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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, September 29, 1882, Image 1

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Ocvotcil to tlio Intercut of tlio t'lirroltcci, C'lioctutts, I'lilt'liiisnn, Haul
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n!Mv 'SEPTEMBER 2'j", 18fi2. " rv VOL. I. NO. 2. ,
11 .
& I ; : ' t ,
I'lcnncd liy I'dcBriiph ninTMull
IhoHtcrctiiry of tho Trcaiury has lisilcd
not lit rail for tlio redemption of bonds
t the per cent funded loan of 18.M, contln-
led at i per cent from August I2th. JRSI
ha rU u for 000,100, ISJT the" lltlnefpaT
i a In' reit to lie raid at tlio Treasury on the
H t December next, nnd lutcreit wlllsease
' ibatdty
I'twV. II. Kail, the lawver whoso name,'
(fliM bee fnlloned In connection with
, "flung Ui8 Star Itoute Jury,'' dculei
tlt lio ever attempted to Influent e any
lu urs to roto 'or tlio 00 crriment, brtYia'the J
.J wai anthemed 1.1 do so by tlio (lovcrtimsnt.)
M f r. Fall itales lie tian no fears of a full and
I .mhi.1.1 ....,.- 1 ..-.,-- 1 1-.-J411I
iviiij'iviu jumnai iiiscsiigauoii, aun in p un.'g
or-Tond t licncTer callod upon. r
ucral Bchoflcld lias been assigned to tlio
Slon of tlio Pacific
reception was tendered Digtnecr Slel-
(. Lieut llerry, Miuhrman and NorO at
t idilngton on the Vl Aiitstant Secretary!
ii Etatj nails presided and Hon. It. W.
ompsun, ex Sccretan of tlio Hair, ,njdc
e. i ...... ... - '
. juuiig auurcu. . i
TIIU I'A1. .
! tin New York Itnpuhllcan Stale Convention,
fjnlnal 1 Judao l'olirer for OoTernor. ho re
Mm; ij? totes agalnit SJJifor Cornell and
or waaiworlh.
iTtn following lleket hKa -been tlate.t(In
i uiunuon i tlio Jiaiaaeiiuictlilieiii)iiemis:'
orernor Kolicrt lUlSUhop', I.icQtniaiU
imir Olhcr mei; Secretary of State,
nb IJ. lVarcc; Treasurer and JleceWer,
.irniDin A (jlpn.nn. Anilitnr. HlijirleAJL
W Attorney Uencral. J. ilicltdanV 'i
) At rattnotf, N. J., Sfri." 'iH-Bt0ry It Un
Kit ami on n clnrco i- .tirderlnff. by
titoa, Mrl iKlEcabTtlrrecsE Tjifrt) SiotVIh1
Uertcd of tmlioiiliic lier liuiband and alio
wilier woman
lit Jiry S feerlbm r. an old man and a brother.
of llrady'i f rlendi itarted In puriult of th
.nltUutHtitUcVtqhUJiu I
Vatrlck Dwjcr was fatally iliol In New
York by Cbarlci Warren, an aerobat. Uirjer
deflated Varcn Uiitf jptfdof irfor,50,
AVaVren aonhl not tij, BiM'a'flShf followed'
An attempt was recently mado to wreck an
Kait bound illiioiiH 1'arlflc train near Kwlnc.
Mo , by a man turned 0. II llartman, who hid
beeaputofla trnjnforrefli'lns: to pay fare.
The man Is'iuppoicd'tobo crazy.
Tlio Koine Insurance company of Columbui,
Ohio, has mado an assignment. Ancts $00,
OCf), liabilities unknown. ,
TUo jjcniocraiic oiaio voncnuon oi woi
oradolioiMliatedll tl! Oraht, of L'ttdrins, for
Gorertior. ,
H6h. Joi. W Danesl. of Crete, who ij
(JbtlrwAQofihcatAtc, Central (Jommlttefor
Ix yearn, wai nominated by the Slito Hcpub
llyan Convontlonot Ncbraik for floTenior.
a Tnrfhniviiip. lir.. necli4aTil)r. Ycrinll-
KorHttlrTo examlmitrot K tie fcmrt'a BAnd.
cdie and Went to 111 miller I2fi C.
Walter Dunn, on iklna, MIclvlnoslsUnR
IWay A. Wllirti Jrf an Uenlit itt take qmo
wlioattliithetlVIIioi;) aa oougiil ai exocu
Hon fain, wberclnDunu waa jdofendant, fired
flroihoti at Wflspu. Tnf4e of. the aliota
look effect. Wilson flrtd 6ho ihot In plf
difenJc'. " ' ' '
Heavy rWc flrcj fctto dono mudiAuniBo
In tho Wcnlfrh pat of Nebraika On )he
table jand between thqt'laltc aii ItepuVlleau
ItUiMtliceitluctlon of bar, and (trass was
crat,rid North of life 1'fatje icary cattle
ipcclal frbm Indlnnola liar's llio- citizens had
luta work? to nii the (o n. '
AtWjomliiK, Ont., a boy driving a bURRy
contalnlne tho Wo-dntiRhtori of T,)McKtima
dro(lnlOjsrpkq w.tybp horiei when
'LotlTRlrla-wtre ilrwnf) . .
''Oklalioina faine" andlils follower!, who
waa wonnded. .The flRlit originated letwee ii
Slatthews and Col. 8 W. Fontrce, ono of Ihi
proptrelors of tlio ArllnRtori Hotel of that
place, ahd In shooting at Fordyeo Matthew
wounded Hur;, when the latter drew LU
pistol nnd shot Matthews dend.
Tlier tfe. of Ne , orter was run orcr by
frcl(r ' Uyuthlana, Ky., and bad
liotU Y -t, oil i ore the kneel. 81io bled
to drrtf i,
Tlieuemcnted daughter of James Clceland,
of Nashville, Tcnn , poisoned tho wholo faml
Iv of lit. except tho -other, recently, by put-
tfne itrvehnlhe IE th! 'coffee, i r. Cleveland
a Hi! VAs'i'intM Di:i.um:.
The ltralcat Jlalii-Slin Known Tor Years
drum DiiiiinRD lu rriipiTty Several
l.ltos lnt.
1 lTrnor, N 3., Feptomlicr S3.
Ono of the mot extpsonllnary minus w th
In the ren lloctlon of tho present fchemtton
haapiTMtlloitluniKl a- tut I'aterson the put
twu dnj a, ami tiwlay'a storm was accompanied
by Iho los nf life Tim mill fell U u lly most
of th da) , tho hlii Rniiiro ihnwlnir a total lull
oft.V, liutintfiir tin lint twvntyfuur hoi
iiptotiliu n. m. tiMlay, and two Inches lift
fnlleu iliniiiR Friday. Tir"'
w. ii in it.0 u.. .... i - -... i -I.., ,.. !,..! iuMjmi'" " "" "'"-J
FmIij mra'a Thrilllnir. Slory .of tho The 011 Hull lVnco. ' OlUtf
Htif6i iho sicnnicr a n. - , ... ... ..,... ....,. , . -mmmmt-xmnei ' , hpr
fffV ' no r'noilig.oi unrucu miry long" ' jafJMPgr;
vm.: "- "' v ...-.. - ":""-:: - . v . - ?. e.iiBaaiiKjaiainL - .13
"awuiH.we wt snaiaaaaawiBiiB
Friday. Tr"ny Iho win enmo
.llMl.ai.dnnaiUuitIaliia irreearloui con,f 0 '" Mill RWMcr f6r. mfd txrtwocit
dltlon The ?loner wawWrcil off, and It Is .'" "n;M"J'-"
xi .i ri.-. ...i . , I of HOrt Inches, m
At IhxfoiW
UiO li.inii,
jil oildriiillt lUiljhtip)ujfiufit(ov
no attempt 1 1 rob blm failed, but be ini so
)URhly banoltfl that rcrmcrj.lMVjulHful, 1
iic ininuiR iirinolJ.il panus ,v 10, 01
'cnlcrkCltj, failed nild tlio mcmbcri of
lie linn ahi onded with largo i-umsiol raoieyij
uccaiii tliclr liamlsfor IiaCrtmcnt iff mln:
I'litocki Down town business men and un
Iwisodety o,i!o were tho licayy tosefl
riR innxitrltiftTustomeWWure'twd society
I who ontrlbutid J10,(XWcach to a pool,
of whlili they realized f(,OJ0. 'Allli
lo li.no Wen left fn tilt Wndsbf the firm
Suture contcmiilated ipceulatton IJ 'ii
rr icalo An up town crockery merchant
cvcral prominent lawyers nro raid to
I been left, each about tlUOOO. In U10
lu of the firm bcuro tho meulluri .dtap-
1 d a Jarge number of people deposited be
lli I,(XK) and (5,000 with the missing bro
as margins ,
It th praguo prorerty Iti Kcrlntriec
hty, Maine, has been attached fur fSGO,
by Wm. Eprague, as trustee for Elnlra
were taktfn lo-Toa. SmUhJr.trlal, hae been
rcleal by tlnVfnTrt,lbOt flltsVcro tntcicd
ajjabiet hlinfor the penalty, tl.OOO.
' l.atfdli Jlfoi , proprietor! of the City Hotel,
DnrtrAi. Oliln. fullcil. Liabilities lararr.
qtn'nitifiniutrijnrit thn corn III the vicinity
4 JjdfU)JoJifjlls tii1irobUA.rovvai aullcl-
patcdonly soft cum, fit for feeding, vtlllbu
gathered. ,
Thomas Kdwardi, while removing a flag
from a bulldlugoii the fair grounds at Youngs
t(JuJi,ObovfclJ rt distance of forty feet to tho
ground, sustaining fatal Injuries.
Jlh tfrtjrr In Filth's rubber factory, at Lex-
'r"iifi. Ncw York State Democratic Com ctillcm
I.l3i' al.8 recuse and noi(iloatcjl drVr'Clcve;
Jrttlirj otltOfliN U OoTernor1, "liavlJ 1. ltfli;
, 'I'tWxtra, for Lieutenant Ooverndr; fltn. II.
r!Vv in, for t ongrriaman at larct, and
( Hugcr, for JuAgeTat thtf Court il
in mh aacut occura'd lit Ilia Fourth,
lsenue tuum 11, lu New York Ctly'a fen dij
Jlnce. Tli" New Hacn traln.from Mount A cr--yort,
while standing on tho south-bound fide
)ra k lu i.o tunnel, waa tu.n Into by a Harlem,
' d Fiur.., effKefs we're Itlllil and nine
mjn c3, many It waa thought fatally
ic-Msnt wasaltriuntcil to carciessncill
t rdrliigi-on, f'H. 1'ilrlngton, Charles
trbtafid OeoVge Wispier, ot llxcter, N II ,
T supjiuscu iu imo in.ci. uiuuiivu nunc
ir ling
lliomat A-MepfTltt and Christian l'r'ce,
n rlslat riirtaililphla,"wcrc convicted on
te charge of cotniilraey to cte,rraui the Oor-
Viiiieutby means of bogtil trim? Jouto con
I. Is cjitered Into July 2ui. tleut. Lcgrand,
taif who was Indli ted Vffifytyoin, na nc-
UHid McDevltl itirnarda was atlmlltcd
I enry fclarr and Nicholas P Harbor,- yr
ire ed with ho 1'hlladellAU AliasJiotis. the
inner as cnclnccr nnT) tho iatttviu captain
t le laundry, has e Wen arrested Oil a tliargc
(icomplracy and waning irauuuirni rciunis
(tn election
baUigoJcansmlllof J I Edward .tSon,
V ( eitcr, l'n., burucd. Loss JSO.O00, Inmr-
n. tTO,003. . ,
In the t nltarlari Ciinferencfc at Saratoga,
IjV 1 a resolution mi adotyt-d t ralie'(SA1-
(ol)liimially iturlnt; tliefjitxt two Vents for the
Am rlca I'mm. .ira((.oHalMn. 'Iter. J I.
? o.i of - v. 1 1 UUte on Endowment otitic
, ; . ash. X1kJ(IkIu1 Scliool at CJeve-
' 11, , Mated that M. Wade had pledged
c.t tiut when the committee lecurtd
t .j,WM lo would add f yAW, d If they
v 11 d ratio $50,000 ro6r tic- woukl add in
tu il mm, to make a grand total of ttVW,
X) . heavy storm' t I'blltdulpbla, titely, dll
mldirblo damage to property, and will
k nccenary Urge expenditures by tbi
Jngton, Jnd., exploded, killing Harding, the
At Sedallx Mo., on the ulglit of tho 23d.
rtcf WJilt,e, n bcatnstcr,, alio and killed tils
'0 and then committed suicide by putting a
UilteV tuTobgh his own brain. Tho couple
ftfd.rfintly rrjupvoJ.frgui Clay Couuty, and
Mrs. WhltOiWa temporarily living with her
Uuut, Mrs. Dr. Watson, bavlnglcftherhusband
fin laccount of his 111 treatment. White had
boonurlnkliig bard for several iluj s, and 011
tho m"ght of tho tragedy followed hts wlfo to
tier annt's house and begged hir to como
hack ami live with him again, which she re
fused (o dd. llu at onte nulled but a revolver
and cuacW Hid Woody scene hentoforo
Vescrlbild, H9 wai ahiiut ?3; ibe, 2i.
jieiHirisjrpm U(C puci corn. growing oiaics
of t'so NVc't H EputUhuw tho condition 11 1
the crop to Ins generally good and tho average
planted larger than last year. In Kentucky,
Tcnncssee,p'exai,lMU9rutl, Kansas ami Ne
braska ' more land' was put Into com
thn ever before. Tlio prospect! In Uiosu
I Statvi aro lis " mMn Ttry pcood. In
1 o4i this crop l made, and were It not that
most planter! weie engaged In picking cotton,
I In! corn would now bo harvested and moving
to market. In Kentuck) and Tennessee tho
crop Is all'otil of danger, r.arly f rosti lu the
more Northern States may have the cltcct of
shortening tho yield , Illinois makes tho
poorest report of a!l,' V'dth ai regards acreago
and condition, but tho 6tUo will probably
have a fair 1 rop.
AllTsdlroad lines leading out ot St. Faul,
reiired moVe lx loss'frojt. Cdn Is generally
unujured except lu Iowrswampj ground, and
etcu tliero tho damage Is but slight.
The I'jisldcnt of Mexico, In bU jnessago to
Cnugreti, ajs "Tho American tlosernment
hMttiaClyjOud Jmlly rciuocdall ettstlng dlf
Dt1itfJbyillif()riDlug the Onatamalan Gov
: erilinitnt'tlint It could not offer mediation un
trii'isfnl to ao so Or both nation.." Iff
sp6ke In complimentary terms of the work'
Utme by-the M extern .National ami sioxaan
Ccutrrl fluids, and predicted tbat the coming
RthtHllonwIll eelebrato tho Cdntcnnlar1 of
Mexican ludcjicnileneo with tho amc prldo
American! celebrated their1 ctntcuulal lu
tfcck ' '
The Nail City g'" Morki, at Bridgeport,
p , opposite Wheillng, caught tiro by apon
tuue'ous combustion from time stored In aihcd
adjoining, and wcro burped to tho ground.
Loss, 20,000; Insured for 1 17,000.
Indhiit Agent McdHllcuJJy, at the Fine
IlMgo (Dak,) Agency, complains Inn private
letter that inspector Pollock Is carryug on an
linritlgatlou at Vino ltldgc, of the recent
Sioux dissatisfaction, with a high hand, and
tht the testimony of cury .njuaw, man and
halt-breed Is eagerly accepted against his ad
ministration. '
tin. -Henry nayroanj o( Logamport, Ind ,
saw two email children on the railroad track
and an engine approaihlng them. Sho rallied
to their aid and pushed them from tho track.
Sho saved tho children but was herself killed
au prosed, committed sutcldo.
The falling of a brldge'on the rMlroad, be
tween Fort Worlhand Ueuton Tjxai,a fewdaj 1
luce, wai a very serious, affair. HosIJes the
liss of tho bridge, a freight -aln ot general
merchandise and a stock train was precipitated
Into the stream below. Eeveral hundred sheep
were killed, and two .brakemen, P. Heynolds
and A. It. Hmlth, mortally wounded.
8earcy, Ark , Il excited over a street fight
between Capt M.oAtiley, editor of the Jircord,
andltev J. I)c, Presiding Elder of the dis
trict. An article In tho psjicr angered Dyd,
and meeting McAulcy ho knoekctl htm down
and wai pulled off by byilanderi. Tho oi Igln
of tho trouble was prohibition, Die being a
laborer In tho movement, amf McAulcy was
bitterly opposed.
George, tho eon of Judge Alcorn, of .Missis
sippi, accldentlally hilled himself at Holly
Springs lately.
F"'UJT"I on tho Lower Itappahannock,
near t ' larf, Isox county, Va., hail
been washed away by tho ttrrlblo rain itorm.
There wai, also, great damage to crops and
other property. Tho itorm extended fifty
miles Inward from tho coast.
Fort Smltli, Ark., was badly dimiged by tiro
on tho 23d, over tweuty buildings, principally
mercantlla houses, being destroyed.
A special train containing part ot Sells
llros. circus, was recently wrecked between
Itlchmond and Lancaster, K., by the engine
and fifteen cars Jumping the track and rolling
down an embankment Thrco men wcro
hilled outright, three fntall) Injured nnd seven
or eight others hurl The circus property
was imashcd up generally. The cago contain
ing a tiger was broken open and caused con
sternation, but tho nnluul was secured with
out trouble. .
A heavy fallof coal occurred lately In the
Kliiglland mlno of tho Maryland Coal Com
pany at Lonseonnlng, Md, by which four
miners were crushed to death.
Tho Czar ail Czarina arrived In safety at
Moscow, nnd wcrogreeled with a wonderful
display of enthusiasm.
The bbller Of tho ferry steamer Ttlchcllrucx
ploded at Lachlne, Out , and killed Plcrro
Duqurttc, pilot, Joints Wilson and l'ciselllns
Amot. Iho ion of tho pilot Is inlsilug, sup
posed to have been blown overboard. Several
pancngevs wcro icverily icaldedby itcam.
Tw cuty young men, for tho moit part de
icrtcrs from thfl . Austrian army, drew lots as
to who would throw bombs at tho F.mperor
Francis Joseph, during tho reception at Trieste
Tho leader attempted suicide.
At Swlncford, County Mayo, Ireland, 1,000
ejectment decrees were posted at tho Court
House, at tho suit ot Lord Dillon. No rent
has been paid on Lord Dillon's osfato since
n .Wy T-esli-rt r iriCO-ln IbfcJlAaaiUg '
commercial centers ot tho country showed
j)usliien to bo In a healthy condition, nnd bus
iness men confident ot a continued general
Tho I'.i tlon Building at. S)dney, New
South Wales, was totally deitroyed by tiro,
with all Its contents. Lou, estimated at $2,
600,000. Tho business failures reported for tho p'
week wt'o 100.
About 1 1,000,000 wai taken ffomlho Trcas
urybyArabl Pasha. Arab! aAd hli accom
plice! will bo trkd by Court yartlal.
The ieancr J.cpnnto, train Hull, Kngland,
came In dollfilon with the stoamcr IMam, from
Aniitcrdim, lu a diuro fog at sea o- tho 21st.
Tho Kdam sunk In a few minutes " Tlio
passengers, iiumherlng thfrty, wire sjvedby
tho.Lepauto. The .oUlcori and crew of tho
EdaniVera'also'MvedV'cxeept two teamen. '
it I. iaia union wm TEtirp iram l-krliunent
on account ot continued 111 health.
ArablPaiha lronortcd asiajlng that the
best thliig tho Kngllsh could do for Kgypt
would bo to send all notables and other lead
Ingmcn connected wilh tho rebellion outol
the couutrj. Ho fears If this Is not done ven
geance will be surely wreaked upon them as
soon as tho Kngllsh take their departure. II
asserts that ho never thought the Kngllsh
would tend a largo army to assist tho Khedive,
and ho w ai led luto tho w ar.
tho rain gittiiro showed n full
miikimr tho total fur Iho day
5.Wliuli-s Almut thro" p 111. the rain slnekon
ed, tiut still oitino down steadily dining Iho
ov l.w. Thitotalfallforthetlilrl5Jlx hours
l.p 10 mno 01 look bi-iilght wns tiriesMi
liiehm Durlnif li-t uUht lliu ier rccn
four nod n halt fct, ami thn water txgan
IMiirlnirinrrtho fallsVinoo mom. All day t
nsy tkorhtsrrofoftcndllr. nnd during the n.t
eriioon Iho wnter got blxhcr at Iho niloof
tllililoenlnihos cr hour. so that tonight It
wus hlKhor than at any tlmo slneo tlio niemrr
hIi'b IIixkI nt 11110, which Was tho h1(rhost nit
riril Thu Uldham llrtHik, tho prlnclpil
trlLu ary of tht Piinlo noar l'atorson, Just
nboo thclly, rose with ureal raptuit), and
fllHHit two p. in burst through thn mill-dam at
Ohllinm. Tho torrent thus sud Iculy rloiicit
rnsho.1 furiously down the stream, swm piny
nil boforo It, tiicltidliis; soioml brhhriis mid n
part of tho borse-rallros.il truck A I rtok nnd
stuno nrch brldgo orcctml by tho county nt it
cotof W.OOOU-u j oars ngo, ami roonntly m
piilred nt n cut of ?8,000 moro, un Ilolwooili
nvcmie, nonr tho city alms-house, w.H under
mlnwl nnd w ushed away bj- the roslstless Hood
I)r M)crs,tho ciiy physlolmi, ilrltlng- up to
tho Institution nnd lo vtslttho Fnudl-pot pa
tlenta, got to tho bildgo as tho Hood wns bent
lngsaiMgely ngnlnstlt. Ho urged his horso
0)rr,nnd halbanly rraehod Iho othur ildo
when h hcardbthludhlux n terrific roar, nnd
lnuklng tinolt saw tho whdo irldgo tiijntilcil
Into tho stronm nnd onrflcd down tlto channel
Amasslio rein nlng wall of stone adjoining
tho briiljro to protect tho ahns-boiiso property
fromoniroaihinontsb) tbo stronm nil's "tilt
down w.tli n rush, nnd In 11 twinkling tno mad
torrent wns eating Its wny Into tbo snml-bnnk
011 which tUo nlms-unitso rests.
Maitlu ltoisllcr. a gentleman pged nliout
secni), in on in n piensant cutiairo Diong me
rhorl.nnk. near tho outlet' fit tho Oldhtm
Ilrvok, with bis family, and had scmo line
stock nn hla farm. About threw o'clock ho
tried to drive along th 3 daad near tba rttor.
when tbo Hoot enmo down with suoli n sud
den rush thtt boforo he could git out of its
way bo wns swopt Into thu uwltt currsiit ofthiV
rtl or, anit, with bnro and wagou, wni rhlrlol
down nud out of sUh,t bitoro any Ono could
oxtond him n hnlplngh ind
All tho cellars nlong tio river licldw tho fal's
wcro Hooded, nud oviral of Ihoudjactntmllls
hivl tholr lower Doors UlloU with wntcf. to Jhq
great dniniigo of Iholr innoldnory. , Tho-shop!
of tho grout loeouiotlro V-orks hft 1 l6 Rbnt
down on account ot thu git ut lloixt,
1 bo tlood dasbo.1 wltli such lolenco ngalnst
tho Lincoln brldgo, nlxio tbo city, tbat It tln
all gn o sruy. nud wdnt down with n mighty
oinsh. The brldaocini'litLdof twolronspans.
ery substiinlinlly built, ono spun nbnut 110
foil ami tho other about ninety feet, resting
011 mi Island In tho riser. Tho bridge cost
ntiout tC0,0U0 In nil. It wus oho of tbo host
br dgos In tho country, tbo masonry nnd super-
Btmoturo liolng of tho most subs tnntlr.. cu-irno-ter.
Tho lloliokus stream Hlfofiilttlioclll'cts of
tbc great storm, and last nlgbt fabrllkle'sMIll,
at llnbokus, which was nbojitjoba tiimor'cd
Into n rubber factory Went iTowm tho stream,
Im oI lug n loss of vorbipa 1 15,000. 'thohonvy
or thd"iy-or I
from thu streets
ixciinaiUMiro oullirmltos.ilI on mt tu ic
Irum tho C.towiilks to Iholr front .hrars llio
rnvluu rusdisowor wheh empties noartbo
incKdnws yloulol to tbo Inervnsod irosiiru
nnd burst this monilnir 1 hi hurst lot all tho
u'a Thrltltng Story .of llio
3f tho hlcnmcr Aln.
fjPAiinr Sown, Ont., Sept. St.
t's Inquest 01 tr tho ri'inatnsof
t tho into As n ilisasb r Miss
Chrlstry Ami Mortlon, the only ladysurvlior
ot tbi A,ni k, SM'o.sul sUnthdlr tho following
ic3iiin.uv -Jf,
" t toMt rnssS(toon tho Asia nn tho Olenitis.
ofthnlSh During tho night thlioit rolled
beni Pyim 1 soemod to lie overladen .and vory
muili vrowdiit with piussrugcrs, Tbo night
pissed viialy however and thero was no ills
tuftniildt cmc. pt what eamo trum son-sick chil
dren, (.occupied nil upper berth In rtstato-
room nt'l wns quiio wakeful. I heard tho stop
nt Pn(ip Isle. OnThursdiy mnniltig when
Lnrotilibf ."' heniy ami I was ipiltosca
slrk. " Tjiie rl.t Intimation I bud ot danger was
nlxjuttlocl "Ck, when the mnto toll inn they
hail ttfttVn ovo Ix ant n number of horsos nnd
that tj)(ttsnMi.-rtrof the frolgbt sroiild hnvo
tn folliiw. Thn boat vraj railing so much
that litt on my llfp-pn server, nnd snt liy tlio
cnl'lutfwr until Iho iTiitcroaino Into tho cabin.
Ihontratihlng held of tho door nnd railing
I mnraliCKltoinnko my wny tothnuppordeck.
Tho 1 jVdjLhort eoino.l to lie settling fast. Thn
bfoUssflWM Hour nnd I lovrel my tilt Into
the bft jvnuil th iwptalti oaughtiuo and held
tnotlUKuinalBt'iimenud bclpudmo Into tho
lKt,'W( that lime them wnrotwelio liersourf
nl-oard.idl sfniujcrs oxotpt Iho mate, nnd
Mlsi jUXab. my room-male. K-mral punem
(rent kW" boats camu to our tu.it as Iholr
own 1 Wft upset. They seemed tn tin destitute
of .iirstifcino of tho boats iM.ltig thus suppllod
i.eMtoilrmvii. 1 illd not seo any person
left ,li Iho stoamor ntlor wo loft her
sldu. tbo bonis ran nlong together for
atjitiepiid then thn olhor two tipsit They
upct threonines, nnd ci cry tlmo the) riiihled
soninlflhi) psssongers woro mlsllng. When,
they riihtol for the third time all tmdiljsa
pcartjjfeicopt Six wbg iniiungcd o get Into
our bdftf Twenty minutes hftcrour trsat cap
sited; 1 held on to tho ropes nnd when sho
rlRluMwai lu ngiiln. After wo righted I
houru jqmn ono My that thrco svero gone. Our
boatcipilted three limes and lach limo somo
wore tilsslng. After tho niimbi. r was reduced
to spun tho bout illj not cnjisko
any .moro nnd tho itorm Ugan
to ntvlcYiU;. After dark wo saw n
llghl-louso which tho mato said wns Hying
llilet (gnU hen wo saw tho light all cheered
uinipl Irr.ibly, but loon after ono of Iho
stndtfvn died. Tho only members of tho
cruis thf I know In our boat Were thn Captain
nndttfltn. After tlio stranger died two otheM
fltedaraojlnjmoaiutoly together They Just
leomul to perish, Tbcy did uot sconi to hnvo
luslataj no)v Intern il Injury. I did not boar
tboiKcoaplaln of hny Injury. About nild
night, la. , mnto succumbed, nnd about ton
mlnUIDsuftor him thu Captain, died. At tho
tin)" Im dlod tho sija ,wn1 qulto calm, ami
fhd wild 'Was moderntO. Vhortl after day
bralftan4 M,r. Tmkls landed Tho IkkIIia
'wcie llIU ln,tbo VPnt. -ttor Undlng wo draw
1 rr!iMrr'talhv- IkJ- or V
s nV wo saw the Sunt 'Tlion, so3
1 l,lln unit lkmillntrWOlkl Of KUkOr
P i at Ucrinllle, Pg., and the Mcthodb-tUy the engine,
LTj -li adjoining woro recently burned, loesf blephenDay, aged 70, of Mount Holly, Ohio,
lilt hi. Tictrcteu the savings of a lifetime, f 13,000, In a
lui'sji Coroners jury hciu mai stansuu, i"iiun noxinnii nouse. During we tcmjiorary
liurSinh operator, nnd tho conductor andaauscuce.ot himself and svlfe iome"unknown
"W man ou the traui wcro 10 maine mr mifapoTion putfreu tue nouie auu nolo the entire,
(nit fatal tunnel accident on ine-nuusoii
H,rt tV"road, near New Yotk City, lifid c"aeh
I rV' Id to ball
ill -r
Bpraguown probably fatally shot at
jwn N V , W A iU9wiiiM,Jisrac,ur
be wai arresting.
lull, drunken quarrel lately in vieir roomi
Ii luuMiiiamibnfg, N. 1"., .'ahtej IJahertYpeat
1 nii fc to death. , 1 '
tiS avy ilorot In Vcw Yotk did great dims
iliorofcn; tbo Hudson.
rnrklifrlut. thrco. diya contlnponsly, with
tnlnil 111 at i violence, rain tell thiuughout
Erlnelui n ypfk, Copnc(lcu.t( NowMeriey,
1'i.rl.liis. V. snnili alonir tho Atliollu coast.
ntun oilnsnslainace-to railways amlldqh-
P wouhl COHUrmui Pf ihuni and brtdkwlere
jjlslndj.' way 'ft-Aon,' N. J., tU p?S
(....Hi ..I lln.i.l.Mi IiiaJu.' .Sll
a rain - ...,
Blverri dKht fet 1 msuy por
r.ii.rii resnbnuuwl
' -nK ,i -,411010 oro kcr 01 ew lprK.
V. 14ile fl Biilgninept, lti rcpor(cil
(JOn'U I
Leo t
tho liantry, lOVjle aa nulffninept, IKW rcporjcu.
whUliolfglitiirwtimouut of II.POO.W, One of
hall HIUIi. SOUittachedhli property, tlalmlu
Jicr ear u aiila;nlngr to defraud hli
Tliotiaiurj "W .
11. iron bnrruil m of tho-galtery ot tho, Expos.
JCK Into tho I'flfV.t Plttiburg, Pa., fell one night
outtlib tho WUttln a number of people to
to listen illOllr Secnveriona were Injured,
itrimrtlcil licftwiM ctJ" ou','de
Athoiia'v4vu,ea,he ,erlou' luJurT 0 t,'
Vum.H.i-"-- ..,.pi..i. nM.k,n.. T.
(UJ-. o S.ii,l, I,.. Ihrn.l rllS. lrlni
I'YCi wns wt'j "...-. --- ----, -rf.-o
phiu thi'MuctW ol tor child, wu,h,i
Li Mm IlnrrlVefore. Orlef at her tblldi
rpicod, lati .'ii'0 nothM' tcmroiarj laiaulty
won't lM.MiV.jf -. ., .
1 augar iicunosj sm tTnwuiu
p., PhlUdeJidjl nap jaitUJlr
tntly Los l,wtm
Te assassin of Kobert Tolsal, Jlie Arapahoe-
UllpdJu. tho Indian Territory some days since,
unutoilt to bo Johuion loiter, a Creek,
bliatcr'l! .dcscrlbal s lielng'lS or 20 years
ld, sharp featured and very dark cQmpIoxIou.
Kcward of (000 Is offered for htm dead or
tho dllTcrcncci - Utwt en locomotive e n
Inecrw 011 tho (lould railroads and the ofll-
falsof iha system ,hacbcc'n amicably ict
ijd ami a strike prevented Iho engineers
ud ralhosd jncu had.&cunfcient-e at bt.
Ljulkand a result icacbol which li acceptable
Em(m & Shelbyi extensive grain dealers atfd
ii,m-cbautrl of Grass Lake, Mlch.,bmo
1 4 sulgninent on account or luabllit) to
I ert outstanding fndchtrdneii. '
P. ,, iptroUor'of the city of Milwaukee,
isiius tuortage lu the- city fundi of nearly
R0,00O, causeil by overdraft! and mlinilu
amentontbe part of former Comptrollers.
. all IllL'Ht
' iioiH i"rr.
1 miles' 1
Hut Ihi
Ibftt ahtut
'OU hit;
I.I all I MsV
( tj nn irKg
e recently
Till! WEST.
nt'tement was created in West
a, lxlrlr by an assault uj.n a
ttzen named John Brady, lv An
who sa1" I the house and
awako attai led hi id with a
three cbisliy wouuils from
( Till! SOUTH.
rkty new cases of yejlqw fever at Peniacola
theTJiit, Total cues to date, 'M deathi,
AUha annual sciiloi) of the Grand Lodge,
I Ho F , of the United State, held at Hal-
tlirJe, the amendment to admit to member
ihlflf1llzed Indian! of the Indian Tcrrl
torivai lost. An amendment requiring of
JtOi ti P lor cent of thp recelpti on duel was
Adp A. All amendment! for the biennial
ess 11 ot the Orand Lodge were Indefinitely
. Tl bo.lv of Aniruit (Ireen a well known
CTrt dlhy Englishman, was found lu tho
f; l -arhls'Ute residence In Cheitertlehl
Va. A Qoy, starving, wm gumuiujf
"to night of the 21it, froit wsi reported
In rife of keutttckv. and planters wcie
auxloa ibout the safety ot the tobacco crop
rortlhree new cues of yellow fever re
por'cdgFensacola tho VIA
AhhVy and fatal shooting affray took
place al t fcprlnss, Ark recently. In which
ilia letMittbcwi, editor ot the Jlonut
Charles Showers, aged 21, boarded a train nt
Canton, Ohio, Intending to Jump oft at Duck
Hill School Crossing. Tlio uoxt monilng his
body w aa found at tho crossing w here ho bad
been killed by tho carl.
Officers In search of Itlthard and Wm.
Bkaggi, the Indiana murderers, found them
at tbo house of tholr grandfather, coottss
Hedge, In Marlon county. Tbo tnurderori rc-
fimil tn itirrenripr anil mmnnil tlrn nn thn itfll.
ccrs. A general light followed In which
Itlchanl Skagga wns k .led and Wm. Bkaggs
raptured. Nono of tho olllcers wcro Injured.
Under the direction of tho Commissioner of
Indian Affairs, flfty-ilx now pupllihivo been
received at tlio Indian Training school at
Carlisle Ilarracks, Pa The now pupils repre
icfit twelvo dlffeiout trllos, four of which
the CaiWos, Delaware!, Navajoi and Feml
noles loi before, 110 rcprescntatli e at Carlisle.
Tbe Sccrttar) of tho Treasury announces
that' until 'urthcr liotlt-e, ho will auy
called bond! without rebate ot interest at the
rate of T,oa),)0 per week.
The wholesale dry goods house of Welling
ton llrothers & Co., ot lloston, has IJlod wjtli
llabl)ltleso"f TO0,000.
The bani and match factorj of Anti n Kro
gar, ot Ijikc, La , was bnrood, and Krcgar la
attempting to (ret a horse out was kicked by
the animal and perished In the building In the
presence of Ids wife and six children.
Tho factory owned by btciens & Curtlss,
manufacturers ot plated and cocoauut wares,
at Birmingham, Conn, wai burned. Tho
loiilitlSO.COQ; Insurance, (Ttf.COO. Ovcrouc
hundred men wero thrown out ot emploj-roent
Sixty caics-! yellow feyer wero reported at
Pcnsaonla the CGth Tli fucr'ease pf tbo, ilik
ti so'grcat aud the incani of affording relict
10 Imdequate that tho Hoard ot Health has
called a meeting of pbilelani with a view of
ijitematlzlpg the methods ot disbursing tbo
mean! and affording relief to all the needy.
Fifteen) ears ago Goorgo Hattenbeek and
William Btrattou quarreled lu I'almjra, N
V. lleccntly tliey met near Carrlzo Pan,
Texas, went Into a darkened room and fought
a duel Stratum fired four timet 1 Halleubeck
fired, killing Stratum Initautli,
Tho Jail at Detroit, Mich , burned one ulfcht
lately, and Christ Dai Is, confined for beating
his wife, perished In the flames. It Is believed
Dai is fired tho J.laco either puriwscly or aeel
About all of the builnuM portlou and dwell
ing houses of the town of Pattomburg, Mo .
burned on the night of the SOtlk The josses
will amouut to about $00,000 It waa caused
by the explosion of a lamp In a harness iIioil
Three members of the Solvation Army, re
rcnllj arrived at (ahutla, were arrested liiuiu
ordir to prevent a riot wbicli wai Imminent
Mm Mary Ilauui aged iwn.lv e.(,lii . f Oak
land Mi mmltledsulr v I binglngher
self to the rafters cf a lau No. rause ai
ngiied, except that iho waj 4 r lig' ui men
water from Jersey nty lloliilits out upon tlio
meadows and In, reused tbo dttcomtlturo ot
those reeldlng there,
Jkiott Citt, BeptcmtierSt.
Thero has boon Immonsn clnmaKO lu Hudson
County, N. J. Entire sections of Jorsoy City
nndltohnkcn niulniindated. Cellars undbaso
meiits nro Hooded. Tho Inhahituits nro tak
ing rcfugo on thn upper lloors. Tho Jersey
a cnuo woodi n pai ement was hurled Into tho
mouths ot thu sewerf, completely chok'ng
them, TlinwatiT", backing, nwept Into the
houses, destroying carets, uto. Morris f'niml
l.oicrllowed, nnd tho tow-paths washoil. A
soctlnn of ono of tka main towers, twenty -eight
by six foct, was lifted bodily out of pirn c, nml
the tutblng waters dnsbed Into the ulr thirty
leet. Dwcllr.ns oulthQ',Wcaduw' wrr r.oe-
rul biSI.! n I.IM ' r- s
Tho imw tunnel of tbo Voir York, Ontario .V
ostcm llallroud was damagoit between S u
ao and f HJ0,0oi).
II) the irli Intr way of a brldgo oor Horry's
Crtok a frolght train wns precipitated Into
tho stream, I'dwnrd Wibhcr, Ibocondiictur,
wasklllisl, (lourgo Oiirrle, Ihoengln cr, and
1 mnols llurko, a llrcmau, probably filially lu
Jurvd. l'liisrirui, N. J., rcntemlwrsi.
Tronih's dnm, tho last dam but ono n main
InR In Orcein IlMok, tblsilty, gnvowny ut ton
o'clock last night, 'iho Howl then came
nwny two friuno buddings nt Somerset struct.
A large bolo was washed tbrougb 1'ronch
four-story carriage fuctory. Fred Moore, n
boy, w as lost oT ono bridge. In Hound llrook
tho water rose suddenly, Howlnj ten foot dop
through tbo main street, lined on Ix.th sldej
wlthflores. Iho water m over lb. show
cases, and a lnrjio amount af (roods w lis mlnod.
In the ltamsvjy Hotel tho water ) nlnmt to the
top nf the bur. One femlly wro n sin. dtiom
niiousu urn 110 11. 'ino i;un 1'ara jioiei issui,
merifiHl liftuost to tho rtKif.
'IbolloiMt Is thn li'uhist known In Hmiiu'
llrook It wn nearly tbroo f ct higher tint
tbat .t July. 1106. which was tho urmitetl Dri
ilnuslv rAu.nliwl. tlhrn biss will be. suq Kt?!
bv thn lloun.I llrook p-uplo frnn HimM lit an
b thu tiro wbli It doslmyed the k renter pan) of
flu, lnv,i .(Hint i,iritlt iiirf, '
The, duuniiiu eaus.d by lh hensy rulnf In
nthur portlom of New Jersei, InOinniilHiuV
Peiiuiy'inuln, North OumUnii, tic Is nry
grunt, nnd iho rain-fall In many nietlonj Is
uupreoimentoil Nearly elenn Inches fell at
Philadelphia lu rovnl)-tiv.i hour.
the Uinton shore nnd walked along ci plcio.
nnd.yisfllng wo could not walk, wo ro
tumiifKto tho boar, nnd Mr. Tlnkli
t&pk; it ho ; bodies out ot tho boat il'nd
ldldebcm .on Iho IslauJ. Wo then got
lDlaJielKmtnjftln, androwod nlong with mi
oar TS'rtfl plckelu(i dialing lost out oars
wheli we bapstzed) to nnd a plseo 11 habltibla
pt icr !iit was tho last I inw of tho bodlos.
Itr fXhstwo left thobodlos of John Sav
rf . toVullonnld nnd thtepothor mon on
tt hWMWl which wo first landed. On tho fol
io r - ifrttal) night Wo slencon tho rocks,
N ajeiiiwwo again gotJEfotir boat and
r d oAtlwIn despair, wo STTo up. Wo went
id j 'Sf nirt, laid down, nnd slept. Then tho
111 ! t.a alolig, nnd wo nivngol him ,
n 'ni fi Parry Bouud, wticro woi
ni ri euuuar lvreuvnn. J.eru tim
told ji.u Hint nil tho other rooms wero oiunlly
flllirl fc'uA pusaungors wuru lying- opsufin
nu Vi( cabin lloor. They so laid bocauso they
cou, not get borlba. Tho luXj't piald and
pu, aV'iiiiaia."
, - Jlnttjr was form ml after tho wreck to
s-jvii'farXhrjH-raoni who died us aliovo ik
J TTid Itough coDlM worp prepared, tho
bollA wcro llflod lu nud thy wcro ptae d u-
q-wftentner lent wltn tho searching party
1 auJfll wps fouikl tbut, -with the,
Iqu of tho malp inl ono plbtr
, thoro wcro hrt, marks to
nipiins thnsn nnn.rrntfr
y bMdy nicn hal colno jlktaolt
L anffloit nf 4.lvnritnAarujui,J"
plu of saored sunga. Th.j Ltlier two
- "Us lull of lioonle. I ia,iiiit bolmn
ftittro Iniata I bale (poktn of wcro
';n ot noining an tno piancngm mat 1
1 1 o-tlSlthuUtotirncr. All the stnto-rooms
l Hriu 1 know this lioeiiilso wboo I
Tlio n1eltiof bnrb
aroutitl farm, twurplny
n t-Ji TlrsTrrTlaTl fe.1
forlnhlo. nntl tlio bnrbcil wlro fonto
I forbhUUnn; wiUl, rotmlsivo. Until you
coma tu tiling nt it, tnoro uoos not
scorn nvt thougli thero wm n great ileal
of solid comfort Itt n mil fence, but
thoro Is. DM you oor boo tivo olil
fnrmoM lennlitp; nwaimt it rnll fonco,
wlilttllng, nml talking jiolUIcs or n bono
ttnito (or hours, together? Tlioy nro
inaru oomforttblo, nml roil moro tlmn
tlioy ivoiihl i( tboj worn occupying tlio
sotlost snt.i, or tho best stuffed firm
cbtv' In tlio vorId. Tlioro nro so rminy
shnjics n man can got Into, to rest,
nbout n rail fdneo. l'lnt, tba fnrnior
will fold bis nnn nnd rest thorn on tbo
toji rnll, nud lean bis breast on tho
fence, nnd tnlk for half nn liburj until
JiH loci nro tired, tlion lio will ton onu
1 foot up on llio second rnll from tho
bottom, rum sinnii nun wiiittio iorunu
nn hour, until tbo top of tho rail Ifjii
iiollshod nt a jiloco of mnhogitny. Thou
lio illl chnngo feet nnd loan ono olboW
011 tbo f o 'iiml rail from tho tup, and
sharpen bis knifo on his boot, nml talk
for half an hour nbout bow ho Is going
lo pay tbo mortgngo on Ids farm not
j car. After that position bocomos Irk
soma bo will turn bis bapk to tbo fonee,
stand on bis licols, and' pl.ico Ids two
elbows on tho top rail, nnd lean ngalnst
tho fonco, nnd for hnlf an Jiour ho will
tell nbout boir tbo old maro that lip is
trying to trade off cleaned' out all tbo
hums on tho road coming ba- k from
tho coliibriltlou nt town, nfter tho lire
works 011 tho rourtb, and bow, it lio
wasn't Ihed just as ho is, nud limited
tbo twuitv dollars boot money to send
Nathan off to tbo sclent school, thero Is
no man on eArtb could buy tbnt tnnru.
Then bo Will gel tlrud nnd sHnd around
Hhloiv.iis. nut his left ntm un on tho
fonco, nnd lioglu to wlilttlo nj;aln, nnd
wear tno man Hint 1 uns 1110 cuooso ino
tury down nt tbo corners is skinning us
fiinnofs out of our oj o-tcctb. Without
going Into ilotnils ns lf nincty-iilno
othor CHliublrtntlons by which n fnrtnur
0111 rest on. nbout or tvrnhiBt ft rail
loticu, it may not; bo' nut of plnco to
speak of sitting on top of n fenco Tho
fanners, niter trying soicral positions,
will Instinctively cbmli up tho fenco
find rosl oft tho top rail, tholr foot rest
ing oh tint third fiill fnOin tlio fop,
ITlch is nlways laid with projoetlon
enough to mako good foytingi nml nil
Jlour wiUpiufii n the, fellows talk of tho
times when they settled lu tho country,
and of llio hardship they have endured,
and how tho children have grown up
nnd gono nway, nnd thd ooiivorsaUou.
will drift into n sloopy cli.imjol. and tlio
suit Mill berrln to sink In tbo West, nnd
tbo Iibrny-hnnded sons of toll will sud-
mniy roincmuer tnni tno cuurcs nru w
dftcli, and wllh ft " gocxl-nlglit,
sind n. "DrOp around nglu to
, . , lko," thoyl will soparato, nnd
.iti.iUj taxon miiic-p.iii nnu a ono-
i'jf d stool nnd go toward tbo lot
i. fliu cows havo como Iiome. mIiIIq
c'untr win gv ue.Dsn mo roan to inn
nr ird tliroAflosA-i-liftyfoT tho
"Jill tuoy sviii uuin iro w uuu ni
oung lacnd
iJmitL . Z
Ct '. I
ai tho lieaiiMT
: r -
way from bfo" w-orrv and hurry nl
Awav f r m s nrth'a s fisilowi nnd stlf)
Wo will llont on" together lo n wor
wnntner, , , ,-f
Where liltKaAms fin! nlwnvs III blOl
Just shut tip ymirryc nudfolt your
1 our ban Is like 1110 icnirs iu n rni
And wo will go sailing til those inir
Thnt nsvif ml rttlns AhllWA.1
Ou tho north nud .west they aro Ikv
On tho smith and Iho eat by dream's,
Tl tho country Ideal where nolhlwr H
nut nserjiiiinir wic irtiiw. . ,
Just drop clown tho curtain ot Jyo dea
Vn,?r!ivMllVn Mm liflirht lilllfllMl
And we vlll salt out iintr star-tit skloii
Ti tl,n nml uMrn ll,n tidrlnN dwell
Down tho til or or steep oiirliark shall wep
Till It nnnheis that mimical Isle
Which no inaujiil socu, but whero alt halo
been. j-.
And Ihcru wo Will iausn awhllo.
I w 111 cniii oil n son wo Hilt wong-
Tu that shore that Is olossod of (Itnl.
Then, hot for that fnlr hind, we're oft for that
mm Intnl. ....
TbnlieniitllulIJindof NotI ., .
Mia H littler. In llarixr' l'miny JVc
l'lt.Ullii: DOOM. v
Ono day not long ngo Mr. TheStMon
eamo ruslilng into my room In m hlxb
stfito of excitements nnd aftur oxehang
lug tho usittil greetings remarked, im
pressively! " I'm going to be rfrmtural
st." "What Is n naturalist?" I in-
quirod; not l.ocauso I il'ilu't know, for,-.
Dloss yon' wo pooiuo who wnto lor ino
nnjiurs Iimo to know everything; but
Sir. Thompson bad so mnuy fctraiigo
Ideas, and so many now dellnltlons for
llio words Willi It iio Used, that 1 asked
blm to sm if lio know "What is a
naturalist?" I wild. Mr. Thoinpson
looked solemn for rwiiomont, rubbed his
forohoid, then answered, nfter much
hesitation: , "V
'A naturalist is Is lsa -h oil
lnnn linn tit tluisn follosiM w4sout
around and watch bugs mid wlus, vrtwt
lint 1iinttf SiltiXIlt ft lit til itJm'
litlUJ ntlWM Uliuuii sbas
'Well, wlmt kind of bugs h
been watching? ' quorled I.
" 1'ralrio dogs and owJs,-?
snomlui 1. iiromnllv: then nib
sniv mn snilllnifi "I don't H
tbov aro hues: Fusod tliai te,
reseht tho wholo ot nnltwtl natj
"Alii And wlmt tiut you
about until to does nuuvow,
epilred. ,.. "'V '
Mr, Tlionltison settled hUsviV, anil.
choosing n mon comfortabklsiiatrX.witli
sovcrnl preparatory "lioms''ibs2pMrhl8
story.' ' i Sf
'Wlii o I waa lu tho West 'Mat jam
mer I stonneil for n short tlmn
small town in Colorado to stud
habits of tbo iiralrlo doz.T I w
out ono morning on the pr'
seated mvsoii
midst of onu
looked nbout
moutliof each burroiv sat IM bw
gnzlngnt mo ciirioiisly,.whIlo oiij'ic
- -' ttjormijo tnd oonaldcrablolroublo
, ft bed for mo. Twit other ladles
ih.us'l'SJkT'Wsloin with mo Tho Ifiils mild
g!i rfpok.aH tired ns though thoy
ia lm mowini:. Hut, thov hnu a
'iIsm.JisL easy visit on tho (jld rail fence,
bllslslsslssTk A
siaiisiK i
ioi oi flovomi oi iim raoumw wifc iheju .
brown owls, rrgarj. n,o lu muohk, , ,i, SS, 2ffi
samo manner as oinVrot. Dpilkiha . ' iWW ti e ro?''t J3BE
... i..i. ,Vl,i,. nri,,,i i. vsjiii-ffn MCTTJiajsiLiinTWTerw
unrr ; ',',ur :sr' t "..".r. inimVii !. i tr.m that
i wftwieatuapii jo BifciMS'Kf,. .W " :it." ..rrjii i.
nmlffhffil omnhfltontcd liar on Mie)
ifnillvofhorfAmilf- tlio Governor leil
tlii wny back into tho open air. M
wentodlilmiSeU on top of tho nto'tml nml
motioned Mr. J honnison lo nscat oo- ii
sido Mm. After a short pause Mr. )
loropson spoke
iviouiil IIKO to n'Kyua iiuoiik- io
s. Isltretiliy ft Happy lamuy, nj .
writers nsorr, or jo itiey ?oou
linon vniir oulr?''
'i-i Wo are nbout as ha-rpy as most am
nios composcii oi persons oi uiuercni
tustcs nntl pursulu," oMwcrcil the Opv
urnor. "J lie owln Hvounon crasshon
Lpers nnd bugs of different kinds; Ibey
rwfoiy u overeat our ouiiurun. in iu
turn for tlio ncwmmtxlatlou w glvii
tliom thoy guanl'tiio ontranco to our
homes, nnd In tho wtar vu often find
It very convoalcntto hsuoJlto joung
sters tucked In among tka7fn((lojriiy
Ica-bcrsof tho owls. 'Xhey liilied
with us for so long it time thMhoy
liavu adopted nnny of our mannerif ftstv t
example their cry is not llko tbt,-,t?5'
Buy oiherklnd of owl, but motttomy
roscmblos our about of alann; lhcy.nlso
llv In Iho ilav ns well us jt MMht.
though thoy cannot Scoo woll In thu
giniu oi iiiiuu.-iy ns mi ;'-'y us mavHiiis;
or evening."
WMloMr Thompson nnd theiOovor
nor were talking tho surrounding
moiinds liad becomo ouered with ltttlo
jirnirio dog, onch ouo Watching blm ctt
rlouslv. "Woll, about tho raltlesnako?; nro
von also at ptico with them?" Inquired
Mr. Thompson. U
Tlio brow of tho Governor ilaikoncd.
"yi"," ho answered, "the peace ol
tho weaker and Iho stronger; such n
peacd rw exists between tho unprotected
iMveior nnu tno nrmcu ingnwaymar..
Tkey outer our homes, ileroar our
ybung, nud if no attempt to resist tlioy
BtriKO us wiiu ineir muiticrous mugs.
Oh thai every onu of thethanlgbt be ox
tonninatcdl" JttM hu a iharp .jvtli
Rounded In thograrj ' l n. -....
Jumped up In alfirui. ' ' .
men t tnrow wnstorimtion tw.
habitants of the vlllagorn wamliigytnir
nnd Ufty little lirowit forms wore rotn -to
1'aio tholr momuls. throw n somcr-
eojAl. and disappear In their burrows.-
Mr. i iinmpson graspmi ms en no, nun
wH a fow v ell-dlroetcd blows klllo l tho i
ratllo-snake. Cuttinir uff tho rattles' ho
tHrpcd again to hl.H friend tlio Gorprnor.
Ho waj nowliora to bo scon. IlcJ'tun'si.
howover, tint ho thinks ho saw bins
give nn npjirovlng nod frora tho mouth, ,
of bio burrow. .
Mr. Thompson finished Ills stoiy ami '
tttrued to mo inrjiilrlngly; " "
Didn't y On. fall twfecp nad ikerii .'I
It?" I ventured to suggest. ,
i"f?reftiii HI Oh jvs. I supposO I
drmniati It; tA 1 droamml that I killed
Uh wiiihsa,' and I dreamed that, J cut, off
If rattlssj, nnd.jsou dream that you coi
Uiem nows". Jw'Tabiiott ahout'iiK as he1"
'mii is, more truth iu It than in halt tho
KltatM itljout itulmaK ami I'm roinir to
. ( -H,." L I
rnlng on the pnu4flPi my,u, 'Iresm that you we
tonnlaigo wound lRr,n4'ww.''J'66t';hout(r as htf
of the dog vlHi.;Af I Wt-w, rJT"1 h,1 VMt ?cko
mo L noticed that In Jh JI L'SkVVfc., ,K?follfi"y l') tT,
h burroiv sat Iks owj. lilutliwrae. It all; out If I did
llKOiiUMua -vi iinm.n.i us iuy i
teachers. And Just uiTh.'ia axed m
ono that Jookcd 1IU6TJ3ld VrMjIdi
v, .tflS
rssv x 'w
sjil f
lh-rf,Ug'. ?f
ip a A'rm.
.1 I unti .. '.rw "
-I ;ni,-,i-
ml 11M Hs-'
V'ty It
Mmz Jd otHiovariti
b niali'i,fsB(3
' Norv Iilfas In Shirts.
A ttn,wUh tbo cournga of his con.
tons tition mo suuect oi ina-scuiuiu
i'lattlro m nt last cnnio tef iho ffoyt
shirt-front. Tho l'hllftdolphia Keen!
man tnkos his life lu his bauds nnd pro
tests against thu Irou-elad shirt. Tlic
etijtom of vwnriug in thosummortniy
slnrohoil collars and oiiII'h wllh shoot
Iron Hlilrt bosoms that no situ Will wilt,
is ono,- lib thinks, which no iirave man
.thoulil follows -Tlio suggestion itomos a
'tlttlo IM 1st iliin. but tho lonveu
may lio its Rood work for vxt janr
Tho only substitute tins daring imio
ratot siiiritcsts Is that of tho woolen
shirt, which; to, his longing eyos, looks
loiolyns ho see's it worn by ynohtmon
wny Biionm not ougw
and blovclors,
tinmen ndont these .aofllAsaAssMs)?
utKJiuOUM-1SsaiP5si'j.i ,.-),.. tl, tiiJvn,u' mtkuL'1
, si- n 7-m-yr r-ii-iis.a. liivo iiiaicT i(s.aisnainaL svasykrisw
melaltieliWboAt whonjiT,' "-.,' VVoo en shirts mav bcl
?K "ft "J? ?Tm&J orV woll in tholr. VaV. but If men aro
STl l,,ln ttn lljt.j.mfnpm l.Mtilitnaa
UUIII Ili.U 11U UIVWIVIVIM. t.ii.i.',
why not dUphiy a little of tho courngo
wohao triod to instill iiito tho souls oi
mlr sisters, "Norer mind nubile opln
ion, but wear wliat Is senslblo und com
fortablo," is languago that has n famil
iar sotinti in tuts conticqiion. i no wool'
a-rtiiin' If asleep, nud iravo
itoi trot tho trrrlUftstruiniwHUr
Imd with this grim nioiwtor death.
I wcro not discolored, but lookwl
nro I, and bor up traces of haling re
r mows,
cr iirn 'rota l'olnt nu llarrlo to
lufbr U vo-y Inbvfpltablo. UocLy
)Uj7 pud iuojU uboun J an 1 deep bail
strtAc' far Into tho shurn at Inferials thoon
tl ., Istr.nee, about slxtr mlieo. Tho ipot
LKllbe life-boat grouudod Is ouo otn lory
waoru n n iisn)0 iorii lonau
i Point nn llarrlo nml llyl;ig
.which bJnly roach tho tiur
iztend for from tbreo to flvo
Ihooutor railio of islands, nnd
i.1t.bojt drlttrd with IU ciruo of doad
bo4ftJiu1 two almost oxbauitcd lurvliors
il.tfiiUi narrow lily bet con llio shonW nn
Aj(frl'Joaslf gulila.1 by llio 1)1 vino hand to
klsxnttho only plnoo whero It could baio
irruuntod lately without being dasbod to
on shirt, bluo, phldorpolka-dottcd, has
its uses, but It M tnoro boatilltul
X Tcrrlblo Vnlc.
A railroad nccldont on the tfuiith 1'uolQo Coost
lino last night was the cause of two diatlis,
ono of which was as trrlllo as oi cr rewntod.
The through frulubt train from bfltiU Crus,
which oiriveil nt Turk street, Alaincdu. ul
olzbt, was crossing n liurren, uiurshy land
wist of a trestle bridge that iimsios what Is
known ns Han Loandru II ly, tint whin ut a
point n'lout half a mllo from tba lo-ldgo
lb j ongliiB sunk an) keeled oior. dr4w
lug aftur It six oars. As Iho train was tratci
Ingnt n mpldralo of spcoj tho earn nnd ongluo
wcro pllo.1 mioii each olhor. Iho engineer
or tbo train, a man mimed Kymons. was
thrown fiura tho rngluo cub ad ilaneoof ei
crJlfeet Itlsuoso win broken, ho was b idly
bruised nud ho. wus probably Injured Interunlly,
M hen tho ouulne tuni'i-l oier llUilelllrlsmll
thn tlreinnu, was taught and held to tbo
ground by an Iron baraoross his breast, whllu
another bur bold ono foot fast Thus bold.
nud retaining cunseli)iisuesl, hq fully rcilUod
that us tbo tldo wns rapidly r slug, ho couui
escnpo death from drownlnir but a short tue.
Blx men wero on band and lncMirodtos lie blni.
.Ihei wropiH-d sheets about b's boily nndeX'
orttd their coiubluod strength to pull nun
from bis appalling position. He cried pitsousiy
that thoy wero killing him. Thoy tried sgiitn
and again, but with tho saino result. A li'i eo
wai built about hli head to keep down Iho
rising tldo. Uuokets were brought, and by
falllifut balling It was attcinptoL to kiop iho
water from leaching his head llu was lying
under tbo cab, and a halo wai cut through
the cab throiuh wh'ch lio could put bis buid.
Thoy raised his lieu ubc c h r "ter as much
as posslblo He rtmalntd thus two bums,
but ut last tho loioe broko and Ibo nun
who wero balling out Ibo water found tbat
they could do no morn Tiny held fc's
head aboio tbo water, wh ch rose slowly
nbout bis iMnly, Tho moil found th. y must
make u llnul offnrt. '1 hen bis hosd wus low. red
and the) all anight hold nnd pulled il sputnte.
ly It was In lain. 'Itivy raled hw U id
uualn The watflr riilseilsh.wb buts.ir. 1 II
ruachod his i-bln Afrlrnih IdU shun l ovir
f lin ,lr,.lwntnu. nn a ,iti,t lit I ft t. L r 1 Af id
.--.- - " .- - ,.. . .
nn in sirns .linn nviuor i ui I " 'i
howasdi vu 'Ite ih run H I wni u '
1 rakeman naini I I'kIv II' im it urn
r wiiiiwuiiiw brak . i j urn ""
'y i mi iy id . ti i tt w ti i
wli Ii U w.' thr iw i I r- rliir. Tbo I
I il u li mn u ui r in
A Slrnngo DuqU
lu tho
furnUldnK-storo window than when
adorning a manly chost, it li not ap- J
projiriui.to for nil occasions; it is not
"dressy," nnd Its tvl vantages In pel nt
of coolness over Iho Iron-clad nrticlo tire
not entirely olonr whon tht tlioniiomoVer
is in tno 11111CU03. ivimi mo inun oi
Iho neriod witnK thrs manvha will
llomptou vou romomucr old B
llpmpton, with his long beard 5
spectacles well, Just as I huMtfxod ud
on an owl wllh long bcdrtlvMil ff
"llut," I romonstrntod, 'owls don't
lia,vo loog beards and sjiectswsssVVt
"l'iioy don't oh?" miswered 'mjwip.
son, nnprily. "HaV6 you aver wen
wild owl? Wd you ever eco them In tholr
own homes? 1)0 toll (loilbt ltlVVord?
Didn't I soo tno ono mat iookoh niio
old I'rOf. Eueltd making sipiaros and
triangles nnd elrclos In tliudirt? And
ono thnt I onllod I'rot. l'crrv was dltr-
glng n ventilating lino Into bis burrow,
nftdnn old owl that was tho perfect lm
ncoof .M-rlll snn.iut to ino to learn
thirty-six analyaei. lor to morrow'. 1
know whg. j. tu UDusiix 1.I10UU"
merely JiaifrrHptwl you
thought wnr.wisMt hmo
l'miTm: W M
son, somowhjt'mciiWicd, , Where was
1?, Oh! jtftt as" JJut Vr rocnlldc.
tions of what had hupponcd stained to
bo so luwy, and his story was so discon
netted, that I shall not try to follow his
method Of relating it, but will nir-rcly
glio you tho facts as nearly as I can re
member them,
Mr. Thompson was silting opposllo to
a largo mound, watching tho owls, when
out of tho mound stopped nn Iminonso
prairlo dog, who seated Jilnuell facing
ivfiUJsWi tie. trliitMiuuwtly tUsiiiltyfcd t
tiH tha trlh of Ms stry. 1 UilnlCho
IrMtned It; don'tyoti? UlmJrormak,
( -ChrMian Union.
1 .1- V
jsssmiiv. x
rWIoTtlll UU 4UlnnsH
not'bo bound y s
jTho partldulari of n strange dubl between
.7,. , . . ... ...
IvelVO. oow-uoya mivo jn rcacuo-i Hire,
lift) Kelly, owner or a bent of 1,000,
ijiiujrtliBnuiil, ownvrot it bcnl of HWO cat-
Itrtlulrt Ji mi Kelly, owner of a bcnl of 1,000,
:trn cUlvliu In oomnany from. Arfzona cast.
rt0'rtrf pt Trinidad, Col , on 16,0 platiu tho two
parus wcro in supurnio, ucnnni iu wious.
AiajsjuAWiti twit to Kwuias uty. nd Kelly to
ilrlKo norm ' leaver. On thu way nn at
s;jlHntal exchango of cnUl,bid been mado,
fin's. llyw rd loslstod on baling hU stock,
iMltwasunwlllln to dollver Kelly s. It was
izraed tosottlo tho mdlterlri h battlo between
slilpliiccil men ot each party. Aeeordingly
tkcctwcliomcn ranged tbqnisolvei on torso
tiseV, the two side flfty tefit apart. Bid nt ft
linns! Iroin tbo employers, tho right began. At
UhUst are .our mm wcr'o Instantly klllod.
norrg.U Ksttr, tit KoUa pjrty.was shot
thrdush. tho brcajt. OnooX Howard's moa
r, liwllfl ft hill throutrti bis head, and two others
lot ttiossmopttrly Were ihmtbroliKhthS hearts
f Dlmi .yill. tho Howard party, wllh tbo excej-
lloiofCielroiiiploycr,lcdtllilrc4inp. houy
tbn mlo up t Howard, and proiuel that
they fight It out, Howard dttllnwl, salng
that houn lerstood tbo mattor to bo lt tied no
eoidlugtqtba terms ot tho buttle inadu be
foisban'j. fhts soljucl lbs pallor, Anwiual
nvh.mvi,nrshii mlxid cattle was maile. Tbo
deed wei-e burled by tho mou of loth hprdi. I Jlkewlsu bo comfortable. The A eonf
ii.. a ... n SUi.an ft ytti inS tr.rs I . III .1 .l.al t.. -..-m & aah
can ball histoid aud his back ItliC own
Is a muslin shirt. A nice, thin, cool
lawn (not lliwn tennis) shirt, tvltji no
starch, and such trimmings, as miy suit
his taito nnd linrsc, should satisfy the
most fnslldious. Tho elossio stylo oi
mnn will neoil no decorations, but tlio
loss highly favored will doubtless prM
for trimmings in tho way of mflkis, our?
broidery, or oven lace, to ropinco tne
old oipainw of shining; llne.t. Cot Ian
can bo, dlsjicnsed tuth; nitlles t-tnl
niches, ladles liayi are inucli moro lio
coinlng ns well as more comfgrlnblo,
and, coijifort is wjint Is wanted. Or
llclilis cart bo Wont, or embroidered
bimdkcrclilofs, crciHid upon tbo breast
nnd fiMte)tiod with the largo dlnruonil, or
other goin, that has hlthurtt) lltterod
lu llio heavy pasteboard shield known
as n scarf, ,,oian fms not, sinco.uo rev
olutionary days, had a fair opportunity
t6 fcxeroucj Ids tastu or cholcointho
matter of color or decoration, lie has
been forced to nttlro lilmsolt In, gar
.wetita prtwijiMy llkothoso of a hupdred
tliodsand other men, and, t litis, ih ft
measure, losu his Idontlty. Un Js n
creatiiro of liablt, but, i.ot lacking in
courage, and hero Is bis ojiporttpilty to
assort Idmself. Ua can nt oncu be beau
tiful and engaging (in whlfh cajo tho
giijls will like lilin better), and ho can
Tb wHer ef 18S.
TJwt jumwer which according to tin)
calcu dai has now fclowd has been narkoil
by some noteworthy woteorolojfal
conditions. 'Iho month' of Juno was
alarmingly cool ovor nearly all slistricU
ljlng between thoA'l10 j-gwlnnil
thOtUocky Mouutalnii, With frtts in fit-.
teen ot tho States fromllw 1st to tll
10th end oxecsslvo numssii m w fpep
trraln growing soctlous, so that some In
dulKodthe prediction that this Wsu lo
u isw nssssussv m ,.. .... . .-.
though the hie U twatssrssaWS si J my ,
ondAugtiet dTsiisillesV tWjfar lwiu t
not so ituretMKinRblw to those who rv
wrnlwr tin, nhtmrwail sawohs during
M MW.teBiU WIX i 1817. WWKl pc-
ttm IMBsMMrKHssM ueprtissuooi
DM KBOWirtjatl a,
a iiMUUMsriliHUitirw. .
. .v- .. .ii- ...:.- i.i:....j '-sro-
in loio, aoesmung to eoverisi uwtssu!.,
" there was frost in Now England In
overy month of this summer," and abw '
as far south ns riilladolphfa in July, al
most destroiing some. erop, wlithJ In
England, as tho lloyal Society's reconls ,
show, tho samo summer was cold
enough to make 1810 "a famine yean1
It is to bo hoped that, as no similarly
cold summer has since then been known
In any part of tho United States, It will
tover recur, but It maybe rash (o say
Is Impossible. If wo except New En
gland, where great aridity has provftllcd
slneo Juno, the vast summer has: been
exceptionally free from protracted anil ,
fntonio droughts, nnd Irt tho interior ol
tlio country, whoro soyorc Mrmifie
drought is tho climatic mlo, Breesplt.
lion has uctn raincr excossive inaa uou.-
Ale. 'I'tiiiiniisoiL. Ho trazed at Air.
Thompson soioroly, moving his heail
fmm shin to side, as it iu iliiou modlta-
tjon. As ho sat upright on his hlnd
qliartors, w ith his fore paws drawn up
In front of him, 1 looked so much llko
n turrler doc III tho attitude, pt botrKinff
thnt Sir. Thompson was nbout to throw
blm n plecn ot tiroau, wneu no oioarou f i.mt
his throat with a pompous horn" nnd ono 0 si10 most noticeablo clmraclor
Lstlcs of the season Just ended is ma
nbsjnceof thousunl July Hd August
hurricanes m the iVet JnH sens, und
conscipieiitly there have been few dis
turbances on our Atlanlio w& Qiill
-eoasts. Tho pusngoof thoou stqj-ms
" What is your errand In our
I i
I ui r
if n
w r cli nes of Alira 3 ar 1 uff
aniltbatwodroiersniit Ihuso Jn chirgs sop I
uraiou Iwr uieir .uituriiii nsi ilmum ,,v..j
arrlifsl here to-night en routo otsi, and It was
fronibts llp the story was bad.-DiMr ((M.I
Saljo CIUajo Thau.
Tho worst soared man In Toledo,
0., tlicJolher day, probably, as John
Llojjl." Wbli" ongngud in plauiiiglnpo.
Bltloa a, tombstone lu Vorvit Coinotory,
n eaict pillar bit John on tho necks Ju
sIdoofJ,Uiree minutes h'a neck, right
shoulder and breast w oro covered with
largo rod blotches, and it swelling
fonued on his .ucck nearly as largo its
his fist. He lost iu tlmo In springing
on his horso, and It U sa d thu roto of
pc4d Im utt.i licit in Ids rapid (light to-
wuiu tountuiuouoic
of tho fuinoiis John
dciul r.do Chtago
Mr. Thompson was spmowhat sur
prised, but ho answered Unit ho was
traveling in search of Information; Hint
ho had heard much ol tho prairlo dogs
nud their woni'oi-ful llagos, nnd that
ho was ourigus to loam moro of them
from personal observation.
Tho prairlo dog oyed J.lm closoly.
"Vou bard no gun?" ho asked, dfs
trustfullv. Mr. Thompson replied Hint
his visit was not to injtiro or to destroy
but to bo onu acquainted with them.
"A most comfnendablc nmbitlon," re
sponded tho prairlo tlog, graciously;
and as Governor of out city I wdeomo
you; only," ho uddpu, "I beg of jou
not ltf call us dogs; wo nro marmots,
tudlmtono rosoinblnnoo to dogs ex
cept In our short, sharp noto of iilnrm,
Which Is somewhat like tho yolp of &
spaniel." ,
Mrt Thompson promised to re
member, nud the Oovernor contlnuods
In order that you may pursue your In?
testlgatlon intelligently, I will iiwt
show you through my mansion;" ns ho
oaid this ho turned a somersault and
dove hoad llrxt luto his burrow. Mr,
Thompson followed his oxamiile. Ho
says ho does not remember whothor ho
was transformed, for tho time, Into n
prnlrlo marmot, or whether ho iiau
simply grown small enough to bo en
abled to enter the burrow without dif
ficulty; at all OK'nts ho followed tho
(iovcruor along an inclined corridor,
sxcliod at tho ton ami extending down-
:SS 71 aeevmmodalr rX nbout fouV foot at an anglo
ii. vUer iirsuisss. 'a Hum svoro nrfT f orty-avo degrees. . T I loy then eamo to
man will, douhtle-s. h.tvo many con.
verts to his idea, and will do well to
tuko out ti patent on Jt iKiuiioyJCiM
Somo men novor forgot their caiu
tlon. For oxampje, nt ft roeni hivhal
it minister said that ho wi tho conduct.
I 8
lions wcro lirst-elass; ' Utotfi woro no
mtspluccd swltchos ' ' and that
foterwas waning " viv uium in
tho depot at tlio otb ' i t tho lino.
Tliorcupoii a tall, n eau-tlsagcd
man In the outsklr n l1 a crowd, ad
dreailng thfl clan ''! al' "I'm a
srood deal ronsari.el JH hat veou hov
i his rapid tllght to. , "0 gay stranger, mH I yi'OU km git me
3lly oxceoilod that ft hk scat ga , iv ,( uwm air keen
(slip u In his won- ior halr .irlcv j.jj 0, f ., Uckct." CAi-
'Olimf. rann lUrald.
tlu foct long,
a. liall that wus rorfo3tlylo eland about
... . ...... , ., .., .,.
o'frbolll 1WO loot. "Jius,' sain inu
, then up ai:
another iuclluo
liovoruor, "is In order that tho wutor
may uot penetrate into our Bleeping
apartment." At tho cud of this corri
dor was a largo circular chamber, the
lloors and walls of whleh were covered
with dry grass Here lay tho mothor
miirtnot aud thrqo youug pile. Afwr
Blr. Tliuwpsou hw ;pcu tatrodued to
nlongonr Kiwtora coasts no doubt great
ly moditles tho atmospheric condltious
on tho coullueiit. Drawing toward
them tho molsturo of tbo air for buit
dmds of miles from tliel-r tracks, svuil
condensing It in Immcuso ipitinU lies lit.
tuoir ccntnii areas, wiey must ievw ino
mldillo latitudes cons'di'rcbly drained.,
of. tho watery vapor accumulated 1y Urn
sun's long i-outlnuod tivapexutive fcrff '
6n Iho warm ocean. 'JV&.ftbeaacp pi
these storms may In part account foe
tho recent redundant rainfall ttml hu
midity In the (iulf Btawn aud on, the At
lantlc seabimrd, nnd It Is probablo If wo
should shortly ha7o ft Visit iroin pow
erful tronle htinicino, whlek Is yry
probable, thero would bo an early anil
sharp turn of tho soason. No Ameri
can summcrcan bo consiiWowifhout Ut
but there noeelbo nofpar thatslt yfUl
not como, and tho longor It Is, aolajoil
tho moro certain will It be to as.ll owe
SouUiera ami 1'astora coasU with unu" o
sual violence.
Viewing tho past summer Jrpw tlio
agriculturist's standpoint It has beH
exceptionally propitious. IU abnoriual t
foaturo has uocn nu qxceptioaally larfxa
rainfall, which, oh tho whole, coaaWerV
lug that tho grea dofc6t ot AssjericHK
summer climate la tkuoitofMriewHural
dUtrleU U aridity. k KooO, fiuttt-A;
JWersi . ,
AjoiHHJhsdy 1p VbltMkliiWa, Vfhq
wss wcarin a 1wmIotsssIwss, th
stallion r.f ivlilek sHUkI ' gRstsiswhw
kkln, ciimirtlwf ten til?k
in auemptiMK w rw- ""S'iivsi
eulrof ottoshme was , vns,s AS
atmiMt a iiioosl vswiws mi.i.. i ..uwsas y
WMarrwieil and faltjUnl. lsi iftJ
brought as!stK'. and 4jMj!evo "
to bo cut opon bfcrj ,ys,u' ' sr
n i
'lOhardfyrecorer A Urge trwvil
uewspail was shot awl killed, aadj C Uugg

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