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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, January 19, 1883, Image 2

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r thr c ime that larks M" ' i c ,
For the wrong that need r. f i unci'
Tor the fulim- lit t)m dlst'.ir ex .
And tho (.fo'd (lint wo -nil tin.
4 s
Published Every 1-ridny by tliu
Indian Chikitain Prnf.TiHxi Co
IlonBiiT L. On ax,
J Hon.
Vl. IIoiMNQsnonrii
L".! r'TSULJUtife ".-""
VlN.JTA,l.T.,JA2f., 1".
Upmxt States Sojmlors nro to
bo chosen In fifteen HUUoa boforo
tho cnil of tho nlonlli.
TltB fllnndnrd jl Company, tho
lowfrlnji monopoly nf tlto Unttud
States, turned iff) atftutioti to pas
turage in tho Indian Totritory, nnd
by planting red men on quarter
sections and taking leas us from
thctn spcuri'd temporary posses,
eion of 2,tXX),000 acres, and plactd
barb wiro fenrcfl around it. Bat
Secretary Tidier reftt0 to npprovo
of the dicior.
Lo, tho poof Jnd'ati is not intdt
iiifr nway boforo the advance of the
white man1 oivili.it!in and whis
ky ho rapidly us tun Kaslern poU
havo Pitnjr. Th" census siklisth's
aho. tint Uicro nr- 2Kl,.Sl of linn
in liift Unitnd Biati's, nxduaive of
laltola. nnd O.a tliu increase of
Indian population wvnijje 1,UX)
tt yc.ir. Overwork is not ttPUiiig
nway with tho aboriginio.iAirt
ford Call,
Senaia Bill Ho. 30.
An Act in relation to towns on
tho line of railroads passing through
tho ChOiukeo Nation and Tnlilo
qiiaii nnd Fort Gibson ir.Uuried.
Wr.KiiKAH, Tlo National Conn
cil did by an aot approved Dec.
lith, 1S70, nutiiorizo tlio surveying
and laying out of towns upon the
lincB of railroads, passing through
tlio Cherokoo Nation under tlio
treaty of lb'GG, and
WiiniEAs, certain towns to-wit
Downing villo and Chotonu on tho
Missouri, Kansas & Texas 1UU
road nnd ltoasvillo on tlio Atlantic
it Pacific Ilallroad, wero surveyed
mid laid out nnd lota in tlio same
woro suld under tlio provision of
said Act, and
Whkueas, the locords in whole
or in part of tmid salos are lost nnd
thore has been sold under said
Acts, lots for which final and full
payment, havo net boon made in
consequenco of the loss ofsnid rec
ords, Tlui-tfot-lle it enacted by the
flatTvM.ttt CVuneilj Tiat tho Prin
cipal Chief bf, and lie is hereby
uuthoriztil and rtVpiired to appoint
thri ('niiinuBsioni'r, whoso dutieft
chall be in addition to those al
ready roipiired by the Aat of tlio
National Council of Duo. Mth,
170, to collect nnd report to th
Principal tJhiof all asilca of lots
made in aid towns together with
tho amount or amounts of pay
ments made Upon each lot ?o told
-with tho namo Of tlio persons pur
rha-ini; the same nnd the Princi
pal C'hiof is horehy diroctod to re
cord in n. book to bo kept in tho
I2x,ocuUvu Offko ftll sucli reports,
nnd further in book to be styled
nnd t.ill.d "Ro,:i;r of pales of
town lots in tht t'lu-n koo Nail u."
in whii b register ."hull be recorded
the number of the lot, the number
of the -took, th'. name of tlm town
in whidi hitaatud, together with
bi'.o of tho lot, amount sold for,
dale if sale, nmou.it paid and
luuo mt duo, nnd the namo of the
pi,rhair, and upon nil sale.? of
lots u) n which partial payiin nU
biv been mat cituens holding
uri.-iii 'I oortifn iU of pun ha0e
Mn.ll i' iko iln.il iiiid full payment
ncni.lirn: to tin- idioiring of curl,
corutii.itfb nt puri'luosf within bix
jii'itli" fioiu l!.i- paiagnof thi
An, ilo i wis riich lots shall ru
vtrtt" tho Chci'i'vi-.-" Niition .11. d
Ev 'i 'tiuiieut 1 .if purchune .-hail
b. vo-.l. Pn.vdid: That ihu
C'oaiinit"-in(i In ruin provided
lor boU publi.di in the t'heroV- e
juh iff for a !. .1st 'xy days !
for ,h-i esjiiration of the said t;
inoniluf. Tho number nnd loca
tion f ii.ll such lotrt, t K.ther uith
Jp nan.t ot tlip original puroh.i ,
tho name of tho town in which
they nro located, and dato of tho
sale of l!ic saiiii.
Bo it further enacted, That said
Conuu -sinners thall have the
authority to wdl aJdit;onallotn in
paid toivn-4 UttdMUMid Act of Dec.
lih, 170, niultosu vty and 1 iv
ou mieli other t-iwns .is thny 11 ay
d(i.iu ni'it hiary and to rdl lots in
' ..4ju sam nnd ui'. -vri ot'towns m.J
nlea f1ots in the funic shall be
n ported to thf Principal Chief.
I'rovidid, that all reports, horuiu
provided for shi! b 1 Kun tli
ilrst day of January and the first
dtiy of July of each yowr.
Ho it further unnoted, That mud
Commissioners' shall recivo a
cwMjicnsMtiun of four dollars for
oadi day attualiy served in per
formanco of t'u dunes In rem pro
jvWctUor- anlU.oPr..lpall'lief
la ncrcoy putnointen niu u.aa u
up011 th nport tohn. bv
C i., .ini i i 1"- tl..i1 tl. 1 ji ' ml
tirjisi ui'tlic l:iw author!. i gtlin
iirvv f lwn- on tllft linusAof
ItMilrri.vlH nn-Miit; tlir. uati tlio
I'lieiokoe Nation under the treaty
f l.SUl were defeated and olwtmot
eil by the intrusion of 1 itidiiupoii
and within tho limits of suc'i pur
veys, or any one of them contrary
to til" objei ?M thereof iikI of tllO
law authorizing the s.-ime lo em
!' tin- power nnd authority vest
ed, by tho Constitution in th Ex
Bcutivu lJejartment to remove any
and all obstruotiotift so reported by
f.i ,, ,.i ;, ... .;
muu loii-.ijiiBBiaiiar, 1 tuviumi,
any oilizeu who mny oonsider him
aolf nggrievud or injured by such
nclionofthu PiituipaLChiof (I011B
in Cfltninnco with tho recommen
dations of tho Commissioners
nbove providod for sliall have tho
right to appear lo tho proper court
forroinody according to tlio law for
siiph claims nnd onuses provided.
And nil laws or pnrta of laws con
flicting with tills Act nro horoby
Ho it further ennctod, Tliat no
buildings of any kind shall he lo
cated or constructed on laud set
apart for I tall road purposes nt Sta
tions under the treaty of i860) by
a citizen ofsnid Nation or U. B.
ciiizou only for Itailroad purposos.
Deo. lht 1S8U.
l). It. llU'XS, ItOACII YotlNO,
Clerk of Konnto. Pros, of Senate
Concurred in by Council Dec.
6th, 18H2.
John Skvimji,
A. H. Nonwoon, Speaker Council
Clork Oonncli.
Approved Dao. 6th, 18S2.
J'rinclphl. Clijcf.
Tho nhnvo law i ono of much
concurn to the citizens of Vinita,
Pmirie City, Pryora Croek, Ciio
tcau, (tSbson and Tnhlequah and
also to thoso who havo purchasnd
loU in any of those towns. It
should ho perused carefully. It
will bo seen tht those holding cer
tificates of purchase will be given
six months in which (o complete
tho partial payments thereon nnd
in esse of failure tho certlfi ntos of
jif chaso ve foife'.ted and void.
Tito commission of throo will havo
niuhority to nuke additions! sales
m towns nkeudy located nnd lo lay
op. (f nd sell lots in) such other
towns as may boom to thorn neces
scry, loporlinjr lo tho Principal
Chief July Ht
And it is. gnnemlly hold that tho
Pruicipnl Chief is authorized to re
move any oust, notions on tho Rail
road's right of way, which may be
reported to b'm by tlio commis
sion. Tho lnw is not very well
wordod for (in Urn flrt place) it
doeo'not make it imporutiro on tho
oommissiouoni to mako such ro-
port to tho Chief although the
spirit of tho law would plainly ro
quiro the commission to do so.
Again tho commission must nqurt
that the objeota nnd purposos of
tlio former law Authorizing the sur
vey of towns on tho lines of tite
Railroads woro defeated and oh
siructed by tho intrusion of citi
zens upon and within tho limits of
Bnuh aurvoys or any one of thorn
coulnuy lo tho objects thereof and
of tho law authorising the snmo.
Now one. notorious purpose- of
tniu lw was to movo all buildings
from the Railroad reserve oxcept
vInsio used strictly for Railroad
pu jiotes, yet tho wording would
iod'eato that the objectionable in
i.usion was on forii.cr tcva sur
veys and not on the Railroad lands
at til. Tin. term "such survcya"
by ordinary construction would ro
kr to tintciodeut curvoyaand since
iu this oaso, only tliose of towns
wore montioind, the torni could
strictly appl. to ihe town surveys
only. If then the only Inl asion
to be lepo 'ad u tl-.e iiuvufclon ou
town su.'ey?, there will be no 10
port on R.i It-odd lnd iut.usioii
; nd no expulsion upou such re
port.!. The iv mini sjiouers could
Low ever coiuliioe that this objects
: nd purpose of the former law
illioVj ', ''h -11 vy of towns
. edif" l Iv iheuso of R..;l-
ord ',dj lor town puipoeos.
Tln.t he bi.vors fioni the N-tiou
wh.) expected that 1io Railroad
h nd would Iw. used fur Railroad
pe 'Kees only sre injured to the
tont Uiat tiit tindc and oecnpan
cv is diverted fiutn the only land
wh ch can he lawfully used, to-wit:
the town Is ids. They may plead
that tho ticaty gives tho Raikoad
cer a!n land aud that the treaty is
bing violated by citUons who uso
i's land, that tho law surveying
.Ave, oon.e nplaiod tho ticaty and
'i the purehaser of town lota has
aii ,i; t dcnnMid as a nart af his
01 nt
t u purcbase that all bnui-
liD,- uprit fioin RuilroAil businoss
be traoaactcd on lands thus bought.
Howevor UiU may bo the Rail
road's under the treaty oJ LSdO and
their charters have the right to
2ij u-wt en each side of tho track
at fitntions and if thoy nuud lands
for tholr huslnosa, they havo tbr
right to (lis plate, BUov obstiuc-
uonti ami can on tnu uniot to rn.
mova iboHi. Inirii.l'i.o Wi. im.tnv
move iiiose lniruu.ng. v e under -
stand this hns been dono but wou'd
roUtat ttMfa,t.
ut d If tin. purpose of this law wa i, J
uudjmovt .,d intruders fr.u. lUUu-dl
1 in ' '.t j-Ii' id I have hi en so word
ed as to aoid tho possibility of
misgDiistructlon. It seems, liow
ovdk to be generally accodojd that
thbill wns for tills purpose partly
nnd IhaUlUcovurs Ihe oaso.
mOM TAHf.l.'tit'AH.
Kbitoiis C'HisrTAi.i. Kow that our
Viitloiml flelionls nrosiiH(n'tl for the
winter vncnilon, It may lie well to ottor
a few conshlsratlons on the aim nnd
aspliulinftm (iroitr lulueallnntil J.Vlnb
ttshmeuts. And surely no iticstlun
can hoof tfealer momeut than tlio
training of our hoys and chls, nnd
utiildit tho din nnd duller of all that
tins boii saiil and rojifatcd about tile
wire fencing, tbe pasturage nnd the
cuttle west ofW,wo must notforjjut
that we havo Interests of a far hlgbflr
urdor oaet of 11 , t'at schools nro
more Important thnn cow-shods, and
ehlldraii bettor cattle. Jt Is bard to be
llovo that the Chtrokees renllio the
tnagnltude of the Inturests ut stake in
the question of the Public SoliooU. If
we way Juilge from tbo IibIbIhIIou of
the NnHonal Council ft would seam
Hint our Iteprosonuttves at any rate
ontyrtnhied uo very olilteij Idoos of
the dignity ami trau&ccndcnt Impor
tune of ftducatlon.
Arconllag to the deciiioa of the re
cent Council, efflulr-i ; woidd m tho
dnadllotl enemy of thu. Ilimh (Schools.
wo win espiam tint statemant clearly.
A law linn liean pnsaed by which tho
Prlurlpnl Chlefls directed t closo the
schoolq suinuiarlly if the limit of tho
appropriation b reHchwl. Jt intuit be
borue In mind that the spprupriujlou
nilows for no Increase In tlio number
of tbe students. Thu Council oniifiOSos
I'ist there will ln onu hundred stu
dents at the II ilia Seminary, audit np
prupriutus aucnrdingly. Now should
the Aohool win itn way to the confidence
and hearts of tho Nation by itsedlclent
toiUvlilug nnd satisfactory dlsalnllno.
r.ud should a hnudrod uud fifty stu
dents B'.'uk tin cdtiuntion in tho only
iNiillotiul Hi;;!! 8ehoul open to theui,
(He Principal C'hiof would huvo to
clone the doois nt about mid way
tltroiigh the term. Jit us tnko a par
nllo' ease by way of illuatintlon. Wo
will suppose llint a eUlzen of this Ita
t on bad enclosed n lnrjto psuturnjo
west of DO, cnpahlsof rnlhiug two
thotiHSiid lieudofc.ttlo. Uo advertis
ed his piiHturaiic and Invltcnt cattle
owners to place their stock on his land
at a moderate prico. At the outxet ho
reckoned on receiving not more than
one thoiiB.iud beasts, nnd ho hired
hands uiiUlelont for that number. To
his aHtoiiishmont however things pros
pered beyond anticipation, tiro thous
and cows were driven into his cuclog
tiro, hiHtend hoAovornf increasing his
hands to meet this tin looked for itros
purity ho Huuiinnilly doted tho wholo
thlitj, dlarnlRswl Ills help, diove out
tbe cattle and tbuiittlit be had dono a
smart tiling aud died 0or. Our read
ers will smile and think us tiiilins, hut
do they not know taat others aiullu ut
'us and Honk that we trillewith ser
ious things, when they see us pass
fliieh childish llippa.it laws? How
many a smile stole across a Kuuhns
fnco, to know that tho Chorekeo had
made ttio continuation of their ilih
School conditional upon their omptl
noun, or at any rato Uon their nut
bavins one-half tho number of stu
dents they could canity accommodate?
Tho Nation will nuvor be t'uo to Itnolf
until it realties that tho glo-yof its
pieiymt mid bono of its future He iu
the ruiicliuoas of tho education of its
children. The prosperity of our
svbools must bo lacisi nbovo the
Hijuabbles of factious politicians. In
order that no may perform our share
in the work of laying this vital ques
tion buforu the Public, wo piopose to
submit a series of articles ou tlio cub
ject of lidiicutluu. r
EMY. Kuitocs I(;niAK Cuikftain Having
ueen invited by l'rofef sor J. W. SnK8,
Principal of Worcester Academy, to
takepsrt in tho Dedicatory Kiurclsos
ou last Ssbbalh at 11 oeloek, a. la.,
please allow a stranger to give his im
pressions eoneernius the atralr. Mrst,
the bulldliiK Is u new structure, 10 feet
square, and 3 stories hu on a cxtl
stouo foundation. llnll Uu tures.
Kiudersoi'tn and music rooms on llret
tloer. Ucuoral Collection and Primary
rooies on second tloor. The third
floor Is not yet in ue.
Kecond, How came this building?
0 ii to Prof. Scrofcjs efllcleiiry us a
teaober In the past two years in this
town, several of the Cherokee eltlimis
docidml to lurreAse thu edauatiuunl
privileges uf the more advnuoed sehul
ars in this part uf the Tei rltory. And
with that view organised a Hoard of
Dinetors. Wholo turn chone Mr. A.
1'. ftoodykoonts, rresident; G. V.
Green, Triaurerj Jt. W. Tiwherluke,
Secretary, snd pitKoedod at unue to
pluae funds at dlsnoeal ot huilditts;
mt Acatleuy in which to carry forward
this (jraint work. In the weaattviB
the Itev. Dr. Harwoud, of St. Uyils,
was Invitevl to visit tho rollglons work
of the American lioard of Missions, at
thin pluie, and suelui; suoh a live in
teiest talon by thocltlicns of tho Na
tion Iu tbe education of tho youth of
the land, promlbed to brinp the work
before thoke outUde of tho Chaiokee
country, and ask their usiistnnee in
msutini; the neeeksary oiouko of the
present and future buildings and im
provements. Although the rwidini; of
tho Treasurers report showed urgent
need of funds to further prosecute this
work. Yet considering the seat and
earnestness of the ftoanl ot Manaugrs
with tbe refined nnd scholars ability
uf 1'iof. Hcrogjp, Related by Mis Ada
Durham, of Springfield, Mo., Miss
Webb, of bonsiatia, nnd Miss MoNnir,
of Caddo, I.T., nil thought of iteulle
men was entirely banUliwl from my
Professor llrown, of Dniiby Colloeo.
made an excellent address, full of i?ool
news to those llioriii) iu new ilo!dn,
fbouiua hrlotly tho iiraud outgrowth
from such labors In tho past genera
tion east of tlio MlaauBlpnl Rhir.
Pn)f. Arohur, of OUremorc, 1. T, navii.
rutnr'iiUH'ciices of Itev. Dr. Worcestoi.
one of tbe "uld time" MltGourlans
a,"f'!;,t tbe Clierokees, which uddod
' ,u, 1, t., the U1, rest of tbe oeelon.
:l" " ' ' & bymi 'Ail Hail tho
, t$Z .i.nv'hea X Z . I SMnalaa
good day ft. tb cjo
Iwav"" ",H; ' Wam
fmm "mPm'Mjpjwur nwarvoafcntnrjw"i 'twhjumwhi
Heiuy T.
Noact Door.to
" - - .T-!
Sx)rlngficM Tf atches,
Waltham Watches,
Kockford Watches,
An! all'otlier make of Watches.
Watches, CJocks and Jewelry Repaired.
fipocial Attention Given to Kopwrinj Huqliuh Lever Watches.
Don't fail to eall when you sre la Damson. No trouble to shew goods.
rw 7-UMjrnu
JhSL'O xxocsr j5olia.x
mixjp&l-y stJLxxxcunt
To Coal Doalcrs and Large Purchasers. Addrcua,
3jpoxffk OEToixjao,
ojpox.oc2., 33lc5L osuol
szrxy ejj.ia.aua.'tl-ty,
rsoxJL-t SBjtoo
ed: bted,
Pp?k$ Cwoit, L T
--ri is 1 ."r ".-VjaBi
I -'
I will soil, for Cash, my entiro
Stock of Groceries, also mj Store
Building, 20x40, and waro house
12x20. I have a large game, fur,
and Hide Trade, which together
makes ona of the Cost Paying Business7 in tow ..
Having on hand so much business, I havo decidod to tl
vote my ontiro attention to my ranch.
0J i I
tt a
. . Ti
J3 3 o a
.- o o n.
., c cir
m fc. C3
o on3 tt
5 Z'Z
311 J
j- o
w o o R
n" tC-J
-5-1 cs
Dealer U
General . Merchandise !
I. T..
TT1U sell gools
37K32E5. 033:
As Lovf a9 Any .Stera la tho
Chsrokes Nation.
Manufacturer of
Allen's Ringleader
Washing Machines
"Vlaatv, O. TXr.f X. 7-
Those Machines are warranted to
tlnlsli a wnslilnif roudy for tlte Hue,
without the ueo of tub or board : do
not nave tlio ti.imis in tlio suda from
liDKiunlii); tooml: and will wash any
ttdiii; from a iniilt to a ctin pad h, ami
IidkIuhIii); tooml: and will wash any
aru luny warruntuu aKii
luny warraiutHi hkooihi
liiisl brsavauo
WM fur WmsIi-
loroueyear. ixiims: $
or ami Wrlnsor eomblnod. C10.CO for
Washer alouo.
Jy W. S. Oorrtoray.
Tho very boat culs of meals alwiys
on hand, at prices t? suit the
n twiwi ;t"c ' j5 ip"
Dealer U
Dry Goods,
Aal eTerythisy BSISH7 kept In
a, well B4sortcd storo. I sell low
ns tio lowest far eajk. Call and
cce ma oad prloa mj goods.
w. T. Boatty& Co
Proprietor of Ihe
Siierokee Msat Martel!
VTKIT.., I. .
Always on haadat' '
Lindscy &
Dealers in
ITacoas and Tann Implements,
As a Specialty.
Boots, J31a.ooss
TcLli2.QCi.ixa.l2., O. 23.
General erchandiso!
Thoy have a full stock of dry
goods of all kinds, boots, shoes,
hats, caps, ijueenswato, hard
ware, crotvru sH wa, -ns, Ac.
If you want falrsunaro dealing nnd
tho full worth of y ur unncy In quid
ttymvii " c t' ids po tJ
tho old. r. Hal ' Urm f m W Hta
1 j3j
"Frisco I.inl" J.
St. L. & a mi
ThronRli Dotithwrst Mlssosrl, Bolh
ern Kansas. Ncrthcni ArlcsuKfls slid
the Indian Territory, oinbraoiK undo
ouo nianngorupiit uvor
Of complete railway systea. fornilnn
dlroot thrsugli cuunention for all pouitr
Texas, Colorado, Hew Kexlto, Arl
zona, California and Far Wtst.
roslltvrlylheehorlcil. motplpaianl
and cheapest route to all point)
Ea3t, Northeast & Spuihcnsl
"Via. est.. Xiottlo.
Thronph espress trains tat daily
Pnllraan Palace filci-plua Car on ni?M ,
trains. Keuicmbor, ibis Is tlm ealj
routs to the famona
The St. Lonls A Pan Frourincd Tloil
way Company own nhout one jalliion
ftpros of neb firming and mlncftil lani
located aloui' Its t'uini.U-tei( lino of rail
way In Southwest Missouri, vr.'h I
being sold at low prir i-n and ujfltt easy
luimn tat ).ymont. i'nM tronfurtafjW.
tion Is furnfiihcl Jnnd .-.vjil'jrers us'y
purrlinse uim irom tiioc'jmpaay.innc-
Uona. Tin' 8t. I.. A'H. V. Railway Ci
nany invitP. tlfronpli lt Pafwnjer,
KrefUt and LantlU-partmoiits, tlioat
toatlou of thetravilfii(r public, trclnbl
. . . t j. t i . .
flippers nnu.muu ana uuiae uwiori 10
examine into the scucral ndvtstaRca
oUerr I tlie nations of thcJf hnf .
with tnnjis, rates, tnn'v tables, etc., ca
rorvwi-iMiu.4;KfsrLul 'muiBinuiiUf
;c, can
u pi m or uniireHH nuy 01 nur local
or either of the uuricrnanied
Lhnd (.'omir KsiooArr
T. i: CAhalUT.
General Froii-ht Asent.
Qeuera Pnawnccr Aernt.
C. Vf. UUUKB8,
Tlco President and Gnner.il fanii?oi,
Tomplt' Jluildiii);, Mt. Louis, Mo.
XDircct Rotito DSasii I
rnllman Palaco Hotel Cars lirongh
to St. Louis, via Oodalla, duly.
Direct Route West and Rouhwest
Al Kansas C, JiS?SS
for KansaB Colorado, NeT Mexi
co and California connect wth Kx-'
jiress Trains of njl linos, f
At A1ciiisi)n,SixdrEJ-
press Trains for;aJl iioints i Kan
sas nnd Noura&Ka.
1 I
R4 Omnrin Connection mr d
ion ,
ni uiiidfiurnrsMi im iwW-
iug to tluyNonh and Woj
Supertot tccomnp(rlioni
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C. 11. JCI.NXAl, Ass't Cien'l fftVr AK t.
4JBftXU(CIIEn, Agent at VhiiU.
tklC2C3 "ESI
i fit. Louis, Mo.
The Oriy Wholesale Yards la Bt.
Iiiuii Acccssibla by Roil
"l and Water I
, J:,E!'ery railroad entering St. Losia
Is illreitly tribatary to these yards.
2. Taa shippers are Informed that
conniotion with theso yards frota the
iron Mountain A Southern railroad can
bo mido without coat and with much
less (lirinkngo thnu to any other. 4
3. irhoso vards have the peculiar nd
vanliRO of being located on Ihe Rt
Lou's sido of the rhcr, from which
flvi hundred thuiiBand peoylo iraw
Wir iirovlHion bupply.
1 KV.ni ..iVIi.i F1A..B. In r Ta..I.
ha a regular huyor statiom ! hcre.t
litters of rattle, hqH and shfc,). both
Mint, ariiJ-.t nil times represei
Y5. For oatllfortaud conv' A
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I jtrds hawlio superior i. 1111
nto linos of street cur3 t
Hotel, telegraph of'lcra nid
IVunlences toratockmi'noii h
1 oil
' tocretary nnd TreahurJ
IPorrymau 13j
Dealers la
TULSA, I. '1
una Bollu. j?uro,
taken In ozchanao for '
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nnd prloo tliom.
Daily Stago Ll
fvluokogerj, !.T.,to Ft.Smll
youn houusj
Kow conches and rood stocs
tanro, eight v mites; schodno
twnnty-iour Hours, .mukos eiJ
tiictlon nt niusKogca with trsV
MiHHOiiri Pacific railroad. nnt
Bmith with thu llttlo IlocLi
Smith and the Frisco llncH
1 -2 b upu ri n to
Tlio live Stock Harhot of SI
Locntoit nt llust 8t. Lot
Directly oppoalto thorlty of ti
IHiMirs ior an iHcripiion o -'
nlwnva in nltetilnni't' uud '
grounds of tho stock jirdsiil
I cannng rMwpnu; wii n v
slauRiiun.i i,owiiea.iii i"jj
an J poric ui-khik ihuuj nnu
a ell ,1'uy ur muuuuK.iiu
7 19.K.C II KNOX,.
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. vnxiniMt. gmi'1 Pass fiiMH
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