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Cheyenne transporter. (Darlington, Indian Terr.) 1879-1886, August 25, 1880, Image 4

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ri;nMHin:i si;.mi-JIontiii. .
- -
. A. EATON, mibrk PuhliHlicr
fTW tWll P '
nnirri in ji- """- ----
And row Soger an I Oils Nichols
- again able in work.
Mr. Shafcr lain brn ick for two
.vies with malarial fever.
A largo Indian train from the
.'ichita Agency .nul hound for
:d dwell, passed thi morning.
An Agricultural and Slock "Fair
ill he held at jl,iiscogee, Indian
territory, Sep. 29 J & 30 and Oct.
k 2. This shows commendable
hlcrprisc and will, as it should,
" a success.
Messrs. Lee ec Reynolds furnish
ie first order fori brand advert iso-
.ncnt. in this paper. These gentlemen
ire reliable dealers and those who
vish (o improve their stock should
orrespond with I hem.
Notwithstanding the rather prim
itive simplicity of the stairway that
urnishes aceesH to our sanctum,
quite a number of ladies and gen
tlemen have visited ns. "We would
say to them and others, call often.
This Agenoy is fortunate in hav-
ing one of the finest choirs to bo
found anywhere in the West. Their
music reminds one of the culture
of Eastern cities, and fui;nishos a
most welcome change from (ho mo
notonous howl of the Jndian.
Misses Lena, Joe and Sue and Mv.
AVhit Miles will start east with their
father next week. The first two
will accompany him to Washing
ton and return to the Agency, Miss
Sue goes to Lawrence to school, and
Mr. Whil to school at Spiccland,
Indiana. Miss Ella Campbell is al
so of the party and will stopatllor
nollsville, New York, where she will
attend school.
Jrlslv. Todd, the enterprising mana-
g-T of the stage lino between Cald
v '11 :113d Ft. Sill, passed through
tl Agency on one of his flying vis
it last week, lie goes over the line
quite frequently and generally has
jus4 time to speak, but the condition
0 his stock and stages and the
'UJinTffrrTuM with which he delivers
1 lis and passengers attest that he
4 j I usiness nil over. Mr. Todd also
av "ics express matter at reasonable
iV.i 'vs.
bouU500 head of cattle have
Jhvu issued to the school children.
Thu herd was started a few years
a-o from the proceeds of the Mis
sion fnrni, whieh was invested for
tho benefit and encouragement of
the school children. Additions have
been made from time to time as
money could he had, until with the
increase, (he number rcachod the
nlim . f,!,,,, fp r -i
iw HiiN.-. lyi-'jiinjiuiH are now
tl v famihni'r'u'If li n,-.1-
"V lv aWw&iil.rn h 1 u ; 1
r. .3 tui.j
A great dun ' hasialn place in
the disposition of the ClfcVcnn s I
and Arapahoe to work. It ban not ,
!)( n long .-in, c ii wa diHiciU to !
them o work at any price, now they
are not nnlv willimr hut anxiou.- K
get employment. Of course only a
limited number can be employed,
but wo hope the lime is not fur dis
tant when labor, the only thing that
will keep 11 white man eisPized, will
be furnished everv one who in dis-
posed to work.
re desire correspondence frwvn
all parts of the roiinlnytyiid ask
those interested in the affiiirs of
tboir respective localities to Sjcnd in
all items of public interest. Many
peions do not write because writing
is not their business, or because
they are out of practice, and fear
lest they should mistake in spelling
or composition. To all such, we say
that manuscript is not subject to
public inspection, and will always
appear to as good advantage as we
can make it.
Fn order to accomplish our prima
rv object the Thanspohtkk must
have a large circulation in thj. coiin
trv. in order to et this circulation
the paj)cr must contain news mat
ter of general interest ; and with this
in view we shall try to get corres
pondence from every part of the
country. What we want is sharp,'
short, newsy items, not long essays
of no general interest wo have not
space for such.
The Agent will start to Washing
ton via Carlisle on the first of next
week, and will probably remain ab
sent a month. Ho will trtkc with
him fifteen Cheyenne, ten Arapahoe,
fifteen Kiowa & Camanchee. two ah
sentoo Shawnees and and three
Pawnee children, who will be plac
ed in school at Carlisle. Arapahoe
Chiefs, Little "Raven, Yellow Bear,
& Left .Hand; Cheyemjie Chiefs,
Big horse, Bob Tail, Man-on-a-Cloud
& Mad Wolf, Robert Bent in
terpreter, and a lady assist
ant, are also of tho party and will
make the entire trip and return.
You can't find a country su re
mote from civilivation but Hint the
enterprising printer man is there or
likely to be there in a xovy short
time. John Cain has packed his
little cose of pica and has taken it
with him to Huron, Beadle county,
Dakota, where he has dumped it out
again and started the Settler. John
was the first squatter in the entire
country and has not a neighbor in a
dozen miles of him, yet he intends to
stay there and grow up with the
country. Printer Advertiser.
MaMnimmimlmM wran uuHMMMrwAVMu
in n. Tin:,
Li:k iY Rky.wi uh,
nun. units a:'d di:ai we x
Tvro and OvndoA Hovtfovd u id Sliort
Zo-n OfttUe
i: .n nr in m 1 ir a: 1 , 1.n
111 h
Types, Presses and Printers Fixtures.
201, Vine St.
i.jna'inmi;wwmwwi irm'inimnwi"ii !
rvV fcv ffuinMA
At a mooting of a number of stock men at
Moboi'tio, Texns, Jul', 28, in unHWtu to a pre
vious call for tho purpose of considering
means for protection againtt Texas fever anil
to consider other stoclc Interests, tho follow
ing resolutions were passed .Judge 15. Dubbs
in tho chair and Jameb II. l'arke heeretary;
Wiu:bi:a6, Great Iosh hiis rebultod to our
section from tho cpread of Texas fever com.
municaU'd by cattle dri in from points south
and ea&lofui, be it therefore
JiSioiA'i:i, that His important that &aid eaU
tie be coutinod to certain lines of drive, and
to that end wo debignato what is known as
tho "Kath Trail", as it i now changed north
of Hud Hiver, for the middle of distribution
drive. The "Western Trail", passing up
lilonco Canyon, liead of Canyon Tule, head
of Coneojictto Jilanco, head of l'aiadora, Taa.
eosa to Colorado. The oasti'rn Urive as here
tofore cross Itud Hiver at Doan'o wtore, and
that we further set aside one and one-half
miles on eaoli side of tho "Hath and Western
Trail" for the use and benolU of tho drovers
on said trails, uid that wo do most earnestly
request all eaUle men to respect thoe limits.
HiiSouvi;i),Thut all drovers are requentod
to call upon local block men for information
ns to said trail and Unit wo pledge ourselves
to render all weeded information or a.lst.
ancQ when culled upon.
Hi;Kouvi:i,Thnt all parlies holding cat 11" on
this section not wintered, west of tho Wichu
tas and north oi the Brazos, at a point above
1 lay lor county are requested to hold the
same under hoi and separately from nil
Hinge oat tic until after frost.
Hi:soi. : i, that tko above ivsolutious ahull '
go Into etVect Irom ute. j
Ht:soi- rn, that wt fully endorse tho etl'wrl
ot the stork men of the J'nn Handle to in
pro r the blood of tin ir stock, and to that I
end e won!' I recommend that us ftir n ptflO
tical none lut bull- o gio 1 blood bo used,
'Pllft.t 1'llWOlll t lllIU V Kf.lt Inlllill'.ul 1... Ilin 1
ehition of pen uinii t oflU-i rn, r'iultlug tus
'bdlow- (h.uh- i.oo in,.'.!', Pn "iduilj John
I' I..m-., iiiny. 'ih i, u . iing thou ml.
i iiii.ii . tii l i ij i oi 1 1' !,. (vni of
Hiibscribc tor
The Transporter
BwOdes ivinj? the Indian news,
we shall nhvtiys givu to tlie ISiock
InlcivHlH of the counlry Uiut i mouni
of npnee and effort which ita imjjor
l.'ince (lemands, mwl cordially in
vile stock men to coi respond with
ns on matter of hiteifnt to their
claw. Yc have lixt'd ftta )rieo of
brand advertising h.i low that we
believe this depntn-ent will be lib
erally supported by .starl: men, and
a closer intimrt"y efttr.hlishcd be
tween those pttrth o tlw country
sepaa'ated by loni ligft nies.
This otlice Upr-vid d with a good
and thuso aro v tfjjfilod ip call, on
ns who sire in I Kjiof
POrVTKKaL ' ' i , . .Kr
''? ., ., br.
uv w? An vv.n ykah.
V.r) 'm
to '. '4' 1
., 111 i II ' ' illllt .
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