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A i T I 11 ? ! v(
y -f;
tlrco. W. Mai-'i-kt, Editor Ai Propr.
Ian: Mi:mtm Local Kdiior.
Ohcyormc & Avapulioo Agency, Darlington, Indian Tcv., Juno 18, 188 1-
No- 18,
- itt i nil i iiiiinri urn iiiiiiMiniMii in n n i i mum
FW3. i liv ""?" "" fi A T" ITV-fi $ '"""X 4r
ar2r Rango
sn?a veil. S
Hunnewell, Knns.
so or Ilunne-
soiiie with
m loft shoulder.
.Also some cultlo
branded with drawing
knife on both shoul
ders, llo.-ne brand like
this on rlL'!;t tiiiuh
IP. Fred, f'llffrirnanm w.M,,.. t...i ..
Ranch on Bltlor creek. u " ,u" ,m xcnT
PostPllice, I''rc
H. r. C'ot.uns, In charge.
Range Cheyonuo & Ar-
fiCt' fiTi'l1irtt rAaatt.rtf tnri T !1
.tl,.vv 1VOU1 TUWVll, 1. J.
Cnttlo branded lllco this
nnywhere on right side.
All calves branded sumo
f -- ! UJMJ. VJ JVit
taLvWhV,II JiV
Shippers will do well by shipping their llvo slock
to Andy J. Snider & To., ut Kansas City Stock Yards.
Pusto.'iice address,
with V on loft jaw.
Daillng'on Indian Tor.
liOHO WfUHl.
Sslfer? Ot Ja Li.?L: ii i: ij s, t in
on: m .'i:am- . Yy
-- . - TT'Js'j flfcfcifi I
. ,,. .- . . .lly- UMI Of 3M1 HT -. H i4lJTi:i
It ..-JSSfl & $$ i K wEll U side. The above are additional
Em KlifV'i Art Hw etiUvv.
Kigf' M'SWPf- wSlllwN
Kssyi sassi sfs&iy&
isfcsiaa" iTWi-fMV ifci
Am) Jr W Vm
J'ost oflleo address,
indlitn Springs, l T
Lcrt side mallet, parallel
bins and Roman cioss.
Uoih sldei and
k. RlKhisIdeVT.
PMysvon loft side
i aff3
.jiue .
Otoe Agency, I. T., s. A. (J:.tn, Hen. feupt
Range Ulack Poa: and ttlll Water. Horse brand
CM on side or hip. .Some cattle with different
car marks.
xr 5 Arkansas City. Kans.
2S&35a Hnngo Cold AVnter
kva ana Salt l'oric, i. t.
.Jome bradded 21
Horse.biandll';c this
n lolt shonihr and
thikk. tk-ji jh T . . J-. '-T. -,-B-.ii m
, Jlffl cncttjarrt.tTBjjLw.
J. 11. SEdltR.
Darlington, 1 T
1111 crfJiagi&
il inT.ufcirill - P-IM 1 .II.MIL I M...-.,
J. B
1 asafiSM. mktemkt.
r.s- ?r.cirn. -7 vr -i r 'r-zet-tt .
m j&Mm ' sfes-2
BteM: U:
uiiu r
iFfctis --ii
'J. oi
jjc ra
P 0 Otoe Agenev I. T. Range Lowi r Red Ro'ik.
X on right law, K on riglit side. Horse branded
with a rovurtid S on either shoulder. S iuo cattle
branded like this on right hip
Anadttnio, Ind. Ter,
Bj.'uulleli hip and side.
"w&pira bj
Effi '"EHBil lio
'itl'l.'! iMUi '.
- . .j.
Milk d
KtReno. I.T.
Smooth eroi
off each ear.
Horse brand
l'crt Reno
ng and evening.
AikansasCIty, Xs
Ranch In northen
part of tie I. T.
val.-er and doalur
in nne Uornos and
N or N on left
I also have at
Aikansas City a
HinI - class livery
Iced and sale sta
ble, Willi commodious corral ana feed stalls for
the accommodation of cdtle, ranch and Terrltoiy
men when at the city. Charges roasonrblo.
Parties rinding Rrnys in these brands will bo
liberally rewarded by giving Information to
.1. B. Nii'p.
- V "Tr'TTf-ii i in----
g&r v.
I w
'j.XCfri.lZg OillKU JIUA
Ranch on Campbell
n-ck i'ostomce, Med
fork Ranch, Indian Ter.
Aid where on animal.
Horse brand saint: o:i
v;ht shoulder
The Arkansas City Traveler says Inspector Ua
worth is spending a week at the Chllocco school,
overseeing the receipt or cnttlo and noting the gen
eral progros of that Institution.
There is no better located or stocked range In
the country than W. E. Campuoirs, which ho has
advertised for sale, ills increase In cnlves this
year shows up llnely, and as they are from lirst-class
bulls, will show up on the scales In two or throe
years In great shapc-Caldwell .Journal.
The horse market tlio past week has boon vory
inuotlve on account or the woalher. The prairie
was so sort that it was Impossible to work the herds,
and honco but lew sales were made. With a rew
days or decent weather the number or horses on
this market will bo greatly diminished .Caldwell
A small bunch of the Noz Purees have Just made
their annual visit to thoCheyenncsand Arapahoes,
this being their regular custom, It seems. Chief
Yollow Bull was In charge, and as thoj went about
the Agency, they could bo easily distinguished from
other Indians by their being dressed In eltl.ens
clotliing and the marked contrast In their fenturos.
The Nez Percos are quite a civilized people, to say
the least nearly or Quito all of them having adopt'
ed citizens' dress to lake the place of the clumsy
blanket. They remained hero over a week, talking
over olden times and feasting with the Cheyonnes
and Arapahoes. Having known Yollow Bull for
several years, of courso ho called to see the "papor
manno," and to tell about his "heap good friend,
emboli. M
Wlluer F. Moore, of the llrm or J. E. Cuddy & Co
was hero this week and told or a cattle trade ho
had just perfected : He sold tne 01 brand of cattlo
bchm held on the CH range, something over M)0
head of mixed stock, to R. (i. Estill, of Kansiu City,
at the Col'owlntf prices : Cows with calves, 540 ;
drr cows, $J7; yearlings, 20; two oar olds, SM ;
throe year o'ds, 808 all to bo counted out, and da
llve'red wit: .out a rango. In paymoutuCuddyJ&C6j
get Improved ieal estate In Kansas City lliatlmys'
an annual rental of 3 1 ,000. Wo should sny that
these are rood price'?. Medicine Lodge Index.
A cattle irado Involving SOI, 000 good, clean cash
was consummated this Wv-ek by which Sherlock &
Mills disponed of their interest in the Salt Fork A:
Eiigle Chler pool to the (jionosco cattlo company.
Wicks Bros, and Schluppo A: Knell, members ol
Hie same pool. The cattle weie sold range count,
and the supposition Is that there are 1,750 head of
mixed stock, and these were run In, Including the
range and puol privileges, at Sio per head lor
evoo thing branded before this yoar. Considering
that the cattlo are In a pa; lure, the lease lo which
runs for four years, and that it Is one of the best
ranges on the Cherokee Strip, the nice paid was
no more than the stock was woitl. The fact that
the purchasers are perfectly acquainted with the
properly they purchased, all being large owners in
the same pasture, Is an indication that they are
satisfied to run cattle In the Territory. Medicine
Lodge Index.
The Oklahoma Country.
EL. 'z.MV''
i. V. KI21TII,
Darlinglon, I. T
Also VKoonnect
ed on light hide
mid lu ut () left
hl) an, iutf.
I't- call Id on
same uiiigt-
" a'
WM Wki fci wif mm'
Iwr Sctl! "' ' '"-'I'd ji. V.UIU1 loin or hip
i:d. (.
P 0 Springer Itaueli,
Other brands: 8 left
shoulder; s under bai
toft ttngh ; B K 0 left
, Ide, anl ou
Jals.r 111
Darlington,' Indian Territory.
1 1 ii e biuud same on left
O on right hip or these
On both siiis.
Thhls aSo both
Horse brand ,$?
li'i: leiunp.
will iyst
A t'w iemrks on the physical geography of the
so-called Oklahoma country will probably be of
Interest at this time: "The southwestern portion
of It has much sandy, hilly, barron and uompara
tlfidy worthless land, upon which grass grows
st-Hrscly, and which Is wholly unlit for agi (cultural
purpoies. Some good land lies along the Cimar
ron bottoms, but the dlvidos or ridges between gul
lies and gulches that loud oil the small creeks, are
very high, sandy lands, that work easily, and are
bairen and sterile after mid-summer. The bouth
eastern qrirtor, across Deep Fork to the North
v'aundliin, i.- alow, marshy, swmp). scanLy Urn
ucred couatt: , oontdiulng many lagans and bui
ous that are ncarl Iinpas.sable. This portion of
the country Is also worth but mile for tanning. Its
lowlitiuh, marslies and swamps produces some ftir
gras- and Umber. Taken as a whole, the Oklaho
ma, country is neatly over-rated by those who have ,
given It but a suicrilclal Inspection, and by those i
who, i mm interested motives, are lobleiing and'
keeping ulhe tltche suil-aiiiiu.il or .-eml-oecaaion-
ul booms." To put It In a low woids, these lands
are lit for grazing purposes only, and the strangest
thing is that there are men ton-.tant'j leaving good
farms to seek new ones m this untiiul country
when they know they can gain nothing. Hut the
eiuel oi' the question is t'tli : the larger iait of
these lie v sera so far U .vt been disreputable,
lillttrah: ch.tiaotors, whu are ever ready to go rov
li,g atoLi merely lor the novelty to be had by Hik
oj ration aul do nt potest suftUlent lnlulligm,
to ee that these tuwtor.6Q4tuwu.lMt potriA4Hre
Infectious Cattlo.
At a meeting or the Cattle drawers' Association
hold at Kiowa, Kansas, on May 20th, tho following
olTldors wero olooted : A J Orowdson, president;
H c Drumm, vlco-pivsldonl: A W Rumsoy, treas
urer ; D T Flvnn, aecrctary ; and L Uurtls, II 0
Drumm, J F Moore the executtvo committee, and
tho following preamble and resolutions wore adopt
ed : Whkkkam, It has come lo the knowledge of
tills association that large mmibeis or Infectious
cattle have been shipped and driven to various
points along our border rrom Aikansas, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Tennesseoimd other soul horn states
and threaten to invado tho slate of Kansas and tho
enclosure of the Cherokee Strip, thereby threaten
ing our herdd with Texas, Splenic or Spanish fever
and even annihilation, and Wjikukas, oursolvos
and neighbors have sustained heavy losses and Ihtt
depletion of ourhoids In years past from shuilat
invasions and dlsoaso In open violation or law and
without any regard or propeity rights, and thorn,
fore bo It Rksoi,vki, that we sevorally and collect
Ively bind ourselves lo protect our rights and proi -orly
against all unscruiuilus drovers of Inrecllou'
cattle from any and all sources whatsoever, artd
while mob law and violence Is to bo deplored, It
sometimes becomes necessary for tho protection or
lite and property, and .should such necessity occur,
we will not hesltato to act promptly and In such a
manner that properly rights will be respected In
future, Rksolvkd, that It shall bo tho duty of tho
Inspector to Inspect all western bound holds add
ascertain whether or not they contain any Infec
tious or suspicious cattle and If possible to stop of
turn such infections or suspicious herds and pre
vent them from moving beyond the westorn boun
dry of the quaranteen ground set apart lor tho use
and accommodation oj through herds by tho Che
lokeo Strip Live Slock Association, aiid In case of
his failure to slop or turn such herds, he shall Im
mediately notRy the president or executive com
inlttee of tho fact, together with all Inlormatlon In
his possession relative lo their movements and
destination; that this association shall have tlrno
ly notice of the approach or such herds and bo pre
pared to take such action as they may deom most
expedient. Rksolvkd, that we sollclta the organl
tzutlQiuanajLCQrqiSeratlpno.lotliurnrotactlvQ.agsotiia UIoTOTraeTllelfiore and
Intervening points and plodgo our support to the
same. Rksoi.vkd, lh;i ; veto of thanks be tend
ered by this association to lien S. M.llor, of Uald
well, Kansas, Tor his timely and efllcient efforls to
prevent the Introduction of Infecllous and conta
gious disease among Iho domestic cattlo of the
w; E. Campbell. 15-q th well known Shorthorn
breeder at Caldwell, will please accept our thanlu!
for the above report.
1 n n
A Others soo it.
An exchange says : The aversge cowboy is it
much abused personng'i. It Is he who stands ao
cusod of all tho frontier crimes when tho authors
are unknown. A mail train Is robbed, the thlovos
escape and knowing newspapers declare It Is tho
deed of cowbois. A fence Is cut, and tho same
news peddlers raise a howl against cowboys. A
man found mur.iered. tho lougo burnedj a town
painted or a sheriff stood oir, and Iho whole thing
Is laid lo the cowboys. Now, boys, what has
brought this bad name upon a class of sturdy citi
zens, whose occupation is as honoruble and peace
ful as an) v It Is the presence In your midst of a
few, very lew, coarse, wicked spirits, for whom
hanging would be about the proper article. A cow
boy should be a boy or man who works with herds
and drives entile. Would you clear the term "cow
boy" from tho odium it boars? If so, drive from
among you the wild, reckless characters, whoso
presence only serves as a bad example. Tho
vicious, Idle curs are tho ones relored to, those who
shirk their share tf the hard woik, and prefer to
loaf around towns and scare some tcudeifool with
bragged-. clo airs, to standing night herd or riding
lines all day. 'ILc forLlddb.g of car rjlng deadly
weapons Iims It u suggested by n.any persons and
publications as "a means of laming tho cowboy,"
This Is a mistake; tho cowboy does not need "lam
ing," and it Is fair Ibat every honest man in charge
ot valuatlc property should be armed until the
thicker felticrftent oi cattlemen on the ranges and
moieefilelent operation of the clltcer ol the law
enables them to dUpeusu with Winchesters and
six-shooters. Tl' general lun or cowboys' work la
not laborious, and the wages paid in most ca&es Is
bUHreient lo enable the economical herder to lay by
a competence, wmch, by .jiidieioiii Investing, may
mow into a nko bunch ol cilllo. Many a "cattle
king" entered Iho business as a herder, but you
ma) bt t your somhroro and spurs llpil those who
did never Indeed away their time in gambling
halh ;iii! d.-tiH Rcmcf'ycr thai iu are men.
biisin-i nirii, ;nii H. t ii oci',,railuii dots uoi
givejoa... ii'siMi -i: . i i" j.u haul earntd
saving iii .,,... i.ce. tUe cuttiv. tiul.iess Is a
broader and mute promo-.) IiuPj tn.i.i any olhtr
btiin'fcs hi tii wev, a,i vvu wU- f,-vH the oxpWJ
tfje&iiftls&owWjii.i oi,.jiiiyN .;, oidd nrof

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