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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, February 09, 1883, Image 1

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'.. i iBiMfly n ii.i.stfriiffiK-, i'jiS8ir0'td Ui.'lt"rcM' r,l, W"rUt. !inc.iiw, CMcUhmius. ScBilHoio., CrocMs, mi7nll "e- nullum or tlio Imlliti. Territory. .,. a I 1
ohieftajn publishing go.- VINITA, INDIAN TEKRITOJIY, lflillUY, FEBRUARY 1), 1883. VOL. I. NO. 21:-.
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Glcnuctl by Telegraph mid IUrM
I'nocicnniMJs or cNuns.
In the Senate tha Mil, Mr. Miller, of Call
tomls, from the Foreign llrlallons Committee,
reported favorably a ,l to Incorporate Iho
...1,ri,m? rrI Company (Nlrnrnguan Com-hf-Wi.
bm I "Mln for Holding a t'entcii
T..i ..'"." nn" liKltiMrtdl Imposition In WM
. . i!.'', "." BM(1 mtcr liclnf anicmlod ao a
i PI.. , """ Invitation to forelwi natlnm
i?. e iloJ"lof MaiiDfora lntrwl of tlio Pre.l
." .P'aoil. The Ptmt. InilMiM on Im
r. in 1 """"' 10 loo roiloaeo Approprlntlmi
1 1 1'-." .r?nfcreM vrrro "Ppt.lntnl. ThoTnrllt
11 iuai lairn im final ilnMntnHttn
iZJ-.. WJiitloiM rclntlnir til Iho itralfi of
iiKy"1a,h'0Orth- Aftirwhloh thnfennto
r.?!ID?i I. IWhqllouao tni'Keniito amend
!IJS!n i ii "0,lJoltilrcaoliitiin mnklnn
. .. " wk iuiii tlVimiMIUIIlll IH1VII1IIIM1I
2?Jll,"on, for rontlioir lh work of Iho
rrifxeann were oonuirrd liv After ctl-poic
njr of titj-twn Item o' tho Chinleal a. liodtilo
InthoTnrltT bill, llm llnua Jmiacd rt.si 'I ' ma
or rwpcct to tho memorj- of Mr. Onh, and ml
In the Senate, rcbrnarj.rjeara. lllalr and
Mahon. prcecntod il.t.ons tat natlonnl ni.il
common fchooli. MfmIr3r't-H,flu,,, I"1"
lonaofrlllicniof I)aknl-'njuti'!!'"
i iob rniorrnii(iv.i)Ar -w"pB.rw
'" PrM tiMltJ,' if f dL
on, will ttH. Mrtnict. li-kv. .- r I !'
rnrmlmeiu at Qm RnuM .n fixing
)r ctmt. ad Milofem. w adnpiril. After
luHUer detiato tl.n Hcnile ailjonrneil ..In
Ihe il.Mire, Jlr. Krtlaj ifn. Mked ttint an
flerernii-nt alioul.l t-1 im r.M Into wlierctr tho
lloiiv) thou'd sit until A p. m mcrydar that
tho Tnillt Mill, un.ler roiildrrntlon. If win
tnoltlrngrrcHn awl tho limine tbon, In Com
inttleui.f Hit! W,ol,., returned tlio Tarllt bill,
-clictnlciih bolnir un-ler iliams-lon, until ad
Joummcnt. The Tariff hill wna earljr taken up In tho
frcnatc. tho ?d, and tho echodiilo on atnrcli oon
tliiiled, when tho Fcnato then Jel to tho
tondilointluii of Oie o.tti.n end colti.u l-oh1
Miwnilo. whlcti clltltcta loaf ilebntn. Mr.
llerieil frptn Colormlo, and lie wnf awoiulu
ind took hli rent . In tlio Ilium-, on motion
or Air, rntaon, rf lllllnl", n naoliillnn wu
aVt'tdciiIllnffon tlio tocrtvirr of tho Inte
rior for Information In ri'.utlnn to Iho U'nru
J'i." '"'""ir "i I Vt- -H ni Itnllmnd After
T. i'.,.nlmi " f o"lfic the rorlolllro
.'.K'f"!10" '"IJho lluuo wmt Into (Vim-
inm,mt;?ir 8?ii-.mittw ao nud Mr
UShS. ,,,i,SLniBji..n Appioprlatluna
rrin.!.11 ui,v " j,,"-
In Iho H nato the Sh ( ,,,
meirorlo a of MIwuilW1Ll. Mkln(t for ,
mgoof U totWU.TuV.J,rn of
tarr f Airrlrultur. It Hie doW.., . mnn.
. n and when ifco iloift ero iMrtftiii ih
n i.val li'inrtli. lleforo a lo iMifi
l-ui'l tin llnuroirKolullont In relation In th,
.r n in rociimuto !.) o were rotoiyd.
Arter appropriate eOilrfj"w tho Kenato Tid
ltirnel Inihn It itfe the Tnrllf wmtlm
iiIki iirl In Oiimmltten of the Wholo, when
rnhik I.iiIii'-a wn aiiKKndi-d, i.tid Ihu llmij
piiKCi-dril to thnmtii.t.loiiitnii of approprlalo
rr.olutlofii on tli.'.lenthef Hon. W'm. M. Luwc,
of AUbanin, and then iKLoururl " '
Imhc enatetheSth. 'Ir an Wn k offcretl
nrtaoluiiondlrertliiir thi' t'ommltteo on Trn
flonn to Inrjulro l.clh.T.lnlm airent In WokIi
InrUaiaro prni'tlolnir p tort Ion for their rcr
lern procuring M.rlii.. r nlina for'oldlm,
widow iirnrpiiiuit. AflJr th- Exn-utlvo Sol
alontheTnrlltl.I.lwn'tHVen up mid tho Jute
jhnhilij.lliciiMivl. Tbcdolialo took n wldo
mnm, vmbPtoinB rultm and other similar
;uH'l". '"notion v Mriku juli from tlio
ACItl Uii
WJ umtinitlttinihi-fn-ijwt.wut anally
. tel, U to. y. Afttif tuj tbf rikilMtii nn Jut
nr , rvMi-Mu.v wiuvnHtpnwxoi.Hnawo-rr. I
' if
..Ii "1, whnfUie.entitnjidiotirncd.
innn i
ntkXi.t. liavlnir f Mul-tl'fun (if llr Hun
nrtlf l)ii,,t nrro'ir t mtil toonlcrth.'
Ifll and aniTOdnicni tU,- to rrpoitod to the
JknifO fo Its actlop. Bit 4 that dny n motiMti
Mwtoiiit' ' ''mmltlo of tlio Wholo t rl)
im ivpo t iho h m 111 j ilo.ise ahull take pr -
r, vv in uiuu.ui to amend
Aiillllias been eiKrtetl to theSunate rstab.
'Ilfh, g 3M new jt routes, principally In the
'3 rtt and Couth. MlMOUrl has A Texas 37,
11 s Indiana 14, Wisconsin 11, Arkansas 10,
id Mlnresola 9.
V bill has been Introduced Into the House
Mr. lalklns pror.dintrfor the pavment of
eexiense Ifcciirreil by. contested election
ncs In the Forty siutl, Cousins. The
mount BRKrefotcd fftjOO."
I'ubllcdcht ItutemciU for Januarv! Tnl.l
liXiUXJCSU.Oi. total Interest, IIO.IM-
I VW.0(1: nil, In lrn..,T3 L'tl T 1111 M . .1.1..
91css cash In trcasuxy7,K)3,7lM,7!ttP0s tle
,3.ireaoof debt durinc tho month. 13.fina.
an if nil iinnnmnrmii waa i,tj-. e Tr--.-i t r! nt. wti-rart- i,ir)ii ,n .ii.ai,.i rri
--iff'f. ffSK MM-ii ..,
i-r :..! r:""'AutlHhnrt"w j x,awyr mn of wm. r.gP
lTpryl .. ft ml Clair, niar Toledo. OMj$
i94t2.uJSSfcTSffl,7.---,r, " enrti TTcc1lya.,d was totallfconsunnHl
it -JSS&PO, ilecrea( of debt since JuncfO, l&SJ
j;' WJ03 007,COT.(W. ' )
fH i TheSenatol'ostre
V ,?trone Mil next ji-K-
7 lmof Ihebllltoreulal
iVond cliti matte? at
fle Committee decided to
-"M- fiM.tlw.r fiiiiftLldi-..
eulato rates of jkhIusc on
:r ai icutr carrier oiucei.
,o bill proposed to fix the rate of iiostnco on
'jjd diss tmhUtatlona deiiositcd In letter
arrlcr oillccs k)iro ccuta per jiound
Tho Leslslatlif, Kxcculivo and Judicial Atv
roprlatlun bill imported to tho Houao rccom-
iicnds an appropriation of V-M.IW.OOO, an In
Ar&la of S4!l.0fll as rntnnamri with lssl 'ai
Jvl'The t.irresser lp tie amount appropriated Is
) ' mainly due tot Im necessary provision for the
rurcancu mcmijersuip m .ougrcss, ami to I no
f let that the net Is a long Congressloual ses
ion. The Uli;n detail varies very llttlo from
"j.tn r bllli, nnwpt tlie lneartlou of tho clsiwi
illicit will iftjfcrJhe.jlfVtljfWT n. Uxra lofis
Vnarroe. " T ' IhsUM ' svo Immc hi
u -j.
"- -a
rf o W
i IV .. timt-mt o-JwWjlhsr Capt.
tit b
k last w.rartctly tutmiiLt for
. SB1
r' ta.4s,W 'This was duo
f tt
'r,"trUk at- refused, It bclnir
laltnqi a,
per depbtli nanot maintained
line In the m.ddte channel at the
(or a fhorl
' I
tfre-cxamlHatlon It was found
that a nilsik'- had been initio on tho part of
tlio iioveriflimt.
Senator ).iis will offer an amendment to
ho Snndr ( tvll Appropriation bill to provldo
forpsilnga Cherokee Nation 30i000 out
nf the fill due under the appraisement of
I hrrokie ltd welt Of tha Arkansas
Hlvor, I
II flrst '
Clidltl! J
iiidltkh Jhatl'thA Oicrokces shall
auresliitlsractoiy to tlio Secro-
crlor forths tracts now occupied
, FoDCas, Nexpcrces, Otoes.
! i iei . jasr'lovhQm, III their tribal
... r " iuumiii omisiirii vftuci.
1 t 1 v Wv lanua are iiicnupon 10 do
wR'a!!W,Wfen D"l Pproprlatea
f tj il, usiixirt of the Commissioner of
the total receipts to bo ft.OO'J,-
.i niures, 033,607; balance lu the
L.jrj r, . account of the patent fuod,
-i ii'i 1 ' number of applications re
'it oi.vMH; total patents granted,
w H 1 ommdttea ou Coinage, by a vole
1 1, adopbed a.rcsolutlon that It Is
f, t .0 dltcoutluilo tho colmgo of ill-
'. i,,Di!
raionV Cashier aud bookkeeper of
t I Ity- Dank, of Jcney City, N. J.,
,j tod cted.
ml I lot dork In Now York burned a
, JtAict Lou about 1330,000. A oura-
3 fli were more or Jess damaged,
v y ram of death and destitution In
i. wwoihtp, near Vllketbarre, Fa.,
rsresled by ths Ladlei Aid Society.
Sji-1 Leoatrd and nil ton wcto found
M aed. thswifs djlng and two young
-V tlie Uit itsget of starvation.
"V 0qwrnv fur Ut factory, at Danbury,
ildtr(UcJ bj'Hro -actotly. Lois,
iure4 tor 119,000.
c-nUhrExehanf, of New York.bn
, onrw to either tlm trade OnJ-
i.t Un en par with gr.ld dollars.
Tilts, of th: titm of (Wcbrlit,
ih,, ,.v,.n,ii.r.. v York. fled.
iyr ---"f '' --- 1 '
frWIlP 'o" tttn nlBniausv
.l. ." i . -, ,r
afte- uaTltiff for the Uit two jura arnltmat
Ically Hied the credit and inoner of ths con
cern for l.lj own private ipeculatlon.
John Kennjr, a New York 1.111 poster, under
lenience fot Ah for murder, recentljr aliot and
killed lilmelf In tlio Karmond Street Jail, In
llrooklju. lie preferred death to Imprtion
ment. A pascnRer train on tlie DulTtlo, New York
and l'tilUilelphlt Kallroad from Oleau for
UiifTalo, recentljr pluneed Into a creek near
Iaclina. Knglneer Hall and Fireman llrlctr
were killed. Conductor Lore. wa lerfounl;
Inlurrd. SeTcral patience' wcre'allfihll In
jured. Tin accident wan culitcil bj IiIrIi
water undermlnlnft the track. .
nin wi:sr.
Kx-Ooternor Downey, of California puTj
llsheaacaid In whlcJi he seonts tke tramp
theory of the recent Tehaehapl dlnaater, and
charges it to the rareltiunoU of ctnploren.
l(o annniinrea Ms Intention to btlilU cult for
heavy (lainagei. t!or. Uowney'a wife was a
victim of the dliatter.
John, B. Blstti over a week ajfo, arrived at
St. Tvf from Denver, Rnd arranged Willi
jjti: of thn St. Iotila and San Frnuclieo
-'vn( ! cbarRO of the new depart-
w Hinroai. lie resiaicreil at Hie Utaiui
(!" i Utitcl. hut soon alio' dlapiearcil. Ho
had a large sum of monrr tilth hlui, and foul
plaV aa atronRlt (UK-cto.l.
The Millers' Nat unal Association, lately In
scislou at Clurclan.l, Ohio, adopted a resolu
tion InstrucUnir the Executive Commutes to
effect a settlement, on behalf of the Associa
tion, with the ehlmants nt patents when the
same can to made for a nominal s'un, but If
such n settlement cannot be mado and the
claim Is deemed unjust and without equitable
Rtnuuds, the Committee I Instructed to con
test the same with all poslbIo vigor up to tho
cour' of last resort.
T'.,j storm last week was the severest jet
experenced this winter In the Northwest In
Minnesota, Io.ta and several other States
travel and trafllc were entirely impended.
The people of Fillmore, In the north part of
Ion a, on the Ilea Moines and Forf.Dodite Hall
road, sent a trillion to the flnvernor to have
that road oieuedatonce,asthcy n ere suffering J
lorwani oi nour aim coai.
The Minnesota I.cglsturc. elected I). M,
SaBln Lnltod Slates Senalor. Thirty Demo
cials voted for Rabin.
An Intercepted dispatch through the United
Staled Signal Strvke from fleneral 1'opo o
don all available troops from Forts Ileno and
Sill to repair to Ol.lahotna to exjcl Captain
I'ayne andhlsColonlos.
Toli'do, ( ihlo, ralsetl 13,303 for the relief of
SulTorera by tho German floods.
jNwitae failures of the past week weie
Sua, of -ah nlnetjvtno were In the Western
Tlie cracker V..n;,f9cllttrn.,e(mrd-c6ok 1
vv., ,..,-a, ..jw-,. iiMtrnyeil by lire one
nlsht last week, and W prorerty more or
less Injut ed. 1 lie loss waVij,,, ',000, par
tially InsureJ, Four firrmen v were on the
stairway wcro burled by the falt. 0f- the
stabs. Three were rescued with Mji d,.
Jutles but the fourth named Hooker, was v.ry
scrlouilv and rrhapi fatally Injured.
The t'nlon Irou and Steel Works tf Chicago
failed last week. 1 he moH accurato estimate
cM-uW &1 ths liabilities nt ..iiOIIS.
TW "jrUa iTOfe taken Ksseslon of by the
Ibrlli, a lud to work hard to stve tlio coc
tents of tha ir( lumlrer yard adjoluliifr, but
succeeded. Ope drcmau was Injured. Tlio
loss nas cstlmati1 1 t (7S.00J, it being especial
ly hcay because of the iinusuallr large stock
on hand. Insurance, (11,0.10,
Chut, D, Hunker, Commissioner nf Immi
gration of California, has bean arrested nn
thice warraat', each charging htm with felony
In approprlitlug to his own use sums collected
as fees of illlccnnddue the Stale, aggregating
H:,W0. Hunker furnished ball In riK.OOO.
Ills oilier has recently been tho subject of In
TeitlgatAnt by a Lcgltlathc coinmiltee.
Fletc)cr Keed, a joiing man llvUig near
Futnaxi, Muskingum 'ountr, Ohio, got up be
viuu, ,ih iiiuc r
cntly, In a dl of
forcMyllght one morning recently, In a
religious excitement, aigoli
statv set it on tiro ana Jiuipci
afte; he had cut his throat lih a
rcrtalni were a mass of charred
found. Tf
it Ucvelafid, Ohio, on thif.'l
rausrd nileapread damage
fell In torrents the pmvlous tw eft
caused the Cuyahoga Rher and
aJnrvHi) 11l.es, iktiis, isctorli
K" ht
L " I r--aLl
inrnifl taueta ero damagad or waih.
rtrT. ; ::c
Imj In the morning a mal creek, known as
Klngibury Hun, roo and ipread over hun
dreds of acres of land. From a "lcakv still of
the Standard Oil Works, the flood rarrled the
escaping oil under tho .bouVra of ths llreat
Western Oil Worki, where It Ignited, and
communicated Ui tanks containing In tho ag
gregate 6,IJ00 barrels of oil, which soon were
ou lire. Eight large oil tank exploded. The
Standard Oil Conpany'a losa vtaa placed at
t0.0t, and, other losses, It was thought,
tronld swell thejotal toovcr a million dollars.
The steamer facoma wai recently wrecked
.between. Ban Frauclico ami 1'ortland, Oregon.
iNlnalltei were lost.
f A dlsaitroui railroad aecldmt took place on
the St. Louis and San Frauclico ltailroail near
Sprlugfleld, Mo., on the 4th. John Burns, a
brakamau, and a tramp were allied.
Tlie widow and children of II. A. Schlliig
bydal who w kl'leil In the Tehuchapl, Cal.,
dlssiter, have brought suit for 150,000 agalust
tho Southern l'aclflc Hallroad Company.
TJk Eagle Hotel, at (Iran Utaplds, Mich.,
as lately burned. Tlio gucHi and attaches
of tho house escaped In their night clothes,
loiluff everything else. .
A Delaware, Ohio, sjieflal dates that tho
freshet at that point was Iho wont ever
known. I lie ausrenslnn l,rLt-o ni. ...,.
away, and two other bridges cro expected to
Families living near (ho river were res-
cued In boats. Acres of ntesdow land were
inunuiieu, ami nouses and thsuiands of trees
afloat. Dispatches from vatlous points In
Ohio lud Fetniylvanla give fearful aeeoi.nt.
!of ti destruction bv th flnrut. si
Meadlllle, -Ta, one-third of the city
waa submerged and over three hundred
families were rescued In boati, Tho lower
ptrt Bradfonl, Fa., wa leu feet under
water, and flvo hundred houses Inundated.
F.lsblr-one families livlug on iho flats be
tween Bradford and Tarport had to fleo for
ti tlr Uvea when the Ico gorge broke, leaving
all their effects, and many of the housci wero
swept away. At Tltuivlllo the damage waa
great, aud a number ot persons wcro drowned.
Tho destruction of property will reach Into
the mWIotii In the track of them tloodi.
JobhC. Farker, the murderer of Mike Fay
ton, whose case Wat, docketed fpr trial In tho
criminal court st St lAUtt.'shol hit wlfo
througa the hear) about noou pn tho 5th, lu
the Jurf room of the court, end afterwards
sent a bullet Into his own brain.' It litboucht
that Mrs. Farker furnished the wreapou. che
waa Imtintly killed, aud at Hit accounts
Farker vai dylug.
run isouTii.
State Trraiuitr VInce.it, of Alabama, Is a
defaulter to tha amount of about t&O.POO.
Th nAeywat lo.t In tutluu speculations
Ylnctt left Ms otllce the iilfht before the
LegltlUUe committee was to Inspect hla books
and abound, Ho left a not Mating that
be knebe wai short, but would go to New
York, tt) the inonet and make Ma deficiency
good, (he State will lose nothing, as the
Tiessunr'i bondimen arc amnlv abla to nar
' Th Aal i11rm ami miiliVklt,,.,,, bl
j Annipcls bate rrilgutd, and the first and
tcoud titsiei declined their poiltloni. Moit
i tva tiJlU
1 tile,
ihw. t B t- ww
Uk wh
oi me nrsi ciasi were put under arreit.
Tho cause of tlie trouble ws thst Cadet
Woodruff, of tho first dais, wm re
Irled lor dishonorable conduct, having
ccrtlued, on his honor, to a false
hood, which ho acknowledged In writ
ing altcrwanl. Ho was reduced to tho ranks.
Cadet Lieutenant 8treet (hen led his command
In, cheering tho broken c-adct. The Lieuten
ant was reduced to the ranks, and on reading
the order a number of cadets groaned and
hissed. Hie cadet officers who sent In their
resignations, except Cadet Calvin, wcro re
duced to the ranks and placed In aolltary con
fine nic-hl.
VVT Wood, Treasurer of Jaekson County,
Texas, had been missing for a week, when, by
onler of the court, hit safe was forced open,
and tl.n county (utids (soma t'il.UW) wersalso
mtMTng. .
A llttlo eighteen mouths-old daughter of I
N. ltnrr, or Nsihrllte Tonn., was killed a few
days since by the discharge of a toy pistol
which she ami another child were playing with.
At Winona, Miss., ouo day last neck, W. V.
Fowler, a traveling salesman for Schmidt At
8elh of New Orleans, shot ami killed C. M.
Wt IgW a mnbr of tho lam firm of Wright
IlrosA Hammond u't.nm-i Titodlniculty
grcwout of the (allure of tin Yvluo. d.-.
last Derembcr. Wright attacked Fowler, pre
senting to pistols at blm, but Fowler drew
hi jilstol anil shot Wright twice Ix-fore the
latter could use his ncaont. Wrtht dlfld
Instantly. Fonlrr's famllyresldo at (Jranada,
Mist. He waa formerly a conductor on the
Chicago, St. Louis and Northern Ohio Rail
A young man naned Bradln, residing near
Brushy Knob, In Texas, waa cleaning his
rovolver recently, when tho wenxui was accl
dentally discharged, and he was a' most In
stantly killed.
Several weeks at;o the coat shove'ers otllar
pcr'a tolling mill, at Newport, Ky., struck
against a reduction of wages mid quit work
Harper supplied tho'r pla.es with Cincinnati
men. One night last week thaslncn on thrlr
way from work, under ai cs-urt of police,
i-ncic uiuiizucti niri ueaie.l v ll.l stones, jlie
Kclilcf of I'ollcc an I n coui.Ic o( mlln-men were
hurt, but not seriously. The mob at tlio last
point of attack numbered over a thousand.
J. II. Clay, a farmer of l'itU)lvula County,
Va., was killed In a quarrel with a nun named
On lite Choiapciko and Ohio Hallway, neai
Lexington, Ky., a construction train ran Into
c haul car, killing Scott Webb, and seriously
wounding Handall Anderson, Hirrry Kcnnr,
Eugcno Johnson and Frank Burgess.
Tlie (lorcrnor of Alabama has offered a re
waid of S,Os3 for tho capture of Viucc'it, bo
defaulting Stata Treasurer.
A recent (be at Nashville, Tenn., ch
orl.lnatol In .thU-n Fmn1 street, anrrad to
36mlng bulldiugs until licariv the entire
block bounded by Front, Broad, Market and
Wharf streets was In ruins. A falling wall
seriously Injured two firemen. Over forty
horses were burned In tho livery stable. The
Capital Warehouse, stored full of cotton and
tobacco, was destroyed. The loits amounted
to about ISOO.OX).
At Klngsvllle, Out., ouo ulght recently, ai
Alf. Alworth, clerk In Smart's Bank, was
locking the door at 11 o'clock, he n as touuced
upon by throe masked men, gazed and
iraggjia" Intn 11 nhmk. Tl.r bv of thn f.ntl
;..lil."en finin-IUm.and tho safo robbed.
'Tlicy thcn-'locked 'JjJIrorth lc ,tho" vault and
left. ,
At Hallfa'x, N. S;, Wm. dray, a ejerk for the
Halifax Banking Compauy, waa lent to tin
Foetofflrc wltli n parcel containing 5,C0CI,
when he abstracted tho money au J substituted
w aste paj cr,
Cclcwajo, who for several yean past was on
probation In England, has been reinstated King
of Zululand. About A.O0O Zulus were present
at the ceremony. Many chlofs expressed great
dissatisfaction at tho condition! on which hi
waa restored.
It la rejiorted In l'arls that tho Orlcani
Trlnces hate drawn up a manifesto. In which
they proteit against the charges made against
them, and declare their readiness to sacrifice
their pcrioual Interests for Franco. It Is stated,
should the necessity arise, they will publish
the manifesto and at the samo moment quit
It Is ilated that famine prevails In tho Qov-
umeni oi nuerson, nuisia. Several peas-
committed suicide to escape witnessing
icry oi tnelr atarvlng families.
lu a woolen factory at Bombay,
a panic by wulcli twenty-three
crushed to denth.
hundred ersoiis suspcctetl of con-
tlio secret organlxatlona in Dub-
i tUja'ffuil f- city, but It Is be-
lftsaslH1sA,'l bi atiUH-n
the Klncdoin.Jipth.-ss lielng made In
BIrinlngbam,aKMHn Manchester for per
sons agaliistirfssrwmfnnts had been Issued.
m " p
IrrthaScnatUuHlMh, the resolution was
alopted Instructing the Commit teo on Feu
stons to Inquire whether claim agents at
Washington o guilty of extortion. Tho
Tariff bill waa then taken up. After transact
ing aome unimportant business, the House
alio went Into Committee of tho Whole on
tho Tariff bill.
Tho Senate Sub-Committee on Education
and latxjr has begun taking testimony con
cerning tho relations betweeu labor and capi
tal, and tho condition of tho laboring classes.
Tho HouiaCommltteo on Military AfTalnt
has practically ngrecd upon the terms of tha
bill to place (leneral (Irani upon'tho retired
Hit of the 1awlti the rauk of OeneTal. '
8tockmcuiport that tho late storm hai
been eomewhat disastrous to sheep, cattle
and other stock In Southern Kanm aud the
Indian Territory range. Tho storm began
with a driving fleet, which chilled tho stock.
There Is considerable loss on sheep, which
erowd badly lu such itorms, and In conse
quence many wero smothered to death. Cat
tlo on the range drifted with tho storm, and
were many miles from where they wero over
taken by tho polar ware.
John W. Vccncr, who was rcceutly fatally
Injured at M uncle, Indiana, by the explosion
of a can of gunpowder, itated before ho died
that largo sums of money, aggregating about
1 20,000, were hid In different places. On In
vestigation at one of the places named the
money waa found as stated, and other places
will be searched.
One afternoon receutly the south bound
panengcr train on tho Dayton and Michigan
Hallway and a local freight, both running at
full apeed, collided near Klrkwood, Ohio.
Engineer Trurman of the freight anil his fire
man were Instantly killed. Engineer John
Mollcrof the passenger wai fatally Injured.
Several paiiengeri wcro severely Injured.
Chaa. Waltc, Bherlff of Sherman County,
Nevada, rcceutly shot and killed lib inlttreis.
Mn, llyan, a boning home keeper, and thcu
suicided. Jealousy waa the cauie.
Alfred C. Thomas, editor of the Sea Island,
8. C, A'exci. Iiangedhlmirlfonetlay las week.
Tho poitofllce at Birmingham, Ala., was
recently robbed of money and stamps amount
ing to M.000 or 17,000 and a fine diamond
Tho MardlGras was celebrated at New Or
leans, tho Olh, with the usual festivities and
grand street spectacles. The city waa gaily
decorated and Illuminated at night. An Im
mense crowd was lu tho street, there being
35,000 Hilton preient.
It Is estimated that a quarter of a million
gallons of wldiky go out of bond In tha Lnjils
vllle, Ky., district under the law requiring tho
pajment of taxes and the failure of Congress
to .-us the bill extending tho boud period.
fiov Crlltcuden, of Missouri, rrreettv
Itiusd a warrant upon tha requisition of Ihe
Uowrnorof IU7uu for L M Brown, who
r.'Mfd his father of t&no and a horse and fled
to Mliiourl,
" ":i;.r.. - ..,...-rtv.
' ' . ' - - - .J. i j.
tv.it-. .. .. Wii,"""ito, Jnn. nrytt.
ni? u,,Ln ..'Uv ,rrl"r ' p".lal Aicnl
eln et)iHti'rlar fr 'in ihn man, w.ib tho ln
dorsoniinr of Hi . ( h ei-Insp, otdr
i'li-.rmr. l.si'ii'r..ir Orricr, I
,t .' n'i'SOl), jHllliary j lwt. f
inii,rk,rtJ " Vnrkor- Cno' o't-oiroo
llio ncoompnnrlng trportl nf Inrector liar
KSfXJTi1 !hu '5 r,f,,fr.. w " inc. rvri5"r
h?, ... tl "J"1 ttT.m n'n",l be ixclu.lcl from
JPf m,",' n iraii'lilirnt, mid t nt tho action of
thu ro-tmasterOonenil thrroi.tt bn ImmolkJ
riJrtM1r",ho'1 .loJ" '"'tmastor nt t hi
? 5LM? ".'""n "r ,b" ""'. tint tho fraud
5 VT. ,!,!l'lM,, "' 0,.u-c ' ' W ainotinls by
reglsiPio.lli.ttoi-nud money nrdor am dully
rcooltcd. j. K. Hit-Aiu .
rost-olllco ln-Mitor.
tr- neioHT.
I'osivns-rirK iNsrrrmin'a Ornrr, I
.. , ..Ciiir sun, January sMkki f
Trie Hon. J. Ii n.mrt, I'ost-otiiro Insrectur:
;.." i 1" ".' nw"ro. tho tnr-ciitMKl" of tho
oxtonslti. fntultilut awlmlii. K ihemos.f
J. V5r. ?P7'? :t lBd "'"nmltif florrlam. It,
s.i.."!,!l.A.f;ov httt a J. ueml.1i Co. nn.i
tuilworth ,V Co has lonr bneii a sut.J h t or ln
?"ir.b.V""; Thin?. hemes of men wh 8
,.p.,ii".lrn '' '? "noi ucry nw. smirchiM
renchedapolnt whltli Is perfectly nston th-
M.f..2-"Tt'.,"l,.or,ho,lrm "' ' mml.,g
Murrlftm nn almi.ly oni.nnoits, nt w.ll b.' s. t
to. It ls.cuiinotr.1. mink witliTiiiiirii. .-
p, orngf .1.11. ror thn list sixty d-s of n .t
less th in fin OM. inrlu Una- what thoy have ro-
.lifs of 11 .1
m-ivoilt.y thtMnriouiuxp m uimpinle. Tho
flnn of Mo.nmlT.g A Merrbim hve, In tlio
twenty tiay irom January
unry SJ. 1 81, twolted
1, 1-H.l, to Jnn-
Chtcgii I'ostoiho.t 7T&. loxstcr.-d I t
tt't. Ni.ti. of theso rtglat.-ntl letlcnt
toninlrrvj ims than flu, and fry mnnyt.r them
cntitu nel mi tints tarlng rft.m f UWtot'O).
Ihoy hue In tho'nmc tliiioncelrvtlnb.iit'OI
m.iiic)--mlor, ygrimiing fjucid. It is of
oi.utso imiMissll.lu stnio nrc.irately Iho
nmojiit rorritcl l.y them by tho -overnl ex
press rotnpinios, but, julalng from n stato
itieutmmlo by one In posit on to know sumo
thing 01 ill. Ir mildness, they i-wcted last wi-ok
pttTfli',tW)i.r cxprea. ft is pri'stiiiied thtt
Iholrrecolplst.y express for ihotw.nty days
werontit loss thtn 130 OU Avvr.'ir.nl tg iho
leoi'lpt f rom thi-so snurcot It would iippoitr
tbntlbor Imtoro. elpIinihoneli-hlr.rh,KHliir
Ihsvtnnh flu.
e.tsjua mo January I In tlio. n o period ..f
twenty tliti a tho I rm of It. It Kendall A Co.
lint v had ttisho.1 nbi.ut as iiion.nrd is, for
tho Bum .r fii.H.,7. This Intlortlrmh is also r
cclvoil n that tlni" Ml registered letturs. nono
cotitulnlinrlo-siiiaiiflj, unit many tmru tU
tots), ltiiinat.t'g thn business of II. 15. K n
dall A Co. nt two thirds tint of 1 l.'inmlng
.VMeirniu.lt would arcgnlo about JSWJ
In thirty .lata Tho other two (Irm-. CIi .rl.-s
J. Honn A (., .....1 Culwortti it Co.. do a
rmallort.tisltie , 1h twoprnbnblynirgr"Krttii.g
olout fJV),tuilii money rmvpl In tho ..mo
t mo. .Now, uat.ittiuch.irn. tor of thtbuinci
di.noby Ihoto llmis. I appnud to this rcixirt
Iho ocrlltl oto or tho ChlofOmlu luspert'T,
Ih it nono of ibflo ilrms tun knotfn to inn
btnto Inspection Dcpt tineut "its wurvlioui c
mon. gntlu receivers, or slilppors, mr Inntiy
wny ronncnloil with tho octttnl grnln truile"
Ubo prctutisotn thilr o.rculnr that ll.ey nro
commission merchants Is llctlilou. exeunt tn
tho extent thnt mm nt thorn has .Inno littlo.l
cotninissi.Hi iiusin u nni now oim mtes h i ti
forsuin.'f w i-tisto nets. Tlio prluoip.l (
Uro of their fraud is this: 'llu- pr. t n I ti
conluat what la terjicl Dytnumn' M.icu I
.tnvatinm.r lUllt" .tr .MjvAlmi ui.
rtird," compusol of lite money .f
"suckers" and ' grwnhoreA" who buy
ihates nt flu por share and t no tho chuv "i
that ths m.ineicnt nso tho ngguo
tun.ls eulisrrllvd by tho ahiuehol It I. io
Dinting In gtnin. atiKks, etc. The immtiiert
otory few .In) s or week innkciroporutrbow
liu Uint they h.tto lost or m.ido so much
monoy. mid. If Iho latter, they return tobarc
h.il.lu.a n prolomlod pmllt or so much jr
o. nt. Iheycnnnot shcArthnt tboybntoetor
mnilo tho pm tsor loss, a thuy rjrt byntiy
ruptitnblo proo . What monoy they 10 urn as
profit la solely Just wont they ihoo o, mid
tho) chno'o to return Just what tbey think will
in. I. ico tho b.tn. holder to I in oil mora Inrircly.
I it tome onscs thryhnvo, to sm II Investor-,
r.tum.-d nt nro'its n not.tlous showlnx of n
Hnu wntrnti-..r ii. .-... .w..s. j,njpj--f
i i-t(--..jjTiKiiui'ii ij-rjr. rrr-tiyirpni
n t tnotd' pl.ttw iit.d ttr distant CtstoJ, httvo
lnxt'i Induced to InviMt lnrjtn itmutints niinw,
.VcnsUrtUtzIn wlthflj or r0 li.tvo lieon In.
uu;i. tiy rccoiMiii n unncr nt ntii'-n, m,w V
i b.i u - pniut in invest situ, sm, mid In
innny ensns within my knovli-dgn a high
nsef.niilto ILfOO. Tho nolo return they cm
is-crgvtlt Just what thus '0' t will of Iho fel
low who run tho cono. rn nro dtsiKisol to
Bi'ii'l trii-ni. Thnt they ttto (co.infrcls an I
oughtt.iloltitl.opo i.ti-niliiry miir bejudgoj
by tho nntecivlmU of s.mo of them. Juhu
t-lcnitu lu, of t-lommlntr V MorThiiii, wn 1
pnrtnur In Detroit of McKlnnor. iloK Inner
is now serving n term In llu M.uh'guti Htittu
I'rlson for "fencing' slolongtKxls Vlnmmlnj
blmstlf wiisnncstcdln 1 ctr.it tor rutin!, mid
oxiKiwd by tb M rit'Mii '.ii mer. Tbu notori
al s Itmiji mlu Iltiokwaltrr of Kow i ork, now
nliiKltho from 'iunc ,ltiu.lorstooil to hnto
Ik-vii n mot lug spirit In th' orgnnlrlng or tbo
awintllM In in.i-UBO. l'renk 8 Wn or nnJ
ll.in Lorliu,-. of l i.lcu.co, lntvu nmo ennnpo
tlon, oithcropcn or secret, w.th I leuiintnir
MvrrlHtn nml It. I!. Kan.lull A C'.u Winers is a
biolhrr-ln-laworKen.tnlt Waters nnd I orlng
wore In the K rvside rVitnd lottery aw inbound
UewspniKT frutid n rw yours ngn, uttd both
haw rutins closely to tbu limits of criminal
iutcrfor. ne a they il.irc.l, mil nro knowr.
ns sii-plnlous and cronko.1 mon In minor
trnii-n. lions hoa't'.foro. Th" n.nnascr ol
Ilnidstrcct'a Comtncrelal Agency, Mr. Turn
bull who h.t a hotter kuowbiliro of tho stand
ing and tcpulHtlonof men of Liisttiess In Chi
ciigu, lint i rcmptorl y rclits.il to nllow clthei
of tha linns nnnicd t,) tietomo sulBerlNrs tu
the . gency, nnd denominates I hi ni trutnla and
KWlii.lleraot tho worst sort. Tbo Hon. Hitrvoy
I). Colvln, ox-Mnyor of Uilcnan. now Man liter
ortho I'liltolH nlosliipru st'ompnny, aitr a
mo of his willltignrst .ml ile ro to lire ik up
tneso tnonsip.iis schemes, and prom's.' to not
BiuiultHtioously with tho r.st-ollleo Dcptrt-
nit'tit In rorusfng to dollvor any romlltauep tu
itm, air. iM-,-, Uanoffcr of iho Amerlonii
Lxpro.s (l.mp.iny ia thu city, will do tt.o same
Ihltig, und ttj ho has no doubt of tho .ilsrcp
iitiililoniid unlawful ibanuucrof thoschemo.
Kx-Oovorunr bbumnn, ulltor of tha Ihlumo
Journal, too Hon. W ! Mxon. Manager nf tho
Cbltagniitrrvrnii, tbomnnng roi iho ll'ot
ni liuml, and otbcni present cortlft. ntes to
tyhlch I Invlt" rrs,' ctful ntlcnt on stilting that
IIkmu renutnlrcl jjrlnt nnd Bcnltor btx,.dcast
'hoirolroulari nndndi crt.seinonlt., which pur
reimtablo m-nspniier. or their frauds, Theso
cert tic ttta sh'.w that tho notices cop'cd by
tuom wcro paid advertisements, written by
llieinse'vrs. und then cniilml fnr iim.r n,,.
. .. i-u-u. iiiirii.
., .... ii. ,, ..:- , r:. r -r- - . ..,
llnrtllf n hlllni..hniin In !'.. n..n
lloodod with l.'liors of Inaiitrv no, I com.
Plaints' f rom u , tuVu&SdVtttM
iibotitnnoorothorof thM nrm. Vrhov .:
if u Mates
Thoy cm-
y largo n.imlK-rsi.r emplovM In nddrustlrnr
1 mull nir Ihnlr nlnrln,, V,i J..i .12 "''urusing
t or ih Hut in, golil.igtha nn.".oV.VS0'c'oyrtho WIimv" 'IJtUer, tbo drlyor iiollcod a
men In f.i tori. . cnnl.ml..i. im..
and niso trvlnor to fiiluuo rohA.itnra
Ins their aacn'aJnn.l tn Invest with the.
111.1uiL-.il u.i.i oxi3.hu -11100 cwHH'nit oy nnmo
from th-s nrlv lgo of rooolvlng monoy- nlors
nnd iiul'tero'1 letters nt tho I'hlotigo I'nstiif
llcp. I nrpend my own alhdarlt to my belief
nstotbofucts. Very ruspoeltiilly.
1). A. luv, rasboUIco lupector
fiTATKOl'Iu.lNOIn, la
t ountr of Cook,
..I'anlelA liny, being duly sworn, doth Do
roionn.l.ny ibut from oarorul oxntnlnntlon
Im Is led to I.el etonn.t does belli'totbo llnui
styled rifinmlng & Murrlntn, It. i: Kendall &
(v., ll.nrle, J. Ilcml & Co. mil Cu (worth
( c , of Chloiigo, 1IL, arorngrtgo.1 In conducting
frHU.Uilent si homos by tho uso or tho lnltod
ftati'S malls. IHtirr, A. Ittv.
8worn to hof.ire mo this Sltls dny or January.
Is. I'. C. Timxiw, l'o t-omcu Inspector.
, ... 1. scuevn 1.1.ANK.
Onler-lil.ink ror ha.r In tho Mutual Coop.
orntlto Cut.. Rv-fxtt. ll.duinnn & Ou.,
Manngor. IV n,t Uf Unit Washln.ton
ftrcoLCW'.-iro, HI,
(iruUrm.i.. Pleuso find bcrowllh lncloso.1
- . for which forward to my mMress
sbaroi In tho Mutual Co-operatl s o Club.
Ifyouhavo not our largo circular of ox
plinut'oii aud for IL Wrlto name and ad-
rtrt- plainly, lown , County ,
Hlnto . '
HUnnamo .
lasoNo. Special.
D. A. Uav, Inspector.
ASOTiteu nun.
I'osT-Orncie iKnrEOTOn'H OKKicy, I
. . n Ciui sno, January ),1NH
Tb "I. J- F. Ftuart, l'ost-olllco Inapcctor.
.,. . 11 una cnilll III inT KIlOWlQOirO Ihftt A
ctu wni siyicu Hennctt. Ilollitnoti At'o,. man.
?K,f," .r B lu"ul Co-npernlivo Club nt IM and
IHF.ast Washington atroet. ( hloago, hn rt
contlytnuimenoiit ii now rehem . to dotrnud.
Uilng tho mulls therefor, exactly aim Itr to
tlio -oof Hommlng, Merrlitm .VCo.,11 15. Ken
daP A Co, tharlo J. Henri lc Co.. nnd Cud
worth Aln which schemes 1 htro In my re
rPIL"' l1'1 llo n cases Xl.Wt r. and Nn
Z1..60C, fully exosed. I recommend In this
case that Iho Postmaster at Ch cogo 3o d roeb
ol to dollvbr no ri-glstcrod matlnr nor to piy
any nionoi -orders to lletn.olt, llolixman 4
to., as they are frauds. Very respectfully,
1). A. lur. I'ost-oinio Inspector
m .
Tub Woman's Mutml Insurance and Accl
dent Company la one of the latest Instltu
tlogs In New York. It Is designed to benefll
sow lur wonteu and servant girls.
iTALThai'a'nafonaldtbtof J,6,tXliX.
iVltli tills load, she maintains an army of 1,
000,000 men. She fears war with Franco not
many years hence.
1 heiib are thlrtenn ground for divorce Ir
.i.r ci.ic ui ixeniucky, and tbetnext Legl.l
u.oex wm to ring in cod fa -LoudM.
c uuiMrvyurnoi,
j r.'u.j
r.ttfrlfiirc lit a Snntl.Slorm. I'KIISOSAL AMI MTF.I1AUY. rhiin-e In fiirT. Illit nmtd tho breathless silence of the J
ThoEfMhun Overland tmln which should
iat i rei il cn Firn tics tho nttemnnn of
Jnnualy only arrltotntt! tn thO'lghtof tho
M, hVlti b.'en ilelnye-l nt Humtier by n torrlflo
aartd-atpt i that raged Ibrotich tho Mojnvo
tlacrBM aprend out over n pnttlon of ths
attrroun Oigccuntry. The storm ts-n In tho
enjly tuttnlnir, m1 whon th Ir.iln renehed
Emttnerili Kem rvntnty, ha.l txw .mo n regti
lH,ilrnrni. Th wind swept ncros thn sandy
wrnsles Xllh stun violence thnt tho train
swityedMd rooked under tha fierceness of tho
blajls y-qieomrd lonly to plungo from tho
track, i lie mron ha.l becomn oicrei.st In ths
early pirlof tho nlaht, nnd tho Journey was
oonlluuiylln ntUikncss thnt rapidly lncronseit
until thVlay begnn In Htyglnn gloom Tho
pvaongsr, who had tH'cn nr ucd from their
sleep tic lie fieroo nssnuU nf the wind nnd the
dashlitrrf tho sand ngalnst the window of tho
train, Uittnl anxiously for tho appearanco n(
IboatiuV'Ut no gloimor light rcllotod thn f. r
bl.ldlntMlarkn"St of tho cast. Mint tnnln
Minmljjer away, nnd tho blacknesi of tha
bc- jSrcw- Intvuso wllh tho morning, until
the slrrt bca I llxht of tho locomotive almost
failed yrioroo it. iho amail jvjrtlon of tho
dciortfrklchwn cxpjt.s i.y Iho rngi.,ft-,
I'VSefvod tn ducjourngo tho traveler.
-'ioi---.'s, thq billows of aarnl
that,wrjrVftiur tosswl ner .a tho roll by tho
angry jtrm. jThs desert mnrol llko n sen,
and wlinui.o wave of snnd atttick tho shlvoi'
Ing slrtefsyf Iho tra'n they Bcnttorcilllko iprny
and flUSTtha air wllh n dust which m. fr...
Tho trtv Inrs- fonri ot being stopped by n
r nn l-drrt wcro soon rcnllrnl. After lenvln?
SunimrrjWhlch lit Jit mile from Fan Trail. Isoo,
tho trnui movnl cauiiotisly for ten tnllt
throilghioahlftlng w.nto nn! then slopped
with n crush. Thoclarmod pA'Bcngcts hnr My
dnrod totnoo the driving storm to Icnrn tho
otmooUbo unpleasant hnlt. Tito fowlnlrepl.l
ponsrns who vrutuml Into thn blinding
s'raoon found thst their express train
had nm into n freight train which had
stopped jin nn Itnpnssnblo snnd-drirt. Tho
slowmmat which tho cxpross v.'as moving
t'ltnblod tho engineor to slop tho (rain
Int. mo lov present n ecroiis Occident, nnd
tho cx.lils'on wnt unly suniclont to cnsttholo
comotlvtS from tho truck. Tlio passcngor-rnrs
remaliie.!ontberaiK It was then ton o'clock.
bo slowly hndilin express proo-,lo,l through
the blinding storm alt. r lent Ing Humnor. Tlio
irkiKw of tho nl;ht h id only Increased, an I
n itblngwjs, lie oto pt wtlhln tho roeiisof
the trn.iiD llirhl. lor llc wenry hour tho
Ktwongt- wr mrnpcllnil to remain on thn
"'Jaehpiltr.liiwblljrrtlof was ho ngnbtnlncl
."' i sW"'t!r Ailtno hnilmr nrrlved,
thi twmr-trns (lenrml of annl aumcieutly
to rn.ibfo n p ,ISf emrlu. to pull tho
uxrrt"ia c tn Sumner, where ths rus
rcng. r found slim nccommrxl-itlon iintl
tho stnrtn blow ovnr. Townnl Ilvo o'clco'c In
tlm lift, rooon the itnrkivsi began M ilint
penr. but the sltno m 10111111. Ine.1 Its vliror 1111
III lilirhtfsll t th mornltig tho iinrnrtunat.
pni tiarrsiir o. inlon thsilrjoiiniry. th-rti-ma
udrr wl. . o was mdo wjih 'tit Bnn-
tlO.lAl llMSIlllWir B. iSmin. f-hlr,i. h.,t l..n
Lnt work n 1 11 g .1 end hwt olc-rol tho trnok nf
I y it-Jtr"!!!.! (t'l-drtft. AtTulsrothoex-
pr.-, nan.n -aji.i.w ni 3:i ). tn.. January ,
ov. rt'Kik thn tla 11 and wother-t,onlen oi-
I pro, hiring n,.-l with illnht iliacomrnrt
1. l.irri.an 1.10 1PIIO
of a piaton-nxl delayed tho first express still
, further fctllhivp, nnd tbo two ira'n omtio
iii.ii.i'i.cnusiy 10 UHKinnn wnnT. Iho nrst
mer 111 rf) hours behind tlmo und tho seoind
otcrslx. All hn.lt, howavor, soon forgot th-s
itnplo iritness of tholrndvcnlttto and laughed
ot it lt.--Aiit fr.rncl.co tiamUur.
slinitlt'ticrnitly to O.iklnnd wlin-f. tbo first
Klllcii Iiy the Accttlctit.I
a Unit.
Dlsclmruo of
Kansas CiTt. Mo.. JanunrvML
t inn or r
if tC Afrtt hnrrtatvoJi-s oj UfuthJ.y
srco,i- -
"vHf vting vi'p.n'et;er tkarr a hup
licnM at .'hi lumtoT-Ot Snds W. IlnnVIn.
nbout Ihn-s ih'.lo south of thli clly, this urtcr
nt.n, by tin accidental dlsehnrgo of n ahot
gidi, youna Hopkins Mowlnir tho entire bond
t'rt-JillyujfCBflnd loautlful-wlfo. Tho hus
band nnd wlto wore nlono In the sitting-room
when thd torr.blj trngisdy occurroJ, nnd bis
story ot tbo udilr U ns fullows.
" It Is all so horrible," snld tho young mnn,
"that 1 tupJIyknw how to bogln. On my
return frosi t iwn lo-d y I went to tho bnrn
and put up tho hors. my wlfo joining m-
nnd together wo ro-mtorod tha bouse. Altot
soma llttlo work my wlfo wont Into tho lilting
room or library, and snt down by tho novo In
a rocklngibnlr, with somo work lu her bnii'ls,
I got n ihot-gun, which had been In the hotie
for somo tluio. and proceeded to load It nnd
cloiin thi lock, as 1 bad noticed some
rnbblt tracks n cur the barn, nnd wanted to hat e
tbo gun ready for Inslnnt uso. Ono barrel wui
nlrendy ,'oadixl-tho lift ono nnl gnlnglnto
the room whero my wlfo was, 1 loadod tho re
maining barrel und then sat down In n chair
Hourly In front of her nnd took up n small o'l
oautnpH tnVnockii tf(tho gun, wb'ch wcro
somewhat rusty, Inlawed Iho gun barrel to
rest partially across my a m nnd legditrlng ths
operut'on. when ludlonly, ns I pulled bnok tho
bummer or tha t arro.'. It slipped out r my lin
gers nnd then tho gun went off wllh a noise
iiko thuulcr. and 'my wlro r.-ll right ovei
ojnlnst Ih wait. . Hut I cant t. II . ny more
soi.ni,iiiiiiMiiuiiiir iriiu. xuv rnirtTotti
Iin rnri rnvnt.r wirn'i hA n.sii-ii..ni i...
ho' tore my nv.r wlfo's ben, 1 partially olt, but
when I grablAd her slip was dend. Oh. nn
Ob, 1117
uoi, n -nsawiui, awilllt
Tbt4tnrurtunitb .vaunin. nM rit-A -
from lierUuMmnd vbcn xtyn nit Mr oocihtihI,
nntn luuMof Jwrbnilin wero blown tixainsi
Ibo whito wl!jtfrjmwhlcU Ihoy rcImun Jed to
the opposite vmAU nnl portion of her muIL
nnnlni, I.. t.t.Snh, h a..... ... . . t , . I-
...i.e., ifc ... t.uf.i 1, iiumicr (.1 an incu in ui .
Jim-tor. wore pcattor-d nil ocr tti room. I
l'hot graphs, mirrors nndoirryartlcl around I
"s.w uorr.u.j i-iHu.cnii. iiopsins was onty
.-i.jntj-ii.pji.ivj-, .nn nn 1 nnti iKon miirno.1
uui iwo yenrs, 'iwiin panic uelnn
Innv tn ,.1,1 iii.rf
qulio wculthy ft-nlllos. mid their homo was nn
excooilngly bcftutlful, place Iho Coroner
Mewed tho rqnniis und il'o .Icil, unless
rurtherractsera UeielopoJ. that nn Iniiucsl
will bo uniux'amry', ncoldenUI shooting bolng
evident, s .
When tbo rcgiiiV train which left Hat Tort.
4x0 yoatordayjf Mag wtu Hearing tha bridg.
i-nw,lklnfl 'AQtruclurn, Too train an-
is danger. Tho bridgo Ii
t n person to aland on ono
bto for i.
pas.-and Itwns lmposi
i other aldo before ths
Wm. To Jump i rom tbo
train would
brldgo was eorl;
doatli Tha only rcuraa
open wits to
ton outer board, an I, sua-
penile! botw 'on II
i ana death, nwait tbo re
did, nnl Ih tnt n. waleh
suit. Thli tho sua
wu. nor. vo atnppc.1, ratna thuti.lcrlnon.
Thavoudlitt t, rcJKcUiu that the i tops ol
tho Pullman Cawtro r.-ry low, and would
rrobnbly iirlka Ifey-tnin' heod. rushe.! to tlw
ronr or tho trnln abi unootiplod tbocur, which,
by tho prompt applloullon of brakes, wai
lopped lu time. Thomanpullod himself up
fcud rcuchod tho other end or tho brl Igo
Attblslcstauta freight train was obsorved
bat king uround tho cutvo, and (here stool tbo
1 ulltunn oar In tho wlddlo of tbo br dge, flllol
WiL,.'l,n? ,o,Tlfll pauengcra. ror tho rrnnt part
r,,b?.t.n"!lna on' "" Tho entitle ofiho
freight train was altailnd lotho rearend.ao
thtit wusimpo'ilbo for tho engineer to aeo
iholulimanoar, 0 loavo tlio Pullman cat
was o -rtMii death, sa tho pnS'iigis ha.1 no
means of cacapo, an1 Ttotwlthslsttdlng Iho
shouts or tho train J4lolal. tho freight tia'n
came . thundering ou. Itwaa fori rn boiKi.
PUt It WAS Ih, nnlv nn. an.l n..lb .. M..I.
Lonductor Trodden, ot Iho pnssner train,
signalled Ibo engmror. who bad irono off w.lh
tun front part of tbo tmln. to luick up. Ho
Siwtbo (famrer. but. trim to Mi j-utiin- f.
torsed h' englno and sped bjrk over tho
bridge on b s mlK'on nf moroy Ho r.ichot
Iho rnr, Ihn roupllng was made Ihe lorcr
.'uanuuui nus'un ill mere
Iho rnr. Ihn roupllng was rr
hrownoa kwarl, anl not an I
the Pullmtn i'nr nn IJU ori c
drawn rnim lha threihol.l of i
I inlantino .in
Clous load were
' r!lfc Mll-n,lw
nil with awed facos iho pnwongors rmle to
tho olty, ouch one i eallaing bow ckmio had twen
111- In a I. Thocalnosaktlaobo.1 to tho frolabt
train whs also fllittl with pasiongers. but
when Ibnv saw their dinger many of them
lumped from tha crJito tho snow-driiu
1 InnljMt; fttirt. j
. .
Bona curloui facts wp lately telite.1 re
garding hydrophobia before tho Academy of
Sciences l'arls, byr.vrert It seetni thst
Inoculation wl h pmcuj from the reiplrato-y
otiaici of a mad dogeiused. rabies, but tt.at
with ihs Mllr.ry Hqus did pot. ilclprucl
transfu'lon ot blood lot ruin a heallby am a
mad fog aimed no rat-i lu tho.former.
Mas, Iiuia Adshius CtJTLrn, ot West
chHt, J. )., let tbo bad bora In btrBu- diy.
choojcjasi match tB9lswhllo thn-fttxSf-Inia-dent-ivlfl
Ifltulng Iff-rirjyer. and uow
Mrs. K'l Adtilaldo Cutler's cmsins, who
watitod Iwr faoo,(, and dUI liotgvl It, pro.
Sue ths fart sprjof teuoub, Jin .uby to
fcrr.au ner m I tf l JU,viJ.
KHU1V ti
1 - - ..,.. , ..... ...,.... , ..
I I I II.haa flic jinf(tj! hart, nt tTiA tWTi 0'
Mr. Dnnn, of tho Xow York Sun,
Is a.iUl by a correspondent ot tlio Atlanta
OMfidmoii to bo worth 81,000,000
outaitlo of his iiowsiniior flock.
- Holpcr, who wroto tlio 'Impontltnfr
Crisis " j oars ngo, nipl nt ono limit hntl
Sl'iO.oiiOln hnnlc, IstloliiRoil.lJoSs nbout
Wnslilnglon to keep boiiy mitt soul to
gether. Washington lost.
"Coal Oil ilohnny," olhor roiioits
lo tho contrary notwithilnmlliifj, is nt
Krarnoy. Nob., whero ho owns a Inrge
rjrnln olrvntor nnd Is rnpltlly fopalrlng
his was oil foitunos. Cvirnio 7'imr.t.
Kx-Clilof-Jtutlco SlmrswrKitl, ol
IVnnsylvnnln, rocontly rot'ro.l front th(
Statu Mipromo Ilcncli, nftorthlrty soven
years' service, fcoU vigorous enough
ct to oucn a law ofllco forprlvato prac
tice. - Thirty-two yenrs ap,o Senator ro
l'lioreon, of Now Jersey, then a student
ntTcinpIo Aeaitomy.ln Gcncsoe, N. Y.,
rcntl n school osay on tho " I'sos ol
"i qry," 'Iho othcrilay ho wont thorp
ngairl ni. tho invltmiou of ttiu lttsturleal
Society of WoMcru iNow York toilollior
3it ntlilro-s upon Iho samo Mibjoct, nntl
sovorni oi ins oiti scuooimntcs wore
.lu.iiiuiii .iiiuur, in writing oi mc
I stability of woalthy families on Murray
T.. ....I.. llll I ,., .,
mn. iiiniKs unit tlio jiatont pill people
tuu mo ino poneoiiy sauttni. xno man
Hint "struck oil" tmco illtl not long
ma ntaln Ills oleant m.tnilon, ami the
ln untor of a pntent hlngo ilisnppenrotl
when In a suit hi, patent was nuuulluil.
Tlio man who Invented a patout screw
was moro fortunata Ho bought his
res ilenco on Murray Hill, and "ifays
ho has scrowod himself on to stay,"
UoHnn yVtij cript.
A corroipondunt wrlllng froio
Kingston, N. M. siys: "Hoio. nlo,
l.vcs a womnuof somo thlrty-lhoor for
ty summer's, w ho is a wondor. Sim hm
just completed a lo;r cabin, and did all
tho work herself oiccojit pulling tip the
last logs. Sho cut tho loj, hauled
them, nud mntlo tlio shingles tocotor It.
I saw her rltlo in to town rocontly, ou s
horse. In front of hor was a tleor alio
had just killed You will probnbiy
think sho Is a lovely widow. Such fi
not tho caso. Sho has a husband, nud
ho takos euro of tho children.
Of Mr. VIIli:lm Honry Smith (now
lit flnrgo of tho Associated I'rcis, Kasl
anil Next) tho ('hieairo Jriliuitf siits
'Mr. Smith has hud long oxporienco In
.i scrvlco of tho Western press, and
hns discharged his vory onerous, nnd in
somu ruspo tsdollcato, dtitlos with nor
fuct satisfaction to tho Avoolattou. It
can not bo tloubtod thnt In hi now rn.
lailous ho will meet with at loast onual
succoss. His iippoiutmunt moans groat
cr vliror and o'lioionev in Iho co luctlnn
of nows by both Assoclntlons thnn liave
over boon shown before. "
Eliznljoth Cndy Stanton think
girls should piny lillbrils. 'XliCru H s
iriiuU cloul ot "klsslnir" In billiards.
but tliut'e no roniou lor excluding tin
An obscuro, but yet not wholly tin
Intelligible joko In regard to tho mule
Is that though lio raros vory llttlo foi
pro 'ions stones in general, yet ho gen
erally n Hoc Is top.tr.." A'. 1'. Urapluc.
Canal mulos do ao?--Ilos'on 7W.
"How iulorestlngthoso mon of lot
lers aro, Susiin!" ' l)o you think so? '
rcpliod S sail. "Now, I think tho Jot
ters of men aro much morolntoroJtinjr,"
at tho rmmo tlmo holding up a dainty
looking eji.etlo sho had received fioix
"somebody." Motion Transcript.
Judgo Tourgoo Is delivering a lo t
uro on "A iamlly of KooR" 't
havon't heard It, but jirosumo ho rofon
lo tho girl who kludlod a 11 ro with
kerosene, tho boy who "didn't know it
was loadod," and tho man who aiks'
"Is-It cold enough for your" aV. 1'.
High classic ' Can you compre
hend lira?" " I nm, porhaps, a little
obtuso, but jou may lo sure that 1
shall go' nt your moaning prosontly."
Low Inasio "Can you catch on"
" Woll, perhaps I don t drop as 8 d
dcnly as somo, but you hot I'll tumble
us (pile); as tho average." The JuJtje.
A magazino writer has recently
published a long art'elo about " womon'i
iiosoj." Tho best thing wo know aboul
a woman's noso is a muslncho. The
best klinl )n n, pnlo lirown, ami waxed al
tho ends. For enmplo, nnd liutructluu
in best mothod of nnnl cation, annlr at
this oflloe, after businojs hours. Jlur-
Umjton Ilawkeye.
So you have cot twins nt youi
houioi"' saltl Mrs. Ho umbo to little
Tommy Samuolson. " Yoj, ma'am, two
of 'cm." " Wliat aro you go ng to call
thcmP" "Thundor and lightning."
"Why, thoso nro strango names to call
children." "Well, that's what p
k-uiiuu muni us soon ns nu ncani iiioy
wero iu tlio hotiso." Texm BljUnys,
" Justlco.your Honorl"oxclaimed a
legal comet in ono o his occentrio per
orations, "Is not llko tbo fabulatod
llriario is of old, whoao oyes woro ai
multiiilical ns tho sands of tho sea, Hot
yut Iiko tho famed Cyclops whoso vision
perforated onlv tho arena of tho coming
futurity, but Iiko tho sportlvo dorm
stration of 'blind man's bufT.' Slits
pursues her way uiiiooliig anil unseen,
holdm; tho stoo'yardj that wolgh with
coovni riciss iiiuo tlio carats of gold
and tho carros of horticulture, and
knowing no North.no South, noKast.nc
Wost!'f Home (A'. '.) henlintl.
A report comes from London thai
thoro Is n chaugo in tho fashion In
dogs. Young ladies Vho havo beon
wearing Englsh jnigs (t match tho.i
complex on, trimmetl with plastroiu
and things, or tho Kalian groy hound oi
K Ing Charles spmlol, cut entrain with
j.i' ot and polonaise, will rogrot to loarn
that thoy havo gone out of. fashion, nnd
thoy might as well bo glvon to tho j.oot
or r.old to tho old rag-man. Tlionowgtyle
of dog is tho llully whito 1'omoranlan,
with a noso in point appli no and shir
red cars: or tho .Maltese tcrrior, with s
silk Jackot ami velvot llngerlo orsorao
thing that way. A'orrisiown lltrald.
An AfTcctlonnto Child!
Llttlo Tommy Mllligan was dressed
up in linn clothes bv his parents nnd
sent ovor to his grand other's on Christ
ii as day, on Austin avenuo. Tha old
gontlmn recclvr-d h s grand on In n
most kindly manner. When tho time
enmu for lummy to go homo, n uch to
tho dollght f tho old man, ho refused
to go, sat Ing that ho wanted to Ilvo per
matic'iitly with his grandpa.
"So you lovo your old grandpa si
muohyou 'on'twantto lcaio idm?"
oxeiaiiucd tho dolghtcd old an.
"No, if no J,at," ro Hod Tommv,
but every tlmo ma sends mo to visit vou
smjjvntshos my faco. nud I liato to hnvn
ffny fnce washed, so you fee if 1 lived
with you all the tl i e, gramlna. ma
could not sen I iro to you, and l would
novor havo o havo mv fa o washed.
Ndihlnt Hint bo ucoraraaj ?
pw nrujmn'Wsw-uytvj ucarw.-tui m; aunt
Atlnm woro noctifls, nndtoFo'omon's
lovcn liumlrcd wives was denied tho
delight of seo ng their llcgo lord decked
out in n do n shirt and collar. How tho
dandles of Ihoso daya managed to look
rotpectablo is a matt'r of iuulanchoy
con oi-turo. Tlio history of tho mod
ern cud is a startling con fi mint on of
Mr. Darwin's theory of ctoatlon. It
was evolved from nothing. What aw
ful an I fautastio shipos it may yot as
sume no mnn can toll. Fifty cnrs ago
tho cttir wns ns much a curiosity as was
n linen shirt fifty years boforo. ThO
gentlemen of tho ltevolutlon woro
ruiiies or ruusoi taco or crimpeu nnnn
nbout tliolr wrist. It was about thirty
jo.trs ngo thnt tho first linoti cuIT wns
mado. it was a plain band of linen
sowed to tho shirt slcovo and was fast
ened by an ordinary jiorcclaln button.
Its uso grow rapidly In publio favor,
nnd In a low years thoro opjtoarcd In
tho markot a cull", buttoning soparaloly
to tho wristbnnd. Thoro had boon still
no proiisbn madu for tbu orna
mental button, but sovcral yoars attor a
cult was mntlo having In ono end tho
much-coveted holo, nnd from that ihw
tho success ot tho iiivcnt'on was asitureil.
A pioco ot wbito linen was a good thing,
but a piece of linen nnd a chunk of gold,
nnd tho first slcovo buttons woro coined
of thnt proo'ous motal, lombinlng as
thoy did utility and beauty, comfortand
clognnco, at onco found tholr way into
permanent popular notice
Tho linen cull of today Is its tinliko
that of twenty years ngo as is man and
tho monkey, lhern aro now sold by
tho trndo three classes of culls, respect
ively madu of linen, jicrcalo and cellu
loid. Tho tollulold otiir, whon first it
mado its appearance, created a genu
Ino furoro; but now It is worn ns a
rulo only by traveling salesmen, who
have to do thnlr washing on the lly, nnd
poor people In tbo summer tlmo. The
porcnlo cuiT, llkowlso ouco high in iho
estimation of the wealthy and tho
icatliotio. has gone Into nt loast a tem
porary oblivion, althotich wholosalo
iobbers say thoy llntl rcatly sains for
uoin tlio porcnlo nnd celluloid cuft's In
tho oxtretno Dontli m WuiU Tlio t-uW
which laps ovor and buttons nt ono end
is now considered barbarous. Thn tiltm
fashionablo kind Is tho cufT which is Klua have booome all-powerful , -bountl
togothor bv a link button. It , Uirouglionl tho world ' by the fact that r
should bo uttacho'd to tho shirt aloovo I "ft bollof constantly Inculpated during - f
by two dol.cato slljis, oxtonslons from tho oarly years of llfo, whllo tho brnln
that part of tho cua -which a sailor i 9 Inipro's be, nppours to ncoHFroaX'
would call "nmldshlpe." Ono reason most tho nam o of jn.'n.ti.s-vsV jr-jcry Lt
why tho percale culls wont out of fash-, csottco of whicb Is tbat it is followed ft,
ion was bocauso thoy cost moro than a ! Independently f omob. v s
good linon nrtlclo. nnd wcro not nearly j Tbo yonn' hlht is ni War In tlms fc
so decent lu nppoaranco. About liftoon bands of f lhr. Sho can mold It , -t
years ngo tho paper cuT, llkowlso tho n"hocI . no. notns sho choofj j,
paper collar, was held up to Iho adtnir- b t nc-X- - her ability, even. Uh iM,
Ing gnzo of consumers. Millions woro tho aailptorhU model cwraia-lo J f
manufnetured, nnd It was thought tho ideal fad Urn niastcrv of tlio pnnc p ?
dcsltloratum had nt Inst been foun I, but ot '' t. Every rlght-m adod Mother ; I
tho pnjior eulU llko tho tiorcalo, Is now J"1'' 1.T5 'iar c,h'' wsrdhfl th r
only tisod In tho South nud In tho ox- b ghost ldOU of intell'aKj'-, .v rt,
ttomo West, around (ialveston, anil In ,'l" "w.w mo a""7?, . gTL, y m
Iho Dlack Hills. .Ki- UlwtelMffl
culls soM in'tliift'Oimtry are r nmlfact- 'iWatelf JasMmHM;gsaM wesj, mff' I
tirodlu'IVov, N. V. Somo vcati niro weops, wWJrs J4soi toTsriiiat jf -iV
gr ui mniiv wero imported irom iin-
glaud. Aownone aro brought ncroM
tho ocoan. On the other hand. Amorl -
can culls nro finding a large salo in
London and I'Brls.
Six yoars ngo ciiITs woro nadu In two
orthrcojileces. nnd ono stio. In par-
tlcular, was about nino inches long, nnd
Ihen dotiluVd over to within a half-Inoh
. -. ... . . . .-. .
ui mo hi lining- oinc Jll Ol I DO CI1IIS
of today nro what is known ns four-ply ,
that Is. tho V nro mntlo of four tlilr-lr. '
ncsses of linen, with tho intorlltilngs of I .ml t0 romo ryth ng thnt hldoi
cotton. All-llnoncu h are but llttlo I ''om a "'? "ht ta, Is. to
worn. Thoy cost from sixty to sovonty-1 lior houso with livlug stat cs. or
Ilvo cents per jialr, nnd havo not half with statuettes, perfect In o tllno aud
tho capacitv for holding starch and jyniinctry. Iho maturia that Is in her
kcoping stfir that tho "ndutlcratod" ,m'"1 may not bo of ipiallty or Ih owaB
gootls possess. Thoro are throo general tlty to ni,l,ko cojossal statues, but If he
shapes In cufTs. souaro oornors, round succeeds iu making it Into good models,
cornors nntl clioppod-oir cornors. In ' ,n raak'BS ,0' tn8 "o1 that can ba
Now York nnd Hoston tho roundrornors ' msl,' hcr ,,l,t !s we dono- . ..
aro laslilonablo, In rhroilolphla tho
suuaro corners arc all tho go. nnd In
Washlncrton nntl Hnltimoro ono soes
nothing but tho choppod cuQc.
.... . 1
irtuiscltymenlikoablgouir, as big
ns thoy can cot It. In Now Or oans tho '
bon.ton wear diminutive wrlst-bands. I
and out in tho boundless West thnv ,
wear n
Tho latter
m1 '" rr.? '"...'"'"L'" "."T
n ann I .! .T .. Vf 1
rovn a, sinrand Xblo '
nytltlngthathaiipcustobohandv. !..".." L.t t .rr". .?ui.. ...' V. " t. ft."
a dish-ras to a iialr of nlnnor. "-l-- "-'" l'" -f. "!.
is the all-provalllng stylo In . ""'"? a"?J ZJ?' ?" ??A "81BJ- "
denominations wear 'd.rforont kinds o' volol,mIcnU , "or. as some plant have a
cuffs. Quakers want small single cu"J ' ' eavcs-somftial primor
that lap over and button at tho end. i d!a1, Pwl'tont-so some children show
Actors wear big cuirs and largely patron- ? 'S1c2Bn'S,f0Il1i t.r,!lU,,RBl1 'V' Mli
y.o tho gaudy percale wllli polta dots n mi" "r dLMcnttht worn,
and rainboiv stripes like b'lU-po ters. ,8(of "'JWuUi. Toaage heffgure.
It Is pormlssiblo to wear a tigh .flttlnsr ' f.rao c ,lldr0,Ko '"" l rair smu
cufTln tho winter, although tlio present tM ??d T1 ,IDe,?K?r- "
stvlo favors a roomy ono that w.l Tome ' f,0" LS,Hn SmtSCl?
down clovcrlv oror thn wrial nn.l vt "oe nn' m ""n,e " OfCteir de-
nor.tlckln't fo0coMoo ? like a ? Jt P 1,mt ' ve their pji, to
man In an alloy. Nono but fops wear ;,Palr-. orf 0I? te the 'iWiest
tholr cuffs down to their knock es. Tim 'P.I'08, of ttUimae noble mattrltyj.Wi
bostdlstanco 1, from an Inch to half an
incu. xo vary mucii irom this standard -- ri' v- "- ",-
Is to display oxcossivo modesty or u i J? R ts lo n f0,0,"1 "f . ,i "
becoming loudness A dirty cuiT Is a ,,aV ot. its , or ","on. hJlVt
thing, tofeo washed and nottmkcdabouuVS
Chicago llcraUL
Pat Holland's Shooting Triok.
A Novada oxohanr-n sirs.
Vnnra mm In ll.n Aarlw li ..S t.K '
rv.mstnr.ir TMimi.nt ! iintu...i .
postraastor and coroner In a little town
In Cochiso County, Arizona, was tho
moit rospeclod mr.n In tho Stato. Ho
had the reputation of being a dead-shot
witii a pistol, en courso this accom
plishment made hint feared by every
body, ami thoro ww no man in Virginia Investigation has developed that (He
so bold as i to cross him In publio. l'at fascinating game of draw poker was In
acquired his reputation bv shooting on vented somewhoro about 1816 or 1817
tho Uage, and could kno knnnpplooir r by Mr. Klrkraan, ol Tcnueswo, a
his eons head with an accuracy an 1 1 turfman of some note. The game ed
carelouncsj which combined toi.j press -trnlght or plain iioker, of ciHa date
tho publio far moro than tho nianucr In much farther back. JJraw may V be
which the painstaking William Toll said to be the National gae. mU li.
p formed tho foatw than arrow, H-'yorhnps. doing mora harm InaculsH
nally.l'at soeu.ed a young lady who Ind Innocent way thai, cealaV Hi
would allow an apnlo to bo shot o her , futures or ear other specie oi gatrJuV
AX w I,?? W',C?,10XCCUtcl .'" Almost everybody knows a 11U& "m
'$ h.-!rS.,l,tSWu.,iU kcou 0i? " ? hl,1T -HMi the game, wklvh .,,- X
- "s-iis suss siia ur avis into inq,ainipe enough, and jst It )im Imumi
gallery, and without looklnc at his gravely consiiTerciUnd act i.clgv4thaUhe
in-irk. send a bullet through u,e fruit, ,ry height of human wdomstokHcw
Ihis was put down on tholllls as "l'at ' when tonlav a hand down. Sohm vran
Hollands psychological feat o saoot- Ulticeadraw-pokershariswlw MieaeiWv
housos." Ono night ho adve.tsed'lo hutise. and who claliucd the rtartliiiK
.hoot npplos fromlwclvo jo ng ladles' I and showy sobriquet ol "The SnSrVM
heads in succession, nnd onlv take ono ! Y..lln.r,.,mm- L. M,..it ofi' i-iT
look attho orowd. Pliter's Onern llonso
.. . .
was pao ed with men nt ono dollar a
head, nnd wl on the curtain roso twolvo
immaculate ballot dancors wero in lino
ilong Iho wings, oach with an applo on
hor Head. I'a stopped to tho foot lights
n bowed aniid romendous apjilause
Ho had a six-shooter In each hand,
ind Wlo stago mnuager anno ricod
that bo would shoot the last six apples
with his loft hnn-l, Casting his
syo along tho line ire took a long
broath. a steady position, and then
fa-ed. the audience. Lifting hu revo,.
rnr, ho ' egau to shoot lu rapid uovo
lion, and tho apples began to lly out of
t i -a n ,nri-, ,
sight amid tho breathless silence of the
titidlcnoo. Tho curious part of the per
formance, however, l.ty in tho fact thai
by tho tlmo l'at had fired tho sit aboti
all tho npplas had disappeared, yet ha
kept on .anging away with his left
hand, amid roaw of latightor und deri
sion. To cap tho climax, two applos
got tangled together nnd remained
dangling from tlio edge of a scono Id
plain sight of tho audiencn. Tho tries.
was at ouco apparent. .Each apple had
a fine thread attached, and at the shot
was Jerked quickly out of sight. The
supes behind tho scenes who pulle
the strincs cot confused at Tnl'e rapM
firing, and half tho apples disappo.ired
boforo tho t mo. Two wero smtfehoe"
oil simultaneously, and tho strings over
lapping In tho a r brought tho npplei
togother, whero thoy hung to the edge
of tho scciio, tho strings being on each
sldo. This ended Holland's nrecrasa
pit Ho soloist on tho p stol, and tli
publio gradually came to look hpoS hint
as nn ordinary mortal. , Soon after IhH
lin rrnt Inln n atrnnt: rnc In l'loohtt find
tired twolv ahou Ih it ajk 1t
inccu poritoii oi iho city wiitHHil Killing
a man. Hut for attempting to do too
much nt oneo ho might have gooe te
Congress from this Stata years ago, i
Early Triiinufc.
A fow days ago a couple ot PyronoKu
boars passed our door in okirsro of a.
Spanish koonor. One ot tficmTiJM"
pcrfonn a groat variety of tricks, and
was almost" as oxticrt In his t-a,sibQla '
and oxplolti as a trained monkoy. ThV
otnor was clumsy ana stoiui jn his per
formance, and fnr less Intelligent, appar
ent! v. than his comiwnon. TIi.a keen
er explnlnod that thoy wore brotliuK,
nnd tho only dlirorcncc between therh
wai that ono hail hcjn caught six
months earlier than tho other, though
both wero caught when cubs, aril mid'
ed: "If yov only catch a bear young
anough you can train him to do most
anything." Tho samo romark 's equal
ly npplicahlo to many animals beside
bears. Im explanation Is not dlMeult.
Ono of o p ino.'t acute otserrsts-i,.anv
eminent nutlipriiv in,a)Mseo, expia i
ibow no TtrtlV "stratlgO CUStpm IWdWIJ!"
pcMtltions. In comit cto opposition to
tlio truo wolf are nntl happiness ot men-
' . ,"" . i t " "i mi ;t, vi
'A bit of wr no larger than the lUt.toi
. ft bloFl ' msr,b'0.n"',e,M!; k ?.- '
" bo maJo' ,u kniful hands, to taM ,,
; the shnU t( auy tao ol tjfee gros -
wastorpl, .-sot art, Many l,boy ol
wpuloiim . My hac in htm Iho el-
raon,s lhl." "KUt'r'Ivf,?.T0'?l'',
,ho ""povlh matorlatchMed away
i ..... ... i. . .1...-J. t..i - .
-'6" -x " - jv.-v f-ia:T'v .,
0"10 'X ' l ro ' ,,h, k? fa
tho problem- i trre tho ldo.il Unas . ?-.
" must noi co lorgoueu mai im
P'"or trains her child as much
UY wnat .mo is res. y wnai sue
",00,5- , ?,' ," ,tll? atraoiphore
nf lin a-ilislil Slim la liVsA itilia rrrta
r.i ",'": :, X-, i. lu, .mi"-
""T"'" i. "' '.'"'.. ""r ."?'"-"
lo " P.0,.n ' or .." u ?.nl lr? V
". 0 win in iho ii cuo prao -
iOt 'I UI
acoordlnirto the devolonmont
1,, K5
r "pffi mt' tuL?.vCn "
who bog ns In season to so imp om er
talu fun amuntul truths and rightprlR
olples on tho brain and heart ol bet
chiltl that ho can never outerow or es
vapo tholr iui'uonce, amj tiieso priacl
plos rhnll constantly nntogonl o ttHftca-
clue in blm to evil and strcnifllien ten
duu, eVto B?d- 1,mt ' whole bolnj:
Jluiing Its entire oxlstence shall respond
"ocry stago of its dotelopmeat tokef
mammal toujU. AT. . fnbuhey
Draw i'eker.
n.l.It.lA I -. 1 - 1 . vr
exhibited to us and a couple, or New
!"- "aas.asj a a a uin -tuiiii mil mn t
loric commercial tourists how four
jacks could bo draw tioat a task a4
hold tin a sloevo for ua dHrfn -.
coaslonot guuios. M, contrtbuUidViiw.
eratiy for tlio iiiformatkw. nl si !
thou havo sot ' e dnwlng nmsH 1 CV
iuu tuiiuiiHuc.i ii wny onswu tnattl fori
wiiLnotio-eanyihKwyaliowV ou
gleet to draw Ih this war. . TWo 4-
tome rules about it eatlrelrsafa. a(
Iplay forMsoaeyW vou eanuot nouvna
j iently atortl to ksM It, Jon!t playwlth-
oi t you umterstABtl th same. Tk
men ar all dead who understand lisit
Ijaiae, AfiKoM (tVa.) 'Jiekgnk. '
r7 ,-ww ir
nini ef nil tiiinrre n ivimr aim la ia
t intuj ttwiu uw ui itrrnin imi
in hi in ol
' ' l-VJ.lt .,
rtoVtyerfor.-WCfr .. TO. I wlV. ware
.VAI UUSUBII 0 vu-s--s '"-.
. I J . . -2-

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