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Gko. W. Maiwkt, Edit or & Prnpr.
Lapis jMiiiutrrr, Ijoi'hI hMitor.
mW 1 ' 1"" "THRsj'11 T "1
UIxJPj 1 IhXS j
Xliil.ll kJX Ull ill. lit
Vol. 5.
" i i
W. 13. HELM,
.2P Iiu'inewell, Kans.
; irmgo s o or nunne-
wfii. some with
op Mtshouldei.
branded Willi diawinr
klllfo OU both Sllulll
dOIS. IIOl'HO tir.'ltKl lll'M
this on rlL'ht ihhfh
Cluyc3imo & Aiap;ikoG Agency, J )n,vliiiston, Tnclian. Tor., J'uly 5, 1884-
" '" -""'- w.wBawwBawl IMWIia.JWIUHMMiiniJiwHiujwm. .,,..
" ' - n r . -..-.-
R. P. Collins, in charge.
llango Cheyenne & Ar-
apahoo reservation, I . T .
emtio branded like this
J anywhere on right side.
All (..'u'vtt.1 branded Hitnie
with V on left Jaw.
Postotfce address, Darlington Indian Ter.
- ' " "
ri2Tirs!MM ,-JZi?rP
fift.&tva T ofc
No. 1 9,
w'iwu'iiiwu'rtiiir'i iihiiii pnw wj
SOo tlio portraits of tho noxt President ami Viae
President In this Issue.
Shipper will do well by shipping (holr live stoelc
to Amiy ,7. Snider & Co., at Itnnsua City Stock Yards.
& PiV.mBT?3cm-
- Mmvl pMCJgjf ra! j ritivJ&$idl3pr
Z2tMk2&fJl.M2 t&tbS&t!." ! 'ii'WLYS TITUS
OjIIhJl JJHNI)J . u. y
mm wzm iks np-a sE
CEl H KM i?l SeW
MM ! KmUS kraftf SfcraawSrfeKI
xirtisftiT iSal FVX3
MoLELLAN tA'l pith r.n T-w llf WESf
CBP WStfiS Wffiffi&k arllntum. I T
-- - - -- " """" I -mmm -MHU
Otoo Agency, I. T., S. A. Uuth, (.'en. Sud
Range Black Bear and Still Water. Horse brand
C M op side or h.p Some cattle with different
ear marks.
Arkansas Citr. Kims.
Huiibo Cold Water
and Salt Fork, I. T.
Some biaudtd H
Horse brand like litis
n left ahoulder and
A. A.
- Bf
1 ' i
i. U ,
Ml .ES5?5aWi -e'f! HSer&JlLx,
F2 'TJTijTuNi': -g,tJ" g
Anadarko, Inil. Tor,
kVU Dl'llitlnl'l 1. !..,..,,! ..ill.
"""'" " U' IUII JUU.
'P 0 Otoe Agency, 1 . T. Range Lower Red Rock.
on right JawK on right side. Iloie branded
with a rovoi-sed S on either bhoulder. S-mio cattle
branded llko this on right hip
T 3i', 1 -, .'- -- 4. J I M I W
VI Reno, l.T.
Smooth crop
oireauh ear.
Horse brand
!7 Old
.'. t rr f "
t-.i , ...-. .jn,wiCrfcaVj
ftlllk dellvu-cd morning and evening.
Piopriet is
i-'cit !t no
AikansiisClty, Ks
liHiieb In northern
pari ot ine i. T.
mHer and dealer
In lino horses and
N or N on JeR
I also havo at
Arkansas City a
Hrst - class livery
feed and sale sta
ble, with commodious conala ana food stalls Tor
the accommodation of cattle, i.mch and Territory
men when at the city. Charges roasonrblo.
Parties Jlnding lirays in thoso brands will be
liberally rewarded by giving Information to
.1. H. NiPi
U? . A-
it nruvT
KKITll, '
U;iucli on Uampi.,-11
i-i-eek ."ostolhce, Red
Kork Ranch, Intllaii 'J'or.
Am where on animal.
Horse brand same on
nh I shmuder.
(till KK I. ItAMi-;
H. F.
OftrlliiKton. l.T
Also YK connect
ed on rllit side
..': and side.
Pri eattle on
..ti-ie range.
rt At. i; i vujiui umus: awn
' .r.ij J-1.WT3. n iuiiiuui . b.i iiaiii uni
.iJiat-i'Jh.Zj.. u (hir v ii luti
CWTTiV.,'-fTOi-. l '"'S'l ' "?!
1 ui Jif rw t :
ind on Uhcr loli or hp
- uaritiijcton, lutiiim Toniiory.
l lorse biuuU hiuuo oil U ft
Ak C on rftfht hln tit Umsti
fc .
- lw
.M ff.fli.
"j'j.jwj. '-rM uiwr
On both l .
Thblahl... L.o:'.
i Hoihb brait !
iirj i-'fbio
i 9BPJK"sLi wm
PostrOfUce address.
Indian Springs, l T
Lett side mallet, parallel
bars and Roman cross.
Both sides - and
. Klirht side VT.
Kzsnvon left side.
km iEG?w rlk'ht
ft P3 8WW M .ide .
Tlie Agency schools llnlshed tliolr school yenr
lnl UH5&kf artor a successful teim, and the pup lit
and employoes arc now havliiK lliolr vacation.
. Teh dollars reward for tho return to Win. Keith,
Darlington, I. T., of a Hvo year old sorrel mare,
blae fiioo, sore back and branded .IP rconnecled)
on rlftlit shoulder.
Tho aomliig Fourth is to be olebraled at noils
City with nn old-rashlonod, Spanish bull light, tho
uiuftciMiui mm onruuriotm placo having scr.tred
for the occasion a bull and professional lighter.
Among tho herds of boovos that are soon to go
from this range to market Is a bunch or 700 head
belonging to Bickrord Bros. Thoy ura In a nice
marketable condition, and should brluu the hiiMi
est price.
ThoCnldwoll Standard .Is Issuing a pretty lltilo
dally, which speaks volumes Tor tho town. It the
citizens will give the enterprise proper support,
our legal frlond, Ju.lgo Bnrry, will reward them
value reeolvod.
Tho Standard uattlo Co. has established their
headquarter lanoh above Cantonment, near tho
mon'.i of Sweetwater. nnt n. m. Aiinn iw.n L-nnnm
hero 'vlll be In charge. This compnny Is to do
const." arable fencing this sonson, and will soon
havo hlngs fixed In bettor shape.
Tho Cheyenne A Arapahoe and Texas Land &
Catth (T5 outllt; cempanles havo just made a de
livory or 22" graded bulls on their ranges. The
ultimate are choice onos, and tho managers or
thetooompanlesmadeagood selection In busing
for tiolr ranges graded slock. It is clahnod that
thoroughbreds do not do as well.
News from Fort Sill tells ol a Cro that took placo
.hi the telegraph omcent thai post one night last
week. The troops, under Hie Instruction ol tho
ofilcors, succeeded in extinguishing tho lire, but
too late to save some metrologlcal Instruments be
longing to the weather 1 ureau or tho signal service
The loss will probably reach S-100.
. A delivery on 0.000 head or cattle from Texas
was made to tho M'ashita Cattlo Co. on their range
a couple or weeks io. Tho herd consists of one,
two e.iUh.-oe yam olds, 7,000-head oCwhloluare
heHera, which adds to lLs value as stock cattle.
Tho Washita Is a strong cattle company, and they
now have nearly completed a lenco around their
tntlie range.
The round-ups In this section are about com
pleted and the work has been thorough. Every
one seems satisllod with the result, and tho report
Is tit at the losses are small and tho calf crop very
gojd. Stockmen are now "cutting" and holding
their marketable beeves preparatory for shipment .
Several herds will leave this section within the
next few weeks for market.
All tho supplies for tue Indians ol this Territory
for the ensuing year are to be shipped from Ar
kansas City, Instead of Caldwell, as heretofore,
h'ehlffbai.or Uros. have tho contiact for the ship
ping of the goods funi the oast to that city, and
from Hint point will bo transported to tho dliferent
Agenclos by tho Indians. Arkansas City mou have
also tho Hour contract.
Bids were received at Kurt Reno on tho 1 ith ult.
for furnishing the M Hilary with beef the ensuing
year. There wero several bids made, and uuon
opening them the bid ot Howard Rhoads was found
to tee the lowest, wL I jb was 87.JIS per ewt. Mr.
lUioads has received notice from headquarters of
the department that his bid was accepted and Uo
has been awarded th.- contract.
The Menuonite lulsalou rolks harvested a i in all
patch or wheaUast week that will turn out oplon
didly. A small field wan sown In their gardeh Tor
an experiment tho grain grew quite rank and the
grains defeased well, revealing tho fact that this
.oil will, in lavorable seasons like the present ono.
produco - moll grain. Some stalks from the patch
were displayed at the Agent's oliiee that measured
over Ihroe leet in length.
PhlHp Pun, for ton years Agency oarpentoiv a
this place, has resigned his position and goos to
Lawrenc6, Kansas, where ho luw ome building
conlmcts. With his family, air. Putt will visit tho
east and then rolurn to lilt new Held. Mr.- X'utt
and inmlly will bo greatly uMssed heic
Wesley Winon, colored, and a bad character,
who has been operating hh meanness for sovoral
iears In the vicinity or Cantonment, was nrrcstoa
last wnol; by Agent Dyer and placed In tho guard
house lo await the arrival or a marshal rrom Kau
sas. Tho marshal came In due tlmo, and Mr.
Wesley. was escorted to Wichita for tilat liorord tho
P. S. court. There are several oliurges agalnst'thh;
noted gentlem-ui or color, and hischunees lo learn
a trade aro good.
The court ol Inquiry appointed to examine Into
the origin and tho responsibility far tho "Slush
Fund," at Foil Reno, resulted In ihe War Depart
ment Toiblddlng tho continuance o" tho ruud, and
providing that no such custom as tho examination
revealed shall be allowed to take root again. No
criminality was round, and no Individual rosponsl
billty ror tho disbursement or tho rund.- Army'aud
Ni'vy .lournal.
The Journal liguies It out that eighty to nliicty
percent or calves, Is tho way all tho stookmoif ou
the strip talk when asked what the call' crop will
be th'.s season. This Is eneouraalmr. nslLhRs
fbocn a doubtlUl ijuestlon, In the light or last year's
experience, whether It was.ipajlng business to
raise calves on our 'ocal ranches. It is not yet
dellnltoly settled whether it is more prolltablo to
buy yearlings steers atSIO around rrom through
drovers and matiiro them, or raise tho calvos from
??:) cows and StJO bulls running on grass that costs
about Ave cents an acre.
Quite a largo party ol" Indian children returned
last week to this Agency rrom tho Carlisle, Pa.,
training school, they hovlimugiuuloteil iholr Tour
rf''cc( fr!rty
and seven Arapahoes, and they show marked pro
gress toward civilization-In lact thoy aroasueat
and tidy as white children, or the Arapahoes
live are boys, and or tho Choyennos four ate boys.
Each of these boys, besides a lair knowledge in
tho primary studios, r.cnulrod a trade during tliolr
four ynars' course, and come back to obtain 'bui
ploj mi-nt. They seem very anxious lo work.
Wo are in receipt of a card, elegant in design,
announcing the marriage of It. II. Campbell and
Mum Amy K,. Sootl, on July I Ota. at the Chllocco
Indian school, A rkansos Olty. Utth pai lies are
viell and favorably known In this vicinity, tho brido
naving Ixtf'it ihruo years euuiioyed in the Chenue
Huliool, and the groom about the sumo iuiitj'h -of
time has been actively eugu z$ I here. J to H now
iKisiiuiister and niuuager of Capt Couueil's branch
nuie ai .iMonioent. .sorry u . .'. v-i will bt uu
ablts to vutue-w lh: tiiarrl.ige ol n- i-n.ii If, a.d
ail we C4ii d nt to okI-m'! .. d Mrs J.uup
bell (that is tu b- .
Up"" ol ldsi)tiioHHnntil(rv
W.B.nelmwas In the city Monday from 'his
ranch on the Chlkaskla. lie leporlsallthe bottom
lands along that stream occupied by boomers and!
the i low golnjj on nearly every miiiitcr section to
the extent of a "ciain; patch ' any way. One oiitlit
propose to bring a held of sheep Ihy own smd turn
them loose In his pasiure. Iho result of this movo
will be ono ol the nuest leasts for buzzards 6vev
given in tlie southwest. We could not blame 'Mr
Helm P he shouul commit murder ou this Hock of
sheep, out It would bo more elluc'uul ir he 'turned
his atti'iitton to tlo Owner of them. There's go'lng
to Le war, and that soon. Caldwell Journal.
The lollowlug t'h-m tho Wichita Eagle Is a fair
sample of the sensation that one ('apt. Payne Is
creating on tho subject below handled :
"The announcement that apt. Payno, tboOkla
linnitt boomerist, anl one or two or his ardent
coliotls would speak In the ourt mom last night,
attracted to that place culte it numhoro' people,
tl.i majority of whom wont out oi cmlosity as do
pt pl attend a menagerlo when a new "what-ls-lt"
's .uKt'itHed to appear. The chief s eako'r ci tl'o
even In", as a matter o I course, was the aforesaid
captain, and his harangue was thorough o char
aetenalleof tho man Inconsistencies, bad grara
uihI', blackfruardlsni. and protanlty being Its malr.
features. After tho .speakers had ndieved thom
selvefi of a fair amount of personal venom, the
crowd dlspei sed, little, R afty tho more enlightened
on Oklauuma matters.''
C-J. Hyer, ourgenlinmauly new Areut, on pass
ing thr ugh tai'twell with his lady, en roum to t'Ula
place, reeelvos the f-jllowingvery niec dbnpillftoii-
tarj' i tice fiom t li Ju-'iuial, ofahat city ;
"Ar-'nt Dyer, r tl." Choyem-e A, Ai.tpahoe Agen
cy, accompanied by his chaYming who, woio callers
at this ollico Tuesday afternoon, .,usi before starl
ing for Die Aueuoy. Mrs. Dyer Is an udlliunfust.on
the Kiiiijeet or dowers, and us our foreiuau hag a
! t.11 loriti mil !l it, Antr th1lli IVIIQ J) cnlatldlrl siiiml.
I men or double ana ivytsUKl geraneom In the job
: room window, she had to tommlne them. Any
.tiuteiiee oi a nuwxpnuur ona-o is oh wax in ino
bunds of a fair lady and i.ae -. left she yns
rho iMtgst'tfgoi' wf ' i.- ii'a'it, a would liuve taken
tli .j tvtnolo u out it liie Coioue; bid allowed Iter
'ooni in tlK-iMnl ts anil w.i"ii tu have oarrjod
,lll. W.UM . t lV tUIIV Bill MIMIMI&l TII lowim 1H
. " tit! isu oi Ut. and Mrs. Dyor a oouple Ifiat
'Uuj wUlinakuiioao or the mos pleSiin'. to sfrlnr
-"" m -"-,

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