by-iTlKtranpiop . . CIbIm
ion' Sy 'taws.. Trulmade abswer alspi. Blfil
10 God-; rmakbiVnnamt,. f;djho .wilipbls BbP
pjliittli'ys&uctuarl B'rV"
Sipi'fff PbnvbVecs andlooking ;up. ",.. - 'K
thrbugtt-b'ec!'iea"rs,bxc ''" "Wp1
makbdj,itn.lwill-wat'ch'"pve M
l! my carbfhTpuglr 'all' flip; darkpatlii A.-JS
j fthic)iemay 'h . fK-fi
-Gp.d -inadef iban,'pnil said to hirdf ' v'-Q.h, A . tK
' inan,:jhou:.nft tlinj-child ef ,Mercyi: go , . Hilli
and deal-5tith .thy brother' ;, -' , . . ;' MM
,? T.uoyury-wHeniipnnispeawaadroffn :j ftftffc
"t cd inrteaw,,and against 'evidence, ;and . --11?
.fwhakmusVbavft' bbcnhcirxowQ-couVip- " lli
J, tionsibroughtinaycito"npt.g'uijty, Ust
!rijaltimore'Sunj "'.,, t. .- ,, ,3 -(: fljjfjg
J'-- .'- - -:."...-:, . " MMS
i'WilAXVlAEAUN mtUEi ': ,Mw
J'uraryoV ?JiE
1 Ml llic?!' asked fittlo J amie. ' n " f!
j "Recauso everybody ib geod fd'mbf wlfwi
Jamiei" ' . ; : M M
I "Why isn't everybody good, td my fi
papa,bunty? Up is. always fretfuh; $&
he, says everybody tries to cheat hiuif Mm
what inakes- cveryb'bdy try to teaSd Hm
and v6i )nyfppb, aunty?' ' " &
j A shadow fell, over Aunt . Millie's Mf i
jface, and she f became- silent? JamiiJ- M-
hj,o6A still, lbpkihg,atXicr'f;At.length mIC1
lip "askcd, "Aunty, vee;' you "always-. - "'Jill
'happy?" . "" ' - - v-'sv- ---' ''"mil
Aunt-Millje-b work" dropped 4iroip- nM
.her handl. .- . - -'. SWl
"Np,,my,dcay boy, IJut teniycajri 'IMt
ago-1 left 6ff..appaking ill. o cyeiryr -
body; and instead,' I jried... to. scopes 'wii
celleifco in pepplbd characters,; an Pl'
good i& (heir 'conduct.- Since'-tht; - ?m '
tnpo au.navp treatcp mo Kinuiy. J.po,,. ;f M
think the, same people are -;bdttpr Uta " ' -' lit.
When I saw only their. shadyside,- :r .. V : Ml
Their good "is mdrepositivbthanii iff"
;wa8 before I sought itwhcii I ca n
peotcd only .cyiro tbem. Xbfsbmb J
way, looking fpn.it .scempd tpVjiurtbrb Iff.
( flip tendency to good in othersjfasltho , fil-g
sun, by shining- on.. Jhp cdld,. dark i
ground, makes it Brighrahdvarm! dpE ' mfe
vcloping flowers and ripdningfruit..' I im
seek only good'.', Obght I'nb'fc to bvb Mi
happy, Jraie?-J "-. II
' fw -MOTTO, ; W.
fONpi.the. London Omnibusses has . a
the City Arms onits sides, There can- l:-
not lp, a mprp appropriate .motto, ps-
pecially when iliecpnf usipnlthby makp- .g "
I and jho. rato at which they (brive, are Ml
considered: "Dominer dirigo nps, ;
?(.Lord, conduct us),. The word Omni-. . -;Ij
J pus also gives an applicable anagram, If
MOHiu. -."..; if

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