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The Mountaineer. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah) 1859-1861, July 13, 1861, Image 1

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l--"v'-- ''''-' iV'i'iV ft." i.,-.a, .-u.-. -' - V , , Ll, - ,- : - "-a . '., ,.' .'. ! -,. ..-' iWH'-'-V -- . "Ml.
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' I ' ja.,' .-..?, .... ;' ... ;,;-t;i, ' --,. .,i-s-v , ,- ;-r ,-.! ,;, :.A ;.y'- vf;:fe:yv. ;'
'. ..,'- 's ( MOUSE, In tke'JhUeiuentSfary.v -
fl, ' -"""' V" i' : ; . EDltOft AND PttOfilWdti: - .' ; '
2J--'-. vtryVaMtipD ujr:- ' ,y-?' J?' &;&'
-H: - ; ' .'-jii. s ?.'-' " ; lire. - ' '-J' ift " "'', A.
B " & Swjww!i:.rv1'
B ' ; Yctr jrroin bcIiintI witbL.laugliine.gmcu, 4 y
B- ,; " tfhcd'ttitflre8Klll3,n:;cl'ma' .??
fl -V ATJ&QContra'3t!nfaIi!a
fl;' il '; :;p?,pi$. ofwjcytwk;-: ,;k
fl. , i-lls1 oaithfrlnb4rimnc.mgy
fl : jr3rl)fc:thebbjrln.tlio;jnft8kt tJjvj.
fl.- - . .''' ',-. in ; . ''''T ''?-" -'i"W
B y ;KtiiiU gray'halrjs nd fuHowcSf 6ytr, ?;4 f -
I ; v" V$& vrmicVed1obtthatlipuis:ou
fl' I ' -'i&saftfencdfeaturj
fl. - -, TJotieatli the worU "ot-JliAci" and fteitfr-'-4, f"
fl f - . ""!. .' ' ;M(H soiiiCtbing.iliatwiHjnof.gr6w 'old? .-
fl' ,;;. -i'.-,- ?- , .p.O '';' "V
S Andpm and j.etulanco.and carp . ;-
l tAnd wasted hop&.nnd sinful 8tsin,i. .A.r
9 ': SKtto-6trkngo guise tbesdttldotli'wcar,
m ,s ":. .5riitiiet- young Hto"i)w"u.fof&'agalii;. V .
B :. -5yiiat buraati. faith. could iind J fe now ,
B Jayou'dek'-knan of grief .nn'tlguilo-r
B ' 'lA very Cirt, with branded brow.
, Yet; oirerraid arid bidden, still
fl, -. It lingers, ,of Ids life a parj
B Aa the scathed piuo upon the lijl.l
B ' ".: Holds tbu' young llbres at its heart,
B And'hhplyi rouiid the Eternal Throne,
fl lleayen'a pitying angels shall not iisk
fl For that lust look tha .world hath known, ,
fl But for the face behind the mask!
fl - TuEBEwaan time whwu Americans were in
fl the Uabiof estimating IJm enorinuus cost of
fl Avar- They did so for two reasons: lirst, to
fl flhow the foolish tiations that met in mortal
fl t-'ombatto" slaughter each other, what, an ex-
fl penelve pastime they indulged m;aud,.sccond-
,ly, toilatter themselves, whose 'empire was
peace." $ovt tlit case is different. In tho
H wliolecountry there arc not three newspapers
I tliat touch the pecuniary side of war matters.
I Xt is too suggestive. Materials nro in it to
I establislt the fact that tho United States,
I whose greatness was founded on peace, is
I about to cpmmenoe one of the costliest strug
I gles ever made Jn the world, Be it tho task
I f tha J)aily Jfaca to eidightea people., then.
I Iiet us.scu wliat expense wars have hitherto
I incurred:
Ttie war preceding tho treaty of Ryswick, in
1C07, cortt iao,ooo,ooo.
Tho Spanish war of 1739, settled for at Aix-Ift-.Phapelle,
cost $270,000,000.
Tim wnrof theSiKiuieU Succession costan,-
, The treaty of Paris, in 1703, ended a blootly
. struggle, which cost S560,000,0u0.
Tim War of American Independence cost
England and this country $0iO,t'00,000.
Thcr war of ten years, which is known as
"tlw French Involution of 1703," coat $230,-
. The war against, the First Napoleon, which
j ' began in 80a and ended in 1815. coat the ex-
V traordjnary amount of $5,800,000,000.
The Crimeaa war cost $81,000,000.
:Uho.la$t;Ita1ian Wttrfifot;iricluding thfi-bjw
utilities, betwifen, Victot Emitnuel, Uaribftldi,
Bumha'j etc;,) cost glo.000,000. " - ; -
j'Th'pflasVmr la' India costrEngland. $38,
:';00O.O0O.: - ';- -,,
t Tho. list miglit, M dd,ubtedf It includes:
wars only of which definite1 stittistlcs are, on 4
record. The.cpstof this present war hero flo"
:!statician catti? estimate,',, because tho "loss to?
commercJndustty, khl tnido, wlilch it ;wiUV
invdlvo is, beyond he. Teachf calculating'
;Vpo.wCrs:J;ir,tf;Aeic,-V .-,,' h i' .
:, " A tizvr bomb-shell has been invented MrV
L toftis Vo6d, of Ilrooklyh, which lid claims
YUl lie, more, destructive than ihy projectjie
now ilscdjrts'.fbk'nils similar to that of th'eordl
, .iiarfshdU- Tbointerior waffs fckd-ctfatfeiV wiUi
a ttort'Cdiidnctffag .composition wliiebprevchts'
:ti$. charg6:,froin fusing tlicmv , The 'chargers'
: " molteri, matcrialpbured' jn, through micnslly
..Closed gate OfOponln. ,.Tiie' tliickpess. Of tljft"
: Bliell is io'drrantjed lliatvhothoif It fidls upon"
ihard'dr.softeartijustontf ,or ivobrt, it buw,.v
rail jumped and,;, quantities;1 xif it. strik'tr wdbtlj
,- fnltion iftstantly'?. JBn'sues?and if a liuhmft
" .fbCihg;vit. .Jisscf .down .ot" tbrouglr'ilKJ bdtty
iTMKy''QJini -m lightning;
..series -ofVteBt 'expetimeiftij liave'-vbt'ch-trfedr
.both witli, cannon .and projecting by h'aiidiS?.ln:
.. ou'e,bfithplatter,,trlal3f a 'person stanaing,im
prudently neat - the spot of explosion, .was
truck.by;:a , descending plecfe ;of the i hliina
ftbqur41iff, siief a.pea.0 the rbjtck,of the.riecld
r Jn.artAinstantjij;-:'f niVfirsed his) ibody, ..scoring
--awl" scaring a -track, foy . itself, , -and finally;
l,stoppedlnhibo6t.!,THc jnjunes'-Averc. iiot'
iliVlfoiytarmontli;." This experimeut
ivas Jropp6g;iii.Bh;eH .fromV.f ho 'hand, aVjliq'
1jdght.d;hfteen Tec'k
'felled ;'frdni. cannon. Its power oL iietiLucttoiv
.may bc1magmel:, , Tlio shell .. Canbii made ";hf -
the form f.aMinic'hall, with, o cCmpariinCnt
I Vq cp.ntaiji, a ccm?up,tibIo.. com pound, fo J
j .pitrposqofmoro extcpsiycand r4pM conltoa-,
tion' It jias been offered by1: theCinycntor td
services4Thd cost of tbe;shelMs oidySiio.
'i would ask if our Government lia's .taken ;hold.
. 6f,..this great invention. '"' r;"'' '''',' "'r V
A LABELS '-? .;.
. Two neighbors, whose, names were: Self and
Will, attempted to cross ttstreajnYroin'oppciBite, .
Bides, upon a ibot-bridgeso riar'riowas to.allow
of hut ii single' fooltriah at-thesamotime;
They' mot abouttmldway-of. the stream', whero
c.t.c1i insisted iliatj, thopther irinst- turn, laack
and. give the right of . tbc"yfty Each" 'clai hied
fd he first, on 'the bridge, and maintained his'
ground as A prior occupant Eich contended
for this right as a matter of principle, which
would jtllow of no concession, Each, pleaded
urgent m( important busine?. Will fiif him'
self motaUij bound ta maintain his riphfs. Self
. could pot ill eomcknee make ..ouccssions wUh
outjtfcrJj?wyhis honeat conuidions. Argument
resulted in angry wojda, and Irpmhard words
they soon came to blows", and in the struggle
to maintain each his own rights, both' fell tri
(jetlier in the stream. Each wit) ditticully
gained the shore,, exhaustedand shivering from
a cold bath. Each consoled himself with the
idea of "pursonal sntfering for rfghteousUess'
sake;' ami both became bitter enemies for iffo.
WMtc they wore muttering revetjge upon each
other, two other, neighbors, named Itovu and
Kindness, met in like'Vircnmstatices. upon the
same bridge. It was a meeting of glad sur
prise. They exchanged cheerful and happy
greetings, and each insisted, on , yielding the
right of way to his brother. Each desired to
be first in- the concession; and to carry put
each other's priitaplef, both twice crossed the
bridge 'together. After a friendly chat they .
parted company, finding in their experience a
practical reason for the injunction, "'Let each
esteem the other better than himself.1'
No one believes, in Astrology . now, because'
the order of celestial phenomena lias been as
certained with remarkable precision. Yet how
natural was tho belief In starry influence! In
tho serenity of Asiatic skies, the majestic as
pects of the -stars would naturally attract in
cessant notice. It is a tendency, observable in
children and savages, to suppose whatevor in
terests them must also be interested In them.
If we Icok up at the stars, do they not look
down upon us? If we follow their course with
interest, will they not likewise with interest
follow ours? Hence the belief in astral influ
ences. The child upon whose cradle Mars has
Biniled, will be credited with a martial career;
tho child born under Venus will be under her
protf ction. These are the spontaneous beliefs.
IJefora they can be discredited, men must, by
a long process, have learned to check this
tendency to suppose a direct relation between
events which arc simply coincident, and must
havo learned that 'the course of the stars and
the course of human conduct are in no direct
relation to each other. But this s a slow pro
cess; and until Science has been thus far estab
lished, Astrology, arid all other superstitions,
are unassailable;.
? "; ; "' , , IRtStt TESTjttf Wi -. ;'
' ;:,-,! - " ' '' " " , 'f
Thacker? hashcm pojico reporting for tho,
London M$cm Itoe.kasawple, 1'ut Fo
gofary went all tlio wriy from Mdriclicstcr: i&
lionddh to :HfcnAhM JJlclrF it Patrick, which'
he did,: winding up tho. pcrfofmOnco 'wUU',tln
asaistarico of an "awful horso shoc.Jr ifewas
jdetcCtiflcd.and brought(befoW3l'r. 'tlcq Sim
ideman,, A.part of tho ejcaminalian. fsTu
, iit'xcd -i ' ' ''.' ;v :',-.,',
-. -Coritt-riWcil, sir, you iamo herefrom -Man-'
cheater, diitjfou? "- 7-- , , ' '
Pftt 'Your llisgor has ahswcrcdcorrect. : ' '
.. Oourt Yo.u.seu tho. complainant's - hjeiufj" i
ws crit by a Sh;irp instrument, Da you know
Whatciitlt!. " x-' "' .
, jRit--Ain't tour Honor afth'ei eayitiVthatV
sharp instrument did? . ,..
'' Vtort (becoming rc8tyo)-I sco ydiumean,
to cauivociite, Nor, sir, you cut that heiwr
, youcjiniti hefo tdut it,, did 'U ml '2fJtr",
:;sir'Wb.at,meHlve brought ydii to' Loiidoo"? .,-, "
,5 i'at-Th locomotive, yerKdriof. '", - -' ';
...,-Th,o eourfc Vwasding warm)Eqriivccatirig
:;aguiha you" scoundrel (raisirig ttri-rtij.hb'r's0
ImiiwllmVding' ;it' lttfota 'U at) y6tf
';th?itMiorscshotS8irf:. "" ". . i.teW
K .-.rvt-Islt ft,horEO-,sho'c, your honor? fJ- -;v'
v l':C6urt-iT5prit you sco " it ' I'sJ girt:.- iAre' y'6iv:
;h!irid?. Can younbitcll'atoncu' .thSt'.H.KU'a':
-' licrse; shoe?' ' -t ,-'!' '.' 4" '.---?.. ' "tS :-.'1?-fat
Begar no, yourhohor. "' ,v ,' -r r ,v: -
; 'Court (angrily) No; ; ,i '.: '.'-V- r-"t. "
lt-fNo.yei-, hoiiqfi buicanyorseU teli?"" '..
;.' Court Of. course I can, you stupid Irish1-..
:'.tt!Mij-. : , , - .,,", -... . 'A,'y-,. '
I'at . (solll.oquiisirig aloud) ,phl giOry;. bo toi;
Sodnessi,Bca what, education! isy ycr.lipndr;
re a poor ignomrit ctaturpylikb: njcsjlf1;
wouldntknowahorseshoo.frqhianuue'k 1" "'
.' "HUSBANDS J(NDvWlV3;i r .
!: G)ttts,instad o nbrb'iiily Hfijriking'abdui
getting hushndS,.sh6uld'ehdbavor;tq;ysCr,v
thcni,; They-Kr&,tpo;npttd:imagind thai men.,
are obtusoiand cri bo as. -easily snapped up'as
seagullr that alkoriVa atiipts, deck in a stdttn.
Tbey aro 6fully . mistaken,!' and'fWwouid.
advise all husband hunters, as wollaa tbostin-
. nocch'tjof the tricksbf 0jijuetryi't0 pondfcrjwellv
-Onequality aloho in a . woman.. . will ' rccomV
inetid Hslflia artriim psensu" 'ith'df discretion,
and. that:is good tetripcr. This id a wife is onb
of the'guardians.of home, A. wife, , so gifted is'
blessdd.wi th',a youthful freshness which chebrs
. 4II around lteri The Bternet tears -ard melted
, by the gentlenesspf womaiii nnd.frf rid'capa'cT-
ty can she'moro, 'effectually; 'dcvelope this
ileilghtful power than, in jthat',. o a v,wlfo
I$y Tier' -.piCrsnaiiivp ' .manners she' Solicits 'arid
. commands, obedicrico, jihd'lt should "lie "her
highest afm not to impair'tuis pdwcr'.,'To ena
ble1 her to db.tldsV it is nepesatry that sho
should .know-how to govern Jigr teniper; and
thisshd;tnust mainly eJKek -by 'Striving early to
adapt 'hersolf to tile' .exigences incidental to
her altered position.-
We send, messas at tho rate of 192,000
miles in a second, by the telegraph; and as
,avc cannot conceive of such velocity. It may be
considered fast enough. Tho jioet Cowpev tells
lis that thought is more rapid :
"How fleet is a Blanco of tho mind!..
Compared with the speed of its flight,
The tempest itself lags behind,
And the.swift-winged arrows. of light."
If the poet is right if thought does actually
travel through space, as some1 cprifend.a real
existence, then tho magnetic telegraph may bo
Blow in comparison, But our modes of loco
motiou are not last ehough to satisfy u. It
takes niao hours to travel from New York to
Boston a long, hard day's work. We are
shut up in a car, with small enjoymeut of
travel, in scenery and incident; and it. is a
tedious lob. Wo can conceive of light, strong
cars, ol some kind, being shot, blown, or
sucked through a tubo three hundred miles
long in im hour or so. Qur best steamships
take, nine days to cross the ocean. It ought to
lie done in fifty hours, or littlo more than
two days; and wo may expect to seo it done In
three days in our.life-time. Tlio navigation of
the air is ft feat accomplished every day. by
millions of birds and insects, Even the flylug
fish manages to na.vigatq tho atmosphere for a
Bhort period. When men nayiga.to the air, it
wilfhot bo in balloons, which aro too largo to
bo cnrrlf d against strong currents of air. Men
must fly in machines, modeled closely after
birds' or insects, Given a. sufficient power in
steam or otherwise, In proportion to the
weight, and flying from continent tocontinent
is only a question of practical meehunlcs
Swn your child to bed happy. Whatever
cares press, give it a warm good-night kiss, as
it goes to its pillow, Tho memory of this, in
the stormy years which fate- may have In storo
for the littlo one, will be like Bethlehem's
; star to the bewildered shepherds. "My father
my mother loved me!" Fate cahnot take
away that heart-bulm. Lips parched with the
world's fever wiU'becomo dewy again at this
thrill of youthful memories. Ki&s your little
child beforeit goes to sleep! '
.... . ' ' ' -' " -'v- & . -?'V-:;v,- -,.''1-, ml
JXxirxQVt aidiatr4IarVcy'wilo; ;lV.'.':fl.
jrecalledfrdm PkSr; l.cftst.noi" :or p. v-.-i.jf'2 V, wt,
ptcsent.-. ' '-v.: , ... ?- -, -' -;,-;?'- -,. - ...; ....sf .-,.;' ;. .- ..Jiv
Ister.ln Ohioj, being anxious, to, obtain .tt'iJiir v,-.;- '';;V'f0p.. '"iim'.
'"oiittl'chaElainln iilAich.rrpto.io;the: ;. ..0.i J'V
')vornor?Iarri-a mothdlsVpaoHe-theV-.'. ,;.v;V;'";lflS
lrJthObi,Cbrifercace am iorCjr-elUtgf , YTjjm
.: of agorAnd wiiftprca(.iir(iy or'fightfts; - ;;.'" Vftr.f ,'.: w-
sionrcquirt'S '. "v-J , . -. , :r';H
KtsoCoTTOA dinner mte$? $&lMS$il?t . Vft
toiidon,' (a -Coiohcf .Sir 'Arthur , Cottojih; f $i:) 't ''&$&?
.'arrIvc'd.from.ihdl;wlmtohc h-todonoJ;; l;.;fcy.
'stale ,micl service' by hl J?roridtioitof .ttmnjlf . , .; ,Vw4 'k- $Mm' :
inrjfTotlio :purp6so'b(Srr.rialidnv,..tfli mOrHi; : .. Y: ';
to'bc deduced from-this according,,:. W(- ;'M,
mttr is,!that- Ehriish; dhttoir is,criryf;no:'-, .rj:;;w4M-;
cAmcticaiii-CottohJluasntu,aB.tfpr X'-VV ;;'ffi
;.mT6'tcs ikrigationVwhUo tiul'Iatlcr ls;-flriiy-f : -,;, -V-'. -. ''$'?J8 '-,
;duaiYdirritalior0il5'?r ' .;" .tp:.?" -.: :- &B$
y w''A'9fc: .-:- ;:;5';V "':m -
;tor:fram'ihUN6r'i ,',- " tifT'.' !.m('
;than.'tiio'. fislr'ho'- Beesexpbscd'-'forial J; ,-:, . ?$$&$ ''''JfC'-$$ '-,
'stead. of, the dull: arid drab colors;.whch. are ."." -j. y-.f ,' "Wr
common to ihe fish ia'riorhcm lait.tudcs? tley t; ;':i'$V-' r-vWh '?
Exhibit the mostjlbrllilarit 'hues..: .Sdme? ii MMk -'.:'r' ::; '?, '
: etrilJcufthjbanfiold'an ; ' i$fc,$f&?r.l -m$
;6f whichlsdike tfrat;;onthe folisd .metulg :-;;;.::;V.?,-. . . .fj;;;,
: The vervTecIsaffi ofeked-vitli fclWftfoif-MW ' .'" r-5 & ' -r . "W1?
wh:iteandydio? &.&- ,:;-:VVr. 'V '' lt
-Ki.x i''v 4Kj?vW7 & nf l,mu -. ---' ,-v--'V -''- 'W
' "0rpvs,Fiyl:l8B np.Uccabl&, .tii . -, "'r ':-y- ;,-.- . . -Wk
manytMhompxUnUcyens -.."?& 7-v ' "- ''M
' happened. onLldayf A0.?ib.VMI " .' - ""' ' j-V '''' " " ''S,
Sumter. was,, .commenced,;, Qti Ct'tf4 .''' ' Mt
trohbies'invBaltimo'rtooplaco: -"'"vj", ; "g
the first;. nitWc'rJn,g- : : . ' 0M' -;.'-3f
; isrted dri:F)iday'thc4tt u
' wasiauf -iylf
, wasmado.onFr1day,udJ?fl8.worth wovfiiot ';".. ,''vfe
on:tfday , ,:, rU . , - ... ' ; "-.-'. y'V. ; ' M
. IhmsoNA&rrBlidNXfiW - ' ?.. ;';" ' '.'.": '.-.l-
TioltVHmwgtbn.V(?jrfUadcscribc . , ? ,'' ': .' ;, :' ?m f
Beauregard' nrid'acffeVjon Davia: AGqnpral . . '-'0 '"'; l '.:4 n-;' -S-l'-'
Beaurcgatd'hasiiot.ufsingio AngioiSaxon fea ' - "'.';' -' " -MV..
ture in-his face. -Then Whole '.ione-of, his. couur f ; ;-' .-' rmf.i
.tenancy arid littitudo Would -lcttdvany!,o to ' '. -'li.yK' ''-m
expectdiim' to Bpeakjusdrao of thot languages ,. vV,;"'.'-.'.'-;- .; 'cil;;'.
of continental Europe. It i is- n,!French- facoj. ': ,;-.,-":7 -,. ;'-j-- '''''''.
but of the gtyie,.of.CaYiognac. or .Lamoriciere. 'v: .''.." . '''m'" '
It is of the solid. typo Of Frenchmen. Kv :' '' ;r-; ":', -' -;''. ' -, ;
Davis looks young for his age, which is well , .-... .-'. '. -, '. . '-;;':'
over fifty.. Ho might U a preacher,' for any , ... ,v ' ,..',$
fire-eating expression aborit him. But for thi ... - Ht
square and stralghtly opened eyes a,nd.habitu- fi' f
ally closed mouthfirm.asJro.n no one :would ' : ,)
suspcctMr. Davis otbeing tho ciyil ami mili- ';' "!
tary leader of rt grcatnational movement. A "
Hicrrl'tticns ov Books in E.ut.t Txittl '& .
Books in all ages have brought fabulous priced: if?
St. Jerolncsaid herulnedhimselfhy buylna; a ' :.
copy of th'6 works of Origeri, A large estate ,.? '
was given for a Treatise on Cosmography, by :
Ivlng Alfred, in 87. Two huiidred-shecr) and .'..
five quarters of wheat have been exchanged .' ;',
ft single: Homily in. the thirteenth and four- ". ," , ,
tconth centuries, ja our own times an ilhss- ..;;;&
tratedcopypf Macklin8 ..Biblo . has produced ,' ' - -.' ?
five hundred guineas, A. yet moke superb , ' --j,'.: ;.
copy is hctuaUylnsuKd inVlJondon office at ..- . ,"- '.
; S15.O06, The ecameron,'' of M"l, was V ".. . '"
bought at the Dukovof Itoxhurgh's sale, in ...-'. " i :
1812, by the Dffto of Marlborough, for -Ml r'. . 7v
S00. -- '. ; ; . , 0$
DrttECT STeXit Comuusicatio.n wtTir Ecp.oi ' ;
Tiro establishment' of a, lino of steamers ha- f!l
tweeu Charleston, apd Europe can. no longer ' :
be regarded as a -mere -question of commercial . '- ' . -.k
policy. Tim independent position which the : ; . i ?ll:
South has assumed among thu nations of the ;.
earth, makes thht enterprise a. measure of pa- ' -. V
litical necessity, Wb arc glad, therefore, to 'Mi.
notice that a mpetlDg'ofthose who am to c?-' - - ,S'.
operate in the movement Is called for this '
afternoen, Thercpbrtof the committee upon J?v-: -.
the plans arid proposals of an English steam- t,
ship company wliniosuhmltted, and wo kop?
that stops will immediately be taken to giv .
tho proper impetus to tho great work, Let ' $jjjj
our merchants who at deeply interested la 'Ife
tho success of tb .Bteamsbip lioe.-cbkir (i- , ."
ward, ono and .all, and stand shoulder to ,
shoulder to. Betfurp, the eariy.consumaation of iQ'
the greatproject. Charltitoii Miratrtf. . "" ;. .:;M
' ' '' ' ;i-.-
- "- "VJi

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