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The Mountaineer. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah) 1859-1861, July 20, 1861, Image 1

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B BB V t HIV-HpHHHT4r"vV t-fv! i;4'B -'SsJBIHhBM'M fili9 .' b9"isbsV H 9 -B JB isa9,lsVi7 -"'HnSK.
9 XflE ji ir "a,u, $- j ft f-rv.
riilsis9 ' si. " a. t u V-rf1- 3 3EMt-i J 4 'V J',V il .
' (TS 'Wiwif 1W J-,-W!HIB,I
, : i, ' SHtfct &i ' Mj
I ' fri.iA -; -'-'- -I J. -' .. &&. i'n-iHiill.i if
V ,.-- ,.t,vHf:"wlien T 1ipVa filiSllftW vlntifitf irrtBct' i1' "
- -,. '":'.. -i duiifceV. v' -" 4" ' V' i -'--':r C -. ---
. '"" - ' Tp.'Kls (lvati(rigo, rstispcckftfopcc?, ; ' "'
fl 'nie jrollo'sylnjiHatthodg' " 'r,
fl Ka6ugUforiilm,iiiUiBed.0icr'iliarn
H ':-:, ri"'-".,?f !' '.c"" '"-'" - '
m Whon.8omefinoladylrreadyjt,.dcfame.
I Aa absent , bertu ty , av1 thns. vcojt,a gnico-r.
9 Ylti hhcmtng .rapture grca hated iiame,
9 Andjauds her r(val. tolicr wondeitnjj iice,
Kvea.CbarUy'hersclfciiu't'lielpiU'own; l
tibskii wonien too iiavfi kissed th'p Plafney
S BtOliCi
fl When the fiilso pastor, from his faiotmg flock
B Withholds the bread of Life the Gospel
B news,
M To gire "them, dainty words, lct ho should
9 ahquk.
9 'The fragile fabric oftbo paying .powa,
9 Who but must feel, the man, to ruco un
9 - known, -
9 lias kiwed, not Calvary,bht the Blarney
9 -. .lv-,Joner ; ..
I leietttaits.
9 'WiU -roa atop that noise, children.,"
nunrled Sirs. Itettywinltle certainly ft very
9 qaeer name, and vr'e will venture tojosaert that
9 His not legally upplleablo to a bIorIw Jadivl
9 1I of tha one million two hundred thousaud
9 inhabitants of Jiasnachusfett8; but we have
jfl chojou It because we do not wish to be perso
9 ual, and because the hair in getting thin on
m ihtRummit of our cranium.
9 Mra. Uettywinklo epoko Jn Btiappv, snarly
B tonesr something like the barking of a small
9 . 'PPV, that linn not the, remotest Intention of
9 biting anybody in thoso high, sharp tones
9 bich encourage children to disobey their pa-
rfiita and teaebcre, rtnd ivhich are the capital
stock of tiio cuufirmed scold.
The children did not utop thir noiRe; on the
9 contrary, the din Iwscame mdre intense, and
9 Mr. Betty winkle began to grow desperate.
"Will mi ftop thatnome children? You
are enough to try the patience of Job. H is
one everlasting racket from morning till "?'
1 can't ha vo u:momenfi peace of my Ufa while
you (.re in the house, except when yon are
M asleep. It is tip over the table, tip oVer the
hajn, tip over everything. It is run, 6tarop,
9 crtarp, and yell every moment of the time.
9 When you are not in one kind of mischief,
9 hiuj you are in ano her. I am alnioBt ds-
' afck; a.d , Tomsiy 'SStiiJSu!ti
; Mlt,,but IMMWtbelulOB .Uat ;
i 'HBiph.. AR'sho- rwua.ed JiV woMt. Bttyj
,th dW.net: kiepf
ishi W Ben.whmMvfromr-liaw tUt
. Xw.iBWjr wiaki liAfC.thjrtv ,wi U.t
abifc. man., 1 T; . -.; v a . ; '. : - :-, "-y, tt
: (51k dear mell'sJehedtheladvlftt last: dron
. ping, hcrWingJrito.ber lap, ;and;l6y.kin,j for?
; allithc wpfld as though' her lastriend onearih'
had.ldcscHed"hVr,;:'or. mercy V: ;s'akei;slop
tbatriolseV'C.hddreh; I jam Almost ,cra2y.:: .,'XhU.
: housaisSoreu, than Bedlam."' '; ' -y,$ ''. --
;- But tbls was "Altogether too:,, tame ,to hao
nnyVeffectjfpqri jtheturbtdent5, little', ones; and'
there was notthe slightest Improvement luthe
a8pect'dt'affalrfl, . '" . l'tm .'iSs ?:'-, .
'.John'LTrrMrBe.ttywjnklct's name wasJohh,
after one of the 'EvangclIsts-r'John, triWypu;
speak'to those children?", ..; ,, tft ?, s--V A",
VStop.yotir hoisei children,' BaidMrrUetty
jwinklema rather quiet. tone, nd,eveiyithi
out raising his eyes from the. paper; -,-.
-Though Mr. Betty winkle,fwus ruo magician,
and though there was not even any t'tshootf
iuhis.eyeat.the time hisjrordsVwrouRht a
miraculous result., Johnny's mouth closed. as
tight a'thc sheiUof an oyscer threatened with
the knife, and Susie and Tommy applicd.ibem
selves to a picture book as sealqusly although
order had alwavs reigned in Warsaw.
'ThosJ children will be the death of me,"
sighed Mis. Battywlnkle.
I think not,1 replied her liege lord, with
pleasant smile.
"-They certainly will," persisted she
"Oh, no, J guess not," suggested he. "It
is your bed-time, children," continued he,
turning to the little ones.
"Iietroc sit tip a little while longcr.fathcri
said Susie.
""Ko, child. It Is seven o'clock. Call Jenny ,
and let her put Tommy to bed."
SuSiccalled JertWe, and all of them kissed
"pa" and then kissed "ma the little tor
ments the murderers of her peace the con
Spirators against her liaupinoSs theJmps that
promised to be the,deatji of her.
'Mmina's'pet," exclaimed she, asshe lifted,
little Tommy from the 'floor, ami printed, some
sixteen or twenty klsies upon bi rosy cheek.
They were gone, and the sitting.room was
quiet as tho vale of paradise. It was a sweet
calm-a blessed lull in lli6 tempest which in
a few moments elevated tho spirit of tha poor
mother above the cares.aud trials, the dm and
uproar of this, to her, noisy world. Still the
memory of the confusion that bad reigned
during tho preceding bour was upon her, it
was that which made tho quiet ot the present
b-o crateful to her senses", for, as Do Qitliiey
truly says, happpiness Is otdy a comparative
8 'Whoso children won't mind roe," Mrs.
Bettywinkle remarked, attcr sho had enjoyed
the cdm repose for a short tima.
"Won't they?" . . . -
"'ihev pay no more attention to what i say
than ifl didn't speak. They mind you the
instant j'ou speak." ., ., .,
They ougiit lo mind you." mildly sug
ccsted Mr- Betty wlnklo. lowering his paper;
for after a moment's reflection, he had te-
Folved to ventilate; hkj theory to f prudent
know vim iMe&iCst'W' JF,
SSSSlmir- tktth
ar4MrvMadiUuit ltafvbathaJMJ'A eUttUMt '
w. wwip. www wf Ut?NLv n " f 'W?t
irveifworpif hv'r ;
afJtkVi;ldldreRliEi'1M '
a mwt .is: ! Wrwn' p it. '
r A correspondent from. Ifew; Hampshire;-says:
lion, Daniel WebstORlnid, aft, "anecdote of old
Father .gearle, ;,tlie inibistcrbf his. boyhood,
whichrluis .neyerbecnJnrintvftnd ,. wklch' is
tdo good.to bgloslr Itas. customary theri to
wear buckskln,'brqechcS,in.cobVTveather,i . jpne
.Sunday moruing;in thi Autumn,, Father Scarle
brougbt'his -down 'iiom, the- garret;' but thd
wasps.had.takeh possession during? theBum
mer; aud.were, having a , 'nlco 'tlnioMii them,
By'.dinl-6f effort he-got tiit the.' intruders and
dressed for- meetirig. .."But..hlle,'ieadiiig4he
, Scriptures to the congregtttlqrii;he.fe,U,a dagger;
iyom one of the enraged small .vraisted fellows,
and jumped 7about tho pulpit slappicg'hiB
tlilghs. Buttho more he slapped around arid
dauccd; tliemore they, stung: ''p Thapeople
thought hirni.crazy,nd wcro; in.commotion
what to dojbut ho explained the matter by
saying: '''Brethren1, 'don't bo alarmed.' ' The
word of the Lord: is in my mouthy but the
Devil is In my breeches!" , ?
Ah Eastch exchange says: What would he
come of about, one halt of pur femalo popula
tion were a law to bo promulgated anything
like the following, passed by the English i'ar
Uiment in 1770, and which should bo entitled:
"A Law Against Obtaining Husbauds under
False Preiences That all women, of whatever
age, rauk. profession, or degreewhether vir
gin, maid, or widow who shall, after this
act, Impose on, seduce, and .betray Into matri
mony, any ot, Mis. Majesty's male subjects, by
virtus of'scents, paints, cosmetic washes, aril
ficial teith, false huirySpanlsh wool, iron, iron
stays, bolstered hips hoops or high-heclsd
sbotss, shall ineur the penalty pf thelaw.noyr
in force against witchcraft and iike.misder
m5eahors;and themarringb, under such circum
stances, upon conviction of the offending party,
sbali be null and void."
Wiiaiah Wjbt'jb letter to his daughter, on
the "small sweet courtesies of life," contains a
passage Irom which a deal of happiness might
be learned. He writes: "I want to tell you it
eocret. The way to make yourself pleasing to
others is to show that you care for them, Tho
whole world is like the miller at Ifunsfield,
'who cared for nobody no. not he because
nobody cared far him. And the whole world
will servo you so, if, you give them tho name
cause. Let every .one, therefore, see that.you
do care for them, ly showing what Sterne so
happily calls 'the small, kweet courtesies In
which there is no parade; whose voleo is too
till to tease, and which manifest themselves
by tender and affectionate JooUand little kind
acts of attention, giving others the preference
in every little enjoyment at the tabic, In the
fields, walking, sitting or standing.' , -
WkryWW,wihtlsiwtkwrB.U;cU -HsHk'-'- - '
,ftanc. Itgw,twp-ft)Iilfk;lthtatocK' .$-;- . . ?friffl9t i
'0Mifbk9UtfOM-s - .'. . ' .iiii'fwx
.rAIoJ '- V;-JgB i
tlety-lnlEia&dl th;o;.R " l &
VcntUated,hl8'bptrii6hs -T.espectlnffwhIte orai -, ... j ?,;
vats,?and iimpoV' What .$ hiBd IbyrtwV-l '.,'." '" ;. -'" .- JkSt'i$
noiyporsoliiltlvR.'hl ,;V.X . . ;;"- "
coatV No perlo'ns wcaV.thciil; bui.Wajtcfs.iLl . , - "','.',7,'"- ... ,:-'" '.;W- .
'Juris, awlstantsin drapers' shopi undertake ' :;;Lj;i;V ..;' ,'
mcrimi.d'minisra.i,:Ibolley.o,the . . -" '.v;.V5yJ :
of'scrvJtude.AVh'atrmcan bya-jnaii-i-just. ' 'v;C4rfc-"''; l:"
this:. Onekhp fat ffOlia;ihwgHn.JdiMqrUpnd ' ". v-'. -"iPjSrJ -jgjM:'- i '"'.. :
ituanXa'd6Uij he math.theMttfl arid 'iluite-thi, ' ., ' .""'r-'v, :v.,w ;,'?'
AareMiHdo6v .oj-S- r.ji " '.!. : ;v.n"J''!!':'
A Wobld'8 CoNrEaKKCE . or EvNokttcAt ,, ;;i :"': :'-' ";I' -
for holdings Conference oTchristiansomaU .': ;;. -V . - .
partsof the world, at .Geneva, , on tho, 2d,of ' '.. 3V ' ;. :-', ' -'-.K-Tt '--
next September,, to,closeon,..the.l2th;1anu,itbe , -V' ' -- :Cff. " ' , .
liev. Dr. Merlo DAub1gnp'i8 written abetter . ,: ' , &'
to, the, LondotJVewi, giving the programme o,f ''.';."""' l-f';
its prospective deHberatloiis. it, is expected , -: ' '- : 4,-Vv"
that all the prominent church questions of the . ':$''.
day will bo fully and frcelydfscusJd by distlri- - '' ""t
guished representatives of different countries. ?
The action of tbls body will be looked for wltii '.'$''
considerable interest, w .?
Asms vo CAuroHMA. Tho -United State . 1;
Government 'has appropriated 000. stand of , 5?"?4 "
arms to the State of Cailforniaj being tbequota : v. . ' Wr-
to which slio was entitled n former years; and i-l'il
not applied !for. The order was obtained . ' - .' .'f" .f
through the'exertlons of Gen. ; Kibbe, on his . f .- -Jr. " .
late' Visit to WashingCon.. By tha last steamer X :?' :i ....
the requisition arrivedj-'by virtue of which they ' '..''" fry-' 'r..!, :
were' turned' over from the General to the,Stat. v .; - . :&','
Government authorities. 1-.''' ;."
' ',-'"' ' . '- ;-
.. - . - v .
.GBAsanoprBBJj.-Tbq Grasshoppers are re- .''.-- , 1 -
ported to bo causing much damage in various ,. i npf
sections of California. They aro said to bo ' " ' ;;
committing sad ravuges in Tulare Valley, The .."; ;.
DtUa says one man declares that they have . -!
eitea all his vegetable8 abovo ground, and uJ
camtnehced digging his pptatoca! TbeTetalur .'.. .,-8-
ma j4rou says, we have them hero in Sonoma . . .'
County to such an extent, that Jtbry am eating "'
up everything that is groen in Two Rock -'VlC
Valley, and bftve eaten the potato-tqps to the ,' ',' -' '&
ground; and between the Hay stack and "Our f
House" tho road is swarming with them. .A ' - q. - i
farmer told .us that they had commenced on " "
his fencel These destructive insects have also m
appeared In, tbp vlolnlty of Marysvllle, and aru r'0ft
devouring every green thing in. thoir way, fr. ,A
cludtng penvU-troes, vegetables, cr4 ?tc '
- ' ' - 't
- -

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