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Cheyenne transporter. (Darlington, Indian Terr.) 1879-1886, August 12, 1886, Image 4

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Subscription, $1 Per Year, in Advance.
cueyenne and Arapahoe Agency, DARLINGTON, 1ND, teil
MAFFET & MERRITT, Publishers.
Local and Personal,.
Kov, Harry was down from hiojluppor mis
sion thia week,
Agonoy Fliysichm Gray baa a good many
Uuliau pationts in the camps,
Ilob't "Bonl has sold his two yoar-old stoors
nbout fifty In number, at $10 per lioad.
Tho.Darlington Hold man, air. Murphy,
sports one of the swiftest horsos in tho conn-
Jolm P. Hnirri, ih I.'ono bocf man, is in the
wilderness again, after a long absonco up
country. Mrs. Jonnlo Meagher goes to tho Wichita
Agency on Tuesday to become matron at tho
Zviowa school.
A. J, Koynolds passed south on Wednesday,
n his way home to Anadarko from an
extended trip cast.
Mr. Whitlow, tho gontlomanly brand in
spector, has boon laid up lor several days
vi th a lamed anUlo.
Tho ngency farmoru have boon hard at
work the past week putting up hay for tho
' use of tho government stock.
Tom Pottor lias voturncd to his first love
the Choyonno schoolA.ro3igning.his position
with Agent Hall, atAnadarko.
liun Keith, John Poisal, Jake Zollowcgor
and Gcorgo Johnson will each have an aver
age corn crop on their places.
Charlos Lylcs is the name of a new clerk in
Trader Barker's storo. Ho came out with Mr.
Eastland's family from Mississippi.
Jas. Samson to out harvesting, his winter
supply of hay. It rcquiros some rustling to
Jlntl grass long CMur.gh for hay, owing, to tho
Tom Hamblcton last weok'rocoivod a tele
gram' from his wife at Mound City, Ills., toll
ing him oi an increase In his fumlly.of a boy
Mr. Wm. Morris, of tho grocory linn of
Morris & Doty, Caldwell, was hero this week.
Ho is interested in the military Jrlcght con
tract. Mr. Soger brought in U'rom tho 5 Indian
Colony two stray horses brandod circle bar,
, jn-osumably tho property oi some stockman
on the atrip.
The Indians had a great deal of sport Mon
day swimming their issue of bcof cattle a.
croaa.tho swollen river. They preform! do
wg.that to crossing them on tho bridge.
Tho North Folk eumo upon Sunday night to
jspointhlghor than it has boon this season
Tho- water did not como up high enough,
linwover, to test tho strength of tho military
Tho Rono hay contract has boon awarded
tSamuol Swayer, of Caldwell, at $11.75 per
tan. The contracUalls for l'.OOO tons, and tho
opinion ia genoral that Mr. S. will lose money
jinthe. operation.
Col. C. Y. Meeks is with us onco moro, bring
his wife and littlo daughter Liliio out with
aim this time. They aro boarding at prosent
at tho Darlington llotol, but expect io soon
commanco housekeeping.
Agent Lee has had many improvement
ami chances uiado at tho Arapahoo school
since it ciosod. Tho building has been paint,
acl throughout, and other arrangements made
for the beginning of school September I .
Mr. J. S- Morrison, in company with Jonuio
Moaghor, wont to tho Wichita Agoncy to-day .
Miss Nollie Morrison, who ha3 been spending
vacation with Miss Ilutohins at that placo,
trill return with lior rather and re-culor
yaliool at Lawrence.
Dr DoBra, lato physician to those tribes,
is now living at El Dorado, Kansas. A local
paper at that placo says that ho was remov
ed from oftlco on account of inoflonslve
partisanship." ,
Mr Oliver Eastland, with his family, oc
cupics tho Ilubboll rosldonco at tho rear of
Maj. Barkor's store, which hQ rccontly pur
chasod. Mr. Eastland hnsaiamlly oflivo
bright littlo ohildrcn.
Mr. J. S Morrison hai returned from tho
railroad, whoro ho had boon attonding to tho
shipment of his beef cattle. Ho shipped
from Hunncwoll. Mr. Morrison left the re
mainder of his herd on tho strip.
Mr. Goo. W. MafTet has become solo pro
prietor of tho Anthony Daily Republican,
having just bought out his partnor. Mr.
Maffct is an editor of oxcoptional capabili.
tics, and is doing well at Anthony.
James II. Tultle an old and familiar rango
boy in this pnrt of tho country, is manager
for tho new Indian beef contractor. Jim is a
rollablo rangoman and woll worthy the posi
tion, lie is holding- hla cattle on Arapahoe
crook, south of town .
Agent Capt. Loo had his entire force of
omployoes at work for several days last
week "doctoring" about a dozen car loads of
damaged bacon. Tho whole of it had to bo
unboxed and cleansed, which required no
small amount of labor.
Tho printing office was honored with a visit
yesterday from two Indian girls, Julia Eont
and Ella Han soil. They arc lately roturnod
school pupils, and came in to see tho Indian
printer boys. The young ladios aro bright
and show marked ovidoncca of their school
Last wook for sovcral days the mails were
considerably delayed by high water botwecn
hero and Caldwell They wcro'also dotaincd
at the Canadian, in which a wagon and tho
mail woro lost. The mail, or a part oi it, was
recovered . The Canadian is a very treacher .
ous stream.
With this issue of the Tkansi-otck wo print
an extra edition of several hundred copies,
which will be sent out to many new readers.
For tho information of the unkowingwo will
say, although our advertising columns would
not indicate it, that there aro two trading
stores at this Agency.
The only exciting incident ocenrrimr In
town for over a week was occasioned on
Monday cvoning by an infuriated bull runn
ing through the street, chased by an Indian
on horseback. At the corner of Broadway
and hide-yard avenue tho brute ran over one
of Amos Birch's children, bruising it consid-crably.
Uncle Will Darlington, Tom ilambleton
and tho editor sinned on last Sunday by
going to tho old Washington place in the
Caddo country on apcach buying oxpodition
That is, thoy. wont as far as the Canadian
river, but did not got any of tho ij.no Iruit just
on tho opposite side. The stream was on a
Capt. anil Mrs. Loo woro honored with a
musical soronado last Friday evening from
tho Fort Reno military band Tho band is
composed oi members of A and K companies,
21 th infantry, and is undor tho leadership of
J II- Ryan, of Capt. Woodson's troop. It (lis.
courses very nice music for tho short time it
hofi been organized.
jpir. bcgcr was compollcd to lay up at tho
Agency for several days, as ho could not got
back to tho Colony on account of high water
in tho Canadian. This stream is undoubted,
ly tho most aggravating, unreasonable and
altogether unreliable ono in tho univorso
boinotimos entirely dry, and at others such a
turbulent torrent as to bo impassablo for
mau or beast. r
I 1 FOR A., T. & S. F. R. R. JL ' EXTENSION.
Dealer in General Merchandise,
(Post-Office, Ponea Agency, Indian TovSlore o?i Salt Fork.
giWl keep constantly on hand a complete stock of everything need
ed on the ranch or trail, which I am selling as cheap as the cheapest.
jgpir-My house is headquarters for every article, and if it is not in
stock I will cheerfully order it. Give me a call and get satisfaction.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables,
jffMPSolicit the patronage of-StoCkmen and the traveling public.
Single and Double Rigs -Furnished at Short Notice:!
Forage for'srile in quantities to suit. Charges 'low and .satisfaction
-Leland iHofiEL,
SAM'L WOODSON, Jr., Proprietor.
2acEA.r)QyTj-A.3e,a?Eis :epo:k,
Commercial d Cattlemen il
This .Hotel is First-class in every respect ; good barber shop, bath
rooms, and billiard parlor in connection with the house.
Territory people will find it to their advantage to stop at the
Leland Hotel when at Caldwell. l
Ti f nnArnttiT r
vi v . Luuu n jliu.
Court convener every morning tit b:30
o'clock at Hooka &IInya, -with Jiulgo lilook
ontUobcanoh; C. E. Ciirnpuoll uttornoy lor
tfcfimtlftntaucl W, W. Charlco for the plalnlliv
The session will bo secret until a verdict is
rendered, when the court house doors will be
thrown open to the public. Tho roportur
:iowcvor, gttinocl hearing though a transom
inti slves the news in udvuueo thut Col. C. V.
.MqkBciviU beeOmc-sole proprietor, of the
.4 n(- in w Lkt ,4'.,. lew ln't-
Tho Arm mime of tho Indian trailing ostub.
lishmont of Meeks & Hays has been changed,
or is to bo soon. A trade has boon made by
which Col 0. Y. Mocks assumes tli hiialnotn.
and to this end the store has been ciosod for
over a week preparatory to tho transfer Wo
understand Mr, llaya will romovo with his
family to Wiohita. Col Mcoks is a consclqn.
lions gontloman, and wo wish him all the
prosperity possible
Joe Fcnlon, agent for the railroad grade
contractor, was hero -on Tuesday, coming up
from along tho propo30d lino bolow. ric savs
uio grado contract has all boon lot through
tho territory, and that it will bo completed
in a few months. Tho lino runs just 27 miles
oast of this agency , and largo outfits aro now
at work all along tho lino to the North Pork.
Thoy arc also at work on tho south ontl from
Gainosvlllo, and Mr. ronton sny3 tho roqil
v Hi be In uwnaUtfti iv iXiumwrv lUt nf.
MfiT'We also carry a full line of Garden, Farm and Grass Seed.
Wo have just added to our slock of Custom Work, a full stock of
Ready-Made Boots !
Parties wanting Boots and Shoes should not fail to .give us a call. '
EvisnY'raraa cuab,vntekd fijist-class.

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