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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, February 09, 1883, Image 2

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2iibliitlic1 n-rrj Friday oy U.e
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vTKST OF 00.
Ju tbla article wo have tried to take
V. wof tlila fencing Irasluetn on the
- bwor side, to eo wbt the nilrnutarn
nro, to cattlemen nud to llio Nation
Ievlng tootlieta tlic otijcctloni, our.
ucItvi reunalilo lo c. Wo think
Ike M&tttr thouH b thorcniftiW m
dorttood ao.lwitli i ru,i to tti,
vnl httlp dim Hen It, uho:it tnnd-
ing hOWMTVT o o tnrnl.r ( tLc nb-
TJib tand wtait of H it iLjvt to our
ilivwa xctfj)tlliatwB r obllfatrU to
uJl If Wftclc BUI WllhM. Aerordlllff
my luuai i.c(yufc uuf w aunt, ?i iit
noi our tawi wi mm , u n
II operative awl avltber rrltn'nAl or clt-
il eie could b prtA there or
tUctir. lu o criaatiiftl co cunll utii
ii, nn laaicimeni im . io, unci nut
' w Krond jurlM ract of W r otiftn. d to
Wfli6a-ltIlAto UnCJettfl 4rt
lu civil cases no auwmons could lotuu
f, for UUo reason.
J-' lAccurdlnK to our Constitution a elti-
.'-''" ron linn the rigt to fmive in an wueh
4JBtc a le plcaaca. l?or derene Bake he
Ji uhortld not bu srenly but if be woro oi-
' cecdingl eroed be would not be nn-
Jlvl lawful. Foreiorlng a jtonvibln cruod,
the Oonatitatim, Art. 1., Stc, 2, mn
"jluu .auonni uouncii tuaiumte pow
er to atlupl audi laws nnd rcKulutlona,
as Its ttUdoni may doom opellont anil
ii roper, to prevent cltireua from uion
o)olidne iuiiirovcmenti." The Conn
ell has thus umiueitionably a light to
pass a law if It di'otns U pMUMl'umt nud
fit bat It ban not ilouu so. TJia fnc
iag it eoutrar to no law, aluoo ou Umt
nubjcct, there eilata no Jaw. Jcncinp
tbekepaaturaa may bo Inexpedient anil
univlae and a lav may be needed now
? JH. uppro&s it. That lndoed iu thu
j'unn. jo ajair ngctjuUf
la rder to 'i.niperTy dintusa the mat
ter, ctrtaiu fattii uhoulJ bo stated. Wo
are lnfuriarl, csrUtn cltiaeow, of both
jolitial parties, hare made largo pas
ture out went, cattlemen pay them for
the privilege oualniitbe pnuturo bo
kide paying in lull tho tat imposed by
Cherukoe law. Ja tbo diatribullou of
the waiters Ivnd xmtmz the cattleinon,
thg MUrur flaoa the rang of each, to
ast6 pe?ftirABa.W; ,tHB ,
laVfer rea than It ! tntlthjd 4?). Thin
iafad has been ecwdiiionall' promised
to tho U.H. u that f auoidil not ex
P'M.ttoaak permanent homes time.
Uur beaavt sad eatile ar vast of Wi.
Thou wlw make pafturva lher do it
at th. ir4 rikk but while thoy riak
nil thy hope to tuakc ujjney. It may
be aid"If money rn lv inade let the
Nation and not private caixena make
H." Vtj well said, if the Nation tan,
eonaUtontly, afiar aj'rv.lti.- to cede
that land, fence it u(i ; i.t, rrunnibteiit,
roaldabewiacly. !!.-, . a buuiuesn
no uncertain and rikky.
Again, it i raid "Uut thi paatura
bunineaa ia monopoly." llaforn tho
C'hcroUeos ever thought of eolicrttnj
4n ..h il. I 1m... I .1.. ,. I.-l . -.. I.. .1
l maii " "" """ nun, tun vuc.iuii uaii
rtflB their rangfu divided oil aniajvt Uieui-
Dciru occdruiug 10 uo iiniuuoroi nerd
owned by each. That arraujteinent
Btlll obtains, and to fenes in a panturr
aaaigneu ur common eoaiont la ou,
tainty not monopoly. Jf one eomnaav
woro to fuci In a Very largo body of
land, puttlngon It a smaller number of
cattle than It would maintain, thereby
lacludlui; some that might be crnaed
thcreou, It would bo a apecias ol mon
opoly, but a monopoly only ngaiuut
those deprived, nut auiouoouly nuaiiut
.UfcT ino Nation. Tbb wrong to the Nation
aH .- in such a caso would be making hor
rtnouaelosa BincoU4 Nation unould
be puid for all tbo cattle the land voulit
mpport. Hat this upOBd monopoly
and wrong is wet aUelately by tho
fact that the Cherokee Treaanrer haa
tUeriisht to aay bo many hjal ahall
TJl'iiiU u-any t;lruu arita and donufld
tho tax aocomfasly.
It is aakwj, why do tbeao itaekmen
want their cattle vithiu en encloaed
pasture, when they might run ou the
whole western atripT They have many
good reasons.
1st. It eaves tbo cattlemen the great
Toisof time, mncli labor and the var
ious uxpouae ef tho aeccnary aemian
nual rouud-up.
ynd. The steers brought In to be
-eorn-fed for market bar lag; been chae
txl and driven loug distance on tbnu
rwind-ups take much lougor to fatu-s
nnd cost each several dolttra more t hau
If thoy bad bees saved this traveling
by broaauiK iaietly iu a pasture.
3rd. Thefencinj pre ten tit loan by
ptrayluc and toiiMxjueut stealing. II
the eooutry were fen red no stealing
uould bo eueressfally dono and lone by
aloajlug would bo stoiped.
4th, Tho pasture men have lutro
dured thoroughbred Durham bulls to
cross ou Texas HUnk. In a pasture
they could trade their stock, prevent
ing their Durhatwa from grading the
cattlo of other poople. This U a from
ndrantsme tt.fgidingeOBblec the val
ue of stock in about fonr year..
5th. In a pasture, they could haa-
ilia nn.l nure aick ritlls unit f,,.'it thi'in
com Incatoflf aa nuunial severo wm-1
Iter sno!
Thus the loss by dlkeaaeuud
$j14j famine Is treatly dlruinislied.
JL utlij, Wrsteru Kansas is a uraim?
couutry sevsral timet larger than oni
vi ifl iiuv huu u9 iuU7 wuia ratuv. 411
winter these t-attie drift south to es
capti the cual weather and indeed their
owners IHvn thorn aonthward. Tliov
. JSlf.nre most esrlottly tbo range our
gn(.tle frienda have bought and puid
,- v 4J1 our cattle if len'W tram to seep ' tbo cattle rii!' ou .h tin ,r o,
, i'.,'h, Kansas cattle and all otbor tattle and thin J.ifrauJiL iti" '': rn1.. NV
4 , djrn tho ranjo assigned Iheuj, as in-, tiun ol hor tax. .Vo think tlu I Ihm
jy PL-od they have tho right to do but can koegovvrumvut snonUi negotiate ttM
r only successfully do by mnana of a 'fence matter with iho l'. H Kovrn-
h fence. Kach rnn has his rang" n-
Bijiiol hut nod has the right to drie
Iron1 that ropgc all other cattle, bnti
w.rd,itTy,lir4r wimn
teitly gone.
wf.'j f a
6 jin rl
It ' ' V.
' i. very r at
b . i limn th i
if the inl prar.i
r .ael i! '
i l' i. .
'b r ' ii If t' -
f i 0 t . 1: 'ii
fl. '
. I !!
, Kit.f ur
.i f.rar ,
mm, nr
i'r .m iho
Ii !l US -I M n -I. f ' I ,
I -.m, -Ii' bv f raw Ii if
.jttl!i in cl'i'n lit re,
f U
r 1 w
'..! -I I ) ! .. Ll.l .11. II. .1 !J
uli.ai ,.,') r atiiiii'u. 'i iif fninf
lrr,',.i- na.es tho ctiienm' of lic-ilinif
v I kbit,, ,jf it', IT, in a rlurt tinm,
w o'jlJ ,iay tbo cost of fi 11 ring.
Wis .Tioj('a m-tf
In this inaller ii plain to u. Thee
men ni.r th.'ii diiharn a'id cutn to tin
Nation nnd the Nation takos their
caon.-y for the nsc of thin crass. The
duty of the Nation Is to ofrer them ev
ery protection In that use as far as pos
sible and certainly If fencing by prt
rate cltlzuna chea them proleotton
wtthoutdninajluK tho Nation, Iho N'a
tlan should nut In ooiun.'n honosty he
the nn" W taVn tHe r'r ".in tr- r.
th.rr If tin- N.ilinn li.r-d' ,j ,,,,.
fllto,t lir the fi 1 cMtar I' nr ,',i! I i.r.t nlv
t4' unf.ili to the at'ickuieu hut injur
inns to Hip Ch'-'o pruplo. in oint
offset the Nation U btint fitted by thix
First. It strenictaona nor till t.i the
land. A deed ntsr be a o4 title. A
(trcd an I B( liuiw li(r J inv. r-liti
Letter lint de.l. a ku. eio'tjoil
ownership, and actual itaiii aod
ose I tbtc lv,ua;ist of all iliu. )f
I'll) Jonrw have v il I deed In a piece
or lurid in Texav, it in Ins and hr h
tmht U it, but ho risks it Marions) If
be let.i It lay unused for yrarsund open
on the commons. Ills linos are for
gotten, diarerardod, his title disputed,
hut if he claims that land, uses It nud
fenced It, hia title Im-couiuo impregna
ble. If nill Jouee owaa a baud saw
and It lay over at Muaeofee sad he
never uses It, hia title U thereby weak
ened but If he ban it in hi bands, us
ing it, who shall dlspnte his title? So
with us, If we have this laud In use,
under fence, no man will have the face,
not the braton-jawod Oklahoma l'ayne
himself, wilt have the check to dispute
our right.
Hccond. People of cnrroundiiin
Slates, Bay we nn "dojrs In tli6 mnn
iter," we won't lot tho oxen eat. Tin
strong nrjpimeiit against us havo lieen
Too Llieiokties have vast country
and neither uso it yourselves nor wiil
lot us use it; yon are in tho way of civ
ilisation." By ftnrlosior; this land with
a fence we destroy the foroe of this ar
gument and cloiw their lips ho.auno wr
nre uaintc It oureelves.
Third. It LC.it 08 etronK political al
lien and frisuds of these stockmen,
who with 'heir wealth are a powerful
organization. Th-y will work with us
to keep the country unchanged, and
upend their neuey If need be, not lrn
causoofany fanolfol friendship, but
berause if tho country vcre to Uo
thrower flpen iu vi is.t r, amp
tloia laws or tho Uiiited Sf aU. theii
fi.ttlM rauches would be f-ninetiiateily
de.nio.vml by Millers, their buainese
pmie they would hao to in 11 out and
loaVH the strip.
Fourth. When our eolloctorH OmI
went out with reeotjuUed authority
thew cattlemen ebifled their hords
1 ickward and forward and acrms the
Kansas line, so that many herds cfi'oc
tualiy evaded our colWotrs and mon
ey whUh whoulj havo -ootne to our
safe, ataid Nafely in the aafj at Cahl
vell, Kansas. Tiiia evasion still tb
tains in irrcator or Usu dcrea but if
the laud ware fenra.I evs in of tar
would he Impossible. Thus foncins: en
sures Uut collection of the tax. and will
largely lucieuse tho revenue.
Fifth. Since this fencing is in many
ways valnnblc to tho btorkuien and
slnco when feueel It woulJ bu worth
nmch muro to them, wo might, 'lntn
tho bflMuoaK ia BUlllciontly orsaiiirvd
rnlio tho tax from 40 cc&t.i to M oenls
per head and thus at ono stroke double
our already increased revenuo.
Ilesids those advantages to tho Na
tion nre others which a thinking roan
may see, rach as a protection from
State agression, the stealing and
liHUliirfr. out of tunlKr, unit, etc.
Hut it Is asked, "Haa any one 11 right
to tenet) in fort bv.AAf ."!! uIuk
eiw osalar pnsta to do It vitli?" We do
not know such to be the case since no
one vouch" for tho statement that it
baa been dono but in a general way we
would remark, that no onenxcept aolt
Iron Aw his own uso or that of u fallow
cillaen haa the right to cut and uso Na
tional cedar posts, exoopt as otherwise
provided by law, and If It has actually
boon done, v bira wc seriously doubt,
we voakl further remark i: Is an offense
which hasuothiug whatever toils with
tho funcingiuestion, except pe-haps to
projudii e it in the eyes of those of weak
As lo the hukie pasture alluded to,
which may or iua,y not be imaginary,
wo louiaik that tw ue is nathin. if
the suppouod icntpany pat alt tho rut
tic ou it '.lie puMturo will etipport end
pays thi' (.'horokito troauur for it,
that's vnotii;h, tho oitlomea aud the
Nation would be lcai'Uu I hy it aa
ah, o set forth aud such n company
vould be entitled to prntcotionju.il as
mui-h one which fenced iu only tin
Hut some one may suy ''Suppose a
cattleuiau on a big pat jr oio tn
claiui the land. In rvp!y. Our owu
eitironii nre tho aeknewlidged holderi'
but if the were not so, cut title is
plainly . ot forth in our patent, the Un
ited ituti'i h aoki.j-lo.li;i I il time
and spui'i, and nil'. uo.':njwlidni':' our
title, Is o imtnitt .1 Ixyoi d p.-ih'e ro-
vii I, ml tiio 1 .r'.u'iit of an uuuu il t.i
hy the K'oi-'-ui-u in auiiui.'iul l,ip (,,,
'. . i ,..i... ii. . .
. .iiiini,-iiiujiiiH un ma mn oi our u-
,1,. if i. ,1,,..., ...v thtt . ,. ,.,. .
,r i . ,..i.. tt i,;,, i:,,,, u, .t,.i.
''.,'i"V'ut yoafly, wesl'upl) do him as
wo 1.MU' June in tho p8t, wu havu b.iu
p ! oat
V think t!u,t fi Ivti I west of 'Jo
should ho I'm t .'' r 1. 'i '1 ''inn), th it
all 1 attle out there rhould cjy tax,
whether boliiiyiu t'. ('heiokn's or
not. Thiswo'tld p' . njr nii-oja
colhi lni? with I
'. 01 '.. n, I'olil'iiir
i... ..t :'.'"l '! .. ,o-.i, .; to th- b.tija
that mav t' u iinmi,,.! tnr rl.ta 1
ur-iul ihurly oi.jnoi m !i. j , m.sl"'ll H' n luipwru'ivel Iii n.
w tt IIIU lUttil- .U
I (crtalncd.
ua r "-'iiyj'iw
i n.. 'jfiiur ik. -
an J r
i , in ! " ttl Cn Ii
1 I r,r ..(hi 1,. f r r,., ,.
be ir-afrirtt.l ,y inn,,, ....
law that w,uld at. .nre protect the ptif..
in i,i-iari i'v'ii i- ii '.IV at, I y. I f),,i
M .TCf$ I. , ill, III- U ll, ,i p,,., ,
.i - V,. u,i ,k tin- N,ili,, ,i,,,n
Mt cud r" the f. in ,:ij wii f ,, OT.
"'it wi.li the iii-i.'t uiiiliruadia-'
tlie W'inlil tint ho rri, mail.1,1 r,.- II...1.
, , ".. "
i....M.uu,r(.Frnii.in 01 me tu-ety
pr ivU'n.ii K..r hr,i! it,.i ; . ;,., f.)j.
I r -- it, . ,t 1 . .-,a . 1 mh,
pay ii .' i 1 mi rii'i.l a , , in ,.f hrm-fit
to the Nation hora.-lf. The Nntton
all-mid howeiar declare that tltone
f. nius Jj nil (jio th" constitutional
lndcfn..iMriht lo tho anil thus en
closed. TV'!, ore our in 1 .ilu.il vlrws,
frankly and frooly oinoMil, wrillou
hastily iadeod lul. n IhIiomi, In the
main, writiun Konmlly. If wa arc
wrong, show it lo its and to I bo Chflro
Umj peoplo, sod v.'e will support your
vlows honoatly stvl canahhy, but let
theno who til (for artswsr I he iirit and
not tnLo so ijii hasty phrano fur a text
and prunch a t nrrnop to prijudico.
VUO' tvi:i rvn.
fBfw.k .. dr.- n...; i
IU..I l.l. I l. .1. v...:.. .1
" - -srisse a v
..I". IUMIJ.I 111. Ill II, UII- lll()l.l
. i . ., ,
..ilin-.i III him., u.iiiii I , .4..,. , .
....:" . ",i 'V. . . . i"
nu.ii.-n as iiiut ill'iTlll' VJ i:v lllfclli
t lillO'l
ai.il In x iiieSMior r.m.t.rl
, . , .
Miiii'uri anu real mivsnce-
i ' ( :! . o rit. We "poke,
i.iji in r, oi a false economy, or
r.ilhor '-tinjjiru -a -is he'i' an ruin
oua a :lto wil.l.' t (I'm vt;.mc, to
proro our point let nn to-day go
through fire aud water.
Paopla at large do not perhaps)
know the gnat probability there is
that souio of thoe dayo oue of our
rostly Hetninn.ries will be burnt lo
the ground ; and tho marvel Vi our
eyes in how thoy have escaped de
struction ho long. Tho present
system ol h-ating them is pretty
euro to result In burning thow
down. Within tlm Inst few months
we hare had a littlo blue or two,
extinguished duly just iu time to
avoid a conflagration. On day
last torni a bed wu ia llamoa ; pro
bably a aprk from the fir had fal
len on it. Tho boyi wire at their
leosoiH ; and without doubt the
building would havo been destroy
ed, hud not n boy, chancing to
leave the school room, perceived
the imoko. As it waa, it wast with
the utmost difficulty that tho mat
tresit could bo removed to the yard
to burn itself out quietly. We
hnvo no meatus of txliuiiirhing a
tlarao loo large to bo trampled
down, for thero is no water. But
w iull apcik of (hat a littlo fur
ther on.
The Beniinarlcs .ihould be heat
ed by hot watur. The preaent nr-
rviRCuieiit C'j'.ii'ts deBti'uetioM nud
will conio by it. Fur the graatcr
part of tho rooms are provided
with open fire-plarcs. In cold
weather tho buys make large lirea.
When thoy lcavo their rooma for
public dutiej, they build up the
firiot to bum till their return. Tho
wood rrftcklett, aotue of it flies out
on tito wooden floor, or outli" bed,
oa above related, nnd, unlena Home
body chuncea to be paisinr, Jio
wholo building intiBt burn out.
Aud those who know these thiugs,
ami yot will not rectify them nro
uerlninly rosponsiblo to tho Nnttbn
for tho buildings rutd to God for
nny lives lost.
And thcu this la a sAinnls of ex
travagant economy. The amount
of wood used in supplying :very
room vrtth a fire-placo in very
great j whereas one such Giro would
bo nlmoat suwelent to ivnrm tho
wholo building ; and the diflercnoo
would soon pay for tho outlay in
providing hot water apparatus.
This quostion chould bu oertainly
entertained by those who hnvo the
direction of public ofl'aira.
And now with regard to water.
Tho Male Hemlnary has no water
within a utile of iu front door,
whence proceed tho following un
satisfactory results. In ise of a
lire breaking out, we are positive
ly helpless ; iu (he summer .nonths
when tho water has stood in tho
can all day, it is w.:rm, unpleasant
and unwholesome : iii the severe
winter wwMher it friezes on Us way
from tho sjirins;, and wc bnw had
Uyo without J'oi two or thri tl.tyn
at a lime, usiu nothing but rain
water from tho roof. Aud in order
to comply with this absurd regula
tion and condition of tilings we aio
rompelb d to keep mulea and em
ploy blp at an annual outlay, at
Uu lowe-t toniptitattoii, of f7'),
where, with a thousand dollars
we could have either hit artesian
wen nuns: ai our Kticncu uoer,
wlmh would give us ail thu witter
ever iu"
or wo could
are a lino. 'urn M.tdo with the
... ; : . ... n
i"i..ji m.iu mnjr im nuit'i vu iuc
,:,,- ,u. u ..; e
. .,',,,. 7. l, . V
tn Hie Male Hennnsry to i-ae
hoen working fur twtnty vs' , at
K'.-it $l'.',ltl0 iHvel-c thfn''..ind do!
hire) liiwo been l'tvi.-hi'il si wat.r
a'l'ic, w Inn !'l :'n i.' e .sotl.ous
hu.I would have dotii' tl.e work for
ever, nnd in a mt.ch. tuore n:iti. 1:
tory j,. 'inner
.... ... .
Ji.sibuf .'. siie.ifitn of th.
c .i.t ,.eo:u,u.v ni.oed at ly
Muviitu v unlaw, will JVjii M.ejiww i
would surely do well to consider I
tin lo words of ldghy Wyatt :
"nightly utidet'stuud nviii)n;
VMb twutt iiuvt Mnwr utat isiiscttt ji.
ff, Farmer
.snr !
f " tv"iT m,
. ,1.
, i.c
i . . i , .
I i t f if loi t!
"of Oil Ji'nh should ,iot We U.,
I "often l$i it ns mi ."--r1 'o tli
' i" : mu' wh it Mm i
'" ', i n rcpror.. h will
I.. , -e
'Oii,, ' ,r
i'Hll "Ti t ih
im, nn judmc-'it
'will L-
pronounced tntun Oi:r
l.r-n.l. :.i . . . .V. .
1 "- irunan turnout iihismm au
"ilfit v . 1.1..1. .... , .
1. 1. ..-1... . . . J "
wioriiy from wltlch ther Otti
"tiy ni ju ul "
Tuosdny night of tlis wti
I tvi.nl v.flf.M rit.1.1...
.'-"'vvkmnunn nrr)aT;? ar
rived from Kanaaa City, hinging
hortDj, w-igon, tents, gunji d,,
etc., Kith them. Part or! thetn
went into catrtp near ike L;KtUt,rt' Couirniisioncr Prico replied
depot iminciiistely, hat the stater
part put up nt tho hotclsT nr.
nhien, after whom the copany is
inmuu, u witii tnetn, ami ckftooU
lo enter the Tcrrilory at thi head
of (lie mue Itn tin- invtat'on
to lay out liie tjwn imnaediaW on
frttrtnis 4 itv. t tv .
"'. M,rrwn. oU-
I j KII- f ... .
il', nuiiuinu
. . ,
A rnesting was called
I . " -.v.
ry'. ffic ou Wr
: m.A . I
1 JI r7 l'
cHOwtie attfteU.
delivered by sevor
th colony, and aeve
this vicinfty Jerine ra
i pny.iiji tho treimtrer (2
. . ., j .1 r'
"" ?7..?.! &!!. ";
moved to tho river, wbr Wl of
tho members expeol to retusjte un-
til tho coloy leave, her., i.ch it
.. ..p. u w... ue . a ,BW my..
Mr Uul.lnll atmi.neu .!-...
irntwt rjft.tjatsi ( kiv
pleaant f; iitleinan, of engngir-S
manners, and expresses a drt.r
in ination to remain in th Terri
tory or le hauled out by th gov
ertlinent. and all oftha nntnalatH
, 7 . .7
nre of tho somo dotrmind mind.
-CuB-ejnlU Journal.
"' """ .
mm Y
3w '
Ban Francisco, February 3.-A ;"1'" mWi,l.y,l.
Portland dispatch .ays advices rtm ,n. "..f .s. "1"
from Southeastern Alaak. by tht "J". ;'h""; are in-
last steamer say that the universal '0rte'' - " U,f m "l-l xih Choc
verdi,t am.,,,, whit. .i.l" t"l I.twK.Uon, dated March 23, 1842.
that Coinuinnder Meiriame, uVirr
in ehilliiig the Indisn village waa
the only jtrnper thing to be dono,
and its effects are of a annul )mU.
Home character. Tho Indians .e.
knowing the justice of th pun-
ishmeut t .d Jn not l.o e u .
resentment. The t.at th-
Indiana are auffuriii., fr ., ...a i
.holur nnd and i. nrt ,
Most uffyeljjtf" arofPhnsjr
been rebuilt. Ko Mosi brair.
ty wus destrcred. as the fhdion.
hail lnrit.r,iiir l...nu ....tU. ....I
... ...-..i uuwa.yip aynu ,
removed their efieets.
I'yatt and Kvan'.i fine dooring
mill is grinding extrlltnt flour and
.tcllitch.Mp. AH our people whu
conveniently ran will do well to
patroniz" tins homo mill. They
are ruinii.niM),
well equipped dr
quali, I. T.
1 otton gin and a
, store, sATahle-
CASH ASSETS, $150,000,000.
fire. affliAefz
Oaoly 0
ii ltlW
.1 A me
ia ''"irp
IK" U. !,i!,
ranre C u
Oonwiicri i tl I'
of U..I -:;.
1'i.il'IIIX iI l.H
ft., tutiiiie I : res:
.p. 1. . 1 A
surarte t .
J I .'.V I'll 1 I- I 'I
anl Ai.'ulii.t
And o:'n rf of tt
past V .'. till- nil. c-
a wen i 1., d
4iwi.i'ii. .
Wlii' si shows ji!
toe prplt 1
indeu.mur written ii
cjatb ouiiii
ti o ioll
e loiiowinj
the nam' a .
in hut-mem ti'- h
Capt. H. F. '
Ci'.niei A 1
i Ij nr
1 Ij ina .V t
, t vi i,,.
r. iTJL....
I J. K. Tnem r.
r v t.i..
A' H.V'essAt o
W 111. l-isb'i v t
.1 - I no (I. W !-tul hat.
r'littvraon A hi!
1. i. Ikllllpi, At..K.
s.v.ffi. .. m
i r, wi(soa.
Juhn Rosnii, sa
: ;
Thatikinjf tho 'iJftAlc for the ai
I III II M lllil I.WI.I.o t,. 11. 1
, ";t:., " .'" : '. '"
f.uit in u-..l n, Ht' a, w,-rem ,m
" i m id nrjY -
" - -.
JtsYOi. .r
,,'l,(f,MIV ili.niri.
'',?i .'v M.i... 'N
come to preserve its provincial inno i
sst " sssbbbbbElibbbbbbbb25L!I-
the LL
ik'o Con lsTcrTlf Vorth
(Mi Marin.
t tj
in. OftatlKi-f.,
1 V.i MBtkoaoe.
T 17 it
l 1
'r,S!'!ttfl,'"t'"j'''""'J,JJ,g,r'g,-J! 3'JJ,im:"'
taw 'r-t 3" help.
V 1 l"fic" n. I' t , FelTUary 5
'.' i iitiui ' "i 1 ut It'll tiuretlirr
' , '?. ,, I Co.i.jo'.t'i on !:i'!inn
ill'-.ir wul critniiler tr.-ini)rrtw the
j-syr-ient ri Kaw Indian arrip.
hltli if held by Kaatern parties to
"io r:.ont of no.i.rv f20O,iTiO.
J Tj.tcr Iiij,'ntla is opjmaed to the
pvnunt. It ha been rejiorted
uat itidtead of tlio Govirnmciit
i wing tho Kaw Itidir.na a mini of
noney lite latter was indebted lo
tho former (n the extent of 6300,
O. c;ell,lr JJatvea eent a letter
t the CummidMoner of Indians,
a'kinr as to the truth oftlio re-
vl,i,t' l',e reI,ort was f, and that
' the Cioverntnent owod the Indians
jjut 8!i3,00O.
Imllau AITalrs.
Waahlngton, D. 0., February 5.
Senator Dawes purposes offering
an awotidwen! h the sundry civil
service appropriation bill when it
is presented for oon si deration. Bis
I VJfejrva i'.i (. 11
diatelT, sulrl iuto th treasury of
the Cheroke Nation. Th Money
is to be taken Irom tat fands dn
nnder tho ftppmisotriBnt for ChefOr
-mwwi wo nripniiavuiQuii lor UUSTOr
kchnda west of ,, Arknna..
riror, and is to bu expended as the
nhnrnkee l.nnnilnlii.n rlt.i- i
provilm ,n th(J amedincnl fit'atM
,htt thc oherokee Nation, throng,
. ' "
ts proper authorities, shall exe-
ntc conveyances satisfactory to
he Secretary of the interior for the
tracts oocupicd by th Pawnees,
PoiieaB. Xoz Porena. (Vn nn.l Mi..
.....! in i. ,-
""," "" vaagcH noiorc in pay.
mcnt of the raoney. Tho Scre.
lUuy of the Interior is ordefed to
prepare as soon un prnctical.o, and
j aus to b issued paten w to th
' Always keeping in view the best
'Crests of tho Farming eonimun-
" """"ngiuo oei Bu.. dhw,
' ni on February 1st, 1888,
have in stock n full line of tho re-
nownod WEIlt PLOWS, which
yaBSit?:f d wnsjiit.
tWrlMiit Intertit by gettisTg flie
'"-Bt nt pdcM that defy oompeii.
l UOn
(,17-St) A. C. Raymosd i Co.
ixnx foi: sxls.
One mile west of Vinitn, the most
doairahh' improvtnient iu (hia section.
J urhty acres under cultivation nnd
:hreo hundrut and' fifty under fenco.
M'ill be sold fur one half what hnt been
luvtrtod. Snqtdroof
18-tf A. 0. Ratuosu.
t& Co
f "mr'-4
ie Ooxxi.xaxi13sb
nerira. Kstaldishod 1701.
.Kttahlislied 1S2".
Fetuhlinhod 1.SJ9.
' "achusettk. Kdtabllahod lfMQ
tl lS,"tJ.
.uy. EH . .1 shr.l lfiW.
q, nty. l'tuhli.-hed 1873.
KstaMishtJ lfcfll.
-d 178.3.
any of New York.
Hertford. Conn.
itional rt-mttation. Dm-Inr the
precision (if plain and oquilabl
. few of our customers well known
adjo r. V. Ro,;er, Cherokee Nation.
llt'ajs, ' '
. 11....
1 nuniiauu.
: . W. I.ip-, lreasi
. K. Iilackstin,
'lioolor it fhivsi'uhurv,
in. nn nai
J J. 4J.' tl..or, Mo 'estor, .
,. ' l'hi'ni".,
H inm :'l,, ' '.I,), ',v
r t'. Mit'ov,
M lu. "
bi-B. Jiio. P. ltrown, Bemlnole Satlon.
1 histler, Pick, t .i (lo,. K and lx.
k"'d many "othem in tho Tnrilrv.
visit, .iinl Toxuf.
oluitin .unl l.oj
r tl.i to i isy inc
. . "
-K-grs, ca, w- r. eases jc..
- - - I --HI U
'pt an.t katiofmti.ry aittiulnn. -
" " ' i O I ti I.
whiKnew? d --
cohssXa ?'-?' a
OATH Wretrni ratxe.1
11 A it
r01tK-9taalant Mtt,
tt mm i y
g t'-' "h"hj-!''ji" um mi mum n,
& tt
" il ttjrK
fl .
FH fc-i C O
rl S hi
0? D 9-8
tsssi ..1
IsBJE ilii
1 e
o S.I gW
IJ-s S
3 c S
J? 5 8
d 9 V C
5 &
P 5
O b.S k.
k.uw, 'SSJMSjpsj(fNS-V
General Merchandise I
I. T.,
1Tin sell geod-j
As Low as Any Stora
CALL ArTD KXAllilfl!, MY 0T0CK(jl
MAtat mtatir -aiwis
hmrn wAnriiniii
rarun vvrtntinuuo!
Cone; XMrd and visa Ctractj,
UtTi ZitrrtUit Htiiit la a FrlatlD OBn.
t vtgeewryirwMrrwavi vv. iww v ' e ew
Ono and All.
I havo for Snlo Grnmloat Invon
tlon of tho Nlnotoonth Ooutury.
61on'u Oolobrctod Six Vhool
8wlBtrMaohlneOap'oro. Athintr
that Bbpnlrlbo In ovary homo In!
tho United Stntoa nnd Tarritorl.
Tboy nro handaoui, neat wA d ir-1
abU, aud on oo will last a Ufo
" uu u ou wove to ra
ebino from ono part of the bona
to tb otber with onoo. Thy are
a Grand acoompojinimant to any
Bowlajr Maohluo.
I want oaloamsn in ovry
town and looallty in tb want. I
will puy a good nnlary, or oom
xnlsiolon. No capital rsquireU to
try the buslno a.
For furthi'4 infonaatio-t, aitdn ?s
J0H?1 H. DECK,
Vlmta, I1,m Ohfitopa, Xanow.
Wui'i Aite Ort.ts otwr fWay-j.
W 'W
1 ZSaisVsflpxT'j'
mMizLjLivaxiiiLzi.z3 MffAr
wskisv , " WJWJki rrVtnm'l,1W.
Dealer la
Dry G-oods,
Anfi everything nannlly hept In
c. well ttMortod jtoro. I sell layr
as tho lowet for cash. GVnd
woo -an, anil -jrl jsjd-
Glierokse Meaf Market !
pruiTA, r. av
Alwaya 00 hand at
tnunx.tr, i.t.
Dealers Im
iraM bM ram Twilssassit
I 33crsr Mjym rssaxaXj
ruiw, niBEa ana rrxjAirs,
hs a Specialty.
BOOtS), fGl2.00t3
crnua. OloSiin,,
OlMaUtM Si jfjn,
TjalaletQiTlAlA, O. 'JKT.
tnuums oi
GensrsT MerchanH
Tbcy haw a foil stock of dry '
Oowlsof all kinds, boots, shocc
hats, cape, mucuaware, hard
ware, groreriM, wairniia, An
Ifyu want fa.r-a-uaro dealin? and
th fu I til ' i rr X tT ,, 4la .
I i oanw'UB .. tttrrf - i J i,
o ' tt'Aalh Orro oi Jobs 1 flu.
a Vi fiu. I
rvl. Jtt ft.
inuira. ir?i
TBV'f-.it. .1-TJZTli'Zrr vt, li10 M'er, from wh
AlOl TtlfllCiia ,iV"S """"P1' thousaml pooplo tl
"-lv '-' ) their provision suppl
First Anrt:al Announcement, j Q
U'lNITA, I. T.
This ra&my ploaes to furnish a
thorough koreoof practical Instrnc
Uon hora it home, and otiiiHeqiicntly
for leas inoley than the samo allvnnU
3C wouldwet if ebildron woro sent
to the Ptatis. The baildine now being
erastsd will eontaln
rrt s Bcnoot, aooas,
all lare ail admirably arranged, and
adaptJ to, their apodal use. The
flehcol will eptn with
row Txicnsns,
eeenred from tho east, all of whom aro
tho very beat to be had. Bpoelal rooms
and toachors aro provided for
vtiatc, uxAwiKO isn r.u.Mtiao,
which trill glte as thorough advantaged
as can bo recurod anrwhoro. , Th?)
will also bo f 1
sissbb cosjtua,
designed cs- STt hr yonnc fflon. A
number of t 4 't atomiefjTrtff--
takealiniltrKl'tKiberof-bsariiers. ts
soon aa er '? a boanHnK oalabl'rh
uient will ,diJd. Tho tttH k 'kii
will open
i-(fcrcr3nnBi 1.1,
!mnicdlnLy nitor the fair. Tho oehool
la backed ,y the Amorlcan Homo Mia
ojonary fijcty ,ut le under the spe
olal eontY,,! 0f the Hoard or Director?,
whbaT0Viti,eni)"bf Uo Cherokee Na
tion. oirr tiiz acTtoot a thui.
IJlrecters :
A. P. Goodtkoohtx, rrefl.
G. W. OitsBii, Trenauror.
A. W. TiauattLAicK. tW-eretary.
I.. U. Hell, Kathaniul Skinner,
tVXlXhe.nAortIn. J,Q! Trott.
iOix-cot Eouto 3eut?
"Visa 13 1. XaO-riiboa,
Pullman ?alace Eotol Care ttr)sjh
to St. Louis, via Eodalii, ilsuly.
Direct Routo West nnd Beutsiweav "W
At Kansas Giiy, ?S
for Kansns, Colorado, No
ion Depot
sso ngura
cw Mexi
co and California connect with fix h
russ Irani of all lined. I
fit Aichison, Sa'Sai'iS '
press Trainn for .dl pointu in Kan
sas and Nebraska. ,
At OnflinAiV
lug to thtt,oi;th.rdWval
Connection la'mr.dA
Imca leaiiv
Superior "ScebifwiatlnU.
P. (HUMlMtlf, flen'l I'aaa'r AraL
V. M. KISSANAas't GoS7pK l .
1 I'aaa'r r.oL
Gcn'l Pnaa'r A,-,
IT. II. ri.CTCIIEI .tKoutatYmitiV
st. ix)uia
Bt.Louia, Mo.
Tho 0nl7 Vholesalo Yards & ti.
XTiLoun Aecssalhlo bjr3I ij
raP" "54 Water!
.. , I- -
oloriKj't. Zm ,
iniso yixnt.
re laforrit ' it
crtmicosssm win 1 )? yanln . ta
Ironikmn'alu A uithtrii r.! . d ra ,
lie VtSne witlxiul r-it and . mvav
lt. dhiinknicu tliiiu Uj uiiy otUr, -"
3. Theae vardti hrrtt thu necuhar ad-
I vantage of lieliur ui'ated on tho St.
. ..v iivcr. iruui wnicix
. E.verv Wlm.i h n I.. I.....
has a r-.-oolar buyer tuMooil h.rw
Buyers of cattlo, heirs are sheep, toth
ror the hnuvu market and eastern shju
niwnt are at all times repreeeutod.
o. For comfort uml cinenlenee tkMe
yants have no nujierior i the eoantry.
Two iiirs of etrevt cars appraAfh her.
Hotel. tuluKMllh ufll.iua .?! ,,rU. A
icoieaose wrstprKincii on th
i- r 2 1. - -: '-- -" --- w'"
lie nrnssisi
ILL MtlliffSr,
iseretarx nisi T'n'sufiV.
yvIloXQ m IilVB DTOOBuy
end Holla Furs, Zlido, olxx,
tnben la caohonyo tor troWa ow
onaa. uau una o4 ouioy.-aj
snd prloo tiicm. " '"
Daily Stago Xtn
Muak0n9n.IT tn FfetalArr;
mnnifir Tnim -. tJ"' -Wi
"uiwuuusni,i!!j IX A vUj
'Vl'll 11U Li lUl J
new coaches and Roo'sfou
janco, aiiflity miles : -hodnlI
iweniy-inur iniiirji. JUtes cl,).
nwtiun at Jt.iHl. .,..,., fl7S.Z V'J"
illsBLurl P;T ; T.Tu '.." !" f
a . . . ---.--.-. sttriia. iriin uin
Bmitn with the I.ltth. 'n.w.i, VH
Htllttll n,.,l tl,.. V.l ! "" ".
.. , ,uw i ,,,1,, ,lu.a
i M.F. Ki.NHKr;
l" BupedutojiJ
The Live Stock Uarket of Bt. ;
Looatod at EoBfc St. I-ouiij, ii
Ulrertly nprMsita tho city ,,f Hi ij
Buyers fnr M iiUBeTtxi,u ,f ,p
::.v':i.' ..ven,l.,n""-""" Hitiuni
Rrouudsof tin- stork vnrd
aro ni
out. iiiijoompany. with a capnc
...i'.iflf.,.uK roMlieMof WtloJ
1 ,., . ,ou,i " itat halimHi,tJ
5 .l.?' "' f'r slaughtorins la.cm
aughtorins 13,000 ijl
iRA-m 11. rarox. ...r
I UM- '
..... .kixuinw", -- -

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