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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, June 15, 1883, Image 1

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Ilcrcitutl to Hie lii,lrrcls of tho ClieroUtos, ChoctiiUK, CliUUimivv s, SimiiIiioIcs, Orcein, ami all Other Imlliiiis of tho Intlliiii Territory.
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nicnncd bjTclcsrapli'mul Mall
Tub President 1ms appointed Benjamin
riiiCtcrworth, of Olilti, Win. A. IV.ton, of
New York, and Charing Ij. Porkins, of New
York, a comnilsliloif tri examine seventy
live .nlles of tho Northern I'm Me Hallway
In Montana Territory, fifty miles of tho
snmoronil extruding westward on tho Yel
lowstone division, mil twenty-llvo miles
extend big enstw atpn th". Mt-.'iiirl tl
vision. i
I I ll'MWri I give, no.
llcv that conKSBAHBNt iotn for ml
nltnr a n hank of pnlim nmloytlillnit
!lr, anil festoons of orerRreens '(ecKed
tho walls. j
TiiEMnyorof I'lilladelpliln recently ie.
eelved a letter from fiti -rnulilHgVflrlnB
whether Dr. II. Darling and I'rof. A.
Campbell weio eonnecteil with the l'lilln
ilelphla Dispensary. Ilia letter stated that
two men vrcro traveling throiiKh tho West
ern country and representing themselves
to lie tho fonrdeni of tho Dispensary. In-
ipilry at-lho J)lil'VXi I'vWJ'lW'jU
pcrsouifin iyiy Jtbunrutoii w'thjjhatT
Tine alarm of llro given by ono of tho
pupils In tho Fifth street irlmaryfolnmMii
New York recently created n panic among
Ytm..fhllfti.h4lii..t . t(.n ... .....U...I ...
iiUukto PWs-vlll bo hijd lM, n lPrrit0 airaln ,rt.n&rWV.flaniff
lietwcrn tho nth of JmiWrlid tbo3dHh..i'iv.nM...i.nii-,f...ii..i.i i-
uly at totirtfcj.HlMfcCLIcngo, fill. r(.,t.,roi.
cni . Ill If r-i
atlr C7erM;irTt!7,IVMi-fi1fH'tirilliiniiinli.
lins City, IonlVllltf, Milwaukee, New
sns, llttiburg, I'ort Huron, St, Inils
I Rlll rrnnrUriL Ativ tmrntl .. lal.l.n
"Idf" e;tn"lI,,',, at either of said places for
ticu in any iicpaiiiiiunt m 1 aslilugton
uld send n written leanest to tho Civil
vleo lommlssoi at that place for a
per application blank, which will bo
filled. '
l)Cl.KOATlyvpwn,Imllnns recently
n fOufo4nwItfiThe Sogp.tnrv of tho
rlor reKMcUn&tlj&lMuIatluriM of their
auoBiiiainnsaiiv inac in
p, when 5ttyBlgrieJiHtW Itieaty, they
fre given taundei stand that all the land
Ing wef 0f4(javlilJajijy teil ltivers
uiikvu oxcinsivriy in mem; nut now the
.is held by tho.Hfate nf Tetas, and
6wn ns Orcer Ooitnty. Tho Bcrfttnrv
I tho Indiai.s ho was grtverned bv tho
r, and -cottJ notcliango-thft boumlary
fewvilavi am of
Ham B. Itountrrc, of NAlh Oaroflna, as
ctrv of tho Civil Scnlui Cemifatssloii.
osf'SPf.tbo latt ortlfii-io-comiiltiu the
anlratlon of tho Commission.
The rrcsldentlirnii! aptvilnted the follow
, ,mg uoTcrnmeei jJirreloiii ol tlio Union
J ' Vacinc IlnllroailCoinpniiv: Isnocjlroinley,
Connecticut! (leorge O. Haven, Now York;
Wntson 1'nrlsh, 'cbra8kaC5olKalo Hoyt,
New Yorkl(nnil VrtUur I'.,P"iiks, Oljp.
ftd;BBTAnv'TEi1p:n'rb"as aroyed tho ac
tion of Indian Agent Wilcox In rofuslug to
receive tho Chirachua Indians who recently
applied for admission to tho Han Carlos
A BrtciAI. dispatch a fow days ago to the
'l"ftnnd Herald stated that "l'ostmaster
'ieutral Urosham doutos tho liiihllshcd
stAtMient that ho has decided to cxclmlo
,'pairnt Instdes' from tho malls as second-
loss matter." Jn vlow of tho law of Con-
rTVtss passed in lRit, providing "that news-
papers, ono copy to each actual subscriber,
residing in tho county where tho saino nro
printed, In whole or in part, and imbllshcd,
shall go free through tho malls," such a
decision by tho I'ost-odlco Department as
that hiuted at would bo In violation of law
and Of no binding force, .
Tub I'resldent appMntedifaMnfe-llrw.
stcr, of I,arod( Tex., 5MarffrVtbms
at tlrownsvlll'). Tax.. .VleSll'avri. u.
jg!Xp!!3hJlV3ri tUwui.iittsjo,rty
TimrE powder mills of IiOln k Itnnd.of
Nowhurg, N. Y., woro blown up recently
by lightning. One man was killed.
IN a recent light at Troy, N. Y., botwien
striking Iron moulders and non-union men
ono man was killed ond two mortally
CATil.vniNE M. IIL'U.miam has brought
suit against Macoj; 'SS Co., dry Roodamer
chants, of New York, for $oO.W) damages
for false impriiioniueut on a spurious
charge of shoplifting.
Tint wr.vr.
JosKl'it Loim, tho other afternoon, shot
Hud llenglo nt Ralem, eb., for sedurlng
his sister. .J"'
Hkv. Juuax IIenoit, yicar-llenoral of
tho ltomnn Catholic dfpjeeso,.nty"t. Wayne,
lud., has been iiiinu'ijsionsefgnnlr and op
Iiolnted I'relntv of tholTnpnl'lIousolioUl nt
llnmo. rather Honoftjcamo , froni Franco
as n missionary fortyjyga'ra afij, and Is. tho
grain, burned tlio ther night, and at
Maryvlll, Ohio, Dr. Moses Thompson's
flouring milt was burned.
TilEjraln waichpusoof Douglas, Btcwart
&F6rrost,ln Chicago, burned the other
The funiiel-shnped cloud attocked North
Vernon, lnd., the other afternoon, and de
stroyed llfty or sixty dwellings and a brick
church. No deaths reported. A train of
ten cars on tho Ohio & Mississippi was
Ion, .100,000; insurance, $00,-
h priest upon vhont this honor has
inferred. sBTar'
lkcT)tinlwC6iivcntron 'rt
been en
The Indiana KpUcTirial
cently elected Jle. Dr. David Knlcker-IxK-kor,
of Mluneaiiolis, HUliop for tho Dlo
ceso of Iniliiinn. Dr. Knickerbocker wns
formerly from New York Mate.
FuuiiTEEK striking coal miners who In
terfered w It li tho working of new men near
l'liickueyville, til,, weiomroxtod recently
and lodged In Jail in default of ball.
Hkcently Mr. and Mrs. (Ivorgo Kedhnlr
woro drowned'-'wlillo 'crossing fi nwollen
creek, near IIrccklnrIdge,Mo., and Henry
and William Temblo and August Volke,
whllo ftkhlng In a ski IT In tho Missouri
Illver opposlto Ulasgow, wero ujisct nud
drowned. ,. , , j
The thirty-fourth nnnml'iiH'cfli,f;ot iho
uoriiniiMudlcal Association was liqld
IniT week at Clovcland, Ohio, about ono
thousand distinguished physlclnus from
all partsof tho country attending.
Bah CAHLoti advjecs say that A tfcnf Wil
cox refuses: to allow tho band of returned
Apaches tho privilege of tho reservation,
nnd treats them n hostile. Ho has turned
them over to tho military, who hold them
as prisoners of wur. There, aro seven stout
bucks, tho remainder women nud children.
oi an omrtM, n uuniiur rouoen mm or
ill pos,t of duty Insfsuiuun tr, i U. jm
low lever prevaiiwn t
PatjcasteU WahsOW , who wftstojeutly
reported robbed In Toxaw, painied guilty to
rmbezzllug from tho Government when
placed on trial, and his fi lends have slnco
mado the amount good.
ArTEJi thirty yeare burial In a foreign
laiidj.'ho remains of John Howard l'ayne,
aujhjr of "Homo, Bwcet Ilome," were on
tha.9th Jald to rest In tho still of his native
land pt Washington City. Tho ceremonies
were of nnlmiioiiing character, participated
In, by the military, clvlo eooletles, l'nwl
dent and Cabinet, together with other of!!,
clols ami citizens, Thcio wurq In the pro
reselon fully fjjity carriages containing
relatives of l'ayne.
The decree of til vorco In tho case of Major
O. II. Nickcrson, U. H. A., has becu set
aside and tho dlvprco declared null "nnd
void. Immediately upon receipt of olllclal
Information nt the fact tho General of the
j army directed Qcneral Drum to lssuo pa
pers tor tlio 'immctiinto arrest oi .Major
rt.ot aliitfia)l.VvnU'b,ufld ttsjif
raH riMnttSfflPi "- "J
HKVCTOTt.of the highest dtgtiftnr..Ji at tho
Mormon Church recently arrived nt Denver
from Bait Iike. They w-cro on their way
to Conejos County, Colo., to Insjwt the
Mormon colony (hero and arrange, for tho
purchase of inoro land for tho uso of con
verts now crowded Into Dtnh. Ilrlglinm
Young, one of tho party, in mi Interview,
sail "tho reports Idiih lnliorerH In vino
yards in Kuro'pe ond tats caiuitry'arraht
tho nxpwtntlou of fully W,0(X) conterU VUls
Duni.Mi a recent storm the barn of Ivl
D. Long, who lives oliput Blxti.t;n miles
south of DauIUc, Ills., Jiear the lllago of
Hldgo Farm, was struck by llghtnbjg nnd
burned w ith its en tiro content, w-hlcu con
sisted of seven good horses, ono hundred
bushels of wheat, wagons, harness, and all
of his fanning Implements. .o about
4.1,000; no Insurance.
blown frptiathiS track about seven tulles
east of Noflli Vfntbn. At(3sgbod several
houses wero blown down and two persons
reported killed.
run sot; in.
siA.iifon.nt Detil&onATnsas; headed iiy thf
Tltthcr Ot Hatf Ie-llay1ls, wli Kulrtfled K
few day ago, mado an unsuccessful nt
tempt to lynch Ilurke, tho young mnn who
took heron an excursion, got berdrunk and
debauched her, which led to her suicide.
Kt.UF.itT M. HtkI'Hensov was hangoil at
Ijiwreiicovllle, (la., In tho presc neo of eight
thousand people, for tho murdor of his
auilt a year ig last August.
Thomas 1'aiiih shot his stop-father, Isaac
Ailnius, dead m raliflold plantation, near
Hklpwortb, Milk., n-cently. Adams threat
ened to kill Paris, nnd followed tho latter
to tho house and knocked tho door down,
when the boy shot him.
At the Navnl Academy at Annapolis,
Sid., when Cadet Ureeu, the ilrst graduate,
marched up to receive his diploma, twenty
cadets applauded, mining them thuio of the
prnduatlng class, (llnsscock, Webster and
Orny. Cnptaju llamsey sent them to the
frlgnto Honico and would not let them
A lauok nmbunt of property was recent
ly destroyed bya tornado near McICInney,
JTox." T.lghtnlnbstrurkn number of houses.
I At Fcrt Vjtyrili, Tex., Deputy United
iBuiteaIarsmuiIVoody wns recently found
guilty of criminal IIIm-1.
Edwahii Haiiiunoton-, editor of tlio
Kerry Sentinel, nnd tho printers of that
paper havo eauh ln-en sonteuced nt Dublin,
Ireland, to imprisonment for six months on
account of tho publication In tho olllco of
tho Sentinel of n placard Inviting tho per
sons who wished to Join tho Inviuclblos to
attend a meeting.
At Alexandria, Hgypt, Bullcmnn Daoud
ami Mahmoud Hum I, accused ot setting
llro to Alexandria at tho tiuio of tho Hritlsh
bombardment, wero found guilty nnd sen
tenced to dutith.' ' Rightcen officers w;ore
found gnlltry of complicity In tho same
crlmantul wntenced to various tennol
penal servitude.
Tub l'orlo jecontly Informed Oenernl
Wallace, United Btatos Minister at Con
stantinople that tho commercial treaty bo
tween Turkey and America would ter
minate March 10, 1S--SJ. The Turkish tariff
expired on the samo dato ot tho prosent
year. After tho termination of tho treaty
tho Importation of all American meats,
lard and similar produce will bo pro-
UunitrKS fnUttrcs jlurlnheJinast vreeV
ure l s,'Cs,ajcaiiic Vi tbo previous wive,
A Cnttple of I1r.iernilne. ItnetRed by n
lloli nt Wntirlj, limn The .Inll Dunrs
ltmh.n Dkitii unit the l'rltiiiirrs Sun3
Dunrijrr, Iiiwa, Juno 8.
Tlio Umber brothers, Ike nnd Hill, hos
recent doings nnd pursuit and captumhav
fiirnltbed material fur sensational Items al
a little lieforomlilnlght.nndtlint without tho
formality of a trial. H will lie reninnhcied
tiwy wero takrn to Inileprndrnco to escape
tho irob that threatened to demolish tho
Waverly Jail. To-dfty for some leason tho
Bhcrlrf took the two criminal back to tho
relKirted thatf"
AVnt erly, It
time fur tho
coroner to get ready for an Impiest. Hum
cnmifth about half-past eleven o'clock a
mob descended en the Jail and took com
plete possession of alfalrs.
It Is said that the mob was led by n
brother of Deputy Bherltr Marlon Shepherd,
and was composed mainly If not entirely Of
residents of Lafayette County, many of
them from the town of West Union, where
Bhephord, was killed. The mob surrounded
oueriu iook ine two eriminaui
fcrly Jnll, When It was rep
lift IS,,,- taVA. bacftM
considered that It was Hi
riie liners or tlie .tnll nt Hermann, Mrs,
Ilmhrii liitijrn II mil of Visitant. -Whit-MitOrlii-iliig.l.as.-iiii.Tillivii
1'roiu Ills
CHI aiul lliingril to n free.
, Bt. I.ottti, fo , Juno (I
A special from Hermann, Mo,, says that
Iheelly was thrown Into A state of Intritsa
et(oment, slioitly arter mldnljtlit 'nioolay
monihtu. by. tho Ijuclilm? of Whitney, the
niunlcrer of jwmg llurtliard. The inol)
imfnrsirml about two In'iniTretl. They ur
runiiileil tho Jail, guanU being tlatlnnud
with drawn revolvers to keep bnck tho cutl
qui crond which wru nttmclod bv lha
nffiM) mde In trrnUng the ran ilAoo
' - Cowrnnr Sliolilon, of NVw Mexico,,
iivm iii tv iintiso which i tiiroo iitimlrcd
yearn old. Il It a nmnslon of onu
I A vury wt'nltliy Kpw York girl lm4
mloptml iv Japanese hahy of two ycnr-i.
She pn'tl .-53,001) for hmi.'mut has n.iiiiml
i him .Iivmps A. (inrlleld. .V. . Jlcrn'il.
! Clmrloi Wolltng, iv Now York tlry-
floods merclinnt who falhul In ISOfi, prvy
iijj llfty cont4 ou tlio. ilollnr, I1114 Itiit
imM life orwilllors tholxil.inco. 6iTO0.600.
A. 1". Times.
Profi John Frnser, of Chpa";o Uni
versity. Ii.ls liotin on'ra-'eil to write tho
nrtlcks tfn "Utivh" nnll ''UnlvcreltTdA''
Iwn Jiillerjrclusod 'to'l8urrctaiciMtlic
tVICT lrTflWtsr nf ftie tlssiiniL 'arrAHiJiwriwriMoi;ilmLuoyoloi)ctl!!i-lrt-
Lcronshed uisin his cell floor ami nmtcl , nntilca. 1
-Ui give tlieni, 1 ,- , . ,!, ijn,i,, ,,, .,.,.
to batter down thu
iwltli JcncesT Men with ropes enter-
afTH.were tho boys wero counned ami
j tho previous week. ttntgLs, and were
course the HherHT re
when tliej- pn
cd tho
Irt a moment emerged with the prisoners
with nooses nhout their necks. Neither of
the l-oys inidii any objection to tho pro
ceedings. They did not nsk for tlmo to;
prny, and with a calmness liom of sheer
desperation seemed to look ou their taking
oil as a matter of course. Thoy w cro taken
about threo-nuartcrs'of a mllo from thivjull
to u clump of trees, where lnns speedy a
ninuner as possiblo tho rope wns tlirjrwn
over tho limb of a treo nnd they wero hoisf
Ml, and so died.
TitEiii cnaiE.
Tlio first notable crime committed by
them was the killing Inst September of a
deputy shorllT named Marlon Shepherd.
When asked In regard to tho shooting nf
f herllT Bhepbenl last Hcptember, Hill said
they had wmked for a farmer who had
cheated them out of their pov, and they
ran oil with a horse and told it nnd
Blieplierd came '-.. arrest them. He drjv n
rovol ver as soon as he ordered them to ttur
render and fired, tlio ball striking Hill In
tho head, and Ike then draw a revolver
and killed Shepherd.
After killing him they skulked to Water
loo, and then took a train from there tc
Cedar Hapids and Council HluT; and
wentlo Clay County, Knni., and boMght a
fetry on tho Hepubllcan Hher, which th-Wi
ran three months, nud afterward lilted oiltj
as farmhands near thie. Helng uunbli
towilte, they oumii back to nrrongo Wit
their mother to leave tho country for go d.
Thoy were always of 11 roving dlsposlll tit
and did little work at home, but wdrked
out some for their nelghliorB nnd relntlt s.
Thoy decided after their first blooMy Work
Jeruiitry. ills olco crnihl bo hivinl init-
Hde. Tito Jailer was foreed to load tho
wy to Wlittno ' '". whMi was
thi fotrcil npiMi, and a long 101 which
tltfinnb had brought with tliem was put
around lit waist. Half fiiiiitliijr, Urn
ilooiued man fdl on Ids knew. When
oneo lu tho oiw air ho nsked lao lo pray
nsnlti. This wni granlcd, but as ho ctm-
iiiuiiii 111s nppt'nls to Hmven lonlom, ho wan
Hoir Cnnc4 Aro Mnnttfncttircd.
1110 norriiiio Habit or American
to be like tho Jamss nnd Yoiingcnbrotheni,
.jiainuiigeveryiioay-tittn.i in, ae
Ui'oBiTj5jr wsr"ajray "lWUeiitup
m jur- M
1 iff1
Ickerson. lirennratory to his liclnitti led
v court maitlal. It Is tholitJlliowe-rr, wiloons and ?,VX) for thojinlo of
icre will 1 dllllculty In (lulling him, ns' It spirits. Uffadoptloti by! tlio Bo;
thi general liupression no lias left lor
irts unknown.
Jhe Trcnsurj Deparjpiout rectjntly i-e-
rvsMacominunivaiion iromnno uouecior
Customs at Detroit 1 emoustrntlng against
0 action of the Canadian steamers iu car
ing passengers iKitwcen.Amorlcnn ports
the Northern lakes afr- pridlullclal to
Amci Icon Interests. Tho department will
take measuioK to stop the practice com
plained oLas fur as It has power.
Tiik Issue of standard dollars
for tho
for cor-
week ending Jnne'O, was IJJWI.OOO
resn'ondliiir ncriod last vrar. 211,190,
V lTdi stated that In accordance' with tho
recommendations of tho Naval Commission
League Isjitnd ;mvy yard will bo closwl on
' ihe 1.1th of July, This will throw some 600
persons out of work.
DuniKO tbp mouth of May tho total n
reaso In the star Vnall tervlco amounted to
IHUjOII. During the snino period tho amount
javoil from the decreased service wnj iPW,-
DJo, malting the net 'increase oi crvco
rliu lug tbo mouth WVOi; In tlie steamboat
service tha Iiet lucienio during the month
smounted t(j ,1K0. ,
tiii: It AST.
James Dotax, pardoned by Governor
Hutler, of Massschusetts, while In a "dy
ing" condition, was arrested tho other
morning at Woonsi Ket, 11, I whllji break
Jng Into mid entering a llipior sdlpn A
1aiii bui-nlnrles and llhhwav assaults ot
littieil the iolle to believe tllat, Dolan
was tbo TsaOfvf tho gong.'' '
IwNePi' York rectntijr. Judge Freedme.ii1
rendered decision In the co "of Jllchacll
ailautlWJkdrolnWtrator "t John OiWmiii, do
ceased, against Henry McArdle, who was
tnt roiled , wl(h( certain uioueya, by the,Iiv
testaio with wnuh io procure niasocti for
Iht repone of his soul. Judge Kreedniiin
follnw. tlie dQCi'loii jondo uco'ntly j by
Judge Tully,pf Chicago, in a similar caso.
Tills holds the trust Is not a legal one)1 for
due reasoiiftfifro is no lieneficlary capable
of taking '! Sud that therefore the; admin
Iitrator Is entitled to no fund w bich was to
be devoted to this purpose.
AtiKUAinu H. b'uiTU brought suit undor
"Ihe Civil Damages act lu Hrooklyn, N. Y.,
against Patrick Dempsoy nnd Cornollus
Clarho, Ihiwr deulors, for if 10,000 for selling
btr husband llimor and causing Mm to be
come a drunkard, Th Jury gavo her n ver-
diet for $'.,500. j.
Th Vermont Anti.ecTft rjociety oiaio
license throughout tho Btato of $130 for beer
Bonnto was
doomed poiltjveT
OEonnEFitKUKniCKK, of tho Theatre
Comlimo, was sh'ot and fatally wounded nt
Kausas Clt'y tliorither night by O. II.
Btein, n'ias John I)lUf'clty editor of tho
Kansas City Vrenlnij Star Cause, n
A (Jtate meeting of the Antl-Monopollsts
of Indlnua was held last week nt Indian
apolis.' The nttemlauco w as nut large, but
resolutions wcrv adopted condemning both
tiro Uepubllcnn and Democratic parties as
tietug under the baneful Influence of con
centrated capital nud corporate wcaltl,
specifying that n,iortetu.il debt la a pet
petual i-uFso,fcomU)vndIng that taxes bo
assessed ou'a.gradua.t'.NV sqiiIc, and In such
n'wayjholtho,-ijimtatloii of excessive
private-fortunes would lie an Impossibility,
and favoiiug n rctunito simpler olllclal
llfo bvAlwluclug, tlio'tl'i-csldeuts salary to
$-J.-i,CKxioria ill 6tbeVol!lclaIs lntlmllerpro-
portion. ;; 1 jjfk m
A irilAVr-snoAybtorin"iroviilIrd througlv
out Colorado Julie 8. It had been pro
cceded by ummmlly heavy rains.
The notorlpus llarber brothers, who were
lately captured by threij farmers nonr
vavcrley, Iowa, after a desperate light, in
whiihoneof the tanners was killed and
tho others wounded, we(o subsequently
taken from jsllVby a-rnbb nnd bauge.l.
Thoy died without rUiiel(tnif or even asking
for mercy. -
A rouu'URi from leas -where tho Moxlcan
jOjIlcersJIao-Ia alfl TAye had t)ielr flght
'wftl Indians JnTtha Blerra Mndrei Mouu-
taius a suon iiuio ago, urougiib news iiiai,
the Apjchts had scattered, and that they
were trying to (get north In small bands,
tlrtleml Lopcx 'ilpes n.ot think Oencral
Qrookllu'any danger,
Hv au explosion in the Ai)8Qji(a Itubber
ikI"- -? '-J
ilMiU tw Hty-lw, Mstern llfty six, Pa
cific and Tcnitories seventeen, New York
City ten, Canada nineteen.
TiMOTitr KEM.r conv Ictod of partlclpa
Hon In the Pun-nix l'nrk murderi), was
hanged at Dublin nccorllug to sentence.
He wns the fifth exeevted for tboi.u mur
ders and the Inst convicted. When the
black Hag was hoisted over the prison tome
persons uttered shrieks and young women
Cell 011 their knees and called tho curse of
Ood upon James Cnrcy, Informer.
thbiik were thirty-one donths from yel
low fovur In Havana during May, twenty
five being numbers ot tho army and navy
lu the military lnltnl. The disease was
slowly Increasing particularly along
tho whnrves, and tho" -mercantile vessels
anchored near tho military hospitals had
been invaded by IhcMllsease.
A 1J.TK explosion lu a powdar mayo tin;
nt Beutarl, In Turkej-, caused by lightning,
,.1l,- , .. ,.ttH.X.1 .?!.... -f.tlllnH ....I
ths mrti- nt 4b
blnlM, a dor.en uf the lym hlne iwrly want
Ing the crowd not to follow, and Intimidat
ing tlieni by ilNplnjIng revolvers.
When tho Woods ncre rcachmL'llmnrison.
cr was hnndcil over to a dozen liuvsMd men,
mi am ms reni name was ji.ner, nun not J
vv ininey; mat his ikuciiU llve.1 Iil.VlrglnRvt
be did not know whetlier lie killed llmcluoi
or not. m ho nnd his imilner. ulni1'n-irltn
was Collier, flroil flvo shoU each. Ho then
diiuok iiuiiiiiniui pan 01 mo mou 11111111111
tliem good-by, nfler which ho was Klrung W
a tn. The mob then dlsiwnvd. 4.
It was cxiicctcd that tho Court would hold
a siiort.it session to try tho accused, but
Uhf!i It wns announced yesterday that tho
Rial would go over to tho fall term tho In
tllgiutlon wns general, nnd threats ot lynch
ing vvro made. Tho mob was quite order
ly In Its bclmv lor. Thcro wns nn nbcnco tit
mnvtntlonal masks, and many otthu Ijncli
era were rccognlzeil.
Wiltney wns n tlospcrado of tho .la'nes
strlpt. llo and another outlaw uainul Col
lier, vflcr robbing scvurnl stiires In (lasco.v
bile County on tho HHIi of last month, nt
twiicil tiibttrglnrlo Iho storo ot IStiMluml
ib Ixikcs, In the Ultlo town ot llcln, during
vvhWi they shot and killed young l'urcluid,
n son of 0110 of tho ptoptletoni.
Wrecked nt Sen,
Cvrn Mat, X. J., Jum.'S.
TJ10 srtinoner r.uiutu A. Halley, Captain
JlAiuoii Hume, Jr., enmo nslimo In 11 thtuk
fttyVn tho north b.lr ot Hcrofonl Inlet nt
("tjo'cloek 011 Tuesday monilng. Thu vea-
Nfi(ft inilsor, N. S., flfteeii days 11 go,
.wllhju curvo of tlia-o hundred nnd sovonty
tottfof lock plaster consigned to I'hll
adtlfihl.i. Tho thick weather nnd south
wUitjs wero cncounteied during tho iKVtsngu
;Wji tlio coast, tlio rami being lililileli
Jrclv tho greater iwit of tho time. Some
-lintvon Monday evening llarnejat light was
cd, niter WHICH tho log icuiisi "
tiioctmw.- ."
lookqut roi"''
Tlio ymiitgait tolcrnjili nporalor In
tie world Is iirohablv n Ihllo L'Irl Ion
yvnrs oltl, llalllo lltitchinsen by name,
who lives In Texas, mul has charge of
tho telegraph olllco at tho railway sta
tion nt vvhio' sho rosUIoj. Ciieino
Colonel Cookorol, lato of tho St.
Louis lW.ntihnlfh, who killed Colonel
Slnybuck, a Invvjnr of tnat city, Inst
j oar. ami was aciinlttod on tho ground,
that ho killed him In fulf-ilofottso, Is
now tho mniiaglu": editor of tho New
Yurk Il'orW.
Horace B. Sctnldor has been nelcct-i-il
by Houghton, Mllllln & Co. as tho
tnlltor 1)f their proposed historical aerias
on "i;)irJoan Coniinonvvoaltlis."
Thea'o tiioiiogra'tiis will ileal with tlioso
Sittios wliloh havo hail a illstlnet and
luvypvful Inllucnpo upon thu develop
nicnt ot tho natliin. lloth now nntl
i)TdlStn't will fbo treated tinder this
pi 1111. i
Of Hi lato IlUhop Peek, ot Syra
cuse, N. Y Iho Ullca UtmU says: "In
me iiiiusr 01 omor worK no lomiti utno
to write books. 'True Woman,' 'Tho
(Vnlntl Idea of Christianity,' nnd
What Must I l)o to llo Saved?' aro
those vvliluh aro hot known. IIu was a
very Imliwtrlous man, nntl rory ilorotcil
to his ohiirrh. Ills vvlmln life could havo
linnllv boon 111010 entirely clvon tip to
It liml lio beuit a miink lu tho JlnliUo
Henry ChnrliM Keith Petty Tltz
iiiBurico, Marquis of I.nusdownc, who.
nceordlu to a rablogrnm, will sitccccd
tho Mnnitils of I.ornu in tho (Jovonior-
Oonoralsiiln of Cnliada In October, Is
tho pcur-
tho Lxtv-
niblltlllll to
III,. I'll, rlluli.to'tntr In, lit nr l.t liV'O'l
YlKCJtuit Clnnrontirlco and l.'itxnnitrlet,
Ilafti of Korrv, l.lxnavv j'rt Unnktiron,
ii. the puorngu ofJrtSlaml. Uhtcato
Many ji.ttlontH nl our best hospitals
rocolvo ":ntai ircainieiu. .ye.
utittlmr tholr hands in their imokrts has
led to tho liopularlty ot canos lu this
country. Tho Jnpntieso gintlo,man
ihovv's npprro'ntlon to Iho naitiu reeling
when his I'ostumn Is Incomplrto with
out hs slititllni; fan. which ho Junius at
his belt, over his right shoulder, or lit
tho breast folds of liW silken gown, Thu
1'runch or English guntlrman for tho
saino reason never niienus a tun tircss
party without his cruthlint In htslianil4
Tho fashion of carrying panw, 4Jijv
cvr,jiiinpg tho swells iintf lnh-ilclnti
lads "of New" York h. facrV afiiifjf
mlos.whlcli'nro ohservtiil wltli nn MHeli,
CMpilsllo pttiictljlo as thoso of ladles
who -wear a poko iHinnrl 6ha year nnl
seoop lint tho next. Most of thtfso
fashions orlgitiato In Jhiropo. A year
or iwo nco inoro wcru iwo styles 1110
sliephcnl's crook, shaped like? a ilsli
liiiolc, nntl thu Xnln crook, a plain,
rtirvcit hmitlln. Tho Zulu camo from
I'uris, tho shcphcrtl fn)m L0111I011.
Thfco stylus lu canes wem introduced
In tho spring, nnd wero preceded by tho
crutch. When, our fathers woro lnd.s
thu whitlobono eano was tho proper
thing. Now thoy nro ho NC!Uco,,,tlin,t,
tlioy aro worth to Iho dealer from three
dollars (o threo nnd n half. Last Vr-nr
tlio fashlomwhs to carry n silvcxtoall
cano Then thcro is a stylo it) carrying
a cane, nnd Hits varies each year1. Ono
year it was to walk with a fpriug mr,
withheld knees mid nnns, iiklinbo ns
far forward ns possible1, nnd tho'Vano
was held between onnllngoraml thumb,
correr ,y bitlontcxl so ns toswinggrace
fully, Tlmit camo tho icsthctlo.alylo.
Tlio eano was hold In front of tho body
by tlio Ilrst nnd socond lingers Oflbotlj
hands, nmUvivs alloweil.to hang ,1imp,
while tho elbows wero still further for
ward, 11 ml tho Mtoulders, 'If posslblb,
inoro round. Thou thcro wis tji fashion
Inst Tear of holding tho fcrulo down.
Tills year It Is to hold It In tlio middle,
with tlio fonilo to tho front, just as Mr.
Spot Dandrii'.go duos after his return
trom 1110 j;ast. 'J hat'n tho proper " ca
per."' Tho material Is ns variou as can well
nigh bo conceived of. Many aro at im
ported woous; eomo irom tno tropics,
China and tlio Kutt Indies. Tin) colu-
: iyyn;-r-
bobio diversion, when hochtieet to
open Iho old trunk and nbserrensysA It"
was lined, -as trwi tha.?.6HjWtom
with leaves of n book. Litflo Jere.
was surprised nnd somewhat In
tereslcd, An examination jirovod,
that tho book Wi'DMt?(C3t,-'
and that nlmost nil tho pag rhtd
been used In lining tlio tnwkr, Jero.
soon became, fntcrestcdltr "Dor"
Qulxp.foiV.jMMl fcj fiijlhijl jtmin "H-"' M
ho traecii tlio pages' ftirfTier,""H grew
moro nnd moro preascn, ' ircllglitcil, nx
citodiuiiid ..absorbed..-, sTJyJilllite:
c1i:tpfe?vvas found nTofmJWfrW
trunk, nntl'vIorc-Wegan to read tho
vvoudroiis. story, nniLtingo hrpajMi ho
exploits of tbO rcJjwUab"o,J" JiisJUL
Wranb'fiTOnfrtit With- $ -!!. ' R
trunk1, then cllmbcil Into thw-frurtc to
read what vvas posted on HkM ifjft
on his back, with tho trunki'ld o tl
top of him, vhlla he Kcriisrl'?lt-i
toni, stood on his head to gt -snMjr
vlow pf tho obscure, caroertv.nnl lHjWf
acroballo manner itiAMercil tlfo stwry,
pnthehiil ImprcMlons thatdnnisMi
throughout his lifo; and, nwdncytfra4r.
Ing friendships with luck! mnenff
Panah'ilderrntfo'ir)()n,Qi4!!oto' - -"
..Imlgo illnakitoltl the jjkhl cii.sjsjo
It, was well knova nmonff.j !jmu.
One- bvtnlng'ft largo gntherli g oilrtrr
ary and political spcopW jbusmsHih1!
Judgo Ulnck nnd Dr. EhlcF.j Terpjtalk-j
Ing of tho books ot their, boyhood, sjifl
ns moro vvcnr'a mw jremuus jtvswiv
who inivOr hcfirjUlic sjorv fhWl A
tho JudgK was ajiout jo tell It, wlienDrT
KIder hegnii uricTipcctedrfr "''V
"I will novor'fessget thatirouKtaftOTf
under vvliIehJ.fiwtadIlotjCluUptq,
Whonlvytw a UlWm&fil.
uouornlsliln oi CrtTiaua in Uc
thu futirtji laaHii;,iiJltlo In I
ngo of Circntlkltniu. lie is in i
Fovontli year'of his ago.' In iu
V, bH kd IX they brJ ot " "
nf a farrr.sr "and hired K
County, III., In August, ls, sjey 11
but they heard that a rich old lani'r
named Lord was robbed thcrt by two nwn,
of his money, watches, etc., but was not
huit by tho boys at all. They got wrathy
when the caso was mentioned and gavo
evldcnco of having been Implicated thsre
In. Parties living near their old home said
to-day that after they camo back from Illi
nois, where they had licon visiting a slstcrj
thoy had plenty of money and speatlt
freely In saloons. They were sworn to
stay together, and tho fact that Ike could
easily have escaped 011 the night of their
capture, had he not waited to kelp his
brother, indicates this.
tsjTintJiftsf'w iifrw"
r,, uSt roiiltl -luvoUew ahead. shawTsTvtuejimeimmnkc them
8'! in
...... M.k . .1 2- -U.1. I '
lHccca. 1 no wrauner yths so im
(10 OftpUlu rouU n t tell wbero Kb
was; nnd cnnsciincnUy could not decide ns to
whit courso to pursue.
( tltlly gntlicrlng In the ship's liapers,
whfili ho afterward lo-d In his struggle with
tluj.uavois tho Captain ordci-cil a boat low
cro. Into this wero lowered all but tho
Cilia 1 11 nnd 0110 sailor, and the lioat was
drH4cd'astcrn to wnlt the lifting of tho fog.
Ilrtmnny minutes tho heavy tea cnimlzud
thuSioat, nnd nil, including tho Captain's
wilt and only fon, a boy of thrco voars,
wvf thrown Into tho sea. Tho now
nltiost distrncted husband and father
lowered "'" only remaining boat and 1 could
pucixti 111 geuuig uio uueuiisciuus v. uc iiini ctlll,
brntvd hotiieo canes urn trom Cbl;i
whero tlieV nro woll Vl'V'TTi.Mr' inin
hrnlcd for the, trr".. " HVJ?'"?'
Priest, Parishioners nntl Physician.
- - vV tk j. j.. WLfc ",,,,1
FWMtrjillr ,
IU tLTMP Y'fl'i , M
t -,,-nVtoe bail uri.uKYT '"' rpJShn ! a
bun- in In Mejk!A, found Ite fity t" h's
boot viu his pant'sdog. VUMuryh Tel'
An Irlhhman, seeing a Dude emprgo
from IMmonioo's tho other tilght, ex
olalmud: "Ol say, conio ilwvn out of
tint will j-ez, from under th'hat. Mny
bo ye think Ol can't see tho logs ol ye,
a danglln' down." A'. 1. QrapMr.
-An "unmorffcil" womnu nt tlio
V'8t, who applied for 11 position n
driver or n street-ear, was nskeil ir slio
nmn.tgo mules. " OI courso I
was tho fumly reply. "I havo
.Conventlou lccently rae at Montpeller,
and denounced iccirt societies at the foun.
. Amtm nf all bad government, i
Preside.it i Ahuktt, of the Amalgamated
AMOflatlon-nOf Ui ln and HI0! Workers
at Pittsburg, 1"a amiouiices that he will
not ba a candidate forvo-nlectlon.
' TUiss Enn J-'MU. daughter of ex-Secretary
Hamilton Fish, was recently married
to Iiugu Oliver Northcote, son of Sir Staf
ford Northcote mid number of lae banlciug
heust of Kennedy, To Id Ca, of few
v. y-,- t .n tl nt, tlimi.ftfifl InSltll.
;- tlons were It ad. w" wero latabr-ad
tit, AreltIves -f " n Tbo eeitm nv
lNl ,-t. .1.. Im , . T
' 19? JUW..V .'
ITiKlP n "to '
AVoiks at College l'AInt, ! ,t recently,
Ptttrl ns.f .TsuiItmi 'A nJennnUnniid btT.I ri
Engineer Jccken, AndrowiHoppa and Win.
Kelly woro killed. Two other workmen
were fatally hurt. Tha building was partly
Deleo'atk lUrnviix, of Dakota, whoso
alary as Delegate to Congress was with
held because hi accounts as United States
Marshal had not boon settled, has trade lilt
settlement. Instead of being indebted, the
Uove,niuienl owed him $1,000.
Cit.vnlj;s Poluock, tbo son of n wealthy
miller or Vinrennes, lnd., after a prolonged
spree, rewitly went homo after midnight,
retired to hit wife's bedroom, after bidding
his mother and father good night, disrobed,
and la half an hour shot his wfa through
the breast and himself in the rlpht side.
Bbaranto the end of the hall, where she
fell ibjad. He lived tweirjy minutes, but
nellLerVpoke a word. Ho fcnd boon mar
rial oiilylx months, .
At Terro Haute, lnd., the other day
fymtuel C. Davis, a la wyer attempted to
shoot John ji, Lam'Ceugressnian'froin
that dlvtrlot, Lamb struck the PUtnj to
irtFihte that wnftavclcd "at hls'bWaTt, and
(he ball wounded a farmer that sat lu hit
wagon u ar by. Tha dltllcnlty grow out of
a law cult in wh. h tho parties were
ral f luir a cf St. opposed ciunl
v - lung he! Ihe llvc-:-d eiTlttiburB depot at
fled t and e 11 4 v, - 1
Vrued into a Ccwct ror ' - erreir- y
ri-lville, ihw, t c'tht with B, P. Mer
it's l rclPs ware f tWB W2 huslsli ot
kllkvl teu 8oldIeiTand soven civilians and
Witmled forty" nidlcrsnhirflf teen civil.
Inns. A liorttonJUifatlio bastion fell on a
bazar adJolnlBgithBlTniagazlne, causing
groat tlestrucflon of.propcrty.
CoriES of tho five nets, of tlio present
Pontificate rolatlvo to Ireland have been
sent to all bishops In America, Ireland,
Great Hrltaln and her colonics, and to the
leading political men of Urcat Hrltaln.
Aoovti'A.NV tins been organized for the
pun""10 01 laying iwo now caiuvs'iioiwcou
this country and Kuropo.
Till! I.ATKST.
Wiluam A. roTNir, at ono time pro
prietor of one of the largest dry goods
houses in Chicago, and rated among tha
millionaires, through business depression
and bad Investments boenmo hopelossly In
volved and was finally obliged to give up
his business on account of impaired health.
Without monoy ho returned to Uostpn nud
obtained a position as lalesmaii'for Bhrp-
ard, Nonvell A; Co. For nomo time past
thu llrm had been missing considerable
goods. Detectives traced the thefts to Put
ney and ho was recently arrested at his
summer cottage In Nantucket. Tho otllctrs
took a steamer for noitonj'whcn Putuoy,
watching his chances, suddenly Jumped
overboard and was drowned. A largo
amount of stolon property was found at
his residence.
Official, Information from Oencral
Crook shown- th most gratifying success
of his expedition into Mexico. Ho has re
turned with hi command to Arizona with
out tho loss of a niair, having surprised tho
hostile lu the Sierra Madro mountains
and after n brief engagement In which a
'pumt?rof Indians were killed, captured
tho cntlro camp of nearly w men, women
and children and brought them as prisoners
to Tombstone. Tho captured Indians had
over $3,000 Iu American money In their
camp. Five Mexican women and a child
wero taken from tho Indians, and little
Charlio McComni was reported to havo
been takon off by a party of squaws who
escaped when tlie camp was attacked. Tlio
remaluiiig Indians ore reported to be anx
ious for peace.
The Secretary of War recently detailed
troops to escort to tholr homes the Insur
gent Creek Iudlaui held prltoners at Fort
Qlbaon, Indian Territory.
Tub Attorney General has dsclded that
when there are already two or moro mem
bers of a family lu tho publlo torvlco, as
provided lu tho Civil Service act, the ques
tion Is not to lie considered by tho Civil
Service Coinmlsstlon, but by whatever
power may bo called upon to pass upon the
eligibility to appointment.
The Commltslon recently appointed by
the Treasury Department to Investigate,
the alleged smuggling of Chlneso women
and children into the United States byway
ot Urltltb Columbia, has submitted a re
port, from which It tppears that the prac
tice complained of was not general, al
though thero may havo been Isolated cates.
The first train on tho Northern Paclllo
Railroad reached Hrrcnt, Mont., one day
last woek.
Four young ladles, agod retpectlvely
twclvo, fourteen, thirteen and twenty
three, and a young man named Yates, aged
eighteen, wero drownsd t Provo Lake,
near Benjamin, Utah, tho other evening,
by the aicldental capsizing of a boat whllo
out with a pleasure party.
chill Into It, nt tho samo time throwing n
lino to tho unfortunate ttovvurd, who was
struggling with tho waves. Tlio poor fel
low, however, wns too much exhausted to
uso-v. Tho noxt wnvo -capsized this boat
ritb..V 1. v.l rn.rn.rn mm. M. mwm mm mf Mtt mftmM-t mft SWlllfl I I f
New Havex, Cons.. Juno 8. I u,l,V. ""'"" ""T ,l ,"," "' r.T ' i.. .1
. . ...... .1.- , -. I WtMLIlU I"U IID lliuuruiuiiuii nuuiun
js...oii.n .... u,r ,u ,br- .il no'Wt thevesse. With this the "Captain' fuvvl!"
tempt ot rather Byron to compel Cntho- lnc.iA ii J-booner.'bSiririff'Iri Ills anns , v m.'-i
tho nlmoit lifeless fnriii.of,hUt HP- j ''rii f-.blnnitlilo llieitnrlmt Is now
Al-clcven o'clock CapWn Ilolmiw, of I.lM , :r llB M on ' " l'a,. "Hf
Saving Station 'J5, and Captain Ludlam, ol l-wllt lw fwt all, am it "lion I 0
SlatlonSO, maimed tho surf-bo.itnnd brought dooomted on either sldu with n doen
tho saved to the beach. Tho crew con-Uted I or so good slml ostrich plume. -1 His
of Ciintalil Hume. F. Bruce (male). Thomas j style of lint is always sum to creato ft
Miltttiuand Harry Hilling (steward), Harry ' sensation iu tho seat behind you. .
had two httsbtndii." Chicago Tribune.
A woman rotunilng from market
got into a street-oar the other dav with
a baskot full of dressed poultry. To her
tho driver, upcaking sharply, said:
Fare!" ' "No," said tlio woman,
And uvoryuody cacklod.y
llgs to have tho medical aervlcjcs only bt
"Dr. Conkltng. A parishioner employed 'a
protestant doctor for his sick wife. Sua
Jld not Improve and It was feared would
die. Father Byron was sent for, but re-
fused to attend, because Dr. Conkllng had
not been employed. The woman lsuow
recovering. Last Sunday morning Dr.
Conkllng went to Father Bradley with a
letter of inti eduction. Father Bradley was
111, and the doctor handed the letter to
Father Daley, his assistant, asking him
to nnnouncu nt Ilrst mass that Dr.
Conkllng was coming among them to
prarllce medicine, and to give him Intro
diction to the people. Futhur Daley did
10. Father Byron at the next two masses
made announcement to tho elTect that bo
was glad that a young Catholic doctor had
come among them, and they would nn
longer be obliged to have recourse to tho
heretical murderers. He announced
that he would not attend any woman who
did not employ Dr. Conkllng. Father
Brady and other prominent Catholics llo
limine the action ot Father Bvron. Tho
matter will bo brought before fbo UlnhojsJ
An Enterprising Postmaster.
riiATTAMljHMf: TBithf., June 9',
A fow months since, HnUrt Lp, o Col-J
llnsvllle, Ala., removed to-a Jinuilet In ht
mountains named DrtskalL It ntalnti
about ono hundred Inhabitant!. Through
the lulliienco of Irkndt ho was appoint'
I'ostinatUr. and wrote to tho Denaitinout
that It was a large and growing town atiifj
made application for JW0 In stamps,.wbich
were sent him. Since that tlmo ho has re
ceived 'i,000 lu stamps. He opened a general
land olllco and Hooded the country with
Wajljen and Charles Dalley. who wcra
drowned. Harrold. tho Captain's eon. was
abo lost, but tho mother was saved. Tl'o
veisU was nineteen jears old, and hnUed
fronj Portland, Me.
. .
rrolnctlon of Gold nnd Sliver In tho
United States ror tho Year 18S2.
Tlio yield ot tho mines ot tho United
States for tho year 16S3 was 32,500,000 In
;old nnd S 10,800,000 In fcllvc, Compared
nlth the previous year, this shows a decline
jf 81,200,000 gold and aif Increase of S00,
300 In silver. The comparative decline In
tlio production of gold was greater in Call-
-lormt than In any other State or Tenltory,
Uio yieiil Heinz 8l,suu,uuu less man iu iom.
This resulted from tho Interruption of hy
draulic mining hi eonio northern nud middle
Mtmilcs, owing to litigation, and from tho
lalltnj iff In tlie riRMluct(ptu-iUllio (purU
BOdio. iii ureston, xTauji, iiiauo.
Y. Commercial AdetrUscr.
"You writo n beautiful hand. I
wish that I had stieh a hand," said Mr.
i'laahor t' tv ladyclork at tho liqtol.
" Am I to consider this as a proposal!"
nskoil tho bright lady. "Wellcr
yos -if my wife Is -vvlllitig to let mo off,"
repliotl tbo aoLompllshcil l'liusher.
Korrirtoivn lUrald.
- Her fatiior stood at tho gnto talkvjig
with a gentleman, and tho foven-ycar-
old miis throw dnt sovvrnl hints nliotit
supper bting rendy without succe.s. At
lungth, anxious nud Impatient, sho
called out from tl)u side sloop: "Papa,
If you don't conm light in lo stlppor, tho
Ico-creani will got cold," Detroit Free
Tracks of a human being havo beon
found In Nevada showing tlio length of
the font to bo eighteen inches end tho
width oight Inuhm. II Chicago mothers
don't ke.-n tholr dutightjm at home. In
atiMil of letting them wander around
Nevads. thoy will get tho coicntltin
printing matter, using stamps as his capli
Inl, which ho sold at a discount. He had
disposed of nearly HfiU worth and last
week made application for 1.VXI more. The
postolllce became suspicious nnd Postofllca
Inspector Ifrey, of Atlanta, today detected
the swindle and arrested Lee. lie was put
under heavy bond and is now in jail. He
bought a JI00 gold watch In this city to-day
and paid for it In stamps. Ho altogether
distributed nearly 4000 worth of stamps In
this city this week,
A Youthful IncimUarr.
Cincinnati, June.
John Blttner, Jr., fifteen years old, Is on
trial before Mayor Lord, of Hlverslde, for
arson, being- charged with burning the De
bus Cooperage Works lu April, If!.', en-
lihtfl. i
' '-" ''11 ?d a Lntttt;NendBo a f ulHhg.otf. In
iitalneivUTiie,Tinneiril Increase ViM Hi Idaho,
il 1 allium. in. anil nt".v ihxivo i tiiu uui-
ull lloiiiiroductlun of the country, 580,001,058' w.hU ii'itonur3tnstlmii Uio Cardiff
iQnTsr,JnndVtM00,7U3-ln , Uvor vvero 1 h 0, t ,,,,, j. w cv jJerriit.
IUUlt Urn llllllin llll.l Mm.. L-.t.ku .,,. m.
mnrn'tllrtl 111 burs to tllO (IcllOsltOrS,
Of tlio gold dciioslts, 8.1,000,000 A (loot! Deed.
were paid In bars for tnnnufaclnrim
nurnows. nnd tlio rcmaluder went Into
colnngj. Of tho total silver production.
Thero Is nothinir so noblo and touch
ing as n really enontmiqous act of gen-
BIB.7M.000 was exiiortcd, M.OUI.OOO fur orosltr. after all. The
msucu uy miius anil uay uuicim 10 iiium.
fncturrrs, 3350,000 by private reflnerltst foi
the same purpose, and $21,700,000 used In
coinage. During tho year thcro was n
creator decline In the amount deposited nt
Uio minis und assay ofUces than tlio differ
rnco between gold production of 1S81 nnd
tbS-J, bJt thcro was a larger nniouiil of gold
consumed by tho mechanical ImlustileM ol
Uio country. Tno amount nf sliver deposit
cd at the mints and assay oKtm Inciiusod
about 3,600,000, which corrcsisinds close
ly to tlio Increased production of tho year.
Ono of Gultcau'. Jurors (iocs Crazy.
WAsnisaTO.v, Juno 8.
Tho Gultcau caw will never down foi
tailing a loss of 1W,000. Iwo witnesses ( u ,w, como mtQ rrominenci, 0galn ,
ustiueu l.m. tu ,, turn ...... u. ... , ow the fwt p j g,,,, on(, 0
the Jurors, has gone craiy and lxtn sent Ic
lilac on II ret that he mado two attempts
Loforo and two since; that bis object was to
got a rest. He was employed lu the fac
tory. Mayor Lord, upon conclusion ot the
testimony, held the boy to answer for th
crime, and in default of WW ball he was
tent to the Home ot Hefuge.
Kidnaped and Imprisoned In nn Asylum.
. New Vouk, Juuoj.
Action has been begun by Luwlt F,
Bloat against District Attorney McKuon;
James F. Huberts, clerkof hlsotllceiThomts
Brenuan, Commissioner of CUarltlos jinl
uorrecuon, anu vv uriten L.awreuce uuicihy,
of Hart's Island Alms-hnune, at defend'
ants, to recover JJU0.000 ilair.ages for
alleged conspiracy against him nud raise
imprisonment. I'lalntlff Is a broth
law of Jlokeou, by whose influence
alleged, be was kidnsped and eonOn
.nn years ana ion monta's on
Island. This w . dc.ie, it Is said, to
M-Keoa lu gal. 1 control ot the est
plaintttr (a'her, and of which p
was executor,
sft U
II for
m ot
mua 1
the St. Elizabeth llostlltal for tho Insane.
The cise Is peculiarly pathrllc In
tome points. It Is reported thai
Bheahy belleveil that Gultcau wai
Insane and tiat the Jury should havo
found, but 1m hail not the courage, In fact
of the unanimity of the rcst.lo stand ontajsi 1
say eo. 110 wns aiM) airain, 11 m-cuii,
what bo knew was the t uullo clamor ou
tuhleet, Slneo Gulteau's execution It It
said he has betn continually haunted byrfr
tlcctlon tijioii tlio caso, and tlio conhtloc
that no nau vi
mind hail
took a fierce turn, so that hU family wen
afraid for their lives, and he has been placed
In a eclrat the asylum.
othor tlava
i-ni'gll, careirst-iooKing sirnugcr mis
walking up Mission stiret. when ho ob
served a lot ot hoodlums clustcrud
round the gate of a small rarra-house,
iu front of which a poor woman was
weeping blltorly, surrounded by her
torrilied oliildren. A sennty nrray of
houseliold guilds on tho pavement
showed that it was n caso ot ejectment.
"What nro yem abusing that woman
for?" demanded tlie "man from below,"
addressing an Ill-favored Individual who
was carrying out tho fnroituro.
"Inin't nbiuliig her," gru-ylcd tho
landlord! " sho cnu't pay her cent, nnd
I'm goinff to bounce tho wlulo outfit,
that's all."
"I'von good mind to bonnco you,"
gald tho stranger, IndlgnonUy,. " what's
.1... ..Ai.M. .lm nli' l-ftllll" J
Uiu iimuuiih .iiu "" ;vu, ,
"Twenty-two dollars." ' '
"Horo, takolt outot thut'and tho
angry man took out his valet aud
handed over a ono hundrwl-dollar green-
Tho eylctcr respcotlully turnqa over a
...I t.,1. "V I'UIIIW liuill IVillCll II1U
''J-'i.ftoglven olT, and tho stems or ft
nicies of phyllosinchys, n gigantic
pr.iHS, closely nllletl to tho bamboo.
Tlio orango nnd lemon nro highly
prized, and am Imported chiefly from
tho West Itnln -., and jiurfect s)ocImens
commmul en ojjnruis prices, i'i'ho or.mgo
Stick Is kjMifltti by its benutlf jgrm'ii
bark, with nuew'hito longitnii( tmark
Ings, and tho lemon by the sy.dmtry nt
Its proportions and both pronitnuuou
and rejiul.trlty of Its knot's. .Myrtle
ticks Dos.093 nlso a vnlito, lrjotS their
npiioarnnt- . peculiar '-'BE ln'r-i
rnnw-wirmm Am faiUtw.jiMgt:ti
iuimuu... " i.'..a lu liui-ltoo, nnulj
takes its ii.-iiiiiv froui tlio inct that t)u
Itajah wllj jioUllow any to go out of th-
country unjesra'lieftvy duty Is" ynUL
Thcso cnue, kndwil as- palm tone, nru
ilistliigiii-ilied by an lingular nnd mora
or jess lint appearance. Their color Js
brownish, spotted, and thoy aro quite
straight, with imitiicr knoi nor curl.
They nre tlio petioles of leaf stalks' of
tlio dato palm. Perh.nps.thq most cele
brated ot the foreign canes nro tho Ma
lacca, being tho stents of thu calnmus
scentomim, n slender, climbing palm,
and not growing about Malacca, a tho
nnmo would scorn to lndlcato, but im
ported from Sink, on tho opposite ooast
of Sumatra. Other foreign rnncs nni
of ebony, rosowood, partridge or hair
wood, and cactus, vvhjuh, 'whou Jhopilh
Is cut out, presents 11 most novel ap
pearance, hrflWSv'rinil'ftnTor holes.
Tlio miuiiiftieturo ifn oaiies;I.s by no
means tlio sinipio process of cutting tho
sticks lu tho woods, peeling oil tlio
bark, whittling down the knots, sand
papering tho rough surface, nnd addln"
11 touch of varnish, a curiously carved
handle or head, nnd tipping the end
with a ferule. In tho sand Hats' of New
Jersey wholo families sunport thorn,
selves by gathering nanuoperry Btlcks,
which tnev cntlier In tho svVnmps.
straighten with an old .vise, steam over
un old kettle, or perhaps serjpe down
or whittle Into size. These aro packed
in largo bundles nud scnt'to NewVrk
City nnd sold to tho enne factories.
Many Imported sticks, howovor, Jiayo
lo ua through a process olstralghtonltig
by incchnulcnl means, which nro a ihvh
tery to tlio uninitiated. They are buried
In hot sand until thoy beeomo pliable.
In front of tho heap of hot sand In which
the slloks are plunged Is a stout IxiafsA
from four to llvo feet ong, flxetl aj ari
nnglo Inellued to tho workman, nndhav
Ing two or moro notches out In tho hlgo.
When tho stick hits become perfectly
pliable the workman places it mono ot
thb notches, nnd bonding II In tho op
posite direction to which His naturally
bent, stnightenn It. Thus) sticks nji
pnreiitly crooked, lient, wnrjicd and
woi-thlesn nro hv thU dnltile nrocess
strnlfthteuedf but tho moot curious part
of tho work Js observed hr tho forma
tion of tho crook or curl ror tho han
dles which nre not naturally supplied
with a hook or knob. Tlio workmnu
places ono end of tho cane (irmly In a
vise, and pours a continuous stream uf
booR Wero rtaMcislrmTMriisiit WJeWl
hnlttrutikr in wy!!! l"ib
wcni inrgiign njoro.cimnnsiice '" ""k
Imvlnrxnti tTMitnil'lfrnfnn'k ifeMMuT
j stcedThrough iJl-Jielvt-1as;lfva'tI
nttemiifeil sliiro'.- "' Brf"
Judge Ulack listened ppee4lily tof
tho reeitnl, and thysa who li(d,)iaril
him tell tho storv' glnnccd sisplcovisly
rrom Doetof to JiTdt2 l -v
It .was ctMchI th )nl4y.,Uk4i
stolen tho storv oc tlust tho Doctor had
appropriated It to'dC1 U" Je-si.ll
tbo .,'tT,a3 Bt oyrT
Vffl.u,q5 &iU
'" jcjl mirt
story, or ihn'riM
1,1.1 1
on tho street 0i. ,y
"Doctor, do yi
v irf
' Df..,W(Jri
of Don Quixote lIVlte.ttUDkfs )sH,i
that mvstcry has 'cca r!-;arcilts. I,
liavu round that un wm both KfW sd
ijomersct my fallvwr bought' tSssswW
trunk from your it her, -vnd,w hoj
roail, JJoa Qulxobk tho aino "way otit M
tho samo Uttukirmoft'-Ormit
. A. .Mile afyiyk,y 3sVr4
Iiyar tho-ntasijni rtntwlsacntlii.-
iM' roTt'on
of con
rriAii traln4"'
fo.-W - 4. aiJt jfi5tt J,uv
... . .. ...!.. i.-- rrrsi .1... r"
nui.. nuu .i. -r-T'lln,-
tXmmlmf -j& ''f
llf-v' o.t-ij
and a1 long" n"h,-.-itr --.wwf j?'
muoli ground Is avv a'jBCO'f"0 &
grevlons ns betiL"-' jracked lit IM1
broiling sun on shot s(trmer'f day to
waltforft beIatq," --.! itark.-rt-
aggravating cwu-- -Jd WosdHttbsi;
way. Knglnnd, as rvcent ammynf
14. .W li. AkVIMU T1UV" vnL"mrmn ,. ., ,
Lflh it) Uo number;. I'M , itM
rast fralnsiMiut Gcrmartj. thpugli only ;
little behind, ran hurdly -claim any
superiority over this ctmntry Utitto
matter gi last traias. j.ne.1ia.ssii vraw,
In tho world for Wmo years, and It
probably U iritlUptbsHsstt Mm'
been somewhat reduced, is "Th FIjsHtT.
Dutchman," which useatocojterue
tanco between -I.oilo awl 1MWM.
119htfllisv.tw'i lotirffcqsjjr
h4uwwUfwteht wlnsWsf-.-wtilsills
nl the rate otfil.7 imllcprdtsBiifv-. -
Tho pnlpi fof speed in thw cosiutry W-
closely contested by the- tv6"eotiUl,
ol recolrit and the change.
1 tlie adiiionil "V" on the hn
l-orclng an
nppy woman,
tho ttrongur walked rapidly nwny.
., ,r,,,,,.n cum. Unit.'' said the house
- ,t.t... .f.H ,1... .t.ll.,.l.w,riLt 1
,dvotc-ltol.ankaUinalle,unmhl! T,.?,Vv B l ' ,
gjvci, way miller It. Ulilnnrtllj BWi ' An,ik,Bl.t said nolhlns '
until ho utrnoii tlio corner, when ho mur
mured sjftly to himself, as ho put on t
lltllo moro pedestrian steam
" It s no two talking virtue U Us own
reward I couldn't havo gotten another
suultohnnoo lovvorvoit mm, eounier-
Addlson Gardner tho first Jentlro ot tho
" Pea of Rochctter, N V . and Lleuf") nt
itoi eninr under f .overnor W rktbt. ll 'i JU
Uiat eh) Ttjesiuy, ngwJ tljln) ix. t felt lts yer." Suit flamiiw xv.
..--. wtft&iUl -
flrti from n ira-nlt)o on the Dart which
Is to bo bent. When euniclcut heat has
boon applied, tho eano Is nulled slowlv
and gradually round until tlio hook "
completely formed, ami then secured
with n string. An additional applica.
lion of heat servos to bake uud perma.
nently llx tho curl. Tho under part ot
tho liandlo is frequently oharred by tho
action of tho gas, and. this Is nibbed
down with saudpaper until tho roqul
slto degree of smoothness is attained.
Chicago Timet.
Jere. litack and Dr. IJIdcr.
Tho Crffio recently hoard an excol-.
lent story about Judgo Jere. Wick, tho
distinguished lawyer nnd politician, nnd
Ur. vyilltnm. tutor, auo a iirominent
Pcunsylvanlan and now anofuclollutho
Trcnsuty Department.
llOlirgvniieuieH were oorn. moouier.
set. Pa., nud wero friends from oariy
boyhood. Uoth woro.oxoollcut story
'teuers.'and both had a Wealth of stotlcs
of their early llfo.
Uiacu was particularly pruuu 01 a
description ol tho way in widen ha first
read Don Quixote, and wai fod of r
.latlog It whenever un nppreohuUi au
dtonco could btf Scoured. Tho story was
that m his fathers garret nl somerset
them stood an old hiilr trunk In tho
earliest days of tbo embryo Judge's
career, when his young inlud hsvtl just
begun to fcl tho want ot moro YarivHl
Htcmrv resonraes than the standard,
dog-eared volumes of his futhcr's limit'
ednihrarv aflbnlcU. Jere. was invcs-
tigatlnz (no garret ono rainy day for
r t
tlii shortest Uhw kHfowBibotweswi, Xtmt
York and PhUadelphVL ;l5a.Ji)P
two-hour trains havo 'bocotlre uyrpjltet
uiioti thot ttme-tabl. anslrtheewss-t
tion rut, to wnieh refd 1m1( isfASMst,
tlmp tno (iitoner iis uccnyyjtnrs,t
AcconllnV to' selilnliik'MieAraitf,Il(Wsjr rj
Jersey City by tho Pennsylvania ,4fMK
p, in. ntns at ino.rato w i ibusn jm
hour, whllo that on Hlrti'lloand'TlMkk
routnuM at the td ef 4TWfcWy
mile, loss dlstaacft to.ryfYaM VM PW"!
lous towns to traverse., It Is diSissmja.
say wblclibest ueKi'rWWW 'V WW'ff
lastumo. i-or iving uHiaBto.sswsjssjsjv.
York and Chleago JimitcJ W wrtJUuB a
rival In tho 'vvoady'maklftgaslrm,..
nitio huntked A tlikKewrwHsjC W
any'dlstaiKKfof .&& tMt.Uf,M h
Paris and Ilorvleaux.1 vThlcIi run. tfcwwj.
hundred aud lifty-niae mUcs l !
hours smd ton jislwstqi,srjfihlr1tiitta
The1 efesicnls erferfr''fiitS Jh ititotv
onlBjj erf tlmir botwwn tws 4bMieeAv
many aud they Increase. rapliUjrt pven
out of proportion to tha Klu in the-speed.-
Exceptional runs 'half
mado on nearly ovory rllw; W, inj
country,, and there are Jowf IH"
roads over Svhleh a'psetiir cossstt Imvs
not boon hauled tstssVxl)vaj)tt
ralnutQ. Mr.,Xnilrl)'lltt''f ..w,tBP
traveled ono buudrcd mllesi om hnx
dred llutes, -and' an ensrl'j h chsvss
a singly iwali beJiwew.l,,trUall( ?;
New York In hincty-fivo uiluntets, Th
4:08 tralu previously spokrnff'ilwyi
runs sotno iwuU4 vLwilMnwae at rssto
of more than x uifeauaule tvJ W
easiest nwri8,fremne-Wwwi,ic to
TrcutOB twenty-llvo tulles In twenty-
six minutes and a half. TbU sir4 is
pnly possible, .kowvrwIUi jjsmsmw
engine, heavy steel ymlls, M$k
bed, a cmpartlTty'W",,lL'r)
grade .-tad Vly .WWH. Jm.Mm.
olomonts havo their toret, M Tmjw
great forco will btr" better undvrKoest
whenjt, Is ktow,Uy'Jltflliis'
now makfiig'oirtho nirlWfiTlnni'wUl
onabla the cumiMSrVt shorten' iMlc"
faster ruaaluz tha,ls doiw on nwny-
Isstor lOBgsireicpesnow. xam
hm.nrr rj Vlii trasdr lUul ilia li
tbofridga ftcross (W PvSJfr
unutiinf us ins 1Mb cm. unvmt
lUUwIR s fqr Hslnutsjs ,!
miles ccvivccn c'K"s
aiul (ho reducW of the
Ina. nt lrni4Mi(tlnHss?bAtbjS
c4 l;iaielUMTbtowtV!f
S.-l...M V.u ma.mmm.hM In ,.,.!
mine, tv um t" " .r " T
llln Viir YiYrk- lnnntv laiusnssaWia
wiU b sv re4atKlrHfcf Vjssmwsssiitt-
. ; r. .t..;
--A litery clV,InliteWl!!tW
narao tha cutloivi V16 " '"-,
Odd YoluniM,"
1 1
- V,
K i
r 1
t ' rmtaz
Ii-imm.i.A -,ri-T""f- ... momommmmmmmmmmtmmWmm'
r V

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