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Cheyenne transporter. (Darlington, Indian Terr.) 1879-1886, August 25, 1880, Image 1

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DARLINGTON, I. T., AV(L 25, 18S0.
NO. I.
ill in
iff'' '
11 A
h '
W. If. Hubboll &Co's Supply Store.
$f. $. gubbell & o.
llat & Cups, Boots Shoes, Etc.
Also a Fresh S'nx'jcoi''
Staple Groceries.
Wise county, Tex., last year grew
f urri KiiIik- J' ciJInn ti'Mt'Hi &.IH nut!
halo, (o each inhabitant.
Grayson has the largest popula
(ion ofnnv count v in Texas o7,o7)fl.
Sherman is the eountv-seat.
A (armor named Jackson, living
near Savannah, (oorgia, has over
3o,000 tea plants on his farm.
Ninety-six Indian children have
been received at Hampton, Va., of
whom sixlv-oight remain.
Wellington is to have a third grist
mill, the enterprise of H. "M. Hickman.
The Largest and .Best Stack in
the City. Call and .Examine Goods
and Prices.
Corno'r Main & Sixth Streets,. Opposite
the IiOlnnd Hotel.
&f&ly----. - ,
L T.
now ruimin-g. LuckboauU a ad
hacks bctwoor,
Darlington ,
Fort Eliott,
This route connects at Darling
ton with stages going South to the
""'tfk-bka .Agency, Fort tffll, Kim
Springs, I ' a rri rig e ifrnTu" u adcl ( ) ,
connecting with the M., K. & T. to
Dqnison, Sherman and Cla'vehton,
Texas; East, with Vanita, Indian
Ten?tory, and the AL K. & T. to
St. . ouis; North, with Caldwll,
Ilunnewell, Wellington, Wind' Id
and Wichita, Kan.
1 Connects at Fnrt Eliott with sta
!go gninjj South to Fort Baseom
an.l "Fort (iriflln, Texas, Las Yega,
si iu 1 all towns Southwest ; West, in
'Firt Dodge, Kims., and all point
W'St anil Nor tli west.
Massard Bros.-Jare holding 22,000
sheep on Poleeat, south of Caldwell.
These sheep are for sale.
Lloyd P. Welch, principal Chief
of the Cherokecsin North Carolina,
died in Cherokee count, of con
sumption, recently.
The Trustees of the Peabodv Nor
mal College, Nashville, Tennessee,
award Texas a free scholarship for
each Congressional district.
Texa, which commenced raising
wool ii IK-Ci. has now 1,000,000
sheep, and it is estimated that Mon
tana wiI produce 50,000,000 pounds
of wool in LSiSO, or nearly the quan
tity now produced in California, so
that the wool production in the
United States is growing, and will
continue to grow. With the growth
of wool grows the manufacture of
cloth, flannel, blankets, hosiery and
The counties of Cherokee, (Ira-
ham, Swain, Jackson and Macon,
North Carolina, contain J,l 09 In- ,
diau inhabitants. " "' -
The first bale of North Texas Got
ton was sold at Funis, Texas, Aug.
(., for one hundred and ten dollars.
It weighed 1S0 pounds.
Dan Tucker, an Arapahoe boy,
now at Carlisle, is one of the musi
cians in a brass hand, recently or
ganized by the school boys.
It was thought that the nhl mctu
Jenderand Kate had been captur
ed, but investigation prows the sus
pected parties to be no Menders at
all. A Kansas editor, commentinir
upon the arrest, gives us the com
forting assurance that the real Bond
ers have boon in their grave for
Our old triend, C! cargo aM;retrhas
sold the Anthony Kopublican to A.
S. Lindsay, a newspaper man of
long and varied experience. Mr.
Mallet worked hard for what ho be
lieved to be right and only gave up
the struggle when failing health com
pelled him to seek rest.
One hundred and iwenty of the
Fncnmphagrc and thirty-six White
Uiver Utos, have now signed the
treat v. The Commission has irone
to the Southern Ctos Agency. Chief
ATnong our exchanges none are
more welcome than the Texas Live
Stock Journal, published at Fort
WoTlh, Texas. The paper is ably
editcil and thoroughly devoted to
the stock interests of the Lone Star
State The paper has been enlarged
and jtherwisc improved, and gives
evidence that the enterprise id' its
edito', Mr. Loving, is appreciated by
the stock men of the country.
Dr. Tanner, after fasting forty
days, still lives, but what good the
work' will got from his fool hardy
feat 'o are unable to conjecture.
Jn th first place we have no assur
ance that the attendants were not in
the plot, and even if they were not,
it is not at all certain that he rc
ecivel no food. Whether Dr. Tan.
ner performed his task honestly or
not there are many others who will
iSvUlift; to cleatli trying, to equal or
fcirfSfr -
pon this AiMioy for children for
io training! -hool jt Carlisle, Pa.
'' v ;
Leave nrlijigtou iroinir wl0ur.v rH h' trail tn join the Com
MnnlniN. Thi,rK,l , .., Hii" t that point and assist in
lw,,,,"."i ........ ltl, ,. .iiiv. (vtar
iliys'j Leave Fort ICliitt going Hi
''tmdoys, Tuerihjvs and Frid-y
Chur&ps, Jeasunahle. ,
btaiiung the consent of the White
'live! Ctes to the treat v. Col. Men-
fluiin reiuaiiw In talce a cn.n of the
A "tor some delay, Ave present our
readers with the Transporter en
large! as promised in last issue.
This delay is due to no fault of ours,
but to a. mistake of the founders who
misshippcd our material, Urns de
laying us a month. After this the
paper will bo issued regularly twice
a montlfln the interests of the In
dians and of all others who live in
this country. Wo shall endeavor
to aid in the civilization and ad
vancement of the Indians, and will
triveour readers correct information
on all things pertaining to them and
their interests. These Indians are
making a very commendable- effort
to become civilized and we ask for
fhem fair treatment at the hands of
iDe white man please do not lay
all crimes committed in the Terri
loiy to the Indians, but find out
whether the offender is a white man
or fin Indian, and which party was
in the wrong. We aak for the lu
difiu fair treatment, nothing more.
Itimav not he out of place to sav
thit this paper in in no way support
ed by the Indian Department or its
employes an such. To those whose
liberality and enterprise makes th
TijAXsi'ouTicit possible we extend
our hearty thanks, and while wo do
not expect to work a revolution in
joUiPiilisjn, we tfhuil do our best to
nrojliuy a ptqr of winch I hey wdl
ntthiti' rnHonN.o W ashamed.
Of late, be newspapers of (ho
country ha indulged in a good
deal of talkabout Indian parents
and their wilingnoss to have their
children edutilcd. Some have falsos
ly stated tha; they are op)osed t
having tlujir children sent awiuy
from the Apineies to school, and
that the ibreille taking of these is
the prime cauo of frontier troubles.
About oneyeago a call was made
Fifteen was ll nunibei allotted, but.
so great was lie pressure by the In
dians that pemission was obtained
to send twenlufive; and twenty-five
others will star in a. few days for
that school, miking fifty from this
Agency. The (ills made on other
Agencies have met with a like re
sponse, the inori influential men be
ing most anxioiU to have their chil
dren go. If it were true that these
children were taken by force, the In
dian whose child is thousands of
miles from him -uul in the hands of
the white man would be the last to
risk the consequences of war. The
fact that those boys and girls are,
for the most part, the children of the
head men of the variaus tribes, is
one of the immy good reasons 4wu
have for believing Indian civiliza
tion practicable.
Those who have returned to the
Agency from schools in the Stales
are industrious and efficient work
ers, doing whatever they ? m io-J
earn money and help them on mo
road to independence. They are al
so of great service to the Depart
ment and their people in that they
urge others of their tribe to take the
white man's road and thereby learn
to take care of themselves. Whilw
there is yet much to be done, yet the
progress in the past has been more
satisfactory than was anticipated,
and when we reflect that numbers
of our own race need civilizing, we
have little reason to apologize for
the Indian.
All the hauling of lumber, nails, 1
lime, brick, sand, etc., has been done
by Indians. Since the middle of
July M0,000 pounds of provisions
has been brought by Indian team
sters from Caldwell and Arkansas
City, and the supplies yet to he de
livered, 1,700,000 pounds, .will be
brought in the same way. Their
work is entirely satisfactory, being
quick and safe. The money till: -earned
is used with much more dis
cretion than many persons suppose,
biing applied for the purchase ff
wagons, harness, provisions and ujj.
or things of real value.
Well?""!- i'i
i WiiUiL' :'' ':
fill I- til
i radi
- -

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