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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, September 29, 1882, Image 2

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Indus Ciiikitaik l'm.iaitiMi Co
QUS IVHY, - - - Editor.
VINITA, 1. T., 8R1'T. 20, IKS2.
Kansas has furnished I90,(X)0
bond of cattle this your for the
' -'- ' ! Lit;
Tiik conservative clement spunk
of running Col. J. M. Hull for ceo-
ond chief.
1 1 1 ii n ij.
Tiik OiiiKiTAN will bo" found
watching Ibc course or events in
tbp Nation.
Jt 1h now estinuiled thnl the corn
crop of tho United Stales will lie
worth $720,000,000.
IT.vm'ock jnul Oen
man will bcprenont at the Ht.
Louis Fair, which opens Monday.
Miih. (JAitKn:i.i) recently bougbl,
for $.W,000 cash, the Ituiph Wor
thine,ton residence on 1'iosjieet St.
In Clevehuul.
Tine silver-tongltril Indnm ora
tor, Hniuuel Smith, le hioknli of
for the nomination of Chief under
thv Union party in their next con
veiltion. mmmmmm
Dick (Ilacs has not (jone to the
cn yet, but the ofliocrs would like
to know whore lio ban gone. Qw
last Saturday he Illed his iroim In
jail at Wintield, Kan., and escaped
amid a shover of bullets.
Tiik Chicago Tribune claiins to
have information that ('apt. i'.iyne
Is in the regular employ of th St.
Louis ,fc Han Francisco railroad in
Iiih forays on Oklahoma. The
'Irilntnr says it is generally known.
Tin: remark, "Thcro is a point
vrlicro endurance cc.ikch to bu a
virtue," was originally made by
ono of tho old masters ono of the
(dd Fcliool-masters, when he sat
down upon a simple little contriv
ance invented by tho bad pupil.
I.N tlio past cloven month 1,820,
T'.lo pounds of tobacco wore sold at
Petersburg, Va., nl an average. ,of
Sft.CO per bundled weight. Tlfts
would astonish good Did King
James, could he awalJQ, frftm the
ideep of centuiies and lutiioltNOio
degenerac of these modern days.
l .. .......1.1 .,.1 4 1. ..I i.i.m .mil.
Ho hMitx,m,w commence a wq.k
rimllnr to that of the French' and,
(Terinan uni'versitios tlint of in
strutting n young inn In UnfbruiiU'
triunlng pursuits instead of general
culture. '"Dig he eaunot, and to
big he is ashamed."
" 'j- 1
Om neighbors in Missuuii imd
Kansas still talk abuut "opunilljt
up tho Territory," and say Indians
favor it. There are Indians who
are in favor of dividing up our
lands among ourselves, but this
Territory will never be "opened
up" in our day. The Ciiiuktain
I.i Kilid on that.
As intere 'inn meeting TiniTo
Union party . . ,v Uvi 'i Tuhlo
juiili distrirt inOrtobtn Th. o
ty is getting . ly ii uu- now
r.nupnign Let us inftJr ujt4pex i
timi stop calling naniear l)iiiit;nt
it lie saiUth.it each set of paifinanti
is romioiMl of public robbers. It
is not a mild expression.
s i" -Lg .
UN-j: of the linest renulejices in
t let eland is u big Btwne Btructure,
mrrounded by beautiful grounds,
and full of the costliest furniture
and decorations. Hut the owner
dors not now live there with his
family, having been sent to a 10
treat for drunkards, whom he is
ci'iillncd in a barred room.
Tin ipict-tion whether nmriied
women hh'iubl be permitted toj
teach m the public school is crop-
ping out in the Wwt. It was piet
ty thoroughly ventilated In the sea
board district sonio tiiuo ago. Hut
the point is, if a woman wants to
do something to help herrult. why
shouldn't ho be penuitted to do
it, whether bhe be maid, wife or
widow ?
BtMuiKii.Nri know tho value of tho
r xpansive power of peas and other
prain in making anatouiieal propa
rations. No one has any idea of
the force exerted until a tent is
Blade. An Italian vessel, laden
with rice, put into East London
some timo ago leaking badly. A
strenuous cdoit wan made to pump
out tho water and unload tho cargo
but the rito continued to swell, and
finally tho vissel was hunt viu
lently asunder.
T'iKiu. never was u time in the
history of tho Woat when tbu out
look for business) was mnro prom
ising Ah the great and fertile
Drain cs iill un with an indnstrimiu hiK a tuiuiL' man full uf adveutur..ii '
, . ' . , :, ... Uniri! n.t.n.i.1 ..i.i. . .. . V l I'H" "mi. he thu.s aililrusfcil the '"."",,v ,".v "riiiicBiiiiii.siuimy "" ":"'.'.. T. ',..' V ""r
i ii j iimii rirt ii i.iiiuiiiiii.iii ii... . 4 . .. i ----- .- ('n iii .trniLii iiiii ii'Hi i tji' .. . . . laii i.ki ....... i i i ruin inn iiviiiiini'u kiinoiiiiiui ii .
and fri.i.1 wiiieh-fhev ilruw their ' .. i ....... ...... V. ," ' : . " ' ruply. "And vou (to tho bride- that it bus always been considered this plaie Saturday nlcht. it aniwur
Applies keep pace in growth and ;ih. M.,
Uvelopment. 1'ho rcict J,.y ; J --; Z'Z "T ' ' M '? , SiWJSe 'Vile ""
reat)ni' bus ripcmd the corn and "" """ "at. n.ui iv re m i..uui u..ir Mm'ri man led" H H"'dd that theyoiing man knows Hhniinry extimiu,it.on..f l p,li.iwand
liven (ho farni'is an I'liii.it.m.t, ' , '!', ,r ' al', 3,,e ,,H , , . hu failing and that he iimuIIi IhU Unl and t iui.i l,du...nuu. ii.i
iwiiiuo mini is an ipp'li unit r , , ,, ,, ,,,,, ,,, m ,,, , I,.pd-lanaKirl 'f ' Kti. n , ,is b -'dsaiit nirson tvl,.. , iv be I. l.)K ",,r 1,H "''uar, ,i(. f .i ...i.-ul,,,
i k i in ii ii ! i ... ..,,.... i i. .. .1. i i. . .. i .. i ... ... ... i . ...if .. . -
will Winn liiin to Uini tluTlniiinvi'
..f tM.1,. .,....!.. I t. .St. I .
... .Lin. uiiui in mu iiitin, mmjin iiuwm was not hi
Hood of gold greater in vohiiiKm??lTih(,ihrTi(i
mngnillecneu tlmii Unit of two ycurjji
ago, which made resumption nm.
Luiblf, will ouru ujioii our, IrtBiI.
T&li- iMPiniviMii'vrif-
'M- ''ll "tM i-JlI,M. .
7" - J.4ft
iTmcrly In n rohr. Bet
,'n nto beinc erected, nnd
TnWoiUT beginning to buibl as if
lliAy iiloflit.UKritnv. Town lotH
wbicli a yonrngoijouhl luirtlly linvu
beori given away cannot now be
bonjllil for $ldp. FiiHt, tluiro wji?
tlio Knir, wlijcli wtut lit iirxt tboupbt
to Iip ii bold itiovo, but in now not
only nn itflRtirud aucQygfl but iijtruiit
hucpcwb. Thuii Cttinp W'orcufctor
Academy. M Aipv it war hoped
to build U1gl,J(K) hoiiHo, for two
tvnrliur. A building in now bcin
oroeted whloji will coit, before
roitdy for won, at least $,000, and
will begin with four (earlier and
room for Hi.v. Then ciitnu the Is
,iian CiniirrAtv, which propoi-e
to help evurylhiii; that is pood. It
Iiiih a thoroughly furuishril olllee,
anil will have in n few weekx one
of tho bent job printing outlits to
be found outside of the largo cities,
The residences of A, ('. Hayniond,
Skinner and J, K. llalsell have ex
erted an enduring inllueuce on fti
ture iiouius in Viniln, while the
benuliful and eleuant residence
which 0. V. ttreun is now build,
tng will long be the model for iuii
tators niftl' the dinpair of j-ivnl.
KLol tbitjjjpfld work go (in.
PI'lll.If! Wl'IIM'P
It Is said that to help a man who
is sulleiingls not charily, but hu
manity; So often that w'liich is
called public spirit is reallyv busi
ness sense. The men who sub
scribed money,, to the Fair and
to Worcester Academy deserve
great credit forltheir public spirit,
but JftHl 'more .for their business
wisdoms It is to these two things
that Vinita mainly owes her bind
nest boom iind.tlip rapid ineieaie
or poiulation. JJut will those who
from a mistaken idea of economy
lr lK'"iousness hold ale:
,C8U V,,tl,,I',, reap as
)f from
much of
tlbo jnxllits us thuse wjio have helji-
fd so ifnslintcdlyjMJjjW'o think not.
t is tho boundon dutv of everv
good eitir.cn to see to it that no
uinn ever lose by being public
spitited. Wo owe it to our own
iutt rests to encourage it all we ran.
It is well wjn-llf our while to make
public Bjiiriledness profitable.
Tiik Indian mother of Kah-a-kuh,
one of tho Kiowa gi lis lately brought
to the Government M-hool at Carl
isle, was the widow of White Goose,
one of the Florida nrihonors who
rfliuilaild Wa hiivlmt In MnnnnitlUS-
etti. In token of her grief at be
Ingaoperntujjjfnmi her daughter tho
uor iiinthKbad cut oil' a joint (if
i.. !... rWr (if her left hand.
Mrtmii i ". 'lenuuMidit
let u 'sn,"i trimiut ir-
tcr, if sin-;!w.lb i i t'lii
might L-c buiiod bcdc i.t i. hei
Macon that used to sell in the
South fram F to 8 cents ner nouml
is now worth from 11 to 17 cents
per pound. It doen not pay to raiue
cotton to buy pork with. The south
em fanners are beginning to fun!
this out.
. mwK .. . iw j VjRi 77 to lias l.arnnnil.MO us lu eel Jirrencli i.r
VmwiiH ..i.f i." T.mAhHW . . - l kt'ff'ra' Af au lttm"iulu'4i mi m
JH'jMMy ' ' wwmi vVt- wVt.Tl ' t .... - , .,j
UKfuni.ii-A.v, Democrats, Grcen-i ... , .
Uekera and Prohibitionists uro j Z?X Told
worso mixed this year than over. chum of mine whose buss gavo
TliopUn for seniblo business men i bim twenty.livp cents to buv somo
U to elect good men regardloas 0f j Jldng for tho storo cat. lio buys
Tiik Deuioerats of New York
Htato hilvo uoiuliiated Glover
Clevulitud, Mayor of lluffalo, for
Governor, and the Republicans ,
lave uominutod
Heoretary 1'olger.
Tin: Kansas City Fair opened
with overy indication of huccom).
To tho Kdltor of die C'hinrialn :
A writer in a recent issuo of the
C'heroU'o Advoeitto s.iys Cl.tremore.tlio
name of a mound near the Vlrdluri. lb
a corruption of "(Jlermont" or "C'lair
mont," and that Clermont was a dlw.
tlnulidiisl clduf tiiiuK tbo greal
UsagcH. hach, ludeisl, may bo a cor
reel ilwivutioii of the nameChirci.inrc. ' ,u,n .'" lV,l,H,,?a i(ty, lit an en
but "CUormonfs Mound" tioald mh.ii i fr,ci',ir' Miwwiliimnjiinl a pronus.
to summit taut.doKv of Men, and the i,,: ll,wJr.,'r' A nwglilmr of his,
.. .... .. '. ... ' Hllllll. U'eiiL'rf nni. l.'i.u nl.riO in tr.i'i.
Osiiro eliiiif is called Claymore by wri
turs ctiiuicv-lpil with the lmllau depsrt
mont ut WHhhinijton. Cl.iymore tras
the chief who mire saved the life of our
Cnpt. Dutch. Mutch hud pandered
away from his own people, and at the
tllno vtas HviiiK with tlio .Os.igos. A
butt'alo hunt wasordenilanit tlieyuiing
M.i-M iwii iiij iur inn cnaso. initcli.liu.
...,,.,,H f"ii u winn uu- loijiainc upon
tiiprinini in n Uipv M-iit. idiii
lKrtrV8iffjti(olupky Mi- liml uW
ouii$ beef, but In lim
apprnaiTt. lie .tf.lii Uitercoirtcd btvjj big
tfiiilneMmjTalo that duett hlitiniV in
the way In oritur In rover tho retreat of
liM weaker .comrades. Duhll illtl nut
, l ,.(,"W,,H,U ','" "rr,m,, "I""' 1
tlllt llfllT Kill'f.nil linn, lire. f,,l nil..,,,,.).
,.... .,....,.,..
Kiiinu in remrii. iiiu nuniers eniiip
lisek lntainp. All nero Jiilillunt oer
Hip fruits of tlielr limit rxrellin
Dntrli. Me illil not feel Mfll; lie lind
lont nn arrow noil brought back not li
Ing Milli lilin. Arronllnc to die rules
of tint tribe, bo who lout uu itrroii
sliolilil be puniHbt'ii Willi ileatb. Dutch
lixil iiii'uirti(t this onalty. lint C'lsy
morp, moved by spiitlinciilN of the
hlKbcNt rep.irJ for tho oiinn Cbeiokoe
brine, Inlurposcil ami kerteil thn lien
iilty. fo Uuti'h ntil! Uu.l to become
one of ibu urcutcHt proilllcN of siu'cohs
anil valor knoiMi to the wsrfiirp of the
plains. Co the Mory goes, ami It IhJiihI
us credible hh tbu story of l'ornhuntni)
iitnJ Cipt. John .Smith. Jlut us the
jirenent uriter confL'SHen to a ereut ileal
of Inciviliility us to tho InteRrltyofhls.
tory In Kniicriil, be would like to hear
from Col. John t'humberH on lliosnh.
Jert. The colonel Is inoro thoroughly
verr-cil in tho annuls ut tho Uhiio peo
ple thiol nny other living mini not of
tlmt tribe. . '..
JIi'pMnjf of (ho Union Tarty of Coon re
kkkimpo DUtrlrl nt Yellow
SprJnjfs Srjit. ii.
Mei'lliiK rnlliil to onler by lion. J. C.
McCoy, who uu Nelevttil us cliHlrmnn,
iinil J. JI. Akin secretary.
fpeeehes by Tlcke.iter, Mcintosh and
Itev. fum .Smith, of .Sillueilltrli;t,ntii.
tlnir tl st the object of the iiiuetiiigtwiN
to meet the peojilu and consiilt as to
their political interests. Alter whhh
the iiieetliiK inljoiirned until the next
day, Puttirday, when die follow lug pro.
reeiling More hud:
SleutliiKcallisI loonier. On motion
of Mr. Mclutorth the meeting was
opened it ith prayer by the Ituv. Hum
b'peivhes by Messrs. Smith and Mc
Iutohh, admoiiiHliluit the people to ore-
serve their nationality, comply with
their In us, etc.
Meeting mljoiirued sine die.
J. 11. Akix, Secretary.
oiViis .xi MXIIS.
An idea prevails that truths are
obvious enough in themselves, but
that they apjdy only to men of lit
ery education to piofession'nl
characters and persons of fortune
and leisure, and that it is out of
tho powor of the other classo of
society, and those who pass most
of their time in manual labor anil
mechanical industry, to engage in'
the puiidt of knowledge tvith any
hope of being useful to themselves
or others. This wo believo to be
an error. What is it that we wish
to improve ? The mind. Is this
a thing monopolized bv any clam
of society V God forbid ! it is the
heritage with which he bus endow
ed all the children of tho great
family of man. Is it a treasure
belonging to the wealthy ? -It is a
talent bestowed alike on rich and
poor, high and low. Old out.
"I won't sell you my vole, no
how," said old Slocus to the man
who had come to "see him."
"Why not?" "For tin ee reasons :
Fust. I kin am a Jialf ilti .11
gln later in the time it would tako
me to go an' vole. Second, it would
cost nie 81 fer er team to go to the
pollin' place. Third, ve on'y of
fer mo 82. an' Collier side has nl.
re'adv'gi'n mo 83 ter stav awav an
no4v,Qiemt nil, which bringsup the
fnwuishal reasons on that side ter
i waa showing his friend, a
mrii meichaut. around thecitv.
A as he pointed to the Stock F.x
chaiige he nroudlv said : "That is
our Has-el-Tin palace, so to speak."
Fifteen minutes later they were in
a busy, crowded, fasbioiiablc res-
taurant, anil tlio Irieud remarked
"illtS, I MippllhP, t
vour Ka-li.cl.
Hash palace V The future re
marks concerned something plain.
iivi'i. nun iiiuii says win cat won i
tolieb it. nml In. lnw i, .l.inl- it
Morse, wlm invotited Mm tidn.
jrrajfll and Bell, the iin
"l0 'Mj1'"''. tli had (
inventor of
.iiii-ri, nincii jeans a wag to oo
ervo: "Just sec what a man can
do when eveiything is iiuiet."
Motion Ulobe.
An eilgraver inado this mistake :
"Mr. and Mr. respectfully
leipiestyour presents at tho wed
ding of their daughter."
X I'nhpie Miirrbitre. I'treuioii)'.
One of the countied of the state
of Connecticut boasts of a judge
who, though poorly furnished with
those little relincnieuts usually met
with in polished society, ia an en
some weeks nco. was about to cive
hia daughter away in marriage, and
having a deep-rooted dislike to thn
clerical profession, and being deter
mined, as he said, to "have no in
fernal parson in his bouse," he
sent fur his tiiend, the judge, to
perform the ceieinonv. Thu itidiro
came, and the candidates fur the
connubial yoke taking their places
lili'i'p." '.' K (
"Yon ito loo): uucoiumoiilysriiw
It it twilight. Again 1 nwn4l , 4 .
On the jiJcr us Unit 'Milii.jtBli. '? fogf
Mnw sllciilly tin to Mm lundunf
Draws tlio limit Willi ltd m.,
Ul'lll.lll L'lll. m
I'.rtoh person look funoil out
L 1-Jni'h porcon Ik moo-lv and
iimuhicu :
aiiiu i say, ns I hi ami on
, "YnudoIimkiiiii-omiiioiiiftVli in"
(Milium!" flj
..i" ... i
"Tu.i.i'.Vr 7u,7 ! i ' " (lunger, and while he svinpathir.
IbMl.fnl AJam. j j n d1, ,y w,Ul ,a,r ,,
''01dIbibl)iiigess,"Fb.fj'i4nV owing to the alleged injury, he
Miinrterofacenturv adval v r , '"t cnwidtr bfniM'lf responsi
was recently lamenting lit. k lls' ,l0, Uf anm,? ,l,ere 1TK U" "."I1'"
ness and awkwardness. "V
uilri Adam Korcunuffh. tl e '.. 4icr
nf tin irrcat sliMtv. wlu.ua i. .W. ..
spent inn little country tovn.
-- n-"-""'i""" vj ' vmw
don't know what baslifulue8t
me tell you a story, and wU
wiroiiKii i win siiiiki mv lieu .1
don't ngie that you npvif '
anything about bushfuliirts a
baneful eflett. I was tl 0
bashful boy west of the Alle Ji
I wouldn't look at a girl, m fek
speak to a maiden; but far f i
I fell madly in love witli Ji
beautiful neighbor girl. '1 .1
desirable match on both iidsft
tho old folks saw the drift, " "Se
ed it up. 1 thought I hi; Tlu
just thinking of it. I i if- j
awkward country lout, nbovf .ie
teen yor old. She was on Ub
gent, refined fairly well e i ed
girl, in a country and at a tini .i-n
the girls bad superior adt jlc,
and were, therefore, Hund an
culture to the boys. I . lb. i fie
day as far as I could ha v"u it niiT.
1 lav awake in a cold pnrHp' ratlin
as tbo time grew near, and hlV'e'rI,
with agony as I thought of thi tir
rible ordeal. c
"The dreadful day came. I wept
through with the program soniuhow
in a dazed, confused mcchutkkl
sort of way, like an autoinston booljy
through a supper where 1 amid cut
nothing, and thought suchganioJi as
' 'possum pio, 'Sister Phtclxr,' aig1
all that sort of thing. The jsuet
ono by one departed and my hair
began to stand on end. lWdrrtl
the awful curtain oflsislav thetcf
riblo unknown. My blood grow
cold and boiled bv turns. I inislU
a fever and then an ague, palo aSiU
lltiHh.d by turns. I felt like fleeing
to nie woods, spending tho ninh
me earn, leaving lor the wet
er to return. 1 was deenlv
to Sallio. I loved her hard, t
a mule can kick; but that (' v
ordeal I could not, I dare no: Jim
it. Finally tho last guest wa ij
uiu uniie reureii, inc iiuniM goiusl
to bed, audi was left alone; SomJ
iui ui iinrmrs, aione Willi tnc Old
maii. 'AilamwMil lie, 'yo
ilfeAkl Ant. .11... -. b..!11 i. -1
nu can tiik'pj
" '".i.:,0". UV0 """ryffi:
.1 .a 11 --'. . ": r-
,.,,. u,, i'.,,i .ui. . t "MT mi"" nuiusn a nine ciiorcu nan
?,S ,1 . ,i"l ll fi h a ""SCir W M'Mcn liiylio woods. .Tlio Innld-
1V ftSJL,?,K,,iray 0',,llt,,0W "!.' " l'nmitivp, nnd tho olddar
man left tho room. I mentally M. i... ...i.' ... .... 'i.. i... n... .!.....
Anion' to his 'Heaven belli vmi'
,i i... r l lit i 'if
ntl ,r , S 7 ".'
ant door, staggered to'iuy fort ana
siczoil tlio lartlnng dip with
a ncivons grap. I Mood for
ZfitfESTJi SSfflSffll S
speedy dooni about to overwlifcliii
me. 1 knew it could not be vil5
...1 n...l .... r i... .: i i t i A
ed, nnd yet I hesitated to mct mff
fate like a man. 1 ttood to Ion;
tbo wick of the tallow din and
windipg-ahpot wan decorating tbf
ouik iw iijo urnsi eaiioiesiicii.
"A happy (bought struck me.
hiiHMiy climbed the stairs, marie
the position of the landing an
UiioigiUii bridal-cliamber. Ij
baviirfj bctbrc I would lrav
rohod fli.lNnl 1inlvidi.miUn.tVV.
atvaltev!" rvtruinbling ifiiA )
ed jipjjli with her own bCautvr
ni(Tiujt . nu ner biiowy rooi
unit. 1 it mid make tbeusual
mirations without, blow out fl
liubt. one i the dour, and friend
inghi woi id ahtnld nishriulMr
..,.,.i.,i 11.....1.A.1 . :....i.i.
iiiMii.-i i in uiifiiiiiiiiira, aiuinu
ful darknuss at least mitigate tl
liowor of the Mtuation. It was :
lin. I'roitarations fur reti
wor fw iiid simple in their
aeter in those (lavs. altlfoiiL'h
sitting of disrobing, and, owing t.'
a amrciiji oi cioin in lltose intvs
man was somewncre near the AU-h
nno slate wlicu lie was prepared Ul
woo sweet sleep. Tho dreiidi 31
hour had come: 1 was ready. J
blew out the light, grasped tho' John
knob with u deadly grip andnerru
us clutch; one moinent and it woub
be over. One moment and it wnwi'i
over by a 'd n sight.' I leaped
wiinin. ami inero. around a gWM
ingnicKory ure,wiiu canuiesbrilH.1
ly burning on the inniitol and fuTry
inn, Kim iui- iiuiMiiug uruiu siirniun
ded by the hix lovely bridumniiUJV
l'rotect the (fill. 4- !
1 1 werful part ob do sermon, but if
lhero is a case coming up befttj jViki happen long dis way nex' Sun
a Chicago court that will be of grell d.iy I'll gib you do odder half. Dat
interest to thousands of ncoplo win I 'porter comes just in time to en
havo lon desired a decision on mww orurago me to keep do work boil,
of the points that will be developtsl ii '."-Wmil Free Pre.
It seeniH that a young man, a mom. ' T tTTT n7i "
her of ono of tho Chicago clubs, ,a ' -v TitUiln.L
gentleman of woalth And refinement f Koiiia. Sept. SM. Tho breeders
is to bo sued by tho father of the! of lerefonl inttlo havo subverted f.W
VOIllll' W'UIIllin fur A.rU) IXY1 ilnnm . u J UhMimI ii i'Ii:iIIiiii-mi li. uli...i I......
.. -..-,... .........
lor injuries inav ins iiaugnt
cu iviuie in ins hoeiciv. l
i i i , n
people had been keeping company
iur some years, anu hip carriage ot
mip young in m was often in fmnt
of the Michigan avenue residence of
the lady. Last December ho cph.
ed visiting her, and since that time
she has been an invalid, and J,as
beentieatedforan.in.il difflouliv.
and the father will go into the court,
u is Ham ngainsi iiih iiaugnter's wish,
several occai ons ho hud warned
. , ..,, ,. ii , . . i '
' ' "B man that be should place
ooanl across bis lap, or sonic dny
Ms parenthesis legs would let ionic -
OUV tlllOIII'll. Ill iiiiHwer to
loiiipiiinu the young man mil say
that bis legs are just as nature made
hem, and that anybody who sits
II Ids III!) takes their clmiices. tin
idd that if the girl IniU used pre
I 'nution that one in so dangerous a
I position sliould use, and thrown her
,m,H "round his neck, as others
' .lave donu, there neod have been
to every (pie-tion, and both sides
H,Ji.!,!lvc l,,c!r Hyni)a Inzors.
.""'" Ol WISH 10 lllKC
..l.l. il.! . i. .t
Mlllnrt nil Iblrf i.l.fif In., llmn .1.1
i .......... ...... ,j,.v hiiiiii, iivn- ... n-
i, some (hint;.- . nnected with it that
it seem n .y of the pious press to
agitato. 'I ho country is full of bow
leveed 'nlinir men. I'oinir iilmitl
i scckini! whoiu thev mav hold in
their hips, and the wonder is that
more such accidents do not occur.
i 1 here slfould be some law to pro -
icci gins irom now-icggeil men.
We throw safeguards mound our
trapeze purforiners by compelling
the managers to placo nets under
the in, and why should we not pro
vide by law "that the bow-legged
young man should string a ham
mock under his boomerang legs, to
catch those who may loco their
spring balance, turn a summersault
and fall in tbo winter of their dis
content. It would not bo pleasant
to the bow-legged young man to be
compelled to carry a hammock when
he went to t,eo hfi girl, but it would
be safer for the girl. We have
known a rarcful young man. who
wa.ibotv-logpd, to lay ft press board,
or a cheese board, or a sewing ma
chine leaf across lii.s Ian before be
that are liable to ache
InvcntoiB have studied in vain
on a device for protecting people
from the dangers of bow-lcga, and
doctorawho straighten cross-eycH
havo tried to Btraighten bow-legs,
but nothing seems to avail. Hun
dreds of girls and women as they
read this will shudder at the narrow
escapes they have bad from falling
through man-traps, and they will
unite nith us in the hopo that the
law will protect them. 0, of course
There are some who would never fall
through, though the legs were bow
ed twice as much as they aro but
many are so careless they are never
nafo. Uurlinyton Huicklye.
Obllb'lii;,' a Treacher.
T....1 i...i- r t.
iiii.L iKirK in .uihSiniMirv mum
Chattanooga, while folblwing the
'mmo anrosH a little church half
:'"""... " 'r'Ji V-" ',"."" .".
"" iiii'ie nu. oilier i i an niaoo
f'li'i l't the route and was
L'u. u, , on. 1... si.i.l
"lWiermt ,.,. . 1,,,-s .........
l to uic( tin' "
n,r' " - "" --
y' Hni, , ., ,,.
'o. .... ,-.'' ...;.... r. : ... . V
vrl" " m live oiiiiuies, ami i
I n... ..;n i. ..'
fuf.ne " -r"-
It didn't seen, h.st riebt to lie
tidinc around the emmtrv on Sun-
klay, so I got down and took a seat
dcmuc uie out man. Alter a lew
jninutes geiieinl tolk be nni.l it tv.i-
5 time to go in. I followed after
bim, and found myself the sole an-
JUTenee. I next found that he was
the preacher who was to deliver
the powoiful Konnon. He opened
i-rvippx in regular lorm wiin an
me solemnity, and then aiinouueml
Mis text and began pleaching. I
IMooii it iur lilty-five minutes, and
Djjhen u- he had only reached "see-
i nun, J waited until he closed
tlus eyes and then made a slide for
toe door. It was no go. I hadn't
one six feet before ho Mopped his
noon aim askea :
Mr.mger, must vou be gwmeV
Ye, I feel that "l must."
-lT, I" VMM iill'f !.. It .1, nwlV"
IN ii "
i '"Jlen I'll ebon off right whar I
"Oil. don't do thnl
on can go
(Ml With
tieriiioii just the
"But you ice dar inns' be a col
T5ckshun tookon uii arter do sor-
in, lie protested in anxious
nes. "If voir II ohlceL'o in 'n-
tlikill' a Sent f'll kiimr m livmn nml i
fvs do hat."
I s.it down, and when be had
aad nnd Ming a hvnin be passed
tin nni, iransiorron the quarter to
l'a vest jiocket, and observed as
4 went out
''1 didn't sit down to do moas
. .-.-- -. .. . ........ ... ...r,. t..,
,,"'l;,or', l""vbli a like iiiiu.uut ami the
"i.iiiuT n iirue nun iii niiawaniLH tome
best beef animal slunnhterisl at the I
ciiudiii! fat stuck hIiow in I'hiiuuo in
.iitomber. riie ol.jeet of ihe propomsl
content is a test of the conitnir.itlte
merits uf Hereford and short fiords as
Iss'f cattle. The uiounv in earnest of
tliocliHllnniiouu behulfof die Hereford
- ,rt','l11'" ha !o.m deHuitud with the
''f''fJiejrat stuck .hmt.
To Satlsfj an Old (iriulire.
ii iiiih ni n i in in. I 1 1. i . i ,)
li ilir M I'ln r a ik it ll i- I i
would let a girl sit down amongst 01 owiuiaiioiiM wnirii were iicvomi thej
him: but whoiu one voung man is fj'"' "f the common l.ilMirrr-bevoud
l.l.u nnr..r..l 1 1., . " . . T .... I 1 MlU IllllltlJ of COIIIIIHII1 IllllllHtriCS. .SolIP
thus carcrul, there mo hundreds ,,r tl10 boys, none of the eirls etpeded
who never think of the ot hor hearts to reallv work lor a IIvIhl'. Tlim- ui.rn
i l""1 '. H ""I" l"1l,""Hh" "'"
wastifl atviiy tn n nipre skeleton, iiml
Immcdhilcli soinummil bis boy lilll to
sppesr before the bur.
1 '"''"'I ' tell ton to cite that eat a
iniiiiiu oi meal every ouy . uhkou me
v I'll nini.
"Yen. nil-.- mill I lull' ulint I elvi
bim eierv iimrnliiK beforo you're out of
I....I .i.i inn
"I ilim't believe u word of It. Mv
opliilnu Ki that you either porkcl the
mniiey or cnt the meat. yourself, tiring
nie the pi-nlcs iiml the eat."
The m'flles mirt I lie cut wore brought:
the hitler iiiik plnietlun the former; ami
Tom mid the murker Mopped ut the one
pound mark
"Then '" exclnlnieil the boy in trl
umpli. ")ldu'l I tell you I ynve him a
pound of meat, this liiornl tip''
"There' the pound uf meat, sure
clloiijili," Hiiid the Colonel, strokrlli.'hh
on. "juu inure on eartli in the
The starch of Armies.
The Kgyptian episode mav prove
the spark tihlcli is In ct all i:iirtis hi
Ibiuies. Itiifniii, (ierinuiiy, l-'rance.
Austridhinnd Ituly are no munt armed
ramps ready foracoutllrt, tihlcli, when
it begins, tt ill cron Into the preutest
war iIiIh world has eier nocn. Twelte
million of armed men are reudv for the
1... i.l. .it. ...I : ...i... .t
! iliwiriicdre'ongliies ontarknonn to the
! inilltarv annuls of the nice. The rlllo
and rilled cuunou cun hit any murk
ttithill Mm rilllL'e uf hlilnnn vluimi nml
siilciith.lculin are all modern missiles
i.f ttur that armies iiiiinI keep out of
siybt if each other while the ntioni
nml the biitiinct hereafter it ill buuttcilv
iiyolcs. The suiootli-hore miiHket tif
fiiniicrwars iidiultteil ofthe charge in
t'oliimu, us Its riiii): was not over tin
hundred yiinln. and then it ivmk loaded
at the muzIf: lint din modern arms do
prccUinii, novi in unitersul line, will
kill at a thousand yards, and can be
tired with marvelous rapidity oiling to
the fact of their belli); chiirped ti Ith idiot
at the breech. Ktery tiling pointsto a
uar the bloodiest and the inont event
ful ever known to bistort'. Dciuorcnt's
Monthly. "
(.'roiling' Up Idlers.
Not hmn hko it was known that
the thrift of lepresentntire sehuuU in
HoHtoii and IJiilney trjs in tlipilirectiou
to do what whs nice and genteel but
not to null their hands, not to wear
overhalls or scrub (loors not, in short,
to do HiiytlihiR that did not belong to a
superior race. Until tho ono thine;
abote etcrythlnp else in our education
is reiOKiiired to bo the triiiuinK of the
character, until hoimst dealing with it
child's intellectual mid moral life is
liiiido fundamental in our education,
until tie can rc.nl content with the lit
dup of children fur tho place in life
it Inch God etidently intended them,
tie shall not bate taken the criminal
clement out of our educational Byntem.
ISoston Herald.
Ail Isle's Fllghl.
Dallas. Tr.x.. Sent. iM. An ea
lili;, maimed in a lieaty tiiml stnrm hy
lin IUIII.III-.I in ii iiuu. v .. uiu Mnriu iiv
a fidlinj; lieu and cajiturcd nuar this
city one year ago, and which was re -
lead! il when able tu tly, a smiill tin box
iMiuinuoieiu u nciii! ilea niioiii lis
neck, was kllluil near iiidceivav, Iona,
last tioek by Albert It. Koch.' Mr. (!.
II. Mull'iuuiiu. of Dallas, who original
ly captured tlio eagle, recniveit a letter
to.ibiy fiom Mr. Koch Informing him
uf Dili hIiiihIIiik of the bird and the
l'Uf of lit t'.i. Imkuiu1 iiiiIii mi liliu.
It is.not so much what you say
as huw you rtiy it, and, similarly,
it mutters nut what you do if it is
done proiierly. A Boston young
lady can kiek'ti dug oil' the steps in
such a way as to cause love at llrM
bight. lix.
E. J.
And lVopriotorof tlio
All kinds of
Kept in JMuek.
VINITA, - - - - I. T.
.'U.'tilv St.'i'jro .Ijino
R?uskooee, I.T.,io Ft.Smitli.Ark
New eimrhes and oml stock. Dls.
Jance, ele.btv miles; schedule tluie,
I " "". ; ." " ..i.r-1- Mill'
iii'i'ttiti. nt MiiMkOL'i'ii ulll. tmlny i.ti 1 1,.
j MiHMiinri l'licltie ruilroad, ami at Kurt
Snilih with the Little Hock & Fort
fuilth and the l-'rimi line-.
I Ml.' 1.-L' Wl.'lW
Dealer ill
Fine Oigars !
Anil Tobnooo !
"VsXttxy - - I. T!
I also keep ft lino
C. C. IHOSlTJli,
Dealer in Htaple and Fancy
: Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
J. T. McSuaddeii, rroprlfltor.
d Icons mid new turnouts always
hi band Heroes huardid and
Hell taken care of (mod
IiukMi ra at oi stuMc
Cil-vo JVio cv X'x'J.cvl.
Vinita Fair and Agricultural Association,
"Vinita, Cherokee NatiorJ
OCTOBER. 17, 18 AND 19, 1882!
$l,QOO for
One of the principal fuatures of the Exposition will bo the nunipr
ous representatives of the following tribes: Creeks, Choctaw, Chickn
saws, ScininolcH, Dclawares, Osagcs, Shawnee, Sentcns, Nex 1'errcs,
Catawbas, Sac and Fox, Kaws, Cheyenne and others.
The following gentlemen are invited to deliver addresses du -11115
Fair week:
(SOW JOHN S. l'HELPS of MisHouri.
HON. M. K. IlEKTOX of Nwsho. Mo.
C. W. HLAHt of Fort ycott, Kau.
W. I KOSrf of the Cherokee Nation.
AI.LKN WKIGIIT of tbo Choctaw Nation.
OVKUTON of the Chlcka-aw Nation.
G. W. GHAYSON of the Creek Nation.
HON. CIIARLKS MOiUiAN of Missouri.
ItKV. W. A. DUNCAN of the Cherokee Nation.
HON. I,. M. IJKLLof the Cherokee Nation.
HON. W. A. STONK of Nevada, Mo.
HON. I). W. lirSIIYHEAD, Principal Chief Cherokeo Nation.
HON. II. 1. DOWNING of the Cherokee Nation.
HON. H. MUNCH of the Cherokee Nation.
HON. .SAMUEL SMITH of the Cherokee Nation.
Tho Frtlr Grounds Aro Lnrso nnd Donutlful I
Tho;itnoo Oourso la the Finoot In tho Wost 1 1
A Lot of Notod Rnoora will Bo on Ilond During tho Fair!
Grandest Exposition Ever
Accominoilutious will he ample.
ltiiniiini:, at 11 a.m., half mile, heats,
three to exhibit
KiiHtest 'J year old, half mile, two or more entries 15 Mi
l'liHtcsl parer, three best in live, mile heals, four or mom rnlries (par?). fO W
Kindest mile stalliou, three or more entries $2.' 00
KiiMtcHt H year ld mile horse . W 00
l.adv and centlruieii epientrians, to ride in company, centlemun to in-
leet Ills lady rouiponion, nut Iihs thnn live rouplrs 10 bo
.ally eipieHlrieune, M premiiitil, saddle '.'.' OH
I. aily euestrleuue, -d preiiiiuin, middle h (X)
i I'listest niilo liorse, any n;e, three or more entries ". f II In 0 J
1 i'liftcst tmtte', tlireo beht in live, mile heats, four or more entries 100 00
(drl nnd boy eoiiestriaiiM, to rido in
inn, not less tlinn Ave couples.
I list est pior or rnai intern, hot It of the team to trot or pare
Mnlf mile dash, limited lo nil those that have not won premiums.
1J 3-1 Jfl 2VI .! I r 2vt !L, I S T .
Ladies' Department- .Mr. Henry KiTert, President.
ci.Ass'ii." ''
Speed Ming Jaineri W.
Kiteiit mile linrM, three or more
eiilries $.) 00
" 8 tearold mile born, three
or more entries 25 00
" mile stallion, three or
Horse, Mule and Jack Department Hon. Clem Rogers, Supt.
Pest draft stallion
..$1S 00
" inure and colt..
" spun of inulrH.
" jack of any n(e
" tearold cult ...
" fsmilr horni ...
lo no
10 OI
10 00
10 00
5 00
Cattle Department James 0. Hall, Superintendent.
i.cn minium iniil oter uto vesrs
, old .....fl5 00
" Murloiiii cow and calf.. .... 10 00
" tearlhnj bull 10 00
" Krude bull otei i tears old. . 10 00
Swine Department Jonathan flore, Superintendent.
Itest Iterkshlre hour ." (
" licrkwhire Kim i 00
" Poland-China boar 5 00
(ioat and Sheep Department
llest Ootsuold ram ."i
' rotHiiold ewe ft
'.'. ?;oiilhdininrain ft
rioutluloitu HHe
ft (O
Poultry Departtnent John .utvain, Superintondont.
r or premiums
Farm Implements L.
Kent farm wagon, home uini!i'....$tU )
" spriu wapiu, Home mailo.. 10 00
" ttto-borse tinfoil ft 00
" turning plow (hi
" fsnnlny mill 2(0
" rider press 3 ftO
" hay prims 6 00
" rwipur fl 00
" buy rak 2 00
CLAff. I.
.Manulactures W.T.I
Host mar. s saddle fft 00
" iioinau's paddle 5 00
" set of hitrncus , w
" K'l of busy !iaruciH ft 00
Farm Products-Judge
IleHt bushel wheat t 00
Second best 2 00
itest half bushel corn 2 00
tVfoml best 1 00
HchI half bushel oats 2 00
Second Ivest 1 00
Host peck beans " 00
Hecoiid best 1 00
Must lierk pens 2 00
" half bushel barluy
." half bushel rye
" hIx ciihhii;o beads
Second bthl six cabbage heada
vi4,an u.
Horticultural DopnrtmenM.
llest ilisplay of fruits ?ft p I
" lialf bushel apples, 20
.reatestdisphiyof appUs C
V. I. . ' i rn
llest peck of pears 1
Indian Work Mrs. A. IJOoodykoontz, SuporinteiidenJ
Premiums to be t-laiMflcd and di- I I
fiAI I
r fr. . I
Our friends in the states am all
invited to come and take part ? the
inclosit'i!. I
Where premiums aro not pf.ihlo
up given to successful coiupetitrs.
Competition for iireniiunisill be open to everybody, citizt ii
ip 'i-cituens, residents or noiiesidenla. Tliia isn cosmopolilii
sociation. .No pmti.tlitv. Nfluie
No paiti.ility.
Il 1) Kmuiii Seircturv.
2xoxxxl-uxx3ua I
of Kansas.
Held in the Indian Territor)
Fund for Constitution nnd My-Lnw.
two In three, five to enter nnd
comnanv. bov to select his couiimu-
.1 in
.Skinner, Superintendent.
.M to
Fastest 2 yenr old linlf-milebiirHf.
threo ir more entries. . lfi 00
" liidf-mile liorse, three or
more entries S5'03
llcst sncklnccolt
.f ft.CO
. IS (0
in w
. 10(0
" rowUtcr ntullloii
" npnn of drHft horses. .
" spnn of ministers
" year old mule
Host Krsde rou nml r5lf...
" tear old heifer
. ft op
. low
I OKI! Ill (Itfll..
year old steer.,
lll'rtt I'llllllld.Cliln.. ..u
Llicster whltebonr
ClursUr White urn .."i.'.'.'i." Am
Taylor Poreman, Suporititendent. '"
00 Itest Merino ram . in
00 Mrrinoew" r !u
00 ' pulr AnBoraaVrnts!" ..'.' h'ru
" pulr half-blood AncoriivniiiV. 3 (m
BJlell, Hitterintenilent.
llj"t thrplilng maclilne
t' "k i;nn.
urlMim mill.
hay louder....
luuHur ,
strntr cutter...
. s 6 (Oj
. fti
. A
. . ft
ntty, Huperlntendent.
PiHil lmlr of bouts
uiree chairs, honm made.
iiftir-dozen bruoms
Jed Mays, Supcrlntnndent.
LI..-I I...IF .... .
.. ... :"'ir. .'luiiiin.. .
. ' "t himlicl Iristi potatoes.
'Hr' !ln!J "'sb'i 'sweet potatoes
.... . uiiiiic .nun. ,.r....
. "i f his he boet
JI half bushel turnips... ..
TWHlll lMt.
builblil rorti i.i..aI
, .. --... .... ... .
1 dlspluy of vegetables
S. Stophen?, Superintendj
Itest peck of wnrlu.. I
" half IiiikIihI drl...l iwnrli.l
half bushel dried apples.
.. pecK uriisi iiininiooH
peck dried bl.trklKrrios
Uest neck of nnni'lu-M
.. '. .1 "'.-
" dressed hiiekhkin ...
(bu Indian tril... ..-..
Fair, from October 17th t,.
in c,nsh. diplomas or mcdnllj wl
Ii idcut and (fi-ncral Siipcrintea
CiLuiibi. W OiLi..s,Tria?
Ii ' "" " l" '!-'. ) IJ Itl'l, ,. uai, , V, t II ,, ,,

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